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Sunday, April 01, 2012


I have been asked to remind every one about some of the basic rules we have with comments.

Some of you seem to get very angry when we reject comments that have links on them. Considering there are some nay sayers out there who would do just about anything to drive people away from Salisbury News, these people attempt to purposely put up links that have viruses on them.

That being said, we have, (for at least 5 years now) refused to put up any comments that have links in them. This is for your own security. For those of you who still want to complain, my e-mail address is at the top of the page and you know very well if you have something to say and it has any meaning to it you can always send me your information to my e-mail address. Because they refuse to do so clearly shows their intent is no good.

We are also seeing a LOT of curse words in comments lately. We continue to warn you, if you have a curse word in your comment we will reject it. It's a shame because many of those comments are great comments but they always slip in a curse word or two and we must reject them.

Please respect these rules.


Anonymous said...

Great, finally someone with class!

Anonymous said...

Really like the way you are presenting your blogg now Joe!

An older person told me yrs ago---
"We have such a beautiful language--
Why people choose to "dent" it with
curse words is beyone me."

You "rules" are reflecting a person of Integrity & Good Values!

Thanks! EW

Anonymous said...

I had always wondered why you didn't allow links and now I know. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes forget about your stance on links and include them to back up what I post for the naysayers and unbelievers.