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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Obamacare Deductibles So High, No One Can Actually Use the Insurance

The Department of Health and Human Services insists that the Affordable Care Act not only expanded health insurance to many more Americans, but it also "made everyone's insurance better."

But some Republicans are asking, what good is the health insurance if sky-high deductibles mean you never get to use it?

The Democrats' Affordable Care Act is a mandate -- "not to get care, but to get coverage," Senator (and M.D.) John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said on Tuesday.

"And many people are finding the coverage is not at all of value to them because they can't get care. Either...their doctors don't take Obamacare or the deductibles are so high that they're never able to get to the insurance," Barrasso told a news conference.

"The president may call this a victory for the American people. I think this is something the president should not be proud of at all."

Barrasso noted that on Wednesday, will start reporting the 2017 premium increases for Obamacare policies sold on the exchanges.

"The news is not good for the American public," Barrasso said.


CAIR Files Another Complaint After Muslims Fired for Too Many Prayer Breaks

U.S. company that makes snow blowers and lawn mowers has come under fire by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) after it fired Muslim employees for taking extra breaks during their shift for their prayers.

CAIR filed a religious discrimination complaint Tuesday.

Based in Brillion, Wisconsin, Ariens Co. let seven employees go after they disobeyed company policy and took extra breaks for prayers. Fourteen others resigned over the dispute.

CAIR has been involved in the case since January.

"Prior to January 25, 2016, Ariens permitted Muslim employees to individually leave their workstations one at a time to pray after notifying and receiving permission from their supervisor," CAIR said this week, reports the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Ariens provided the Somali workers a room for their prayers and also a bus service to bring them to and from home in Green Bay. But when it became clear they were taking too many breaks, the company asked that they limit it to two 10-minute breaks for prayer.

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Obama Administration Trashes Vets

Conservative scholars like Thomas Sowell have noted that at its heart, liberalism is a vehicle for self-congratulation. That is, liberals will often pass sweeping, seemingly well intentioned laws without regard for the consequences. What matters is not the success of the program, but the intentions of its sponsors. If the War on Poverty actually increase illegitimacy and government dependence, it's irrelevant. What matters is the singular fulfillment of the person or group that "did something" to alleviate pain. 

This disregard for outcomes is evident across our bloated bureaucracy, and nowhere more than at our broken VA hospitals. Today, the Obama Administration admitted it's not something they're really concerned about. Just keep writing checks, right?

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Monday compared the length of time veterans wait to receive health care at the VA to the length of time people wait for rides at Disneyland, and said his agency shouldn't use wait times as a measure of success because Disney doesn't either.

"When you got to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what's important? What's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience?" McDonald said Monday during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters. "And what I would like to move to, eventually, is that kind of measure."

McDonald's comments angered House Speaker Paul Ryan, who tweeted out Monday afternoon, "This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines."

Ryan wasn't the only one. Conservatives took to Twitter to slam the foolish statement. 


Pedestrian Struck In Salisbury

Salisbury Fire department has been called to the area of Tilghman Road and Merritt Mill road for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.  This has been reported as a hit and run.

American College Students Donate to Hamas

Lawless Obama Breaks New Record for Illegals

The recent surge of illegal aliens flooding across the Southwest U.S. border continues undeterred as U.S. Customs and Border Protection set a new FY2016 apprehension record in April, catching a grand total of 38,135 illegal aliens over the 30-day period – an average of about 1,271 per day.

April’s apprehension total is 1,121 aliens higher than those reported in December, which until last month was the record-holder for apprehensions so far in FY2016.

As the number of unaccompanied minors streaming into the United States from Mexico continues to skyrocket past FY2014 numbers, border agents report apprehending another 5,198 unaccompanied minors at the U.S. Mexico border in April, bringing the total number of UACs apprehended since Oct. 1 to an alarming 32,952.

So far, the total number of this year’s UAC apprehensions reflects an alarming 74 percent increase over FY2014 levels, when an unprecedented number of family units and unaccompanied children surged into the United States, quickly overwhelming border patrol stations and raising serious questions into the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement policies. The agency had only reported 26,341 unaccompanied minor apprehensions by this point in FY2014.

Trump Reaches The Magic Number To Clinch Nomination

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and sets the stage for a bitter fall campaign.

Trump was put over the top in the Associated Press delegate count by a small number of the party's unbound delegates who told the AP they would support him at the convention. Among them is Oklahoma GOP chairwoman Pam Pollard.

"I think he has touched a part of our electorate that doesn't like where our country is," Pollard said. "I have no problem supporting Mr. Trump."

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president. Trump has reached 1,238. With 303 delegates at stake in five state primaries on June 7, Trump will easily pad his total, avoiding a contested convention in Cleveland in July.


Wicomico County Fair Announces 2016 Dates – August 19th-21st at Winterplace Park

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Wicomico Farm & Home Show is proud to announce the 2016 Wicomico County Fair being held August 19th - August 21st, 2016 at Winterplace Park. Celebrating 80 years of fair traditions, there will be something for everyone at the three-day event presented by Gateway Subaru, Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Perdue Farms.

The Wicomico County Fair serves to showcase the importance of agriculture on the Eastern Shore in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. The three-day fair events will include livestock showings, educational poultry exhibits, antique tractor pulls, giant fry pan, car shows, live entertainment, competitions, beer garden, rides and amusements, farmers market and more!

“I am very proud to announce that in our very first year we exceeded all expectations in regards to attendance and programming,” Zach Evans, Wicomico County Fair chair said. “This year, we will continue in our efforts to highlight the lifestyle and culture here on the Lower Easter Shore, as well as showcasing local products and businesses in Wicomico County.”

