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Sunday, March 08, 2020

Governor Hogan Announces Two Additional Cases of Coronavirus in Maryland

Will Hold a Press Conference to Provide Updates, Sign Emergency Legislation Tomorrow at 3:30 P.M.

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced that state officials have identified two additional positive cases of novel coronavirus in the State of Maryland. The state now has five total confirmed cases, and 62 negative tests for COVID-19.
  • One woman, a Harford County resident in her 80s, contracted the virus while traveling overseas and is currently hospitalized.
  • One man, a Montgomery County resident in his 60s, contracted the virus while traveling overseas, and was briefly hospitalized.
In both cases, there appear to be no major concerns over exposure risk to the community and there is no connection to the previous positive cases.

“Our state health department team has been working seamlessly with local health departments, and our emergency management teams are engaged with our local and federal partners to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Hogan. “We continue to hope for the best, and actively plan for the worst. I encourage all Marylanders to remain calm, but to take this seriously and continue to stay informed. We will provide additional updates tomorrow as more information becomes available.”

The Maryland Health Department (MDH) has notified county health officials. The governor's office has notified Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich.

Continuing his coordination with federal officials, Governor Hogan spoke to Vice President Pence last night, and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar this afternoon.

Governor Hogan will hold a press conference tomorrow, Monday, March 9, at 3:30 p.m. in Annapolis to provide an update to Marylanders. At that time, he will be joined by House Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson to sign emergency legislation granting the governor the authority to use the state's rainy day fund to mobilize additional resources.

“We continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19,” said MDH Deputy Secretary for Public Health Fran Phillips. “As we learn more, Marylanders are encouraged to practice everyday actions to promote good health and to protect yourself and your loved ones from respiratory viruses — wash your hands thoroughly, cover your cough, and avoid close contact with people who are sick. Stay home from work and school if you’re not feeling well. People over 60 should stay home as much as possible, and follow CDC guidance regarding travel.”

Maryland is currently operating under a state of emergency, and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has elevated its state response activation level. At the governor’s direction, state agencies have ramped up response and preparedness efforts across all levels of government. He has also issued a directive requiring state health carriers to waive all cost-sharing regarding testing for COVID-19. Read the list of ongoing state actions here.

Information and updates about COVID-19 in Maryland are available at

SBY MSP: DUI/DWI Traffic Collision

SBYNews EXCLUSIVE: Mystery Salisbury University Graffiti Man To Be Charged

Get This! It turns out the mystery man who wrote racist graffiti at Salisbury University is allegedly the President of the Democrat Club in Princess Anne.

To top it off, his wife is a professor/teacher at SU. It is my understanding that he will in fact be charged by the States Attorneys Office very soon. 

A Viewer Writes: Check Out This Comment About Watermen From Realtor Carol Tinnin

Joe, I know this is off topic, but might be a great story for you blog: A local Remax Realtor made a nasty comment about local watermen on the shore and the shore in general.

Please Tell Me Why States Attorney Dykes Can't Retain An Outside Law Firm To Handle SPD Cases

In the video we provided yesterday at the County Council Meeting Mrs. Dykes and her Asst. States Attorney stated they needed $300,000.00 to hire two attorneys and an investigator from over the bridge. They went on to say no one of quality is going to come here for a temporary job. 

Well, why can't they simply RETAIN a Law Firm to handle these cases? Why is Dykes trying to ram millions of dollars down taxpayers throats for three additional, high paying positions when they can simply pay/retain a firm for a portion of such expenses like Paul Wilber's Firm, for example!

Treat this damn County like a business Mrs. Dykes and do your job. 

Salisbury Maryland Police Chief Duncan Lied About Investigation And More...

There are two cases at hand within the Salisbury Police Department. One is the investigation of thousands of pieces of missing evidence and the other is for three officers who are, (according to Duncan) on suspension based on her belief that they may have lied and I'll just leave it at that. 

Duncan held a press conference last week stating the WCSO and the Maryland State Police are conducting their own investigation. That is just NOT TRUE. There is only ONE investigation and that is an INTERNAL one within the Salisbury Police Department, the fox watching the hen house.

Last night States Attorney Dykes confronted the County Council requesting funding for TWO new prosecutors and ONE investigator. Now let me tell you why. They are being requested exclusively to handle the Salisbury Police Department investigation. 

There are approximately 8,640 pieces of evidence allegedly missing for the evidence room. Each piece/case must now be looked into and that means contacting each individual and what evidence is missing. I was told by one source that this could actually take up to TEN years. Dykes request would cost Wicomico County taxpayers at least $300,000.00 additional a year. Dykes stated she needed top quality people to do this job and you can't hire them for basically chump change. 

