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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Humor

SPD Press Release - (Computer Scam/Robbery Attempts) 4-16-17

Happy Easter

Superintendent, Board of Education Announce Appointments of Assistant Superintendent – Chief Academic Officer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Here are some things that make you go Hmmm!

Why is Assistant Superintendent Dr. Cathy Townsend retiring after she applied for, interviewed for, and begged for the Superintendents job??

Why is a Principal, "Rick" Briggs, leapfrogging over a Director, Micah Stauffer, that was next in line for the Assistant Superintendents job? He has been trained and groomed for the Asst. Superintendents job for nearly 3 years at the BOE Central Office? I'm sure Briggs will do a good job, but Stauffer is trained and well liked at the BOE and in the community.

Micah C. Stauffer Appointed Director of Secondary Education for Wicomico Schools

Posted on 07/25/2014

Margo Handy is retiring as well, but that was expected.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna C. Hanlin and the Wicomico County Board of Education are pleased to announce two new members of the senior leadership team for Wicomico County Public Schools, effective July 1.

At the April 11 Board meeting, the Board of Education acted on the recommendation of Superintendent Hanlin and approved the appointment of Frederick “Rick” Briggs as Assistant Superintendent – Chief Academic Officer. He will take over from Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Margo Handy, who is retiring June 30. Mr. Briggs is currently serving as Principal of James M. Bennett High.

During the Board meeting Dr. Hanlin also announced that Edwin “Bruce” Ford will be the Chief Finance and Operations Officer for the school system. He will take over the Administrative Services duties currently held by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Cathy Townsend, who will retire on Aug. 31. Mr. Ford is currently serving as Comptroller for Wicomico County Public Schools.

“We conducted an extensive search and interview process to fill these two senior leadership positions, and I’m delighted by the experience, leadership, and vision of these two candidates,” said Dr. Hanlin. “I’m proud to say that both are not only longtime employees of Wicomico Schools, but are also success stories from our school system.” Mr. Ford is a 1972 graduate of James M. Bennett High, and Mr. Briggs graduated from Parkside High in 1994.

"Ya'lls President is RETARDED" "This Will Never Happen Again"

While April Jackson tearfully stood in front of the Mayor and Council last night, she apologized for her recent rant against President Trump and the Holly Center. I don't know about you but I'm not so quick to believe this will change this woman. I believe she was simply caught. I believe she was called out by every media source for her racist and ignorant Facebook rant. I believe the pressure from such forced an apology.

The reason I personally feel this way is because her apology didn't come from the heart, it came from a well prepared speech clearly written by someone else. Someone who is truly sorry doesn't just apologize, they ask for forgiveness. They also do so without a prepared speech. Sorry Folks, this is just how I feel.

What Jackson did crossed lines, not a line. While we go off on children getting into fights and verbally misbehaving in school, Salisbury has a Council Member who acts racist and sets the example that if it's OK for her to be out of line, why not our children. Should we just expect our kids to say they are sorry and all is good? Before you answer, that's all Jackson did.

I believe elected officials who make such public statements need to be terminated and or put in front of an ethics board. Because this didn't happen we're seeing more and more of this ridiculous behavior and it's not getting better, it's getting worse and there's no accountability. What would happen to a Department Head for the City of Salisbury if they would have done this? 

So the sixty four thousand dollar question is, DO YOU FORGIVE JACKSON?

Daycare Generation

By Thornton Crowe

Guess Betsy DeVoss's highly criticized voucher program isn't looking all that bad now, is it?

Last week, thugdom occurred at the local high school and a couple articles here have emanated the waste of taxpayer money to build spiffy new digs for the thugs to destroy. Unfortunately, as un-PC as it is, this is spot and should be a careful consideration for parents and taxpayers alike.

The incident at James M. Bennett Senior High wouldn't have ever occurred in the early Eighties because students weren't allowed to run footloose and fancy free under some guise of implied racism if brought to task. The demographics in the area schools were very much like they are today. WiHi was the predominantly black school (inner city if that's what we can call Salisbury,) Parkside was predominantly white and Bennett was a balanced blending of the two.

