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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Merkel Spokeswoman Quits Over 'Open Door' Policy; Claims 'Political Will' Behind Illegal Migration

A senior German lawmaker who speaks for the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) on human rights and humanitarian aid hasresigned from the party, citing Angela Merkel’s “open door” immigration policy and efforts to marginalise conservatives.

Erika Steinbach, a representative of Frankfurt am Main who has been a party member for over forty years, had to ask herself some searching questions: “Would I vote CDU at the moment? No. Would I join the CDU today? No. I can only draw the honest conclusion of quitting the CDU,” she told Die Welt.

Germany has had to absorb some 1.2m migrants since the Chancellor declared there was “no limit” to the number of asylum seekers the country could receive. Frank-Jürgen Weise, head of the German Federal Office for Migration, hoped the new arrivals would bolster the German labour force, but only 34,000 have found work so far, while around 975,000 are receiving benefits.

80 per cent arrive with no documents, and thousands have been let in despite presenting papers known to be forged. Steinbach believes the authorities are actively aiding and abetting large-scale illegal immigration.



Anonymous said...

The 'immigrants' have made their own countries unlivable, uncivilized hellholes and they want to bring spread their 'culture' to the civilized countries and turn then into hellholes.

Anonymous said...

The consertives need to get stronger and kick Merkle and all of the Muslims out of that country if it's not too late.

Anonymous said...

The Germans are almost as low a class of humanity as the muslims. In the last 100 years, they have given us two world wars and now are committing suicide by flooding their country with the only form of life lower than them. The only contribution to the world from islam is centuries of genocide. Soon Germany will be begging us to bail them out. Nuke Mecca and Medina and Tehran now.