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Monday, January 20, 2014


Have you ever started typing a query into Google and had it “autocomplete” your search for you? If you’re like the millions of people who use Google every day, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Now, while Google often generates accurate “autocompletes,” it also generates some really bizarre and hilarious results.

So the folks at Mashable decided to put Google’s autocomplete function to the test to see what people in each of the 50 states want.

Now He Tells Us: ObamaCare Architect Says That The Law Was Never Intended To Reduce The Deficit

We remember, very clearly, Senator Max Baucus stating that ObamaCare would have to be “revenue neutral” before it could win passage of Congress.

We also remember dingbats like Rachel Maddow trumpeting the idea that ObamaCare would actually reduce the deficit.

For some reason, the only people in 2010 who realized that a new entitlement promising to provide health care to 30 million 40 million Americans would actually increase the deficit were political conservatives. Of course, conservatives also predicted that people wouldn’t be able to keep their existing insurance under ObamaCare. They were also predicting that people wouldn’t be able to keep their own doctors under ObamaCare. In fact, just about every dire warning that conservatives issued in 2010 about ObamaCare has come true.

But we digress.


The Washington Way: Top Officials Rarely Fired In Times Of Scandal

Everyone who works for someone does so knowing that at any time, they might be handed the pink slip. Don't do your best at the job you have, and it's sure to come sooner than later.

In Washington, things work ... differently.

A look at presidential administrations over the last few decades shows that very few high-level officials ever hear the word "fired" -- as a top aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did last week when her role in shutting down busy bridge lanes was exposed.

And as the scandals pile up in the Obama Executive Branch, the response is casting a spotlight on the capital's unique brand of accountability: For those who've done wrong, or were in charge when wrong was done, a graceful exit is almost always an option. Or, drawn-out internal reviews take the place of prompt firings.


Ice Tsunami


A truck dumped a huge pile of manure outside France's National Assembly on Thursday in a protest against the French political elite.

The driver of the truck -- which was marked with the slogan "Out with Hollande and the whole political class!" -- was apprehended by police shortly after releasing his smelly load outside the front gates of the grand Palais Bourbon that hosts the lower house Assembly.

He was taken to a nearby police station and expected to face charges.


Tearing Away Obama's Veil Of Secrecy Surrounding The IRS Scandal

Slowly but surely the truth is becoming known about President Obama's blatant use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress the First Amendment political free speech rights of Tea Party, conservative and evangelical non-profits during the 2010, 2012 -- and now -- the 2014 campaigns.

The Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel reports today that keeping the IRS "muzzle in place" for 2014 was Obama's top priority during negotiations with House Republicans on the just-passed omnibus spending bill.

The vehicle for keeping the muzzle in place is the recently proposed IRS rule that proscribes all kinds of educational activities that 501(C)(4) non-profits have routinely conducted for decades. Obama administration officials spin the rule as the cure for the targeting scandal.



Annapolis, Md. – Gubernatorial candidate Ron George joined his voice to the calls for a special counsel to investigate the failed launch of the Maryland Health Exchange and subsequent attempts to retroactively enroll customers.

“The O’Malley/Brown administration thinks they can jump from one quick fix solution to another and assume the General Assembly is too busy to look closely. Everyday there is another example that Maryland’s government is too inefficient to handle healthcare let alone the rollout of it,” George stated. “Providing health insurance for all Maryland citizens is too critical an issue to not give the full attention of a special counsel who can give the people answers they deserve.”

“There are many legal issues which need to be addressed and straightened out and no Senate or House Committee has the time with so many issues coming before the legislature over the next 80 days," said Delegate George.

Issues of particular concern include:

Why are the Governor's office, DHMH and Secretary Sharfstein not releasing a 1,000+ page federal audit of the Maryland health care rollout? Instead, they have only released a brief summary to the Senate finance committee despite their emergency bill being on 2nd reading tonight.

Did O'Malley and Brown knowingly continue the rollout despite several key problems and concerns highlighted in this federal audit?

Were insurance companies guaranteed a bailout in exchange for their support of the new marketplace?

At what point do we let insurers back-order claims?

Did the procurement process give privileges or special consideration to particular companies and were these companies contributors to campaigns or party committees?

Gold Alert Issued For Missing Lewes Man

Location:  23000 block of Pine Road, Lewes, DE

Date of Occurrence: Last seen by family on Monday, January 20, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.

