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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Queens al Qaeda Thug Sentenced To Life In Prison

It’s too late to sing a sad song now.
The Queens man who trained overseas with al Qaeda and plotted a suicide bombing on the city’s subway system sang Koranic verses in open court yesterday as he was sentenced to spend life in prison.
“I would like to be praising God in Arabic,” bearded terrorist Adis Medunjanin, 28, announced before singing several prayers as he, defense attorney Robert Gottlieb and federal prosecutors stood in front of Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn federal court.
Medunjanin then read from the Koran in English as his parents, sister and extended family members watched from the gallery.

Call to Strip Citizenship of Those Who Sign Secession Petitions

Every day, thousands of citizens of all 50 states add their names to the petitions posted on the White House’s “We, the People” website calling for secession from the union.
The “We, the People” program includes a “create a petition” tab on the White House website. The explanation of the site claims that "if a petition gets enough support" — more than 25,000 signatures within 30 days — the "White House staff will review it, ensure it's sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response." 
Not everyone thinks these people are simply exercising their right of expression, however. There are many — even some conservatives — who consider the act of calling for secession an act of treason.

Delaware Declared Federal Disaster Area Due To Superstorm Sandy

President Obama has declared Delaware a federal disaster area because of Hurricane Sandy.
FEMA has announced that federal disaster aid has been made available to Delaware for areas affected by the Superstorm in all three counties between October 27 and November 8. The funding will be available to state and local governments and select nonprofits on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and repairs to facilities damaged by the storm.
The funding will also be available on a cost-sharing basis for hazard prevention features throughout the state.

Help Is On The Way?

Today I received a very important phone call from a very high up Government Official who read our Post on Salisbury News last Friday.

From what I am told, the Post stirred up quite a bit of attention from local Officials all the way to the Governors Office.

While I'm not going to expose who said what, I will say that two applications have now been forwarded to the FEDS, (FEMA) for immediate relief and our state and local politicians are firmly on top of the situation, yet remain frustrated.

The blame lies on the FEDS. Keep in mind Ladies & Gentlemen, not only was hurricane Sandy a catastrophe, the end result will never be satisfying. People will be displaced for a year or two no matter what. The inconveniences are NOT the fault of our politicians. However, after hurricane Katrina and the delays we saw in New Orleans, one would think this response time on a Town as small as Crisfield and other small surrounding communities warrant a much quicker response than 21 days.

We already published the above story how Delaware has already been declared a Federal Disaster area in three counties. Makes you really wonder why Crisfield has been ignored for so long now, doesn't it?


(WOODBINE, MD) – Maryland State Police have arrested and charged a Carroll County man in connection with the shooting of his girlfriend this morning during an apparent domestic argument. 

The suspect is identified as William R. Brueckmann, 26, of the 6800-block of John Pickett Rd., Woodbine, Md. After consultation with the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office, Maryland State Police investigators have charged Brueckmann with attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, first degree assault, second degree assault, and felony gun charges. He is currently being held at the Carroll County Detention Center. Additional charges are possible.

The victim is identified as Brittany A. Warfield, 21, of the same address. Warfield is in critical condition at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Shortly after 9:30 a.m. today, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from someone who reported hearing a gunshot at a nearby residence during what was described as a possible domestic argument.

When state troopers and deputies arrived at the address, Brueckmann was found in the backyard of the residence holding Warfield, who was lying on the ground. Police observed Warfield had sustained what appeared to be a gunshot wound. EMS personnel were called to the scene and Warfield was flown by Maryland State Police helicopter to Shock Trauma.

Troopers and deputies secured the scene and Brueckmann was taken to the Westminster Barrack for questioning. The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was summoned to the scene to assume the lead on the investigation.

The preliminary investigation indicates Brueckmann and Warfield lived together at the residence. An apparent argument ensued this morning between the two that resulted in the shooting. Further investigation led to the charges against Brueckmann.

State Police investigators remain on the scene tonight, processing it for evidence after obtaining a search warrant. A handgun has been recovered inside the home and will be forwarded to the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division laboratory for testing.

The investigation is continuing.