The Wicomico County Fair will introduce a number of new attractions this year including a Fireworks Show to kick off the fair on Friday evening, an increased number of local performers on the entertainment stage, the Mason-Dixon Deputies sanctioned mounted shooting competition and the Delmarva Coon Hunters Mule demonstration.

“We are also working very closely with some groups throughout the Tri-County area to bring even more family fun to the fair,” Evans said. “But we will just have to keep that as a surprise for now.”

In 2015, the Wicomico Farm & Home Show and the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce joined forces to launch the Wicomico County Fair. The Farm & Home Show was looking to attract a broader audience and add new elements to their 78 year old event, while the SACC was exploring how to continue the tradition of the Delmarva Chicken Festival after its retirement. Combining elements from both events was the answer that would assist in promoting agriculture in Wicomico County and more specifically, the poultry industry.

NRA Chair Paints a Terrifying Picture of a Crooked Hillary Presidency

There’s A Gender Gap In Sports Injuries, But Relieving Pain Is Important For All

Many men cultivate a tough-guy, weekend-warrior image, pushing their bodies to the limit with an active lifestyle, and then reaching for an ice pack and a couple of ibuprofen tablets by bedtime.

But it turns out women are no slouch in the weekend-warrior department – or in racking up injuries to limp home with.

“A lot of people might be surprised to learn that women are even more likely than men to suffer many of the most common sports injuries,” says Dr. Ronald Shapiro, medical director of Physicians Technology LLC and co-inventor of the Willow Curve (, a low-level smart laser that treats joint pain.

Those injuries can include ankle sprains, shoulder troubles and knee problems, Shapiro says.

“It seems that people are more active than ever in sports and other activities, so our joints wear out sooner in life,” he says. “And, as has been documented, this can have an even greater impact on women.”

Why is that? Members of the medical community who have pondered the question have come up with a few reasons. Those include:

• Women have higher levels of estrogen, which can lead to ligament injuries. They also have less muscle mass and more body fat than men.
• They have greater flexibility because their ligaments are looser. In addition, their muscles are less powerful.
• Their wider pelvises alter the alignment of the knee and ankle.

“It’s great to be active,” Shapiro says. “But anyone who’s suffered from tennis elbow or sore knees knows that it’s no fun to finish the day in pain.”

Even what people would consider “safe” sports can end up placing extraordinary stress on joints, he says. For example, a recent medical report revealed a golf swing can place as much as 4.5 times your weight in force on your front-knee joint. That's 675 pounds for an individual of 150 pounds.

“Imagine how much more stress the really aggressive sports can place on our joints,” Shapiro says. “That stress takes a real toll over time.”

Often joint injuries are treated with what health professionals refer to as RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), which can help ease pain and reduce swelling.

Many people also use over-the-counter pain medication, and if the pain persists they might turn to a doctor for prescription medication and in some cases surgery.

More recently, technology is emerging as an alternative option for temporarily relieving pain.

Shapiro has been involved in that research and, as a leader in the growing field of technaceuticals, co-invented with David B. Sutton the Willow Curve, which is one example of how technology designed for the home can work to temporarily ease chronic pain. Because it’s also a smart computer, the device assesses the condition of the joint and delivers a targeted digital treatment.

“Digital-therapeutic technology holds great opportunity to improve the quality of life for weekend warriors, both women and men, who have put their bodies to the test,” Shapiro says, “and also for anyone with chronic joint pain.”

Family Knows Not To Interrupt Dad While He’s Skimming Pool, Listening To Orioles Radio Broadcast

SALISBURY, MD — Taking care to avoid the backyard Sunday afternoon to give the 49-year-old his space, family members of Chuck Learman told reporters they know not to interrupt their dad while he’s skimming the pool and listening to the Baltimore Orioles radio broadcast. “This is Dad’s time, so we try to leave him alone,” said daughter Kelly Learman, 13, referring to the three-hour block every weekend when their father calmly and methodically removes floating debris from the family’s pool with a net on a long pole while the Orioles game plays on a portable radio placed on the patio table. “We’re not supposed to bother him unless it’s an emergency. If you need something, you just get Mom instead.” Sources said that a serene smile could later be seen forming on Learman’s face as he checked on the chlorine levels and silently mouthed the words “put it in the win column” along with play-by-play announcer Joe Angel.

How This Senator Betrayed 9/11 Families

Last week’s unanimous passage of a Senate bill making it easier for 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and other foreign terror sponsors was widely heralded as a major victory.

It’s more of a cruel hoax. 

It turns out that just before the vote, Sen. Charles Schumer and other proponents of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act stuffed an amendment into the final draft allowing the attorney general and secretary of state to stop any litigation against the Saudis in its tracks. 

Yes, JASTA would remove the statutory restrictions that have prevented 9/11 families from taking the Saudi kingdom to court. But Schumer helped craft an entirely new section to the original bill, giving the Justice and State departments the power to stay court action indefinitely. All they have to do is inform the judge hearing the case that the US government has engaged with ­Riyadh in diplomatic talks to resolve the issue. 

The quiet, behind-the-scenes watering-down of the controversial bill explains why it passed without a single Republican or Democratic objection. The White House had lobbied senators heavily to kill the bill.

Source: New York Post

State Police Arrest Four On Sexual Solicitation Charges

(Columbia, MD) Maryland State Police investigators from the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrest four men, involved in four separate incidents, on sexual solicitation related felony charges.

The accused are identified as Alexander Christensen, 24, of the 4000 block of Holly Knoll Drive in Glen Arm, Rafael Constante, 28, of the 5000 block of Drawbridge Court in Frederick, Ryan Parham, 31, of the 10000 block of Swansfield Road in Columbia and Tracey Dove, 49 of the 1600 block of Elkwood Court in Annapolis. All four are charged with the sexual solicitation of a law enforcement officer posing as a minor. Upon conviction, they each face up to ten years imprisonment and up to $25,000 in fines.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, the Maryland State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force conducted a proactive operation involving the online sexual solicitation of minors. During the covert operation and in two separate incidents, Christensen and Parham communicated online with an undercover police officer posing as a minor. Both men made statements expressing a desire to meet the minor and engage in sexual activity.

