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Saturday, August 03, 2013

It Begins: Pedophiles Call For Same Rights As Homosexuals

Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles
have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a
sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals.

Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it
became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits. 
“Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

Major Virginia Paper: 'Fast Terry' Film Rocks McAuliffe Campaign

The top political columnist at a major Virginia newspaper not known to favor conservative candidates wrote on Thursday that "Fast Terry," the new documentary film from Citizens United that portrays Clinton pal and former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe in a highly unfavorable light, "has come at a tough time for the Democratic nominee for governor."

Julian Walker of the Virginian-Pilot did not stop there. "Despite McAuliffe campaign dismissals of Citizens United's 30-minute "Fast Terry" film as a partisan hit piece," hewrote, "its arrival amid a federal probe related to GreenTech Automotive's finances is harmful."



In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels, where there is a large German-speaking population.

One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher's stock pond.

The rancher rolled down the window and shouted: "Sehr angenehm! Trink das Wasser nicht. Die kuehe haben darein geschissen."

This means: “Glad to meet you! Don't drink the water. The cows have shit in it."

The man shouted back: "I'm from New York and just down here campaigning for Obama's health care plan. I can't understand you. Please speak in English."

The rancher replied: "Use both hands."

‘You’re Paying My Phone Bill’: Writer Shows How Easy It Is to Abuse Free Gov’t Phone Program

The U.S. government in 1985 created the so-called Lifeline program to provide taxpayer-subsidized phone service to low-income earners.

In 2005, the program was expanded to include “pre-paid wireless service plans in addition to traditional landline service.”

Since then, the program has become notorious for soaring costs:



Obama's Policies Make Jobs Situation Still Grim

The Labor Department reported the economy added 162,000 jobs in July, after adding 188,000 in June. Unemployment fell to 7.4 percent, largely because 240,000 adults left the labor force.

Businesses continued the shift toward contingent workers. In July, 103,000 more Americans reported working part-time.

The growing importance of services like retailing and hospitality, and the rigidity and visceral anti-business campaigns of unions drive this trend; however, Obamacare's mandate for employer-paid health insurance coverage also impel the use of more part-time workers.

Overall, the jobs count may be up, but for most working families and recent college graduates the situation is grim. Adding in discouraged adults and part-timers who want full-time employment, the unemployment rate becomes 14.0 percent. And, for many years, inflation-adjusted wages have been falling and income inequality rising.


A Must Watch Video

15 Signs You May Have Adult ADHD

About 4 percent of adults have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and many others have never been diagnosed. (About half of kids with ADHD still have it in adulthood.)

A diagnosis can be important. Adults with ADHD tend to have lower incomes as well as higher rates of accidents, unplanned pregnancies, and substance abuse than those without it, says Martin W. Wetzel, MD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in Omaha.

Here are 15 signs of adult ADHD.


Must See Video: Semi-truck Flies Off Ramp

Lawmakers To Subsidize Own Obamacare Premiums With Tax Dollars

Members of Congress and their aides will essentially be exempt from Obamacare, as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will issue a ruling that says the federal government can subsidize the health insurance premiums of members of Congress and their aides even though the law does not say so.

According to Politico, OPM was "under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill" to issue the ruling giving lawmakers and staffers special treatment because Washington feared a so-called "brain drain," as staffers unable to afford the healthcare plans available on the government exchanges threatened to go into the private sector.


Parenting Win!

Issa Subpoenas Treasury For IRS Documents, Accuses Agency Of Obstructing Probe

A top Republican lawmaker on Friday subpoenaed the Treasury Department for documents pertaining to the IRS targeting scandal, after accusing the head of the tax-collection agency of obstructing congressional investigations.

During a tense hearing on Capitol Hill held shortly before lawmakers headed out for summer recess, acting IRS chief Danny Werfel weathered tough questioning from Republicans including Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


Claws and Effect: Thousands Partake In World’s Largest Crab Feast

They came. They cracked and dipped. They conquered.

Lines began forming an hour before the gates opened at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis at 5 p.m. Friday for the 68th annual Crab Feast sponsored by the Rotary Club of Annapolis. Thousands dove into trays of juicy crustaceans and no one went home crabby.

Dave Renes of Shohola, Pa., went back for fourth and fifth helpings. Thoroughly picking his 46th crab, he said, “I plan on eating more.”