Sandy Debris Piles Up At Queens Park -- 4,500 Tons And Counting

Last summer it was packed with beachgoers, a parking lot where New Yorkers stashed their cars, applied sunscreen and dragged lawn chairs, coolers and umbrellas across the blacktop toward the shore.
Today it's an enormous waste collection site half a mile long and a quarter-mile wide, piled high with debris from the flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy.
Though the flow of debris has slowed a little, the cleanup job is far from over.
New York City officials have determined that around 350 homes in the city are beyond salvation, including 80 in Breezy Point alone, said Fred Strickland, the resident engineer from the Army Corps of Engineers, which is helping the New York Department of Sanitation with the cleanup.

Billions In Bearer Bonds Could Be Lost Due To Hurricane Sandy

It’s the biggest mystery on Wall Street.
Hurricane Sandy floodwaters inundated a 10,000-square-foot underground vault downtown, soaking 1.3 million bond and stock certificates — including bearer bonds that function like cash — and putting them in danger of turning to mush.
A contractor working for the vault owner, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp., is feverishly working to restore the paper.
But the value of the threatened notes under 55 Water St. remains unknown to all but the innermost circle of Wall Street bankers.

NTSB: Warning Signals Activated Before Vets' Float Pulled Onto Train Tracks

MIDLAND, Texas -- Warning signals at a railroad crossing activated before a parade float pulled in front of an oncoming train and the resulting crash killed four veterans, federal investigators said Saturday.
 National Transportation Safety Board member Mark Rosekind said at a news conference that the warning signals were activated before the float pulled onto the track.
The train slammed into the flatbed trailer carrying veterans and their spouses during a parade in their honor on Thursday, killing four vets and injuring 16 people injured. Hundreds attended a vigil in Midland Saturday night for the victims.

Hundreds Of Volunteers In Baltimore Build New Playground In One Day

More than 200 volunteers built a new playground in Baltimore's Park Heights neighorhood -- in one day.

Organizers from the children's nonprofit KaBOOM, McDonald's, Dayspring Inc. and area residents all chipped in Saturday to build a playground based on designs drawn by children.


Crave A Twinkie? The Price Is Going Up Fast Online

Twinkies are being sold on the Internet like exquisite delicacies.

Hours after Twinkie-maker Hostess announced its plans to close its doors forever, people flocked to stores to fill their shopping baskets with boxes of the cream-filled sponge cakes and their sibling snacks -- Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Zingers.

Late Friday and Saturday, the opportunists took to eBay and Craigslist. They began marketing their hoard to whimsical collectors and junk-food lovers for hundreds -- and in some cases -- thousands of dollars. That's a fat profit margin, when you consider the retail price for a box of 10 Twinkies is roughly $5.

Please Don't Feed The Bears


In the wake of hurricane Isaac, Baton Rouge, Louisiana spent $4 million dollars setting up emergency food stamp application sites which eventually distributed $12 million in benefits.

Hurricane Isaac struck the gulf coast the last week of August 2012 and was responsible for nine deaths. In the wake of the disaster, emergency food stamp sites were set up at six locations in Baton Rouge. In that city alone $4.2 million was spent on renting everything from chairs to port-a-potties to food service.

Ron Paul's Congressional Farewell Speech



Rommel’s Ace Hardware President and CEO, Mike Cottingham, will present a check for $10,000 to the Lower Shore Chapter of The American Red Cross Community Executive, John Culp. The donation is to aid in relief efforts for Somerset County Hurricane Sandy victims and is in honor of Dave Rommel’s mother, Orpah Rommel who is from the Somerset County area.

John Culp, Community Executive for the Lower Shore American Red Cross is very grateful for the generosity of Rommel’s Ace Hardware. “It just came out of the blue, just when we needed it. During the storm the Red Cross housed more than 1,900 people in 25 shelters. Crisfield and the surrounding areas were the hardest hit with the shelter in Somerset County being open the longest. The help we’ve received has been amazing. We even had two volunteers from the Tulsa, OK Red Cross come to Somerset County to help. Nationwide, 6,000 Red Cross volunteers have been in action in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

President and CEO, Mike Cottingham said, “Rommel's Ace was fortunate before, during and after the storm. We managed to help many people prepare for the storm and recover afterwards. Our stores luckily experienced minimal damage. We think it is important to give back and donate to the communities that have made us successful over the years.”