Both Christensen and Parham, again acting individually, traveled to an undisclosed location in Howard County for the encounter. Shortly before 8:00 p.m. during the operation, Parham was arrested without incident and transported to the Howard County Detention Center for Processing. At 8:30 p.m. that same night, Christensen was also placed under arrest and transported to the Howard County Detention Center.

Transgender Loving Obama Punishes American Business

Barack Obama's radical transgender push continues unabated. What now? He's suing an American business that decided to treat a man like a man:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued a private business for sex discrimination and harassment after a male employee — who announced he was switching genders to become a woman — was barred from using the women’s restroom and was referred to with male pronouns by his coworkers.

Deluxe Financial Services, a Minnesota-based company that helps small businesses with marketing, denied that it violated any anti-discrimination laws but agreed to settle the case for $115,000 in order to avoid further costs of litigation, according to the settlement agreement.

The male employee, who now goes by the name Britney Austin, publicly presented himself as male when he was hired by Deluxe Financial but later opted to begin identifying as a woman.

This is nothing short of total lunacy. To be clear: the Obama Administration is prosecuting a business for refusing to indulge the sad delusions of a seriously mentally ill person. In the face of biological evidence that their employee is a man, they're being penalized for a failure to pretend otherwise. As National Review's David French notes, this latest PC quest could have disastrous consequences for the people it intends to help:

The evidence of transgender despair is overwhelming. A Swedish study found that trans people were 19 times more likely to die from suicide. An American study found that a horrifying 41 percent of transgender and “gender non-conforming” people had attempted suicide, compared with a national rate of 1.6 percent. In Canada, a study found that each year one in nine transgender people try to commit suicide, compared with the national rate of one out of 167.

Against this backdrop, the Left is remarkably callous. Large numbers of young people who experience gender dysphoria eventually desist. Yet social-justice warriors browbeat parents and mental-health professionals into believing that gender dysphoria is fixed and immutable; even though this creed often results in harmful medical treatments that can culminate in mutilating surgery. Is it any wonder that transgender men and women are often so wracked with anguish?

Make no mistake: the Obama Administration's radical war on biology, logic, and rationality isn't just bad for American business, it's bad for the very people it purports to help.

Source: AAN

Link to Linda Trippe blames Hilary for Waco deaths

Linda Tripp, the woman who exposed Monica Lewinsky as Bill Clinton’s mistress but has remained silent the last twenty years about what she knew about Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave an exclusive interview to The Daily Mail in which she offered what she knew about Hillary Clinton that makes her unfit for the presidency.

Tripp sat outside the Oval Office the first three months of the Clinton Administration, then moved to an office directly adjacent to Hillary’s second floor West Wing office until Tripp left the administration. She told the Daily Mail that to Hillary, her election as president would “be part of a coronation instead of an election,” adding, “I think the most compelling thing about Hillary is that she will stop at nothing to achieve her end and that she views the public as plebeians easily seduced into believing her point of view.”

Tripp continued, “Hillary Clinton ruled the White House even as early as 1993 and every scandal that originated in the Clinton administration was the brainchild of Hillary. When I think of Hillary Clinton I think of a lingering taint of scandal and wrongdoing and, in my opinion, possible criminal activity.”


WCSO Press Release 5-26-16

Incident: Extradition
Date of Incident: 23 May 2016
Location: Cumberland County, PA
Suspect: Raymond E. Collins, 45, Trenton, NJ
Narrative: On 23 May 2016 a deputy traveled to Cumberland County, PA for the purpose of extraditing Raymond Collins back to Wicomico County where he was wanted on an arrest warrant for Escape 2nd Degree. The warrant was issued after Collins failed to report to the Detention Center back in 2015 to serve a period of incarceration following a conviction in a DUI case. Collins was detained in the Detention Center without bond by the District Court Commissioner.
Charges: Escape 2nd Degree

Miles, Devin
Incident: Failure to Appear Warrant
Date of Incident: 24 May 2016
Location: Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Devin C. Miles, 27, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 24 May 2016 at 1:00 PM a deputy arrested Devin Miles who was wanted on an open District Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Miles failed to appear for a trial in an Assault 2nd Degree and Malicious Destruction of Property case. Miles was detained in the Detention Center by the District Court Commissioner in lieu of $5,000.00 bond.
Charges: Failure to Appear

Ballard, Myra
Incident: Failure to Appear Warrant
Date of Incident: 24 May 2016
Location: 700 block of Edgewater Drive, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Myra Lynn Ballard, 25, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 24 May 2016 at 4:20 PM, a deputy arrested Myra Ballard at a residence in the 700 block of Edgewater Drive on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Ballard failed to appear for a hearing after she allegedly violated the terms of her probation in a CDS Distribution case. Ballard was detained without bond in the Detention Center pending an appearance in front of a Circuit Court Judge.
Charges: Failure to Appear

