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Friday, February 03, 2017

SU's Art Department Seeks Film Camera Donations

SALISBURY, MD---Looking for something to do with an old film camera? Donate it to Salisbury University!

SU’s Art Department is seeking 35mm SLR cameras with changeable lens capabilities to loan to students in its Photography Program. Film cameras with adjustable shutter speeds and F-stops, and those that take 120 film also are sought.

To donate a camera, or for more information, email Jeanne Anderton at

For more information about SU visit

Ben Cardin: Dems Need 'Adequate Time' to "Obstruct" Assess Gorsuch Nomination

Sen. Ben Cardin said Wednesday Democrats want "adequate time" to consider Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch – and are concerned about "a lot of cases" in which he's ruled "that give many of us heartburn."

In an interview on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront," the Maryland Democrat suggested a filibuster was always an option to block the confirmation of the conservative jurist.

"We're careful to make sure we have adequate time that, we can understand all of his judicial philosophy that, we can see whether, in fact, he is mainstream or not," he said.


State Fire Marshal Reminds Marylanders of the Legalities of Exploding Targets

State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci wants to remind Marylanders that the use of 'exploding targets' is illegal unless the individual combining the binary explosives is properly licensed. "The potential for serious injuries, uncontrolled fires or explosions and misuse of these components poses a serious threat to life safety", stated State Fire Marshal Geraci.

Binary explosives for the purpose of 'exploding targets' are sold as a pre-packaged kit containing two separtate components. Mixing the binary components together constitutes manufacturing explosives. When the components are combined for use, they become a high explosive material and are subject to the current Federal and State explosive laws. Public Safety 10-210 Maryland Law lists Unlicensed Manufacturing or Processing of Fireworks and/or Explosives as a violation. These acts are punishable as a Misdemeanor and on conviction are subject to imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding $1,000 or both. A separate charge can be utilized for each 'exploding target' manufactured.

A recent incident in Sharpsburg on December 29, 2016, involved three adults shooting at exploding targets on their property in the 5000 block of Churchey Road. The owner of the property purchased the pre-packaged kit out-of-state and transported it back to Maryland. All three men were served a criminal summons and are currently awaiting their court date in Washington County.

CIA Veteran: Europe a ‘Launching Pad’ for ISIS to Attack the U.S.

Europe serves as a "launching pad" for ISIS jihadists to initiate attacks against the United States due to the absence of a cohesive information-sharing strategy among Western nations, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin said Wednesday.

McLaughlin, a 30-year CIA employee who served as acting director under the George W. Bush administration, warned that the absence of effective coordination between European intelligence agencies exposes the United States to greater risk of attack.

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, McLaughlin said the Trump administration must work with European allies to establish an intelligence-sharing platform that coordinates Europe's extensive network of security services.

McLaughlin cautioned that the flood of foreign fighters returning to Europe could have a spillover effect in the United States because the region's security services are already "stretched to the limit." The influx is concerning because European passport holders are subjected to less scrutiny than others during entry into the United States.


Mob Rules Drive Leaderless Democrats

Democrats, by their own admission, are leaderless right now, and it is showing as the party struggles to settle on a coordinated strategy to combat the early moves made by President Trump.

Left without a consensus point man or woman since former President Obama left the political spotlight last month, Democrats have taken more of a mob approach to opposition, throwing up roadblocks on almost every issue, embracing fights large and small.

They’ve rallied outside the Supreme Court, boycotted committee hearings, erected procedural hurdles, voted against both Mr. Trump and congressional Republicans’ agenda and generally vented anger at every turn.

“Every act of resistance you’ve seen from Democratic congressional leadership has been in response to the organic, nationwide wave of public pressure to fight President Trump rather than work with him,” said Christy Setzer, a Democratic strategist.


Congress scraps Obama rules on coal mining, guns

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican-controlled Congress on Thursday scrapped Obama-era rules on the environment and guns, counting on a new ally in the White House to help reverse years of what the GOP calls excessive regulation.

The Senate gave final approval to a measure eliminating a rule to prevent coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams, while the House backed a separate resolution doing away with extended background checks for gun purchases by some Social Security recipients with mental disabilities.

The Senate’s 54-45 vote sends the repeal of the stream protection rule to President Donald Trump. The gun measure awaits Senate action.

The White House said Thursday night that Trump supports both measures and is likely to sign them.


Democrats fuming over Gorsuch backed him in 2006

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch easily won the support of top Democratic senators for a lifetime appointment to the bench ... in 2006.

What a difference a decade makes.

Several of the same senators who helped unanimously confirm Gorsuch to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in July 2006 are now railing against his nomination by President Trump to the highest court in the land.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday he has "serious doubts" about Gorsuch. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., issued a scathing statement citing Gorsuch's stance on assisted suicide, and saying nobody who believes individual rights are "reserved to the people" can support his nomination.

But if they have long harbored concerns Gorsuch is extreme, they didn't much show it in 2006.

