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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Breaking News

Several Fire departments in Wicomico County have been dispatched to South Schumaker Drive. There appears to be no fire at this time but fire department personnel are setting up a decontamination tent.

The reports coming in are that the Salisbury EMS were called to South Schumaker Drive.  Once they arrived they found the meth lab and evacuated the building and called in additional units as a precautionary measure. They are now in the process of setting up a decontamination tent. 

Wake For Krystle Cambell

Line for the wake of bombing victim Krystle Campbell, 29, stretched for blocks in Medford.


ATLANTA (AP) — Police in Georgia say that actress Reese Witherspoon has been arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after a traffic stop involving her husband in Atlanta.

A Georgia State Police incident report says that Witherspoon was arrested early Friday and charged with disorderly conduct.

The report says a state trooper observed that a car driven by Witherspoon's husband, James Toth, was failing to stay in its lane. The officer writes that Witherspoon disobeyed multiple orders to stay in the car while he performed a field sobriety test on Toth. After she refused to return the car, she was handcuffed and arrested.


Countdown Underway for Launch 5-7pm

Weather 80%, Countdown Underway for Launch 5-7pm
Sun, 21 Apr 2013 12:35:41 PM EDT

The Range count started at 8:45 a.m. EDT in preparation for today's launch of Orbital Sciences Corporation's test flight of its Antares rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va. Orbital is targeting a launch window between 5 and 7 p.m. There is an 80 percent chance of favorable weather at the time of launch. Surface winds are the primary concern for a weather violation.

NASA Television will begin launch coverage at 4:30 p.m.

For NASA TV schedule and video streaming information, visit:

For more information about the launch, visit:

Orbital Sciences launches unmanned Antares test rocket from Virginia  

Dog Found In Laurel Area

Hey Joe. Found this dog in my back yard playing with my dog. He is friendly and has a tag on his collar but starts to get a little defensive when I reach for it. Can you post on your website to try and help me locate the owners. They can call me directly. 302.519.3996. The dog is in Laurel De. Right across from the bowling alley at Laurel petroleum.

Gaithersburg Man's Death Investigated After Police Use Taser On Him

The death of a Gaithersburg, Md., man is under investigation after he stopped breathing soon after local police used a taser to restrain him after the man was seen swearing and throwing rocks at vehicles, according to Montgomery County police.

The identity of the 51-year-old man will be released after family members have been notified, police say.

Montgomery County police were called to the 8800 block of Cross Country Place just after 6 p.m. for a report of a man acting strangely.


ACLU Worried About Boston Bombing Suspect’s Miranda Rights

BOSTON — The American Civil Liberties Union says it’s concerned the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect will be questioned by investigators without being read his Miranda rights.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remained hospitalized Saturday after being wounded in a firefight with police Friday. His brother was killed earlier.


Two Dead, Four Rescued in Chesapeake Bay Boating Accident

The first day of Rockfish Season is a tragic one. Maryland Natural Resource Police tell us two people are dead and four are in the hospital after being pulled from the Chesapeake Bay. Their 25 foot boat overturned in rough seas. The deceased are a 43 year old man and a 55 year old man. Authorities are still contacting family before releasing their names.

Coast Guard Petty Officer David Marin says a man, his wife, their teenaged son and three adult friends were on board. When the boat began taking on water, the communication system failed. One of the passengers managed to make a very short cell phone call to a family member and said simply "the boat is taking on water" before the call dropped. That family member called a local charter boat captain who broadcast for help on VHF-FM Channel 16 at 8:30 Saturday morning.

Petty Officer Marin credits the fast work of crews from multiple jurisdictions with the successful location of all six passengers. Crews from Saint Mary's County Fire and Rescue, Maryland Natural Resource Police, helicopter crews from Naval Air Station Patuxent River and Maryland State Police all assisted in the rescue effort.


Posts Of The Week Below

We're doing something new starting this week. The articles you see below this Post are the articles of the week. We will present those articles in which brought forth the largest amount of comments and attention. 

We will provide updated news throughout the day as it comes in. We hope you enjoy this new change. 

