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Friday, September 01, 2006

Will The Salisbury Zoo Flood Out This Weekend?

With the serious threat of very heavy rains coming to the region, the Salisbury Zoo sits 100% in a Flood Plane Zone according to the State.

Over the years, many of animals have died a horrible death because of such said flooding. The Prairie Dogs are the first that come to mind. Even after we went directly to the Mayor about these animals drowning, she covered it up and said everything was OK at the Zoo. I believe 19 have died from drowning. Considering there are only 2 left, that number could be much higher.

There have been many times the Zoo Staff simply open the gates for the Llamas and allow them to roam the Zoo in order to find higher ground because the river floods so badly that they'd be standing chest high in water if they stayed in that exhibit.

Then there's the Dam upstream that everyone is so concerned about. What would happen if it collapsed? Surely the Salisbury Zoo would be a thing of the past and the animals, (most of them) would not survive.

So do tell me, why on God's Green Earth would all of you consider spending $36,000,000.00 to renovate the Salisbury Zoo where it is located? This has got to be the biggest scam job Ron Alessi and Jim Rapp have ever pulled off!

The way I see it is, the City Council is already stupid enough to sell you on a $10,000.00, (soon to be $15,000,000.00) Fire Station on swamp land. How the heck could all of you fall for this BS placing a Zoo in the middle of some of the lowest land in the County where the River already runs through it?

Wouldn't the Old Mall pose as the perfect location to relocate the Salisbury Zoo? It should also be known that the Perdue's offered to donate a ton of land next to the Shorebirds Stadium and Ron Alessi turned it down.

By the way Mayor, (seriously) should you need a place to keep some of these animals if the threat gets too bad, we have a huge barn with stalls and paddock areas not being used right now. I also have a large horse trailer I could transport these animals with if need be. My services are available unconditionally and free of charge. This is about the animals, not individuals.

PS, I happen to know of an excellent animal caretaker that just happens to be on this property as well and I can assure you these animals would be very well cared for. 410-430-5349 I can be there in 15 minutes.

Update: Virginia Beach has already received 9" of rain and it's only 11:30 a.m. on Friday.


Unknown said...

Joe have they called yet? Ha Ha!! Only selfish pride and/or stupidity would decline such a qualified offer and even as a fan I realize you are sincere.

joe albero said...

TY Westside. I'd be there as fast as I'd take my child in an emergency to the Hospital.

Art Goetz said...

Yes, a flood at the Zoo is very possible from this storm. Virginia Beach, below us has already received more than 9 inches of rain, so it looks bad for the Zoo. I don't know why that location is thought to be so critical to the city, when out in Winter Place there is lots of high ground, even with some lakes?

Sam Chase said...

Joe think of some other animals that have drowning. Maybe ones that don't live in burrows.

Sam Chase said...

sorry DROWNED..

Don't type well when I try to go to fast.

joe albero said...

Entertain me Sam and do tell me what you mean by that?

Iyeska said...

Wow, a very sincere offer that I know if accepted would be fulfilled on a moments notice, then here comes Sam with some hog wash about animals that burrow. As if these are the only ones that can drown. Always one in every crowd.

Joe, IF by any chance the witch and/or her flying monkeys should respond positively, give me a call, I'll be down there in a flash to help you load and unload.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the call. :(

nosweat said...

At 6pm the tide water at the dam in the park at Snow Hill Rd., is about 6 inches from backing up into the park area flood zone. Approx. 9-9:30 until high tide........Yikes

nosweat said...

That could be a good draw, if the Zoo was at Perdue Stadium, could be good for both entities.

Art Goetz said...

Nosweat: Agreed. And did you know that Frank Perdue tried to give that land to the City Zoo before the ballpark was thought to be built and they refused it?

nosweat said...

So I see Art, figures, why should the city accept something for free, when they can charge taxpayers, do it the way they want to, and screw it all up?

Don't wait until the general election folks, get out and vote in the primaries, not only to oust these morons, but get an early word out, that we won't take this crap any longer~!!!!

Sam Chase said...

You said it in the post Joe

"Over the years, many of animals have died a horrible death because of such said flooding."