Wasserman, Laurence
Incident: Motor Vehicle Theft / DUI
Date of Incident: 24 May 2016
Location: 100 block of Lillian Street, Hebron, MD
Suspect: Laurence L Wasserman, 45, Hebron, MD
Narrative: On 24 May 2016 at 7:25 PM, a deputy responded to a residence in 100 block of Lillian Street in Hebron for the report of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the resident who advised that a subject who was staying with her, Laurence Wasserman, took her car without permission. The owner of the vehicle added that she believed Wasserman took the keys from her purse when she wasn’t looking and that Wasserman was also intoxicated.
While the deputy was at the residence meeting with the owner of the vehicle, the deputy observed Wasserman drive past the residence with the vehicle in question. The deputy managed to get Wasserman to stop after a brief pursuit and observed that Wasserman appeared to be highly intoxicated and was having trouble doing simple tasks like standing upright and maintaining her balance.
The deputy placed Wasserman under arrest for the theft of the motor vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol. During subsequent processing, Wasserman refused to submit to a breath test. The deputy also discovered that Wasserman’s privilege to drive a motor vehicle had been both suspended and revoked.
The deputy transported Wasserman to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Wasserman in the Detention Center on a bond of $20,000.00. At a bond review the following day, the bond on Wasserman was increased to $75,000.00.
Charges: Motor Vehicle Theft, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Revoked and Driving While Suspended

Incident: Hinder and Obstruct
Date of Incident: 24 May 2016
Location: 6000 block of Strawberry Way, Salisbury, MD
Deonte L. Jones, 24, Salisbury, MD
Alhlyn N. Bean, 28, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 24 May 2016 at 5:29 PM a deputy responded for a reported altercation at a residence in the 6000 block of Strawberry Way in Salisbury. While trying to gather information about what was going on, one of the subjects on the property, Deonte Jones, kept interrupting the deputy by yelling at the deputy and getting in the middle of the subjects the deputy was trying to interview. The deputy attempted to guide Jones out of the way but instead snatched himself away from the deputy. The deputy at this point attempted to place Jones under arrest for hindering and obstructing the deputy’s investigation. A female subject, Alhlyn Bean then interjected herself into the situation by grabbing on to Jones’ arm and trying to pull him away from the deputy who was attempting to place him into handcuffs. The deputy was able to assist Bean with moving away from him, and finished placing handcuffs on Jones.
The deputy then placed Bean under arrest for hindering and obstructing his efforts to place Jones under arrest.
Both Jones and Bean were transported to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released both on Personal Recognizance.
Charges: Obstruct and Hinder

Are We Fostering The Wrong Kind Of College Envy?

When it comes time to apply to colleges, we may not be serving our children well.

That’s according to a growing chorus of voices who work with youth and their academic endeavors. For example, Malcolm Gladwell, one of the most recognizable public intellects, regularly asserts that brand prestige from an Ivy League name doesn’t necessarily suit the needs of individual students.

Jeffrey Leiken, CEO of Evolution Mentoring International, agrees. He provides mentoring for teens and young adults, going beyond the typical work of a therapist by building a relationship so that they come to see Leiken as a trusted confidant who answers their late-night text messages and isn’t quick to label them.

“We continue to be obsessed with being associated with the top 1 percent of anything, whether it’s wealth, looks, social media followers or achieving that Ivy League status,” says Leiken, author of “Adolescence is Not a Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs and Dangerous Friends – The Journey to Adulthood” (

“Far more important is not the school’s brand and our cultural obsession with it. Rather, it’s helping to ensure that every student who attendsany school gets closer to reaching their potential.”

What criteria should students and parents look for when determining where to apply for college? Leiken offers some crucial guidelines to keep in mind.

• Seek a college with programs that may help with lifelong skills. Self-awareness, self-leadership, self-actualization – those qualities are often overlooked when considering higher education. Learning the tangible skills for a future job is important. However, those requirements change over time. Coursework, professors and other programs that speak to a student’s ethical intuition, however, make up the educational gold that is enduring.
• Look beyond the typical menu of schools. There is a common denominator among millions of 17-year-olds: an anxious balance between their “reach” schools and their “safety” schools. It turns out that many college counselors guide these kids to a similar list of “reach” and “safety” schools – about 50 of them. Between public and private institutions, there are thousands of other schools to choose from!
• Ask yourself, “Where will I flourish?” Learn more about the culture of these institutions. There are two distinct stages for young adults in college life: the time where students adjust to a new environment and, later, when students realize they are becoming independent adults. A name-brand school isn’t necessarily the best place for millions of kids to best reach maturity.

“Just as we don’t all wear the same size clothing,” Leiken says, “the intellectual development of young adults doesn’t always fit into the same small box of name-brand schools.”

Maryland's beaches are ready for summer

The sun’s finally out in Baltimore. Memorial Day weekend is coming up and kids will be out of school soon. And, according to some new reports, Maryland is definitely prepared for summer.

A new report by the Maryland Department of the Environment shows that Maryland beaches were open last summer without an advisory 98.7 percent of the time. An advisory is a recommendation against swimming, not the same thing as a closure.

According to the department, advisories are issued by beach managers when local health departments get data showing that fecal bacteria standards in the water have been exceeded.

The report means that 2015 was the fourth year in a row that rate of beaches open without an advisory exceeded 98 percent and the 11th year in a row that the rate was 96 percent or higher.

According to new data released from the National Marin Manufacturers Association, Maryland ranked No. 22 in the list of top boating states, with $290 million in new powerboat, outboard engine, trailer and accessory spending in 2015, up 7.6 percent from 2014.


Journalist's admission a step to legitimizing pedophilia

In my youth, I tended to devour any popular fiction (books, films, etc.) that depicted themes so bizarre and personally challenging that they defied the protagonists’ ability to retain any semblance of humanity throughout the course of the story. Such fare was all the more plausible when the story’s hero was a young person who was still in the process of developing his or her value system.

When such circumstances materialize in the world in which we actually live, I cannot say they hold quite the same allure.

About a month ago, I wrote a column detailing a prediction that in its ongoing efforts to debase society, the political left would soon see fit to begin legitimizing pedophilia. To this end, pedophiles would form activist groups as the North American Man-Boy Love Association did in the 1970s and 1980s – but this time, they would have prominent, deep-pocketed supporters.

