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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Carson on Gun Rights: There’s a Reason 'We’ve Been Free for Hundreds of Years'

( – When asked how he would preserve gun rights and protect the American people, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, a gun owner, said during CNN’s GOP town hall in South Carolina Wednesday that there’s a reason that U.S. citizens, who have been able to bear arms for hundreds of years have also been free.

“So we’ve had guns for hundreds of years, and we’ve been free for hundreds of years. I think there may be a correlation there, and I think after the San Bernardino attacks and the Paris attacks, the current administration, their idea of solving the problem was to take guns away from the people,” Carson said.

“I’ve only recently felt the need to own a gun, and right now the world is a dangerous place, so what is your plan to preserve my rights to own a gun and also to protect the American people?” Alexander Sexton, a defense industry worker, asked at the town hall.

“The Second Amendment is there for a very good reason. It was so that the people could assist the government in case of an invasion. More importantly, it was so that the people could protect themselves in case the government itself ever became tyrannical and tried to rule the people,” said Carson.



Anonymous said...

This man is the ONLY legitimate leader considering running this country. The discipline and leadership he possesses to succeed at his previous carreer is second to none. His morals and values speak for themselves and if today's youth would take the time to read and listen to his life's journey it could help in detouring some of the destruction taking place today

Anonymous said...

He's a good guy but there is more than one good guy running .

Anonymous said...

We need to rise up now and go to Washington and clean house!

Claudia Balzac said...

The Second Amendment was put in place so the citizens could protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

Look it up.