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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fast-food worker turns herself in after allegedly putting menstrual blood on burger

Mississippi fast-food worker accused of smearing her menstrual blood on a customer’s sandwich, turned herself into police on Monday, according to local reports.

Sky Juliett Samuel was working at a Jack’s Family Restaurant on Jan. 7 when a co-worker said she saw the 18-year-old smear the blood and saliva on a sandwich and serve it to a customer, WCBI-TV reported.

The incident received attention after Samuel's co-worker's mother posted about it on Facebook, WCBI-TV reported. The victim later told the Columbus Police Department about the incident, The Dispatch reported.


Finnish man tells Muslims what they are, Like a Boss! Now get the hell out!

Why the Mediterranean diet is still the best way to lose weight

The diet industry is riddled with fads — from gluten-free to intermittent fasting to juice cleanses. But one popular healthy eating plan has been above the trends for decades, eschewing extremes for a moderate, doable approach: the Mediterranean diet.

Last month, US News and World Report named the diet one of the easiest to follow, and the second-best diet overall. It’s no wonder. Over the past several years, research has attributed a variety of heart-healthy, brain-boosting benefits to the eating plan. And three of the seven buzzy “Blue Zones” — communities around the world where residents live particularly long and healthy lives — are in the Mediterranean region.

The version of the diet familiar to most Americans first appeared as a set of guidelines presented by the World Health Organization, Harvard School of Public Health and nutrition nonprofit Oldways in 1993. It was based on the diets of Greece — particularly its largest island, Crete — and Southern Italy in the early 1960s, because of the populations’ high life expectancy and low rates of heart disease and certain cancers at the time.

The diet has since morphed to fit different needs — there’s a Mediterranean diet for diabetes and another to fight cancer, for example, and many clinics have their own versions — as well as Americans’ diversifying palates.


Rep. Cummings to federal employees: Call me

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is encouraging federal employees to reach out to Congress if they are alarmed by the Trump administration's policies.

"I want to make sure all of those federal employees who have anything they want to say to Congress, because there is some confusion as to whether they can talk to us, I'm telling you the law protects you and I will do every single thing in my power to make sure you're protected," the Maryland Democrat said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday. "Call me. I want to talk to you."


Sinkholes The Groundbreaking Truth

You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

Use of Nontoxic Ammunition and Fishing Tackle

United States Department of the Interior



Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? The purpose of this Order is to establish procedures and a timeline for expanding the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle on Service lands, waters, and facilities and for certain types of hunting and fishing regulated by the Service outside of Service lands, waters, and facilities.

Sec. 2 What is the legal authority for this Order?

a.       Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (16 U.S.C. 668a-d).

b.       Migratory Bird Treaty Act (16 U.S.C. 703-712).

c.         National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966, as amended by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 (16 U.S.C. 668dd-668ee).

d.         National Wildlife Refuge Recreation Act (16 U.S.C. 460k-460k-4).

e.         Endangered Species Act (ESA) (16 U.S.C. 1531-1543).

f.                 Fish and Wildlife Act 1956 (16 U.S.C. 742a-742j).

g.         Migratory Bird Conservation Act (16 U.S.C. 715-715r).

h.         Emergency Wetlands Resources Act of 1986 (16 U.S.C. § 3901b, 100 Stat. 3583).

Sec. 3 What is the Service’s overall policy? It is the Service’s policy to:

a.             Require the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle to the fullest extent practicable for all activities on Service lands, waters, and facilities by January 2022, except as needed for law enforcement or health and safety uses, as provided for in policy.

b.             Collaborate with state fish and wildlife agencies in implementing this policy.

Sec. 4 What are the effects of lead on fish or wildlife health?

a.             Exposure to lead ammunition and fishing tackle has resulted in harmful effects to fish and wildlife species. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, lead poisoning is atoxicosis caused by the absorption of hazardous levels of lead in body tissues. Ingested lead pellets from shotgun shells have been a common source of lead poisoning in birds. The Service recognized the problem of avian exposure to lead shot used for waterfowl hunting and enacted restrictions in 1991 and hunting and waterfowl populations have thrived since.

b.             The use of lead ammunition continues for other forms of hunting, presenting an ongoing risk to upland or terrestrial migratory birds and other species that ingest spent shot directly from the ground or as a result of predating or scavenging carcasses that have been killed with lead ammunition and left in the field. Many states have enacted nontoxic shot and ammunition requirements to address this concern.

c.              Ingestion of lead fishing sinkers and other fishing tackle have been documented in waterbirds. Six states currently restrict the use of lead fishing tackle under certain circumstances to protect wildlife health.

