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Saturday, October 20, 2012

MSP Salisbury (State Police) Press Release

LOCATION: N/B Salisbury Bypass at St Luke’s Road, Wicomico County, MD.


On the above date and time, Troopers from the Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack initiated a traffic stop on a 2012 Honda Pilot for a traffic violation. The driver was identified as Emanuel Sicilia of New York, New York, and the passenger was identified as Wilson Ducuara Sanchez of the country of Columbia. Investigation revealed that Sicilia and Sanchez were illegally transporting unstamped cigarettes from Virginia to New York City. A total of 190 cartons of cigarettes and over $5,500 in US currency were seized from the vehicle. The retail value of the cigarettes was $12,255 and the tax loss to the state of Maryland was $3,800. Sicilia and Sanchez were transported to the MSP-Salisbury Barrack for processing. Personnel from the Maryland Comptroller’s Office responded to the Barrack to assist in this investigation. The Maryland Comptroller’s Office will be handling the case.

  1. Emanuel Sicilia, H/M, age 37 of New York, New York.
  2. Wilson Ducuara Sanchez, H/M, age 27 of Columbia.

The suspects were charged with:
Transportation of Unstamped Cigarettes
Possession of Unstamped Cigarettes


The NFL record for the longest field goal is 63 yards.
High schooler Austin Rehkow can officially scoff at that.
The senior kicker at Central Valley High in Spokane, Wash. set a new state record Thursday night when he sent the pigskin sailing a whopping 67 yards through the uprights — a game-tying kick that forced the game into overtime and led to an eventual win for Central Valley.

National Do-Not-Call list Hits 217 Million Phone Numbers, FTC Wants To Stop Illegal Robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission says more than 217 million phone numbers are now on the national Do Not Call Registry. Today, the agency is hosting a public summit to address the issue of illegal prerecorded telemarketing calls, or "robocalls," which they have received a large numbers of consumer complaints about over the past year, even though robocalls have been illegal since 2009. 


Verdict In College Park Beating Case

There's a verdict in the trial of two police officers on trial in the beating of a University of Maryland student.

Prince George's County Police Officer Reginald Baker has been found not guilty on all counts.  Officer James Harrison was found guilty of second degree assault and not guilty of misconduct in office. 

NY Attorney General Calls On Breast Cancer Charities To Be Transparent About Where The Money Is Going

It seems like every October, there are more pink items for sale to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has led to growing concern that the focus is on selling merchandise without being clear about how much money is actually going to cancer research. In an effort to keep these charities honest, the Attorney General for New York state has issued a set of best practices.


Frostburg State Honors Vietnam Hero With Plaque

FROSTBURG, Md. (AP) - Frostburg State University is paying tribute to an alumnus who received the U.S. military's highest honor, the Medal of Honor.

The ceremony Saturday at the school library includes a plaque honoring Marine Corps Capt. James Graham.

The event also launches a semester-long interdisciplinary educational project focusing on the Vietnam War.

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Science Totally Ruins Things For Everyone By Saying The 5-Second Rule Isn’t Really True

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped food — on the floor at home mostly, maybe sometimes in the street — and depending on what kind of substance it was, shrugged, cited the “five-second rule” and picked it back up. I’ve never gotten sick from doing so, but now science has cracked that whole way of life wide open and said that actually, germs can totally stick to food within five seconds. Nooo!


Weather Service Investigates Possible Md. Tornado

JARRETTSVILLE, Md. (AP) - Storms that swept through Harford County have left downed trees and power lines after reports of a possible tornado.

The fast-moving storm along the Interstate 83 corridor prompted a tornado warning on Friday night. Emergency workers were called to the Jarrettsville area after residents reported downed damage along a 100-foot-wide path near Salem Church and Cox roads.

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Art Cashin On Today's Other Anniversary

Yesterday, we presented Art Cashin's unique perspective on the US equity market's darkest day 25 years ago. However, as Art notes, there was another event 555 years ago that offers some insight into the current state of the world. On this day in 1457, the government banned that most sacred of pastimes - golf. Most notably, Cashin reflects on the eventual backfire from this government intervention - as always seems to be the case.
Via Art Cashin, UBS:
On this day (+2) in 1457, a government reacted to fears that its people had grown too frivolous and therefore the country was losing its greatness. As governments tend to do, it decided to legislate a higher morality on the populace.

