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Friday, March 04, 2016

Piano Juggler

The Establishment's Plan to Nuke Trump

The GOP Establishment is absolutely panicked. As their golden boy, Marco Rubio, has totally and completely flopped, they're forced to choose between Ted Cruz and alienating their entire electorate. Because Cruz himself is a sworn enemy of the consultant class, they're choosing the latter. On Morning Joe, Bill Kristol explained their plan to beat Trump or burn it all down:

If a bunch of rich, angry GOP elites rob Trump supporters of their victory, the blowback will result in so many voters staying home in November, Hillary wins. As NBC’s Chuck Todd pointed out last night, at this point the delegate math is such that the only way to stop Trump is through this scheme at the convention.

As you’ll see below, that outcome is preferable to Kristol, and by extension it is safe to assume that outcome is also fine with the rest of the Republican Establishment.


Diner Notices What’s Happening at Veteran’s Table, Instantly Gets Manager

It was a scene that would sadden many an American heart: a veteran who was dining alone at a table in a restaurant in Georgia. But that wasn’t the entire story. The incident in question took place in a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, this past weekend.

A diner, “C. Sparks,” and his or her mom were in the restaurant that night, according to Love What Matters. That’s when “we noticed a man sitting on the outside patio. He had long hair, a long gray beard, and was wearing a jacket with war vet badges.”

And that wasn’t all. He was acting as an unofficial greeter for the restaurant.

“With every person who walked into the restaurant, he very kindly said ‘hi, how are you all tonight?’ or ‘bye, I hope you have a good night,'” C. Sparks wrote. “Most people reacted to him, others completely ignored him. That didn’t stop him from greeting every person who walked by.”


3 Black Women Say White Men Beat Them, Then Cops Pull Out This Tape

These 3 black women said that some white men brutally attacked them in a sickening racial crime.But these women had no idea what the cops knew.And that's when the police pulled out a video that changed everything...

VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Horrified When Interview With Black Voter Goes Horribly Wrong

This has to be one of the best MSNBC clips we've ever seen. This liberal host thinks she's about to nail Donald J. Trump as a racist, when all of a sudden her production crew rolls the wrong video.Seconds later the tongue-tied host can't believe what just went out over the air from this black voter. 

Another Hate Crime: Third Marine Says He Was Beaten Unconscious

Grant Gray, who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2011 and spent most of 2015 serving in Afghanistan, tells Columbus, Ohio police he was the target of a hate crime.

Gray says he doesn’t remember much, but the officer who responded to the call said Gray was “stumbling” and recalled being beaten by three black men who repeatedly referred to him as “white.”

“I’m not going to lie to you. I have a concussion and I really don’t know the full details,” Gray told police. “I even had an Apple watch on and they didn’t steal that.”

Grant, who says he’s suffered a severe concussion, says he was out at a bar with a high school friend when he stepped outside to make a phone call. The next thing he knew, he was being beaten.


Teachers Convicted of Sex Crimes Still Getting State Pensions

How Wall Street Is Preparing For "President Trump"

While the market has had its share of bogeymen to worry about so far in 2016, mostly along the lines of the "Four Cs", namely China, Crude, Credit and Currencies, it has so far largely ignored one letter: the Big D, for Donald, as in how would a Trump presidency affect the market. And, as Reuters writes, it is time for Wall Street to add "the juggernaut that is Donald J. Trump to the list of what-ifs that is worrying Wall Street."

The kneejerk, conventional wisdom reaction is that the non-establishment outsider would be a big risk for stocks: "a growing realization that the unpredictable New York real estate developer is in a position to win the Republican nomination and then battle Hillary Clinton for the White House in November's election has caused some investors to sell U.S. stocks. They fear having such a wild-card president could trigger trade wars, hurt the economy and add a lot of market volatility."

AS Doug Kass notes, "as the market rarely feasts on lack of predictability - Trump represents a nightmare for investors this year." Kass said last week that he was adding to his existing short bet on the U.S. stock market in part because of Trump's increasingly strong position in the race.