Gold Alert Subject:
Nathan J. McMillan, 22, Lewes, DE
White male, 5’08” tall, 150 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes
Photo attached

Lewes-The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for missing Lewes man,.

Troopers are looking for Nathan J. McMillan who was last seen by family on Monday January 20, 2014.m. at his residence in the 23000 block of Pine Road, Lewes DE.

Troopers have been unable to make contact with McMillan to check on his welfare. Attempts to locate McMillan have been unsuccessful and there is concern for his safety and welfare.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact 911 or Troop 7 at 302-644-5020 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at: Information can also be provided to Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Information may also be provided via the internet at

Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 1-20-14

Jessie Lamont Copes Jr. of Salisbury, arrested 1-6-14 on a warrant for violation of probation. Copes was later returned to the Somerset County Detention Center, and held without bond.

George Barton Crocket of Crisfield, arrested 1-6-14 on warrants through Wicomico and Worcester counties. Crocket was later released on an unsecured bond.

Ronald Lee Hall Jr. of Crisfield, arrested 1-6-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Hall was later held on a $1,000 bond.

Chad Michael Bozman of Crisfield, arrested 1-10-14 on two warrant for violation of probation. Bozman was later held without bond.

Kristen Marie Ott of Westover, arrested 1-13-14 on a warrant for violation of probation. Ott was held on a $20,000 bond.

Alonzo Darryl Johnson Jr. of Westover, arrested 1-15-14 on a warrant for contempt of court. Johnson was held on a $25,000 bond.

Ralph Maurice Taylor Jr. of Princess Anne, arrested 1-16-14 on a warrant for violation of probation. Taylor was later returned to the Somerset County Detention Center and held without bond

Woman Spends 6 Weeks Trying To Disenroll From ObamaCare

Think it's hard to enroll in ObamaCare? Try getting out of it.

Missouri resident Lesli Hill learned the hard way that terminating an Affordable Care Act plan can be far more difficult than navigating the website to buy one. She spent six weeks being bounced from operator to operator, calling the help line, using the online chat, blasting out emails to anyone who would listen, before ultimately driving to Kansas City last week to enlist her insurance company's help. Only then was she able to break through the bureaucratic logjam, and cancel her policy.

"It's consumed my whole life," she told, albeit with a hint of relief in her voice as she described the Kafkaesque experience behind her.

"I felt like I'd slipped into a parallel universe. ... It's just as hard to go off as it is to get on."



More bad news for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As he tries to survive an explosive corruption scandal and stave off a federal audit on use of Hurricane Sandy funds, a new study ranks New Jersey the least economically solvent state in the nation.

George Mason University's Mercatus Center released a working paper Thursday ranking the solvency of the 50 states by a number of factors--from "liquidity and budgetary balance" to "reliance on debt to finance current and long-term expenditures and ability to pay for essential services." They further subdivided the category of solvency generally into cash solvency, budget solvency, long-run solvency, and service-level solvency.


Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Single Dinners Recalled Over Packaging

Almost two million pounds of single-serving Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillet dinners are being recalled because the labels didn't identify that they contain soy products.

The 9-ounce microwaveable Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac meals were made over the last seven months and have use/sell by date between March and October, 2014.

The dinners are produced by Truitt Brothers Inc. of East Bernstadt, Ky., which reported the ingredient list error to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. The agency said there have been no reports of illnesses due to the mix-up.

Maryland's ObamaCare Website Sent Customers To Seattle Pottery Store

The Maryland website for ObamaCare mistakenly listed an 800 number that sent some Marylanders attempting to pick a health insurance provider to Seattle Pottery Supply, instead of the state's call center.

The number appears under the words "State Advantage" and "call a representative," according to The Baltimore Sun.

The correct number for help shows up multiple times on the site before the incorrect number appears.

Critics of the state-run site said Saturday this is just the latest in a long series of problems for the Maryland health exchange.

"You can't make this stuff up, and I guess if it wasn't so serious, it could be funny," said state Senate Minority Leader David R. Brinkley, a Frederick County Republican.


A Live Rembrandt Painting! In A Mall No Less!!!

JUAN WILLIAMS On MLK Day, Let's Celebrate What's Changed In 50 Years

Fifty years is a long time -- just ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fifty years ago he had only just delivered, in August 1963, his historic "I have a dream" speech. He didn't know it but he was about to win the Nobel Peace Prize and see the United States Congress pass the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act.

It also marks 50 years since I was a little boy with a dad.