On the contrary, in the Eighties, Bennett didn't have these disturbances like what we saw last week and there wasn't a full-time 'officer' on duty or metal detectors. The exterior doors were never locked and people weren't allowed to roam the halls and grounds during class time like wandering minstrels without purpose. Can't see former administrators Lloyd Wescoe, Daniel Savoy or Bill Hensley ever tolerating the nonsense the current school administration seems all too eager to condone.

These guys were tough and they ran the school with efficiency, letting students know where they stood from day one, unlike the ambiguity of whose in charge like we have today. If you were busted for bad behavior and found yourself in one of their offices, chances are, you weren't there for tea and sympathy!

Therefore, I respectfully disagree the Board of Education is 'blameless' in this incident because they've allowed students to do pretty much whatever they want and then feign some upset when these prison-style lockdown occur. Frankly, the administration lacks moral integrity to push back against the last 8-year federal malaise which opts for endangering their students and community for the sake of some Social Justice Warrior idiocy.

It's not uncommon on any given afternoon along College Avenue, you can see kids wandering the streets with the drawers down to their knees during school hours. Back in the day, students leaving mid-day were either A) released because they had appointments with parental notes beforehand, B) the loser crowd who would just go to someone's home rather than terrorize the neighborhoods or C) the DECA people who left school to go to their full-time jobs! Yes, some had actual full-time gigs while in high school - imagine that one!

Back in those days, people who were caught skipping were suspended or expelled, they weren't coddled and asked what the school could do to make them want to attend class. You either went to class and attempted to make good grades or you were a loser. Simple as pie.

Why pitch good money after bad causes?

Today, we have a generation of wanderers out to get into trouble because no one holds them accountable for anything they do wrong. This is most certainly an issue within the scope of the WCBOE but they flagrantly ignore their responsibility both to the students and the community.

While there is a degree of culpability (blame for all the slow trackers) on Jake Day and his happy band of thieves, there is only so much a useless local politician can do to cure ills these ills. In the end, it is really everyone's fault including the thug parents who allow their kids to vandalize, rape, murder, deal and prostitute that has a great hand in this tragic reality we all now must face.

As Rush Limbaugh put it a few weeks back, what we have is an entire generation of daycare babies who have never advanced past the daycare mentality. What can we expect? We kind of brought this on ourselves by allowing these behaviors to continue without fear of recourse. If you really want a bonafide example of your tomorrows here in Salisbury, go to Denny's on their Tuesday Kids Eat Free night and you'll see what's in store!

Rather ironic when you think about it... the generation whose raised to be victims seems all too intent on making victims out of everyone else.

PETITION: Salisbury councilwoman should resign over inappropriate Facebook status!

On Thursday 4/6/17, councilwoman, April Jackson for the city of Salisbury updated her status on Facebook which read "Ya'lls President is RETARDED... He's far pass the Holly Center." She took down the post after 12 hours, but was quoted by WBOC on 4/7/17 (Here) as saying "I just used the Holly Center as a place I know where people have mental illness. I stand by what I said about (President Trump)... Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about (President Trump), but I stand by what I said about him."

Many Salisbury residents have called for her resignation! Specifically because of the very offensive word used in her post to describe those with mental illness.

If you feel that she should be removed from the City Council, if you do not want her to represent you and this city, then please sign this petition!! Also please read the info below (it came straight from the mayor). Thank you everyone!

I have reached out to councilwoman Jackson for comment, but as of the time this petition went live I've received no response. 

More/Sign the petition

Am I About To Eat Crow, Yes.

As most of you know, when the Free College plan came out by County Executive Bob Culver, I was the first to become a major critic against this policy. When the County Council agreed with it, again, I was firmly against it.

HOWEVER, it was actually a genius idea, I was wrong and allow me to explain.

The key to this program is something none of us actually thought of, economic development. Out of nowhere hundreds of people who would have never applied to attend WorWic thinking they'd never qualify, came forward and filled out applications. 

When we all thought this would come on the backs of County Taxpayers, the major majority of applicants actually qualified for grants that have nothing to do with additional local taxpayers on the County level. 

So out of nowhere, by bringing in all of these additional students, the County Executive actually helped draw students into attending college and no matter what anyone says, this is a very positive program. So much so, Governor Hogan reviewed what had happened and is now encouraging the very same program for other Community Colleges throughout the state of Maryland. Hence why we are now hearing about this program being encouraged in Somerset County as well. 

