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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Snow Emergency Plan for Worcester County, MD 12/9/18


The Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack in conjunction with local agencies and the State Highway Administration are implementing the Snow Emergency Plan for Worcester County effective as of December 9 2018 at 1630 hours. This plan is to assist the State Highway Administration in snow clearing operations throughout the county.

Once the snow emergency plan goes into effect, all vehicles on the roadway must be equipped with snow chains or snow tires. In addition, a parking ban is imposed on all snow emergency routes in the County. All vehicles left on the shoulders of these routes will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Household Wealth Hits A Record $109 Trillion... There Is Just One Catch

In the Fed's latest Flow of Funds report released at noon today, the US central bank released the latest snapshot of the US "household" sector as of Sept 30, 2018. What it revealed is that with $124.9 trillion in assets and a modest $15.9 trillion in liabilities,the net worth of US households rose to an all time high $109 trillion, increasing for 12 consecutive quarters and up $2.1 trillion as a result of an estimated $245 billion increase in real estate values, as well as a $1.9 trillion increase in various financial assets like corporate equities, mutual and pension funds, and deposits as the market soared to just shy of new all time highs in the second quarter, even if it needed some time in Q3 to reach a new record just days before the quarter ended.

Total household assets in Q2 rose $2.3 trillion to $122.7 trillion, while at the same time total liabilities, i.e., household borrowings, rose by only $132 billion from $15.6 trillion to $15.7 trillion, the bulk of which was $10.2 trillion in home mortgages.Homeowners’ real estate holdings minus the change in mortgage debt rose by $320.1 billion (a positive number means that the value of real estate is growing at a faster pace than household mortgage debt).

The breakdown of the total household balance sheet as of Q3 is shown below.