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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Six People Arrested After Large Boardwalk Fight

On September 2, 2012, at approximately 6 p.m. Ocean City Police responded to the area of 709 South Atlantic Avenue in reference to a large fight, involving a subject with a knife.

Uniformed officers arrived at the scene and observed several persons actively fighting in the area directly outside of Davey Jones Locker Room restaurant. As officers began to break up the fight, several of the combatants fled into the Inlet parking lot. One suspect, later identified as Carl Ross Perry, 47, of Berlin, was wearing a t-shift indicating that he was an employee of Davey Jones Locker Room. Perry continued to actively fight, despite attempts by several employees of Davey Jones Locker Room to restrain him. Uniformed officers at the scene attempted to have Perry stop fighting and ordered him to the ground, however, Perry did not comply and actively fought four officers until taken into custody.

Officers located five additional suspects involved in the altercation, who fled the scene in various locations in the Inlet parking lot.

The five other men who were actively fighting with Perry were identified as: Deve St. Fleur, 24, from Immokalee, FL, Jermaine Lacorey Phillips, 24, of Fort Meade, FL, William Sherman Freeman, 33, of Fort Meade, FL, Michael Fitzgerald Smith, 45, of Fort Meade, FL and Valen Joseph, 23, Legigh Acres, FL.

During the subsequent investigation, police recovered a backpack belonging to St. Fleur. The backpack was found to contain several baggies of suspected marijuana, as well as other evidence that indicated the marijuana was being sold. After the arrest of Carl Ross Perry, officers recovered an amount of Marijuana from his persons that was packaged identically to the items recovered from the backpack belonging to St. Fleur.

Witnesses told police that Perry was outside with the five suspects, but at one point went back into the restaurant and returned with an object that was later determined to be a knife. Perry threatened the suspect, at which time the fight began. The investigation concluded that the confrontation between Perry and the five additional suspects was as the result of a dispute during an illegal drug transaction involving Perry.

Based on the evidence, Ocean City Police charged the suspects as follows:

■Carl Ross Perry: common law affray, disorderly conduct, three counts of 2nd degree assault on three police officers, resisting arrest, possession of CDS (marijuana), possession of CDS paraphernalia, two counts of 2nd degree assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.
■Deve St. Fleur and Jermaine Lacorey Phillips: common law affray, disorderly conduct, possession of CDS (marijuana), possession of CDS paraphernalia, possession with the Intent to distribute CDS (marijuana).
■William Sherman Freeman: common law affray and disorderly conduct.
■Michael Fitzgerald Smith: common law affray, disorderly conduct and possession of CDS (marijuana).
■Valen Joseph: common law affray and disorderly conduct.
As a result of the altercation and arrests, three OCPD officers sustained injuries. Two officers were treated at the scene by OC EMS and one officer was transported to Atlantic General Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

All six of the suspects were arrested and seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner. Perry was released after posting a $10,000 bond. Phillips and St. Fleur were both held on $10,000 bond and transferred to the Worcester County Jail. Freeman was held on $3,500 bond and transferred to the Worcester County Jail. Smith and Joseph were both released on their own recognizance.


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like a friendly bro' dust-up. Nobody gets killed, but somebody learns a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Seems like only yesterday I read an article saying how safe it was on the family friendly boardwalk.
Nice family entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical behavior to me. They should keep this behavior in their own neighborhood, not in a setting where people don't want to see that behavior. It amazes me how people wanted to be treated equal, yet continue to act like animals.

Anonymous said...

6:45 Amen!!! Then they wonder why, "Poor Me" Give me a break!!! Act like a human and you wouldn't have this problem!!!! I do not feel bad for these people at all!!! Lock them up and throw away the keys or better yet, send them to Cuba!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks and Hatians selling weed, buying weed and fighting? I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

yup real family town! just where I want to hang out with my family! Have you seen the total slobs and losers that have been coming down to OC the last couple of years?

Anonymous said...

dang cops, now they wont be on time at work bc of you,

Jack K Richards said...

Why is it that melees like that usually involved #1s. Keep the ones from Florida up there, we do not want them back. Nice looking group too. NOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what Ocean City has become. Not!! couple hunderd thousand people there on weekends. Salisbury had shootings, stabbings,rapes, speed cameras lol. Sorry the worst area of Ocean City is better then being anywhere in Smallsbury. Crack capitol of the east.

Mayor Liaraton needs to clean up the city like he promised. Salisbury is a dump !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jack richards, #1's are all the media will talk about. I went to SU and saw plenty of football, rugby, and lacrosse players in major brawls and melees that shut bars down and had police show up by the tens. Alcohol is at the root of most major melees, color doesn't matter when it comes to ignorance, as evidenced by your comment.

Anonymous said...

12:00 - Look at the stats. #1's are far more likely to cause trouble. Good for you for showing your 'ignorance' by only associating with #2's.