It's no wonder Jake Day refused to stand by his Police Chief's side during that press conference and why Chief Duncan looked so nervous. The BIG question is, will the City/Mayor reimburse the States Attorneys  Office to investigate and prosecute? Will the City pay the WCSO or ANY outside source to investigate these two cases? I'm sure Sheriff Lewis would also need to hire new investigators to handle this particular case alone. 

Ultimately, no matter what, there may be a ton of civil lawsuits. The Mayor is hiding behind just how serious these cases are and what it may cost City taxpayers. In the mean time the Zoo is failing, the roads are in horrible condition, construction Downtown is killing businesses and they're leaving, he's spending millions on bike paths no one is using, roundabouts, he's selling prime properties to his good ol' boy friends for pennies on the dollar, there's no parking, his Police Department is corrupt and the list just goes on and on. 

Finally, shame on your local media pampering all of these stories and not truly informing the public as to what is really going on.

Wicomico County Council Interfering With County Executives Office, Here's Proof

The Director of Finance is appointed as a Director with specific job duties and qualifications under section 505 of the County Charter. There are only three Directors with specific specifications in the County Charter, the Director of Finance, Director of Public Works, and County Attorney. Per Charter, the Director holds the duties of the County Treasurer. This position is directly appointed under 502 by the County Executive. The Charter directly states this. Which makes sense, because treasury should NOT be subject to this political chaos.

Council continues to violate section 314 of the Charter, where they continue to interfere with the executive branch operations concerning the appointment and removal of any person from office or employment. Section 314 clearly states Council is not to interfere with the executive branch - specifically in an attempt to influence the head of any department of the county government concerning the appointment of any person to, or his/her removal from, any office or employment.

Just because they did it in the past under the old form of government does not mean that is the way it is supposed to go. There is an obvious failure to read, comprehend, and fully implement the Charter under the Executive form of government.

OK local lawyers, chime in and tell us what YOU get out of this. It seems petty clear to me, hence why I continue to back and support the County Executive on this matter. It appears the County Council simply wants to prove who has a bigger,,,, TRUCK!

A Viewer Writes: Very Dangerous Conditions In Salisbury Maryland

Salisbury the magical biker's community. Zoom in and see the blood on the curb where this biker hit the unmarked gap in the walk at the new fancy and doomed to fail roundabout and busted her head open. Can you say lawsuit???
And a cover up!!!!! Not even an hour later, they have it filled in to pretend like it's not a hazard. Note the blood is still there.

One On One 736 with Jamie Dykes State's Attorney

Wicomico County Council Legislative Session, March 3, 2020

At about 33 minutes on the first video State's Attorney Jamie Dykes speaks.

Buttigieg exits presidential race ahead of Super Tuesday, cementing collapse following strong Iowa showing

Pete Buttigieg told supporters he's ending his presidential campaign on Sunday, a campaign source confirmed to Fox News, in an abrupt and surprising pullout that further narrows the field of Democrats less than a month after he declared victory in the contested Iowa caucuses.

Buttigieg had been scheduled to headline a rally in Dallas, Texas on Sunday night. The charter plane has been rerouted to South Bend, Ind., where Buttigieg will announce that he is dropping out, Fox News has learned.

A campaign aide told Fox News that Buttigieg wants to unite the party. Hours earlier, speaking to NBC News' "Meet the Press," Buttigieg vowed that "we'll be assessing at every turn not only what the right answer is for the campaign, but making sure that every step we take is in the best interest of the party and that goal of making sure we defeat Donald Trump -- because our country can't take four more years of this."

YUCK!! What's Wrong With The Water At Wicomico High School? **LANGUAGE WARNING**

Dicarlo Copy Center Leaves Downtown Salisbury Maryland

The Dicarlo Copy Center has left the Downtown Salisbury location at One Plaza East and relocated to Northwood Drive. 

Can it get any worse for this Mayor and Council. Dicarlo's has been a Downtown staple just like Kuhn's Jewelers. These are great people who truly supported Downtown Salisbury. 

Wicomico County Is Facing Very Serious And Damaging Issues

Yesterday we published an article that delivered two videos, one of which was extremely powerful. I hope most, if not all of you actually watched the first video in its entirety. 

One topic of great concern that was slightly touched upon was the beef between the Council and the Executive referencing the Finance Director position. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn't also mention the beef between the County Attorney position as well.

Look Folks, I'm a very busy man as most of you know. I got up at 3:00 this morning to review that video myself as it did not become available till late yesterday. These issues are some of the most serious issues I have ever experienced in my lifetime when it comes to Wicomico County.