The problem was that the men of the country were not practicing their skills of archery and horsemanship, which were so important to the national defense. Instead for the last few decades, they were getting caught up in sports - or rather one specific sport. It was an ancient pastime and may have gotten its modern name from a variant in Holland where a man clubbed a stone to a target stick. But the Scots didn't want to waste any sticks. So in their version you clubbed a ball to a hole. The Dutch called their game kolf; the Scots called their version golf. (So much for the silly internet canard about “Gents Only Ladies Forbidden.”)

Anyway, on this day (we think) the Parliament under King James II outlawed the game. Like most other government attempts, it was about as effective as prohibition. In less than a century, there was a Royal Course at St. Andrews and less than a century later, Scotland was just a part of the British Empire. (You can't stop an army with a putter.)

To celebrate, stop by the 19th hole and have a couple of aces without a slice. But, stop before you see bogey men or get trapped. And, if you happen to be balancing your checkbook, remember to replace the divots.

Charges Pending Against Woman Who Crashed With Pr. George's Officer

Charges are pending against a woman who was driving an SUV that collided with Officer Kevin Bowden's police car Thursday afternoon.

Bowden, 28, had finished his shift and was headed north on Branch Avenue when the collision occurred around 3 p.m. near the intersection of Surratts Road.

Prince George's County Police Chief Mark Magaw says the woman driver had originally been in the left turn lane and made a decision to cross several lanes of traffic - ultimately colliding with Bowden's cruiser which then crashed into a utility pole.

Medicare Open Enrollment: Will Obamacare End Medicare Advantage?

Q. I keep hearing rumors that the federal government will stop reimbursing Medicare Advantage plans in a year or two and people insured under these plans will have to look for new insurance. What do you know about this matter?

A. Variations of this question arrive in my mailbox on a regular basis. This rumor is not true. Medicare Advantage is not being eliminated. In fact, since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, enrollment in these plans has risen from 24 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries to 28 percent. Not only that, but the quality of the plans available to consumers is going up.


Obama, Llama, Ding Dong

 Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Obama llama ding dong
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
‘bama llama ding dong.


MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell seemed to think he was trying out for a part in Martin Scorsese’s Boston-based crime flick “The Departed” during his show on Thursday night.
Putting on his best tough guy act, O’Donnell, with a heavier Boston-Irish accent than he usually sports, called out GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s eldest son Tagg Romney for joking in a radio interview that he felt like he wanted to “take a swing” at President Obama after he called his dad a liar in the second presidential debate on Tuesday.

What Is A Terrorist Worth?

The Obama administration is offering up to $12 million for information leading to the location of two al-Qaida bosses in Iran. The administration believes the pair are crucial in sending extremists to Iraq and Afghanistan. So the State Department said it will provide up to $7 million for information on Muhsin al-Fadhli and $5 million for information on Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi. The Treasury Department has frozen al-Harbi's assets in the United States.

Unemployment Rates Fall In 7 Swing States

Unemployment rates fell or held steady last month in nine key swing states at the center of this year’s presidential election.

Rates dropped in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina. They were unchanged in New Hampshire and Virginia.

The declines could help President Barack Obama at a critical time. With just 18 days until Election Day, polls show GOP challenger Mitt Romney gaining momentum with voters in key states.


CIA Wants More Drones

The CIA wants to expand its fleet of armed drone aircraft. CIA director David Petraeus is making the plea directly to the White House. The Washington Post reports, if approved, the CIA would get up to 10 new drones. That would bring its fleet to between 40 and 45. Plus it would signal an extension of the CIA's transformation into a paramilitary force. Petraeus argues that more planes would let the CIA sustain campaigns against terrorists in Pakistan and Yemen while also hunting them down in North Africa. Anonymous officials told the Post, the Pentagon has not opposed the CIA plan.

O'Malley Again Uses State Resources To Promote Misleading Economic Data

Annapolis - Modest improvements in Maryland's unemployment rate and month-to-month employment figures, announced today by the U.S. Department of Labor, are not nearly enough to move the needle on the state's status as a regional laggard in economic performance.

Virginia, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia have experienced lower rates of job declines since 2007.   So far this year, Virginia's gain of 19,200 jobs, Pennsylvania's gain of 33,000 jobs and the District's gain of 6,500 jobs are drastically higher than Maryland's gain of just 4,200.