Lost Dog 3-4-16

We live in the West Nithsdale neighborhood, off of Pemberton Drive.

He is a brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever, name is Crash. He's about 70 pounds, with brown fur and golden eyes. He is not wearing a collar, but he is micro-chipped.

Please call 419-283-7671, or 443-944-9942

Trump: Obama Would Have Attended Scalia's Funeral If It Were In A Mosque

Donald Trump has reportedly suggested that President Obama would have attended Justice Scalia’s funeral if it were in a mosque. The accusation from Trump comes after the President did not attend Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s funeral on Feb. 20.

President Obama and the First Lady reportedly paid their respects to Scalia in the Supreme Court building on Feb. 19, reports The Christian Post.

Trump’s Feb. 20 Facebook post criticizing the President’s absence reads, “I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go.”

The President has recently come under fire from Republicans after missing Scalia’s funeral.


Shelter Dogs Retrieve Balls At Tennis Match (Video)

Four shelter dogs, rescued from the streets in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and trained to be "ball dogs," showed off their stuff during an exhibition tennis match at the Brazil Open on Feb. 25 (video below).

"We want to show that abandoned dogs can be adopted and trained," Andrea Beckert, a trainer with the Association of Animal Wellbeing, told CNN. "After all, it's not easy to get a dog to only pick up the lost balls, and then to give them up!"

Frida, Mel, Isabelle and Costela wore orange bandannas and retrieved tennis balls for their trainers and the players -- Spain's Roberto Carballes Baena and Portugal's Gastao Elias.

According to ATPWorldTour, the event was sponsored by Premier Pet, which has provided subsidized food for animals at shelters for years. The ball dogs are part of Associacao Bem-Estar Animal Amigos da Celia, a group that shelters more than 1,000 animals.


Aroldis Chapman Suspended 30 Games Under New MLB Domestic Violence Policy

Major League Baseball suspended newly-acquired New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman 30 games under its new domestic-violence disciplinary process.

The hard-throwing reliever begins serving the suspension following spring training. His eligibility to first pitch in pinstripes comes on May 9. He loses $1.7 million in salary as a result of the ban.

“I asked my staff to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident involving Aroldis Chapman,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred explained. “Much of the information regarding the incident has been made public through documents released by law enforcement. Mr. Chapman submitted to an in-person interview with counsel present. After reviewing the staff report, I found Mr. Chapman’s acknowledged conduct to be inappropriate under the negotiated policy, particularly his use of a firearm and the impact of that behavior on his partner.”


Exclusive Audio: Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention In Manhattan Donor Meeting

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is plotting to take the Republican nomination away from Donald Trump using surreptitious tactics at a so-called “brokered convention,” according to an audio recording of his campaign manger in a private meeting with high dollar donors in Manhattan obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

Last Wednesday evening in New York, according to CNN, Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan met privately with a group of supporters and top donors to chart Rubio’s path forward heading into Super Tuesday after abysmal performances from the first-term Florid Senator so far. During the meeting, Sullivan walked Rubio’s money men through the scenario he envisions he will use to stop Trump.

An audio recording of Sullivan giving the powerpoint presentation obtained exclusively by Breitbart News shows Sullivan plotting for a brokered convention.


Maryland's Request for Disaster Declaration Approved

Maryland’s Request for a Major Disaster Declaration following January Winter Storm is Approved

REISTERSTOWN, Md. (March 4, 2016) —
Maryland has been informed that the state’s recent request for a major disaster declaration has been approved following the January 2016 blizzard. On February 19, Governor Larry Hogan sent a formal letter to President Barack Obama requesting a federal declaration for the State of Maryland as a result of that winter storm. By granting the declaration, federal assistance will be made available to communities in Maryland through state and local agencies and public safety partners that served them during the storm.