Sec. 5 What steps will the Service take to phase in the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle?

a.             The Service will continue to support targeted research to understand the human, fish, and wildlife health benefits of using nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle.

b.             The Service will continue to work with states and other partners on education efforts regarding the benefits and effectiveness of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle.

c.              To ensure the public experiences a consistent approach to nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle requirements, over the next 24 months, each Regional Director, in coordination with relevant Assistant Directors, should work with individual states, regional state fish and wildlife associations, and tribes to identify opportunities to expand existing state, Federal, or tribal requirements for use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle on Service lands, waters and facilities.

                           i.       Where states have enacted nontoxic ammunition or fishing tackle requirements for certain forms of hunting and fishing on state lands such requirements should be expanded to national wildlife refuges in those states through amendments to state or Service regulations, as appropriate.

                         ii.       Where states have enacted nontoxic ammunition or fishing tackle requirements for certain forms of hunting and fishing that apply to state, private, and Federal lands throughout their states, Regions should ensure these requirements are enacted and enforced on Service lands, waters, and facilities in those states.

                        iii.       Where individual Federal land units administered by other Federal agencies including the National Park Service, the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Defense, or other agencies, have enacted requirements for the use of nontoxic ammunition or fishing tackle, Regions should adopt such requirements on Service lands, waters and facilities in the same states as those units through amendments to Service hunting and fishing regulations, as appropriate.

                        iv.       Where individual tribes have enacted requirements for the use of nontoxic ammunition or fishing tackle, the Regions should adopt such requirements on Service lands, waters and facilities in the same states as those tribal lands through amendments to Service hunting and fishing regulations, in consultation with the appropriate tribe and state.

d.    When available information indicates negative impacts of lead ammunition or fish tackle on sensitive, vulnerable or Service trust resources, the appropriate Regional Director, in coordination with the appropriate Assistant Director(s), will take steps to expeditiously require the use of nontoxic ammunition or fishing tackle to the fullest extent practical under Service jurisdiction to benefit such species or resources.

e.    The Assistant Director, Migratory Birds, in consultation with National Flyway Councils and individual states, will establish a process to phase in a requirement for the use of nontoxic ammunition for recreational hunting of mourning doves and other upland game birds.

Sec. 6 When is this Order effective? This Order is effective immediately. It remains in effect until we incorporate it into the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, or until we amend, supersede, or revoke it, whichever comes first. If we do not amend, supersede, or revoke it, the provisions of this Order will terminate on July 31, 2018.

                                               /sgd/ Daniel M. Ashe

Bob Evans to sell restaurants, focus on foods business

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Bob Evans Farms Inc. says it will sell all its restaurants to transition its focus exclusively into its foods business, i.e. pre-packaged and refrigerated foods.

Golden Gate Capital will acquire the restaurants for $565 million plus assumption of certain net working capital liabilities. After certain debts and expenses are paid, the net proceeds are expected to be between $475 and $485 million, the company said in a press release.

The New Albany-based company will then purchase Pineland Farms Potato Company for $115 million. The company says that price may increase up to $25 million if certain financial marks are achieved within a two-year period after closing.