Those who believe that child molesters should be fed into the handiest wood-chipper will be characterized as bigots by snarling liberals – just as occurred when citizens tried to prevent other sexual deviants from running roughshod over individual liberties. In my commentary, I maintained that just as the “rights” of transgendered people came to supersede the privacy rights and safety of our women and children, the “rights” of people who include sex acts with children among their lifestyle choices (which a panel of scrawny, pony-tailed university professors will declare are hardwired into their DNA and therefore “normal”) will supersede the rights of all American children to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Finally, some good news about stink bugs

WASHINGTON — You’ll likely notice fewer of those troublemaking, invasive stink bugs this year.

“Many of the natural enemies, many of our indigenous predators and parasites, have actually caught up with these guys now and are having a major impact on their population,” said University of Maryland entomology professor Mike Raupp.

“It’s kind of like ‘War of the Worlds,’ where the little microbes defeated the alien.”

Many different insects target stink bugs, according to Raupp.

“We found some of the tiny parasitic wasps that attack their eggs have moved over from our native stink bugs and are now stinging and killing the eggs of the brown marmorated stink bug,” he said.


Group works to stop slaughter of dogs for meat

In South Korea, 2 to 3 million dogs are raised for meat and slaughtered every year.

The Humane Society International is fighting to put an end to the industry with large, internationally coordinated rescue missions that bring the dogs to the U.S. for adoption.

It's impossible to know what's going on in the minds of dogs in South Korea as rescuers from Humane Society International liberate them from a cruel life and certain death. What is it like to be held in the arms of a human for the first time when the only touch they've ever known is that of a bare metal cage?

"This farm had 250 dogs on it. They live in a very concentrated area. They live exposed to all the elements in a metal, barren cage. They have nothing inside it. Some are in cages so small they have a hard time turning around," said Kelly O'Meara, HSI's director of companion animals and engagement.

Breeds like huskies, mastiffs and jindos barely survive on a farm only to be slaughtered and eaten. But some get to begin of a new life, one that will take them across the globe from Asia to North America, and eventually into someone's home. They are the lucky ones.


Bill Would Put Md. At Forefront Of War On Cyber Terrorism

FORT MEADE, Md. (WJZ) — Terrorist groups trying to attack critical computer systems in the U.S. remain a top security threat. Now one Maryland congressman is pushing hard for changes that would keep us safe, and keep military secrets out of enemy hands.

Ava-joye Burnett has more on the change that would put Maryland at the forefront of the war on cyber terrorism.

If Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger has his way, Fort Meade will see a massive expansion, with the sole purpose of fighting the cyber security battle that’s raging right now.

Congressman Ruppersberger is on a warpath against terrorists who are using the Internet to attack America.

“Anything having to do with a computer, you can knock it out,” he said.


Six Minutes Into This Police Chase Video You’ll See the Unexpected Moment We Didn’t See Coming

Texas’ Carrollton Police Department just started using body cameras alongside the dash cams they already used, but what they captured on them recently was quite a surprise.

Dash cameras showed police on an epic chase, weaving between cars, shooting through intersections and dashing between backroads and highways.

Ultimately, the driver of the car they were chasing stopped, exited his car and continued on foot. But, when officers approached the vehicle,......


Police targeting aggressive, impaired drivers during Memorial Day getaway

WASHINGTON — As drivers hit the roads, many of us are in danger of letting our frustrations get the best of us and could wind up paying dearly for it.

Most drivers know not to text and drive, or drink and drive, but police say most need to remember frustrated driving. When drivers act on stress, they can get a ticket.

“That’s a hard way to start the holiday weekend,” said Col. Jerry Jones with Maryland Transportation Authority police.

Maryland Transportation Authority police will join other agencies in looking for aggressive driving during Memorial Day weekend, which given the traffic projections won’t be hard to find.

“We’ll be targeting drivers in unsafe lane changing, following too closely and just being impatient and trying to get into the cue of cars going east. We want everyone to give plenty of room to one another,” Jones said.


Troopers Arrest Seaford Teen after Short Pursuit

Seaford, DE - The Delaware State Police have arrested a 15-year-old Seaford teen for theft and drugs after he led troopers on a short pursuit.

The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday May 25, 2016, as a two person state police patrol unit was driving northbound on Coverdale Road and observed a vehicle traveling southbound above the posted speed limit. As the troopers turned around to attempt to stop the car, it accelerated away and turned right onto Hasting Farms Road. The car continued through the stop sign at Old Furnace Road, with the state troopers actively pursuing, and then turned westbound on Middleford Road where it came to a stop outside of the Middleford Deli.

As the troopers exited the patrol vehicle and began to approach the 2003 BMW 525, the operator pulled the car away and began fleeing at a high rate of speed toward Sussex Highway. The troopers followed the vehicle with their lights and sirens activated and as they approached Sussex Highway (US13), the suspect vehicle began to pass westbound traffic on right shoulder that was stopped for the red signal light. The BMW entered into the intersection where it collided with the rear of a northbound 2016 Nissan Sentra being operated by a 23-year-old female from Belmont, New Hampshire. The Nissan then struck the rear of a northbound 2010 Dodge Ram pickup truck being operated by a 53-year-old female from Goldsboro, Maryland. Both of those vehicles were able to come to a stop after colliding with one another.

The operator of the BMW, who was identified as Dinzel N. Baynard, 15 of Seaford, was taken into custody, without further incident, after his vehicle became disabled in the crash. Upon searching him, troopers located 73 bags of heroin weighing 1.095 grams, 1.26 grams of marijuana, and over $570.00 in suspected drug proceeds. It was later determined through the investigation that the BMW he was operating was stolen from a residence in Dove Estates in Seaford earlier that day.

