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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Gold Alert Issued for Missing Laurel Man: UPDATE, LOCATED

Laurel - The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for Erik Lahman of Laurel who was last seen today around 10:30 a.m., Sunday, April 03, 2016, at his residence located in the 13,000 block of Shiloh Church Road, Laurel, De.

Lahman is a white male, 19 years of age, 5'07” tall, 170 lbs., blond hair and blue eyes. (Photo attached)

Troopers have been unable to make contact with Lahman to check on his welfare. Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful and there is a real concern for his safety and welfare.

If anyone has any information in reference to his whereabouts, they are asked to contact Troop 5 at 302-337-1090 or by contacting Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet at Anonymous tips may be sent by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

At Least 1 Dead After Partial Train Derailment Near Philadelphia

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — At least one person is reportedly dead after a partial train derailment near Philadelphia.

Amtrak says Train 89 from New York City to Savannah, Georgia struck a backhoe that was on the tracks and derailed the lead engine south of Philadelphia.

There were more than 300 passengers and seven crew members on board.


Md. primary voters will be voting differently this year

Maryland voters: your chance to cast your ballot is coming up faster than you may think.

Maryland voters: Your chance to cast your ballot is coming up faster than you may think.

While the primary is set for April 26, early voting begins April 14 and runs through April 21.

If you need to register for the first time, or you’re thinking about changing your party affiliation, you’ll have until Tuesday to get that done.

There’s also a new way to vote. Maryland has dumped its touch screens. Instead, you’ll be casting a paper ballot. The change is the result of 2007 legislation calling for ballots that could provide a paper trail.

Elections officials say that while it’s great that you’re psyched about voting for the candidate of your choice, you can’t take selfies in the voting booth or in the room where the voting’s taking place.


GOP Candidate Most Likely Picked By Founding Fathers

By Thornton Crowe

In the GOP primary election cycle, we have had a variety of candidates whom all have their positives and negatives. Their stances on issues vary as wildly as their personalities. However, when you study Colonial and Presidential history, you learn so much about the founding fathers of this country. Interestingly enough, Donald J. Trump is very much like those dead white guys as former Common Core advocate, Kim Koeber, like to call them.

First, he is a regular guy (albeit a Billionaire) whom has a desire to make this country great (again) and is dedicated to making the changes to push that aim forward. He didn't have to run for president and take the enormous public razzing. He's rich beyond any of our imaginations, which means, if he didn't love America, he could move anywhere in the world and live a wonderfully fulfilling life.

Motor Vehicle Collision- Impaired Driver

4/2/16 10:31 PM
Location: Rt 346 at Oasis Bar and Grill Whaleyville, MD
Vehicles: Vehicle# 1 Gray Ford Mustang

Accused: Suspect ( At Fault )/ Driver Vehicle #1: Tenille Puaquatia Williams (40) of Pittsville, MD

On 4/2/2016 at approximately 10:31 PM, the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack received a call for a motor vehicle collision on Rt. 346 in front of the Oasis Bar and Grill in Whaleyville, MD. Troopers arrived on scene and made contact with the operator identified as Tenille Puaquatia Williams, (40) of Pittsville, MD. Williams was not injured in the crash. Investigation revealed Williams was operating a gray Ford Mustang and that the vehicle left the roadway for unknown reasons striking a ditch and telephone pole. Troopers believed Williams was intoxicated and offered Williams field sobriety tests, however Williams refused. Williams was arrested for DUI and transported to the Berlin Barrack. A search of William’s purse revealed she was in possession of Marijuana as well as several prescription drugs that did not belong to her and she did not have a prescription for. Williams was charged with DUI, DWI, and possession of controlled substances. Williams was taken before the district court commissioner and was held on $5,000 bond.

Disposition: $5,000 Bond, transported to Worcester County Jail

Investigating Trooper: TFC. Teves

Wicomico County Youth & Civic Center Gets Senate Approval For Alcohol Sales

As you will learn from the information below, your local main stream media refused to investigate the details of alcohol sales and instead have attempted to go after County Executive Culver implying he is violating the original agreement.

