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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joe Albero, G.A. Harrison, Jim Ireton & Barrie Tilghman On The Don Rush Radio Show

The link above will take you right to a link to listen to the show that aired this morning. Good, bad or indifferent, we'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Why Do So Many Servicemembers Not Receive Mortgage Protections They Have Legal Right To?

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) includes a number of protections for members of the armed forces who took out a mortgage before going on active duty. But as we have learned in recent years, there are at least 15,000 instances where banks failed to follow those guidelines -- and hundreds -- perhaps thousands of times where lenders have illegally foreclosed on servicemembers homes.


Bar Owner Buys Entire Texas Town, Renames It “Bikinis, TX”

The man behind the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill chain of eateries -- so named for its servers' barely-there attire -- has purchased an entire abandoned town off Craigslist and named it after the restaurant, all with the goal of transforming the ghost town into a tourist destination.

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Maryland Outlines $14M in Alcohol Tax Revenue For Health Programs

Maryland health department leaders on Wednesday detailed the long-term care programs that will benefit from $14 million, a portion of revenue generated by the alcohol tax increase that went live last year.

Two programs that provide at-home health services to adults with disabilities and seniors will be able to serve an additional 480 people. The Living at Home and Older Adults waiver programs each will receive $4.5 million in fiscal 2013 from the alcohol tax. An additional $2.3 million will go toward rate increases for health care professionals who serve clients at home. The remaining money will be put toward ensuring the existing waivers are being used and improving case management services for participants of the older adult program.


Michelle Obama’s February trip to Aspen with her daughters was described as “low-key  ” at the time, possibly because it was her 16th vacation   in three years, according to reports.
Here is what the Aspen Daily News   related at the time, via USA Today  :
Several people have known about the “low-key” vacation, with the Secret Service in town for the past few days scoping out places for the family to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer.
Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo confirmed that he has met with the Secret Service and has loaned seven deputies to help protect the first lady and her family.


As the Obama campaign and the media continue to press Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, and to suggest--without a shred of evidence--that he is a “felon,” it is worth noting how much critical information Barack Obama has withheld from view--both as a candidate in 2008, and during his term in office. Here is a Breitbart News top ten list of things that Obama has refused to release (a complete list would fill volumes):


10. State senate papers. In the 2008 primary, Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for not releasing papers from her eight years as First Lady--but failed to produce   any papers from his eight years in Springfield. “They could have been thrown out  ,” he said.
9. Academic transcripts. His supposed academic brilliance was a major selling point, but Obama (by his own admission) was a mediocre student. His GPA at Occidental was aB-plus at best, and his entering class at Columbia was weak. Can he prove his merit?




Two police departments, a helicopter and dozens of cruisers were hot on the trail of a stolen Chevy Camaro speeding through Illinois. But it wasn’t their efforts that ultimately stopped the renegade vehicle. It was OnStar.
The General Motors’ subscription-based service, which is often used to alert first responders to accidents or even let family members see where the car is driving, has the ability to shut down OnStar-enabled vehicles. This is just what was done to Brandon Holme’s car that was stolen from a West Dundee gas station   and taken on a 40-mile, high-speed chase, according to Chicago’s CBS Local.


It's a shame Jon Lovitz no longer toils on behalf of NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

Lovitz could teach his fellow cast mates how to make fun of a sitting president, something they apparently aren't too keen on doing since January 2009.
The "SNL" alum made headlines earlier this year when he called out President Barack Obama for his anti-wealthy rhetoric, making him that rare comic eager to hold the Commander in Chief comedically accountable for his actions.



Compton, Calif., has until September 1st to decide whether it will become the fourth city in the Golden State to declare or consider bankruptcy this year, according to two city officials.
“I have $3 million in the bank and $5 million in warrants due in the next 10 to 12 days,” said city treasurer Doug Sanders. “By then, the council will have a decision to make: don’t pay the bonds, default on them, or have a serious talk about bankruptcy.”
And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The city’s finances have been a mess for a while now.