WCSO Press Releases - Jan. 24, 2016

Incident: Failure to Appear
Date of Incident: 18 January 2017
Location: 800 block of East Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Joseph C. Clarke, 60, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 18 January 2016 at 1:25 a deputy responded to a residence in the 800 block of East Road and arrested Joseph Clarke on an outstanding District Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Clarke failed to appear for a trial on the charge of CDS Possession.
The deputy transported Clarke to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Clarke was detained on a bond of $5,000.00 in the Detention Center.
Charges: Failure to Appear

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 21 January 2017
Location: 300 block of Joe Morgan Road, Sharptown, MD
Suspect: David Stafford Durham, 51, Sharptown, MD
Narrative: On 21 January 2016 at 11:02 PM, a deputy responded to a reported altercation at a residence in the 300 block of Joe Morgan Road in Sharptown. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a subject who stated that he was assaulted by a male that he shares the residence with. According to the victim, this other subject, identified as David Durham, became agitated and started to punch the victim repeatedly before throwing him multiple times into the kitchen countertop.
The deputy placed Durham under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Durham in the Detention Center on bond. Following a bond review in the District Court on 23 January 2017, Durham remains in the Detention Center on a bond of $49,000.00.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 22 January 2017
Location: 800 block of South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury, MD
Jeffery P. Rothgeb, 53, Salisbury, MD
Mona L. Webster, 52, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 22 January 2016 at 8:57 PM a deputy responded to a residence in the 800 block of South Schumaker Drive for a reported domestic related altercation. Upon arrival, the deputy met with Jeffrey Rothgeb and Mona Webster. According to Rothgeb, Webster became mad with him at which point he alleged she struck him in the head with a hairbrush and a can of hair spray. When the deputy had an opportunity to speak with Webster, she alleged that Rothgeb struck her in the head.
The deputy observed signs of injury to both subjects that corroborated their accounts. The deputy also saw a broken hairbrush and a can of hair spray on the floor
The deputy placed both subjects under arrest and transported them to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained both on bond until their bond review the next day where they were both released on Personal Recognizance.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 23 January 2017
Location: 7000 block of Maple Street, Pittsville, MD
Suspect: Andrew A. Rittner, 24, Pittsville, MD
Narrative: On 23 January 2016 at 2:30 PM a deputy responded to a reported disturbance at a residence in the 7000 block of Maple Street in Pittsville, MD. While on scene, the deputy encountered one of the parties to the disturbance, Andrew Rittner, who appeared agitated and was already directing profanity towards the deputy. The deputy attempted to calm Rittner with no success and proceeded to attempt a pat down of Rittner for weapons. Rittner became more uncooperative with the deputy and began struggling with the deputy who was now trying to detain him. At one point Rittner attempted to push the deputy away while yelling “don’t (expletive) touch me.”
The deputy managed to take Rittner into custody and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Rittner in the Detention Center without bond pending a bond review in front of a District Court Judge.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest, Obstruct and Hinder

BREAKING: Obama Has Abused Israel for 8 Years – Now Look What Trump Is Doing!

Barack Obama has spent eight years doing everything he can to make Israel weaker, while trying to give legitimacy to Palestinian terrorists. Thankfully, Obama is out of office now, and Donald Trump has vowed to be more friendly towards Israel. And he’s just made a decision that shows he’s taking that promise seriously.

It has been announced that Trump will be moving the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
trump embassy
There has not been an official statement made yet, but it seems that we should be getting one soon.
Israeli sources are also reporting about the embassy move:


Yup, McDonald's is giving away big bottles of Big Mac sauce

McDonald’s is marking the rollout of its revamped Big Mac sandwiches by giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce.

Yup, you can take that special sauce home.

The bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce will be available on Jan. 26 at participating locations around the country.

The fast-food chain is offering the Big Mac in two additional sizes for a limited time. For those who want a Big Mac, but aren't interested in overloading on calories, the Mac Jr. offers a single-patty burger, while those who want to over-indulge can order the Grand Mac, which has a larger patty and an extra slice of cheese.


Gun Rights Across America Give PERFECT Response To Woman’s “Same Rights As Guns” Sign!

When women were questioned at the Million Woman March this weekend on why they were protesting, many bordered on incoherent. Very few could tell you exactly why they were protesting other than they hate President Trump and fear him. Some mumbled about women’s rights and losing them… some parroted they want equality. First of all, Trump hasn’t taken any rights away from women. His Cabinet has a number of high profile women in it and in his business there are many there that are upper level as well. They are paid on the same level as men, which you can’t say for the Democrats. So, I also don’t see how equality is an issue here. I’m still trying to grasp exactly why they marched in the first place.