"Martin O'Malley can order the state's economic development office to sit around and do bar graphs and pie charts all day long," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan.  "The fact remains that Maryland is a regional laggard in loss of taxpayers, job growth, and businesses lost."

A Department of Business and Economic Development "report" issued today and a Governor's blog item posted yesterday attempt to argue that Maryland's job growth is better than that of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Governor O'Malley has repeatedly been accused by several well-respected organizations of cherry-picking data and putting out misleading, incorrect, and false economic data.

"There is no need to have economic development staff waste time concocting convoluted charts and graphs for what is simple and undeniable math," added Hogan. "If the governor really cares about job growth, he should order his staff to determine what the problems are, and get to work on solutions, rather than to engage them in political spin and propaganda designed to fudge the numbers to make him look good."

In Debate, Obama Accuses Planned Parenthood Of Violating Women’s Health Law

In Tuesday’s presidential debate and the latest issue ofGlamour magazine, President Obama stumbled into accusingone of his campaign’s largest benefactors—Planned Parenthood—of serially violating a federal women’s health law designed to protect breast cancer patients by claiming that the abortion giant provides mammograms even though it has no license to do so.
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
If President Obama’s allegations of impropriety by Planned Parenthood prove true, the nation’s largest abortion chain could face fines of up to $10,000 per day.
While this is a drop in the bucket compared to the over $1.3 million per day that Planned Parenthood receives in taxpayer funds, the fines may significantly undermine Planned Parenthood’s ability to devote resources to campaign expenditures supporting the president and other pro-abortion politicians.

In Tuesday’s debate, President Obama claimed that “there are millions of women all across the country, who rely on Planned Parenthood for, not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms….”
This is not the first time Obama has made this allegation. He recently told Glamour magazine, “…[I]n many of these states Planned Parenthood is your only possible access to not only abortion but…mammograms.”

Arrest In Hidden Video Case

Less than 24 hours after releasing video clips of a man installing and adjusting a video camera in the bedroom of an Ellicott City condominium, Howard County Police have announced an arrest in the case.
Police have arrested 42-year-old Michael Stephen McKenny of Columbia.
He is charged with multiple counts of  burglary, visual surveillance with prurient intent and videotaping a person in a private residence without consent.

Congressman And Chairman Of The House's Homeland Security Committee: Terrorist Threat Worse Now Than Before 9/11

U.S. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and Chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee, said Tuesday that al Qaeda is a greater threat now than it was before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“That is the consensus of most intelligence experts,” he said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”
If King is right, then it shows that America’s anti-terrorism policies since 9/11 have been a dismal failure1.

D’oh! We’re Supporting Terrorists

Initially – in the name of fighting our enemies – the U.S. has directly been supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the last decade.  See this ,  this , this , this [13] and this .
If Al Qaeda is a greater threat now than before 9/11, maybe it’s because – oh, I don’t know – we’re supporting them?

Our Program of Torture Created Terrorists

In addition, torture creates new terrorists :
  • A top counter-terrorism expert says torture increases the risk of terrorism (and see this .
  • One of the top military interrogators said [18] that torture by Americans of innocent Iraqis is the main reason that foreign fighters started fighting against Americans in Iraq in the first place (and see this.
  • Former counter-terrorism czar Richard A. Clarke says [20] that America’s indefinite detention without trial and abuse of prisoners is a leading Al Qaeda recruiting tool
  • A 30-year veteran of CIA’s operations directorate who rose to the most senior managerial ranks, says:
    Torture creates more terrorists and fosters more acts of terror than it could possibly neutralize.

Proposed Project For Cropper Concrete Site Gets Extension

OCEAN CITY -- The future of the historic George B. Cropper Concrete Company property along the bay at North 1st Street immediately north of the Route 50 bridge looks a little brighter this week after resort planners approved an extension for a 94-unit mixed use residential project.

In 2007, the previous property owner gained site plan approval for an attractive mixed use townhome and condominium project on the historic property at the entrance to Ocean City, but the property has changed hands a couple of times in recent years and the site plan approval was set to expire in November.

In May 2011, the property was acquired at auction for just over $4 million by a prominent West Ocean City development family, and while the new owners did not have an immediate plan for the property, it now appears they are prepared to move forward with the approved project for the site.



