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Monday, August 06, 2018

Russian spy found working at (Obama's) US embassy in Moscow

US counter-intelligence investigators discovered a suspected Russian spy had been working undetected in the heart of the American embassy in Moscow for more than a decade, the Guardian has learned.

The Russian national had been hired by the US Secret Service and is understood to have had access to the agency’s intranet and email systems, which gave her a potential window into highly confidential material including the schedules of the president and vice-president.

The woman had been working for the Secret Service for years before she came under suspicion in 2016 during a routine security sweep conducted by two investigators from the US Department of State’s Regional Security Office (RSO).

The Guardian has been told the RSO sounded the alarm in January 2017, but the Secret Service did not launch a full-scale inquiry of its own. Instead it decided to let her go quietly months later, possibly to contain any potential embarrassment.


Police: Teen tried to steal plane for concert

A man arrested at the Texarkana Regional Airport on July 4th allegedly told investigators he intended to fly a jet to a rap music concert in another state.

Asked about his lack of training as a pilot, Zemarcuis Devon Scott, 18, allegedly told Texarkana, Ark., police that he didn't believe there was much more to the task than pushing buttons and pulling levers, according to a probable cause affidavit used to create the following account..

It was about 2:30 a.m. when airport security personnel contacted police about seeing a man jump a fence and attempt to enter an American Eagle twin-engine jet. By the time officers arrived, the suspect, later identified as Scott, had gotten onto the small commercial plane and closed the door behind him.


U.N. Human Rights experts denounce Trump's rhetoric toward the media

Two human rights leaders who work with the United Nations on Thursday denounced President Trump’s rhetoric on the media as a violation of “basic norms of press freedom” this week.

David Kane, special rapporteurs on freedom of expression for the United Nations, and Edison Lanza, special rapporteurs on Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, released a joint statement that called the president’s words dangerous.

They specifically highlighted Mr. Trump’s “enemy of the people” phrase and warned that his rhetoric will increase the risk of violence toward journalists.

“Each time the President calls the media ‘the enemy of the people’ or fails to allow questions from reporters from dis-favoured outlets,” the experts wrote, “he suggests nefarious motivations or animus. But he has failed to show even once that specific reporting has been driven by any untoward motivations.”

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Continetti: Generation Shapiro

I spend a few weeks every year teaching high school and college students, and in my interactions with young people in and around universities I have noticed a trend. After class, at meals, and in walks around campus, the politically engaged students invariably ask me the same question: What do I think of Ben Shapiro?

Nor am I alone. Recently Eliza Gray had a similar experience while reporting on young conservatives in the age of President Trump. "Oddly enough," she wrote in the Washington Post, "the person who appeared to be doing the most to shape the thinking of the new generation of Republican leaders was not the president of the United States—but Ben Shapiro, a 34-year-old anti-Trump conservative pundit who came up unprompted in more than a third of my conversations." Again and again, students turn exchanges involving politics and ideology into discussions of Shapiro, his media presence, his ideas, and his mode of discourse.

As it turns out, I happen to think well of Shapiro and admire not only his intelligence but also the way he is modeling political debate for an audience of millions. (We've corresponded once or twice but have never met.) More important, though, is what Shapiro's celebrity tells us about the changing nature of media, the emerging sensibility of conservative youth, and indeed the future of American conservatism itself.


Continetti: Many in Media Have Incentive to Act Against Trump

Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti said Thursday that many in the media are incentivized to act against President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Fox News' "Special Report," Continetti told host Bret Baier that the media uses opposition to Trump as a way of gaining ratings and for their own fulfillment.

"I think the incentives here, Bret, are kind of in misalignment," Continetti said. "On the one hand, you have many in the press who have an incentive to be very oppositional toward the Trump administration, who have an incentive to be sensationalist, to get ratings, and also to kind of get a sense of heroism against the Trump administration."

"And on the other hand, you have the Trump administration, which clearly understands that its base is extremely distrustful of the media and for many, many years, the conservative base of the Republican party has viewed the media as basically kind of the epitome of the political and cultural elite in this country," Continetti added. "So, I don't see this debate or argument ending anytime soon."


Marsha Blackburn Officially Nominated for Senate in Tennessee

Conservative Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) officially won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee on Thursday evening, and will face off against leftist former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen in November.