In fact, former Executive Pollitt knew of this information and we even discussed it years ago but he was not willing to move forward with it. 

The Bill has passed the Senate, (sponsored by Senator Jim Mathias) and was reviewed today in a 1st reading by the Hearing Committee in Annapolis. They had no questions about moving it to a second reading and ultimately it will pass through the House. Governor Hogan will then sign off on it.

The idea that Wicomico County can now address a minor league hockey team and even attract better adult venues is a major home run for the county. Many citizens do not realize that a LOT of promoters refuse to come to Wicomico County because they do not have alcohol. 

The local media needs to stop going after Culver and embrace the new and positive economic development. The RUMOR of an original agreement of no alcohol sales is just not true. The language below proves just that. There is no trickery here and no one is pulling a fast one. 

Here's the legal breakdown

In 1946, the Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock conveyed a parcel of land to Wicomico County. Separately, the County also obtained an adjoining parcel, the Hearn parcel. Eventually, the Civic Center would be constructed on these two parcels.

In 1959, Wicomico County conveyed the Woodcock parcel and the Hearn parcel to the Wicomico War Memorial Builders, Inc. (“WWMB”), an entity apparently created to raise funds and help construct the original Civic Center.

The Woodcocks joined in the 1959 deed with Wicomico County to remove a possibility of reverter clause and to expressly release and quit-claim any rights that they had in the property.

In 1971, the WWMB conveyed the parcels back to Wicomico County.


The 1946 deed from the Woodcocks to the County prohibited the sale and dispensation of alcohol and required that the property be used as a youth center. The only interest the Woodcocks had in the property was a possibility of regaining ownership if certain acts occurred, i.e. alcohol being served at the property.

In the 1959 deed from the County to WWMB, the Woodcocks expressly removed all of the conditions of their 1946 deed to the County. The 1959 deed acknowledged that the property would be subject to restrictions contained only within the 1959 deed.

The 1959 deed by Wicomico County contains language that prohibits the sale and dispensation of alcohol on the premise and states that the restriction runs with the land. Therefore, Wicomico County created a covenant against alcohol in this deed. The Woodcocks did not own the property at the time of the 1959 deed and they could not burden it with a restrictive covenant. Only the owner of a property can place a covenant on a property.

In 1971, WWMB conveyed the property back to the County. The alcohol covenant was not included in the deed. Under common law, a covenant terminates when all the land is returned to the party that created and benefited from the covenant. In this case, Wicomico County created the alcohol restriction and benefited from it until 1971. When ownership of the parcel returned to Wicomico County 45 years ago, the restriction was extinguished as a matter of law.

Salisbury Mayor Day's Office Disrespects Local Female Artist

Dear Editor:

I am a local artist whom has done extensive branding and marketing for many major international companies and Fortune 100 corporations. I called the Mayor's office today after seeing the atrocious 'branding' initiative and $1 a month build your own website interface they had done through outsourcing rather than utilizing many of the local artists and brand experts. Admittedly, I am upset because many local artists here are struggling to make ends meet so the job would have been much welcomed by many locals - me included.

I explained to "Chris" No Last Name (whom answered the main line) that I was offended that Jake Day obviously did not support the local economy because had it really been paramount, he would have hired from within the community rather than outsourcing. Frankly, as a design professional with with almost three decades experience in the industry, I am neither impressed nor dazzled by the simple branding initiative they went with and feel that many of the local companies like Matisse could have done a much better job. After giving me lip service about this outsourced company, Arnett Muldrow & Associates - a company located in Greenville, South Carolina, when I told "Chris" I saw the logo today on SBYNEWS, he claimed that was my first problem and hung up on me! Yes, you read that right - he HUNG up on me, a citizen of Salisbury!