Think about it. The individuals applying for this program are economically challenged families who never thought they'd get the chance to further their education. They will have the opportunity to find great paying jobs and WorWic has the opportunity to grow. 

Finally, there were only 19 individuals that actually rely on County funds so far. The County put aside quite a bit of money thinking it might cost more but that just wasn't the case. They have used less then $30,000.00 of the $212,000.00 set aside. It has brought in over 100 students on Pell Grants, (federal money).


A 52-year-old woman is recovering after being attacked by a dog along Beaconhill Road in Ocean Pines.

The incident happened Wednesday, April 5 at around 11:32 a.m. An Ocean Pines police officer was dispatched to Beaconhill Road for the reported dog bite.

Upon arrival, the officer located Mary Christine Ernst, 52, of Ocean Pines, sitting on her front steps with a towel around her left leg. The responding officer checked her injuries and noticed two long deep lacerations in her left calf with bleeding, a puncture to her right upper arm and scraped knees.

According to a witness, Ernst and her dog, an American Cocker Spaniel, were leaving the witness’s home when he heard her screaming outside. William Jerry Jones, 82, of Ocean Pines, said he quickly ran outside and saw his neighbor’s Pit Bull Terrier biting into the leg of Ernst.

It appears two Pit Bulls had gotten out of a fenced-in gate, according to police. Jones said he managed to get a Pit Bull dog known as “Manny” off of Ernst by kicking it. But “Manny” then ran into Jones’ attached garage and attacked his 7-year-old male mixed Rat Terrier/Chihuahua dog. Armed with a shovel, Jones chased the two Pit Bulls back onto their deck and secured the gate.

Ernst was transported by Ocean Pines EMS to Atlantic General Hospital. Police said “Manny” had attacked the 52 year-old woman, her American Cocker Spaniel and the neighbor’s seven year-old male mixed Rat Terrier/Chihuahua dog. The Worcester County Animal Control was requested to respond to the scene. “Manny” was turned over to the Worcester County Animal Control to be euthanized.

Ocean Pines Police Department contacted the dog owners, Robert Leo Riden Jr, 47, and his wife, Geri Riden, 46, both of Ocean Pines. Mr. Riden told police he pulled the sunroom door shut, but may not have shut it all the way. Mr. Riden stated that he had renters insurance. Mr. Riden was cited for a leash-law violation and was given two $100 Uniform Civil Citations.

For more information, contact Denise Sawyer, director of marketing and public relations for the Ocean Pines Association, at (410) 641-7717 ext. 3006 or

Fire Service Agreement between City Of Salisbury and Wicomico County April 2017

Man pulled from seat, dragged off oversold United flight

CHICAGO -- A man traveling on United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was forcibly removed when the flight was oversold Sunday night, CBS DFW reports.

According to reports, the Chicago to Louisville flight was oversold and several passengers were chosen at random to be bumped from the flight, including the man and his wife.

Passenger Jayse Anspach, who tweeted video of the incident, said that security pulled the man, who says he’s a doctor, from his chair after he refused to leave the aircraft.

“The doctor needed to work at the hospital the next day, so he refused to ‘volunteer,’ United decided to use force on doctor,” said Anspach.


MD councilwoman defends calling Trump ‘retarded’ — then issues sobbing apology

A Maryland councilwoman gave a sobbing apology at a meeting Monday after she disparaged residents of a local mental health facility in a Facebook post aimed at President Trump — but that was only after she originally defended it.

Grammatically challenged Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson ignited a public backlash last Thursday when took to Facebook to malign the 45th President of the United States.

“Ya’alls President is RETARDED … He’s far pass the Holly Center,” Jackson wrote, referring to the local mental health facility where she once worked, The Salisbury Independent reports.

Jackson, elected in 2015, deleted the Facebook post last week and eventually replaced it with an apology, but the damage was done and more than 200 people signed on to a petition on calling for her resignation.

“Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about (President Trump), but I stand by what I said about him,” Jackson said.

Local leaders also took to Facebook to condemn her comments.

“When I read the comment I was both angry and disgusted,” Salisbury City Council President Jack Heath wrote, according to WBOC. “I firmly believe that Councilwoman Jackson owes an apology to these individuals and their families.”