An incredible night spent with friends, family and the best grassroots team in the nation! Team Marsha is fired up for victory in November – I'm in this fight and I'm ready to serve you.

— Marsha Blackburn (@VoteMarsha) August 3, 2018

Blackburn, a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, is one of the biggest rising stars in the Republican Party. She has made her mark on the national political scene, leading on issues like illegal immigration, healthcare, and exposing leftist bias in Silicon Valley.


Glick: Trump’s Offer to Talk to Iran Was Shrewd Move in Complicated Showdown

President Donald Trump’s offer Monday to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani caught senior administration officials as well as U.S. allies off guard. Many wondered what Trump could possibly be thinking.

Trump’s offer needs to be seen in the context of events in Iran. Iran is in the throes of rapidly growing, country-wide protests which may be the largest it has seen since the 1979 revolution. And worse is yet to come.

Beginning next week, U.S. will begin reimposing sanctions suspended by the Obama administration. Iran’s economy, already in a tailspin, stands a good chance of collapsing.

Trump made his offer in the context of an overall U.S. policy towards the Iranian regime. That policy was set out explicitly by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a speech in May and in another last month.

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NY Man Left Voicemail Threatening Steve Scalise’s Children

A man hailing from Erie County, New York was arrested after allegedly leaving House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) a voice mail insinuating harm against his children in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies.

Carlos Bayon, a 63-year-old man residing in Grand Island, stands accused of issuing an interstate threat.

“Hey listen, this message is for you and the people that sent you there. You are taking ours, we are taking yours. Anytime, anywhere,” Bayon allegedly threatened Rep. Scalise on June 30.

"We know where they are.."

He continued:

Intel Officials Support Revoking Brennan, Clapper Security Clearances

A report claims that members of the intelligence community privately support revoking the security clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan and ex-DNI Head James Clapper, who they accuse of weaponizing access to classified information against the Trump administration.

Lee Smith of RealClearInvestigations writes:

"President Trump has been criticized for politicizing the intelligence community by threatening to strip the security clearances of former top officials including John Brennan and James Clapper. But numerous past and present senior intelligence officials say that the Obama administration started the politicization — and that revoking the clearances of those who abuse the privilege for partisan purposes may help right the ship.

“As is often the case with the Trump administration, the rollout of the policy is bad, but the idea driving the policy is sound,” said one senior intelligence official who, like others interviewed for this article, spoke to RealClearInvestigations only on condition of anonymity. “Under some Obama-era intelligence chiefs, intelligence was used as a political weapon. We need to root that out, not reward it.”


NYT’s Sarah Jeong Also Sent Anti-Cop, Anti-Men Tweets

Sarah Jeong, the newest editorial board member of The New York Times, is also responsible for extensive anti-cop and anti-men tweets.

The New York Times stood by Jeong on Thursday after the internet surfaced her old racist tweets, however her full Twitter history reveals her ire was not only directed toward white people.

The NYT claimed that Jeong was “imitating” the behavior of people who harassed her online, but this does not explain why she was tweeting “fuck the police” and encouraging people to “kill all men.”

A search for “cops” and “police” on Jeong’s Twitter reveals an extensive history of anti-cop sentiment and a lack of sympathy for police who are injured on the job.

In one tweet from 2014 she wrote, “let me know when a cop gets killed by a rock or molotov cocktail or a stray shard of glass from a precious precious window.”

“Cops are a$$holes,” she said in 2015.

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Stirewalt: Televised White House Briefings Should End

Fox News political analyst Chris Stirewalt said Friday the televised White House press briefings have become "useless" and should be discontinued.

"It is counterproductive. It has turned into showboat theater," he said on "Outnumbered," adding substantive issues are not addressed in the forums, which occurred only three times in July.

Additionally, he said reporters should stop traveling to President Trump's rallies, where they end up "penned up in the back, like veal for the president to use as a prop."

Stirewalt then said some reporters "exploit" the confrontations with Trump and his supporters for their own personal benefit.

"This is not helping anybody. Leave the cameras, get the reporters out of the hall," he suggested.


Nolte: Establishment Media Normalize Racism and Hate

The establishment media are now on a crusade to normalize violence, racism, and hate against supporters of President Trump.