It wasn't until I called a friend and relayed this experience, she said this "Chris" person was none other than, Chris Demone - the Public Information Officer for Salisbury. Upon learning this, I was more upset as he lacks the command (or manners) to 'communicate' with constituents calling into the Mayor's office. How appalling is it that my tax dollars go to pay this civil servant's salary and he has the utter audacity to hang up on a citizen of the community he's supposedly serves? As a result, I can tell you right now, I will never vote for Jake Day again, nor will I support any of his initiatives both now or in the future as I will be making every concerted effort to take my talent and tax dollars to another more constituent-friendly community that values its citizenry.

To my fellow citizens, it is abundantly clear from my one and only call to City Hall about anything that Day and his group do not care thing one about Salisbury, you, or the abysml local economy where there are more and more unemployed people as a result of local government's negligence and apathy. By outsourcing this project when so many within the community have had to go virtual office due to not being able to get enough project work to sustain financially, Day has proven he is NOT for the local community at all. Instead, he is more about doing things that placate his own ego rather than the greater good of the community that voted for him.

Best regards,
Concerned soon-to-be-ex-Salisbury Citizen

PS: A little food for thought, a student designed the internationally-known, Nike logo for free! Why didn't Day utilize some of the talent at SU who are also from 'out of town' and could lend a 'fresh' eye as per the litany Chris Demone tried to dump on me during our call as an explanation for going with someone from outside the community? Sounds more like a quid pro quo of corrupt government rather than any ingenuous effort. 

Publishers Notes: This is just incredible. Ladies & Gentlemen, the only way positive things are going to happen is if and when the City incorporates and accepts Salisbury News as a partner. Salisbury News has grown to become the largest source of news and information on the entire Shore. That can no longer be denied. I'm not bragging Folks. I'm simply saying we ALL have a place here. I just happen to have the largest local following.

That being said, there are things I personally agree with and there are others I disagree with. My format is very different from the local media. I provide information in which tens of thousands of you each day have the opportunity to contribute, (agree or disagree) to. 

Love me or hate me, clearly people come here and what I publish is being read. Mayor Jake Day has not once sent Salisbury News a single Press Release. Even though he agreed to do so from day one, it has not happened. We cannot provide information we are not aware of and maybe that's their entire game plan. Take today's article about the riverfront parking lot recently sold. I'm confident they did NOT want the public aware on a Site they might receive negative comments on. 

Many of our current and former elected officials would rather keep things swept under the rug and or at least delay information getting out to the public until it's too late, like the riverfront parking lot. 

To treat citizens like they do, hanging up the phone with yet another WOMAN clearly shows nothing has changed at all in the Mayors Office. 

In closing, what happened to all of the ARTISTS living in the old River's Edge building on the River?

I Call B.S.

WBOC is once again pushing the Liberal agenda through the City Council CLAIMING the City has received NUMEROUS letters by residents who are against chicken houses. They allegedly claim it will effect their way of life. 

OK Jack Heath and WBOC, PROVE IT. How sad a day is it when your local Media doesn't ask, may we see those letters?

I remember this happening every time there was an upcoming election. Some City Council Members would make CLAIMS they had lots of people writing to them through e-mail but they never did produce those alleged letters.  

Salisbury residents, (multiple) never contacted the City Council about chicken houses, it's a LIE. Shame on WBOC for not even doing a background check on this. Then again, all they want to do is push an agenda. Much like Executive Culver cutting off the Daily Times, WBOC will say and do anything these politicians want because they need the business. 

To confirm this story, I contacted multiple elected officials on this matter and not one of them could produce a single letter, let alone multiple letters. How can you people trust your local media any more. I guess you enjoy being fed one sided BS stories every day. 

Breaking News: Multiple Fire Departments Heading To Assist Salisbury

Parsonsburg, Pittsville and Powellville are headed to assist Salisbury with Decontamination at 319 Truit Street...... Possible meth lab?

Update: A neighbor said they found a dead body in the car (hearsay of course). If you enlarge the picture of the car behind Dealer’s warehouse, you will see something splattered in the window.

Do You Really Give A Crap Where People Are?

Facebook is loaded with people who are so obsessed, (yes, grown adults) they will share ANYTHING. OK, you're at Red Lobster, MAYBE NOBODY IS HOME RIGHT NOW! Think!