Things In Slow Motion

Obama Administration Way Behind Predecessors on Free-trade Agreements

The free-trade consensus of the previous two decades has frayed under President Obama, and while he has pushed through some low-level agreements, he has fallen far short of his predecessors on this key driver of the nation’s economy, and analysts say the U.S. is lagging behind many of its chief competitors.
Last fall, Mr. Obama pushed through Congress and signed trade deals with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, but the agreements were negotiated primarily under President George W. Bush, and scholars give Mr. Bush credit for them.
Mr. Obama’s chief accomplishment is continuing talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership — entering a 14th round of negotiations — which would be historic when, or if, it is completed. But the deal is moving slowly, and Mr. Obama’s continued participation has provoked concern among many of his staunchest Democratic allies in Congress and labor unions.

Bank Contractors Break Into Occupied Homes, Terrify Residents, Lawsuits Say

It usually happens when homeowners are at work or out of town.
In Clawson, Mich., Nancy Cox returned home to find her possessions in the front yard, smashed with a sledgehammer, and a chalk drawing of a clown face on her garage with the tagline, "another job well done."
For Kenneth and Margaret Karpa in Pittsburgh, china and photos of their daughter were damaged. Missing belongings included a coin collection and the family cat.
In Kansas City, Allen Danforth discovered


Surge in Heroin Moves to Suburbs

Heroin has become the deadly crest of a wave of addictive drug use in communities around the country.
With addicts desperate for a cheaper high than prescription drugs or seeking a more powerful fix, experts are seeing heroin addiction treatment admissions, overdoses and fatalities rising in nearly every region, including areas where the drug has seldom been seen before.
In Ohio, state officials say drug overdoses from heroin increased 25 percent between 2008 and 2009, and are continuing to rise.

2012-2013 Delaware Hunting And Trapping Guide Available Now Online And At License Dealers Statewide

DOVER - The 2012-2013 Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide is hot off the press and available now at hunting license dealers statewide as well as online, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife announced today. This latest edition continues last season’s glossy new look, with additional features including articles about Delaware wildlife.


Rick Perry Says Eric Holder 'Poll Tax' Comments Aimed To 'Incite Racial Tension,' Asks For Obama Apology

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that Attorney General Eric Holder's remarks last week calling his state's voter ID laws "poll taxes" were an attempt to incite racial tension and called on President Barack Obama to repudiate them.
"In labeling the Texas voter ID law as a 'poll tax,' Eric Holder purposefully used language designed to inflame passions and incite racial tension," Perry wrote in a statement  . "It was not only inappropriate, but simply incorrect on its face."
The Republican governor called the law "common sense" and said the president should apologize for Holder's insulting comments.

Interest Rate-Fixing Scandal Swindles Baltimore, Other Municipalities Out Of Millions Of Dollars

NOAH GIMBEL: I'm standing in front of the headquarters of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, DC, where administrators have recently announced a new round of fare increases following a massive 2010 hike that pushed rates up as much as 33%. Similar stories abound throughout the country - from Boston to San Jose, New York to San Francisco. In 2011, rate hikes cost DC public transport riders over $109 million, and much of that money is going straight to major Wall Street banks. But only recently have observers begun to find out why. According to a recent report from the Refund Transit Coalition, more than 100 government units nationwide - transit agencies, pension funds, and municipalities - are currently tied into more than 1,100 different debt-swap-deals with major banks. And a large portion of those deals pegged the interest rates paid out to public-sector investors to the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor. Ongoing investigations into Barclays and other major financial institutions have found that banks conspired to manipulate Libor as far back as 2005, resulting in massive profits for some insider-traders and massive losses for thousands of investors around the world.The city of Baltimore is taking all 19 of the banks responsible for setting Libor to court, alleging that the suppression of Libor lost the city millions on its debt-swapping agreements.To explain how these agreements work, the Real News spoke with Peter Shapiro, head of the Swap Financial Group. His firm is the leading swap advisory firm in the country, and has had the city of Baltimore as a client for about a decade.