Baynard was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin, Possession of Heroin, Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Disregarding a Police Officer’s Signal, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest, four counts of Reckless Endangering, Criminal Mischief, and various other traffic related offenses. He was arraigned at JP2 and committed to Stevenson House Detention Center in Milford on $21,700.00 secured bond.

The operators of the two other vehicles each had a passenger in their vehicles, all which were uninjured in the crash.

Upstairs, Downstairs and on the Lawn at Pemberton Hall event showcases building’s second-level restoration

Salisbury, MD – Visitors can tour the second floor of Pemberton Hall and enjoy refreshments and games during Upstairs, Downstairs and on the Lawn at Pemberton Hall on Sunday, June 5.

The free event, hosted by Pemberton Hall, is open to the public and runs from 2-4 p.m.

It’s being held to celebrate the restoration of the upstairs bed chamber. The room features a ceiling-attached built-in bed tester frame and is considered the only surviving example of such a frame still existing on its original site in the United States.

Along with the bed chamber unveiling, the event includes tours, refreshments and 18th-century children’s games on the lawn.

Pemberton Hall is located within Pemberton Historical Park, at 5561 Plantation Lane in Salisbury.

For more information, contact Priscilla Timken at 443-244-2784 or

How much money did you earn from April, 2013 to March, 2015?

Out of the 92, only about 5 or 6 are less than $225,000.00. Here's The List of 92 Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street BETWEEN 2013 and 2015!
The media’s going nuts that Hillary Clinton took three big paychecks for three speeches at Goldman Sachs. At $225,000 a pop that’s pretty good scratch – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

She’s been very, very busy, raking in millions in a three-year stretch since she left her post as the Secretary of State.
Her defense? It varies from “It’s what they offered me” to the hilarious “I happen to think we need more conversations about what’s going on in the world.” Pricey “conversations” indeed.

Here’s a list of the 92 “conversations” that Clinton has had in just the past three years.
The total: $21.7 million.

She’s been very, very busy. What did Hillary promise in all these Speeches?

What was her advice to Deutche Bank, Cisco and the Council of Insurance Agents? What did she tell

Or the “American Camping Association” and why on earth would the American Camping Association pay $260,000 to hear from

Has she ever been camping?
We may never know because she refuses to tell us.

What Hillary discloses to us peasants is on a “need to know” basis only. And we all know she wouldn't lie.

Report: State Dept. watchdog concludes Clinton broke federal records rules

An audit by the State Department inspector general has concluded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated her agency's own records policy by withholding all of her government-related communications.

"Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records ... because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act," the watchdog report said, according to an excerpt in Politico.

Read the full story here.

Subject: How 'Black Lives Matter' is killing Americans

BUSTED! Katie Couric Caught Lying to the American People!

Liberals swear they want to have a reasonable conversation about guns. It turns out, all they're interested in is trying to make responsible gun owners look like fools. As the Washington Free Beacon notes:

The makers of a new Katie Couric documentary on gun violence deceptively edited an interview between Couric and a group of gun rights activists in an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists, an audio recording of the full interview shows.

At the 21:48 mark of Under the Gun a scene of Katie Couric interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights organization, is shown.

Couric can be heard in the interview asking activists from the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

The documentary then shows the activists sitting silently for nine awkward seconds, unable to provide an answer. It then cuts to the next scene.

However, raw audio of the interview between Katie Couric and the activists provided to theWashington Free Beacon shows the scene was deceptively edited. Instead of silence, Couric’s question is met immediately with answers from the activists. A back and forth between a number of the league’s members and Couric over the issue of background checks proceeds for more than four minutes after the original question is asked.

A liberal's entire worldview when it comes to guns is premised on the notion that gun owners are irresponsible, trigger happy menaces to society who leave firearms lying around willy nilly so that their children can find them. These afterschool special level histrionics drive all liberal gun control campaigns, in the absence of any sort of real inquiry.

So instead of hearing out gun owners and presenting them as the reasonable people they are, Couric, a journalist, engaged in creative editing in order to perpetuate an absurd myth. As Charles Cooke of the National Review notes:

Let’s be clear, here: This is lying. It is dishonesty. It is, in a disfavored word, propaganda. It is also typical. I am frequently struck by how quickly opponents of the Second Amendment resort to mendacity, conflation, and hyperbole, and this incident serves as no exception. This, I suppose, should not surprise, for such behavior is the product of intellectual and moral weakness, and the gun control movement is nothing if not intellectually and morally weak. Those who are comfortable in their arguments do not need to dissemble. Those who have the facts on their side do not need to play games. Those who are capable of debating cogently do not need to silence their opponents, nor to use trickery to make their critics look stupid. Katie Couric is not comfortable, factual, or capable.

Source: AAN

Top Conservatives Demand Hearings on IRS Privacy Allegations

As if the IRS isn’t facing enough scrutiny, a dream team of conservative leaders is calling for congressional hearings into whether the IRS and the Obama administration allowed two state attorneys general to target non-profit organizations by requiring disclosure of their donor lists in return for permission to solicit donations in their respective states.

They charge coercing donors lists are a violation of First Amendment liberties, and violate strict federal statutes that protect the confidentiality of certain portions of nonprofit organizations’ tax filings.

A who’s who list of 104 top conservatives signed the letter, which is dated May 19 and addressed to House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

The letter alleges "serious violations and evasions of the Internal Revenue Code" by California Attorney General Kamala Harris and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.


REMINDER: Willards VFC Carry Out Dinners Friday May 27 2016

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Clinton Releases Plan to Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days

Professional Republicans in the #NeverTrump movement continue to oppose the presumptive nominee selected by the GOP electorate and are now floating strategies to throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

However, an examination of Clinton’s campaign promises reveals that Republicans who are willing to thwart Trump in favor of Clinton will be complicit in electing a President who would seek to bring about the complete and, possibly irreversible, dissolution of our nation’s borders.