I don't need to see your newly done nails. I don't need to see you still love your husband/wife after 10+ years of marriage. I don't need you shoving God down everyone's throats and try to get share or likes. 

Please stop filling Facebook up with CRAP. 

LIKE or SHARE if you agree. LOL

Don't Go The Carrabba's Restaurant If You Are Hungry

It's no wonder people are giving up on going out to eat any more. When you are going to spend $25.00, (or so) on a meal, you expect to get a decent serving of food. 

Studying the menu where the steak sizes are 6 or 7 ounces, REALLY? Sure, load me up with lots of bread, lots of mashed potatoes, appetizers LOADED with salt and then 40 minutes later bring me that steak and PASTA. 

We visited Carrabba's for the first and last time.  Italian food, ABSOLUTELY NOT. It's nothing but a different kind of Outback. 

A Viewer Writes: AE 911 Truth


Here is a link to a free online book, "Beyond Misinformation." It was written and compiled by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. These are professional people with no skin in the game, who do not believe the "official" cover story on the why and how of the tower collapses. You might want to challenge the uneducated among your rather narrow minded audience to read this. It's only 52 pages. Presumably some of them have enough intellectual curiosity and mental stamina to make it through all 52 pages. Though, admittedly, it might take a week or so... There are after all, some $3 words in it.

Safety or Money?

Giving a City an Identity

Branding for Change

“We are Salisbury, Maryland, and our town was born from the headwaters of the Wicomico River.” This is how the new brand statement of Salisbury begins. It tells of the city’s origins. But, as familiar as its descriptive words sound, this declaration is a new addition to the city’s identity. And this identity, according to Salisbury Mayor Jake Day, is something the city has struggled and failed to define for many years.

City branding is not marketing. It is a recognition of a place’s identity, its mission, and vision. It is a promise of change. It visually references a place’s people and reflects them back to the outside world. A logo or font will not change a city, but can act as a motivator for growth and action—a symbol. The branding of a city incorporates its location, culture, diversity, and uniqueness and creates a statement about the city itself. It declares without hesitation who it is.


A Viewer Writes: Dog attack in Salisbury

Mr. Albero,

I appreciate your ability to disperse pertinent and helpful information to the residents of the eastern shore in a quick and effective manner. I am writing because of an incident that occurred yesterday, Monday, March 28th around the area of the Salisbury City Park. I was the victim of an unprovoked attack by an unknown pitbull and unidentified owner. A large white/cream pitbull viciously attacked me before fleeing along with his owner. I suffered multiple large puncture wounds on my forearms, legs and rib cage. The incident was reported to the appropriate agencies, but because I could not provide a very detailed description of the owner, it is unlikely he will be apprehended. I now have to undergo a series of rabies vaccines along with healing from my multiple painful injuries. I am writing this to make citizens in the area aware of the danger this animal may pose to them. I am very grateful my injuries were not worse, and I just ask others to remain aware of this potentially dangerous situation and be vigilant to protect themselves, their pets, and their children.

Publishers Notes: If ANYONE knows who this piece of crap is who owns this dog, please contact the Police immediately. NO ONE deserves this and what kind of man disappears after a woman is attacked like this. Know that I am biting my New York tongue but I'm sure you have an idea what words I'd like to be using right now. 

School, School System, Law Enforcement Work Together on K-9 Drug Scan at Parkside High

This morning the school system is collaborating with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a K-9 scan at Parkside High School. Scans such as this are scheduled as part of ensuring that schools are safe and drug free. Students will be outside of the school building while the scan is taking place, and the instructional day will resume once the process is done. Please note that students cannot be signed out by parents while the scans taking place. Thank you for your cooperation in support of safe schools. Please check the school system’s website and social media for any updates. Parkside families will receive an update call from the school later today.

They have better cameras than the bank!

Just so you know...