“Today I am pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office,” President Barack Obama boldly declared on Feb. 23, 2009. Among Obama’s parade of disappointments, this may be the most dangerous.
Obama was inaugurated as the fiscal year 2009 deficit eventually totaled $1.41 trillion. Had he halved this shortfall, FY 2012’s deficit should have remained below $705 billion. Instead, it was $1.1 trillion — $395 billion above Obama’s pledge.
Under Obama, America has made history: four consecutive annual deficits surpassing $1 trillion. After FY 2009’s $1.41 trillion hole (which he and an all-Democratic Congress could have filled), the next three deficits were, respectively, $1.29 trillion, $1.3 trillion, and $1.1 trillion. Thus, Obama has swelled the national debt by $5.1 trillion, all in one term. Another record.
As The Weekly Standard’s Jeffrey H. Anderson recalls, Obama predicted in May 2009 that FY 2012’s deficit would be just $557 billion. Obama underestimated the depth of last year’s red ink by almost exactly half. Never take a diving lesson from this man. Obama’s massive misjudgment confirms his profligacy and incompetence. The least a president should do is accurately forecast the pace at which he spends the nation into oblivion. Obama cannot manage even that.
Obama’s stunning lack of leadership fuels this catastrophe. Budgets are key to controlling spending. Nonetheless, while the Republican House of Representatives has passed two budgets, Obama has permitted the Democratic Senate to violate the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act by refusing to endorse any budget whatsoever. Like an equatorial backwater patrolled by feral chickens, the United States of America has not adopted a budget since April 29, 2009.

Jobless Rate In Maryland Falls

Maryland's unemployment rate fell last month.
The rate dropped two tenths of a point in September to 6.9-percent.
This is the first time since June, that Maryland's unemployment rate fell below 7-percent. 
Figures released by the O'Malley Administration show the state added 9,800 jobs during the month.

Chris Stevens Linked Jihadists In Syria

The details of the September 11 attack that killed four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi are still murky, as is the role of U.S. diplomats in the region.
One worrying link could connect U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens to rebels in Syria.
In March 2011 Stevens became the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan opposition and began coordinating U.S. assistance to the rebels.
The top military commander of the rebels, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was the leader of the pro-al-Qaeda Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).
After Gaddafi fell the LIFG disbanded and some of the fighters joined the amorphous group Ansar al-Shariah (Soldiers of Shariah), which reportedly participated in the attack that took Stevens' life.



ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O'Malley announced the appointment of seven individuals to the State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission. In formulating the Commission, the Governor appointed five members of the current Lottery Commission to maintain continuity and to capture their experience in dealing with complex fiscal and economic issues.  Two new members who have significant experience in finance consistent with the stated intent of the legislature have also been added to this group.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of these highly-qualified and diverse individuals to the State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission,” said Governor O’Malley. “Their expertise will be vital for the oversight of the lottery and gaming in our State.”

The State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission will advise in the operation of the traditional lottery and has regulatory oversight for the State's commercial casino industry, including ensuring proper adherence to internal controls, surveillance, security and responsible gambling programs. The Commission meets monthly and receives status reports from the State's casino operators and others involved in the gambling industry, as well as public comment.

The new members are:

1. John Morton, III - Retired President and CEO of three major financial institutions (Bank of America/Nations Bank, Premier Bank and Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis), Chair of the Work Group to Consider Gaming Expansion, Anne Arundel County resident
2. Bert J. Hash, Jr. - Chairman and CEO/President of  the Municipal Employees Credit Union (MECU) of Baltimore, Inc. since 1997, member of the Board of Directors of CUNA Mutual Group, member and former Chairman of the Maryland & District of Columbia Credit Union Association (MDDCCUA) Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of the African-American Credit Union Coalition, Howard County resident

The new members who previously served on the State Lottery Commission are:

1. F. Vernon Boozer, Esq. - Attorney with Covahey, Boozer, Devan & Dore, P.A.,Baltimore County resident
2. J. Kirby Fowler, Jr. - President of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Inc. and Executive Director of the Downtown Management Authority, Baltimore City resident
3. E. Randolph Marriner- CEO of Marriner Enterprises and owner of Victoria Restaurant Group, LLC, Anne Arundel County resident
4. Diane Lee McGraw - Retired from the National Security Agency as a Computer Scientist and Program Manager, Worcester County resident
5. Kimberly Robertson Pannell, C.P.A.- Senior Partner and C.P.A. for Raffa, P.C., Prince George's County resident.