If you’d like more information or to schedule an interview with John Culp and/or Mike Cottingham, please call or email Dory Hayman.



In accordance with §SC2-4 of the Salisbury City Charter, the City Council has called for a Special Meeting to be held on Monday, November 19, 2012, at 1:20 p.m. for consideration of Ordinance No. 2222 – approving an amendment of the FY13 General Fund budget to appropriate funds to cover warrant service costs invoiced by the Maryland State Police in FY12.

This Special Meeting will be held in Conference Room #306 of the City/County Government Office Building, located at 125 N. 

County Spends $100k To Help Illegal Aliens With Immigration Forms

A U.S. county not far from the nation’s capital is spending $100,000 to provide “application assistance” to illegal immigrants recently spared from deportation under President Obama’s backdoor amnesty plan.

That means taxpayers in Maryland’s Montgomery County will pick up the tab to help illegal aliens complete paperwork required under the president’s deferred action process. Announced in June, the controversial measure allows illegal immigrants 30 and younger to remain in the U.S. and obtain work permits if they entered the country as children (“through no fault of their own,” as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano loves to say).

In all, about 1 million illegal immigrants will benefit from the deferred action but they must follow a process that includes filling out tedious federal forms. So officials in Montgomery County, an affluent community well known for its illegal immigrant sanctuary policies, have generously offered to help. This week the county’s Department of Health and Human Services allocated $100,000 to provide application assistance to individuals who qualify for deferred action.

WBI Press Release

How Petraeus Got A Bronze Star For Combat Valor

The most that has been publicly documented about Petraeus in real, actual combat is a mortar shell that landed near him in Iraq in 2003.
Yet he came away from the conflict with a Bronze Star for Combat Valor.
It's not uncommon to see a valor award on an upper level military officer, but a lot of those were earned in their days at lieutenants or, for former enlisted Mustang officers, their time as low-ranking 'straight-leg' grunts.
One Army Colonel, recently interviewed for an article in Time Magazine, described Patraeus as "a remarkable piece of fiction."


White House Gave $1 Million To Battery Maker A123 The Day It Filed For Bankruptcy

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - The Obama administration provided struggling battery maker A123 Systems Inc with nearly $1 million on the day it filed for bankruptcy, the company told lawmakers investigating its government grant.
The company, which makes lithium ion batteries for electric cars, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month after a rescue deal with Chinese auto parts supplier Wanxiang Group fell apart.


The End Of The Bond Bull A Pre-Condition To Hyperinflation

I was a super bull of long-term bonds. I stated my case over 3 years ago with a yield target on 30-year maturities of 2.5%. Back then, the timing and structure looked right for another run to new highs. Discussions about hyperinflation were premature.
The pre-condition I had been waiting for has now arrived. In my opinion, we have seen the end of the bull market in bonds.
There is a delicate balance in time, where mega trends and short term trends meet. Price has now shaped reasoning and convinced investors of future stability, and such conviction could not come at a worse time. You see, we are heading toward the D.I.I.G. Can you dig it?
The Demographically Influenced Investment Gap is one giant mismatch of assets to liabilities. The growing future needs of financing in equities and bonds cannot be matched with future available disposable savings.
This will create great opportunities for long term patient investors as assets compete for your dollars.
Hyperinflation in the sense that people understand it today will not surface as expected as it is not straightforward.



Secession may not work, but you can protest with where you spend money. You are still allowed to decide where you spend your money. Enjoy your freedom while you still can.

The Nearly-Free University

The Nearly-Free University model would revolutionize higher education, enabling a universally accessible college education at a very low cost.

The key to understanding higher education in the U.S. is to grasp that it is at heart just another debt-dependent neofeudal cartel. In other words, it is just like sickcare and the national defense complex.