“I am pleased that the federal government granted my request for a disaster declaration after a historic blizzard that affected so many of us in January,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “Federal aid made available to Maryland and our local communities will supplement state and local recovery efforts that have been ongoing since the storm.”

The decision for a disaster declaration comes after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and local jurisdictions throughout the state jointly conducted damage assessments last month. In addition to the state, the following local jurisdictions are included in the declaration and are eligible for aid: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Frederick, Garrett, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Washington, and Worcester Counties and the City of Baltimore.

Governor Hogan has designated MEMA as the state coordinating agency for the declaration.

Promising Treatments to Conquer Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that has no cure. In the United States, more than 5.3 million Americans currently have the condition, and unless new treatments are developed, the number of people suffering from the disease will almost triple by 2050.

With the depressing statistics firmly in mind, researchers are rushing to develop treatments that will at least slow — but hopefully cure and even prevent the disease.

Here are two promising developments:

Telomerase treatment. Dr. Michael Fossel, author of The Telomerase Revolution and co-founder of the bio-tech company Telocyte, is petitioning the FDA to start human trials on a treatment he believes will cure Alzheimer's. Fossel, a former emergency room physician, has studied aging for 30 years, and he says that an enzyme called telomerase is key to conquering the diseases of aging, including Alzheimer's.


US Navy deploys several ships to South China Sea as tensions rise

In a "show of force," the U.S. Navy dispatched an aircraft carrier and five escort ships to the South China Sea amid rising tensions between the U.S., China and other Southeast Asian nations claiming territory in the disputed region, multiple defense officials confirmed to Fox News Friday.

The dispatch sends a signal to China that the U.S. Navy will continue to conduct freedom of navigation patrols even as China continues to "militarize" islands, those officials say.


LA police testing knife found buried at OJ Simpson's former estate

A knife found buried under O.J. Simpson’s former Los Angeles estate where he lived at the time of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is undergoing forensic testing, Fox News confirmed Friday.

TMZ reports a construction worker found the knife years ago and gave it to an off-duty cop who kept it in his home before finally turning it over to police in January. TMZ did not specify when the knife was found, but reported that it may have been around the time the home was destroyed in 1998.

"It is being treated as we would all evidence," LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman said Friday. He added that police were "quite shocked" to learn about the knife after so many years.


Stamp Price Cut Could Cost USPS $2 Billion a Year

The U.S. Postal Service warns if an "irrational" stamp-price cut goes through next month, it'll cost the financially struggling post office $2 billion a year.

In a statement from the USPS, Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan says a surcharge granted by 2014 legislation "only partially alleviated our extreme multi-year revenue declines resulting from the Great Recession."


North Korea Fires Projectiles After New UN Sanctions

North Korea fired several short-range projectiles into the sea on Thursday, hours after the United Nations' Security Council voted to impose tough new sanctions on the isolated state and South Korean President Park Geun-hye vowed to "end tyranny" by the North's leader.

The firing escalated tensions on the Korean peninsula, which have been high since the North's January nuclear test and February long-range rocket launch, and set the South's military on a heightened alert.

South Korea's Defence Ministry said it was trying to determine if the projectiles, launched at 10 a.m. (0100 GMT) from the North's east coast, were short-range missiles or artillery fire.

Park has been tough in her response to the North's recent actions, moving from her earlier self-described "trustpolitik" approach, and on Thursday welcomed the move by the Security Council and repeated her call for the North to change its behaviour.

"We will cooperate with the world to make the North Korean regime abandon its reckless nuclear development and end tyranny that oppresses freedom and human rights of our brethren in the North," Park said at a Christian prayer meeting on Thursday.


FBI Grants Immunity to Key Staffer in Clinton Email Probe

The Justice Department is granting immunity to the former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email server, The Washington Post reported Wednesday night.

The move is a sign that the FBI investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing is progressing, the Post reported.

A senior U.S. law enforcement official told the Post that the FBI had secured the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano, who worked on Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009.

The next step is a likely interview of Clinton herself as the FBI looks to wrap up its investigation in the coming months. Her senior aides also will be sought for interviews.

