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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lee Brice “Life Off My Years” Tour

Limbaugh: Is Jeff Sessions ‘the Only Conservative Left in Congress?’

On his Friday radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh expressed disappointment in the House and Senate Republican leaderships for the passage of the end-of-the-year omnibus spending bill.

According to Limbaugh, Republicans should have long seen this coming and could have averted any impasse months ago. Instead he argued they were using that as cover to pass this bill instead of each spending measure individually in regular order.

“Who runs this place?” Limbaugh said. “Who has the majority of seats in this place? Ditto over in the Senate. What is this? Why does the clock always run out on an end-the-of-the-year budget deal when everybody knows months in advance the end of the year budget deal is coming up? How in the world does any of this happen?”

“Maybe that’s a rhetorical question because this is what the Republicans wanted the end result to be,” he continued.

“And of course when they’re called on it, naturally those of us who criticize it are going to be pointed to as the problem,” he continued. “Why is the only Republican in all of Congress who is complaining about this Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)?


Panel to review Maryland’s school construction policies

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland officials are forming a commission to review the state’s school construction policies.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch made the announcement Friday.

The panel will make recommendations for more efficient and effective school construction practices. Maryland last reviewed its school construction policies in 2004.

The panel will include private sector representatives from the construction services and development industry, as well as local government and educational members and state officials. The panel will report back by December 2016.


Rubio Misses Spending Bill Vote

Sen. Marco Rubio missed Friday’s Senate vote approving a massive $1.8 trillion end-of-the-year spending bill and tax package — a day after he suggested that he could try to slow the legislation down.

The Florida Republican, who is running for president, was the only 2016 contender to miss the vote, which is the Senate's final vote of the year.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), three other presidential candidates, all voted against the legislation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a fourth GOP presidential candidate from the Senate, backed the bill.

Cruz announced his opposition to the legislation on Thursday, describing his vote as a “hell no.”

“This is what's wrong with the Washington Cartel,” he told "The John Fredericks Show." “Republican leadership has proven to be the most Democratic leaders we have ever seen. ...[This] does not honor the promises we made to the men and women who elected us.”

Rubio's missed vote comes after he suggested that he could use procedural tactics to try to slow down the legislation, which he said he opposed.

“We should use every procedural aspect that we have to slow it down and perhaps force some changes on these things we've been discussing,” Rubio told Fox News.


Military Welcome Home Tonight At The Airport

This is something "Everyone" should do...Thank each of you for your service, and keeping America Free. God Bless you and your familys.
Posted by Hogs and Heroes Foundation, Inc. MD-8 on Saturday, December 19, 2015
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Teaching about religion in public schools can be risky, but it’s worth it

On Friday, a Virginia school system made news by shutting down in response to hate mail and other backlash about a world geography lesson on Islam. Some parents had vehemently protested an assignment for students to practice calligraphy by writing the shahada, or Muslim statement of faith. While such a dramatic reaction from administrators may be unprecedented, teachers facing controversy as they try to teach about religion is common.

In this case, like others, school district officials stood by the teacher. Educating about religion has long been a part of the curriculum in Virginia schools and elsewhere. Most states passed standards during the past two decades requiring that students be educated about the world’s religions as part of social studies and geography. Some teachers were teaching about world religions long before the standards existed.

In writing a book about schools’ efforts to teach about religion, I found that Islam is singled out for fear in the classroom. Regardless of the teacher’s approach, opponents often claim that children are being indoctrinated into a faith they see as evil. Many argue against teaching Islam by saying they feel public schools have abandoned Christianity.

While schools have steadfastly refuted claims of indoctrination, the controversies reveal a reality: Teaching about religion is complicated. With lots of gray areas.


UPDATE: Missing Dog In Salisbury


Scout has been found and is home!!

Who Wrote the Omnibus? Four Lawmakers, Many Lobbyists

The ugly work that went into the massive pork-filled omnibus spending bill snaking its way through congress is now starting to be exposed.

And it’s not for the faint at heart-- members of congress had little input in the bill and, in many cases, didn’t even know what was in it.

Senator Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Republican of Alabama, in a blistering interview Thursday night, shed some light on the details.

According to Sessions, lawmakers found out what was in the bill by talking to lobbyists, who had a better idea than they did as to what was being included in the bill. “No member of even the House and Senate knew what was going on,” he told Portland, Oregon talk show host Lars Larson. “Special interests did because we heard from lobbyists what some things were being considered.”

Sessions went on to note that basically four members of congress put the deal together without consulting their colleagues. “It’s not right for ultimately four members, in secret — for reasons we have no understanding of — to make critical decisions on things,” he said.

Sessions also bristled and how the bill was quickly presented to members of congress with little time to consider it.

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Dog's Best Day - Caitlyn

Gowdy: List of Visa Overstays Should Be Sent to Firearms Dealers

(CNSNews) - Never mind the secret and mysterious government watchlists: The government could and should be sending its list of people who overstay their visas to federally licensed firearms dealers, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) told two Obama administration officials on Thursday.

Speaking at a hearing on foreign travelers and national security, Gowdy said three groups of people currently are barred by law from purchasing or possessing a firearms, including people in the country without permission; people who overstay their visas; and even, in most cases, people who are here on a valid visa.

"Are those lists made available to federally licensed firearms dealers so they can make sure they don't sell firearms to those three categories of prohibited people?" Gowdy asked Leon Rodriguez, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and John Bersin, assistant secretary of Homeland Security.