According to this Council, we have no attorney or finance director, which means the County is literally crippled. Most business cannot be done while this beef continues. As one Council Member stated, this has been going on for TWO YEARS. This crap needs to end and we've already been through one Council President, now we have another and this crap continues.

As one public commenter sated, we can take the million additional dollars gifted by this Council to the Public Library and move those funds to more serious and pressing issues desperately needed in the States Attorneys Office, case close. Screw the Drag Queen Reading crap and move those funds to them instead. 

In the mean time, contact whomever necessary to pass final judgment on weather or not the county attorney and finance director are legal or not, period. The DRAMA needs to end immediately.

What I also found interesting from this meeting is that I personally approached the County Executive several months ago about possibly becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. His reply was, you're the first person to request this. I am so pleased local citizens are coming together for this request but I must inform you, this is only an honorary request. In other words, (and Sheriff Mike Lewis is well aware) we can create such legislation but the reality is that we MUST follow State guidelines. If our representatives in Annapolis create legislation against such a position we MUST follow and that goes for Sheriff Mike Lewis enforcing their demands. 

Now Mike can scream at the top of the mountain, he can even resign after pounding his chest but let me assure all of you the only thing Mike will gain from such is his first step into his next job and that will be to run for political office. It's a grandstanding position IF he doesn't expose the TRUE outcome of Annapolis/State legislation.

As for the main part of this meeting, well Folks, I told you so well in advance. Well ahead of ANY local media source. In fact we broke the news on all of the topics at hand in that video. Mayor Jake Day and Police Chief Barbara Duncan need to resign immediately. Between the major issues with Jake's wife and the fact that they conveniently made that sting for TWO pills OFF school grounds and never took the word of other students and the extent of what allegedly did happen on school grounds just makes us sick. The extent of what the public does not know about just how serious this mater actually created for one student truly pisses me off. I'm refraining from that exposure because I don't want to create any further damage to this individual. Just know that she, (Jake's wife)  created a lot more damage then you know.

As for the Salisbury Police Officers, I can tell you that what they did personally affects my own household. We are retaining the best attorney on the Shore as the charges in our particular case were illegal and flat out wrong. I exposed this major flaw several years ago to a Judge, (on the record in court) and I was told that nothing could be changed because of a plea deal. We have already received a letter from the States Attorneys Office referencing this mater and here's what I want ALL of you to understand. We will be going after the City of Salisbury as we strongly feel that this was in RETALIATION of Salisbury News, (me personally) and the City will pay the price for such retaliation. There is NO question the charges were wrong and illegal. These Officers are sh!t and deserve everything they get in the end. People served and are serving years in jail for felonies that were not felonies. I'll leave it at that and we will see the outcome after our lawsuit is finalized. 

These are deep and serious issues Folks. The lawsuits will be massive and as I've stated before, this could take up to ten years to get to the bottom of thousands of cases. It will cost taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars, hence why I am demanding their resignation. Let me explain one last issue to prove how crooked your Police Chief is. If you'll recall back in the day the alleged phone spoof by then Mayor Ireton. The phone call originated in Delaware and was received in Delaware. According to Chief Duncan's own records this is a known FACT. She decided to create an investigation within the SPD yet this was NOT at all in her jurisdiction. Her goal was to ACT as if this issue was resolved to save face for her BOSS, Mayor Ireton. YOUR tax dollars were spent to halt EVERY single case in house and have every single detective instead investigate that alleged phone spoof. 

So yes, I now have a stake in this corruption and while some of it is personally embarrassing, I'm at least being honest and forthcoming. "You cannot fix something you are not aware of". I live by that rule and always have. It's amazing to me how so many people involved in all of this since 1997 were made aware, (not once but several times) yet they never FIXED the problem. Several people will go down for this corruption and UNFORTUNATELY the taxpayers will ultimately pay the price financially for their corruption!

Here's What The Daily Times Didn't Tell You About Interum Salisbury Zoo Director

I am married with three children. I have a degree in Art Education. I have had a varied of jobs including teaching for 11 years. I currently work as the Family and Community Program Manager at EdVenture Children’s Museum for the past 3 years. I also have been working at the Salisbury Zoo as an Education Curator for 7 years.

Publishers Notes: It's no wonder the Zoo lost their accreditation. I'm not suggesting she isn't a wonderful person but I cannot believe a teacher is running the daily work schedules at the Zoo. Your Mayor is a buffoon and no one in City government gives a damn about these animals.

I'll just say this about today's Daily Times article. How convenient they forgot about the scathing article they published several years ago flat out challenging them about the 5,000 animal deaths and the evidence I delivered proving of such. There is no oversight at this point and time and what I am delivering to you is factual information. Their article absolutely softened the severity of what is really going on. 