SHAPIRO: Public agencies in the US, one of their responsibilities is building and maintaining infrastructure. Whether we're talking about a city government like Baltimore, or a transportation agency or an airport authority, they all have big capital plants. They borrow all the time, the cost of capital, the cost of borrowing, is a big ingredient in their cost. They could borrow using conventional fixed-rate bonds, by issuing normal municipal bonds, tax-exempt bonds, at one rate, or they could use a swap to produce a significantly lower rate in most markets. Most big cities that do swaps, which is probably 75% of them, have swap advisors, and we advise most of the very biggest cities, the ones that are bigger than Bmore - NY, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia are all customers.Here's how it works - instead of issuing normal fixed-rate bonds, they issue floating-rate bonds. Those floating-rate bonds are bought by investors who eagerly gobble them up, and they receive a floating rate of interest from the city, and that obligation from the city is directly to the bondholders, it's an absolute pledge. The swap is separate from that. They enter into a separate agreement, a swap agreement, with a bank. It has nothing to do with the obligation they have with the bondholders, except it helps to convert the financial obligation they have to live with from a floating rate into a fixed rate. They don't really want to be on the hook for a floating rate because they're volatile - they go up and down unpredictably. They'd prefer to be in fixed-rate form, but they want to do it cheaper. By entering into the swap, the bank will pay them a floating rate, and that floating rate can be used to offset the floating rate they have to pay to the bondholders. And in return for getting that floating rate from the bank, they pay the bank extra. Think of it as three flows: a floating rate paid by the city to bondholders, a floating rate received from the bank on the swap, and a floating rate paid to the bank on the swap. If you have two floating rates - one in, one out - they're supposed to neutralize each other, and what you're left with is the fixed rate. And that fixed rate is typically 50-100 basis points lower than the fixed rate they'd be paying in the conventional fixed-rate bond market.


400 Acres of Thurmont Land Sold

THURMONT -- The sale of more than 400 acres was approved Tuesday night by town officials.

The vote was 3-2, with Mayor Martin Burns and Commissioner Ron Terpko voting against the sale.

The mayor said he had been in favor of the sale, noting the town can use the money for capital projects at the water department.

"I have concerns," Burns said, "such as where does the state come up with $1.4 million when the state is supposed to be broke?"


BREAKING NEWS: Fort Hood Massacre Findings Revealed

Investigation into Fort Hood massacre recommends procedural changes at FBI but no disciplinary action, according to report obtained by Fox News

Environmental Disasters?

Oil drilling in the Arctic is set to begin in the next three weeks, despite warnings from scientists that it could lead to unprecedented environmental disasters. On Monday, activists with Greenpeace rallied across Europe, in the U.K, Denmark, and Germany, to protest future Arctic drilling plans. As many as 77 Shell gas stations were shut down, mostly in London. As one Greenpeace's Lead Arctic Campaigner, Jackie Dragon, said, "Shell can't keep its drill rig under control in a protected harbor, so what will happen when it faces 20 foot swells and sea ice while drilling in the Arctic?...Shell cannot be trusted, and President Obama should not let its Arctic drilling program move forward." The United States is currently in the midst of the worst-drought it's seen in over 50 years, on the heels of extreme heat and freak weather. If we let the oil barons get away with turning the Arctic into their latest Gulf Coast – we do so at our own peril.

U.S. Drought Means Wilting Crops, Higher Food Prices; Officials Pray For Rain

Oppressive heat and a worsening drought in the U.S. Midwest pushed grain prices near or past records on Wednesday as crops wilted, cities baked and concerns grew about food and fuel price inflation in the world's top food exporter.

Soybean prices at the Chicago Board of Trade set a record high and corn closed near a record as millions of acres of crops seared in triple-digit heat in the Corn Belt. Corn fields have been plowed up in many locations for lack of rain. Now soybeans, which develop later than corn, are in the bull's eye.


