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Friday, December 23, 2016

JUST IN: Berlin truck attack suspect killed in Milan police shootout

ROME (AP) — The Tunisian man suspected of driving a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin was killed early Friday in a shootout with police in Milan, ending a Europe-wide manhunt, Italy’s interior minister said.

Checks conducted after the shootout showed “the person killed, without a shadow of a doubt, is Anis Amri, the suspect of the terrorist attack,” Interior Minister Marco Minniti said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in Berlin, which killed 12 and injured 56 others.

Amri, who had spent time in prison in Italy, was stopped by two officers during a routine police check in the Sesto San Giovanni neighborhood of Milan early Friday. He pulled a gun from his backpack after being asked to show his identity papers and was killed in the ensuing shootout.



Anonymous said...

Another good muslim.

Anonymous said...

He got what he deserved. An expedient execution.

Anonymous said...

The current administration would have blamed it on his poor childhood and drag the case through courts for years and put the persons who shot him on trial for not taking the worthless piece of garbage alive.
So much for Alas' protection huh?

Anonymous said...

Dead men tell no tales.

This guy was a patsy.
You do realize that he LEFT HIS I.D. IN THE TRUCK - right?

Friggin' Hilarious!
Reminds me of Satan dude (get the name) who left his I.D. on the streets of NY City on 911. Remember it? His passport was found in the rubble. It fell out of his pocket on the plane just before it struck the tower. That was when the jet fuel melted the steel. Remember?

Anonymous said...

Word of advice:

Be wary if someone from an intelligence agency asks you to participate in a "drill".

Anonymous said...

Case solved