"Mr. Gowdy, I'm just not familiar with the ATF process with regard to that," Bersin replied. "I don't believe that DHS circulates those lists," he added.

"Well, this is the frustration that I face, is that I listen to an administration call for additional gun laws," Gowdy said. "They want additional gun control in the wake of almost every tragedy. That's the very first place they run. And it just forces me to ask, well, I wonder how we're doing with the current gun laws that we have?"

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Numbed by death of colleague, police tear up seeing kids lining procession

Earlier this week, as part of a funeral procession of more than 500 police cars, officer Joe Groeger rode silently in a passenger seat. Ahead was a hearse carrying the body of officer Noah Leotta.

Groeger and Leotta had gone through the Montgomery County police academy together. Both were 24 and shared an apartment.

“Look at all of them,” the officer behind the wheel told Groeger.


Pruden: The Deadly Dereliction of Duty at the Top

Franklin D. Roosevelt told a frightened nation on the eve of World War II that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself,” and it was a message everyone understood. Fear paralyzes even the strong. The United States had a war to win, and paralysis doesn’t win wars.

Now we are engaged in another great struggle (to steal language from another wartime president,) testing whether this nation, or any nation conceived and dedicated to liberty and freedom as this one is, can survive and endure. Barack Obama, alas, is neither a FDR nor an Abraham Lincoln.

President Obama is mortally afraid of offending Muslims, radical or otherwise, whom he imagines are the key to making America safe. He’s heard that pretty evening music from the mosque. He finally recognizes the painful truth that domestic and sometimes homegrown terrorism is more than “workplace violence,” but wants to put American safety in the hands of Islamic “partners” of dubious reliability.

Fear drives Republicans, too. When duty calls, earplugs can be a comfortable answer. Paul Ryan, the new speaker of the House, backed by a comfortable Republican majority, is mortally afraid of Barack Obama. He executed a monumental cave on the new budget of bloat, waste and extravagance that would make a Democratic spendthrift lose his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He expects, in connivance with the Democratic minority, to get the House to approve it on Friday. Mr. Ryan, with a grin as broad as the Capitol rotunda, looks in the photographs as if he had just won the lottery.

Many Republicans caved with him, showing no shame, and now owe John Boehner an apology. The Republicans in the House threw out Mr. Boehner for caves like this. He did it on nearly every issue crucial to the Republicans keeping their word to the people who sent them to Washington, and Mr. Ryan seems determined to protect the losing streak. We can expect the Republican tough talk to resume next year when the elections approach, voter anger subsides, the Republican candidates return with their begging bowls.

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Biggest BBQ

BBQ anyone???
Posted by DJ Reminise on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me

Jet-lagged from a long overseas trip, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had just sat down with his wife for a quiet dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant in northern Virginia when his phone rang. It was the White House on the line. President Barack Obama wanted to speak with him.

It was Aug. 30, 2013, and the U.S. military was poised for war. Obama had publicly warned Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad that his regime would face consequences if it crossed a “red line” by employing chemical weapons against its own people. Assad did it anyway, and Hagel had spent the day approving final plans for a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missile strikes against Damascus. U.S. naval destroyers were in the Mediterranean, awaiting orders to fire.

Instead, Obama told a stunned Hagel to stand down.

Assad’s Aug. 21 chemical attack in a Damascus suburb had killed hundreds of civilians, but the president said the United States wasn’t going to take any military action against the Syrian government. The president had decided to ignore his own red line — a decision, Hagel believes, that dealt a severe blow to the credibility of both Obama and the United States.

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County Employees Get Free Fitness Room Perk

SNOW HILL – The Worcester County Commissioners approved two measures designed to improve the health of county employees this week.

On Tuesday the commissioners agreed to ban the use of e-cigarettes, essentially any type of electronic delivery device like vaporizers, within county buildings. They also voted unanimously to provide county employees with free access to the new fitness center at the Worcester County Recreation Center in Snow Hill.

“I’m personally thrilled for the new addition,” said Stacey Norton, the county’s human resources director. “I know I plan on using this. Speaking with our employees, there’s a lot of interest. In accordance with our wellness plan, I think it’s important we provide opportunities for our employees to utilize this service.”

Norton said many employees had expressed interest in the new fitness room that is the highlight of the 6,000-square-foot addition to the county’s recreation center. She said if employees were given free access to the room, interest might increase in the array of health-related programs offered at the recreation center.


Open-Borders Money Backs Marco Rubio

Political analysis of the Las Vegas debate immigration dust-up between Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is missing a key ingredient: the money factor.

You can read the lips of the candidates till the cows come home. But you'll get to the truth much faster when you learn where pro-amnesty power brokers have placed their bets and hitched their wagons.

Rubio's brazenly fraudulent campaign to paint Cruz as soft on illegal immigration is a flabbergasting attempt to distract from the Florida junior senator's faithful allegiance to the open-borders donor class.

Here's what you need to know:

Worcester County bans vaping, stops short of smoke-free campus

Despite objections from Emergency Services Director Fred Webster, the Worcester County Commissioners voted Tuesday to end in-house vaping at county facilities, but stopped short of banning nicotine consumption outright at the Government Center, courthouse and State’s Attorney’s office.

County employees may still smoke in vehicles, so long as only one person is occupying the vehicle at the time.