Here's A Tale Of Two Visions For American Education

Today, President Obama unveiled a one billion dollar plan to increase American achievement in science, technology, and math. The program hinges on rewarding high-quality teachers with salary bonuses, and hiring more teachers to close the education gap between American students and their foreign peers. On the other side, Republicans have just released their vision for American education. Reviewing House Republicans funding bill for the Department of Education, Republicans have slashed funding for a program to turn-around low-performing schools, and eliminated funding for President Obama's top education reform imitative, "Race to the Top." Meanwhile, House Republicans have quadrupled funding for abstinence-only education – something that study after study has proven doesn't work. So while President Obama wants kids to learn more about math and science, Republicans want kids to learn about how bad sex is. So much for preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future. Then again, the Republican future might be one filled with "sex police" patrolling our streets like in Saudi Arabia.

Congressmen: ATF Whistle Blowers Receive ‘Ominous Message’ From ATF Head

Whistle blowers blew the lid off Operation Fast and Furious, but  the new head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)  warned staff that they would face “consequences” if they did not “find appropriate ways to raise [their] concerns to [their] leadership.”
“[I]f you don’t respect the chain of command, if you don’t find the appropriate ways to raise your concerns to your leadership, there will be consequences,” Acting ATF director Todd Jones, who was appointed in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious, said in a “changecast” video message broadcast to ATF staff. “I wanted to make this very clear to everyone as we turn the page with our first set of changecasts.”

Walmart Heirs Have More Wealth Than 41 Percent Of American Families

The heirs of the Wal Mart fortune – the Walton family – have gotten a lot wealthier since the Bush recession began in 2007, while the rest of us have gotten a lot poorer. According to data from the Federal Reserve, median family wealth in America dropped by nearly 40% between 2007 and 2010. But, during that same, the wealth of the Walton family increased 22% to nearly $90 billion. So now, the six Walton heirs have more wealth than 48 million American families – or more than 41% of all American families – COMBINED. And yet, despite the incredible wealth disparity – Republicans in Congress are pushing for even more tax breaks for the Wal Mart heirs – and other millionaires and billionaires who fund Republican candidates. This is a make-or-break moment for the American middle class, as Democrats try to extend tax cuts for working Americans, while cutting them off for the Walton heirs. We'll see if Republicans go along with this common sense solution, or if they hold the middle class hostage so that their billionaire buddies can hoard even more wealth. Stay tuned.

Fox News poll: Voters Pick Condi Rice as Romney Running Mate

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the top choice as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate among both American voters overall as well as among Republicans.  
Thirty percent of voters would like to see Rice on the ticket with Romney, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.  
She receives the same level of support among Republicans -- 30 percent select her as their top choice for Romney’s running mate. 

Boy Scouts, After Secret Review, Reaffirms Ban On Gays

HOUSTON — The Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday reaffirmed the organization's policy of excluding gays, despite recent protest campaigns by members, including some of the group's board.

The announcement came after a confidential two-year review by an 11-member special committee formed by Scout leaders in 2010, a spokesman said.

Spokesman Deron Smith, based at the Boy Scouts' headquarters outside Dallas, declined to identify members of the committee, but said in a statement sent to the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that they represented "a diversity of perspectives and opinions."

According to the statement, the special committee "came to the conclusion that this policy is absolutely the best policy for the Boy Scouts."

"The review included forthright and candid conversation and extensive research and evaluations - both from within Scouting and from outside of the organization," the statement said.

The special committee included professional Boy Scouts executives and adult volunteers, according to the statement, and was unanimous in its recommendation to preserve scouting's long-standing policy, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000.

As a result of the committee's recommendation, the Boy Scouts' executive board will take no further action on a recently submitted resolution asking for reconsideration of the membership policy, according to the statement.



(Berlin, MD) – Maryland State Police are on the scene of a plane crash at Bunting Airport in Worcester County, which has claimed the life of one individual.

The victim is identified as the pilot and is believed to be the sole occupant of the plane at the time of the crash. The pilot’s identity will not be released pending notification of the next of kin. The plane is identified as a Piper Super Cub.

At approximately 10:50 a.m. today, troopers from the Berlin Barrack responded to Bunting Airport on Carey Road, in Berlin, Maryland, after receiving 9-1-1 calls reporting the crash. Witnesses reported the plane appeared to be having engine trouble after dropping an advertising banner. Witnesses also informed police that the aircraft’s wing appeared to have struck a large tree before crashing to the ground.