This all began with Jeff Zucker’s takeover of the far-left cable channel CNN. With Zucker in control, and with the use of straight-up lies to intentionally whip up hate and violence — violence and hate became CNN’s brand; and the results in Baltimore and Ferguson were beyond tragic, especially for the predominantly black, working class residents of those two burnt-out cities.

As Ferguson and Baltimore burned, so did the media’s hatred against police officers. CNN and others all but announced open season on the cops, and as the blue bodies piled up, CNN not only declared this violence “very courageous and brave,” CNN told us the cause was unstable military veterans becoming police officers.

Donald Trump’s political ascendency offered CNN a whole new target of hate. CNN regularly encouraged the idea Trump was a George Wallace (whose presidential aspirations were stopped with an assassination attempt) and argued that the unprecedented violence against Trump supporters was either legitimate or Trump’s fault.

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Conway: 'Middleman' Media Don't Like Trump Presenting Case Directly

President Donald Trump "takes the case directly to the people," and the "middleman," or the mainstream media, don't like it, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Friday night.

"He does that for a very specific reason," Conway told Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro, guest host for the "Hannity" program. "He communicates with all of us the very same time what's on his mind at any given moment through his vast social media platform and cuts out the middleman."

Conway said she didn't want to lose sight of how much affection Americans have for the president and his policies, and about how appreciative they are over the economy.


Four U.S. Airlines Face August 8 Deadline to Comply with China’s Demands on Taiwan

Four U.S. airline companies that partially caved to Beijing’s demands on identifying Taiwan on their websites have requested an extension as they consider further bowing to pressure.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines have requested an extension of a deadline given to them by China to change their descriptions of Taiwan on their websites to August 8.

China’s civil aviation regulator demanded earlier this year that 44 international airlines change the way they reference Taiwan on their websites, arguing that Taiwan is not a separate country, but a breakaway province of China and should be described as such.


Alabama Minister Smacked Down Over Meeting With Trump

An Alabama minister Friday defended his decision to meet with President Donald Trump and asked that he and other black faith leaders not be attacked for working with the president to help the nation.

Van Moody, founding pastor of The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, was one of a group of inner-city faith leaders to speak with the president at the White House Wednesday to talk about the church and its role in building up the community, especially with prison reform and workforce development for former prisoners.

"I did receive a tremendous amount of blow-back, a lot of name calling," Moody told Fox News' Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle." "A number of individuals that have been a part of a number of things that I've done, books that I've written, conferences and other ministry opportunities have said that they're leaving and many people expressed a lot of anger and frustration because I was there but also because one of the comments that I made I think was misunderstood and taken out of context when I thanked President Trump for him having a heart for all people as it relates to this issue of prison reform and workforce development."

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Iran Economic Protests Hit Tehran as Rioters Call for Mullahs to ‘Get Lost’

The widespread economic protests that struck major Iranian cities at the beginning of this week, following protests beginning on December 28 over the Islamic Republic’s foreign adventurism, finally reached Iran’s capital city Tehran on Thursday.

Iran’s currency dropped past 100,000 rials per one U.S. dollar on Sunday, exceeding record-lows to plunge to 111,500 rials. In four days, on August 7, the United States will reimpose economic sanctions on Iran.

Iranians reportedly gathered in Tehran’s Meydan-e Vali Asr Square, lighting up garbage cans and chanting slogans such as, “The mullahs need to get lost.” Others chanted, “No Gaza, not Lebanon, my life is for Iran,” “death to the dictator,” and “Reza Shah, may your soul be happy,” in reference to the late grandfather of Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, currently living in exile outside of Iran.

Street protests began on Tuesday in Isfahan and spread to other cities, including Mashhad, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Hamedan, Karaj, Kermanshah, Urmia, and Varamin.

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Details Surface About Chinese Spy Who Worked For Sen. Feinstein

New details emerged Wednesday about how a mole for the government of communist China managed to stay by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s side for nearly 20 years.

It happened five years ago, but additional information is just surfacing about how the Bay Area senator’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy.

The Bay Area is a hotbed for Russian and Chinese espionage. Late last year, the feds shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco.

You may remember the thick black smoke that billowing from building before Russian diplomats turned it over to authorities, presumably produced by burning documents.

