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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

by RAHEEM KASSAM How the ‘Hitlerizing’ Media Have Painted A Target Over Trump

I’ve been saying it for a while now, the mainstream media, alongside the politicians running against Donald Trump on both sides, are creating the conditions in which it would be totally “understandable” if there were an attempt on Trump’s life. Seriously.

Think about it. First, they made Donald Trump the enemy of this race, albeit the butt of the jokes. Then the joke got unfunny. Mr. Trump started attracting serious support. And the primary victories came. And the other candidates dropped out. And now we’re down to just four. Three in reality. Subtract Rubio or Kasich at your discretion. Maybe you deduct both. We’re down to two.

Now Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler. Because people raise their hands at his rallies. THEY RAISED THEIR HANDS WHEN ASKED TO. That must make them Nazis. Forget that Mrs. Clinton’s supporters have done the same thing. Forget it. He’s Hitler. Heute America, morgen die Welt!


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone in "the press" has a conscious. They have sent the crazies to do a murder, no doubt about it. I hope to God it doesn't happen but if it does, their conscious should stop them in their tracks. Pay back will be he'll.