Post-Trayvon Shooting Results In Charges For Home-Defender In New Orleans

A New Orleans resident, Merritt Landry, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder for shooting a teenager, Marshal Coulter. The fourteen-year-old victim reportedly had a history of thefts, according to his own mother and brother, and was seen casing Landry’s home, according to an eyewitness. The teen then apparently jumped a 5-6-foot fence and headed towards the Landry residence, where Landry's pregnant wife and infant daughter were present, according to the police and the home-defender. It was 2 a.m.
The case comes years after a high-profile 2007 New Orleans killing in the same area where a killer entered a dwelling and ruthlessly shot a mother and a father as the father held their infant. The mother died of her wounds. The case had become a huge ordeal in the city, with thousands protesting the high crime in Post-Katrina New Orleans. The killer was never caught, but was believed to be a teenager.


Expect The Daily Times To Kiss PRMC's Rear End Tomorrow

Salisbury News has learned the Daily Times will be publishing an article about unhappy employees at PRMC. I GUESS SO, AFTER 300+ COMMENTS ON SBYNEWS.COM.

Did you expect anything different. They are bought and paid for by advertisers and will do whatever it takes to imply to the public things are not as bad as they truly are. 

By the way, can someone confirm that PRMC gave back the two vacation days Salisbury News published? Hey, who knows. Maybe after the Daily Times article PRMC will actually treat their employees like us US American Citizens or even humans and pay them the salaries they deserve. Oh, that's right, I forgot. The DT's is usually in the business  of brown nosing their advertisers, not calling them out for who they really are. 

If PRMC did give back the two vacation days, to all PRMC employees, you're welcome. 

What America Can Learn From Detroit's Pension Blues

US cities should take note: Political dysfunction and unfunded pension liabilities were two big factors leading to Detroit filing for bankruptcy, Gordon says.

In the week since Detroit became the largest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy, many commentators have speculated about what, if anything, this action means for the rest of the country. One narrative is that Detroit is sui generis – a city whose fiscal problems were long in the making, aided by broad macroeconomic forces and the city’s own political dysfunction. Indeed, Detroit’s previous mayor is in jail and several former officials, including a city treasurer, are under investigation for pay-to-play scandals at the city’s pension funds.


Kitten Set On Fire Gets New Home

A kitten that was set afire in Philadelphia earlier this year has a new home in New Jersey, reports CBS New York.

A woman identified only as "Kelly," adopted "Justin" last month.

Philadelphia officials said someone doused the kitten with an accelerant and lit him on fire in the street on April 25.


SEC Investigating McAuliffe's GreenTech Automotive

On Friday, a spokesman for GreenTech Automotive, the company Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe served as chairman from 2010 to 2012, confirmed to Breitbart News in an emailed statement that the company is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. "GreenTech Automotive," the official statement read, "has received a document subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and is cooperating fully with the SEC staff."

The Washington Post first reported on Friday that representatives of GreenTech Automotive stated they have been subpoenaed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to produce documents related to the company's EB-5 foreign national investor program, and the company's statement emailed to Breitbart News confirms the Post'sreport.


Ex-Nursing Home Head Indicted On Theft, Fraud

BERLIN -- A former Berlin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center administrator has been indicted by a Charles County grand jury on multiple counts of theft and fraud, including allegedly bilking the local nursing home out of thousands of dollars nearly a decade ago.

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler on Wednesday announced Scott Colver, 48, of Hagerstown, has been indicted and charged with six counts of felony Medicaid fraud, five counts of felony theft and one count of felony theft scheme. The indictment alleges that over a period of time in 2004 and 2005, Colver made false representations and attempted to defraud the Maryland Medicaid program in connection with nursing home expenses.


DARPA Mind Contro

What if the government could change people’s moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people’s brains? Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this. Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields. The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and “extremism” – or what could be called “the war of ideas.”Corman’s latest project Narrating The Exit From Afghanistan and his many presentations make it quite obvious that the mission is to shape the narrative and literally change people’s minds. Lest one believe it will be contained to overseas extremists, we should keep in mind that the word extremist is increasingly used domestically. The dissenters of yesterday could easily become the terrorist sympathizers and supporters of political violence tomorrow.


The Future Of Drawing Blood

Battle Initiated Over ‘Shorebilly’ Trademark

OCEAN CITY -- A battle over the use of the trademark “Shorebilly” is brewing this week after a resort area retailer who applied for and received a patent for the term over three years ago last week filed a civil suit against a Boardwalk brew pub allegedly infringing on the registered mark.

In 2008, Teal Bay Alliances, a resort-based retailer, began marketing and distributing various items of clothing prominently featuring the term Shorebilly. Teal Bay marketed and sold Shorebilly items including shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other items of clothing over its Internet website and also distributed the merchandise to local retailers. The brand was later expanded to include stickers, decals, mugs, tote bags, coolers, thermos bottles, key chains, clocks and even ornaments.