Schumer, Wyden and many others were in Congress at the time of the unanimous voice vote on July 20 of that year. The record does not reflect who specifically was on the floor for the 95-0 tally, but it would have included most, if not all, of the following Senate members that year:

Four former top Obama administration officials (President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry) and 12 current Democratic senators (Sens. Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden, Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Patty Murray, Dick Durbin, Jack Reed, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper, Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell and Bob Menendez).

More here

[ Perhaps we should re-post this every day until he is confirmed. --Editor ]

OCPD to Host Opiate Abuse Awareness Event

OCEAN CITY, MD – : The citizens of the Ocean City area have not been immune to the impact of opioid addiction, including youth and young adults. In order to educate the community about the dangers of prescription drug and opioid abuse, and the tragic consequences of addiction, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have produced a documentary titled “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict”. This film chronicles the way drug abuse devastates lives and describes the prescription drug and heroin epidemic in the United States.

The Ocean City Police Department, in partnership with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and Worcester County State’s Attorneys’ Office, will host a free screening of this documentary on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at 6 p.m. at the Ocean City Performing Arts Center, located at 4001 Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland. Doors will open at 5 p.m. Prior to the screening, federal, state and local law enforcement officials will discuss the issues we face in Worcester County surrounding opioid abuse. Representatives from area treatment, prevention, and public health organizations will also be available to speak with attendees.

Citizens may visit for more information and to register for this free community event. Please be advised that this film contains adult topics and strong language. For additional questions, contact the Ocean City Police Department Public Affairs Office at 410-520-5395 or email

Officials interview woman who infiltrated GOP retreat

Law enforcement officials have interviewed the interloper who managed to slip into the congressional Republican retreat in downtown Philadelphia last week, Fox News has learned.

Sources identified her as Philadelphia reporter Emily Guendelsberger.

Officials from the Secret Service, U.S. Capitol Police and Philadelphia police conducted the interview on Wednesday, Fox News is told.

Sources said Guendelsberger was questioned after posing as a congressional spouse and sneaking into the retreat, which featured presentations by President Trump, Vice President Pence, British Prime Minister Theresa May and scores of lawmakers.

The host site Loews Hotel in Philadelphia was locked down during the retreat, preventing even journalists from entering, relegating them to across the street. But sources said Guendelsberger used a fake congressional ID to make it in, though she did not have an official spouse pin issued to significant others of members.

Audio of the meeting was anonymously leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post.


Ex-mayor pleads guilty to $61K theft from tiny Maryland town

DENTON, Md. (AP) — The former mayor of a tiny Eastern Shore town has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $61,000 in town funds.

The Office of the State Prosecutor said in a statement Thursday that former Marydel Mayor Deborah Rowe pleaded guilty to theft scheme, misconduct in office and forgery

Census records show Marydel has a population of about 150.


U.S. Media Ignore Mexican President’s Ties to Drug Cartels

U.S. news outlets appear to have forgotten that the Juarez Cartel and multiple acts of corruption have been linked to the election of the current Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Mexican president’s ties to cartels, the mysterious release from prison of major cartel figures during his presidency, and the fact that regions of Mexico are under operational control of these paramilitary transnational criminal organizations during his presidency are rarely, if ever, reported in the U.S.

The outrageous number of journalists who have been murdered or who have simply disappeared in Peña Nieto’s Mexico is also rarely reported.

Last year, Breitbart Texas reported on an investigation that revealed that a series of shell companies had been used by members of the Juarez cartel to funnel funds into Peña Nieto’s 2012 election. The investigation was carried out by Mexican award winning journalist Carmen Aristegui and her team; the subsequent scandal became known as Monexgate for the cash cards that were given out during Peña Nieto’s campaign. Those journalists have been under criticism by the Mexican government after discovering the cartel finance link, as well as the fact that Peña Nieto had received properties as bribes from government contractors.

A few examples of the current Mexican president’s softness towards his nation’s drug cartels provide some insight into the realities in Mexico that are ignored by U.S. media.


Teens vandals sentenced to read books, write papers

ASHBURN, VA (WUSA9) - An unusual sentence has been given to five teenage boys who vandalized the historic Ashburn Colored School. The 16 and 17 year olds spray-painted it with racist, sexist and anti-Semitic symbols.

The community was outraged.

But now, an usual sentence given to the boys is drawing approval from the across the country.

Instead of coming down hard on the boys, the prosecutor decided to look at it as a "teachable moment."

"It was very obvious from the beginning that these were dumb teenagers," said Loudoun County prosecutor Alex Rueda.

The boys drew various symbols such as swastikas, sexual-explicit pictures and the words "white power" and "brown power," along with drawings of dinosaurs.


The Left's 'un-American' Smear

When leftists take a torch to Old Glory, take a knee for the National Anthem or take an apology tour around the world, they’re lauded as heroes of free speech. But when a Republican president does something leftists don’t like, he’s “un-American.”

This is the latest slur the Left is hurling at President Trump as a result of his recent executive order implementing a temporary travel ban. Incidentally, this order is worth a moment of consideration both for what it does and does not do. As we previously noted, despite leftist hysteria, the ban is not what the Left claims. In fact, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also enacted temporary bans.

But what a difference an election makes. What, under Obama, was a noble endeavor to protect Americans, under Trump is suddenly “un-American.”