Fifty years ago my dad, with his brown skin, could not have been a political analyst for a major network.

He could not have been an editorial writer and White House correspondent for a major paper. I did those jobs for The Washington Post. And 50 years ago he could not have lived in an integrated neighborhood in most of America. I do.


Ronald Reagan Tribute

Thoughts For The Day

Irony 1

“We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics." 

BUT on the other hand……. "We are also encouraged TO judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics."

How is that supposed to work.....??????

Irony 2.

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47.5 million people as of the most recent figures available in April 2013.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us "Please Do Not Feed the Animals."

Their stated reason for the policy is because "The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."

Thus ends today's two lessons in irony.

Chick Phil A National Support Day

This is a team effort, friends. It will only work if each and every one of us force it to go viral. Here's what we all need to do. 

1) RSVP to the event linked to on this page 
2) Share/Invite this with everyone you know
3) Contact your local radio and TV station to let them know this will be happening
4) Contact national media to let them know this is happening
5) Spread the word at your church, youth group, school and family functions
6) Prepare group carpools to visit the Chick-fil-a nearest you
7) Take pictures of what you'll be wearing and send it to us. Let us know YOU'RE IN! (Also send us pictures from the actual event day)
8) Tweet using hashtag ‪#‎chickphila‬ with pictures of you and your family on Chick-Phil-A day
9) Contact national figures, such as Mike Huckabee and others, letting them know we need help promoting the event
10) See #2 and make sure you do it!
11) Plan on visiting a Hobby Lobby on the same day as a show of support for their business
12) PRAY!

Any media with questions can contact us at


Life In America

Lawyers Work To Keep Punkin Chunkin In Sussex

Lawyers are working to ensure that World Championship Punkin Chunkin, a premier event in Sussex County, stays in the county where it started almost 30 years ago.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown, said on Jan. 15 that members of the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association are working with the association and the owner of the parcel near Bridgeville where the event takes place to ink a new contract that provides better legal protection to the landowner, Wheatley Farms.

Pettyjohn said Wheatley Farms does not charge the association for use of the land.

Liability protection for Wheatley Farms was one of the requests made by the association in an effort to keep the event in Sussex County. The association had requested legislation to put a financial cap on the amount a lawsuit could be filed.

Russian Islamic Video Threatens Sochi Olympics

MOSCOW (AP) -- An Islamic militant group in Russia's North Caucasus claimed responsibility Sunday for twin suicide bombings in the southern city of Volgograd last month and posted a video threatening to strike the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

There had been no previous claim of responsibility for the bombings, which killed 34 people and heightened security fears before next month's Winter Games.

In the video, two Russian-speaking men warned President Vladimir Putin that "If you hold these Olympics, we will give you a present for the innocent Muslim blood being spilled all around the world: In Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Syria."


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Man Gives 75 Cents to Homeless Person, Ends Up In Handcuffs

A man was handcuffed and detained for over an hour after giving a homeless man 75 cents.

Greg Snider was driving in downtown Houston when he pulled into a parking lot to take a business call. A homeless man approached his car and asked him for money:

“That’s when the homeless man came up to me. He said, ‘Hey my name is Dave. I’m from Dallas. I’m down on my luck. Do you have any change?’”

Snider gave the man 75 cents and drove away. After he pulled onto I-10, a police car with flashing lights and sirens blazing appeared behind him.

“I put my hazards on to let him know, ‘Hey, I see you,’” said Snider. “This is a really bad part of I-10 to be pulled over on, so I was trying to find a safe place to pull over.”

He was not prepared for what happened when the officer approached his car:


Armed Citizen Shoots Gun-Wielding Man In Dollar General

The quick actions of an armed citizen stopped a gun-wielding man in his tracks at a Dollar General store.

The gunman walked into the store in Orrville, Alabama, and began waving his pistol around. He ordered a customer and a cashier towards the break room at gunpoint.

It was the gunman’s unlucky day: that customer happened to be armed. He pulled out his concealed handgun and fired one shot into the gunman’s chest.

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. explained the incident to WSFA:

“He escorted a customer and a cashier toward a break room. The cashier went in first and the customer went in behind her and the individual had the gun on the customer and the customer had a pistol concealed in a holster and when the customer got to the door, he turned around and shot the individual.”