Fighter Jet Crash Leads To Harrowing Ocean Rescue

The night-vision image in the rescue helicopter showed a downed pilot in a life raft bobbing 35 miles from the Atlantic shoreline, but when Brian Fogle got ready to plunge down to him, the midnight sky and sea melded into inky blackness.
“The hard part was not being able to see anything,” Fogle said.

Monica Lewinsky's Sexy Tape To Bill Clinton Unearthed After 15 Years

The racy recording was thought to have been destroyed many years ago. But the National Enquirer said it recently obtained a copy of the November 1997 tape, in which the infamous intern is heard trying to persuade the former president to meet with her.
Monica Lewinsky, in a never-before-heard audio tape recorded before her affair with former President Bill Clinton made headlines, attempts to seduce him by promising to take her “clothes off,” it was reported Wednesday.

In the recording, which was made after the one-time White House intern had already hooked up with Clinton numerous times — but before the scandal broke — Lewinsky was incredibly accommodating as she tried to talk the 42nd President into a quickie.


Congressman Andy Harris Hosts Townhall Event Tuesday In Bel Air

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. will be hosting a constituent town hall event on Tuesday, August 6 in Bel Air to answer questions about the work he is doing in Washington and listen to concerns of First District residents.

When: Tuesday, August 6th

Where: Bel Air Town Hall
39 North Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD 21014

Newt Gingrich: I Side With Rand Paul And Ted Cruz

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday that he sides with Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz because they are not afraid to ask important questions, and it is disheartening to watch establishment Republicans like Gov. Chris Christie "grow hysterical."

"I consistently have been on the side of having the courage that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have and I think it's sad to watch the establishment grow hysterical, but frankly they're hysterical because they have no answers," Gingrich said while appearing on "The Laura Ingraham Show," Politico reports.

Gingrich was on Ingraham's show to offer his opinion on the current debate going on between Paul and the New Jersey governor, which began when Christie said the libertarian ideas promoted by the Kentucky Republican were "dangerous" because of his isolationist views on national security and his opposition to the NSA's surveillance program.


Millions Recieve Bogus Federal Disability Checks

Benghazi Witnesses Forced Into Silence? New Concerns Over Terror Attack Aftermath

Even as the White House labels Benghazi a "phony scandal," a raft of new allegations and concerns is once again bringing the controversy back to the forefront in Washington.

Fox News has learned that at least five CIA employees were forced to sign additional nondisclosure agreements this past spring in the wake of the Benghazi attack. These employees had already signed such agreements before the attack but were made to sign new agreements aimed at discouraging survivors from leaking their stories to the media or anyone else.


The American Surveillance State?

“If, as it seems, we are in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.” – Philip K. Dick, author of Minority Report

On any given day, the average American going about his daily business will be monitored, surveilled, spied on and tracked in more than 20 different ways, by both government and corporate eyes and ears.

A byproduct of this new age in which we live, whether you’re walking through a store, driving your car, checking email, or talking to friends and family on the phone, you can be sure that some government agency, whether the NSA or some other entity, is listening in and tracking your behavior. As I point out in my new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, this doesn’t even begin to touch on the corporate trackers that monitor your purchases, web browsing, Facebook posts and other activities taking place in the cyber sphere.

The revelations by Edward Snowden only scrape the surface in revealing the lengths to which government agencies and their corporate allies will go to conduct mass surveillance on all communications and transactions within the United States.


Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Classes

The Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club will start the next 8 week session of Dog Training Classes this coming Monday night. Our building is totally air conditioned. Please go to our website to see the class schedule. We have Puppy Classes for puppies that have had their first 2 shots and other classes for dogs of all ages. It is great fun and we encourage you to come with your Best Friend!

A Slo-Mo IRS Cover-Up

Back on May 13, President Obama reacted heatedly to news that the IRS had delayed and harassed conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. “I have got no patience with it, I will not tolerate it, and we will make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this,” he told reporters

How is the president living up to that pledge? At best, meh. At worst, we are seeing a slow-motion cover-up. In a speech he made last week, he railed against an “endless parade” of “phony scandals” that are slowing down the nation’s business. In other words, nothing to see here, it’s time to “move on.”



The real Trayvon Martin story......and, for even more thrills, read some of the comments!

What Google Knows About You

Earlier, we reported the personal narrative of Michele Catalano who recounted how one day she found herself face to face with six agents from the joint terrorism task force. The reason? "Our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was creating a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Because somewhere out there, someone was watching. Someone whose job it is to piece together the things people do on the internet raised the red flag when they saw our search history."