Hence, liberals from academia to Hollywood to government are donning robes of patriotism to denounce the president.

Morehouse College professor David Dennis Jr., for example, called New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s support of Trump “far more threatening to America than taking a knee during the National Anthem” because Trump is — per Dennis — the consummate “un-American.”

Then, there’s Hollywood..

Maryland Food Bank sees ‘working poor’ needing help

The Worcester County Food Drive held this week sought not just to gather sustenance, but also to heighten awareness of the people among us who are going hungry.

For the last four years, Worcester County Volunteer Services has worked with the Maryland Food Bank to place collection barrels at various county buildings during the last week in January.

Jennifer Small, managing director Maryland Food Bank Eastern Shore branch, said the support might not go where people suspect.

“The stereotype used to be someone who needed the resources from the food bank was homeless, but that’s not what we are seeing,” she said. “We are seeing the middle class, what we call the working poor, who are barely making enough to make ends meet.”

For people trying to juggle mortgages, medical expenses, among other financial hurdles, food tends to be the last priority, Small said.


BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The Public Lynching of Clarence Thomas

Thought you all should have this reminder of what the Left does to Conservatives in their shameful aim to discredit people for wanting to serve our country. It is a national disgrace the way people are treated and it has got to stop being an acceptable way to politic in our society, once and for all.

Ironically, even though he's white, the Democrats and Liberals have exacted the same treatment toward President Trump not to mention the rest of his cabinet appointees and the Honorable Neil Gorsuch.

It's any wonder anyone would want to serve the American people when Liberals are allowed to subject people to this kind of 'high tech lynching.'  -- Thornton Crowe

On a side note: The Smithsonian African-American Museum fails to acknowledge Justice Thomas and Condoleezza Rice's achievements as prominent Black Americans who have influenced our country's rich history. Another disgrace and tasteless revisal oversight of our History!

Sen. Mike Lee: Pelosi's Bannon Dig 'Defamatory'

Republican Sen. Mike Lee lashed out Thursday at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for repeatedly calling President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, a "white supremacist."

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, the Utah senator said Pelosi should focus on policy, not personal attacks.

"I think this is nonsense," Lee said. "I think this is defamatory. I think she's acting with reckless disregard for the truth. I wish people would stop throwing out arguments like that."

At her weekly news conference, Pelosi said she was stunned by the appointment of the former Breitbart executive to the National Security Council — and called him a white supremacist.

"It's a stunning thing, that a white supremacist would be a permanent member of the National Security Council," the California Democrat said.


Grassley Blames Schumer for Discord, Committee Boycotts

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is telling Democrats to boycott committee hearings on President Donald Trump's nominees and creating issues that were not going on just a few days ago, Sen. Chuck Grassley said Thursday.

"That did not happen in my committee yesterday or the day before," the Iowa Republican, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" program. "We did have some long speeches, but I was able to have the full cooperation of Democrats on my committee and we did vote out Sen. [Jeff] Sessions."

"I know that in our committee, one of his top staffers was there telling Democrats what to do," said Grassley. "I can't speak for the Finance Committee even though I'm on that committee. But they didn't show up and you saw today they didn't show up at EPA."


Pocomoke refused demolition grants for two buildings

For the second time in two years, Pocomoke City has been denied demolition funding for the old firehouse and armory by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

As City Manager/City Attorney Ernie Crofoot informed the council during its regular meeting last week, the denials came as no surprise.

“We knew it was coming,” he said.

The rejection letter provided to the town and signed by Carol Gilbert, assistant secretary of the department, explains that 26 projects seeking a total of $9 million applied for the available funding.

Only $3.5 million of allocated funding was available for projects. Proposals were competitively ranked, according to the letter, on factors such as economic impact, readiness to proceed, local commitment and leveraging.

The town is divided on what to do with the facilities. Council members like Diane Downing are in favor of selling the firehouse for the $2,500 top bid the town received last year. Crofoot would rather shore up the legal title to the firehouse in an effort to attract a more lucrative offer, while certain church groups are interested in using the buildings as community centers.


Dick Durbin ‘Can’t Recall’ Previous Support for Gorsuch: ‘I Just Don’t Remember’

Hillary Clinton’s regular inability to remember facts has apparently spread to Democrats in the Senate.

As many other Senate Dems likely will, Dick Durbin attempted to downplay his previous support for Judge Neil Gorsuch, going so far today as to plead ignorance, claiming he couldn’t remember voting for him.

“Do I have it right that you voted ‘aye’ in the voice vote in 2006 when Gorsuch was up for the federal appeals court?” Morning Joe panelist Willie Geist asked Durbin.

“Good question, Willie,” the Illinois senator responded, “and I just don’t remember to be honest with you.”

He conceded, “it’s possible, I don’t believe there was a lot of controversy surrounding him.”

The MSNBC chryon noted Durbin “can’t recall” his previous support for Gorsuch.

But Durbin attempted to argue that vote will be different from the one for a Supreme Court nominee.


Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver Announces County Employees Collect 9,595 Pounds of Food for the Maryland Food Bank

Salisbury, MD… This past holiday season, Wicomico County once again partnered with the Maryland Food Bank in hosting a County-wide employee food drive aptly named “Feeding Our Neighbors”. Our goal was to collect three tons of food for the Maryland Food Bank. Over the course of the challenge, Wicomico County employees came together and well surpassed the goal by collecting 9,595 pounds of food for the Maryland Food Bank. This food will provide 7,996 meals to Maryland residents.

“The Maryland Food Bank is a great organization that works to feed our hungry neighbors each year,” says Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver. “It’s been great to see Wicomico County employees get invested in the challenge to help the Maryland Food Bank this season.”

The Maryland Food Bank is a nonprofit hunger-relief organization, leading the movement to end hunger throughout Maryland. For more than 35 years, the Maryland Food Bank has partnered with communities across the state to distribute food to individuals and families in need. The Food Bank is currently distributing more than 100,000 meals per day—nearly 37 million meals annually. For more information on the Food Bank, please visit

Fracking opponents want statewide ban in Md.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Opponents of fracking have taken their fight to Annapolis to try to get a ban before a moratorium ends later this year.

Demonstrators rallied in front of the Maryland State House this week, as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan issued his State of the State address.

Paul Roberts with Citizen Shale, a group that opposes fracking, lives in Friendsville, a community in Western Maryland. He said fracking was a danger, not a plus, for the Western Maryland economy.

“We have an existing, vibrant tourism economy, clean jobs, small business — the lifeblood of business in America,” Roberts said. “Fracking is, in fact, an anti-business solution.”



Ocean Pines police officers are on the lookout for parents who park illegally at school bus stops in the community. An officer recently observed an individual parking dangerously close to an intersection while waiting for a school bus to arrive. Contributing to the safety problem are limited visibility and a tight turning radius which are created by illegally parked vehicles, police said. These hazards could cause a problem for vehicles that are approaching stop signs and/or intersections.

To help keep the bus stops in Ocean Pines as safe as possible, the police department is releasing a reminder for parents to keep a safe distance from intersections while parked at school bus stops. According to Maryland vehicle law, a person may not stand or park a vehicle within 30 feet on the approach to any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway. Violators face a $60 citation.

Ocean Pines officers will continue to patrol the school bus stops in the area in an effort to limit risks to children.

Ocean Pines is the largest year-round community in Worcester County. The Ocean Pines Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the Ocean Pines community, having mutual aid agreements with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police. The police department consists of 15 sworn officers, one (1) part-time sworn officer, four (4) full-time civilians and three (3) part-time civilian support staff.

Where Did God Come From?

Troopers Continue Death Investigation at Smyrna Prison

Smyrna- Delaware State Police continue their investigation into the death of a Department of Correction officer which occurred at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna.

Delaware State Police Homicide unit detectives, with the assistance of the Delaware Department of Correction, are continuing their investigation into the death of Correctional Officer Sergeant Steven R. Floyd, which occurred at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Because of the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, this investigation is expected to be lengthy and arduous. Detectives will be conducting hundreds of interviews and must collect and examine countless pieces of physical and video evidence. At this time, Building C is still being held as a crime scene.

So as not to jeopardize this on-going and active investigation, the Delaware State Police and the Department of Correction will not be releasing specific details at this time, however, updates will be provided if and when circumstances warrant.

Press Release - (Robbery Investigation-Wawa & La Quinta Inn and Suites)

UC Berkeley Rioting

Very interesting angle on the Berkeley rioting/'protests'-- a large group of OUTSIDERS, dressed in black arrived and things went nuts.

Black Bloc protesters

As a long detailed article on the America-hating anarchist website Crimethinc makes clear, the goal of the Black Bloc and its distinctive dress is to allow protesters to break the law.

"When everyone in a group looks the same, it is difficult for the police or others to tell who did what. Most criminal activities are better carried off in a less obvious manner, of course, but there are situations in which it is necessary to step outside the limits in public."

Apparently there were NO ARRESTS at Berkeley, even though they rioted and destroyed property, and assaulted people.

I've seen little or no mention of the outside protesters in the msm.

WOW, Smart Phones

Dear Liberal Friends...

Take Note Mike Lewis & Barbara Duncan

Md. home owner shoots intruder

LOTHIAN, MD (WUSA9) - A retired federal law enforcement officer shot an intruder in a bizarre encounter at the former officer’s home on Mullen Lane in Lothian Thursday morning.

The intruder was badly wounded with gunshots to the leg and head. He was airlifted to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

Neighbors and property records show the homeowner is a retired FBI agent. Police have not released his name nor the name of the suspect.

Neighbors said the homeowner who was in the confrontation with the intruder had recently distributed flyers to residents warning of a suspicious stranger who had repeatedly been seen trespassing in the neighborhood. The area features stately homes on large private lots. Some residents keep horses.

One neighbor said he believed the suspect was struggling with mental health issues and had delusions that he owned property on the Lane.


‘Totally-Not-Senile’ Nancy Pelosi Blames Donald Trump For Yemeni Civil War — It Began In 2015

Nancy Pelosi revealed she thinks Donald Trump is some sort of time-traveling immortal when answering a question from “Bushra,” a Yemeni immigrant, during her Tuesday town hall on CNN.