Gun Rights Across America gave the perfect response to all this nonsense. They posted on their Facebook page a pic of a woman holding up a sign that says: “I Dream Women Will One Day Have The Same Rights As Guns.” This woman wasn’t at the Million Woman March, but she might as well have been there… the sentiments are the same. The same stupidity applies. The response is classic as you will see below and showcases how ridiculous these protesters are.

From Young Conservatives:

Media interviewed some of the women at the Women’s March on Saturday.

Many said they were fighting for equality, that they were fighting for their rights.

Gun Rights For America posted a picture of this woman today.

She was not part of the march, but seems to raise a similar question.


New implantable drug helps fight opioid epidemic

BALTIMORE —A new implantable drug is helping fight the opioid-addiction epidemic.

Maryland state officials call it a grim trend: 920 fatal opioid overdoses in just the first six months of this year.

Nick Nowack is about to undergo a life-changing procedure to treat his opioid addiction. Nowak’s descent into hell started in his early 20s, the way it has for so many others.

"I got rear-ended and was prescribed Percocet," Nowack said. "I went from taking them for back pain to just thinking, ’Oh, when I take them, it makes me feel good, extra energized.’ Then (I would) take some more."

Things snowballed out of control over the next several years until he got himself into treatment.


HEADS UP: Main Stream Media Is Using Trickery Again

The Main Stream Media is trying to trick the American people into believing members of President Trumps Cabinet are voting in TWO different states. HOWEVER, be careful what you read. 

Their headlines read: 

CNN: Trump cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin is also registered to vote in two states 

MSN: Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud'

Ladies & Gentlemen, even I am registered to vote in two different states. Why, because the Liberals refuse to participate in PURGING voter registration lists. Heck, Salisbury/Wicomico County lists haven't been purged in almost 20 years!

Their headlines CLEARLY do NOT state that these people actually voted in two states, just that they are registered in two states. The MSM is DESPERATE and completely full of crap. You need to cut them off, seriously. This is way out of control. 

President Trump: Who thought it would ever happen? BBC Newsnight

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Postmarked Aug. 2, 1927, this postcard illustrates how much Ocean City has changed in 90 years.

The Boardwalk was raised far above the beach in those days and on hot days bathers would seek shade under it. Some would plan a picnic lunch under the Boardwalk with the smell of creosote, damp wood and wet sand a luncheon companion.

The beach was narrow and waves reached almost to the Boardwalk on high tide. When storms rolled up the coast, the beach would literally disappear. The beach would remain narrow until the creation of the Inlet in 1933 and the construction of the north jetty allowed sand to build up on the south end of town.

The view above looks north from N. 1st Street. The tower in the background marked the site of the Plimhimmon Hotel while the tower in the foreground belonged to the Rideau. Neither of these historic hotels exist today. The suits worn by the bathers were typical of that era.

Postcard from Bunk Mann’s collection

Trump Ends U.S. Funding of Overseas Abortions

This is certainly reassuring for those of us who were alarmed by Trump’s praise for Planned Parenthood during the primaries. Taxpayers will no longer be forced to fund abortions overseas:

The so-called Mexico City policy, established by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984, blocks federal funding for international family planning charities that provide abortions or “promote” the procedure by providing patients with information about it, including by offering referrals to abortion providers. …

President Obama rescinded the policy when he took office in 2009.

This morning Trump signed an executive order rescinding Obama’s rescindment of the policy. Every step toward erasing the Moonbat Messiah’s baleful legacy is in the right direction.

Trump’s ban could impact foreign organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPFF), which provides family planning services in more than 180 countries. …

The 2016 U.S. budget included $607.5 million in funding for reproductive health internationally, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion…


Dow Jones hits 20,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average cracked 20,000 as markets opened Wednesday, breaching a psychologically significant barrier just days after President Trump took office.

The stock market indicator hit the 20,000 mark partly in response to strong corporate earnings reports. Bond prices also fell, as investors began to anticipate that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates at a faster clip in response to the good jobs news.

The Mexican peso also fell after Trump tweeted Tuesday evening about new border security measures and a wall on the southern border.

Stocks jumped after Trump won the presidency Nov. 8. The Dow Jones is up roughly 9 percent since then, led by bank stocks.