Now, all eyes are on Chinese intelligence in the Bay Area after the website Politico reported last week that a staffer for Senator Feinstein turned out to be a Chinese spy who reported back to the government officials about local politics.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle uncovered additional details in a column written by reporters Phil Matier and Andy Ross.

The column revealed that the Chinese spy was Feinstein’s driver who also served as a gofer in her Bay Area office and was a liaison to the Asian-American community.



Subject:On March 13th, 2018 the Laurel Police Department received a complaint from a Laurel Middle School student’s mother of her child being offensively touched by a substitute teacher during school hours. This incident was turned over to and investigated by Laurel Police Department.

Further investigation showed Michael Luciano, 45 of Seaford, Delaware was hired by the Laurel School District 10 days prior to the incident as a substitute teacher. While acting in his official capacity, Luciano was offensively touching the juvenile victim; causing alarm. Upon notification of the incident the Laurel School District took immediate action to terminate Luciano’s employment.

Laurel Police concluded their month long investigation of the incident on June 6th, 2016 by subsequently charging Luciano with offensive touching. Luciano turned himself in to the Laurel Police without incident. Luciano was released on $500 unsecure bond and ordered to have no unsupervised contacted with anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Anyone having information about this incident or has additional information involving Luciano is urged to contact Detective Bryan of the Laurel Police Department at 302-875-2244, the Department of Justice at 302-856-5353 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

Indiana Republican Mike Braun walks the Trump tightrope

Republican Senate nominee Mike Braun warmly embraced President Trump’s agenda on Sunday even as he distanced himself from the commander in chief’s provocative rhetoric.

Is special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and possible collusion with Moscow by Trump or his associates, a “rigged witch-hunt?”

“That again — it would be his choice of words,” Braun said. “I would say it is gone to where it’s a distraction for all the other stuff that needs to be done and that if they can’t put up, they ought to shut up, and get the thing done, because it’s dragged on too long — without doing anything that points to the original reason that the Mueller probe was started.”

Is it fair to label the media the “enemy of the people?”

“Those are not words I’d use,” Braun said. “I would use: ‘Don’t editorialize if you’re in the press, report it.’ I’m trying to think where I see that. It looks like it’s gotten to where it’s more op-ed than it is, here’s the news.”

But any hint of separation with Trump stopped there, as Braun made clear in a wide-ranging discussion with the Washington Examiner just before walking the parade route through Jasper, his hometown, for the annual “Strassenfest” festival celebrating the Southern Indiana community’s German roots.


The Fireman - Deplorable with Victor Dweck: CNN Parody

Peter Strzok Insisted on Retaining His Ability to Leak Information

Judicial Watch hasa learned something new about the disgraced former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. When he was being moved over to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Operation, Strzok insisted on retaining the clandestine perks of his job.

This was clear in 14 pages of documents we have received from the FBI. They show that Strzok demanded that he keep his high-level security authorizations when working with the Mueller Team. These documents also confirm that Strzok played a pivotal role in the flawed Hillary Clinton email investigation.

JW received the records in response to our December 2017 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that we filed after the FBI failed to respond to an August 17, 2017, FOIA request (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Federal Bureau of Investigation (No. 1:17-cv-02682)). We were seeking:

All records regarding the assignment of FBI Supervisor Peter Strzok to the special counsel’s investigation led by former Director Robert Mueller.
All records related to the reassignment of FBI Supervisor Peter Strzok from the special counsel’s investigation to another position within the FBI.
This request includes, but is not limited to, any and all forms SF-50 and/or SF-52, as well as any and all related records of communication between any official, employee, or representative of the FBI and any other individual or entity.

A series of emails reveal Strzok’s insistence that he retain all the authorizations he held as a Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) in the counterintelligence division (CD), including his security clearance, after his reassignment to the special counsel’s office. In a July 13, 2017 email to numerous FBI officials, some of whose names are redacted, Strzok says:

"Broadly, I need to be able to act at least in the capacity of my old CD DAD job – approve NSLs [national security letters], conduct [redacted] declassify information, [redacted] agent travel, requisitions, etc. Of those, the most problematic and one of the most essential is declassification authority."