State Police have notified officials with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration. The investigation continues…

Abortion Banned After 20 Weeks in D.C.

A ban on abortions in D.C. after 20 weeks of pregnancy passed the House Judiciary Committee 18-14 Wednesday afternoon.

The House Judiciary Committee had planned to vote on the bill last week but didn't take it up because of a crowded agenda.



Federal Judge Paves Way for Tennessee Mosque to Open for Ramadan

A federal judge's ruling Wednesday cleared the way for a controversial mosque in Tennessee to open in time for the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

County officials must conduct a final building inspection at the mosque in Murfreesboro, near Nashville, U.S. District Judge Todd J. Campbell said in a temporary restraining order.

The order will allow the mosque to complete the inspection process so it can use its building in time for the religious holiday of Ramadan, which starts at sunset Thursday, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty said in a statement.


You'll Enjoy This

Republicans Back Clinton Welfare Rule

The White House rejected charges Wednesday that President Obama is trying to gut work requirements in the landmark 1996 welfare reform law, and accused Republicans, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, of “flip-flopping” on the need to give states flexibility in implementing the law.
“This administration in no way supports any effort to undermine the work requirements that were fundamental to the welfare reform act signed into law by President Bill Clinton,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney. “Those requirements are fundamental to the gains made in the past 15 years in moving people from welfare to work.”


JULY 23, 2012 6:00 p.m.
Government Office Building Room 301
Times shown for agenda items are estimates only.
6:00 p.m. CALL TO ORDER
6:08 p.m. CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION – Mayor James P. Ireton, Jr.
 Red, White, and Boom Fireworks
6:20 p.m. CONSENT AGENDA – City Clerk Kim Nichols
 Resolution No. 2177 - approving the re-appointment of Marshall Zugehar to
the Central City District Commission
 Resolution No. 2178 - approving the appointment of Darren Lumpkin to the City Park Committee
 Resolution No. 2179 - approving the appointment of Brad Bellacicco to GASB45 Trust
 Resolution No. 2180 - extending the acting status of Acting Fire Chief Rick Hoppes until a permanent Fire Chief is appointed
 Resolution No. 2181 - extending the acting status of Acting Deputy Fire Chief John Tull until a permanent Deputy Fire Chief is appointed
 Manufacturing exemption request – DiCarlo Precision Instrument
6:30 p.m. AWARD OF BIDS – Assistant Internal Services Director-Procurement Catrice Parsons
 Award recommendation – Contract 12-12 - Cable Franchise Negotiations
 Award recommendation – Renewal Contract A-03-12
6:50 p.m. ORDINANCES – City Attorney Mark Tilghman
 Ordinance No. 2208 – 2nd reading – pursuant to Chapter 17.228 of Title 17, Zoning of the Salisbury Municipal Code and Section 4.04 of Article 66B of the Annotated Code of Maryland, and Article VI, Board of Zoning Appeals for the purpose of amending Section 17.12.090, adding Section 17.12.111, and amending Section 17.12.120, Board of Zoning Appeals procedure
 Ordinance No. 2209 – 2nd reading – to authorize the operation of a day care center at 217 Beaglin Park Drive in a Light Business and Institutional District as required by Section 17.28.040B of the Salisbury Municipal Code
 Ordinance No. 2210 – 2nd reading – FY2013 budget amendment to appropriate funds for the renegotiation of the City’s cable franchise agreement
 Ordinance No. 2211 – 2nd reading – to repeal and reenact Chapter 2.04 – Ethics to comply with Maryland Code requirements for Ethics Legislation relating to the Ethics Commission, Conflicts of Interest, Financial Disclosure, Lobbying, Exemptions and Modifications, and Enforcement
 Ordinance No. 2212 – 2nd reading – FY2013 budget amendment to provide the funds for the continued acquisition of Comcate licensing
 Ordinance No. 2213 – 1st reading – adjusting the capacity unit fee in accordance with Chapter 13.02 of the city code
 Ordinance No. 2214 – 1st reading – approving an amendment of the city code to revise the scheduled dates for submission of a draft comprehensive connection charge structure to Council and adoption of same