Salisbury/Wicomico Latest Jobs Numbers Report - February 2013

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February jobs numbers for Counties and Municipalities.  Wicomico County continues to shed jobs as February recorded the largest monthly loss of workforce jobs for the past year.  The US Bureau of Labor preliminary reporting shows that Wicomico County experienced a reduction of 1,180 jobs when comparing February 2012 to February 2013. Wicomico's labor force size continues to deteriorate even though the population data shows that Wicomico's population increases approximately 1.9% per year - or about 1800 persons.

Labor Force Data By County, Not Seasonally Adjusted 
02-2011 through 02-2013
Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics
Unemploy.  Change over prior 
County Period Labor Force Employed Unemployd    Rate %  year 2011 
Wicomico 11-Feb 52506 47333 5173 9.9
Wicomico 11-Mar 53116 48391 4725 8.9
Wicomico 11-Apr 52961 48485 4476 8.5
Wicomico 11-May 53444 48877 4567 8.5
Wicomico 11-Jun 53825 48951 4874 9.1
Wicomico 11-Jul 54139 49273 4866 9
Wicomico 11-Aug 53423 48706 4717 8.8
Wicomico 11-Sep 53821 49172 4649 8.6
Wicomico 11-Oct 53384 48809 4575 8.6
Wicomico 11-Nov 53153 48516 4637 8.7
Wicomico 11-Dec 53213 48619 4594 8.6
Wicomico 12-Jan 51246 46321 4925 9.6
Wicomico 12-Feb 52605 47554 5051 9.6 99
Wicomico 12-Mar 53073 48351 4722 8.9 -43
Wicomico 12-Apr 52786 48389 4397 8.3 -175
Wicomico 12-May 53608 49253 4355 8.1 164
Wicomico 12-Jun 54256 49598 4658 8.6 431
Wicomico 12-Jul 54877 50349 4528 8.3 738
Wicomico 12-Aug 53372 49007 4365 8.2 -51
Wicomico 12-Sep 52893 48773 4120 7.8 -928
Wicomico 12-Oct 52487 48385 4102 7.8 -897
Wicomico 12-Nov 52603 48276 4327 8.2 -550
Wicomico 12-Dec 52709 48085 4624 8.8 -504
Wicomico 13-Jan 51189 46296 4893 9.6 -57
Wicomico 13-Feb 51425 46711 4714 9.2 -1180 p
-2953 less 
p = preliminary. SOURCE:  BLS, LAUS workforce
Posted by Beezer - SBYnews Contributor

OPEN FORUM: City Council Meeting Tonight, The Swearing In Of Mayor & Council

Throughout the evening, (starting at 6 PM) we will cover the swearing in meeting of Mayor Ireton, Council Persons Jake Day and Shanie Shields.

Be sure to watch LIVE on PAC 14 and follow the meeting here on Salisbury News. 

It has just been announced that Jake Day's Fiance' was running in the Boston Marathon and he is not present at this time to the Council Meeting. 

Laura Mitchell and Shanie Shields are not seated at the Council Meeting either.

Everyone now seems to be in attendance. 

Debbie Campbell is simply a class act.

Jake Day and Shanie Shields have been sworn in. 

Jim Ireton has now been sworn in as Mayor.

Jake Day will be next Council President and Laura Mitchell as Vice President. 


Before any information was available that might indicate who is responsible for the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce cautioned readers against “jumping to conclusions” and blaming the attack on “foreign terrorism.”

However, he was compelled to remind people that Monday is the “official Patriots Day holiday” in Massachusetts, celebrating the Battles at Lexington and Concord. He also pointed out that April 19, the actual date of the battles, is connected to Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh, who apparently considered himself a “waterer of the tree of liberty and the like,” according to Pierce.

“I’ll bet good money it’s a right-wing nutjob. Today is April 15, Boston Harbor was where the original Tea Party took place and the on-going gun-safety legislation makes it the mostly likely culprit,” commenter Linda Ginsburg wrote.



Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN Monday that foreign students are increasingly “scared” of studying abroad in the United States because of gun violence.

America’s top diplomat has been in Asia to confront North Korea’s increasing aggression but, speaking from Tokyo, he pivoted to American politics.

In “quiet conversations” with officials, Kerry said he has discussed “how safe it is over here in this country [Japan], where people are not running around with guns.”