When asked what Democratic leadership will do to help those affected by Yemen’s ongoing civil war, the House Minority leader chose to answer by pointing the finger at Donald Trump and his “incompetent” administration.

Again — just so everyone’s clear — she blamed a man who has been in office for less than two weeks for a war that began more than two years ago.


No women allowed in Starbucks in Saudi Arabia

MSP Press Release 2-3-17 (Princess Anne Barrack)

Investigation Launched After Texas Judge Wears 'Pussy Hat' in Court

A short investigation was launched after a Travis County judge wore a pink, knitted “pussy hat” in her courtroom late in January causing, some to doubt her impartiality from the bench.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt started her session on January 24 by putting on the pink knitted hat that has become associated with the Women’s March protests held the day after Donald J. Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States.

The judge’s shocking partisanship was first noted by Reddit users and soon caused residents to quiz Texas authorities as to whether or not a sitting judge is allowed to wear partisan political paraphernalia on the bench.


Islamic State finds success infiltrating its terrorists into refugee flows to West

The Islamic State has planned to infect refugee flows to the West with mass killers, and it has had some violent successes.

The CIA said last year that the terrorist group’s official strategy is to hide its operatives among refugees entering Europe and the United States via human flows out of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS, has inspired followers to commit atrocities in San Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida; and the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. Scores of U.S. residents have been charged with or suspected of providing material support to the Islamic State. Some have left the U.S. to commit war crimes inSyria and Iraq.

As President Trump places a 120-day ban on immigration from what he considers high-risk Muslim-majority countries, the history of the mass migration shows that some took part in the Nov. 13, 2015, massacre in Paris — two posed as refugees from Syria — and the Christmastime truck carnage in Berlin.

Two of the airport and Metro attacks in Brussels last year had fought in Syria and gained entry back into Belgium.

The German press has reported refugee knife and ax attacks on innocents.


Morrison, Trotter will seek reelection in Pocomoke City

Pocomoke’s mayor, Bruce Morrison, and District Three councilman Dale Trotter are both seeking to continue their tenure for at least another term, but will need to wait until after 5 p.m. Friday to see if there will be an election at all.

As of press time, no other candidates have filed. The city, in response to issues with the previous election, passed a number of changes to the charter in late November, including the ability to cancel elections if there are fewer than two official candidates.

This measure has the byproduct of essentially removing ad hoc write-in campaigns in favor of a more structured approach.

Regardless of the circumstances, the two candidates provided some insight into their goals for the coming term.


Smuggling Migrants to Europe Now a Major Funding Source for ISIS

Islamist terror groups including Islamic State are now getting much of their revenue from smuggling migrants into Europe, Italy’s intelligence chief has said.

Information gathered by intelligence agencies shows that criminal gangs in Africa who work to traffick migrants into Europe have developed “partnerships” with terrorist organisations in the Middle East including Islamic State, Alessandro Pansa told La Stampa on Tuesday.

“ISIS is facing serious setbacks. Its biggest sources of income — smuggling oil products and antiquities, are at the edge of drying out. We think terrorists are resorting to human trafficking as a new source of revenue,” Pansa told the newspaper.

Pansa, the Director General of the Department of Information Security, revealed the intelligence agency’s findings at a talk in Naples about Africa and the ‘risks and opportunities’ of immigration.

Describing the involvement of Islamic terror groups in human trafficking as a major challenge for Italy, the security chief said it’s vital that Italy works with governments in Africa to “attack at the roots of the migration phenomenon”.

Reuters reported on Monday that the Italian government has set up a fund to help African nations seal their external borders and help stem the flow of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe.


Trump VA Sec Pick Promises ‘Major Reform’

David Shulkin on Wednesday pledged to implement "major reform" at the Department of Veterans Affairs if he is confirmed to lead the troubled agency.

Shulkin, who President Donald Trump unveiled as his choice to lead the VA in mid-January, said before a Senate panel that he does not favor "privatization" of the VA but would work to establish an integrated and modern system for veterans health care, with better partnerships between public and private facilities.

"I will seek major reform and a transformation of VA," Shulkin told the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs during his confirmation hearing, stressing that the agency "will not be privatized under my watch."

Shulkin is a physician who served as VA undersecretary for health during the Obama administration. If confirmed, he would be the first non-veteran VA secretary.

Shulkin faced tough questions on his plans to reform the agency, which has been under constant scrutiny since the wait list scandal nearly three years ago.

"I think that trust was eroded particularly with the wait time crisis in April 2014, and people lost trust," said Shulkin, who was appointed to the undersecretary post by President Obama in 2015. "I think that we are slowly regaining that [trust] but we have a long way to go."

When asked by Sen. Dan Sullivan (R., Alaska) about concerns that his appointment was "more of the same" given his work in the previous administration, Shulkin said he should be replaced if he does not succeed in making changes at the VA.


