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Friday, September 30, 2016

Plumbing Ordinance Changes Tabled Again By OC Council After Lengthy Debate

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials this week again tabled a proposed ordinance change that would have somewhat relaxed the permitting and inspection process for the simplest of plumbing jobs after an hour-long-plus debate that left the issue as clear as mud.

The Mayor and Council on Tuesday resumed their debate on a proposed ordinance that would amend an outdated section of the building code that requires even the simplest of household plumbing jobs, such as replacing a toilet or a dripping faucet, to be completed by a master plumber after pulling the requisite permit from the city. Naturally, all projects requiring moving lines or replacing pipes that connect into the city water and sewer system should be completed by a professional, but a simple household job still falls under the same permit and inspection process.

For several months, the council has been debating an attempt to streamline the process and remove some of the more stringent requirements. It began last March when the council directed staff to come up with an ordinance change that would remove the requirements for permits and master plumbers from the easiest of household plumbing projects.



steve said...

Why not just follow the existing MdState law of home improvement? A homeowner can repair any exposed pipe appliance a Home Improvement Contractor can without any permits at all; toilet, sink,water heater, or carmaker hookup. Anything inside the walls needs a permit and a license.
Let's get simple!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but one can only LAUGH at the continued "mudding" at City Hall!


steve said...

Ice maker, not carmaker. Thanks, auto spell.

Anonymous said...

So if I'm laying pipe - the city wants a piece of the action??

(snicker! I blame it on my ongoing recovery from last weeks Sunfest eats/drinks!)

Anonymous said...

The town council of OC has got to be the biggest bunch of idiots ever born. Does anyone believe that anytime an OC hotel has to replace a bathroom fixture that they pull a permit and have an inspection done? Does anyone believe that having a master do the work and an inspection done guarantees there won't be a problem?

Anonymous said...

I read on of the comments the last time this article was posted on SBYnews about all of the electricians that have basically boycotted OC. This is what happens when you have a run-a-way government. They have regulated so much - that most businesses just simply avoid the place.

Anonymous said...

For all you people who have no clue as to possible plumbing hazards. A water heater is above the floor and outside the wall BUT:
If it is a gas water heater and you have a leak BOOM.
If it is not vented properly CARBON MONOXIDE (hope you still remember that!)
If not wired properly FIRE.
If no temp/pressure relief valve BOOM.
If water piping not done correctly FLOOD.
If the temp not set properly LEGIONARIES DISEASE.
A kitchen sink is above the floor and outside the wall BUT:
If you don't install a proper trap DEAD.
If not connected properly FLOOD.

etc. etc. etc.

In history, the Plumber has saved more lives than doctors so do you really think someone with no training should be entrusted with other peoples lives !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes hire a plumber so you can sue him/her/it for all he/she/it is worth when the component fails even if it is 20 years later. So make sure you use a younger plumber.

Anonymous said...

The ordinances in OC for plumbing are a joke and it is the ONLY place in Maryland that you need a master for such simple things. Is there even enough master plumbers in Worcester County? Even if you have a master plumber's license that last thing most want to do is replace a faucet when someone else could do the job just as well.

They said simple plumbing jobs. I doubt Harry Homeowner would replace a gas water heater.