70 Tries After Seattle Raised Its Minimum Wage, I Still Can’t Find A Job

Over the weekend, lawmakers and labor unions in California, the nation’s most populous state, reached a tentative agreement to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the course of the next several years.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown had opposed prior legislative proposals over the issue, but finally acquiesced after labor unions garnered enough support last week to qualify an initiative for the Nov. 8 ballot. The deal still has to go through the state legislature, but most anticipate legislators will approve it, thus avoiding the costly campaigning that would result from a squabble at the ballot box.

California’s compromise comes as part of a growing national movement to hike up minimum wages across the county. Indeed, over the past two years, a whole host of states and cities have rapidly pushed through legislation to raise their base pay, likely in response to President Obama’s repeated calls for higher wages.

Twenty-nine states have minimum wages that exceed the federally mandated $7.25 per hour. Heading into the 2016 election, the issue remains hotly contested and politically potent, with Republican presidential candidates in fierce opposition to, and Democratic candidates in strong support of, a dramatic increase in the federal minimum wage.

While many cities have forced local employers to pay artificially higher wages, the issue remains far from settled. Just last month, for instance, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed a bill prohibiting Alabama towns from increasing their wages above the state’s, a move that came in response to the Birmingham City Council voting to raise their city’s base pay to $10.10 an hour.

There's more here

One Of These Days We'll Get It Right ;-)


In recent months, Wicomico County has experienced an increase in the development of large scale chicken houses known as CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). Many county residents have expressed concern over health and environmental impact as well as economic impact on their property, both residential and commercial.

With so much misinformation and misconceptions being circulated, we felt it was in everyone’s best interest to assemble a panel of experts to address the issues.

Working with the office of Governor Hogan to secure the most knowledgeable people in the State, we were able to schedule the forum for March 22nd at the Wicomico Civic Center. Responsible parties from the Maryland Departments of Agriculture, Environment and Health & Mental Hygiene, in addition to several
local representatives, answered questions, many submitted in writing by the more than 500 citizens in attendance. Almost all the panel members were from agencies within the Maryland departments that are responsible for regulating, permitting and inspecting CAFOs.

While emotions were high and those who adamantly oppose CAFOs picketed outside, we were pleased that the audience was respectful of the panel members and each other. For nearly two hours, the health and protection of the Paleo Channel was discussed along with waste management and potential health risks.

Significant points made by the panel included:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set very protective
standards for levels of nitrates in water. These standards are implemented by the State of Maryland through regulation, permitting and inspection.

Storage of waste, including the chicken housing, are “under roof”, meaning rain water does not reach the waste to cause run-off.

Properly permitted and maintained poultry operations produce less effect on the environment than run-off from fertilized lawns.

Compliance is key. If permits are adhered to, there will be no discharge of waste in excess of the nutrient management plan.

Field crops use significantly more water than poultry houses.

The Department of Health & Mental Hygiene finds there is no significant evidence that poultry workers have increased health issues from exposure to chicken houses.

The aquifers in Wicomico County are among the best in the State. Water levels have stayed consistent since the 1960s and the “recharge” nature provides is adequate.

Areas that need further discussion and examination are:

Permitting process – It is important that those who plan to build CAFOs apply for a CAFO permit in the beginning of the process and not at the end.

One presenter suggested that the CAFO permit be the first one applied for and then work backwards from there.

Inspections – Inspections are conducted every 5 years or if a complaint is received. Should more frequent inspections be considered?

Health/Environment – There are currently no standards or testing for particles emitted from chicken house exhaust fans. However, odors and particles are of some concern with regards to asthma. It is hard to quantify because each individual is different and everyone is not affected.

Currently, there is not enough known by DHMH to set any standards for CAFO construction. However, consideration should be given to location of houses in relationship to residential homes.

At the conclusion of the forum, I personally felt there were adequate regulations in place to protect the Paleo Channel and other aquifers. I am aware that there is data that may say otherwise. It is a question of whose data do you trust and whose data is being used by authorities to make their decisions. Let’s remember that opposing data can be found for almost any subject you want to name.

My real take away from the forum, however, was when a zoning question was asked or the panel referred to something as a “zoning issue”, it drew the most audience applause. At the end of the day, I believe that is the true concern of our citizens. No one wants a CAFO within view or “smell” of their homes or businesses. It boils down to economic impact.