Worcester schools record 26 instances of head lice

Showell and Buckingham Elem. account for approx. 75 percent of infestations

Check your child’s backpack — if there’s a document entitled “Head Lice: A Real Head Scratcher,” someone in the class has been diagnosed with a case of Pediculosis Capitis, which means it’s possible that your child has them too.

Since schools returned to session on Jan. 3, 26 cases of head lice have been reported, according to spokeswoman Carrie Sterrs.

The infestations have been mostly contained to the elementary schools, with 11 cases reported at Showell Elementary School, eight at Buckingham Elementary, three at Snow Hill Elementary, three at Pocomoke Elementary and a single case at Stephen Decatur Middle School, Sterrs said.

“When a child is identified as having lice, the entire class is then checked as a preventative measure,” Sterrs said. “Should multiple students be identified as having lice within the same class, a letter is sent home to the parents of the affected class.”


NR 2/2/17 Somerset Dwelling Fire Dublin Road



SOMERSET COUNTY, MD. (February 3, 2017) – Deputy State Fire Marshals are currently investigating the cause of a fire which significantly damaged a wood framed mobile home and sent one adult female to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

The incident which was reported at 6:21 pm on February 2, 2017 in the 31000 Block of Dublin Road in Princess Anne brought firefighters from Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Department and neighboring stations. Firefighters arrived on location with fire showing and reports of one subject trapped. Firefighters quickly located and removed the subject. EMS initiated patient care and transported the victim to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. The victim is currently listed in stable but critical condition.

Approximately 25 firefighters responded to the scene and brought the fire under control within an hour. Damage to the mobile home is estimated to be $60,000.00.

The origin of the fire has been determined to be the open living room / kitchen area. The investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing at this time.

Anyone with information or anyone who may have been at the fire scene prior to the fire departments arrival is urged to contact the Lower Eastern Region Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at 410-713-3780.

PETA Wants Toymaker to Remove Plastic 'Fur' from Plastic Figurines

When people hear a name like "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," they may think it's an organization of people who want animals to be treated ethically. They would be wrong, as renaming all fish "sea kittens" doesn't have much to do with ethics.

But the group's latest push may make their earlier efforts look downright sane. They want toymakers to stop making plastic figurines that appear to be wearing fur pelts.


Former NBC network executive exposes government control of news

Corydon B. Dunham writes book about the attack on citizen’s First Amendment rights

Government regulation of the news in America started in 1949, with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Fairness Doctrine, according to the Washington Post. Its intended purpose was to provide contrasting views about controversial issues.

In 1985, the FCC revoked the doctrine, after completing an official review of its regulation and editing the contents of television news and speech.

In Corydon B. Dunham’s new book, “Government Control of News,” he provides a study of the regulation of news and speech by the government and proposes that the government’s imposition on regulating information has disserved the public’s ability to learn of public problems needing public solutions.

Dunham claims that, instead of providing fair coverage, the doctrine had, in fact, distorted and suppressed the news and FCC regulation had reduced public access to information and political dissent.

“Government officials are not doing their jobs, when summoning station reporters to provide copy of their news coverage, so that a few non-journalists can change it to further their own political agenda,” Dunham said.

Because of a rapidly-changing media, over the past twenty years, government regulation has taken advantage of gray areas, or times when the country’s technology advances faster than its laws can adapt.

“The problem is not with television, but with government interference for government purposes,” Dunham said. “Any such interference is a violation of the First Amendment and should not be tolerated in a free country with a free press and free speech.”


Rawlings-Blake Reportedly Had $54K+ Farewell Party With Campaign Funds

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The former mayor of Baltimore City had a farewell party in November that cost more than $50,000.

How the party was paid for is legal but is raising some eyebrows.

Former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was dressed to the nines in one of Harbor East’s finest spots for a farewell party.

A party that was paid for by campaign funds, more than a year after Rawlings-Blake announced she wouldn’t seek another term.

“It’s not what you typically see even when a candidate is trying to spend down their account,” Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, executive director at Common Cause Maryland says.


Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Trump Pause on Refugees

Donald Trump’s pro-American immigration reform is getting strong majority support from the public, despite the left’s portrayal of the policy as hateful and incompetent, and despite Democratic voters’ determination to obstruct the new president.

Reuters commissioned the poll and then tried to hide the resulting good news for Trump under a misleading headline, “Exclusive: Only a third of Americans think Trump’s travel ban will make them more safe.”

But the most direct question in the poll showed a seven-point advantage for Trump’s policy, of 48 support to 41 percent opposition.

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Senate GOP Overrides Dem Boycott of Mnuchin, Price Votes

Facing a boycott from Democrats, a Senate panel took unusual emergency steps Wednesday to advance the nominations of Steven Mnuchin to run Treasury and Tom Price to head Health and Human Services.

The Senate Finance Committee moved to report both of them to the Senate floor on 14-0 votes, with only Republicans participating, after voting to suspend the panel’s rules.

The unusual steps came one day after Democrats forced a delay on scheduled votes by boycotting the committee’s meeting. Chairman Orrin Hatch said Tuesday he was furious at Democrats, and vowed to push the nominations forward.