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911 Emergency: Call Centers Can’t Find Workers

Cities across the U.S. are struggling to find 911 dispatchers as a historically tight labor market makes it harder to fill a job that was already a tough sell.

Dispatchers are a linchpin of the nation’s emergency-response infrastructure. Their responses to 911 calls directly impact how quickly police, firefighters and other first responders are sent to help and whether they go to the right place.

They are also hard to hire, since the job can require workers to make snap judgments on life-or-death situations, often based on incomplete information, for about what they could make working as a manager at a retail store.

With the U.S. jobless rate currently at 3.9%, just above the 18-year low of 3.8% it reached in May, a daunting situation for emergency call centers has turned urgent.

A 911 center operator may hear gunshots, callers being wounded or killed while they are on the phone, or be the first person to speak with someone who has found a deceased loved one. Some centers offer counseling with local religious leaders or trained therapists, but not all have those services.

Operators are “getting negative information all the time. The aura is kind of negative,” said Andrew Dziegielewski, emergency communications director for the Portland Regional Communications Center in Maine.

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Republicans Want State Road Funds for Obama Center Back

Illinois Republicans want to take back state road money that's been dedicated in the budget for former President Barack Obama’s presidential center in Chicago.

State Rep. David McSweeney has filed legislation that would revoke the $180 million in state tax dollars directed to prepare the roads for Obama’s presidential building. The money was part of the larger budget passed in June that spends more than the state ever has, but still shorted items like grants for veterans.

Construction of the project was intended to be funded by private donations.

"What we simply do is take this money from the capital budget and reallocate it to roads throughout the state of Illinois,"McSweeney said. "I support the Obama Presidential Center, but only if it’s privately funded."


Transportation Department opens investigation into Goodyear tire scandal

The Transportation Department's Office of the Inspector General has launched an investigation into Goodyear and the company's G159 tires, which have been linked to several injuries and fatalities.

An OIG spokesperson confirmed the investigation, but declined to provide additional details. Goodyear did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating the Akron, Ohio-based tire manufacturer over allegations Goodyear covered up evidence that its G159 tires were faulty. The agency charged that the tires have failed in as many as 1 in 10 vehicles. The company has denied that its tires are defective.

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What about, ‘Like your doctor keep your doctor’? ‘WMDs in Iraq’? ‘I didn’t sleep with that woman’?

Former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said Sunday that President Trump is the first U.S. president who is “incapable of telling the truth.”

“This has never happened before,” Lockhart, who served under former President Clinton, said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” “We’ve had great presidents, we’ve had terrible presidents, Republicans and Democrats, but we’ve never had anything like this — where we have a president who is incapable of telling the truth.”

Lockhart cited a recent Washington Post report, which found Trump tells an average of 6.5 to 9 false or misleading claims per day, adding that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is “aiding and abetting” Trump’s falsehoods.

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Donald Trump - Interview with Donahue 1987

Just Released: Here's What the FBI Is Hiding About Christopher Steele

Russian dossier author was improper FBI asset

The FBI released its internal records on Christopher Steele, the former British spy behind the controversial “Russia dossier.”

One problem: Nearly every page has been redacted.

The total records, made public Friday, span 71 pages and contains various documents showing payments to Steele, who is referred to as a “Confidential Human Source,” over an unlisted period of time.

While most of the documents are nearly completely redacted, they do show that in February 2016 the FBI had “admonished” Steele.

“Verbally admonished the [Confidential Human Source] CHS with CHS admonishments, which the CHS fully acknowledged, signed and dated,” the document reads.

However, according to NBC, ”an admonishment is typically given when a person begins a stint as a confidential informant and annually thereafter.

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Trump Administration to Require Hospitals to Post Prices Online

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced on Friday that a new rule will mandate that hospitals release a list of standard charges online to "encourage price transparency" and improve “public accessibility," The Hill reports.

Hospitals will have to update this information annually starting on January 1. The CMS also announced that it is looking into allowing “consumers to more easily access relevant healthcare data and compare providers."


Ryan Cooper Rages "Ban Share Buybacks...Immediately"

American corporations are simply raking in profits. Some are so bloated and cash-rich they literally can't figure out what to do with it all. Apple, for instance, is sitting on nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars — and that's down a bit from earlier this year. Microsoft and Google, meanwhile, were sitting on "only" $132 billion and $63 billion respectively (as of March this year).