Webster’s main objections stem from his dispatch staff, where he had allowed eight of 24 employees operate electronic cigarettes at their consoles while on duty, rather than exiting the facility to smoke outside.

In a memo submitted to Human Resources Director Stacey Norton, Webster said, “With the advent of the vapor cigarettes many of my staff that did smoke regular tobacco cigarettes converted to the vapor smokes.”


Trump: Congress ‘Threw In The Towel’ on Budget Deal

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News that Republicans in Congress “threw in the towel” when drafting the 2016 budget.

“The only special interest not being served by our government is the American people,” he said late Thursday night.

“If anyone needed more evidence of why the American people are suffering at the hands of their own government, look no further than the budget deal announced by Speaker [Paul] Ryan,” Trump said about the Omnibus spending plan, which will likely be finalized on Friday morning.

The budget allows $1.1 trillion in 2016 spending.

“To avoid a government shutdown, a cowardly threat from an incompetent President, the elected Republicans in Congress threw in the towel and showed absolutely no budget discipline,” he said.

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Online Holiday Shipping A Growing Business For Many Operators

OCEAN CITY — As more consumers flock to online stores instead of brick and mortar establishments, local companies are busy juggling the balance between meeting the increased demand and managing the rising costs to do business in cyberspace.

“Our online business started with me driving a few boxes of crab cakes to our customers back in 2000,” said Crabcake Factory owner Johnny Brooks. “Now 15 years later, the shipping part of our business has grown more than a 100-fold and it has its own dedicated building and small staff managing it.”

Yet, shipping high end seafood overnight comes at a significant cost according to Brooks, and that cost is going up each and every year.

“It’s always been on the expensive side to do this part of our business, but [the shipping cost] is definitely going up substantially so we’ve really seen a growth in our gift card sales and our non-food items like our bloody mary mix,” said Brooks. “People don’t want to leave their houses anymore to shop, and with the growth of these sites, we have to be able to get people what they want quickly.”


SPD Press Release 12-19-15 (Armed Robbery Investigation Wendy's)

Virginia School District Shuts Down After Backlash Over Islamic Assignment

(CNSNews) -- After defending a Virginia teacher who made her students copy the Muslim statement of faith known as the shahada as part of a calligraphy assignment, Augusta County Schools shut down the entire school system Friday when a backlash erupted on social media.

“While there has been no specific threat of harm to students, schools and school offices will be closed Friday, December 18, 2015,” Augusta County Public Schools said in a statement Thursday, noting the “voluminous phone calls and electronic mail” it had received “locally and from outside the area.”

The controversy ignited after parents learned that World Geography teacher Cheryl LaPorte had required her ninth-grade students at Riverheads High School in Staunton to copy the shahada, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, as part of an assignment on world religions.

Reciting the shahada is the first step in converting to Islam.

The passage translated from Arabic states: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

LaPorte also invited her female students to try on headscarves, the Shilling Show first reported.

“Neither these lessons, nor any other lesson in the world geography course, are an attempt at indoctrination to Islam or any other religion, or a request for students to renounce their own faith or profess any belief,” Superintendent Eric Bond said in a statement.

But Bond’s reassurances did not assuage the 100 parents and community members who attended a forum at the Good News Ministries Church near the school to protest the assignment and point out that a public school teacher who required students to copy passages from the Bible would be fired, the Staunton News Leader reported.


Grants Available for Communities to Address Impacts of Storm Events, Flooding and Sea Level Rise

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is providing Community Resiliency Grants to local governments to prepare for weather-related hazards, including flooding, storm events and sea level rise.

“Community Resiliency Grants take a big picture approach to mitigating local storm and flooding events,” Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “Through this program, we aim to create twofold solutions that protect not only our residents and our infrastructure, but also the Chesapeake Bay watershed and water quality.”

At least one proposal will be awarded in each of the two categories: CoastSmart Communities, coastal communities looking to plan and prepare for hazards; and new this year, Green Infrastructure Resiliency, any community (including non-coastal) experiencing frequent flooding from intense weather events.
  • Open to all Maryland coastal communities, CoastSmart Communities provides funding for local governments to plan for future flooding caused by both tidal and rain events. Actions include incorporating lower-risk planning scenarios into everyday decision-making and adopting long-term strategic plans. This program also focuses on helping residents, business owners, officials and planners understand existing hazards and the actions that can be taken to maintain a community’s identity and cultural heritage.
  • Open to all communities, Green Infrastructure Resiliency funding intends to help local governments plan and carry out projects to reduce localized flooding risks. Project examples include green infrastructure practices such as rain gardens, permeable pavement, bio-retention areas, and infiltration trenches that focus on addressing floodplain and stormwater management while improving water quality.

Life Sentence in Murder of Baby Niece

BEL AIR, MD - A Forest Hill man was sentenced on his 22nd birthday to life in jail for the murder of his infant niece.

Colin Christopher Wolf, formerly of the 2000 block of Bay Meadows Court, pleaded guilty Friday in Harford County Circuit Court to the first-degree murder of his two-month-old niece Aubree Roberts, who died in April 2013.

Wolf spoke softly and in two-word answers as the judge questioned him to make sure he understood the plea agreement. When asked if he believed he was guilty, Wolf swallowed and said: “Yes, ma’am.”

He received a life sentence with all but 33 years suspended, followed by five years of probation.


