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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Rash Of Burglaries In Berlin

BERLIN -- A recent rash of residential burglaries in Berlin, including three in the span of eight days and another last weekend, has local residents on edge and law enforcement seeking the public’s help.

The latest, which occurred at a residence on Washington Street sometime last weekend, was particularly troublesome because of the extensive amount of senseless damage the suspect or suspects caused on the property. Last week, Berlin Police issued a plea to local residents to be extra vigilant after three break-ins in eight days. The message was reinforced this week.

“We had three in eight days,” said Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing this week. “Three in a month is the norm, and they’re usually along the lines of a boyfriend trying to break into a girlfriend’s house. This is a little different. This is an individual or group of individuals preying on residences.”



Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves it's getting ready to get worse.

lmclain said...

Get off the radar sites and seat belt patrols and get out of the donut shops. Walk a beat. Patrol the neighborhoods. Stop trying to corral innocent citizens to see IF these taxpayers and working Americans are POSSIBLY committing a crime and stake out some houses. Of course, there isn't any money or fines involved when a burglar gets popped. So we continue to have "campaigns" against citizens. Criminals get a fat pass. Plus, burglars might beat their ass. The secretary on her way to work just pays the fines and goes on her way. MONEY... NOT your safety or property. They just want your money. The only way the burglars are going to get caught is if they run out of a house and jump in their car without putting their seat belt on. Then, we'll hear trumpets sound for the "outstanding" (read: lucky) police work.

Anonymous said...

agreed to some point
quit running radar out in front of the Berlin MSP barrack
stay in town and patrol
the one cop is always at home or the firehouse hanging out with her husband

Anonymous said...

Agreed with 7:21 calling her out aren't you. But as the truth be told, like you tell it, those are the usual spots to find her. I rarely see any of the other officers in those locations, because I see them riding around the other areas of Berlin, doing community policing.

Anonymous said...

Place the loaded gun next to your bed and shoot to kill. The police cannot be everywhere. Protect your own home.