We must recognize that economic impact cuts both ways. Wicomico County has and continues to reap enormous economic benefits from the poultry industry through employment, taxes and support of local businesses. Even the social fabric of our county has been improved by the generosity of poultry families to Salisbury University, WorWic Community College, Peninsula Regional Medical Center and so much more. Wicomico County cannot afford to have the poultry industry leave.

At the same time, we cannot let our home values and residential and commercial property values decline. Investors will not want to develop new businesses close to CAFOs and home owners will lose equity, both resulting in lower tax revenues to sustain the County.

So, what do we do? It is up to the Wicomico County Council to develop a balanced approach to our zoning laws, so all can find a way to prosper. Given the findings from the forum, I believe there is a pathway to find the right answer. It is what our friends in the poultry industry deserve as well as our taxpayers.

A Viewer Writes: Bank Robbery At Shore Bank In Salisbury

The Salisbury University Police is currently investigating a bank robbery which occurred at 10:10 hrs at Shore Bank near Milford Street and South Salisbury Blvd. Suspect is described at a black male, 5’5, brown jacket, blue jeans, yellow construction hat or black hoodie. (just came over email)

Another Salisbury WATERFRONT Parking Lot Sold For Mixed Use

Here we go again. More Downtown mixed use apartments will fill yet another Riverfront property. In other words, AFFORDABLE HOUSING. 
You remember River's Edge, right? You know, the place Jim Ireton said he ain't letting Tawanda and her five kids live in no riverfront property, and then it happened!

This parking lot is in the "Arts District" too. I wonder if you'll get reduced rent if you are an artist?


Prof Says Algebra Too Hard, Schools Should Drop It

A New York professor has sparked a debate among educators over whether or not algebra is too hard and should be dropped from the curriculum.

Political scientist Andrew Hacker of Queens College in New York insists the difficulty of learning algebra is responsible for a higher dropout rate when students find they can’t grasp the discipline. The course should be excluded, Hacker says, because the math is just too hard for students today.

“One out of 5 young Americans does not graduate from high school. This is one of the worst records in the developed world. Why? The chief academic reason is they failed ninth-grade algebra,” Hacker says in his new book The Math Myth and Other STEM Delusions.


Let's Give WBOC's New Mini Chopper A New Name

Subject: Sotomayor: How Can Gov’t Function If It Can’t Make People Do Things They Believe Will Damn Their Souls?

In oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked an attorney representing East Texas Baptist University, Southern Nazarene University, Geneva College and the Little Sisters of the Poor whether the United States government would ever be able to function if it could not demand that people do things that those people believe will cause their souls to “be damned in some way.”

“Because every believer that’s ever come before us, including the people in the military, are saying that my soul will be damned in some way,” said Sotomayor. “I’m not naysaying that that is a very substantial perceived personal burden by them. But if that’s always going to be substantial, how will we ever have a government that functions? How will we ever have anything that the government can demand people do in objecting…that won’t be a problem?”

The case—Zubik v. Burwell—is looking at the question of whether the Obama administration can force Catholic and Protestant non-profit institutions to cooperate in a government regulatory scheme that would use the health-care plans of those institutions to deliver coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs and devices.


Jim Ireton Is A Flaming Idiot

Democratic Candidate for Maryland’s First Congressional District, Jim Ireton, Condemns Terror Attack in Brussels as well as Republican Islamophobia

SALISBURY, MD –Jim Ireton, Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives from Maryland’s 1st Congressional District had the following to say in the aftermath of the news from Brussels and the responses from several Republican leaders in the US.
“My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the senseless attack in Brussels today. These crimes against humanity are just the latest in a series, perpetrated by the criminal group that call themselves the Islamic State. The United States and the world must stand with Brussels to see that these monsters are brought to justice. We must not allow their brand of hatred to infest our free society.”
“Yet, not even a day has passed and leading figures of the Republican Party and conservative America have projected the exact bile that those who rape, pillage, and murder would have them say. Senator Ted Cruz’s proposal, which assumes that some Americans are more dangerous based solely on their religion or ethnicity, undermines the very foundations of our American values. Pitting Americans against Americans, or against peace-loving people around the world, is exactly what ISIS aims for with these attacks. Attitudes like those of Senator Cruz do just that. Cruz’s remarks, and all others like them, should be rejected immediately.”