Enviromoonbat Killed by SUV While Hiking Barefoot Across America to Save Planet

Looks like moonbats could be right about SUVs; they really are a menace — at least, they are to fools who goof off along the edges of highways:

A man who was hiking across America barefoot on the side of highways to ‘save the earth’ was struck by a Buick SUV and died Saturday.

Mark Baumer, 33, began his shoeless trek in October. His journey aimed to raise awareness and funds for the FANG Collective, a Rhode Island organization that supports nonviolent resistance to the natural gas industry.

Natural gas is abundant and clean. Moonbats oppose it anyway. They would prefer for us to shiver in the dark rather than make use of cost-efficient energy resources. Bird-chopping windmills are okay though.

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed Baumer was hit on the side of Highway 90 in Walton County. He was pronounced dead on the scene during the 101st day of his trip.

Small wonder he got hit:


Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80

Sitcom sweetheart Mary Tyler Moore, who gained fame playing winsome television producer Mary Richards on the popular 1970s television series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and broke new ground as an independent career-woman in a leading role, died Wednesday at the age of 80.

Although her name was most frequently associated with US television sitcoms, Moore also acted in theater and films, winning a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her role as an icy mother in 1980's "Ordinary People."



Bishopville, Selbyville, Showell, Ocean Pines, Ocean City fire departments dispatched to the area St. Martins Neck Rd. commercial building fire from an explosion.

More to come.

UPDATE: It sounds like a boiler exploded and the fire is under control. No injuries.

Two-Time Purple Heart Recipient Marine Proposes To Girlfriend At Trump Inauguration Ball

This is an incredibly moving and happy story. A two-time Purple Heart recipient who is a Marine, chose Donald Trump’s ‘Armed Forces Ball’ to propose to his girl. As the First Family blew kisses from the stage and the First Couple danced before a mostly military audience, Shane Kruchten proposed to Reena Norville. She of course said yes with tears in her eyes. It’s an impressive way to make your whole life great again.

Kruchen has seen it all pretty much. He was deployed to Iraq twice. Both times he returned stateside with life-threatening injuries. “Most people can’t say they spent their 18th, 20th, and 21st birthdays all in a hospital recovering from war wounds,” he quipped as his new fiancé took his hand. But that’s not all this man has faced down… he deals with alcoholism, has beaten back drug abuse and has tried to take his own life after leaving the service. But Reena saved him from his demons and from himself. Now they will be together for good as man and wife.



Mary Tyler Moore is in grave condition at a Connecticut hospital ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell us her condition is so grim family members are coming to the hospital to say goodbye. The TV icon's long battled diabetes, and she underwent brain surgery in 2011.

One source tells us Mary has been on a respirator for more than a week.

We're told Moore is suffering from a number of health problems and recently it has become critical.

Mary starred in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and had an incredible run with "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Story developing ...

State Prosecutor Alleges Mayor Pugh Took Out Improper Loan For Campaign

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s first truly competitive mayoral race in years lead to a last-minute campaign rush for cash. The state prosecutor is looking to an improper loan taken out by Mayor Catherine Pugh.

With big spending for ads with no incumbent, and a showdown with former mayor Sheila Dixon, big money came pouring into Catherine Pugh’s campaign, including $315,000 dollars in loans.

Our media partner, The Baltimore Sun, reports that one loan, made just six days before the primary, is now under investigation by the state prosecutor. It’s the latest scandal involving Pugh’s campaign’s finances.

Pugh herself is not accused of doing anything wrong and earlier this month spoke about her fundraising.


Surrounded By ANGRY Liberals, Black Trump Supporter SILENCES Them With The TRUTH!

Big Joe is THE MAN!

You see him talking, you hear his words…and they make so much sense!

The best part about this is that all his ‘common sense’ and ‘wisdom of truth’ is being shared right smack dab in the middle of an ENTIRE CITY of liberals who are there to protest EVERYTHING he stands for!

However, not only is he speaking the truth in the middle of this liberal frenzy…they are even verbally attacking him and he SILENCES them…they give up!

Big Joe… won’t be silenced by their hatred or there ignorance! Folks, this is the first time I have ever seen logic and common sense beat out ‘stupid’ on it’s own stomping grounds!