Higher Tax In Maryland Can Be Blamed On The Rain

Rain has a price. A last ditch attempt to delay a new stormwater fee failed this week and now Maryland residents could get an unexpected bill this summer.

When rain falls, pollutants get flushed into the Chesapeake Bay and because of that the fees will go into effect - a move critics are slamming as a "rain tax."

The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program was signed into law in April 2012. It established "a system of stormwater remediation fees and a local watershed protection and restoration fund," according to the Maryland Department of Environment's Water Management Administration.

Residents in Montgomery, Prince George's and Charles counties already pay a similar fee but it will soon apply to residents and businesses in all of Maryland's 10 largest jurisdictions:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Carroll County
  • Charles County
  • Frederick County
  • Harford County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George's County

John Hawkins: 7 Reasons Why Marriage Is Falling Apart In America

John Hawkins, who blogs at Right Wing News, has a new post up at Clash Daily in which he lists 7 reasons why marriage is in decline.

Here are his reasons:
The Sexual Revolution
The Inability Of Many Poor Men To Support A Family
A “Marrying Up” Gap
No Fault Divorce
Increased Economic Options For Women
Marriage has become a much less attractive option for men
Children have become more of an economic hindrance than a help

And here is one in detail:
6. Marriage has become a much less attractive option for men: There was a time when the man was expected to provide for his wife and kids and in return, he was treated as the king of the castle. Now, men are often treated more like partners than kings. Moreover, if there’s a divorce, men know they may not be treated fairly by the court system. Almost every man knows a guy who has had access to his child used as a bargaining chip, who has to pay Draconian child support payments or who has otherwise been generally treated unfairly because of his gender, not the merits. No man wants to end up as the guy paying a huge chunk of his income to a woman who broke his heart while he wonders if he’ll be allowed to have access to his own child.


Senate Torpedoes Background Check Deal

The Senate on Wednesday failed to advance a bipartisan background check proposal that Democrats had hoped would be the core of any bill.

The background check legislation, championed by Democrat Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Republican Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, received only 54 votes, six short of the 60 needed to clear a threatened filibuster. However, the measure does have 55 Senate supporters, given that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., changed his vote at the last minute to preserve his ability to call up the vote again.

In addition to Toomey, only three Republicans — Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona and Mark S. Kirk of Illinois — voted in favor of the background check compromise.


Today's Survey Question 4-18-13

Are you confident with the final numbers 
from the Mayoral and Council election?

When You Have A $16,000,000.00 Surplus, Why Not Raise Taxes

That's right, Ireton wants to raise our taxes 8%. Mind you Folks, you know how the liberals work. Come in at 8% and settle for something less and the Council will ACT like they've done you a favor. Similar to O'Malley wanting to raise tolls to $12.00 and settling for less. Jimmy will throw a fit, (acting) but it is what it is and it's all for show. 

Jake Day promised to not raise taxes during his campaign by stating we need to eliminate some services instead. Well, now he too has changed his mind. 

Put your seat belts on Ladies & Gentlemen, it's going to be a very rough ride for the next 2.7 years. 

Can you say, Louise Smith?


ANNAPOLIS, MD (April 19, 2013) - Governor Martin O’Malley today issued the following statement on the U.S. Department of Labor’s release of preliminary employment data for the month of March:

“Last month, Maryland’s dynamic private sector continued to drive our job growth, creating 5,100 jobs and bringing the number of private sector jobs in our state to its highest level in nearly five years. Maryland has now recovered 97 percent of the jobs lost during the Bush recession and our unemployment rate, while still too high, is 13 percent lower than the national rate.

“There is no progress without a job. Together with the members of the General Assembly, we had a very productive legislative session where we passed meaningful legislation focused on creating jobs and expanding opportunity. We remain focused on strengthening and growing our businesses, and fueling the job-creating potential of Maryland's world-class innovation economy.”


Thursday on Capitol Hill, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) went after Attorney General Eric Holder for his failure to explain how the Fort Hood terrorist attack was classified as “workplace violence,” depriving victims of Purple Hearts and appropriate medical coverage.

“We’re never getting responses,” said Wolf, requesting a meeting with a Justice Department official to answer questions. “Once you get out of here, you’re gone. We never see you again.” Holder grinned awkwardly as Wolf berated him. Wolf later continued, “The Justice Department investigated this case … Out of respect for these men and women, 13 of whom gave their lives, who paid the ultimate price … Will you send someone up from the Justice Department next week?”