As I stated earlier, it is one thing to MAINTAIN your accreditation. It is another to lose it and THINK you are going to get it back. The Salisbury Zoo has been failing the AZA for decades. The exhibits are not even sub par. The Zoo made promises for years to the AZA that they would upgrade to meet their standards and rarely ever did. It's about time the AZA walked from their commitment with the Zoo. 

Finally, WHY did it take SBYNews to expose the Zoo lost their accreditation with the AZA over a year ago and today the Daily Times finally published a story about it. Because that paper and your Mayor covered it up. Even their own article admitted it went viral elsewhere, (here) but failed to mention SBYNews. They credit all other news sources but steal articles and information from us. 

Putin tries to ban same-sex marriage in Russia and says it's his 'duty' to stop gay people getting married

Vladimir Putin said the Russian constitution should define marriage as between a man and a woman and nothing else, a senior politician said.

Putin - who previously said it is his 'duty' to stop gay people from getting married in an attempt to 'reinforce families' - proposed the changes as part of a far-reaching political shake-up in Russia.

He and his supporters consider the impending change an opportunity to enshrine what they see as Russia's core moral and geopolitical values for future generations.



The contractor for the high hazard Morris Mill Dam project has requested an extension until the end of May 2020. This will delay the opening of South Division Street until that time. The contactor cited errors in developing the original schedules, which incorrectly identified December 31, 2019 and March 31, 2020 as previous completion dates. In addition, the contractor is now working 10 hour days and Saturdays in an effort to reduce the schedule as much as possible.

Please contact Public Works - Roads Division at 410-548-4872 if there are any questions.

The search for a chief diversity officer continues

New leadership will soon be brought to the flock at Salisbury University. With the Office of Diversity and Inclusion now its own independent body under the president, the university is searching for its first full-time chief diversity officer to lead the office and SU’s renewed commitment to an all-inclusive campus experience.

The CDO will also hold the title of associate vice president for diversity and inclusion and be a member of the President’s Cabinet, reporting directly to SU President Charles Wight.

Wight’s original intention when he first arrived at SU in 2018 was to create a CDO position and to separate the Office of Diversity and Inclusion after the upcoming strategic plan was finalized. However, following the racist vandalism incidents of the fall semester, the administration deemed it was necessary to act immediately and expedite the search and move of the office.

The CDO search is currently underway and is being conducted by the university’s HR process.


Trump Supporter Gets Body Slammed By Bernie Sanders Rally Security Officer

Joe, here is a story for you to post. Virginia Wesleyan University in Virginia Beach was proudly hosting a rally last night for Bernie Sanders. A couple of guys from the Republican Party of Virginia went their as a peaceful protest and to support President Trump. The event was open to the public and free for everyone to attend. Apparently the campus told their security guards to run off any Trump supporters. This guy must not have been moving fast enough because the thug security guard body slammed him. You can tell by the hatred and anger in his voice that the security guard was looking for trouble before he body slammed Markus Gohring.

Cinderella remake will feature 'genderless' Fairy Godmother

The classic fairy tale Cinderella is getting a remake, this time with a "genderless" Fairy Godmother.

Actor and singer Billy Porter, who is noted for his “gender fluidity,” announced he and singer Camila Cabello would star in the upcoming remake of Cinderella. The production will feature Porter as the Fairy Godmother, and the characterization will be "genderless" because “magic has no gender.”

“We are presenting this character as genderless — at least that’s how I’m playing it. And it’s really powerful,” Porter said.

The remake is intended for “a new generation” and will emphasize to viewers that the story is about empowerment, not the need to find a man.


Mike Bloomberg: “I Was Never Prouder” than When I Argued Muslims Have Every Right to Build a Mosque “Near the World Trade Center”

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke today at the annual AIPAC Conference in Washington DC.

During his comments Mayor Bloomberg bragged about his greatest achievement while mayor:

“I was never prouder than when I stood in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and argued that Muslims had every right to build a Mosque anywhere in our city, including near the World Trade Center.”

So that’s his greatest achievement? Really.


BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg suspending campaign 3-4-2020

Md. would spring forward permanently with Daylight Saving Time bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — At 2 a.m. Sunday, hundreds of millions of Americans will “spring forward” one hour in the annual observance of Daylight Saving Time — gaining an hour of sunlight but losing an hour of sleep.

Some Maryland lawmakers are aiming to change that.

Whether it’s gaining an hour or losing an hour, the time change can be disruptive.

In the fall, the days feel shorter, sometimes leaving people to start and end their day in darkness. In the spring, when Daylight Saving Time begins with losing an hour, changes to sleep schedules can impact people in a variety of ways.