Hitler’s Economics & Why You Should Know A Thing Or Two About Them

Hjalmar Schacht was Hitler’s economic guy. According to Wikipedia, Schacht: ”became a supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, and served in Hitler’s government as President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics. As such, Schacht played a key role in implementing the policies attributed to Hitler.”

Now, we all know what happened to Hitler. But what about Schacht?

On June 9, 1947 Henry Hazlitt would write in Newsweek:

Nazism was defeated in war. Hjalmar Schacht, the Nazi economic wizard, is in jail.

So Hitler was dead, and his economic guy went to jail

But what about the economic ideas that the two would implement together? What happened to them?

Hazlitt continues:


Natural Resources Police: Protecting And Preserving The Waters We Love

At the heart of our State’s history and economy is the Chesapeake Bay. For the last seven years we have made the better choices to restore the health of this natural jewel—the largest estuary in the world.

We have improved the health of the rivers and streams that run into the Bay, planted a record 415,000 acres of cover crops, preserved more than 140,000 acres of open space and agricultural land, and built the most productive oyster hatchery in the world.

As a result of our efforts, the iconic Maryland blue crab is coming back. And our native oysters—an irreplaceable part of a health Bay ecosystem—are surviving at rates not seen in 27 years.

Our efforts are undermined when poachers loot our waters. That’s why the role of the Natural Resources Police is so vital.

On Wednesday, our Natural Resources Police stopped a tractor-trailer headed to a Virginia processing plant with 188 bushels of oysters—most of them undersized and illegal. This is one of the largest oyster poaching cases in recent years, and illustrates the threat that our fisheries, and our investments, face.

Fifty bushels of undersized oysters were returned to an Eastern Shore sanctuary where they will grow to legal size.

The Administration’s 2010 Oyster Restoration and Aquaculture Development Plan contains a robust enforcement component to protect the resource, habitat and sanctuaries. Thanks to new tools like the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network, officers are able to track vessels on the Bay. This new system of radar units and cameras has already been used to make several oyster poaching cases this season.

All those who live and work near the Chesapeake owe thanks to our Natural Resources Police for protecting and preserving the waters we love.

Health Exchange Sends Medicaid Applications To Wrong Addresses

On Sunday, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) announced that due to an error by the exchange's prime contractor Noridian, nearly 400 Medicaid enrollment packages were sent to the wrong addresses.

Health department officials say the enrollment packages cover nearly 1,100 individuals. The packages do not contain any private medical information or Social Security Numbers. They do contain an applicant's name, date of birth and Medicaid ID number.

State officials there has not been any security breach on the website.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

Where do you stand politically? This quick quiz will help you see.

“Delegate McDermott Proposes Several Business-Friendly Bills”

ANNAPOLIS – Four bills proposed during the 2014 legislative session by Delegate Mike McDermott (R-Worcester & Wicomico) will create a more business-friendly environment for the state of Maryland. Delegate McDermott, who represents the Lower Eastern Shore, is sponsoring several legislative bills aimed at making Maryland work for business.

“Maryland desperately needs legislation that will make it a more business friendly state. Our current business environment does not allow it to adequately compete with our neighboring states,” Delegate McDermott said of his proposed bills. “These laws will help out not only big business, but also small business owners, contractors, electricians and the like. We need to change the way we think about business in Maryland.”

McDermott’s “Truth in Permitting” bill restructures the way in which local government responds to proposed building and electrical permits. The current system in place doesn’t require the permit review board to specify why a particular permit was rejected, nor does it require the permit review board to review a permit within a “reasonable amount of time.” Delegate McDermott’s proposal will change this process and require the board to indicate exactly what is wrong with the proposed permit within a reasonable amount of time.

“There is a poor system in place today that often fails to tell a contractor what is wrong with their permit,” Delegate McDermott said. “This faulty process results in a back and forth between contractors and architects trying to identify the problem which is often omitted by those reviewing the permit. This adds to the time and money it takes business owners to have their permits approved often resulting in months of lost time.”

Additionally, House Bill 199, or the “Corporate Income Tax-Rate Reduction” bill, will reduce the corporate tax-rate from the current 8.25% to a lower 6%, helping corporations statewide. The reduction will give corporations in Maryland more breathing room, allowing them to operate more freely. It would provide a competitive response to surrounding states with lower rates and incentives.

Likewise, House Bill 26 will require agencies who are submitting regulations to also submit a fiscal impact statement. Currently, when an agency submits a regulation for review they do not have to assess the fiscal impact of that regulation. The bill will make sure that before any regulations are passed, lawmakers and Marylanders alike have a chance at analyzing how the regulation will impact the economy as well as the state’s budget. The impact of this bill is far reaching and will affect farmers and other businesses across Maryland.