British Explorer Prepares To Dig Up 140 Mint Condition Spitfires That Were Buried In 1945

When David Cundall was 47, a friend passed along a comment he heard from a group of U.S. veterans who said they buried a fleet of World War II Spitfires deep in the Burmese jungle to hide them from Japanese troops.
Adam Lusher at The Telegraph spoke to Cundall, now 62, and not only has the British farmer been searching Burma (Myanmar) for the past 15 years, going there a dozen times, and running his savings down by more than $200,000, he says he has actually found the planes.


Officers and seat belts: A dilemma in Prince George's County

Two Prince George's County police officers died in car accidents in the past two months - and neither officer was wearing a seat belt.

Mark McGaw, Prince George's police chief, says officers in Maryland have to follow state law, which mandates that they wear a seat belt.

"The general order is very clear," McGaw says.


Obama On Libya: 'If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal'

President Obama vowed Thursday to fix any problems that contributed to the deaths of four American foreign service personnel during last month's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, saying that when "four Americans get killed, it's not optimal."

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Dew Tour Dates Reserved For 2013

OCEAN CITY – The Mayor and City Council swiftly ran through a list of items this week making a number of unanimous votes to move forward.
HSA Contribution Increased

The Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to pass an ordinance on second reading to amend the Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution amount for employees participating in the high deductible health plan.

Following a presentation given by Human Resources Director Wayne Evans and consultant for Bolton Partners Kay Moran a few weeks ago on the course of the town’s health benefits, the council voted to draft an ordinance to increase the contribution level to the HSA for employees who participate in the high-deductible plan. Legislative changes for 2013 raised the levels from $1,200 to $1,250 for single participants and from $2,400 to $2,500 for family participants


Delmarva Coon Hunters Association 35th Annual Mule & Long Ear Show

Crowley Surprised By Criticism Over Romney Correction

CNN's Candy Crowley tells WTOP she was surprised by some of the criticism she received after correcting Mitt Romney when the former Massachusetts governor disputed a claim by President Barack Obama during Tuesday's second presidential debate.

Romney, the Republican nominee for president, disputed Obama's statement that the president had described an attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya as an act of terror the day after the incident.

Crowley, CNN's chief political correspondent and the debate's moderator, said during the exchange that Obama did call the incident an "act of terror." She also vocally agreed with Romney's assertion that the Obama administration indicated the attack was a spontaneous response to an anti- Muslim video.


Teenage Bicyclist Struck By Van Near Laurel

Location: Sussex Highway (US13) southbound at Camp Road, Laurel, DE
Date of Occurrence: Friday October 19, 2012 at approximately 6:53 p.m.
Operator and Vehicle Information:
  • Operator #1: Thomas S. Jolly, 57, Georgetown, DE
  • Vehicle #1: 2005 Ford Econoline van
  • Bicyclist: 13 year old male from Laurel, DE
Laurel, DE- The Delaware State Police is currently investigating a serious crash involving a bicycle and a van near Laurel.
The incident occurred at approximately 6:53 p.m. early Friday evening as Thomas S. Jolly was operating a 2005 Ford Econoline van westbound on Camp Road stopped in the median of Sussex Highway (US13) waiting to cross over the southbound lanes.  As Jolly began across, he was unable to see a bicyclist traveling northbound on the shoulder of the southbound lanes and struck the 13 year old operator.  The 13 year old was ejected from the bicycle and landed in the roadway.  Jolly was able to bring the van to a controlled stop on Camp Road.
The 13 year old male, who was not wearing a helmet, was removed from the scene by EMS and initially transported to Nanticoke Hospital before being flown to A.I. DuPont Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.
Traffic in the area of US13 southbound and Camp Road was impacted for approximately an hour as the crash was investigated and cleared.  The crash remains under investigation.

Local Pastor To Celebrate Milestone With Beach Weddings

OCEAN CITY – Records are expected to be broken on “12-12-12” in Ocean City as couples will gather to be married or renew their vowels at a summer get away in the middle of winter.

To celebrate her 12th year of performing weddings on the beach, Pastor Mary Mazzulo is hosting a 12-12-12 Wedding and Vow Renewal Event in Ocean City with all couples saying “I do” at exactly 12:12 p.m. 
Mazzulo and her husband, Roger, were married in Las Vegas and while on a trip to Bermuda to see their friends get married she quickly realized that there are slim pickings for locations to have a quick and easy wedding on the East Coast.

‘The second we got home I left my suitcases at the front door I was so excited about it all the way from Bermuda,” Mazzulo said.