However, American corporations in general are taking those profits and kicking them out to shareholders, mainly in the form of share buybacks. These are when a corporation uses profits, cash, or borrowed money to buy its own stock, thus increasing its price and the wealth of its shareholders. (Big Tech is doing this as well, just not fast enough to draw down their dragon hoards.) As a new joint report from the Roosevelt Institute and the National Employment Law Project by Katy Milani and Irene Tung shows, from 2015 to 2017 corporations spent nearly 60 percent of their net profits on buybacks.

This practice should be banned immediately, as it was before the Reagan administration.


MSP DUI Log For July 2018 (Berlin Barrack)

Armed Bystander Takes Down Gunman At Florida Children's Event

An armed bystander licensed to carry a firearm shot a gunman who opened fire at a back-to-school event at a Titusville park, reports local ABC affiliate WFTV9.

The shooting occurred at Isaac Campbell Park on South Street shortly after 5:20 p.m. when the shooter, whom police have not identified, returned to the park after a fistfight and began firing.

A bystander licensed to a carry a firearm then shot the shooter, who was flown to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. -WFTV9


Breaking News: The U.S. will restore sanctions on Iran, raising tensions and deepening a divide with Europe after withdrawing from the nuclear deal.

The new sanctions represent one of the few major foreign policy initiatives on which President Trump and the rest of the administration and the Republican Party broadly agree.

Read More »

The new sanctions represent one of the few major foreign policy initiatives on which President Trump and the rest of the administration and the Republican Party broadly agree.Read More »

Judge Orders Trump: Help ACLU Give Legal aid to Deported Migrants

President Donald Trump’s administration must find the deported migrant-parents who separated themselves from their children in the United States, says the Californian judge who is trying to govern the nation’s immigration policies.

“The reality is that for every parent who is not located there will be a permanently orphaned child and that is 100 percent the responsibility of the administration,” U.S. District Judge Dana M. Sabraw said Friday as he announced that he would pick a federal official to help ACLU lawyers meet the deported migrants.

The ACLU’s lawyers want to offer free legal aid to the deported migrants, including advice on how they could join their children in the United States.

The California judge’s condemnation of Trump’s enforcement policies helps progressives blame Trump for “separating families” — even as a growing number of migrants show they are separating and splitting their own families to exploit the immigration loopholes championed by progressives.


Climate Change Activist: Extreme Weather Is Sexist, Targets Women and Girls

A media foundation is reporting that climate change discriminates against females in an article posted on its website with the headline “Sexist climate change? Women and girls hit hardest by extreme weather.”

The Thomson Reuters Foundation reported:

"In parts of the world where grave gender inequality is already stark, freak weather events mean women and girls are often among the last to receive help.

"Climate projections about rising sea levels and soaring temperatures increasingly dominate global headlines, but one climate story that rarely gets told is the tale of how women and girls are hit hardest by extreme weather and shocks."

Advocates, the article argues, can’t get women and girls ready to fight climate change because of other cultural challenges.

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[You can't make this stuff up. --Editor]

Twitter Suspends Candace Owens’ Account for Mimicking Sarah Jeong’s Racism

Twitter slapped Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens with a temporary suspension after she highlighted racist posts made by Sarah Jeong, the recent New York Times hire whose long history of bigoted tweets about white people has placed the newspaper at the center of a public outcry. The beleaguered platform then reversed the ban, calling it an “error” in an email to Owens.

Owens’ tweets mimicked the wording of Jeong’s, with one important difference: Owens substituted the words “Jewish people” for “white people,” in an attempt to show that some forms of racism are considered more acceptable than others.

Donald Trump Jr. made a similar point in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News this weekend, when he said “people would be losing their minds” if Jeong had made her bigoted comments about black people or Hispanics.


North Korea demands sanctions relief before any nuclear concessions

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is undermining the prospects for successful negotiations to dismantle North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s nuclear weapons program, a regime diplomat alleged Saturday.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho denounced U.S. calls for the world to maintain sanctions pressure — a mainstay of Pompeo’s diplomacy — as being inconsistent with President Trump’s position on the talks. Likewise, he maintained that the U.S. hasn’t responded appropriately to North Korea's “moratorium on nuclear tests and rocket launch tests” and apparent step to dismantle a missile factory.

