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Friday, September 30, 2016

Comey: I Never Claimed Clinton Was Truthful About Her Emails


Anonymous said...

Seems like he is just going to keep digging the hole deeper and deeper.

Anonymous said...

I think there is plenty of evidence to show he has lost his honor and sold the farm.

Anonymous said...

We need a independent investigation into him!

lmclain said...

He, unfortunately, has become a cover guy for Hillary.
We, unfortunately, must now decipher everything he says, noting the verb tense, the adverbs and the definition of each word he uses. Like bill clinton trying to define what the word "is" REALLY means.
The Clintons are SO slimy that a slug wouldn't even like them.
It is amazing that millions still thinks this criminal panderer (who am I referring to? clinton or comey??) is worthy of ANY public office?
EVERYTHING she touches makes her rich and makes everyone else poor.
Except, of course, donors to her slush fund, otherwise know as the clinton foundation.
don't think so?

Ask some Haitians how it's going over there
How in the hell does a CAREER politician make hundreds of millions of dollars while "serving" the public???
More like "serving us up", huh?
So, Trump supporters are uneducated and poor white people who love guns and God and are irredeemable (!?) and not worthy of her majesty's attention?
HER supporters are willfully ignorant, stupidly blind, and their IQ (despite their college degrees and pretentiousness) seems to be dropping every day.

keep cheering.