Heath wrote that it was Jackson’s use of the word “retarded” that was the most offensive.

“I wasn’t angered by topic but by the insensitive use of a term which is both insulting and degrading to the thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and an organization that has faithfully served this group for many years.."

More here

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Police Department taking a break

I saw this Salisbury Police vehicle parked way back in a cul-de-sac off of Creekbed Circle in the unfinished portion of the Village of Aydelotte yesterday (April 9th) around 5:00pm for about a half hour (possibly longer, but I only witnessed him leave and was not present when he arrived). Unfortunately, I was unable to get a vehicle number or ID and I'm not certain if the officer was napping, doing paperwork or what, but in any circumstance this is a very obscure place to be parked. With the problems Salisbury has been facing with crime, there are much better places for an officer to be parked for what ever reason that would at least provide a police presence. I'm fairly certain that not much in terms of crime has taken place on an abandoned cul-de-sace in an abandoned development.

Salisbury City Council, Legislative Session, April 10, 2017

Councilwoman Jackson's apology starts at about 11 minutes.

United Airlines apologized after an uproar over the forcible removal of a passenger: “No one should ever be mistreated that way”

Oscar Munoz, the company’s chief executive, said in a statement that United would take “full responsibility” for the situation.

He said United would conduct “a thorough review of crew movement, our policies for incentivizing volunteers in these situations, how we handle oversold situations and an examination of how we partner with airport authorities and local law enforcement.”

Videos of the episode, in which the limp passenger was dragged along the floor on an airplane, spread quickly online and set off public outrage.

Letter To The Editor 4-11-17

Hi Joe,

In light of the recent FBI investigation on the corruption involving Correctional Officers at Eastern Correctional Institution, I would like to share my story to your readers on the corruption that I have been made a victim of from ECI's administration.

I was a happy State of MD employee at ECI for 12 years. I was a Correctional Case Management Specialist who received outstanding work evaluations and as shown in my picture, was awarded Employee of the Quarter in 2009. That all changed on June 12, 2012 when a filing cabinet fell against me in our office striking me with such force that it injured my neck and back. For years a Case Manager complained to our Supervisors (3 different ones over those years) that there were safety issues regarding the filing cabinets and they needed to be replaced but his concerns were ignored and then I was injured by one. I was out of work for about a year receiving medical treatment. When my pain management Dr. and Orthopedist cleared me to return to work, ECI allowed me to return to work. I returned to work for a few days but personnel gave me a letter days after stating I was being separated (a nice way of saying fired) from my job on June 13, 2013 because ECI would not accommodate my permanent medical restriction to work a sedentary job only.

I applied for State of MD accidental disability retirement benefits since ECI wouldn't allow me to report to work anymore due to my medical restriction. To my surprise, the MD State Retirement Agency denied me for benefits and even denied me for the less generous retirement plan offered for state employees called ordinary disability.

Garbage Millennial Website: Hillary Clinton Is The Sixth Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Not in politics. Not in America. But on the entire earth.

A website that purports to be a content creator for millennials is claiming that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the sixth most beautiful woman on planet earth.

Yes. You read that sentence correctly. The woman who resembles a velociraptor in a wig is being touted by a garbage millennial website called “Buzznet” (huh, wonder where they got the idea for that name?) as a regular Helen of Troy.

In a list entitled “Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2017,” Buzznet names Margot Robbie (duh), Gigi Hadid (of course), and Gal Gadot (flames emoji).

Aaaaand we get to number six on the list.


BREAKING: US drops LARGEST non-nuclear bomb in combat for FIRST time

THE United States has dropped a Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb – the largest non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal – on an ISIS tunnel target in Afghanistan.

The bomb – twice the size of the nuke dropped on Hiroshima – was dropped on Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, the Pentagon has confirmed.

The blast radius is believed to be over 300 meters and the weapon is described as "the mother of all bombs".

It is the very first time the weapon has been used in combat and a huge statement that Trump plans to deliver on his promise to "wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth".

The bomb was dropped by an MC-130 aircraft, operated by Air Force Special Operations Command.

The military is currently assessing the damage.