The answer of "who" was watching should be far clearer in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations from the past two months. But instead of rehashing the old story of the NSA intercepting and recording virtually every form of electronic communication that exists, or ruminating on what filters Ms. Catalano triggered to lead to this truly disturbing outcome, perhaps a better question is just what is it that Google knows about each and everyone who uses its interface daily, which in this day and age means everyone with a computer. As it turns out, pretty much everything.

Here is the thought, and not so "thought" experiment that the WSJ's Tom Gara ran yesterday, before Ms. Catalano's story had hit, to uncover just how rich his informational tapestry is in the repositories of the firm that once upon a time urged itself, rhetorically, to "not be evil."



A photo of a United States Marine hanging behind during a 5K race to accompany a 9-year-old who lost his group recently went viral on Facebook, and has since been picked up by national and international news outlets alike.

According to the “Seal of Honor” Facebook page, which posted the photo, the child was struggling to finish on his own when he asked the Marine, “Sir, Will you please run with me?”


Asiana Flt 214 Reconstruction


Friday's jobs report was disappointing, but it also contained a truly heartbreaking statistic. Black teen unemployment is ashocking 41.6%. In July last year, the unemployment was considerably lower, at 36%. That almost half of black teens who want to work can't find jobs is a stain on Obama's economic policies.

This isn't a numbers trick. This isn't a rate based on the whole black teen population in the country. This is the proportion of the black teen population that is looking for work but can't find a job. Just in March, the number was eight points lower at 33%. The white teen unemployment rate is half the black rate, although still high at 20%.


Sound Familiar?

SPD Press Release 8-3-13

Caption This Photo 8-3-13

Boat Raffle

To Benefit: Main St Gym Youth Program, Salisbury MD

ONLY 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) tickets printed
$1000.00 each (consider teaming up to buy a ticket)
Draw Date: Aug 7th 2013 Friday evening
location: Sunset Grill, Sunset Marine OC.
Reverse Draw Format: All tickets will be drawn until only one winning ticket remains.
Purchase Tickets by calling: 410-430-6687 or 410-726-1353
Drawing conducted under the auspices of Granger & Granger CPA
Raffle Made Possible by D. W. Burt 
Concrete Construction
Special Thanks To:
Peninsula Printing * Sunset Grill * Miller Lite
Boat Information:  28’ custom built Blackwell,
* 2-300 Yamaha Two Stroke,
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* Custom T Top
* Enclosed Head
* Full Teak Cover-board
* Furunpo Navnet Electronics
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* 200 Gal. Fuel Cap.
* 30 gal Fresh water Cap.
* Dual Cylinder Trim Tabs
* Telescoping Outriggers
Drawing Information: 
* Must reach 130 sold tickets to draw for Boat.
* If less than 130 Tickets are sold, drawing reverts to a 50/50 with the winning ticket receiving 50% and Main St Gym Receiving 50%.
* Drawing format will be reverse draw, so all tickets will be drawn until the last ticket drawn is the winner.

FBI Can Remotely Turn On Phone Microphones For Spying

In the wake of the NSA domestic spying scandal that broke in early June, TheBlaze got security tips from Gregg Smith, CEO of the mobile encryption company Koolspan, who mentioned cellphone microphones being turned on remotely if they’ve been compromised, allowing hackers to listen in on your calls.


Aetna’s Decision Another Sign that Obamacare is Bad Medicine for Marylanders

Reality of Higher Costs Under Obamacare Puts 13,000 Marylanders at Risk

– Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. released the following statement regarding news that Aetna will not be providing health insurance in Maryland’s exchange. The reality of higher costs under Obamacare is putting 13,000 Marylanders with Aetna insurance at risk. Despite higher premiums announced last week by the Maryland Insurance Administration, Aetna would still have operated at a loss if they participated in Maryland’s exchange.

“Today’s decision by Aetna to withdraw from Maryland’s exchange is another example that Obamacare is bad medicine for Maryland,” said Harris. “It’s telling that an average 25% increase in premiums is not enough to make the Obamacare train wreck work. Despite promises by President Obama and others that this law would lead to lower premiums and greater access to care, the exact opposite is turning out to be true – Marylanders will be paying more and having fewer choices. It is time for the President to accept Obamacare’s failures and join House Republicans to implement health reforms that are patient-centered, lower costs, and improve access for all Americans.”


'She came home from work, and her body was full of holes'
Police in New York City are trying to find a black man wearing a hoodie who is responsible for a horrific attack on a teenage white girl who was stabbed 11 times just steps from her front door.

The knife-wielding maniac ambushed Natasha Martinez, 17, as she returned home from working her shift at a local McDonald’s restaurant.


