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Friday, September 30, 2016

DHS Secretary 'Concerned' About Illegal Aliens From Middle East

( - Poverty and violence in Central America continue to push hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens toward the United States, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told Congress on Tuesday. He said he's particularly concerned about infiltrators from the Middle East.

"I am concerned about what we refer to as the special interest alien that comes from the other hemisphere that turns up on our southern border," Johnson told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

"We don't see this very often. It's a very small percentage of those who are apprehended on our southern border who are coming from the Middle East region.

"I have put in place a working group within my department over the last several months to work with the law enforcement components of other governments in Central and South America to interdict these people before they get to our border and to share intelligence about what we are seeing.."



Anonymous said...

They leave the border wide open and set impossible quotas for middle-eastern refugees to be admitted, and they now say they're "concerned"?

Anonymous said...

Obama trying to destroy us before he leaves the WH. If he leaves.