Delegate McDermott’s fourth bill aimed at aiding business will alter the penalty process presently regulated by the Department of Labor and Licensing Regulations (“DLLR”). Currently, the DLLR penalizes small businesses for “non-serious violations” without first giving them a warning. Delegate McDermott’s bill, though, will make sure that a warning is first given for non-serious violations before the DLLR can fine the business owner.

“Maryland needs to be a more business-friendly state and it can start with this legislative year,” Delegate McDermott said. “We have a real opportunity here to do what’s right, to compete with our neighboring states, and to make Maryland a more prosperous, inviting state in which to do business.”

A Letter To The Editor 1-20-14A

Mr. Joe, 

I'm thankfull for the work you do on SBYNEWS.COM and the information you put on there for the public to see. 

The reason I'm writing to you is about recent article in Daily Times and I'm appaled by it, to say at least. I cancelled my subscription to their 'Daily Slime' long time ago, for various reasons. 

The article called 'Reports' on the page A3 was written by Jennifer Shutt and it is full of misleading info aimed at Sen. Richard Colburn. In it states, quote 'Richard Colborn, R-37-Dorchester, continued to spend campaign money on baseball tickets and private dinners.

.......he continued to reimburse himself for range of expenses, including $22 at a Cambridge Burger King in July, $215 at the Ocean City Hilton Suites, ...... and $ 7 at Johnny's Tavern East New Market in December.' end of quote. 

Are you, serious? We have Liberal Democrats spending hundreds of thousands and millions of TAXPAYERS MONEY and thats OK, but OMG Colburn spent $7 bucks at Johnny's!??? 

Concerned Independent Voter 
(posts under Obama Crooked Bastard)

NSA Official: 'We Are Now A Police State'

Last year, high-ranking NSA official Bill Binney said, “We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.” Now, Binney says that the U.S. has already become a full-blown police state.

Binney told Washington’s Blog on Wednesday that:

“The main use of the collection from these [NSA spying] programs [is] for law enforcement. [See the 2 slides below].”

“These slides give the policy of the DOJ/FBI/DEA etc. on how to use the NSA data. In fact, they instruct that none of the NSA data is referred to in courts – cause it has been acquired without a warrant.”

“So, they have to do a ‘Parallel Construction’ and not tell the courts or prosecution or defense the original data used to arrest people. This I call: a ‘planned programed perjury policy’ directed by US law enforcement.”

“And, as the last line on one slide says, this also applies to ‘Foreign Counterparts.’”


Former Soldier Jon Lewis Alexander Pulls Gun On Liquor Store Robber

Winter Storm Watch For Wicomico, MD







Salisbury City Council Meeting




Pa. Says Susquehanna Fish Infected With Lesions Could Be “Natural”

The complicated political copout:

“I think it’s absolutely fair to say, at this moment in time, we can’t pin down exactly what’s causing the problems with the small mouth bass. You shouldn’t have specific species in a river that has those type of lesions or that type of open sore. The notes right now coming out of Virginia are the fish population is on its way to repairing itself. So that this could be just a natural cycle....”

-- Kelly Heffner, Deputy Secretary for Water Management, speaking in the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection video posted at this January 17, 2014 Harrisburg, Pa. Patriot-News site:

The simple truth:

The problems are obvious if you talk to any fisheries biologist. There's an assorted array of ingredients being put into our waterways each day that are affecting the fish....

And if you think this is only affecting fish, think again. Many municipalities draw their water supplies from this same open sewer.

-- From a comment left by PeCo44 following the op-ed, “Susquehanna River clearly needs help,” by John Arway, executive director of the Pa. Fish and Boat Commission, at this April 27, 2012 Harrisburg Patriot-News site:

The serious -- and enormous -- problem:

One of the longest rivers in America, the Susquehanna River provides ... drinking water to six million people.

-- From this current Pennsylvania Sierra Club site:

Here Are 12 Unborn Animals In The Womb. They’re Absolutely Beautiful.

These extraordinary pictures of unborn baby animals inside their mother’s womb (or in some cases, eggs) are fascinating, even if somewhat creepy.