Each cartel shares these features:

1. Compelling PR "cover" for cartel extraction of wealth. "Healthcare" (i.e. sickcare that profits from illness, not health) is a "right." The defense industry is the bulwark of democracy, and "educating our children" is the key to future prosperity. Each portrays itself as sacrosanct.

These "Mom and apple pie" cover stories enable monopolistic exploitation: $300 million a piece fighter aircraft (replacing $54 million aircraft), $150,000 college diplomas, and "healthcare" spending that is two times more per capita than competing advanced democracies.

2. Government (monopoly) protection and funding. The largest monopoly is of course the Central State, which holds a monopoly on taxation, coercion and distribution of swag. All these cartels have gained control of Federal (monopoly) funding.

3. Illusory competition. Each cartel is protected by wide, deep regulatory moats and complexity fortresses that protect the Status Quo income streams from any real competition or innovation. Within each cartel, meaningless variations in price are offered as "proof of competition," but everyone knows the price of each cartel's "product" ratchets higher, regardless of conditions in the real economy.


ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor O’Malley today announced the appointment of Anne Sheridan as Executive Director of the Governor’s Office for Children.

“I am pleased that Anne has chosen to step up and lead the Governor’s Office for Children,” said Governor O’Malley. “In our State, we believe in our children growing healthy, growing educated, and growing strong. We know that Anne’s wealth of knowledge and expertise will help us protect the priorities of Maryland’s children and improve their quality of life so together, we can give them the tools they need to build a better, stronger future.”

The Governor set an aggressive strategic goal for Maryland to become the first state to end childhood hunger within its borders by 2015. The Governor’s Office for Children serves as an integral partner in the Administration’s plan to eradicate childhood hunger, works to promote health and wellness among youth, and seeks to address the priorities of Maryland’s children. Sheridan's experience with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign and other partners will help the Administration meet its goal to end childhood hunger in Maryland by 2015.

Sheridan replaces Rosemary King Johnston who led the coordinating office until June 2012. Since King’s departure, Kim Malat has served as interim executive director. The Governor added, “I’d also like to thank Rosemary and Kim for all of their hard work in putting the Office for Children on a path to success, and for their remarkable dedication to Maryland’s children throughout the years.”

“As the Director of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign in Maryland for the past three years it has been my privilege to work closely with Governor O’Malley and his team in making significant progress towards our shared goal of ending childhood hunger in our state,” said Sheridan. “I have seen his commitment to investing in children through coordinated prevention, early intervention and community-based services, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue this important work.”

As manager of the Maryland No Kid Hungry Campaign at Share Our Strength, Sheridan served as co-chair of the Maryland Partnership to End Childhood Hunger and helped to implement a statewide plan to meet partnership goals. Sheridan has years of community relations and field operations experience, working as Corporate Director for Community Relations at Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., as well as with the Kerry-Edwards Campaign in 2004, and as principal of the Dewey Square Group.

Sheridan is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She received her B.A. in Economics and Government from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Theatergoer Vomits Onto Audience From Balcony At Broadway's Grace

We didn't think bad theater behavior could get much worse than having a cellphone go off in the middle of a play but clearly we weren't thinking, or drinking, hard enough. Because last night a theatergoervomited over the balcony and into the orchestra section during a performance of the new Paul Rudd play Grace. Still, the show must go on!
Theatergoer Lori Schwab, who was in the audience last night, sent us this account of the incident (the producers won't comment on it, but we have independently confirmed it happened):
Last night I was at the Cort Theater seeing the play Grace. In the middle of the show there was quite the ruckus. After hearing a loud gasp several people got up and left the theater, followed by several more. During all of this the actors carried on as best they could. At the end of the show, the cast came out for curtain calls, and just before making their call for $$ for Actors Equity fights Aids fund, Paul Rudd told us that someone in the balcony had vomited onto those in the orchestra.


(PIKESVILLE, MD) – The Thanksgiving holiday period is the busiest travel time of the year and the Maryland State Police want to remind those traveling to drive safely because their lives and the lives of others may depend on it.

Troopers are joining forces with local law enforcement and the Maryland Highway Safety office to remind motorists that driving while impaired or distracted is not a good way to start the holiday season. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32,885 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes during 2010 and 10,228 of those fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers.

Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel Marcus L. Brown has ordered traffic safety initiatives to be conducted throughout the state. Those initiatives include DUI saturation patrols, as well as focused efforts on speed enforcement and aggressive and distracted driving. “With the increased traffic on the roads during this traveling season, arriving safely should be drivers’ number one priority,” Colonel Brown said. “There will be extra patrols and cooperative enforcement initiatives with local law enforcement agencies targeting drunk, aggressive, and distracted drivers, as well as those exceeding the speed limit, refusing to wear their seatbelts, or not having a child properly placed in a safety seat.”

Thanksgiving weekend is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season and troopers are encouraging motorists to look out for pedestrians, especially around shopping areas. There were 85 pedestrian fatalities from January 1, 2011 through November 14, 2011. While overall pedestrian fatalities have dropped to 72 for the same time this year, some areas have experienced increases. Many housing developments are in close proximity to shopping malls. Shoppers may not be giving their full time and attention to their surroundings, drivers need to look out for them.

To stay safe this Thanksgiving season, the Maryland State Police recommend motorists plan ahead, be courteous and be patient when traveling. Drivers should not text or make any handheld cell phone calls. Always reduce as many distractions as possible while driving. If you find yourself impaired, call a friend or family member, use public transportation, or call a cab. If you see a driver you think is impaired or driving their vehicle in an unsafe manner, keep a safe distance and contact law enforcement.

The additional State Police patrols are in support of the Maryland Highway Safety Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiatives. High visibility enforcement is planned on Maryland roads, with a special emphasis on interstates and major highways where the majority of travel will be occurring. Overtime funding for additional patrols will be provided by grants from the Maryland Highway Safety Office. 

More Obnoxious: Agreeing to Membership Rules You Have No Intention of Following, Or Having Your Receipt Checked?

At most stores, it’s reasonable for customers to walk in without being aware of that retailer’s particular policies. But when you sign up for a members-only warehouse store like Costco, it’s made pretty clear from the get-go that you’re agreeing to abide by the store’s rules. Isn’t that the trade-off for being able to buy Snickers by the carton?

But in a column for the Orange County register, a California man stands by his belief that he can disregard Costco’s rules simply because he disagrees with them.

“Specifically, I do not appreciate being asked to show my card on entry and then my receipt upon exiting,” he writes. “In fact, I ignore these requests every time. Anyone who has been with me on a Costco run is either entirely amused or very embarrassed by my behavior.”

Secretary Bhatt Reaffirms His Commitment To Fiscal Responsibility

Bhatt testifies before a state legislative committee on Wednesday
Dover, Delaware - Appearing before a legislative subcommittee on Wednesday, Delaware Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt reiterated his commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Secretary Bhatt says DelDOT recently stopped borrowing to pay for construction projects. And, this year's refinancing of a $250-million bond saved Delaware taxpayers about $28-million in debt service (the amount interest owed by taxpayers to investors who purchase the bonds). If DelDOT continues to operate without borrowing, the agency could save up to $5-million per year for the next five years, the Secretary said.

"We are taking steps to put ourselves on a financially stable course,"said Secretary Bhatt.

More good news: Secretary Bhatt says the State Transportation Trust Fund is expected to bring in $520.8-billion in Fiscal Year 2012

There's No Excuse For This

The Defense Department could save $7 billion a year if it stopped spending on things like beer-making, according to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) His new report lists hundreds of non-military goods and services the Pentagon either buys or makes for itself. Coburn cites items such as a workshop entitled, "Did Jesus Die For Klingons." His report calls out big items, too. Coburn thinks the military has one thousand more flag officers than it needs, and too many uniforms doing civilian work.


'People' asking for authorization for Occidental, Harvard, Hawaii to release records

When the White House set up a system to allow American citizens to petition for grievances on the official website, officials probably didn’t expect to see citizens in all 50 states seeking secession.
Nor did they likely imagine it would be a place that would become a forum for those questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility for office and seeking his college and university records.

Great Whale Rescue Video

Caption This Photo 11-18-12