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Friday, July 11, 2014

D.E.A. Forms Task Force Targeting Heroin Dealers Across Md.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In Maryland, it’s a killer more deadly than guns. Heroin deaths have reached epidemic levels in the state. Now the Drug Enforcement Agency has started a task force to go after heroin dealers.

Meghan McCorkell has details on the fight to save lives.

While Baltimore City is still known as the heroin capital of the U.S., officials warn the problem is spreading across the state.

From the Eastern Shore, where a dangerous heroin trafficking ring was busted last week, to a Baltimore City crackdown that netted dozens of dealers in June.



Anonymous said...

Let those diseased carrying heroine addicts die. They will be much better off above or below. Human kind would be extremely safer w/o these nasty people.

Anonymous said...

A female I knew died yesterday of a possible overdose. Look at the following press release.

To 4:36 PM sometimes I feel that way, but you have to have a heart sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap , here we go , another racist operation , Mexicans and blacks with drugs , get over it , that's is an occupation for them.

Anonymous said...

Go get it at the ports, and find the REAL dealers, not the aftermarket jail fillers you so produce so prolifically.

Anonymous said...

It will shock you to know who is hooked on heroin just think who you know who was on pain pills.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, Maryland.