Typically when you choose to engage with stupid, it drags you down to it’s level and beats you with experience…not this time. The word EPIC, does not even begin to describe what Big Joe just accomplished all by himself…

…but don’t take my word for it. Witness this sweet sweet moment for yourselves! Watch it clear through to the end…that is the only way you will not only see him silence them, but also a crowd of them gathering around him to listen to what he has to say!


Angry Feminist Who Wants Same Rights As Guns Gets LEVELED With EPIC Response!

Boy this freaking Women’s March has really caused an awful lot of …. stupid. Well, Obama’s America has already proven to be the nesting place for stupidity and ignorance, but this March? Well it’s just brought the stupid to a whole new level… am I alone on this thought?

It’s just so… what’s the word? Insufferable.

Now, let me make my point.

Look at this picture. The woman is holding up a sign that says:

“I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.”

See what I mean? Stupid.

However, this woman’s attempt at being witty, totally backfired on her pretty darn badly. Hindsight on this one is going to drop kick her butt to Timbuktu. I have no idea where that is, but it sounds far far away from here.

Gun rights Across America has responded…


Concealed Handgun Owner Shoots Armed Robber

A man with a concealed handgun shot an armed robber who killed a good Samaritan during a confrontation at a San Antonio mall on Sunday, reports the Austin American-Statesman.

The man killed was 42-year-old Jonathan Murphy, who was unarmed but tried to stop two robbers outside of a jewelry store. The man with the concealed weapon saw the shooting and fired at one of the robbers, wounding him. His name was not released. Neither were the names of the robbers.

“It was obvious it was a very dangerous situation and that lives were being threatened and (the two robbers) were armed with weapons and … the good Samaritan with the (concealed handgun) license could have been injured as well,” said Doug Greene, a San Antonio police spokesman. “We just ask people to use their best judgment when they get into situations like this.”

Murphy was at the jewelry store with his wife when the robbery happened. He was killed and six others were injured in the mall shooting, which was first reported at 3:26 p.m.


Pope Tells Marchers: Protect Life‘from the Moment of Conception’

Just days before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Pope Francis has sent a message of support to the March for Life taking place in Paris, France, on Sunday.

“The Church must never tire of being an advocate for life and must not neglect to proclaim that human life is to be protected unconditionally from the moment of conception until natural death,” the Pope’s message said.

Pope Francis has been a vocal critic of the abortion industry, comparing it to King Herod’sslaughter of the innocents at the time of Jesus, and accusing the abortion lobby of working with a Mafia-like mentality that seeks to eliminate those who get in one’s way.

In his message to pro-life marchers, Francis expressed his solidarity with their efforts and urged them to continue to proclaim the value of human life.

“Beyond this legitimate manifestation in defense of human life, the Holy Father encourages participants in the March for Life to work tirelessly for the building of a civilization of love and a culture of life,” said the message, which was sent through the Apostolic Nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura.


Maryland Country Club Welcomes Obama Despite Disagreement

Michelle and Barack Obama were reportedly invited to join an exclusive club in Maryland, despite backlash from some members who disagreed with the former president’s policies on Israel.

A group of Jewish members at The Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland had objected to giving Obama free membership to the club, feeling that his recent decision to abstain from the United Nations Security Council vote put Israel in danger.

“[Obama] has created a situation in which Israel’s very existence is weakened and possibly threatened,” said Faith Goldstein, a member at the club. “He is not welcome at Woodmont,” she reportedly wrote.

But the president of the club had different views, saying they welcome people of all political views.

“In the current deeply polarized political environment,” Barry Forman, the club’s president, said according to CBS. “It is all the more important that Woodmont be a place where people of varying views and beliefs can enjoy fellowship and recreation in a relaxed environment. Given our legacy, it is regrettable that we have now been portrayed as unwelcoming and intolerant, because that is not who we are.”


Mainstream Media Angered After NY Post, Newsmax Get First Questions at Trump WH Presser

Traditional media outlets had to wait their turn as the more conservative-leaning New York Post and Christian Broadcasting Network got the first three questions at Sean Spicer's first White House daily news briefing on Monday.

President Donald Trump's press secretary first called on the New York Post's Daniel Halper, who also is author of the book "Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine."