Julie Brewington Continues To Prove Her Mental Instability & Obsession With Me

Julz Katherine 
Julz Katherine That guy stalked me for over a decade. I have court records to prove it. He's a creeper. None the less, I'll be happy to see this race baiter get convicted.

Publishers Notes: How many times do I have to go to court with this mentally challenged woman where each and every single Judge immediately throws her out of court because she's a nut. How many times will she defame me personally on Facebook like the above and recent comment. I've never seen another human being so ashamed of their first and last name, (Julie Brewington) only to change it to Julz Katherine. I think that alone shows her mental instability. Her name should be, I'll drink to that!

A Viewer Writes: In Response to Your Inquiry- Salisbury Zoo

You are correct! I didn't doubt it but wanted to see what they would say...The animals ARE in danger of being removed and I hope it doesn't happen, but their well being is more important than anything else.

Thank you for your inquiry. You are correct that the Salisbury Zoo was denied accreditation by AZA in September, 2019 due to not meeting standards. As a result, it is possible that the zoo could lose some of its animals because some, though not all, are on loan from other AZA-accredited institutions.



Cheri Bermudez
Accreditation Programs Coordinator 
Association of Zoos & Aquariums
8403 Colesville Road, Suite 710
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3314

Publishers Notes: I am not at liberty to state what I know about the exact details as to why the Zoo lost their accreditation at this time. However, I will tell you it is a LOT more serious than the Daily Times even attempted to state and those SOB's in the Mayor's office and Zoo will get exposed over time. 

Mayor Jake Day Too Ashamed To List His Gay Pride Parade

Funny how they hide things like a gay pride parade and drag queen readings at the Library from the public. No different from thefts at the SPD, losing Zoo Accreditation, the truth about his wife's drug addiction/problems, and whatever else he's left in the closet. If it wasn't for SBYNews the public would be left in the dark.

WCSO CAT Press Release - San Domingo Home Invasion

Gaines, Flowers, Gibson and Brown

Incident: Home Invasion, Robbery, Kidnapping, Possession with intent to distribute narcotic
Date of Incident: February 25, 2020
Location: 25000 block of Elzey Brown Loop Mardela Springs, MD 21837

  • Travis Lamonte Gaines (30 years of age)
  • Amanda Lynn Flowers (28 years of age)
  • Craig Donnell Gibson (59 years of age)
  • WANTED: Jamaar Obrian Brown (36 years of age)

Three wrongfully convicted men each awarded $2.9 million in damages

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Board of Public Works approved a total of about $8.7 million in compensation for three wrongfully convicted men on Wednesday.

Alfred Chestnut, Andrew Stewart Jr., and Ransom Watkins were each given about $2.9 million in damages for spending more than three decades in prison due to convictions for a 1983 murder of a Baltimore middle schooler. They were exonerated in November.

“These were kids in middle school, and are only now getting the freedom they deserve and should’ve had all along,” Nancy Kopp, the state’s treasurer, said at the Board of Public Works meeting.


A Viewer Writes......Travel teams 3-4-2020

Joe, can you please share so others in our community don’t make my mistake. I think, like myself, parents are lead to spend money they don’t have on false promises, and used car salesmen tactics.

I just want to make others aware of my stupid mistake, and I admit I was completely, utterly stupid. 

Please look into every organization further before you sign your child up. I won’t have the organization name on here but I am sure people will know or know one like it. 

So I got caught up in the glitz and glimmer of childhood sports and how my child maybe the next babe Ruth. Well I was wooed into a sports team with the other gullible parents, paying well over $1,000 closer to $1500.

What does that cover? Nothing absolutely nothing! I have to pay extra for jerseys, and sports games. Wow just wow. I have to then on top of all this do freaking fundraising, I am begging my friends to give me money to pay for nothing. The fundraising money goes to the organization to place in the bank account then strictly limit how the “team” spends it. 

The training is horrendous in a subpar facility with basic Dads coaching. 

Please don’t make my mistake and hand over your hard earned money to a travel team that does not travel, that constantly plays the same kids they play every weekend. 

I also have concern for some families that they are forking over all this money to these teams and they have nothing in savings.
Just please don’t make my mistakes, next year I will look harder for a more reasonably priced team, with out all the drama and forced fundraising. Buyer beware before signing up.

Miller Bill Would End Eastern Shore ‘Veto’ Over New Toll Projects

A 40-year-old provision in state law that gives the nine counties of the Eastern Shore the ability to block big-ticket transportation projects may be in jeopardy.

Senate President Emeritus Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) has introduced legislation to repeal the shore counties’ special status.

In an interview, Miller said local leaders should not have the power to block transportation projects — in this case, toll-funded roads and bridges — deemed a priority by the state.