WCSO Press Release 8-3-13

Hillary Clinton Adviser Reportedly Went Berserk At Anthony Weiner, And Told Him He Was Going To 'Pull Out' His Throat

Philippe Reines, the personal spokesman and longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton, blew up at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner after the latest revelations surrounding his online sexual relationships.
The New York Times' Amy Chozick and Michael Grynbaum report that Reines went off on Weiner during a campaign conference call after learning of the new revelations. Reines is a close personal friend of Huma Abedin, a "surrogate daughter" beloved by the Clintons, and has an informal, unpaid role with the campaign.


Obama WH Is Hiding Benghazi Survivors AND CHANGING THEIR NAMES (Video)

The U.S. Military Has Awarded Contracts To Al-Qaeda In Afghanistan

I suppose it just wasn’t enough that our allies, “the rebels” in Syria, have significant Al-Qaeda elements to them. No, we are the USA! USA! Best country ever. Defender of human rights. City on a hill. We must do far more than that. So we did.

This story below from Bloomberg, highlights a 236-page report by the U.S. Army Suspension and Debarment Office, which shows that military contracts have been granted to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Yep, this is exactly what happens when an empire gets too big, too corrupt, and ends up in the hands of a bunch of sociopaths. From Bloomberg:
Supporters of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan have been getting U.S. military contracts, and American officials are citing “due process rights” as a reason not to cancel the agreements,according to an independent agency monitoring spending.

“I am deeply troubled that the U.S. military can pursue, attack, and even kill terrorists and their supporters, but that some in the U.S. government believe we cannot prevent these same people from receiving a government contract,” Sopko said.

The 236-page report and Sopko’s summary provide one of the watchdog agency’s most critical appraisals of U.S. performance in helping to build a stable Afghanistan as the Pentagon prepares to withdraw combat troops by the end of next year.

The U.S. has 60,000 troops in Afghanistan, with plans to reduce the number to 34,000 by February. President Barack Obama hasn’t decided how many to keep in the country after 2014 to train Afghan forces and engage in anti-terrorist missions.


SFD Calls For Service 8-2-13

  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 23:33:40Nature: Structure Fire City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 23:33:37Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 23:33:37 Nature: Structure Fire Address: 1402 S Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 22:26:50 Nature: Medical Assist Address: 220 Tilghman Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 22:26:44Nature: Subject Fallen City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 20:11:14Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 17:26:38Nature: Injury City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 16:15:32Nature: Maternity Patient City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 15:17:21Nature: Injury City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 15:02:32Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 14:33:37 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 220 Onley Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 11:23:02Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 11:06:53Nature: Abdominal Pain City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 08:42:42Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 06:03:46 Nature: Pi Accident Address: 833 Snow Hill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 06:03:41Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 02:43:48Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Friday August, 2 2013 @ 00:18:23Nature: Pro Qa Ems City: Salisbury

A Letter To The Editor: "Business"

Funny seeing the big cheese at PRMC on the front cover of the new "Business" rag touting her as one of the "top 100 Women" in the top 100 highest 100 in anything else...I doubt that too!


Those drones over at the BLS are absolutely hysterical. Job growth comes in 14% below the Wall Street shyster expectations and the prior two months were revealed to be 10% weaker than originally reported by the BLS drones and these morons have the balls to report that the unemployment rate dropped from 7.6% to 7.4%. The number of working age Americans went up by 204,000 and somehow the number of Americans in the workforce DECLINED by 37,000. It seems that 240,000 Americans LEFT the workforce in one month. How could this possibly happen in an economy that is supposedly growing? Wages are falling. The work week is falling. The new jobs being added are part-time fry cook jobs. The percentage of people in the work force fell and hovers at 30 year lows. The true numbers reflect an ongoing Depression for the real people.

Digging into the numbers reveals the falsity of the reported unemployment rate and the all out effort by the powers that be to keep the ignorant masses sedated:
41% of all the working age Americans are not employed.
35% of all working age men are not employed.
17% of 25 to 34 year old men are not employed.
14% of 35 to 44 year old men are not employed.
18% of 45 to 54 year old men are not employed.

The number of working age Americans grew by 2.4 million in the last year while the number of employed Americans grew by 2.0 million. But somehow the unemployment rate plunged from 8.2% to 7.4% over this same time frame. Orwell would be so proud of the BLS.

In a supposedly growing economy with jobs being created by Obama’s wise economic policies, there were 1.6 million working age Americans who decided they no longer needed a job and left the workforce. I guess they are getting rich flipping houses or borrowing to invest in the stock market.

The birth death excel model added another 52,000 of jobs supposedly created by small businesses, even though anyone with eyes can see that small businesses are closing at a record pace.