But don’t let them creep you out too much because they aren’t totally real. Producer Peter Chinn used a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics to create these truly astonishing embryonic images of unborn animals for a National Geographic documentary that aired several years ago. While not exactly photographs, they are relatively accurate depictions of what these animal fetuses do look like.

But enough of that, let’s talk about the elephant in the womb.


Consumer Confidence Slides, Misses By Most In 8 Years

Following December's biggest-surge-in-4-years for UMich consumer confidence (though a miss), UMich data has fallen back to 80.4 - missing expectations by the biggest margin in 8 years. This is the 4th miss in the last 5 months as hope for moar multiple expansion begins to fade. Both current conditions and the outlook indices fell (for the first time sicne October). As UPS would says, confidence dropped because there was too much confidence...


Nevada Lawsuit Exposes Underbelly Of The Public Lands Grazing Disaster

Nevada organizations come to aid of welfare ranchers 
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (Jan. 17, 2014) A lawsuit brought by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) and the Nevada Farm Bureau (NFB) against the federal government claims wild horse overpopulation creates serious environmental concerns for horses, wildlife, and the ecology of rangelands, yet makes no mention of the glaring inconsistencies between policies of wild horse management and the free ride granted to federal livestock grazing.
The lawsuit accuses the federal government of failing to comply with the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act by not keeping wild horse populations within Appropriate Management Levels (AML) set by the BLM.  The lawsuit claims that the wild horses have damaged public land and demands not only removal of “excess” wild horses, but the disposal of removed wild horses that are incarcerated in holding facilities.
“Even though millions of privately-owned livestock occupy public lands, the few remaining remnant wild horse herds take the blame for the degradation,” states Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Director of The Cloud Foundation. “This lawsuit exposes the bias against wild horses and hopefully allows for the truth to get out to the American public.“
“The staggering cost of the federal grazing program is borne by you and me.,” states Craig Downer, Nevada ecologist and author of The Wild Horse Conspiracy.“ American taxpayers subsidize welfare ranching to the tune of $123 million each year in direct costs and an estimated $500 million to $1 billion annually in other direct and indirect costs.”
Beef from public land grazing accounts for less than 3% of the American beef production as reported in the Center for Biological Diversity’s   Assessing the Full Cost of the Federal Grazing Program.
“When it comes to managing Wild Horses and Burros on public lands, the BLM has tried to accommodate extractive users, including welfare ranchers, by reducing most of the wild horse and burro herds to levels which jeopardize their future existence,” added Kathrens.  “The Cloud Foundation is suggesting a common sense approach in which wild horses and burros are managed on the range, at a much reduced cost to the American taxpayer.  This needs to happen now.  Wild horse herd sizes must increase which will require federal grazing decreases on the 11% of federal lands where wild horses live.  Wild horses and burros need not pay the price of freedom and family for an irresponsible, money draining grazing program.”
“The relative proportions of wild horses and burros, and livestock on the public lands reveal gross inequities,” says Downer.  “Even in wild horse territories, domestic livestock is allocated 82% of forage leaving 18% for wild horses and burros.  Wild horses and burros are managed on only 11% or 31.6 million acres of public lands as compared to the 238 million acres of BLM and Forest Service land open to livestock grazing.  Domestic livestock outnumbers wild horses on public lands 50:1.”
“This recent lawsuit harkens back to the days of the Sagebrush Rebellion, a 1980’s movement to turn control of Federal Public lands to local authorities,” says Kathrens. “There are still rebels out there who seek to control vast areas of the West for personal gain; wild horses and the 1971 Act stand in their way.”
The unanimously passed 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act stated its intention clearly:  
That Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene.


Fernando Guerrero Makes Sure No Child Is Left Behind

Last Friday an exhausted Fernando Guerrero arrived at Brew River to "Pay It Forward" to the kids in Salisbury. He left LA at midnight and arrived at 5 PM at Brew River to give away a ton of toys and sneakers to a packed crowd that filled three rooms. 

Salisbury News has covered Fernando since the very beginning of his professional career and while I have rejected a multitude of negative comments about this young man, those people should now look in a mirror and see this humbled young man return to his roots and never forgot where he came from. 

I don't know how some of you judge yourselves but take one look at the smile on this mans face, the smile on the children and THINK, are YOU this happy?

Once again Fernando, I am honored to say you are my friend and I couldn't be more proud of you and who you have become. 

Fernando Guerrero Wants To Knock Out Bullying At Willards Elementary School

When Fernando Guerrero read the story about Mikayla being bullied in School he called me from California and asked if there was any way I could get Mikayla to come meet him at the Brew River event.