More than 31,000 Deer Harvested During Maryland Firearm Season

Maryland hunters reported taking 31,390 deer during the popular two-week deer firearm season. Despite mild weather across the state, rain on key hunting days resulted in an eight percent decline in harvest compared to last season. More than 3,200 deer were taken on the Sunday hunting days.

“Scattered rain across the state on opening weekend, combined with warm weather throughout the season, made for challenging hunting conditions this year,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “With Sunday hunting available in most counties, hunters had more opportunities to adapt to these conditions and achieve the harvest necessary to meet our deer management objectives.”

During the firearm season, hunters reported taking 20,041 antlerless white-tailed deer—nearly double the antlered white-tailed deer taken (11,349). Focusing harvest on antlerless deer remains a fundamental component in the effort to manage Maryland’s population.

The harvest of sika deer declined with hunters reporting 390 antlered and 581 antlerless deer, compared to 471 antlered and 670 antlerless in 2014. The bag limit for antlerless sika deer was increased in 2014 in response to rising agricultural damage complaints in the region. Hunters have responded favorably by harvesting more antlerless sika deer to help stabilize the population and reduce it to more acceptable levels in problem areas.


Poll: College Students Prefer Free Markets, Call Black Lives Matter ‘Anti-Police’

A new scientific poll commissioned by campus activist group Young America’s Foundation queried college students across the country on social and political issues from the importance of free enterprise to gender roles.

The poll, which was conducted by Washington, D.C.-based The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trends, found that a majority of college students, 50 percent, prefer “smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes.” Just 34 percent said they want “larger government that provides more services and higher taxes.”

More college students, 48 percent, said a “strong free market” spawns a significantly stronger economy. Just 34 percent support a “strong/active government.”

More results here

Congress Votes To Fund Nearly 300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In

The House passed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, negotiated with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

A majority of House Republicans voted for the measure, which fully funds Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMers, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior.

In perhaps a display of loyalty to Ryan, three-fifths of the Republican conference supported his legislation, and even gave him a standing ovation following the bill’s passage.

In passing this legislation, the House has approved funding for the issuance of nearly three hundred thousand visas to migrants from Muslim countries in the next year alone.

Ryan’s bill accomplishes this migrant surge by fully funding every U.S. immigration program currently in existence, as well as funding the President’s expansion of the refugee program through Syrian migrant resettlement.


Initial estimates show slight increase in property values

The state Department of Assessments and Taxation delivered the initial estimates of Worcester’s taxable assessable base last Thursday, nearly two weeks late and showing the county regained some of the ground lost during the 2008 meltdown.

“The takeaway is that it was positive and that’s huge,” County Treasurer Phil Thompson said.

The full year real property base estimate for Worcester County in fiscal 2016 is about $14.7 billion, up from about $14.5 billion according to last year’s final projections. The department releases reports in November and March each year to aid local governments develop their budgets. The final tallies aren’t known until the money is actually collected and that number audited independently.

The assessment increase, taxed at the current rate, would generate about $1.67 million in new revenue. In terms of Worcester County’s budget of about $190 million, it’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s also not a loss.


Army Plans to Double Training Days for Guard Units, Chief Says

The U.S. Army's top officer is planning to more than double the number of required annual training days for some National Guard units to reinforce the service's shrinking active force.

The service's current strategy of reducing the active force from 490,000 to 450,000 by 2018 is forcing leaders to depend on the National Guard to assist with potential future contingency missions, according to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

"I am going to lean heavily on the Guard," Milley told an audience at a Dec. 14 National Security Forum sponsored by the Center for a New American Security.

In November, Milley asked Army Lt. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, the director for the Army National Guard, to assess readiness needs of the Guard.

"We are one Army, so what I need to do is not only maintain the readiness of the regular Army ... but I have got to increase the readiness of the National Guard," he said.

Currently, Guard units are required to train 39 days per year, Milley said.


Ken Cuccinelli Endorses Cruz for President

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid Friday at an appearance in Richmond, praising the Texas GOP hopeful as someone who will respect rights and bring the deficit under control.

Mr. Cuccinelli said Mr. Cruz’s penchant for irking his own party leaders is reason alone for conservatives to choose him.


The New York Times Has a Source Pollution Problem

A certain kind of source has burned the paper more than once this year.

The New York Times has a serious source pollution problem. As is now obvious, somebody fed the paper bad information on San Bernardino murderess Tashfeen Malik's social media habits. It was said that she was posting jihadist screeds on Facebook. The Times hyped the scoop by stating pretty clearly that the government—and the administration running it—slipped up. It was the inspiration for endless bloviating about how "political correctness is killing people" at Tuesday night's Republican debate. Then comes FBI director James Comey to say that, no, there were no public Facebook posts that the government missed because there weren't any at all.

More than a few people have noted that two of the three reporters who were fed this story also had their bylines on the notorious (and thoroughly debunked) piece about how the FBI had launched a "criminal inquiry" into Hillary Rodham Clinton's alleged mishandling of classified materials in her e-mails. Pretty clearly, somebody's peddling bad information and its apparent purpose is to submarine both the current Democratic administration and the prospective one. I'm more concerned about that than I am about the Times' having fallen for it. If the same source is responsible for both of these debacles, then that source should be outed by the reporters who currently are twisting in the wind.


Fishing Crew Rescued Offshore After Long Night At Sea

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City-based fishing crew spent a harrowing night offshore after breaking down last weekend, but the incident had a happy ending when a Coast Guard search plane spotted the vessel and sent help nearly 24 hours later.