Crisfiled Police Press Release 4-13-17 (15 Locations Raided)

Another View: Md. Councilwoman Calls Trump 'RETARDED' and Compares Him to Mentally Disabled Patients

A Maryland councilwoman is apparently suffering from Foot-In-Mouth disease.
Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson posted a Facebook status last Thursday proclaiming that President Trump is “RETARDED.”
“Ya’lls President is RETARDED…..He’s far pass the Holly Center,” Jackson wrote on her Facebook page. 
For those that don’t know, the referenced Holly Center “is a state-operated, 24-hour residential training facility for individuals with developmental disabilities.”
That’s right. Jackson not only called the President of the United States “retarded,” she then made it worse by comparing Trump to a facility where mentally disabled or challenged people try to make their lives better.
Here's the original deleted post:
Anyone else notice that Jackson either "liked," "laughed" or "loved" her own post? Pathetic.
Not to be outdone, Jackson commented on the controversy surrounding her comments, and as far as I can tell, she apologized for nothing.
“I just used the Holly Center as a place I know where people have mental illness. I stand by what I said about (President Trump)..." Jackson said. "Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about (President Trump), but I stand by what I said about him.”
Maybe you were wrong?! Sorry, but Jackson is a bad person. People like Jackson always tell others that they need to be politically correct, but she sees no problem with what she said about not only the president, but mentally disabled people as well.

A Comment Found On Facebook

I may not be a Salisbury resident and I may not be able to "vote" any council member in or out, but I have children that live in Salisbury, I work in Salisbury and I spend a hell of a lot of money in the city of Salisbury. That being said, I will do what I can, even if it is only to show my outrage at the statements made by Jackson. You can hate "my President", I don't recall anyone asking you to like it....a line was crossed with her statement that warrants much more than a half-hearted apology and I hope and pray that the people that can make a difference, will step up and demand more be done!

Martin O’Malley to teach course at U. of Maryland: Report

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, who briefly challenged Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, will teach a course in political leadership this fall at his home state’s flagship university.

“The three-credit course, PLCY359M: Contemporary Issues in Political Leadership and Participation; Leadership in the Information Age, will meet on Thursdays from 4:15-6:45 p.m. and is available to all undergraduate students,” reported The Diamondback, the University of Maryland’s student newspaper.

Thus far, all 30 slots for the course have been filled but campus administrators are considering expanding the class size to accommodate more students, The Diamondback reported.


Fastest train in the world could run between DC and Baltimore

WASHINGTON — Commuters traveling from D.C. to Baltimore might soon hop onto the newest, fastest high-tech trains that would shrink the commute down to 15 minutes.

The Superconducting Magnetic Levitation train (SCmaglev) floats about four inches over the ground and can reach cruising speeds of 311 miles per hour within minutes by using magnetic forces to power the trains.

Developed by Japanese Rail Central and fully operating in Japan, it’s the fastest train in the world and has been clocked at over 350 mph. The D.C./Baltimore area is getting closer to having this newest technology become reality.


Star Trek actor blames Trump for United flight’s forced removal of passenger

Hollywood actor John Cho says the forced removal of a United Airlines passenger that captured national headlines is the fault of President Trump.

“Sulu” from “Star Trek Beyond” told fans on Monday that United Flight 3411’s bloody ordeal for one passenger could be traced to the 45th U.S. commander in chief. Chicago Department of Aviation police removed a doctor who was picked randomly when seats were needed for additional flight crew headed to Louisville, Kentucky.

Videos uploaded to social media Monday showed an unnamed individual screaming just moments before he was dragged down an aisle. Other cellphone videos included him returning to the flight while saying, “I have to get home.”

“It’s hard not to see a connection between the environment Trump has created and what happened on that @united flight,” Mr. Cho wrote.


Duquesne Students Claim Chick-Fil-A on Campus Will Put ‘Safe Place at Risk’

Student activists at Duquesne University are fearful over plans to install a Chick-Fil-A in the school’s dining hall, claiming it will put their “safe place at risk.”

Students at Duquesne University are concerned over plans to bring Chick-Fil-A to their campus, citing concerns that the fast food chain’s upper management have publicly campaigned against gay marriage rights in the United States.

“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Duquesne Student Senator Niko Martini remarked in a statement to The Duquesne Duke. “I think it’s imperative [that] the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

Rachel Coury, the president of Duquesne’s Gay-Straight Alliance organization, claims that Chick-Fil-A’s presence on campus will make some students feel unsafe.



