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Friday, September 30, 2016

Keith Scott Reportedly Had Stolen Gun, Restraining Order, Arrest Record

Facts should trump narrative. But don’t tell that to the media, federal government, and “protesters” when it comes to police altercations with members of the black community.

Protests like the one in Charlotte, N.C. are a farce and nothing more than an excuse to cause unrest in communities across the country.

It’s a strong stance, but why?

WTVD-Charlotte reported on Monday that the black man shot by a black police officer in Charlotte last Tuesday, Keith Lamont Scott, was carrying a stolen gun. His wife also filed a temporary restraining order against him in 2015 according to police reports.

WTVD-Charlotte reported the following:

The gun that Keith Scott had on him during the deadly shooting was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, police said.

The breaking and entering suspect told ATF Agents that he sold the gun to Scott.

The suspect is in custody.

The question of whether or not Scott had a gun on him when police took action against him looks more and more like it’s closer to being answered.


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