Nude Teacher Photo Case: Major Lawsuit Magnet


A government-run school district in the socially conservative Upstate region of South Carolina could find itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit after it allegedly forced a teacher to resign over a racy photo obtained by a student.

Wait … shouldn’t school teachers lose their jobs if they send explicit pictures to students?

Sure … but that’s not what happened here. In this case, no nude image was ever sent by the teacher – a student obtained and disseminated a copy of the explicit photograph without consent.


Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Want To Kill Ted Cruz Anymore


It’s been difficult tracking the “whack-a-mole-esque” presidential inclinations of Lindsey Graham – arguably America’s most liberal “Republican” Senator. Graham had his own presidential campaign for awhile … but it ended poorly. Then he endorsed the bid of former Florida governor Jeb Bush – which flamed out spectacularly following a dismal fourth-place finish in Graham’s home state of South Carolina.

Graham’s next thoughts on the presidential contest – specifically his views on U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas – came last week during an appearance before the Washington Press Club Foundation.

“If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you,” he joked.

That comment was broadly panned – in South Carolina and beyond.


llegals Rushing to get into US, Before Trump Wall

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s vow to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border seems to be spurring more illegal immigration in recent months, according to Reuters.

The news agency says there has been an increase in illegal immigration at the southern border as migrants seek to make it into the United States illegally before Trump gets into office and it is too late.

“They think they need to take advantage while they can,” Blanca Rivera, a manager of the Ciudad Juarez migrant shelter, told Reuters. Rivera noted that she has seen the recent increase in northward migration.


6% of Companies Make 50% of US Profit

As corporate earnings were shrinking in 2015, an elite group of U.S. companies found a way to grab a bigger piece of the smaller-profit pie.

Just 28 firms in the Standard & Poor's 500 -- including gadget-maker Apple, bank JPMorgan Chase

and Warren Buffett's diversified Berkshire Hathaway -- collectively hauled in more than half the total net income reported by U.S-based companies in the stock index last year, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The analysis includes 462 U.S.-based companies that have reported their net income for calendar year 2015.


Coalition of UK police denounce War on Drugs

Today, February 29th – or ‘leap day’ – has marked the launch of LEAP UK: the British chapter of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The organisation’s executive director, Jason Reed, marked the occasion by convening a lively discussion in the House of Commons with a host of law enforcement veterans, as well as policymakers and drug law experts. Speakers gathered from across the political spectrum, and across the world, to make a case for drug policy reform – primarily an end to the War on Drugs, and the prohibitionist policies that accompany it.

Suzanne Sharkey, a former constable and undercover operative of the Northumbria Constabulary, denounced the lack of empathy in contemporary drug policy. “We need solutions based in health and compassion”, Sharkey implored, while disparaging the current approach of criminalising addicts. There is no chance of success, for drug users or society, by continuing to arrest “poor and deprived people with little or no hope”.

James Duffy, the former Chair of the Strathclyde Police Federation, directed his message at concerned parents – many who may think that drug legalisation increases the likelihood of their children using dangerous substances. “Drug dealers decide what they sell to your children”, he asserted, “they choose the drugs’ purity, they choose what to cut it with, and they never check ID”.

The reform of drug policy should appeal to people and policymakers, regardless of their political persuasion. Norman Lamb, an MP for the Liberal Democrats and former Health minister, proclaimed that punishing people for drug use has been ”the most discredited public policy” and quipped that it was “started by the most discredited US president, Richard Nixon”.


Mizzou professor who pushed reporter away from protesters is fired

Melissa Click, a professor who gained national notoriety during the protests at the University of Missouri, has been fired.

Click made headlines when a video of her pushing a reporter away from protesters went viral; she could be heard calling for “muscle” to toss out reporters trying to cover the news.