“We need a state government and a governor and a state planning department looking at the transportation needs for the entire state,” he said. “We cannot enable one county or a combination of counties to have veto power over our transportation.”


15 MILLION people will die and the global economy will take a $2.3 TRILLION hit from coronavirus in the BEST-CASE scenario, new study predicts

The global death toll from coronavirus could reach as high as 15million even in the best-case pandemic scenario, a new study says.

The research by the Australian National University also found that global GDP could shrink by as much as $2.3trillion even in what they call a 'low-end' pandemic.

In the most disastrous scenario, the death toll could reach a staggering 68million including hundreds of thousands of deaths in Britain and the United States.

In that worst-case pandemic, some countries' economies would shrink by as much as eight per cent in a global meltdown.


Horrific moment nearly 20 teens beat a 15-year-old girl on a Brooklyn sidewalk before stealing the sneakers off her feet, her phone and debit card

A 15-year-old girl was brutally beaten and robbed by a group of almost 20 teenagers after they chased her around Brooklyn, New York.

The NYPD released footage of the horrific attack which was captured by security cameras.

Authorities said the incident began around 4.10pm Thursday when the victim was approached by a group of unidentified individuals in front of 216 Utica Avenue.

It's unclear what started the altercation, but surveillance footage shows the group of young teenagers chased after the girl until she fell on the sidewalk.


Marylanders Can't Afford Kirwan's Myths

A Dose of Reality: Kirwan is Expensive, Ineffective, Misguided

Maryland’s schools are underfunded
Per pupil, Maryland spends 22% more than the national average (as of 2017, the latest year for which nationwide data are available)

Maryland’s teachers are underpaid
Per pupil, Maryland teachers are paid 28% more than the national average

Maryland’s poorest jurisdictions are inadequately funded and unfairly treated by current school funding formulas
Per pupil, Baltimore City spends 10% more than the state average and gets 79% of its budget from federal/state sources; Prince George’s County spends 5% more than average and gets 64% of its budget from federal/state sources.

The Kirwan reform plan (“Blueprint for Maryland’s Future”) would “cost $4 billion over ten years”
Kirwan’s estimated costs total $32 billion over ten years, rising to $4 billion per year by the plan’s tenth year.  And that’s optimistic, reflecting billions in hoped-for “savings” and “offsets” unlikely to eventuate.

The Kirwan Commission’s spending recommendations are new ideas.
In 2002, the Thornton Commission recommended hiking state aid to education by 60% to create a “Bridge to Excellence” in schools. Billions in spending later, Maryland students’ test scores have been virtually flat – yet Kirwan advocates say again that more money is the key to “excellence.”

The Kirwan recommendations can be implemented without significantly raising taxes.

The 2020 Maryland General Assembly is considering a 51% increase in the sales tax burden – a highly regressive tax – as well as possible income, estate, and digital tax hikes to come up with the money for Kirwan.

The Kirwan reforms would not impose heavy financial burdens on Maryland’s local jurisdictions.

About 1/3 of Kirwan’s eventual costs will fall on localities; the most cash-strapped (Baltimore CityPrince George's County,   others) simply can’t afford Kirwan without major increases in local tax rates.

The Kirwan recommendations are necessary to reduce education inequality and opportunity gaps in Maryland.
Kirwan ignores school choice, which is the key to empowering poorer parents and addressing education inequality.

The Kirwan reform would certainly improve student outcomes.
Thornton’s payoff was almost imperceptible; Kirwan would continue Maryland’s legacy of high spending and poor student outcomes by limiting parental choice and encouraging education bureaucracy to grow.

Kirwan would make Maryland’s education system more transparent and accountable.
There’s very little accountability in Kirwan: annual spending for “Governance and Accountability” is less than one-tenth of one percent of the plan’s budget (per Kirwan Exhibit 5.1).

Kirwan recommends expanding pre-K programs; universal pre-K is very popular, and it would improve student outcomes.
Studies show that pre-K does not improve student outcomes beyond kindergarten. Survey shows that over 70% of Marylanders do not want to expand pre-K at the expense of other spending priorities.

The Kirwan proposal is very popular.
Polls that show support for Kirwan often fail to disclose the taxpayers’ cost of the plan; when costs are mentioned, the majority of Marylanders turn thumbs down.

Elizabeth Warren ends presidential run 3-5-2020

Questions about whether the U.S. would elect a woman dogged Warren. Polls on matchups with Trump in battleground states — and her positioning on key proposals like "Medicare for All" — didn't help.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is suspending her presidential campaign, a source familiar with the decision tells NBC News, a bitter blow for a senator who was long seen by prominent Democrats as headed for the White House.