At least three family members of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers have expressed concerns that brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, are being framed for the attack. The Chechen Republic’s president also used language indicating the suspects may be innocent.

Now BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith is offering a theory trying to explain the conspiracy theories.

The brothers’ aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva, told reporters gathered outside her Toronto home on Friday, “I’m suspicious that this was staged. The Picture was staged.”


Pollitt Introduces ‘Stable, But Not Recovered’ Wicomico Budget

SALISBURY- Stabilized, but not fully recovered is how Wicomico County Executive Richard Pollitt described the county’s proposed fiscal year 2014, which he informally presented to the County Council this week.

On Tuesday, Pollitt provided an informal presentation of his proposed fiscal year 2014 budget to the County Council and described the current economic climate in Wicomico as having turned a corner from the recent dark days of the recession, but stopped short of celebrating its demise.

“We continue to look forward to recovering from the great recession and there are signs that the worst is behind us,” he said. “Wicomico continues to lag behind, even among counties on the Lower Shore and we’re getting mixed signals about recovery.”


Police Sergeant Fired For Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets

Officials with Port Canaveral said a police sergeant has been fired after he brought Trayvon Martin shooting targets to a firearms training session.

Sergeant Ron King was terminated from the police department on Friday, according to officials.

Port officials said King brought two shooting targets which had an images resembling Trayvon Martin on them to a firearms training session on April 4.


Cause I'm The Tax Man!

Today's Survey Question 4-16-13

Are you satisfied with the 
Salisbury Council reorganization?

A Letter To The Editor By Palmer Gillis

Dear Editor.

Let me begin by congratulating Jim Ireton and Shanie Shields on their reelection. I am particularly thrilled to see the overwhelming support that newly elected Jake Day received from our community. What a dynamic, honest, young man full of energy and fresh thought.

There have been , are ,and will be budget challenges to face as reported in the Times article about Salisbury’s assessed values dropping by 7%. It was reported that the only choices that elected officials have are to; 1) raise taxes, 2) cut employees or 3) cut programs. I would like to suggest another, always ignored, idea.

It is the responsibility and the job of elected officials to evaluate and implement the delivery of governmental services at the most efficient means possible.

A few years ago , in a non-binding referendum, the City voters voted and passed a measure and a message to the elected officials to explore, with Wicomico County, ways in which local governmental services could be consolidated to improve efficiency and mitigate the costs of delivering those services on a local level. With this result, the City Council that I was on, passed two resolutions, #709 and #710 which are now law on the books. This too has been ignored by elected officials over the years. It seems that once elected it just is not important to pursue this concept that has been successfully done in many , many jurisdictions. There are so many excuses that it could fill up volumes.

This effort could consider simple things like sharing the shooting range, snow clearing, animal control. Exploring how Human resources departments or information technologies departments could work in alignment. It could consider more complicated ideas like a Metropolitan Police force as proposed by former Chief Dykes who kept an open mind to the idea. How about focusing on the successes and using their models of cooperation like the consolidated tax bill that was recently implemented. How about the regionally praised consolidated Salisbury-Wicomico Planning Commission or how the Salisbury Fire Departments serve county areas. We have had success, let’s focus on that. Look at how other communities have been successful with this like Athens-Clarke County Georgia, a very similar area to Salisbury and Wicomico County.

It is incumbent on our elected officials to attempt to aggressively pursue the wishes of the voters to the fullest means possible. Mayor Ireton committed to this pursuit in his first election. With his mandate it would seem to be safe now to consider. Until such time as this idea has been fully vetted out, the local elected officials have not done their job. This process will be controversial, messy and complicated. It’s not a game for weenies. Rise to the challenge folks, it is your job. Instead of thinking of all of the reasons something cannot be done, think of how we can make it happen. I believe that the results will create better jobs, be a regional boost for Salisbury-Wicomico’s image and stimulate economic development like not seen before for our area in a good way. Taxes and costs for delivering the services will then only increase at a decreasing rate.


Palmer Gillis

Former Salisbury City Council President and member.

It's A Beautiful Day In Downtown Salisbury

So much so, this person visiting took off her shoes and put her feet into the fountain to cool off. 