The protests at the flagship state university over race and other bias issues had paralyzed the campus and forced the resignation of the system president and chancellor. When a student journalist said he had a First Amendment right to be there and take photos, Click said, “I can’t hear you!” and started chanting, according to a transcript released by the university system, “Hey hey! Ho ho! Reporters have got to go!”


Sean Hannity Goes Scorched Earth Against Marco Rubio

Sean Hannity repeatedly ripped into Marco Rubio on his Fox News program Wednesday night, attacking the Florida senator for recent attacks on Donald Trump and saying his rhetoric was “beyond the pale” of acceptance in a presidential primary.

Hannity, who wrote in August that he would not point out “deficiencies” in any of the Republican candidates, floated an unsubstantiated claim that someone “probably promised” Rubio “a lot of money” to take Trump on.

“That’s not the real Marco,” he repeatedly insisted.


OCPD Expecting Traffic Delays during St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

OCEAN CITY, MD – The Ocean City Police Department is reminding citizens to expect traffic delays this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, as the Delmarva Irish-American Club host their Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. The tradition, which has become one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in Maryland, will take place on Saturday, March 12, 2016. The parade begins at 12 noon at 57th Street and marches south on Coastal Highway to the 45th Street Shopping Center.

In order to offer an ample amount of space for the parade’s participating floats, bands and motorized units, southbound traffic with be reduced to one lane from 63rd Street to 43rd Street. Northbound traffic will remain open, however, no left turns or U-turns will be allowed along the parade route from the northbound lane including 62nd Street.

Residents and visitors will see traffic delays on southbound Coastal Highway as early as 9:30 a.m. and should expect congestion until after 2 p.m. To avoid traffic delays, viewers and visitors are urged to arrive before 10:30 a.m. Ocean City Police are recommending motorists entering the Town of Ocean City use Maryland Route 50, as traffic is not expected to be as heavy in the south end of town.

In addition, heavy pedestrian traffic is also expected along the parade route and in surrounding areas. Pedestrians are encouraged to use crosswalks and cross with caution.

Home Depot's Langone Sounds Off On 2016 Race

During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Home Depot (HD) Co-Founder Ken Langone said there is a “revolution” going on in politics today.

“The big story is the American people saying we’ve had enough—Democrats and Republicans,” Langone told Neil Cavuto. “They’re saying nobody’s listened to us. I think what we’re witnessing right now in America, thank God, is a peaceful revolution.”

Langone also said the sentiment of voters is part of the reason why Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

“Who the hell would’ve thought that Donald Trump in May of this past year would be where he is today? You would’ve been told you were nuts. You know why? They miscalculated the anger and the concern of the American people. They’re fed up. They’re fed up with the system, they’re fed up with the pundits, they’re fed up with the consultants, they’re fed up with the Sunday morning shows. All of this stuff doesn’t matter now.”


Cruz campaign appeals to Jews: 'high stakes for Israel'

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz repeated his pledges to stand by Israel and to tear up the Iranian nuclear deal in his speech to supporters after the slew of Super Tuesday primaries. It seemed that these pledges drew some of the loudest cheers of the speech, from the crowd of supporters gathered at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, Texas.

At the same time, a senior advisor to Cruz called on Jews to support Cruz as the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump pledges to be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians," Cruz said. "As president, I will not be neutral. America will stand un-apologetically with the nation of Israel. Donald Trump says he will keep in place the Iranian nuclear deal to try to renegotiate it. I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office."


Trump Will Fix This

Trump's Running a General Election Campaign He's Been Planning for Years

RUSH: Last night and Trump's press conference. Once again he comes up with Planned Parenthood. He gets a question about Planned Parenthood, and he's not wavering from this. And people are misunderstanding what's happening. In the South Carolina debate I was taken aback when I saw Trump go on and on about Planned Parenthood. That was the debate where he accused Bush of knowing in advance of 9/11, knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction, I mean, all this stuff that left-wingers say, the radical left wingers say, Trump's out there saying it, and then I realized what's going on, it's an open primary, Democrats can cross over and vote.