Two Suspects In June Counterfeit Case Charged

On June 17, 2012, at approximately 1 a.m., Ocean City Police were in the area of 17th Street and Philadelphia Avenue when an employee of a nearby business told officers that someone had just attempted to pass a $20 counterfeit bill. Officers, who met with the employees and reviewed surveillance images of the incident, identified the suspect as Christopher Dale Miller, 28, of Berlin.

Ocean City Police received numerous calls from businesses over the course of the investigation regarding counterfeit currency being passed. Investigators, who identified Miller from the initial incident, linked him to the additional cases involving counterfeit currency. In addition, detectives identified a second suspect involved as Kevin Michael McCarthy Jr., 27, of Ocean City. In all, approximately 31 counterfeit $20 bills were recovered and eight businesses were victimized.

Miller and McCarthy were charged with multiple counts of issuing and manufacturing counterfeit currency and theft. Miller was arrested and charged through a warrant on June 20, 2012. He was seen for an initial appearance by a District Court Commissioner for and then transferred to Worcester County Jail on a $25,000 bond. McCarthy was charged on a warrant on July 16, 2012 and has not yet been apprehended by police.


"I am not reinventing the wheel, I'm simply inflating it with air".

Joe Albero

Today's Fill In The Blank 7-19-12

I wish I could be ___ years old again.

Calling On All Albero For Mayor Tee Shirt Owners

A lot of people are talking about getting together this 3rd Friday, (tomorrow) while wearing your tee shirts. I think it's a great idea. Are you up for it?

Boy Scouts

I'm proud to be an Eagle Scout, and I'm proud to be the son of two lesbian moms. But I'm deeply disturbed that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is allowing a "secret committee" to justify keeping its ban against openly gay Scouts and leaders.

As the co-founder of Scouts for Equality, I've heard awful stories of discrimination: Decorated Eagle Scouts kicked out for finally opening up about who they are. Devoted moms told they can't lead their sons' Cub Scout troops -- I don't know what I would do if someone told my moms they couldn't be involved in my life because they're gay.

That's why I was so excited to learn last month that the Boy Scouts would consider, for the first time, a resolution that would allow openly gay Scouts and leaders. The BSA's national board was going to get the chance to vote on the resolution in 2013 -- astounding progress.

But Tuesday, the BSA announced that a "secret committee" of 11 people had already decided to uphold the ban on gay Scouts and leaders. Without a vote of the board. Without a public report. Without an open debate.

The very first value of the Scout Law is that a Scout is trustworthy -- but this "secret committee" hardly seems trustworthy to me. This is a spurious way to make a decision that affects millions of American families, including mine.

The BSA's leaders have already shown themselves to be susceptible to public pressure. In the past few weeks, two BSA national board members publicly declared their support for the resolution after being petitioned to do so on -- including the CEO of AT&T. I hope that if enough people sign my petition, we can convince them to make their decision the right way: a fair, open vote.

Oh Boy, More On ECI

Below is a link to the Office of Legislative Audits’ report dated July 13, 2012 covering the audit of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services – Eastern Shore Region. This report is available to the public on July 19, 2012.

They are not competitively bidding purchases, in violation of state procurement laws. They are not reconciling inmate accounts. (There is $74,000 in inmate money missing and ECI didn’t investigate this.) Their inventory of commissary materials came up almost a quarter of a million dollars short.

The problem with the inmate funds was a repeat of the same problem identified last time ECI was audited.

Progress At Feldman's

Over the past couple of years many Downtown residents and business people have enjoyed the additional free parking on the left side of Feldman's. Well, it's over.

Palmer Gillis is moving forward with his newest project. He will tear down the left and right side of the three story building all the way back to the river. The three story original portion of the building will remain and he will revitalize that for his own Office as well as other Office suits.