It is unclear whether Warren will endorse another Democratic candidate for president.

The decision, which comes after a poor "Super Tuesday" showing in which Warren failed to win any states, ends a frantic year of campaigning for a candidate who branded herself as a progressive fighter from humble beginnings who was ready to take on a broken and corrupt system.


Spike Lee compares black Trump supporters to slaves

Hollywood director Spike Lee compared black Trump supporters praying for the president to house slaves.

"Massa, We Love You Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo' You Massa, Singing- "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” the BlacKkKlansman director posted to Instagram earlier this week in response to a photo taken in the White House.

The Cabinet Room meeting, which took place last week as part of a Black History Month celebration, was attended by actor Isaiah Washington, boxing champion Andre Berto, former NFL player Jack Brewer, author Candace Owens, conservative personalities Diamond & Silk, and others.


Now Here's An Interesting Thought

Now the County Council claims the Wicomico County Finance Director Michele Ennis is not in a legal position, yet let me ask the County Council this question. 

If ALL transactions/checks put out by her department is not legal, why have each and every one of you cashed your paychecks for the past 2 years with her signature and the County Executives on each and every check???  

This is total BS and grandstanding by the County Council. 

Joe Biden: “If you elect me — your taxes are going to get raised, not cut.”

Whoopi Goldberg mistakenly touts Dr. Jill Biden for surgeon general: 'She's a hell of a doctor'

"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg didn't realize on Wednesday that the "Dr." in Dr. Jill Biden's title didn't represent a medical degree.

After former Vice President Joe Biden's wins on Super Tuesday, Goldberg floated the candidate's wife for surgeon general.

"I'm hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general ... she's a hell of a doctor. She's an amazing doctor," Goldberg said, as if she knew of the former second lady's medical expertise.

After co-host Meghan McCain cast doubt on that, Goldberg said: "I could be wrong. I thought she was a PhD."

Hillary Clinton Attributes Female Candidates’ Shortfalls to ‘Unconscious’ Gender Bias

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday attributed the shortfalls of failed female presidential candidates — Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and most recently Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — to “unconscious” gender bias.

Clinton spoke to Vanity Fair, ahead of the New York premiere of her documentary Hillary, about the Democrat primary race and offered insight on the females in the race, who ultimately failed to resonate with Democrat primary voters.

She called Warren, who dropped out of the race Thursday morning, “an incredible candidate” but mused that “unconscious” gender bias likely affected all of the women who threw their hats in the ring.

“I think we made some progress, but there still was a lot of the unconscious bias and the gendered language that has been used around the women candidates,” Clinton told the magazine. “I think it affected all of the women that ran.”


Rashida Tlaib to anti-abortion activists: 'Maybe you shouldn't even want to have sex with me!'

Rep. Rashida Tlaib dusted off one of her old insults for anti-abortion activists in response to their stances on reproductive rights.

The Michigan Democrat said in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday that anti-abortion activists are “obsessed” with women’s bodies, and her answer to them was telling them to not want to have sex.

"This past year, I realized, my, my, my are they obsessed with our bodies, how we talk, how we look, what we stand for. I mean, this type of policing of our bodies is so interconnected to all the social justice movements all around the country," she said.

Tlaib continued, “You know, I, in the Michigan legislature for six years, used to say to people, 'Yo, yo, you know what, you're so freakin' obsessed with what I decide to do with my body, maybe you shouldn't even want to have sex with me! Or with you! Or with any woman!'"


More Proof The Wicomico County Council Is Dead Wrong On Finance Director Position

This is a picture of the ballot put out to the voters and the questions put in front of every voter. It does not say Department Heads for confirmation. There are no strike through or capitalized additions. This was a charter change. By Maryland law, every single voter has to be presented any changes to it's entirety (posted at the voting booth or on the ballot). This is exactly what was given.

Regardless of Council’s intent during these amendments, this is the charter sections. They need to quit manipulating the public.

Council does not have the Counties best interest in mind. It is all personal vendetta based on the feelings for the Executive. Therefore, they are blindsiding the voters with Charter changes. The everyday voter does not know what is going on internally. Therefore, they are manipulating the voters for their own personal agenda with little regard to the citizens best interest.

BRUTAL. Chelsea Clinton Attempts to Lecture President Trump on Coronavirus — Gets Destroyed by Trump Supporters and Facts

This left a mark.

Last Tuesday Chelsea Clinton decided to lecture President Trump on the coronavirus. It still is not clear why Chelsea sees herself as an expert on the subject.

The tweet was completely ratioed.

President Trump has left the U.S. dangerously underprepared to face a public health crisis like a #coronavirus outbreak.