Around 5:45 a.m. last Friday, Captain Chase Eberle and the crew of three on the 26-foot sportfishing boat “Duskey” left Chincoteague for the Norfolk Canyon on a late season yellowfin tuna trip. The “Duskey” arrived in the Norfolk Canyon a few hours later and already had a gaffer in the box in the first 15 minutes. After a successful morning of fishing, Eberle and the “Duskey” crew started to head back in around 2 p.m. when trouble struck.

The boat got about five miles outside the Norfolk Canyon when the vessel spun a hub on the propeller and became disabled. For several hours, Eberle and the “Duskey” crew continued to put out distress calls, but no help immediately came as the sun set and night settled in.

“We put out distress calls, but whether or not any of them were heard I don’t know personally,” he said. “We had a glassy night in the canyon and we couldn’t ask for a better night to be stuck in the canyon.”


Diana West: Republican And Democratic Elites Moving America Towards Socialism

Conservative author Diana West says America is seeing a “lining up of Democratic and Republican elites,” working to move America towards socialism.

West told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that the latest, trillion dollar budget deal reflects the priorities of Republican and Democratic elites, but doesn’t reflect real conservatism.

“It is the definition of what the party elites are, the people in power are, but I don’t think it’s the definition of what a conservative is.”

She also argued that they are sending America down a path to socialism.


DNC Restores Sanders Campaign's Access To Voter Files After Data Breach

The Democratic National Committee and the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders have reached an agreement to restore the campaign's access to the DNC's massive voter file.

The decision, announced just after midnight Saturday, capped off a chaotic day in which the DNC blocked the Sanders campaign from accessing the national database, which plays a critical role in campaigns' strategies and daily operations.

The party took that step after it discovered that staffers for the Vermont senator had accessed and saved data collected by rival Hillary Clinton's campaign, made briefly accessible due to a software glitch.

In response to the harsh rebuke, the Sanders campaign charged Friday morning that the DNC was "actively attempting to undermine our campaign" in favor of Clinton. The campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court that evening to stop the DNC from blocking access to the data, saying they stood to lose $600,000 in donations per day without access to the data, which is critical to identifying and contacting voters.

According to Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver, the agreement was reached before a hearing on the emergency injunction.


REMINDER: A Christmas Celebration Tonight

Fox News Poll: Trump's Lead Jumps 11 Points as Cruz Gains

Donald Trump's lead increased by 11 points in the latest Fox News poll over last month — while Ted Cruz gained ground, Marco Rubio slipped and Ben Carson fell precipitously.

Here are the results released Friday in the latest poll compared with those of last month.

Donald Trump's lead increased by 11 points in the latest Fox News poll over last month — while Ted Cruz gained ground, Marco Rubio slipped and Ben Carson fell precipitously.

Here are the results released Friday in the latest poll compared with those of last month.

The most recent survey of 1,013 adults was conducted Wednesday and Thursday. The fifth GOP debate was held on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Trump: 39 percent, up from 28 percent last month.
Cruz: 18 percent, up from 14 percent.
Rubio: 11 percent, down from 14 percent.
Carson: 9 percent, down from 18 percent.
Jeb Bush: 3 percent, down from 5 percent.
Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina: 3 percent each, tied with last month.
Rand Paul: 3 percent, down from 1 percent.
John Kasich: 2 percent, even with last month.
Mike Huckabee: 1 percent, down from 3 percent.
Rick Santorum: 1 percent, up from zero last month.
George Pataki: Zero percent, down from 1 percent.
Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore: Zero percent each.

Nominees For Wicomico County Circuit Court

The Judicial Nominating Commissions select and nominate to the Governor persons found by the Commission to be legally and most fully professionally qualified to fill a vacancy. The table includes all current vacancies. Once the close date to a vacancy passes, the names of all applicants will be listed. The public is encouraged to participate in the selection process by submitting written and signed comments concerning the qualifications of an applicant to The Judicial Nominating Commission, c/o The Administrative Office of the Courts, Human Resources, Maryland Judicial Center, 580 Taylor Avenue, Building A, First Floor, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. The comments must be received at least one week prior to the commission meeting date shown in the table below.

The Nominating Commission meets to interview all candidates. Thereafter a voting session takes place and the names of nominees are reported to the Governor. This usually occurs the same day or morning after the Commission meets. As soon as the names have been reported to the Governor this chart is updated to reflect the names of those nominated to a vacancy.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this table. Please recognize, however, that this list does not constitute official notification of individuals nominated for, or appointed to, a judicial vacancy. Rather, the official list of candidates for a vacancy is compiled by the Administrative Office of the Courts and sent to the Governor's Office. The Governor's Office officially notifies the appointed individual and releases an official notice to the public. When an appointment to a vacancy is announced by the Governor's Office, the name is highlighted in red.


After long fight, VA grants automatic benefits to Camp Lejeune's vets

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Thursday it will grant automatic benefits to veterans of Camp Lejeune if they suffer one of eight diseases, a decision that throws a lifeline to potentially thousands of people sickened by the base's formerly polluted drinking water.

The decision is a striking contrast to the VA's overall 93.5 percent denial rate of claims for health and disability benefits filed by veterans of the North Carolina Marine Corps base, VA figures show.

"This is good news," said Karl Saffell, 60, of Lithia, who served at the base from 1977 to 1979 and had a VA claim denied for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, one of the diseases now covered.