The next two questions came from the CBN News, founded by conservative Christian television evangelist Pat Robertson.

Later in the press conference, Spicer took a question from Newsmax's White House correspondent and chief political columnist John Gizzi.


Fake News About "Love" For Obamacare?

I begin to think maybe Trump is on to something with his Fake News schtick. Which isn’t schtick at all in terms of the obvious, egregious bias of what is styled “mainstream” media outlets such as CNN (back in the ’90s, the letters were said to stand for Clinton News Network).

But what Trump means is “news” that is not stilted but upended. Manufactured to present the outright wrong as the absolutely certain. And not on account of incompetence, either.

The best example being Trump’s victory itself.

In lockstep, the “mainstream” media predicted a rout. Presented ominous pie charts and graphs and polls of many kinds purporting double digit leads in key states for… Hillary.

Who ended up losing.

This is more serious than the usual weather man 50 percent track record of accurately predicting whether it’s going to snow tomorrow. When it’s unanimous that Trump – whom the people delivering the pie charts and graphs and exit polls all obviously loathe – is “going to lose” and yet wins anyhow, which is more likely? That all these people simply got it wrong in exactly the same way? Or that they were purposely trying to suppress the real news and stilt the outcome along lines they desired?


Hillary's Next Move: Writing? Policy? Boosting Other Candidates?

As President Donald Trump settles into the Oval Office that Hillary Clinton had hoped to occupy herself, the Democratic nominee is said by friends to be figuring out her next move, Gabriel Debenedetti wrote at Politico.

Though Clinton has been urged to run for mayor of New York against incumbent fellow Democrat Bill de Blasio, that is not considered likely.

Instead, the 69-year-old former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state might join her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in working to help Democratic candidates across the country.

"I would be surprised [to see Bill Clinton step away from politics] only because he has so many friends who are still involved, who he's worked with for so many years," Skip Rutherford, dean of the University of Arkansas' Clinton School of Public Service and founding president of the Clinton Foundation, told Politico. "Many of the people who are involved in the political world got their starts in the Clinton world, so there's a whole base of people who are connected to both Clintons."


Gannett announced more layoffs at The Record, community newspapers

A little more than two months after Gannett cut 130 jobs from The Record and its affiliated community newspapers, the company announced Monday that another 141 workers will let go, an announcement on said.

Employees will be notified by the end of the week of the layoffs, the report said.

North Jersey Media Group president Nancy A. Meyer described the decision to further downsize as "difficult."

Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper chain, bought, the Record and dozens of weeklies for about $40 million in July.

In New Jersey, Gannett owns The Record, the Asbury Park Press, the Courier-Post, the Home News Tribune, the Courier-News, the Daily Record and the Daily Journal.


Ben Carson easily approved for HUD role in Senate committee

Three of President Trump's nominees to serve in his Cabinet advanced in the Senate on Tuesday: Ben Carson to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Wilbur Ross to lead the Commerce Department, and Elaine Chao to lead the Department of Transportation.

Carson in particular had been criticized by Democrats for having no background on housing issues. But he was approved in a unanimous voice vote nonetheless at the Senate Banking Committee.

"Dr. Carson has achieved a great deal of success during his impressive and accomplished career, and I was encouraged by his recent testimony before the committee," said Chairman Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, after the vote. "He is committed to carrying forth the mandate of HUD and learning more from people directly affected by HUD policies. Now that his nomination has been voted favorably out of the committee, it is my hope that the full senate will follow suit in a timely manner."

Moments later, both Ross and Chao were approved unanimously by the Senate Commerce Committee.


Chelsea Manning Plans On Moving Back To Maryland After Leaving Prison

Convicted leaker Chelsea Manning says she'll move to Maryland after she leaves prison in May.

She made the announcement in a tweet. While Manning has no internet access in her military prison, she has in the past dictated tweets via phone to be posted.

Former President Barack Obama commuted Manning's 35-year sentence as one of his final acts in office.

Manning lived in Potomac for a time as a teen and spent a semester at Montgomery College.


Trump Threatens To "Send In The Feds" If Chicago "Doesn't Fix This Horrible Carnage"

President Trump has seen the data and threatens to "send in the Feds"...
If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!