Even the front side, (if you want to call it that) that was added years later near the 5 way stop will get torn down to make way for a river walk.

It's an aggressive move and one that is certainly welcomed by me. The old Ethan Allen store will remain standing and is still for sale. Why anyone would want it is beyond me. There's no parking and quite frankly they want way too much money for it.

I tried purchasing it about two years ago and even Palmer turned down buying it because they just wanted too much money.

Nevertheless, my hat is tipped to Palmer Gillis. I'm sure we will all look forward to it when they complete the project. Two thumbs up for a NON section 8 project in Downtown Salisbury.

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 7-19-12

Today’s Young Adults: Home Ownership’s Lost Generation

The housing market is stalled, and the reason why is pretty simple: young adults aren't all that interested in buying houses. It's not hard to see why. Americans who are currently between 25 and 34 spent their formative years watching housing prices soar, then abruptly collapse, taking the entire global economy with them. Among those Millennials who haven't already purchased and lost an underwater home...who wants to buy a starter condo after that?

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Inside The Investigation Of Leading GOP Money Man Sheldon Adelson

In a few years, the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands created a gambling empire in Macau that made him one of the world's richest men. Now, Sheldon Adelson's business methods are under scrutiny.


Soon Your Child Might Prefer A Bedtime E-Book Instead Of That Old Paper Thing

The ritual of a bedtime story is a sacred one for many parents and their children — letting the kids turn the pages, pointing out colorful characters and enjoying the stories together. But while plenty of parents love the tradition of a paper book, e-books are gaining on physical books.

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Fox News poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Voters Say Government is the Problem

By nearly three-to-one, American voters see government as the problem as opposed to the solution in today’s economy.  Meanwhile, a majority believes President Obama’s policies are expanding the government.  
A Fox News poll released Wednesday shows that 55 percent of voters believe Obama’s policies are making the government “bigger and more expensive.”  That’s more than five times as many as say “smaller and less expensive” (10 percent).  Another 28 percent say Obama’s policies haven’t changed the size of government.

Online Sales Tax For (Almost) All Inches Closer To Reality

The halcyon days of not paying sales tax (even though you're obliged to) on your Amazon purchases may be coming to an end once and for all, as members of Congress are doing more than just talking about the issue. Next Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the merits of creating a law allowing states to compel online retailers to collect sales taxes.

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Why Jay Leno Needs A Bodyguard

Yes, You Can Be Charged With DWI For Driving Drunk On A Walmart Scooter

If you think you have to be driving a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or even a Vespa to qualify for a DWI, the police in Houma, Louisiana, would disagree. On Sunday night, they arrested a man for operating a Walmart motorized scooter while having a blood alcohol content of .179.

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BREAKING NEWS: Plane Crashes In Berlin

Trooper 4 is in the air and the Berlin Fire Department is trying to get to the banner plane as if crashed near Bunting Runway. The crash is in a remote area and there's no word on the pilot. Stay Tuned...

UPDATE: The pilot is dead. He dropped off the banner by letting it loose and made a turn and went into a tree.

Today's Survey Question 7-19-12

Would You Pass Up A Discount On An Item Just To Pay With A Credit Card?

“No Deal In Sight” To End Viacom Blackout On DirecTV

It's been a week since DirecTV and Viacom's contract dispute resulted in nearly 20 million satellite customers staring at blank screens instead of MTV, Comedy Central, Vh1, Nickelodeon and several other Viacom-owned stations. Now the broadcaster is telling viewers not to get their hopes up for a quick resolution.

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Just Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist Anyway?

That's the question former President George H.W. Bush asked, during an interview with Parade Magazine, when he was pressed on the Republicans' subservience to the multi-millionaire lobbyist and author of the no-tax pledge. Bush now joins several other prominent Republicans, including his son, Jeb, and former Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, who've disavowed Norquist and his pledge to never raise taxes, which had been signed by nearly every single Republican currently in Congress. Not only that, dozens of candidates around the nation running on the Republican Party ticket are refusing to sign Norquist's pledge as well. Billionaires should be afraid.

