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Friday, December 06, 2013

Woman Ticketed For Driving With Google Glass Pleads Not Guilty

Back in October, a California woman was given a ticket for driving while sporting a Google Glass device. Yesterday, she appeared in court to enter a plea of not guilty on the charge of distracted driving.

The ticket, which went viral after the driver posted it to her Google+ account, shows that a ticket was given for “Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass),” an alleged violation of a California law that prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle if he or she can be distracted by a visible TV or other video monitor used primarily for entertainment or business applications. Screens for things like GPS and rearview cameras are allowed.

However, the driver argues that she was merely wearing the Google Glass and it was not turned on, which she maintains is like trying to ticket someone for driving with an unplugged TV in the passenger seat.

“There is nothing illegal about simply wearing the Google Glass while it is not turned on,” said her lawyer.


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