Maryland Attorney General News Releases: Attorney General Frosh Joins Lawsuit Challenging the Unlawful and Unconstitutional Diversion of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Build Border Wall

BALTIMORE, MD - Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today joined a coalition of 19 attorneys general in filing a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s illegal diversion of $3.8 billion for the construction of an unauthorized border wall. For the second consecutive year, the Trump Administration has circumvented Congress by redirecting billions of dollars appropriated for the procurement of military equipment and military construction projects in order to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In today’s lawsuit, the coalition argues that the court should again rule that the Department of Defense’s (DOD) diversion of already allocated funds to the construction of the border wall is an unconstitutional violation of Congress’s appropriation power.

“President Trump’s attempt to divert funds to build a border wall is unconstitutional and an abuse of executive authority,” said Attorney General Frosh. “Trump’s notion that a border wall will enhance national security is a fantasy. On the other hand, reducing or eliminating funding for military construction projects and equipment endangers the safety of our citizens and members of our armed services.”

On February 13, 2020, the Trump Administration announced that it would redirect over $3.8 billion in funds that Congress appropriated to the DOD for resources and equipment for state National Guard units nationwide toward the construction of a border wall. Congress has repeatedly rebuffed the President’s insistence on funding the border wall, providing limiting funding for fencing along the border in the 2019 and 2020 budgets.

Maryland has much at stake in this lawsuit. Specifically, the Trump Administration intends to transfer billions of dollars Congress appropriated for procurement of F-35 and C-130J aircraft, which are produced by Lockheed-Martin, a defense contractor headquartered in Maryland. The F-35 program is Lockheed’s largest, accounting or 27% of its nets sales in 2019 and expected to represent an even higher percentage of sales in future years. Additionally, in FY 2020, Maryland stands to lose as much as $614 million in military construction funding that would otherwise flow into the state economy. At-risk projects include the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization Complex at Joint Base Andrews, a new operations building at Fort Meade, an air traffic control tower in St. Inigoes, and a U.S. Army Medical Research facility at Fort Detrick.

In the lawsuit, the coalition argues that the diversion of funds violates the principles of separation of powers, the Presentment Clause, and the Appropriations Clause of the U.S. Constitution by usurping Congress’s appropriation powers. The coalition further asserts that the Trump Administration fails to satisfy the legal requirements necessary to divert the funds and disregards the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to consider the environmental impact of construction. The diverted funds will be used to construct a wall on the borders of California and New Mexico, which poses imminent environmental harm to more than 100 sensitive plant and animal species.

In addition to Maryland, the suit was joined by the attorneys general of Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

'How can I return it?': Biden campaign rejects Comey endorsement

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign sharply rejected an endorsement from former FBI Director James Comey.

A vocal critic of President Trump, Comey alerted his Twitter followers on Super Tuesday that he voted in his first Democratic primary. "Voted in first Dem primary to support party dedicated to restoring values in WH. I agree with @amyklobuchar: We need candidate who cares about all Americans and will restore decency, dignity to the office. There is a reason Trump fears @joebiden and roots for Bernie. #Biden2020," he wrote.

Voted in first Dem primary to support party dedicated to restoring values in WH. I agree with @amyklobuchar: We need candidate who cares about all Americans and will restore decency, dignity to the office. There is a reason Trump fears @joebiden and roots for Bernie. #Biden2020— James Comey (@Comey) March 3, 2020
A Biden representative later tweeted at Comey to ask how he can "return" the endorsement. "Yes, customer service? I just received a package that I very much did not order. How can I return it, free of charge?" tweeted Biden campaign Rapid Response Director Andrew Bates.


'You switched on me!': Biden opens Super Tuesday victory speech by confusing wife for sister

Joe Biden opened up his victory speech on Super Tuesday by confusing his wife for his younger sister.

"It’s a good night. It’s a good night, and it seems to be getting even better," the former vice president said Tuesday. "They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing."

"This is my little sister Valerie," Biden said, pointing to his wife. He quickly realized his mistake and said, "You switched on me!"

Valerie Biden Owens is Biden's younger sister and a frequent surrogate for his campaign. The former vice president often refers to her as his best friend.


Oprah Winfrey takes falls on stage during speech about the importance of BALANCE

This is the moment Oprah Winfrey crashes to the ground in front of a crowd of shocked fans as she spoke about 'balance' in Los Angeles.

The TV host, 66, is seen delivering her speech on Saturday during her 'Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus' tour in California.

'Here's my definition of what wellness means to me…,' she says as she strolls down the stage.

'Wellness to me means all things in balance. And balance doesn't mean all things are equal or at peace at all times.'


Do You Remember? 3-2-2020

Did you have to do this in school?  
How did we survive without a safety harness?