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Saturday, June 30, 2012

OC Residents Should Attend Monday's City Council Meeting

At the last Ocean City Council Meeting a discussion was held on changing the election date in the Town of OC.

At this meeting, there will be time for Public Comments regarding moving the Town of OC municipal election to the national election date. This will be the time for the people in the Community to speak their mind about the cost savings and improving voter turnout that this move could bring.

It could save the taxpayers anywhere from $10,000.00 to $17,000.00 each election.


Anonymous said...

They probably pi$$ away that much in lost bus fare revenue by giving free transportation to the MML. Even the firemen's week brings out bunches of Russian fireman sporting "free bus rides".

Stamp people's hands for these events and as much money would likely be saved.

Anonymous said...

Why all of a sudden are they worried about saving a miniscule amount of money when they spent more than that to find the new city manager? The best choice was right under their noses-Hal Adkins but everyone can thank Cymek and Knight for their immaturity in refusing to even give Hal Adkins the oourtsey of an interview and walking out "in protest."
It was very crude of them.

And before anyone goes an uses the excuse (lie) that Adkins didn't want the job, after this infantile walk out by these 2 council members he was quoted in the papers as saying he didn't want the job because he had wanted the support of the full council!