Fired AG defended Obama’s unlawful immigration amnesty

Former acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates was cheered Tuesday by Democrats thrilled with her refusal to enforce President Trump’s executive order on refugees, but she wasn’t always as picky when it came to White House directives.

Ms. Yates, whom Mr. Trump fired Monday night, engaged in no such rebellion against President Obama’s order on immigration amnesty in her role as the second-ranking official in the Justice Department, even after a federal court declared it unlawful.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Mr. Obama’s executive order on amnesty in November 2015, six months after the Senate voted to confirm Ms. Yates as deputy attorney general. The U.S. Supreme Court declined in October to hear the Justice Department’s appeal.

Ms. Yates‘ decision to go to the mat for the Obama directive comes in sharp contrast to her defiance of the Trump administration, fueling accusations that she capped her 10 days as acting attorney general by crossing the line into political grandstanding.


Fake News: Man Who Claimed Mom Died Due to Trump ‘Ban’ Lied

An Iraqi-American man who made headlines earlier this week by claiming that his ailing mother had died because of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration lied, according to the imam of his local mosque, Detroit’s Fox 2 reported Wednesday.

The original story was that Mike Hager, a U.S. citizen born in Iraq, was visiting relatives in Iraq but was forced to abandon his mother in that country when he tried to return home.

Social media exploded with accusations of murder against Trump — including tweets by respected news outlets.

But the story was a lie, concocted to feed opposition against Trump’s executive order, which suspends most travel from terror-prone countries previously identified as problematic by the Obama administration.

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WHITE HOUSE: Extreme Makeover! Trump ERASES Obama!

'Leaked' Transcript of Trump Call to Mexican President

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump threatened in a phone call with his Mexican counterpart to send U.S. troops to stop "bad hombres down there" unless the Mexican military does more to control them, according to an excerpt of a transcript of the conversation obtained by The Associated Press. 

The excerpt of the call did not detail who exactly Trump considered "bad hombres," nor did it make clear the tone and context of the remark, made in a Friday morning phone call between the leaders. It also did not contain Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's response. 

A White House spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. The Mexican government said the account was not accurate. 

A person with access to the official transcript of the phone call provided only that portion of the conversation to The Associated Press. The person gave it on condition of anonymity because the administration did not make the details of the call public. 


Conservative Speaker's Appearance Ignites Protests at NYU

Chaos erupted at NYU when controversial personality Gavin McInnes arrived to speak Thursday evening, with angry protesters coming to blows, students getting arrested, and McInnes himself getting hit with pepper-spray.

McInnes, a conservative actor, comedian and co-founder of Vice Media, was invited to speak at the Kimmel Center on campus by the NYU College Republican group, according to the student blog NYU Local.

His appearance sparked a protest by other students who said McInnes "has a long track record of using incendiary language to attract media attention and frenzy." They referred to past articles he's written and podcasts he's hosted in which he used derogatory words to describe transgender women and to the actress Jada Pinkett Smith.


5 Things You Should Know about Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump nominated appellate judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court. Trump fulfilled his pledge to select a nominee "in the mold of Antonin Scalia," for Gorsuch seems cut from exactly the same cloth.

Like Scalia, Gorsuch is both a textualist and an originalist — he interprets legal provisions as their words were originally understood, and not according to doctrines like the "Living Constitution." This is important, and points to how he will rule on pivotal cases if confirmed by the Senate.

1. Young but well qualified

Gorsuch, at the age of 49, would be the youngest Supreme Court justice in 30 years (since Clarence Thomas was confirmed at age 43). But this relative youth does not translate to inexperience.

Gorsuch attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and then he clerked for Washington, D.C. Circuit Court judge David Sentelle. He also clerked for Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy in the years 1993 and 1994. Following these clerkships, he studied for a doctorate of philosophy at Oxford University under the legal philosopher John Finnis.


Brooke Gets A Special Treat!

It was like Christmas morning here today! The owners of Bantam Bagels heard about Brooke's craving for their delicious stuffed bagels and sent her 2 cases! She can't wait to try all the flavors! Thank you to our friends from Scrub Daddy for helping making this happen!

New Trump Order Mandates Two Regulations Cut for Every New Regulation

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order mandating that for every new regulation issued by any executive agency, two regulations must be eliminated, offsetting the cost of any new regulation to "zero."

"This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen," the president declared right before signing the order. "There will be regulation and control," he promised, "but it will be normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily, and that's what our country has been about."

Trump signed the order in front of a group of small business owners, following a listening session beforehand.


UPDATE: Missing Dog In Seaford

Anyone in Seaford and surrounding areas please share this. My dog cuddles ran off chasing a cat on February 2nd. She is a 7 year old female she gets cold easily. If seen please contact me by calling 3022496028. Thank you in advance.

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The Average American Family Pays More Money in Regulations Than in Taxes

ORLANDO, FL — At a panel on the wide-ranging effects of government regulations, Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis argued that the average American family pays more money in hidden costs due to regulations than in direct taxes.

"I've seen some pretty credible analysis that suggests that the cost of indirect taxes through bureaucracy, through regulatory policy, through red tape, actually imposes a greater total burden on the average American family than what the government's imposing on you through direct taxes," DeSantis declared at the Defending the American Dream Summit run by Americans for Prosperity.