Needless to say, Mikayla and her Family were honored to arrive and meet this incredible local celebrity. Unfortunately I must report to our viewers that the Board of Education has not made ANY attempt to contact the Family to discuss the ongoing problem at Willards Elementary. 

Thanks Fernando.

Will Pot Be The U.S. Goverment's Gateway Drug To Survival

Go to the Netherlands and you can legally buy and use any drug you want. Guess what, they actually don't have a problem there. 

In America, younger generations aren't getting married any more. The younger generation isn't buying houses like we had in the past. Heck, when you could fully write off vacation homes, our generation usually owned two homes. Not any more.

Don't think for a second our government didn't see this coming, hence the new addition of allowing gays to marry and pot legalized. They have to balance things for a while before they figure out what they're going to do about raising tax money. 

Now all of a sudden we see certain states legalizing pot. Of course when I was probably 16 years old you could buy a nickel bag, (about two fingers tall in a sandwich baggie) or a dime bag, (twice that amount) for $5.00 or $10.00. Today I'm told that same amount is in the hundreds of dollars. So over time they watched the prices rise, (probably somehow controlled by the government) and now they've conveniently started to legalize it at a price in which the government can make billions in taxes.

So, you have to wonder, is Pot the new gateway drug to the survival of the United States? There is no other big industry left and the big industries out there don't pay taxes. To think we might actually have to thank the stoners and the gays for saving America, go figure.   

I can see our heads of state now before sessions start. Breathe in, hold it... hold it... hold it..., breathe out. 

Common Core Standards Could Cost Md. Big Bucks

WASHINGTON-- Maryland is switching to new online standardized tests, but the change comes with a hefty price tag.

According The Baltimore Sun, Maryland's public schools would have to make $100 million dollars in upgrades to administer the new exams, which are aligned with the new Common Core standards.

The paper quotes from a new Maryland Department of Education report to the General Assembly.

The tests are required by the state by the spring of 2015 and some schools are already claiming they would have to purchase thousands of new computers - and make space for them -- to make it happen.

New A&E Reality Show

SFD Calls For Service 1-19-14

  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 23:26:58Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 22:28:15Nature: StabbingCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 17:47:25Nature: Structure FireAddress: 310 Lowell Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 17:47:25Nature: Structure FireAddress: 310 Lowell Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 17:30:24Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 17:27:59Nature: Pro Qa EmsCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 16:54:07Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 16:52:19Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 16:34:06Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 421 Jefferson St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 12:37:43Nature: Medical AlarmCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 12:31:30Nature: Emergency UnknownCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 10:27:39Nature: Medical AlarmCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 07:40:34Nature: Abdominal PainCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 03:41:03Nature: SeizureCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 03:03:36Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 02:22:20Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 01:44:59Nature: Unconscious SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Sunday January, 19 2014 @ 00:44:36Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 1103 S Schumaker Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday January, 18 2014 @ 21:50:43Nature: Psychiatric EmergencyCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday January, 18 2014 @ 21:35:15Nature: Allergic ReactionCity: Salisbury

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 1-20-14

Bush'man has left a new comment on your post "Tell Us What YOU Think About This BURY Stuff":

I went downtown to get my haircut and enjoy a great cup of coffee and while I parked in the public parking lot I got to thinking that in no way would I do this again if I had to use the parking deck. 

Even as it is, my wife who is also a small business owner here in Salisbury (but not downtown) will not risk venturing alone downtown due to crime. We have both considered obtaining a CCP but here in Maryland one risks the over reach of government into our personal lives. (That is a story for another day)

We moved here 25 years ago wanting to be part of a Salisbury revival. Now both our children have left Salisbury with no intention of returning to, in their words "Smallsbury".

Until the voters of "Bury" see the necessity of fiscal conservatism and bringing people into government who share this value, the "Bury" will continue in its struggle for identity and financial investments of those willing to risk starting a business here.

Joe, I appreciate your venture into the "Bury" since you had a mindset so much needed in order for change to occur. Unfortunately the "Good Old Boy" powers won out.

Until that changes Salisbury will continue as it is and look admiringly at other nearby towns who are succeeding in making their towns destinations for those living on and visiting the Eastern Shore.

For those that might remember the film "last Picture show"... Salisbury has and is heading that direction.

Bury the the monicker "Bury".