So enlighten us with some other animals that have died in the zoo due to flooding. Ones that don't live in burrows.

joe albero said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
joe albero said...

OK sam chase,

You asked for it, you got it!

There have been Cavies that have drowned over the years at the Zoo but of course you must have known that because they also burrow. Interesting how you wanted me to avoid those animals.

Nevertheless, there have been two Macaws that drowned at the Zoo as well.

Sun Conures have drowned and even a Box Turtle.

Sam, since you don't know your head from your a_s and you like to keep coming back and allowing us to prove we're right and you're clueless I'll also add that an even higher amount of animals at the Zoo have died from animal aggression.

Far too often Jim Rapp had been warned that certain animals weren't getting along and rather than do the professional thing and respect the veteran Zookeepers on Staff he would simply ignore the situation and one of the animals would simply kill the other. Mind you, the Zookeepers were asking to remove the animale being attacked and Rapp refused to allow them to do so most, if not all of the time.

So ALL of you know, this happens ALL the time at the Zoo as well. Animal freak out when they are being rounded up to be sold. Cavies have even been known to suffocate themselves when Rapp and Crew try rounding them up to sell them and they run into their burrow and cram themselves in so badly they suffocate, RIGHT JIMBO?

Then there's the Jimbo and Johnny Jacobs team that decided to remove animals from the Zoo the last time there was a threat of a hurricane coming. Animals died from stress over that stupid move as well sam. My guess is that they never informed you of thos deaths, right?

Then there's also human error when Zookeepers take sledge hammers and crush the skulls of fawns, (7 of them one time) while the rest scream at the top of their lungs because they know they're next and or soon to be slaughtered, RIGHT JIMBO?

Might I also add sam chase, I said died a horrible death, not drowned. Nevertheless, I've given you what you asked for, now go away. I wonder what this FOOL will come back with next?

nosweat said...

Damn......"Silence of the Lambs," at the Zoo.....Say it ain't soooo

Sam Chase said...

Maybe you could explain how the Macaws and Conures came to drown. A result of flooding or other event. Who were the zookeepers that allegedly sledge hammered fawns, 7 at a time?
Maybe you could name some of the animals that have killed one another, sometimes those types of things are unaviodable.

joe albero said...


You're a waste of my time and I have nothing further to say to you any more. I have answered your question with "facts" and now you want more.

All of the answers to your questions are on record at the Zoo. So get off your lazy rear end and go down there and do some research and then come back with proof showing I am wrong.

You won't do so because I am always right on Zoo issues and all you do is ask more questions and change the subject whenever anyone does give you answers.

So go to another Blog Site or go hang with your buddies at the Zoo and simply believe everything they tell you. That's what Jim Rapp is best at anyway, lying and telling everyone what we say is not true.

Sam, do YOU happen to know how many animals are alive at the Salisbury Zoo to this date? Until you can come up with that answer, go away and don't come back.

Sam Chase said...

Actually, that is really funny you say that, because I did a head count just the other day, maybe 5 days ago. I counted 337. That doesn't included any that they may have behind the scenes either. Not allowed to go back on that path that looks like it goes up behind the Jaguar exhibit, and can't go into that new section on the east side of the Zoo by the Elk's golf course. I don't know if there are actually animals in that area, but it looks like it might be designed to do that

nosweat said...

They must have gotten 200 more animals since my visit 2 months ago. Unless you count the squirrels, wild ducks, geese, sparrows and robins.

The city can't afford to pay months old legal fees, how do that feed that many animals?

Sam Chase said...

Didn't count Canada or Snow Geese. Didn't count squirrels, chipmunks, or song birds. Didn't count domestic ducks or mallards. Didn't count spiders, beetles, or butterflies.

joe albero said...

Point Blank, You're full of crap. Sam Chase is a flat out liar! These are completely made up numbers, they are nowhere near these figures. Sam, please just go away because Jim Rapp has already been caught lying about this count numerous times and it didn't work in the past. IF you think anyone reading these Blog Sites is going to believe anything you say about the Zoo, you're nuts. Here's the challenge, ANYONE who believes Sam Chase step forward and say so now. The Zoo has less than 150 animals total in their collection and that's a fact. My last count was 115 animals and I know what to look for Sam!