WBOC Obsessed With Guy Who Kills Himself

This is a perfect example of how the Main Stream Media LIES about their alleged "PROTOCOL". 

For THREE days now WBOC has obsessed over a guy who parked his vehicle on a bridge and jumped to his death. The Main Stream Media claims they do NOT cover suicides, really? So WBOC, do tell us why you have repeated this story for THREE days now and continue to publish it all over social media. 

I'll tell you why, because they are desperate for any kind of traffic. Funny how LIBERALS treat these cowards like heroes. 


Joe, this showed up Facebook.. 

FYI: The fate of Assateague may determined without any of us knowing. 1 of the options that the government is considering is completing shutting it down to all public forever. There is a "town meeting" being held at Ocean Pines Library tonight from 6-9 pm. The only way you would know about what is happening is if you may have happened to stop at the visitor center and have seen the small notice posted. Nothing has been in the paper about this whatsoever. It is detrimental that the masses attend this meeting. 


Assateague Island National Seashore Draft General Management Plan Available for Public Review and Comment

Berlin, Maryland – The public is invited to learn more about Assateague Island National Seashore’s Draft General Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement at one of three open houses on March 29th , 30th and 31st. The public open houses will provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about the alternatives proposed for the Island’s future. National Park Service staff will be on hand to answer questions. People can come at any time during the hours of the open house. The three open houses will be held at the following locations:

 Tuesday, March 29, 2016, at the Wor-Wic Community College, 3200 Campus Drive, RM 302-Hazel Center, Salisbury, MD from 4:30 to 7:30 PM

 Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at the Ocean Pines Library, 11107 Cathell Road, Berlin, MD, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

 Thursday, March 31, at the Chincoteague Center, 6155 Community Drive, Chincoteague Island, VA from 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Confederate flag draws attention in southern Md.

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. — Several familiar and not-so-familiar Confederate flags are getting some attention in southern Maryland.

Two flags, including the controversial Confederate battle flag, recently were put up near the large sign along the side of Md. Rt. 234 welcoming visitors into St. Mary’s County from neighboring Charles County.

The flags could be seen about 40 feet behind the sign.

“We had not received any official complaints until last week, when someone had contacted a local radio station and made us aware that the flag was actually up there,” St. Mary’s County Commissioner John O’Connor says.

O’Connor went out to the site and determined that the Confederate battle flag was on private property. He couldn’t force any one to take it down.


Hey WBOC, It's Organism, Not Orgasm

Yesterday morning Brian Keane was on WBOC talking about an "organism," he instead called it an "orgasm". While the other female tried to act professional, you could tell by her facial expression she wanted to bust out laughing. Brian, we now dub you, WOODY. 

It's A Shame, But It's True.

Weather Update







Weather Advisery

Wind Advisory
1028 PM EDT SAT APR 2 2016







Stripper Gets Hired For Party, Shows Up To Birthday Boy’s House- Finds He’s Only 8-Yrs Old!

This mother must have SERIOUSLY had a screw loose if she thinks that it was appropriate for her to hire a STRIPPER for her 8-year-old child’s birthday party. This is beyond sick and twisted:

This is the moment an eight-year-old boy welcomed in his birthday with a stripper, organised by his mother.

The child, who is sat down during the incident, is accompanied by a woman wearing pink underwear.

She is seen ‘twerking’ in his direction, as other children can be heard watching on.

The footage – believed to be filmed in Tampa, Florida, then was posted on the social image sharing site Instagram.

Since then it has sparked outrage across social media.

One viewer on Reddit said: “The mother should be put in jail and the stripper should be fined.


Another said: “How is this not child abuse? I’m sorry but the kid is eight years old, this was down right disturbing to watch.”