Women Describe Alleged Assaults On Texas Base

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Fighting back tears, a woman testified Tuesday that a Texas Air Force base instructor facing charges in a widening military sex scandal refused her pleas of no after luring her into his office and then sexually assaulted her on a bed.

The alleged victim said after the attack, Staff Sgt. Luis Walker told her not to tell anybody about what happened.

"I said no several times, in several different ways. He didn't accept that answer," the female airman testified, wiping away the tears that eventually came.

She was the first of four alleged victims who took the witness stand on the opening day of testimony at Walker's court-martial at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The women told jurors that Walker gained their trust to get them alone in his office or an empty dormitory and forced them into kissing, touching and sex.

They said they didn't tell anybody at first because they feared being booted from the Air Force. The Associated Press is not naming them because they are alleged sexual assault victims.


Kent Island Brush Fire May Have Been Caused By Marijuana

KENT ISLAND, Md. (WJZ) — We may know the cause of a massive seven-alarm brush fire that forced Marylanders from their homes. Investigators have linked the blaze to marijuana. At least 40 acres of woods and homes burned on Ken Island and authorities have been trying to pinpoint its origin ever since. Kai Jacksonhas more.
It took a lot of sweat and water to put out that fire. Now authorities say an illegal enterprise may be the cause.
Thick smoke and ash filled the skies of Kent Island in June as a raging brush fire burned about 48 acres of woods. At one point, it forced some 25 Queen Anne’s County residents from their homes.

House Backs Military Sports Sponsorships

WASHINGTON (AP) - NASCAR and bass fishing can count on the military to keep the sponsorship money coming.

The House voted Wednesday night to continue spending millions for the military to back sports to attract recruits for the all-volunteer force. On a vote of 216-202, the House rejected an amendment by Reps. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., and Betty McCollum, D-Minn., that would have trimmed $72.3 million for sports sponsorships from a $608 billion defense bill for fiscal 2013.

The measure had targeted the money the National Guard spends to sponsor Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR's most popular driver, as well as IndyCar Series driver JR Hildebrand. It also would have cut money the Army spends on the National Hot Rod Association drag racing, funds the Marine Corps uses for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and money spent on bass fishing.


Working People In Spain Are Screwed

Spain is in the grips of unrest as the government tries to ram through the biggest austerity package in that nation's history. Thousands of Spaniards took to the streets at the end of last week protesting a proposed $80 billion austerity package that slashes public worker benefits, raises the retirement age, and increases sales taxes, the most regressive of all taxes. The crowd demanded that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy resign – and that the government should go after transnational corporations that don't pay taxes and the banksters who committed fraud, instead of targeting working people with austerity. With this round of spending cuts, Spain has officially committed itself to the downward spiral of economic collapse. Greece will have company.

No Charges For Military In Prostitution Scandal

WASHINGTON (AP) - Seven Army soldiers and two Marines have received administrative punishments, but are not facing criminal charges, for their part in the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia this year, The Associated Press has learned.

U.S. officials said that one Air Force member has been reprimanded but cleared of any violations of the Military Code of Justice. And final decisions are pending on two Navy sailors, whose cases remain under legal review.

U.S. Southern Command, headed by Gen. Douglas Fraser, conducted the investigation into the military members' involvement in the April incident, which brought shame to the elite presidential protection force and unearthed revelations of other episodes of misconduct within the Secret Service.


Maryland Dream Act Supporters Launch Campaign to Uphold Law

Amid chants and cheers, a group including clergy, unions and a university president rallied Wednesday in support of Maryland's law to give tuition breaks to illegal immigrants.

"Vote yes for education! Vote yes for Maryland students!" yelled Karina, a 22-year-old illegal immigrant from Montgomery County who wants to attend college at the discounted in-state rate.

The coalition wants to uphold the Maryland Dream Act, a controversial 2011 law that would let some illegal immigrants pay the lower in-state tuition rate at the state's colleges and universities. The law would apply to illegal immigrants who have attended Maryland high schools and whose families have filed state tax returns. Students would have to attend two years of community college before applying to a four year college.