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Saturday, August 25, 2012

TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs At Paul Ryan Event

For some time we have been warning that the TSA is systematically moving beyond the nation’s airports and conducting operations on the streets of America.

The latest example of this kind of activity occurred at an event organized by Mitt Romney’s GOP running mate Paul Ryan this past weekend in The Villages, Florida.

The Shark Tank blog reports that TSA officers showed up alongside Secret Service and the local Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, and proceeded to do what they do like no one else does.

“A big WTF is in order here.” the blog notes, adding “We heard that the TSA was going to expand its ummm, ‘reach,’ but to assist in political campaigns is quite the jump in broadening their ‘transportation security horizons.’”

“I counted no less than (6) TSA agents alongside the usual uniformed Secret Service detail-not to be confused with the ‘Men In Black’ looking agents.” blogger Javier Manjarres notes, with a picture of the agents in action (below).



Anonymous said...

TSA will become Unionized--imagine how they will be then. TSA is Obamas Brownshirts. Did you wonder who will be needing all the hollowpoint ammo the Government is stockpiling?

Anonymous said...

If I was running against Obama and the Black Panther Party I would want all the security possible. Now looking at these pix I believe you could sneak a Tank past these guys

Anonymous said...

TSA needs to be disbanded. They are a waste of money and do not respect rights of the people.

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