As we detailed earlier, those Chicagoans hoping that 2017 would bring with it a new era of peace and civility among residents after the city suffered an incredibly violent 2016 in which homicides claimed the lives of over 800 people, it may be time to reset those expectations.  So far in 2017, Chicago is on track to record  the most violent opening month of the past two decades, even exceeding the extremely violent 2016 levels.
According to the Chicago Tribune, at least 228 people have already been shot in 2017, compared to 216 during the same period last year, with 44 homicides per data from HeyJackAss!.


Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Are Americans Racists?"

“Racist” is the favorite epithet of the left. Every white person (except leftists) is a racist by definition. As we are defined as racists based on our skin color, I am puzzled why we are called racists a second, third, and fourth time due to specific acts, such as favoring the enforcement of immigration laws. For example, President Donald Trump says he is going to enforce the immigration laws. For the left this is proof that Trump has put on the White Sheet and joined the KKK.

The left doesn’t say what a president is who does not enforce the laws on the books. But let’s look at this from the standpoint of the immigration laws themselves. In 1965 a bill passed by the “racist” Congress and signed by the “racist” President Lyndon Johnson completely changed the racial composition of US legal immigration.

In 1960 75% of US legal immigration was European, 5% was Asian, and 19% was from Americas (Mexico, Central and South America and Caribbean Islands).

In 2013 10% of legal immigrants were European, 30% were Asian, 55% were from Americas, and 5% from Africa.

The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act is a very strange law for racists to have enacted. Would racists pass a law, which has been on the books for 52 years, that fundamentally transformed the racial profile of the US by limiting white immigration, thereby ultimately consigning whites to minority status?

We could say the racists did not know what they were doing, or thought they were doing something else. However, the results have been obvious at least since 1980, and the law is still on the books.


A Message From Ellen Sauerbrey: About That March. . .

The Women’s March on Washington was not a grassroots movement in any sense of the word.  It is a well organized, well paid operation run by the ultimate puppet master, George Soros.   Soros funded over 50 organizations partnering and participating in the March for Women’s Rights.  Part of that funding went straight into the protesters pockets.  One of the Soros grantees and a march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour was one of the March’s four organizers.  A delegate to the Democrat National Convention,  Sarsour advocates Sharia Law which is responsible for the oppression of women’s rights around the globe.  While I am sure many of the women who attended the march are well meaning,  I believe in large measure they were used by a radical fringe. 

About That March. . . 
Gary Bauer…. Campaign for Working Families

For all its hype, the Women's March on Washington was a massive left-wing temper tantrum. It was an embarrassing display of 
obscene immaturity. [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]

But here's something you may not know: One of the national co-chairs of the march, Linda Sarsour, is an advocate of Sharia law. 
Sarsour once tweeted, "You'll know when you're living under Sharia law if suddenly all your loans and credit cards become interest free. Sounds nice, doesn't it?" She has also defended the Saudi regime, which does not allow women to drive. 

Sarsour also has terrorist connections. The New York Times reported in 2012 that "Members of her family had been arrested on accusations of supporting Hamas." The 
Daily Caller reports that last month she posed for pictures with an ex-Hamas operative.
Irony does not begin to describe millions of women marching for so-called "women's rights" under the leadership of a woman who is a defender of fundamentalist Islam, which is oppressing women all over the world. 
I first noticed something odd about the march when I saw interspersed among the foul, vulgar signs that some women (and even children) were holding, 
other signs that read, "Free Birth Control, Free Palestine" or some variant. 

We have reported for years on the bizarre alliance between the radical left and radical Islam. It is the continuation of what we have seen on university campuses, where young socialists make common cause with Palestinian student groups to fight and harass conservative students and those who support the U.S./Israeli alliance. 

We have seen it in Europe where socialist and green parties united with Muslim voting blocs in London to elect the first Muslim mayor of a European capital. We have seen it in the Black Lives Matter movement, where Palestinian activists 
exploited the Ferguson riots and in a Black Lives Matter platform that accused Israel of genocide.

This is a dangerous and formidable alliance, and something that open border Republicans in Congress should ponder when they consider what our immigration policies should be.