"I try not to say bad things. But the claims process has not been one that helps people. It's designed to make people leap barrels and overcome obstructions to get benefits."


From Jeb Bush: "Most important email I've sent, Joe"

Joe — Tuesday night was big. No two ways about it.

So, this morning when I went over the list of everyone who stepped up before and even after the debate, and I still didn’t see your name, I was surprised.



Dear Jeb,

Fool me once, shame on me. However, fool me three times, well, I'd be labeled an IDIOT. Might I suggest you stop haggling with Donald Trump and actually throw your support towards a man who would actually LEAD us back to prosperity and not line your families pockets with more oil money.



Jesse Jackson: Nation’s urban centers in crisis

BALTIMORE (AP) — Rev. Jesse Jackson says the nation’s urban centers are in a crisis created by structural injustice.

Jackson spoke at a commencement ceremony at Morgan State University, a historically black school, on Friday, two days after a mistrial in the case of one of six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death.

Jackson calls the city “a metaphor for abandoned urban America, not protected by laws, not corrected by investment.” He calls Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died after he was injured in police custody, a symbol of too many youth in urban zones “profiled, arrested and killed in police custody without deterrents for misconduct.”

Jackson says people should be marching, not only because Gray is dead “but because of reduced life options and the way he died.”


OC: More ‘Tyson’ heroin recovered

For the second time in a month, local law enforcement reports have indicated that “Tyson” brand heroin is being traded in large quantities in the resort area.

The narcotics’ packaging apparently features the word “Tyson” stamped in red ink, complete with a picture of a chicken. It is unlikely that the drugs are actually associated with the poultry purveyor.

In the most recent incident, Ocean City residents Adam Winter, 38, and Jessica Brown, 22, are accused by police of conducting a heroin deal in a 48th Street parking lot on the afternoon of Dec. 10.

In the arrest report, OCPD Detective Sgt. Jeff Smith wrote that he was working surveillance on known drug users in the area of 28th Street when he observed Brown texting while driving. Knowing that Brown “associates with known heroin addicts,” Smith wrote, he decided to follow her.


New Orleans Will Finally Tear Down Its Monuments to American Traitors

The city's statues honoring Robert E. Lee and other figures of the Confederacy will be removed.

Early last summer, I spent some time in New Orleans. While my brief at the time was to write about the 10th anniversary of the storm, my trip coincided with the national backlash against a century-and-a-half of memorializing American sedition in the public square. At particular issue in the city were four of said monuments that Mayor Mitch Landrieu wanted removed, including the gigantic pillar atop which was a statue of Robert E. Lee—facing north, it was said, so as to face "the enemy." The enemy he was facing, of course, was the United States of America. An informal poll taken at the famous Circle Inn, which sits in the shadow of the pillar, was that Marse Robert should be replaced by Louis Armstrong—or my personal choice, Professor Longhair.

The fight ended Thursday when the New Orleans City Council voted to remove four statues honoring famous American traitors. Marse Robert's coming down at last.

Besides Gen. Robert E. Lee, statues of Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard at the entrance of City Park and Confederate president Jefferson Davis in Mid-City and the obelisk dedicated to the Battle of Liberty Place at the foot of Iberville Street will all come down.The time surely comes when (justice) must and will be heard," Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the council as he called for the statues to be put in a museum or a Civil War park. "Members of the council, that day is today. The Confederacy, you see, was on the wrong side of history and humanity."


Students To Sing ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Holiday Concert

BLAINE, Minn. — Some parents in the Anoka-Hennepin School District are questioning a choir teacher’s decision to use a song about Ramadan performed in Arabic at a holiday concert.

At Thursday night’s concert at Blaine High School, one of the songs students will be singing includes Arabic words, including the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great.”

Christian and Jewish songs will be performed as well, but the Ramadan song is getting all the attention.

The Anoka- Hennepin School District said they have received about a dozen complaints about the song. Some are from parents, some are from people not even affiliated with the school.

“Songs are not performed in a worship setting or to promote religion,” the district’s statement said. “but rather in [an] educational setting where students are learning and performing music.”

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

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Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the grand opening ceremony for the Salisbury Skatepark will take place on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. at the site – 921 South Park Drive.

Helmets are mandatory, so skaters bring your helmet and be prepared to have a great time! All skaters must also be appropriately registered. Skaters 18 years of age and older must complete and sign a Waiver and Release form and obtain a Salisbury Skatepark registration sticker. This sticker must be displayed prominently on your skating helmet in order to enter and skate in the park. All skaters under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Salisbury Community Development staff members will be on-site from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. following the grand opening ceremony to register skaters who have not yet completed the required Waiver and Release form.

Deborah Stam, Salisbury Community Development Director, stated “The Salisbury Skatepark Committee members and I have been working toward the realization of this goal for eight long years. It is so gratifying to finally see this dream become a reality. The Salisbury Skatepark will enhance the quality of life for our local residents by providing a new, positive outlet for the energy and exuberance of the community’s youth. I want to thank the Mayor and City Council members who have supported this project over the years, and all the many City staff members who assisted with the construction of this very important addition to our recreational amenities.”

“A lot of positive energy and hard work has been given to this project by so many people,” said Mayor Jake Day. “I’m delighted to see phase 1 complete. I offer my thanks to Debbie Stam for her steadfast dedication to the project, and I look forward to seeing the skaters enjoying a facility for which they’ve waited such a long time.”