It works like this. "Regulatory costs are passed on to you as an American citizen," the congressman explained. When the government subsidizes ethanol or mandates a certain percentage in oil, for example, it helps some farmers and lobbyists, but harms everyone else. Groceries and energy become more expensive. "I represent a coastal district in Florida, and anyone who likes to go out on a boat, their engines get ruined from using the gas," DeSantis said.


Legislative Weekly Wrap-Up: Senator Adelaide Eckardt

Senator Adelaide Eckardt, District 37
Legislative Weekly Wrap-Up
February 1, 2017
Addie welcomes Dorchester County Page, Lemya Reeves, from East New Market. 
Bill Hearings
All committee hearings are live-streamed on the Maryland General Assembly website. If you are unable to attend hearings, please visit to stay updated.  

Senate Bill 343 – Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) will be heard in Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee next week. I will be testifying in favor of this legislation on Tuesday, February 7 at 1:00pm. This proposed bill will expand the BRF eligible costs to include 100% BRF grant eligibility for secondary wastewater treatment plants that are upgrading to Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) technology. SB 343 would significantly make upgrades to minor Wastewater Treatment Plants making them more affordable to users. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you would like to testify, or provide written testimony to the committee.

I will also be testifying in front of the Budget and Taxation Committee next week on three separate Income Tax Legislation. Senate Bill 236, 237, and 238 will be heard in committee on Wednesday, February 8 at 1:00pm. These Income Tax initiatives would help level the playing field for all Marylanders. If you wish to submit written testimony to the Budget and Taxation Committee, please contact my office.
Highway User Revenue Legislation
A number of bills to restore Highway User Revenue funds will be submitted to the General Assembly this year. Each proposal brings with it different perspectives on restoring funds and re-investing in local infrastructures. Restoring Highway User Revenues will assist local governments with proper maintenance and enhancing safety for all motorists. Unfortunately local roadways are lacking proper maintenance and many public infrastructures are neglected. The Budget and Taxation Committee will review each proposal and work to find the best solution to help offset State funding reductions and declining revenues. I believe this is package is essential for economic development on the Eastern Shore and rural areas. I will be following this issue closely and will provide updates in future weekly wrap-ups.
Governor Hogan’s Education Package
Governor Hogan announced new initiatives last week to improve educational opportunities within Maryland.
Currently, Maryland has one of the weakest public charter school laws in the nation, making them unable to compete for millions of dollars in federal Charter School Program grants. The Public School Charter Act will create the independent Maryland Public Charter School Authority, which will increase autonomy for the schools. The legislation also allows funding to flow directly from the state, rather than the local board of education, which has generally funded charter schools with less money.

Maryland Education Innovation Fund, announced by the Governor, encourages innovation in the classroom. The allocation will be used to provide grants to seed education innovation throughout the state. The grants offered are one-year, up to $10,000. The bill also provides funding for the P-Tech (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) program. This program combines high school, college, and workplace skills which are required for 21st century jobs.
Click on this link to read more about the Governor’s recent Press Releases -

Mark Your Calendars
I will be participating in the Second Annual Oxford Polar Bear Dip, Friday, February 12 at 12:00pm! Visit to register!
Senator Adelaide Eckardt
District 37 – Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico Counties
410-841-3590; 410-221-6561
Contact: Mary Kittleman,
*To be added to Senator Eckardt’s Press Release, Events, and Weekly Wrap-Up updates, please email*

Applications being accepted for Summer Residential Internship Program

Salisbury, MD – Know an outdoorsy, nature-minded student? Applications are being accepted for Pemberton Historical Park’s Summer Residential Internship Program.

The internship lasts 12 weeks, from June to August, and interns will work 40 hours per week, up to six days per week. College students have the opportunity to earn credit and up to $3,000 in compensation plus lodging.

Interns will serve as interpretive rangers (camp counselors) for a 10-week camp and organize and manage public programs. Interns will also get training in various areas.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 12. For more information and an application form, visit For questions about the program, contact C.R. Krauss at 410-548-4900 x113 or

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North Dakota wants hired pipeline protesters to pay state income taxes

After spending more than $22 million on the Dakota Access pipeline protest, North Dakota wants to make sure any paid activists remember to submit their state income taxes.

Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said his office is keeping an eye out for tax forms from environmental groups that may have hired protesters to agitate against the 1,172-mile, four-state pipeline project.

“It’s something we’re looking at. I can tell you I’ve had a number of conversations with legislators regarding this very issue,” said Mr. Rauschenberger. “[We’re] looking at the entities that have potential paid contractors here on their behalf doing work.”

It’s no secret that millions have been funneled into the six-month-old demonstration via crowdfunding websites, and that more than 30 environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club, Indigenous Environmental Network, Food and Water Watch, and Greenpeace, have backed the protest.

If national environmental organizations are paying protest personnel, they’re not saying so publicly. Still, Mr. Rauschenberger said red flags will be raised if he doesn’t start seeing W2 or 1099 tax forms from those affiliated with the protest arriving at his office.