1st major pro-life legislation to be signed into law in more than decade

President Trump signed a bill Thursday freeing states to withhold federal family planning grant money from Planned Parenthood, marking the first major pro-life legislation to be signed into law in more than a decade.

The bill unravels an Obama-era regulation that insisted states couldn’t refuse to spend family planning money with Planned Parenthood or any other organization that performs abortions.
“This is a major pro-life victory,” said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

More than a dozen states moved to strip Planned Parenthood of government funding in recent years as questions arose about the country’s largest abortion provider. In particular, lawmakers in Republican-led states were reacting to a series of undercover videos that purported to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses.


My Opinion On The United Airlines Uproar

It seems pretty clear to me. You lease/rent a seat, it's YOURS until the end of the flight/contract. 

If the airline wants to remove you, they need a court order for eviction. 

It really is that simple.

LGBT pissed off Ivanka’s rich neighbors by having “Queer Dance Party” in front of her DC house, but the protesters messed up one thing

Hundreds of LGBT supporters crowded the streets in front of Ivanka Trump’s $5.5 million DC home where they staged a “queer dance party for climate justice” – but some of her rich neighbors weren’t too thrilled. The anti-Trump crowd chanted, danced on top of cars and invaded the usually quiet neighborhood. The LGBT people were protesting against Trump, against climate based decisions and against Ivanka for going soft on climate change and queer issues. LGBT people are still upset that President Trump put transgender bathroom issues back in state/local control. People always say they want big government out of their decision making, right? Well, there it is, so stop complaining.

One man, an 82 year-old, nearly got into a fist fight with a protester. Maybe he was trying to sleep, but couldn’t get any rest with all the Queen and Kesha songs being blasted into the night.


WTH? Teachers Want Ebonics Taught Because English IS JUST TOO HARD For Minorities

Holding black people to a different (and most importantly, lower) standard than white people used to be considered “racist” and “bigoted.” In fact, I’m sure it still is, if it’s coming from a white, male Republican.

But apparently when it’s coming from an undergrad researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it’s cause for celebration.

Erika Gallagher conducted the research the purports to show that minorities have a harder time grasping proper grammar.

She was researching the theory of “code switching” which means that a person will adopt the speech patterns of a group when trying to communicate. She deduced that minorities are particularly marginalized by “code switching” because proper English is harder to learn than say, ebonics.

Gallagher received national recognition for her work, and says she hopes to one day create a non-profit group that would help teachers encourage their students to speak in a way that is most comfortable for them, as opposed to having to learn proper English.

I get it, grammar is hard. You couldn’t force me to diagram another sentence in my life and the semi-colon is the least used key on my keyboard.


“Experts” Warn Border Wall Will Harm 800 Species

Today’s fear-mongering is provided by an interesting source, which surely has a stake in making sure that Mexican citizens are allowed to enter the United States unlawfully whenever they want

Experts warn 800 species, many endangered, affected by border wall

A study by Mexico’s top university has revealed that at least 800 species of wildlife will be adversely affected by President Trump’s planned 2,000-mile border wall with Mexico.


Research published by ecologists from the Mexican National Autonomous University has shown that an impassable physical barrier placed into ecosystems inhabited by jaguars, black bears and bighorn sheep will so disrupt patterns of migration as to cause a “natural catastrophe.”

“The U.S.-Mexico border is made up of mountains, jungle, coastline and many other diverse ecosystems,” Professor Gerardo Ceballos, who led the investigation published last week, told Fox News. “Wildlife has populated these regions for millions of years, and has always had freedom of movement to hunt, reproduce and migrate. To make these animals suffer as a result of man’s political agenda is entirely immoral.”

Sounds more like a political study and statement rather than a research paper, does it not?


A Letter From Bernie Sanders

With Trump's election, we live in a pivotal moment in American history. This country will either move in the direction of an authoritarian government where the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer, or we will successfully fight back and build a strong grassroots movement to create a government which represents all of us, not just Donald Trump and others in the billionaire class.

That's the struggle we now face. No one can sit on the sidelines. Not now. The only way we win is when we stand together and fight back. I need your help to do that.

