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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second ICE Staffer Claims Anti-Guy Bias By Napolitano

A second employee at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano over claims his career was curtailed due to anti-male bias at the agency.
Jason Mount alleges in court papers that he was denied 43 promotions because he’s a white male and that he took a lower-grade job because of “how serious the discrimination and retaliation had become,” according to The New York Post.


Anonymous said...

What is expected from a individual that has demonstrated a lack of moral turpitude and integrity. She also is a prime example of a person allowing their sexuality influence personnel actions and decisions.

We should not surprised at this, as in varying degrees a lack of integrity permeates the entire Obama administration; starting at the top.

Anonymous said...

Try working at the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office. If you are not kissing Mike's a** or G.Baker's buddy you will not get promoted. Mike Lewis spent thousands of dollars to create a promotional testing system. The problem is he does not use the results to promote. So why have it. This feel good measure by Lewis when elected did not last long. Mike's true colors have come out.

Speaking of color and females Mike Lewis has no one of color in a ranking postion. There are no females in the command staff. One female with a Doctorate has been passed over by the good ole boy club numerous times. I guess she knows what she has to do to get ahead with Mikey.

Funny Mike Lewis said he would never do the things Hunter Nelms did. He was right he is far worse.

New Sheriff in 2014 please.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious her personal agenda is to promote homosexuality and lesbianism as many are recruiters for the deviant behavior.
More importantly her agenda is to discriminate against normal people.

Anonymous said...

The whole administration needs to go and now!!!!!
Hope folks get out and november and vote American.

Anonymous said...

America and Wicomico County need truth and justice. I am sick of politicians becoming power mongers and thinking they are above the law. The best person for the job period. Our tax dollars pay these salaries and the salaries of these leaders who it sounds to me need to go. If the person is gay it makes no differance to me. If they are the qualified person for the job. Croanism and nepatism make me sick. I hear Mike Lewis feels he no longer needs to answer to the people. 2014 is just around the corner. What happend to Lewis he was my choice. I am hearing bad things if they are true he doesnt need to be in office.