Those affected by Berlin vandals still waiting for results

Six months after a Worcester County District Court judge set probationary terms for the defendants in the January vandalism of more than a dozen vehicles and several landmarks in downtown Berlin, a number of those terms have not been met.

Mark A. Vernarelli, director of community engagement with the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services, said Nicholas Bonser and Jordan Denton, both 18 when they pleaded guilty in June, had paid some of the $8,843.06 in restitution and completed a portion of the 150 hours of community service ordered by the court.

Vernarelli added that each had written a required letter of apology to the town, although Berlin Town Administrator Laura Allen and a number of other town officials said they had not seen one.

Information about the third defendant in the trial, a juvenile, was not available, and Vernarelli said he could not disclose the exact amount of money paid or service hours completed.


Saudi Millionaire Cleared of Rape Charge, Claims He Fell Into Teen

Comptroller Fires Back after Senate President’s Critique

Peter Franchot assails Mike Miller’s letter as an “unwarranted attack on the work of my office”

Comptroller Peter Franchot Thursday sent a strongly-worded letter to Senate President Mike Miller after Miller criticized his performance earlier this week.

“While I always stand ready to engage you in a candid exchange of ideas, I will not allow you to unfairly and inaccurately disparage the work of my award-winning office,” Franchot wrote.

In a letter earlier this week, Miller criticized Franchot over reports that the comptroller’s office misallocated $12 million to $15 million in Montgomery County tax funds to municipalities within the county, including the Town of Chevy Chase and City of Rockville.

Franchot, a Democrat, wrote in his response that Miller is criticizing him because he has attempted to cross party lines on several issues.

“My sense is that your sudden and newfound concerns over the performance of my office are actually based upon my well-documented willingness to reach across partisan lines to work with Governor [Larry] Hogan on fiscal matters of great importance to Maryland taxpayers,” Franchot wrote. “Rather than joining your efforts to launch the 2018 gubernatorial election three years early—as painfully awkward and maladroit as they have been, to date—I am pleased to work with the Governor in a shared effort to hold the line on excessive spending, unsustainable debt and higher taxes on consumers and small business.”


Airport Welcome Home Party Tonight!

There will be a special holiday welcome home for one of our military members Saturday evening at the Salisbury Airport. 

Everyone is encouraged to attend, invite your friends and bring plenty of flags.

The plane is scheduled for 7:30, but people are encouraged to arrive by 6:45 p.m. to allow for adjustments (including early arrivals) and updates.

Salisbury–Ocean City–Wicomico Regional Airport
5485 Airport Terminal Rd, Salisbury, Maryland 21804

Caption This Photo 12-19-15

MSP DUI Checkpoint Post Press Release 12-19-15

A Viewer Sent This In

Australia says NO -- This will be the second Time Julian Gillard (Australian Prime Minister) has done this! She sure isn't backing down on her hard line stance and one has to appreciate her belief in the rights of her native countrymen. A breath of fresh air to see someone lead with guts and determination. Australian Prime Minister does it again ... Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques: Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT... Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture.Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.' 'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.' 'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!' 'Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you,then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.' 'We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.' 'This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'.' 'If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country that accepted you.' PLEASE NOTE: This women has more "BALLS" then our current President of the United States. IF we circulate this amongst ourselves in Canada & USA, WE will find the courage to start.

Delaware State Police Troop 3 Dedication Ceremony

Camden, DE – The Delaware State Police Troop 3 Dedication and Opening Ceremony was held today, Friday, December 18, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. The opening of this facility located at 3759 South State Street, Camden, marked the culmination of an idea that began several years ago. An idea to create a new Troop 3 that would provide an innovative structure that would serve multiple purposes for the benefit of the Delaware State Police and the citizens of Delaware. As the population of Kent County grows the men and women of the Delaware State Police can meet the needs and address challenges of our communities with this new facility for many years to come.

This beautiful facility consists of office space, eight interview rooms, six temporary holding cells, three temporary detention rooms, a fingerprint facility, evidence processing and storage area, a large community room, a patrol officer resource room, a patrol officer roll call room, and a 7,000 square foot maintenance facility and evidence storage which includes a four bay garage.

This complex was designed by the architectural firm of Becker Morgan Group of Dover, Delaware, the complex is situated on 20 acres. Troop 3 was constructed by Commonwealth Construction Company of Wilmington and Site work by A-Del Construction of Newark, Delaware.

Troop 3 houses approximately 100 Troopers including 50 patrol officers, and 50 detectives (including members of the special investigations section).

Fatal Collision MSP Press Release 12-19-15 (Salisbury Barrack)

Registration open for St. Paddy’s Day Run

Registration is now open for the 17th Annual St. Paddy’s Day 5K Run/2K Walk, to be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, March 19, 2016, at the Salisbury Elks Lodge.

Registration will begin at 2 p.m. The cost is $25 and the first 200 registrants are guaranteed an event T-shirt. Event sponsors are also being sought.

Overall awards will be presented to the top three male and female finishers; awards also will be presented to the top three finishers in the various age divisions.