The bad news is that Trump's agenda – huge tax breaks for billionaires, enormous increases in military spending, massive cuts in health care and programs that protect the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor, horrific attacks on environmental protection and scapegoating the immigrant community – constitutes the most reactionary set of policies in the modern history of our country.

The good news is that the resistance to this extremist Trump/Republican agenda is growing rapidly. We saw that as millions participated in the Women's March in January. We saw that as hundreds of thousands attended rallies and town meetings in February and March to successfully defeat the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and throw 24 million Americans off of their health insurance. We are seeing that now as people across the country are mobilizing for Green Day events to take on the fossil fuel industry, combat climate change and transform our energy system to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

When we launched our presidential campaign two years ago, I told you that victory would require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community across the country. That it would require nothing short of a political revolution to combat the demoralization so many feel about the political process. That's what I believed then. That's what I believe now. And that's what I am attempting to do.

During the last several months I have visited a number of states where Donald Trump won. My message: working people must not support a president and a party beholden to powerful special interests and the top 1 percent. We cannot support a party which wants to divide us up by race, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

Ethanol industry, small-engine manufacturers clash over damage from fuel

Manufacturers of lawn mowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, and other small-engine equipment continue fueling a debate over the supposed dangers of ethanol, but the ethanol industry argues that they are merely looking for a scapegoat to mask operator error.

Gasoline blended with ethanol has become commonplace for American drivers, especially since Congress enacted the 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard and began mandating increasing amounts of the fuel at gas pumps across the country. Critics argue that while such blends — including the most common, E10, which combines 10 percent ethanol with regular gasoline — pose no problems for automobiles, they can often wreak havoc on small engines.

Those problems become even worse, they say, with higher ethanol blends such as E15.

“You’re putting alcohol into the fuel. They’re different atoms. They don’t like to stay married,” said Kris Kiser, president and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, the leading trade group for power equipment and utility vehicle manufacturers. “This is a big deal, and everybody wants to downplay it. But we’re pretty sensitive to it.”

One of the key issues, Mr. Kiser and others argue, is how rarely much of the small-engine equipment is used. While automobiles run through tanks of gas relatively quickly, lawnmowers and other small machinery often contain the same gasoline for weeks or months.

Over time, the ethanol attracts moisture, separates from the fuel, and causes serious engine problems, steering car owners to repair shops.

More here

Another Rape Reported In Salisbury

Devreco Settles on Purchase of 600 Glen Avenue (Formally Labinal)

Devreco, LLC a locally owned and operated full service development firm, announced the purchase of 600 Glen Avenue, the former site of Labinal Power Systems, a 160,000 Square Foot Building on 12-Acres in the heart of Salisbury, Maryland.

In 1985, the Grumman Aerospace Corporation acquired the site in Salisbury for electrical wiring production. In 1994, the American defense budget was cut and the market became more competitive. In 2015, Labinal announced plans to move its Salisbury operations to Denton, Texas by the end of 2016. Approximately 100 of the more than 700 employees at the Salisbury plant relocated to the Denton plant. The transition was scheduled to occur in phases starting in May, 2015 through December, 2016 but the plant ended up closing two months early and the building was put on the market for sale.

“This building has been a staple in our community for decades, employing thousands of people. “The property has been out of sight for years as preforming government contract work. ” added Gillis. “It is now our responsibility to unveil the building to the public with new attractive facades and functional parking; we strongly believe this will attract new and expanding businesses to Salisbury, Maryland.”


Openly Gay Seattle Mayor Supports SHARIA LAW- Guess What’s Happening Now…

I mean.. WOW

Back in 2015 it was reported that Mayor Edward Murray of Seattle was loud and clear on his plan to “help followers of Sharia law buy houses.”

This of course got a bunch of Americans thinking twice about what his priorities were when it came to his promise to serve his community to the best of his ability.

This was indeed a controversial mistake…

Of course, it was also just plain stupid, because he’s gay. Yes, gay.

Do you remember what Sharia Law says about gay people? Well, simply said…they need to be put to death. On top of that, there are many who have been, and in no nice way at all either. In fact, they have been put to death in rather horrifying ways. It’s disgusting, and it’s wrong. Yet, he so blindly supports the very religion that wants him dead.

Here are words from a Muslim scholar who talks all about it…