“The United States, instead of responding to these measures, is raising its voice louder for maintaining the sanctions against [North Korea] and showing the attitude to retreat even from declaring the end of the war, a very basic and primary step for providing peace on the Korean peninsula,” Ri said at the ASEAN Regional Forum, per Channel News Asia.

Ri uncorked that rebuke shortly after a friendly public handshake with Pompeo, who had attended the forum but departed for Indonesia.


Delaware primary shows looming battle among Democrats over ‘Medicare for all’

Nearly 20-year incumbent Delaware Sen. Tom Carper is fervently working to fend off a progressive primary challenger making Carper’s reluctance to sign on to single-payer a pivotal issue.

Carper’s challenger in the Democratic primary is Kerri Harris, a community organizer and Air Force veteran who is running her first statewide campaign. Harris has attacked Carper from his left flank, and believes that her support for a single-payer “Medicare for all” system is a major advantage for her campaign.

“I think it is a defining issue,” she recently told the Washington Examiner on the race for the Democratic nomination. “It speaks across demographic lines as well as party lines. It is a unifying issue.”

The conflicts over "Medicare for all" in Harris and Carper's race could play out in similar primary contests across the country this season.

Harris has modeled her “Medicare for all” plan similar to the one introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., last year. The plan would replace private insurance with a federally-run system, and have the federal government bear the costs for providing insurance to all Americans.

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Harris 7th DUI Arrest Press Release

Type of Incident: 7th DUI Arrest
Date and Time: August 5, 2018 at 6:15 PM
Location: RT 50 at Greys Corner Road, West Ocean City, Worcester County, MD

Vehicle: Black Hyundai Santa Fe

Driver: Thomas Arthur Harris 59 yoa of Trappe, Maryland


On August 5, 2018 at approximately 6:15pm, the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack was contacted by the Salisbury Barrack in reference to a dark colored Hyundai driving recklessly that was traveling RT 50 E/B close to the Worcester County line.  At the same time, the Berlin barrack received a 911 call reference to the same Hyundai almost striking two separate vehicles on RT 50 passing the Berlin Barrack.

Troopers set up in the area and spotted the Hyundai on RT 50 passing Samuel Bowen Road.  Troopers observed several traffic infractions and stopped the Hyundai just prior to Greys Corner Road.  Troopers identified the driver as Thomas Arthur Harris and due to several indicators of being under the influence of alcohol, performed field sobriety tests on Harris.  After performing poorly on the tests, Harris was placed under arrest for DUI.  Through further investigation it was discovered that Harris had been charged and found guilty of DUI SIX different times in Maryland.

Harris was taken before the District Court Commissioner and was held without bond.

Charges: 21-902   DUI/DWI
                 21-901   Negligent Driving

A Viewer Writes: Trump flags on the boats

Can you confirm these pics are not photo shopped. I posted a pic going around and am being told it's photo shopped. I want to prove her wrong. I lived in MD for over 20 years and now reside in FL.

Publishers Notes: Of course ALL of the images we have posted are in fact real and not photo shopped. I have personally been to many of these marinas and can absolutely confirm these images are in fact authentic. Liberals are freaking out so bad on this that they're trying to claim every image is photo shopped, LMAO.

I can also tell everyone there will not be any early morning photos of the boats flying the MAGA flags in masses because, (I just learned) anglers do not traditionally fly flags on their way out, only when they return. Anglers are all pumped up, (especially the first day) so we will deliver images this evening as everyone is coming in. 

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Record White Marlin Tournament Payout Is Now $5.45 Million Dollars

Someone tried to put up a comment challenging me by saying there were only 150 boats registered for the White Marlin Tournament, suggesting we were lying as to 300 MAGA flags being given out for anglers. To that Idiot, there are 382 boats registered, not 150. 

It's going to be a fantastic week for this event. All our best wishes to all involved and thanks for MAKING THE WHITE MARLIN TOURNAMENT GREAT AGAIN.