A review of Clinton’s stated positions on the issue suggests she is perhaps the most extreme candidate on immigration ever to run for the office of the U.S. Presidency. Her views place her even further outside the mainstream of the American electorate than President Barack Obama, who systematically dismantled U.S. immigration law during his two terms in office.

Below are just a few of the extreme immigration positions held by Clinton.


Fake Guns Are A Real Problem For Law Enforcement, Police Say

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Just after 4 p.m. on April 27, a 13-year-old took off running through the streets of Southeast Baltimore after police spotted him with a gun.

A foot chase began, and when he didn’t drop his weapon, an officer shot him.

It was a bloody scene outside the McKim Community Center, and the teen’s gun lay in the middle of the street.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t a real gun. It was a replica. A dead ringer for a real Beretta handgun, yes, but it doesn’t fire bullets.

It’s supposed to have an orange tip to show that it’s fake, but it was painted over.


Md. animal cruelty case exposes need for more scrutiny on rescue groups

WASHINGTON — She was running a rescue operation that claimed it was “helping dogs in high-kill shelters escape death and find loving forever homes.”

But now Katherine Ting Tiong, 47, of Rockville faces sentencing on 66 counts of animal cruelty.

The case raises questions about dog rescue operations: How can a potential adopter be sure that the dog they hope to bring home is coming from a responsible rescue group that is giving each dog adequate care?

“There are very few laws in any state that actually describe what a rescue group is or hold them to any standards,” said Cory Smith, director of public policy at the Humane Society of the United States.

Smith said there is little oversight over rescue groups, which tend to be volunteer-run organizations.


Quantico Creek Road project

A update on the Quantico Creek Road project is the diversion pipe in is place and the water is being pumped so as to be able to set the new pipes. During the placing of the pipes concrete will need to be poured. All of this work is being done under best management practices being mindful of sediment runoff. It appears with the holiday on Monday, it will likely to be Tuesday before the road is partially opened. We will keep you informed as this work continues. As always, I am grateful for your patience during this work in progress.

Curing Our Coast: Community Rallies Together To Talk Drug Addiction; New Group Pledges To Remain Active With Sharp Focus

BERLIN — A community coming to grips with the harsh realities of heroin and opiate addiction came together in a big way on Tuesday night and became local warriors fighting side by side against America’s greatest epidemic.

“I don’t want to hear about one more child dying from heroin abuse,” said Jackie Ball, one of the lead organizers of the Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction group, “and no one else in this room does either.”

In just the group’s second official meeting, around 200 people packed into the OC Worship Center just outside Berlin to listen, to learn, to talk and to lean on one another.

There were many tears. There were long and heartfelt hugs. There were bone chilling personal stories from audience members, and there were former addicts in the crowd who stood up as a living testimony that there is hope and the disease of addiction does have a cure.

“I have been in those shoes before,” said Corey Hassett, a former heroin addict from the area who is now a counselor in Florida for Amethyst Recovery Center. “My parents were completely blind to the treatment options available here for their son who was shooting heroin in their basement.”

Yet, if making people realize the entire scope of this terrifying issue was the goal of this gathering, it was as comprehensive as it was inspiring as representatives from all corners of the county took turns on the microphone loudly proclaiming their intent and their role in stopping the spread of heroin addiction in our community.


Department of Justice audit clears Pocomoke City Police

In the wake of the dismissal of former Police Chief Kelvin Sewell, a routine audit conducted by the Department of Justice looking into how particular grant funds were dispersed became more than it was, according to City Manager/Attorney Ernie Crofoot.

Crofoot’s tenure began after the July firing of Sewell. The former City Manager of Pocomoke for 40 years, Russ Blake, retired shortly after the dismissal.

“Like so many things, it was misunderstood. It was branded as a ‘DOJ investigation’ with the idea being we did something wrong,” Crofoot said. “We could have done some things better or differently, but this was not an investigation.”

The letter, received by the town earlier this year, makes no mention of Sewell but does exonerate the town from any wrongdoing with regards to a Community Oriented Policing Services grant awarded in 2011 and intended to cover the cost of a single officer for three years.

“The COPS office has completed its review of this matter and has determined that while the City should have requested a grant award modification … to reflect actual salary and benefits costs paid … the City’s actions substantially complied with the Federal regulations, terms and conditions of the grant program,” the determination letter reads.

The letter was signed by Nakita Miller, grant monitoring specialist, and Marsha Samuels Campbell, assistant director of the grant-monitoring program at the DOJ. 


Sad, But True...

Atheist Loses Lawsuit Against Church

Atheist activist Patrick Greene lost his lawsuit Tuesday against Abundant Life Fellowship Church in Corpus Christi, Texas—a church represented by First Liberty Institute—admitting that his lawsuit was “baseless,” and submitting to a court order never to bring such a frivolous lawsuit in the future.

Updating Breitbart Texas’ report by Lana Shadwick on Monday about Greene’s suing Abundant Life Fellowship when Pastor Rick Milby started building a 230-foot cross on his church’s property. Greene’s lawsuit claims that a church’s erecting of a cross on private property is unconstitutional because a local mayor and city council members attended the church’s groundbreaking ceremony.

As detailed in the previous report, Greene has a record of repeatedly bringing lawsuits that many consider “vexatious,” meaning predatory lawsuits that have no merit, but are designed to threaten and harass defendants into abandoning actions that are perfectly legal in order to avoid or end the lawsuit.

Jeremy Dys, senior counsel at First Liberty, added, “Today’s outcome should send a clear message to anti-religious freedom activists everywhere: if you abuse the legal system by suing people simply because you don’t like how they exercise their religion, there will be legal consequences.”

