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Friday, September 30, 2016

Berlin Butcher Shop Aims To Offer Throwback Service

BERLIN – “Where service and quality meat.”

That’s the motto at the Berlin Butcher Shop. The shop, set to open on William Street next week, will be focused on providing customers with old-fashioned service and high quality meat.

“I want folks to feel comfortable calling and talking to their butcher,” owner Lisa Hall said.

Hall, a longtime Berlin resident and town council member since 2008, has been thinking about opening a butcher shop since the idea came to her on a 2010 cross country trip. She says as Americans become more health conscious and interested in what they’re eating, they’ll need alternatives to the major grocery stores.

“I wanted to go into business and looked for something that wasn’t available,” Hall said. “I realized there was a need.”



Anonymous said...

thats owned by lisa hall? didnt she get busted for drugs?guess its one stop shopping.get your meat and weed in one stop shopping! she is getting a check to compensate her for being on the a town employee also,we get drug tested on a daily basis.oh thats right,she must be of the hilary status.untouchable.guess she is going to buy sysco meat and resell it.cant wait to see her move out of town like she promised,when she doesnt get elected.her other car is a broom!

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Can't wait to check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

More like "Pleased to meat you and weed to please you"!

Anonymous said...

Open a butcher shop now and turn it into a mj shop later.