The Plaza has foot traffic and everyone seems to be very pleasant enjoying the beautiful weather. Have a great day!

Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant Overflows Into The River Again

In an effort to keep the public informed of Public Works activities, please be aware that there 
was a Sanitary Sewer Overflow at the City of Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant on Sunday, 
April 14, 2013 from 5:00 am to 8:00 am. A pump failed in the Internal Recycle Pump Station 
which caused partially treated wastewater to enter the storm drain system and the Wicomico 
River. Repairs are being made at the pump station as the cause of the overflow is being fully 
investigated to include a thorough investigation of all personnel involved with the operation of 
the station where the release occurred. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, if 
necessary, both during and at the conclusion of the investigation. 

The quantity of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow was approximately 29,390 gallons, but was initially 
thought to be less. Based on the revised calculation of the size of the overflow, the Wicomico 
County Health Department has requested a public notification, which would not have been 
required for a lesser amount. “Swimming and Fishing Advisory” signs were posted along the 
Wicomico River on Sunday. According to the amount of the overflow, the sewage would 
have dissipated, in the Wicomico River, in 6 hours. River sampling will begin on Wednesday 
and will continue until the Wicomico County Health Department discontinues the river testing. 
If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 410-548-3170.


Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham was on a ten-mile Boy Scout hike with his son in Texas when he was arrested and accused of “rudely displaying” his firearm. Knowing there are wild boars, coyotes, and cougars in the area, he had an AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder and was also carrying a .45 caliber pistol, according to Fox News’ Todd Starnes.

A “huge Constitutionalist” and prominent military blogger, Grisham has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan throughout his 18 years in the military. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for his service.

But on the day he was arrested in mid-March, Grisham says he was treated like a “street thug.”


Mystery ‘Man on the Roof’ Sparks Boston Marathon Chatter

Photos taken of the Boston Marathon explosion carnage showed horrific images of smeared blood on the sidewalk, blown out windows and bystanders rushing to aid multiple people who had lost limbs and suffered other severe injuries.

But amidst the chaos of what some described as a “war zone,” images also emerged on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media that sent speculation and conspiracy theories flying.

One of the most talked about photos, which was taken by a spectator, captured a mysterious figure walking on top of a building near the finish line, prompting thousands of users to ask about the “man on the roof.”


Another KILLER Homosexual Epidemic

“Gay” sex is becoming even more dangerous.

Health officials are warning sexually active “gay” men about an outbreak of potentially deadly bacterial meningitis in Los Angeles and New York.
The disease has infected 22 people in New York and caused seven deaths since 2010. Health officials in Los Angeles are testing to see if the strain infecting “gay” men there is the same one hitting New York.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation began offering free meningitis vaccines today after a “gay” man from West Hollywood was declared brain dead on Friday.

Thirty-three-year-old lawyer Brett Shaad died within a week of feeling sick.

Authorities suspect he was exposed to bacterial meningitis at a party in Palm Springs the weekend of March 30 that attracts “gay” revelers from across the country.

The History of Republican Evil

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 specifically to oppose the Democrats, and for more than 150 years, they have done everything they could to block the Democrat agenda. In their abuses of power, they have even used threats and military violence to thwart the Democrat Party’s attempts to make this a progressive country. As you read the following Republican atrocities that span three centuries, imagine if you will, what a far different nation the United States would be had not the Republicans been around to block the Democrats’ efforts.

March 20, 1854 Opponents of Democrats’ pro-slavery policies meet in Ripon, Wisconsin to establish the Republican Party

May 30, 1854 Democrat President Franklin Pierce signs Democrats’ Kansas-Nebraska Act, expanding slavery into U.S. territories; opponents unite to form the Republican Party

June 16, 1854 Newspaper editor Horace Greeley calls on opponents of slavery to unite in the Republican Party

No Symptoms

The Postal Service is reassuring employees in this area and Memphis that they are not in danger from two letters laced with ricin. It says the substance was not in a form that would pose a risk. No employee has reported symptoms such as a fever or cough. Those usually appear within 24 hours of inhaling the poison. Postal employees at all facilities received briefings yesterday. A postal union complained earlier this week that the agency had not given employees sufficient warning of the potential dangers.