The theme of the run/walk is “Racing For a Reason.” All proceeds will support MAC Inc. programs and services for family members, caregivers and those living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

For race information, call 410-742-0505, ext. 118; email; or

Elks Line Dance Competition - January 30, 2016 Salisbury Md

The Officers and Members of Success Temple #154 are sponsoring a Line Dance Competition, Disco, and Fun Night on January 30, 2016 at 8:30 pm at the Elks Home in Salisbury, MD. We invite all line dancers to come and join in the competition, a team of three (3) or more dancers are required. The registration fee for teams is $5 per team member. We will provide the music, unless you want to provide your own. First, Second, and Third Place trophies will be awarded to the Line Dance competition winners. An application for the competition is attached. The judge’s decision will be final, so put your best foot forward.

· Saturday, January 30, 2016 – Line Dance Competition, Disco, Karaoke, and a Night of Fun. 8:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

Donation - $10 **** Lite fare will be provided.

Please return application and registration fee as soon as possible. Checks or money orders should be made payable to: Success Temple #154. Proceeds to benefit delegates for Tri-State and National Conventions.

We look forward to seeing you and you do not want to miss this event. If you have any questions or need tickets, please contact Chairpersons: Dgt. Sandra Martin or Dgt. Shayla Spates, or any Temple Member.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces Judicial Appointments

Fills Vacancies on the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County Circuit Court, and Howard County District Court

Governor Larry Hogan announced the appointment of Ms. Stacy McCormack and Ms. Donna Schaeffer to the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Mr. Harry Storm to the Montgomery County Circuit Court, and Ms. Lisa Broten to the Howard County District Court. The governor made the appointments after reviewing submissions from the judicial nominating commissions.

“After conducting a thorough vetting process, I am confident that Ms. McCormack, Ms. Schaeffer, Mr. Storm, and Ms. Broten are the most qualified candidates to fill these vacancies," said Governor Hogan. "Their extensive legal experience in our state has prepared them well and I offer my sincere congratulations."

Donna McCabe Schaeffer will fill a vacancy on the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County. Donna Schaeffer has practiced law for over 30 years, and is currently a director at Council, Baradel, Kosmerl & Nolan, P.A. Her previous experience also includes professional mediation and clerking for a Maryland Court of Appeals associate judge. Ms. Schaeffer graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law and has been voted a “What’s Up Annapolis” Leading Lawyer in Family Law by her peers each year for the past six years.

Stacy Wiederle McCormack will fill another vacancy on the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County. Stacy McCormack is currently a sole practitioner in Annapolis, focusing on criminal and personal injury cases. Her previous experience also includes working at the Public Defender’s Office, Jaklitsch Law Group, and clerking for a Maryland Court of Special Appeals judge. Ms. McCormack graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Harry Carl Storm will fill a vacancy on the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Harry Storm has practiced law for more than 35 years, and is currently a shareholder at Lerch, Early & Brewer. His previous experience also includes helping to form Abrams, West & Storm, P.C. and serving as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Montgomery County. Mr. Storm is also the incoming President of the Maryland State Bar Association, a current member of the arbitration panel of neutrals of the American Arbitration Association, and has previously held leadership positions in both the Maryland State Bar Association and the Bar Association of Montgomery County. Mr. Storm graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Lisa Louise Broten will fill a vacancy on the Howard County District Court. Lisa Broten has served as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Howard County for the past 17 years. During this time she has served in various roles and has interacted with both the Howard County Circuit Court and the Howard County District Court. Her previous experience also includes interning as an Asper Fellow with the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office. Ms. Broten graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law.

These appointments will take effect immediately.

Mother Teresa to Be Sainted After 2nd Miracle Declared: Vatican

ROME — Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to helping India's poor, will be made a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican said Friday.

She will likely be canonized in September to coincide with the 19th anniversary of her death and Pope Francis' Holy Year of Mercy, according to an Italian Catholic newspaper report.

The pontiff marked his 79th birthday on Thursday by approving a decree that the nun had performed a second miracle 11 years after her death, the Vatican confirmed in a statement.


Will Smith: Movie "Concussion" touches raw nerve for NFL

(CNN) By now, even the most casual NFL fans are aware that head injuries are a serious cause for concern in the sport. But this Christmas the Hollywood blockbuster "Concussion" is set to spread that message to the masses.

"I probably won't be getting my free Super Bowl tickets this year," said actor Will Smith, who plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, the man who discovers the link between the sport and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

As a noted Philadelphia Eagles fan and parent of a former high school football star -- Smith once traveled between China and Los Angeles for 10 straight weeks to watch son Trey compete -- the actor admitted feeling conflicted about the film.

But meeting Nigerian-born Omalu convinced him that the story needed to be told.

"Dr. Omalu is an immigrant, and a big part of why he fought so hard to have this information come out is because he believes in America and American ideals," Smith told CNN's Rachel Nichols ahead of the movie's U.S. release next week.

"I believe firmly in the ideas and in the concepts of what this country stands for, and I'm impelled and compelled to do whatever I have to do to make sure they aren't trampled upon."


$1.6B Omnibus to Resettle Illegal Immigrants Through 2018

Awards $1,645,201,000 for ‘refugee and entrant assistance activities’

A massive appropriations bill expected to be approved by Congress would provide more than $1.6 billion to resettle illegal immigrants arriving at the U.S. border through 2018.

Congress would award the massive check to the government just as the U.S. isexperiencing a surge in arrivals of immigrant children at the southern border. Last week, federal agencies said they were opening two temporary shelters with 1,000 beds in South Texas to cope with the surge. A 400-bed shelter is also to be opened in Southern California.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services has begun a process to expand its temporary capacity to house unaccompanied children,” the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement last Monday.