More here

Paul Nehlen Blasts Speaker Ryan as Obama’s ‘Primary Enabler in Congress’

Paul Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen blasted the current Speaker of the House when speaking to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon Wednesday, saying, “Paul Ryan is President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s primary enabler in Congress. He is absolutely championing President Obama’s second term initiatives.”

“I can’t stand by and watch Paul Ryan burn it down,” he added.

Nehlen, whose campaign website is here, cited amnesty, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and criminal justice reforms as examples. “Paul Ryan is championing those,” he said. He also questioned Ryan’s efforts in rushing through a rescue package for Puerto Rico, citing specifics included in a Breitbart News item on the topic: “Ryan Puerto Rico ‘Rescue’ Bill Could Be Windfall for Hedge Funds”:

In a very narrow sense of the word, the rescue bill isn’t a “bailout.” There is no large check from the US Treasury going to Puerto Rico to help pay off creditors. The legislation, however, would save some individuals and entities from bearing the full costs of past decisions. Moreover, whatever one calls the special legislation being rushed through Congress, it will provide a quick windfall for many, currently unknown, hedge funds.


11 States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Directive

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas and 10 other states are suing the Obama administration over a new directive about transgender students in public schools.

The lawsuit announced Tuesday also includes Oklahoma, Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, Louisiana, Utah, Arizona and Georgia. The challenge follows a federal directive to U.S. schools this month to let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity.

Conservative states had vowed defiance since the Justice Department handed down the guidance. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said “there is no room in our schools for discrimination.”

The lawsuit accuses the Obama administration of “running roughshod over commonsense policies” that protect children. It asks a judge to declare the directive unlawful.


Tea Party Congressman Destroys the IRS

Congress vs. the IRS vs. you

When two countries go to war, the citizen-taxpayers supply both the funds and the bodies to pursue it. The residents of Lower Slobovi fund their military’s just and valiant efforts. The taxpayers of Upper Mandiville support their brave, and equally just, warriors.

The narrative in wars is nearly always the same. The other guy started it. And the winner writes the official history.

In the case of the war between the IRS and House Republicans, the taxpayers of the same country — as in where you live, work and pay taxes — are paying both sides. And getting the shaft in the process. And losing money both in taxes and services.

Congress writes tax law. The IRS carries out our incredibly complicated and loophole-filled tax code. This one is a war between the people (the House and Senate) who oversee and fund (sometimes, with your money) the agency that collects the money in the form of income and corporate taxes. Your wallet and purse make it all possible.

House Republicans believe that certain partisan high-level IRS officials operated a system that made it very difficult for conservative groups to get special tax breaks that have been approved for other political organizations. They believe that it was folks in high places in Washington — not lesser brass in the Cincinnati regional office — that approved the road blocks for conservative groups and Tea Party affiliates. They believe top officials covered up the system and withheld emails that would have been the smoking-gun evidence.


New NRA Charlie Daniels Commercial

Maryland bees dying in unprecedented numbers

Beekeepers blame commonly used household pesticide

BALTIMORE —Maryland bees are dying in unprecedented numbers and one of the reasons may be found inside your home.

If the trend continues, experts say it will have a staggering impact on food and prices.

Bees making honey are essential to the food supply. Some scientists estimate one out of every three bites of food humans eat exists because of pollinators such as honey bees.

"If we like apples, if we like pears, if we like tomatoes, if we like cucumbers, all these types of crops 100 percent rely on pollinators to pollinate them," said Bill Castro, an urban beekeeper.

But the pollinators are dying in dangerously large numbers, and some say that poses a threat to the entire food chain.

Blake Shelton Trying Sushi for the 1st Time With Jimmy Fallon


Off-duty Coast Guardsman takes life-saving action in Beaufort, NC

Five women, all senior citizens, gathered for a photo on a pier outside a waterfront restaurant in Beaufort, North Carolina, on the evening of May 11. Without warning, the pier collapsed, plunging them all into Taylor’s Creek eight feet below. Surrounded by oyster beds and wooden pilings, the women clung to the collapsed structure in water too deep for them to stand.

Among the five lifelong friends, Kay Cochron of Albemarle was the greatest cause for concern. She’d suffered heart problems in the past, and the others began to panic as they treaded water and worked together to keep her afloat.

An off-duty Coast Guardsman, Fireman James D. Sanders, Jr., of Wedowee, Alabama, was eating dinner with his girlfriend at the same restaurant, and witnessed the alarming event. Without hesitation, he sprung into action.

"After the pier collapsed, for a moment we all went completely underwater,” said Cochron. “When we came up, a young gentleman climbed over the restaurant’s deck railing and jumped in.”

Chicken Barbecue Friday May 27th 2016

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Ruh Roh.. Koran's Reward of 72 Virgins a Bad Translation

The Koran's promise to Islamic jihadists of a heavenly reward of 72 virgins actually mis-translates the word for "raisins," a Canadian scholar asserts — a startling declaration that's fueling a twitter storm.

A CNN special that debuted Tuesday, "Why They Hate Us," hosted by Fareed Zakaria, tries to explain the roots of radical Islam, and includes the revelation from Canadian academic Irshad Manji.

Islamic jihadis expecting 72 virgins in paradise will be surprised, according to @irshadmanji. #WhyTheyHateUs
— Fareed Zakaria (@FareedZakaria) May 24, 2016

When Zakaria asks Manji about the promise in the Koran that a martyr in the name of Islam is rewarded with 72 virgins, Manji just smiles and shakes her head.

"The word for virgin has been mis-translated," she maintains. "Martyrs would get raisins in heaven, not virgins."

The Independent Journal Review notes dried fruit is a great delicacy in the Middle East, with the fig, for example, serving an important item in Muslim culture.

More here