Watch Hispanic And Black Faith Leaders Thank Trump One-By-One For ‘Empowering’ Them

The Student Debt Crisis Is Hitting These Ten States The Hardest

The student debt crisis in America continues to expand. According to the latest figures from the New York Federal Reserve, the total Student Loans Owned and Securitized, Outstanding (SLOAS) grew to over $1.52 trillion in July. Although the debt crisis affects millions of Americans, the debt is not spread evenly across the country, as millennials in some states are much more likely to be weighed down by student loans.

A new study by personal finance website GOBankingRates revealed that graduates in the northeastern states have the heaviest financial burdens. Of these states, millennials in New Hampshire have outstanding student loans around $36,367 — that is the highest rate in the country, according to the Institute for College Access and Success’s 12th Annual Student Debt report.

Geographically, GOBankingRates noticed an alarming trend of northeastern states made the top ten list for highest average debt and highest percentage of graduates with debt. As shown below, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania made the list while Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were among the highest for average debt.

States With the Highest Average Student Debt
  1. New Hampshire Average student loan debt: $36,367 Percent of graduates with debt: 74%
  2. Pennsylvania Average student loan debt: Percent of graduates with debt: 68%
  3. Connecticut Average student loan debt: $35,494 Percent of graduates with debt: 60%
  4. Delaware Average student loan debt: $33,838 Percent of graduates with debt: 63%
  5. Minnesota Average student loan debt: $31,915 Percent of graduates with debt: 68%
  6. Massachusetts Average student loan debt: $31,563 Percent of graduates with debt: 60%
  7. South Dakota Average student loan debt: $31,362 Percent of graduates with debt: 75%
  8. Maine Average student loan debt: $31,295 Percent of graduates with debt: 55%
  9. Alabama Average student loan debt: $31,275 Percent of graduates with debt: 50%
  10. Rhode Island Average student loan debt: $31,217 Percent of graduates with debt: 61%
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As Amazon Enters Government Purchasing Market, Signs of a Bad Deal Emerge

The online retail giant's new relationship with public schools and agencies raises concerns that the company is cornering the marketplace and costing taxpayers more money.

Amazon has already helped reshape the retail landscape for books, clothes and groceries. Now the online retail giant is moving into local government procurement. This new business venture is raising concerns that cities, school districts and counties will end up spending more money than they have to on supplies.

Early last year, Amazon contracted with the Prince William County School District in Virginia and by extension earned a contract with U.S. Communities, a purchasing group with public-sector members in all 50 states. More than 1,500 public agencies have since signed on to buy products through Amazon Business, the B2B counterpart to the company's popular Prime service.

While Amazon and U.S. Communities have touted their partnership as a cost-saver for public agencies and a boon for suppliers, a new report finds that Amazon Business does not always deliver the savings it promises. The report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a frequent critic of Amazon, also argues that Amazon is increasingly cornering the supply market by forcing vendors to sell their products through Amazon.


Cuyahoga County judge orders man’s mouth taped shut during sentencing

CLEVELAND-- It was an unusual sight in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday.

Franklyn Williams, 32, is accused of three armed robberies in Richmond Heights and Euclid.

During his sentencing hearing, Williams would not stop talking, despite more than a dozen warnings from Judge John Russo over the course of about 30 minutes. Williams even interrupted his own attorneys.

Russo handled the situation by ordering deputies to tape the defendant's mouth shut.



Hit and Run Vehicle Accident
Date: 8/4/18
Location: West Bound Route 50 at Memory Garden Lane

Vehicle(s): dark colored GMC truck with ladder rack on cab

Driver: Older White Male

Charges: Failure to Yield the Right of Way, Leaving the Scene of an Accident


On 8/4/18, a light blue Honda Odyssey van was traveling west on Route 50 in the area of Memory Garden Lane. The driver of the Honda observed and dark blue GMC truck to be in the middle crossover of Route 50 attempting to cross onto north bound Memory Garden Lane. The driver of the Honda, along with 2 other witnesses, stated the GMC pulled in front of the Honda. The driver of the Honda attempted to miss the truck but struck the back passenger side. The GMC then fled the area. The GMC truck is described as a dark blue or dark gray with a metal rack by the cab. The driver of the GMC was described as an older white male wearing a hat. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of the GMC truck, please contact Trooper Huntington from the Salisbury Barrack.

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