BREAKING NEWS: Iran Suspends Higher-Grade Uranium Enrichment

UN nuclear watchdog confirms Iran has halted 20 percent uranium enrichment as part of deal struck in P5+1 talks last November.

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Field Notes: Week 2 January 13-17, 2014

Observations and Reflections on Legislative Activities
By Delegate Michael A. McDermott

Monday Evening Session:

Here are the bills on First Reader.

Tuesday Morning Session:

We recognized several former delegates who passed away during the past year with brief eulogies on the floor delivered by several members.

Tuesday Afternoon Judiciary Hearings:

We heard a review of proposed marijuana possession law changes. The informational hearing did not address a particular proposed bill, but simply the potential for legalizing marijuana possession in Maryland.

HB-1 would require the courts to take “Educational Stability” into consideration when factoring on the needs of a Child in Need of Assistance (CNA). We asked some questions regarding protections of Home School families and other choices in education as this would require the court to be more involved in educational aspects of a child’s life.

HB-38 would streamline some of the process for an appeal to the Court of Special Appeals and would eliminate some of the document demands currently required under the process in place. There was some opposition indicating that these changes may be problematic for certain groups who are often indigent.

HB-45 would allow for Judiciary reports, etc. to be posted on line as opposed to being made part of the Maryland Register since they are already maintained on the Judiciary website.

HB-79 seeks to establish certain procedures for a person seeking a Juvenile Expungement of a criminal record. While current Juvenile records are sealed, the Judiciary is seeing instances where these records are being brought into question by potential employers of these juveniles as they become adults. This would not be “shielding” of the records, but the complete removal. The State’s Attorney’s Association came in and opposed the bill. It seems that the current system of “sealed” records once a person reaches the age of 21 should remain in place.

Wednesday Morning Session:

Here are the bills which were on First Reader.

Wednesday Afternoon Judiciary Hearing:

We received a briefing from several policy people addressing access to health care and our current medical liability system. Much of the time was spent hearing from health care professionals speaking to a crisis in Maryland in delivering services while addressing litigation that has grown out of control in recent years. One primary example is the absence of OBGYN services being provided in many hospitals across Maryland due to litigation. It is tough in this committee to discuss tort reform in a room full of defense attorneys.

Thursday Morning Session:

Here are the bills introduced on First Reader.

Thursday Afternoon Judiciary Hearing:

HB-31 this is a bill I introduced last session (HB-1382) which provides the victims of crime the absolute right to provide a Victim Impact Statement during the sentencing phase of any trial. The bill was supported by all of the victim rights advocates of Maryland as well as the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Assoc. and the Governor’s Office of Crime Control. I look for the bill to move quickly out of committee and to approval by the entire House as was the case in 2013.

HB-44 would allow a judge to require a person who is the subject of a temporary or final protective order to undergo an Emergency Evaluation. We heard testimony from victim advocates detailing several instances where victims were injured or killed by persons under protective orders who did not receive a mental health review.

HB-68 would restrict the ability of the courts to award child custody or visitation to an individual convicted as a sex offender. This seems like a no brainer, but we have had a small number of judges that are allowing visitation and custody to child sex offenders.

Friday Morning Eastern Shore Delegation Meeting:

The delegation met with Sec. Dallas of the Department of Human Resources. He provided details on several welfare programs as well as some success in welfare to work initiatives.

We also heard from Sec. Skinner of the Department of Housing and Community Development. Most of the discussion focused on the recovery efforts his agency was involved with in Crisfield and Somerset County. He broke down the dollar amounts and some of the ongoing timetables and efforts. I told him about some complaints I had heard from contractors who have said they could build homes for quite a bit less money per square foot but the state is demanding compliance with many add on features that are driving the costs up by 50%. The Secretary acknowledged the costs but said it was necessary to comply with federal mandates. Quite frankly, talking to some of the guys in the know, these features are outrageous. (The sprinkler mandate from the state does not help with costs either).

We had an update from Colonel Brown of the State Police on certain reorganization changes that will severely impact local narcotics task forces on the shore. The changes will pull MSP detectives from these units and use them to investigate larger cases that lead out of the counties and state. Sheriff Bounds was there and stated that he saw this as an immediate problem for them to try and keep operations going effectively without the manpower. He was hoping to negotiate for some additional time before the transition. It is unclear how the rest of the shore will be impacted as the first change is on the mid-shore. It is something we must keep an eye on going into the future.

Friday Morning Session:

Here are the bills introduced on First Reader.