But actually it's even more than that. There are two stories here today. One of them is in The Politico: "The Media's Trump Reckoning: 'Everyone was Wrong'"

And this story was a review of a number of bold-name, very well-known Drive-By Media reporters and analysts having to eat crow. It goes back and cites all of these different people who said Trump was a one-month wonder, a two-week wonder, he's not gonna last, he's gonna implode, Trump's gonna blow it, Trump's this, he's not gonna be a factor.



Wicomico County Executive Culver Refused To Get Fooled By The WBOC's Dusting Call Again

The dusting of snow amounted to 4 plus inches in Wicomico County. It was a beautiful sight as you can see by these pictures. They were taken around the county while the equipment worked to salt and clear the roads.

The County was prepared in advance this time by loading each vehicle up with salt and placing the plows on them a day in advance. 

Great call Bob!

And So It Goes...

A Trump Quote

A Viewer Writes: WBOC's Dan Satterfield Wins Award

Leo may have an Oscar, 
but does he have one for 
weather prediction excellence?

Which Party Is Trump Winning?

First, the obvious notes from Super Tuesday. Donald Trump further cleared his path to the Republican nomination — but he also underperformed expectations, winning seven and not 10 or 11 states. Ted Cruz won three states, bolstering his claim to being the only viable Trump alternative, though he now heads for less friendly territory. Marco Rubio finally won a state, giving him hope going into Florida and other states that are closer to Minnesota, where he won, and Virginia, where he nearly did (but didn’t because of John Kasich). At this point, the (narrow) path for either Cruz or Rubio likely involves a brokered convention.

Second, the underlying stories. Yes, Trump has won 10 of the first 15 states, but he only pulled a grand total of 34% of the vote Tuesday and has yet to win a majority anywhere. Combined, Cruz and Rubio have about 50%. And Trump’s share of the delegates declined from 66% before Tuesday to 49%.

Drilling down even deeper we find that Trump is winning because of voters who aren’t Republican. His surprise loss in Oklahoma may demonstrate this, because it was a closed primary (only Republicans could vote). Massachusetts illustrates it too — it was Trump’s highest performing state (49%) and 20,000 Democrats crossed the aisle to vote for him. Through March 15, another 10 states will vote and eight of them are Republican-only.

More here

Now That's Reality TV

Review Clinton’s Emails May Wait Until After Election

The State Department may wait until after the November election to finish its review of classified information former Secretary Hillary Clinton sent on her secret email account, a spokesman said Tuesday, vowing they will not be held to the political calendar.

“We’re not going to rush judgment of any of these things,” spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Mrs. Clinton, who rejected use of an account tied to the official secure email system and instead relied on an account tied to a server she kept at her New York home, returned more than 30,000 messages to the department in December 2014, or nearly two years after she left office.

The department has pored over those emails and as of Monday had released almost all of them, with more than 2,000 having portions redacted because they contain information now deemed “confidential” or “secret.” Another 22 messages deemed “top secret” have been withheld entirely.

None of the information was marked classified at the time, and Mrs. Clinton says she didn’t handle any improper information on her account. But her successor, Secretary of State John Kerry, asked for a review to determine how now-classified information ended up in her messages.


Pair of Punks Beating on a 65-Year-Old Man in Front of His Wife Get Unanticipated, Painful Dose of Justice

A 65-year-old man was walking with his wife on a Philadelphia street just after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday when they were approached by two men, 21 and 20, and an argument ensued.

The two younger men allegedly began beating the 65-year-old man while his wife watched. “They were punching him and caused bruising to his face,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told WPVI-TV.

But the attack apparently didn’t last long.

It turns out the victim has a concealed carry license and put it to use, pulling out his .45 caliber pistol and shooting his two assailants, investigators told WCAU-TV.


Subject: Oberlin College stands behind anti-Semitic professor

Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov has announced that he is supporting a professor accused of anti-Semitism.

Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition, has claimed that Jewish bankers control the world's economy and have been behind every war for centuries, that “Zionist” orchestrated both the 9/11 attacks and the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo, and that Israel is responsible for ISIS.

Many of these remarks were made on Facebook, Twitter and Karega's blog. She has since changed the privacy settings on her accounts to limit access.

Though he did not mention Karega by name, Krislov wrote a letter to the Oberlin community about “selected screen shots of an Oberlin assistant professor's personal social media posts [that were characterized] as anti-Semitic.”

While acknowledging the pain her messages caused, he insisted that they fall under academic freedom.

More here

Gas Prices Pop Up Despite Historic Supplies Of Oil. Blame Spring

If you've stopped for gas lately, you've probably noticed a price jump.

A week ago, the national average for a gallon of regular gas was around $1.70. Now it's about $1.80, according to, which tracks prices.

So rising gas prices must reflect shrinking oil supplies, right?


The U.S. Energy Information Administration issued its latest "petroleum status"report on Wednesday and said U.S. commercial crude oil inventories are up by 10.4 million barrels from the previous week.

That's a lot — about quadruple what most analysts had predicted in a Platts poll.

"U.S. crude oil inventories are at historically high levels for this time of year," the Energy Information Administration said.


A Viewer Writes: Dan says 30% chance of snow today

"Does that mean 70% chance 
that it won't snow?"

Roger Stone: 'Marco Rubio Is Done'

Super Tuesday ended Marco Rubio's campaign — despite supporters spending as much as $100 million on the Florida senator's effort to try to stop big winner Donald Trump, political consultant Roger Stone told Newsmax TV.

"It's very clear, based on these results, that Marco Rubio is done," Stone told host J.D. Hayworth during an interview as part of Newsmax TV's Super Tuesday coverage. "The Koch brothers induced the billionaire hedge fund manager, Paul Singer, to put $25 million into Rubio and another $75 million into another stop-Trump campaign.

"Those ads are very heavily on the air now, radio and television," Stone said. "He appears to have had no effect so far. Marco Rubio really has to win in Florida on March 15, his home state, or he is entirely done.

"The establishment now shifts to another game, stall Donald Trump short of the magic number to go over on the first ballot," Stone continued. "Mitt Romney can still get in the race and run in California, New Jersey, a few other late states in order to keep votes away from Donald Trump."


With Economy Stuck In The Mud, Farmers Sink Deeper Into Debt

At the Lee Valley consignment sale near Tekamah, Neb., dozens of used tractors, planters and other equipment were on the auction block for farmers trying to save a few extra dollars. It was a muddy day, with trucks and four-wheelers leaving deep black ruts – fitting conditions for an industry wallowing in bad news.

Amanda Johnson is hoping to buy some used fence posts. She and her husband, Matt, raise cattle and crops near Scribner, Neb. Making money looks tough for them this year. "It really depends on markets," Johnson says. "I'd say even if you can break even, that's doing pretty good."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects farm income to fall for the third year in a row. At the same time, farmers are borrowing billions from banks to get by. To make ends meet, some farmers are giving up leases on farmland they can't afford and selling equipment they don't need.


Trump's Healthcare Reform

Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. This legislation, passed by totally partisan votes in the House and Senate and signed into law by the most divisive and partisan President in American history, has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less competition and fewer choices. Obamacare has raised the economic uncertainty of every single person residing in this country. As it appears Obamacare is certain to collapse of its own weight, the damage done by the Democrats and President Obama, and abetted by the Supreme Court, will be difficult to repair unless the next President and a Republican congress lead the effort to bring much-needed free market reforms to the healthcare industry.

But none of these positive reforms can be accomplished without Obamacare repeal. On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.

However, it is not enough to simply repeal this terrible legislation. We will work with Congress to make sure we have a series of reforms ready for implementation that follow free market principles and that will restore economic freedom and certainty to everyone in this country. By following free market principles and working together to create sound public policy that will broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans.


Another Viewer Writes: When will it stop snowing? Don't ask Dan...

OK, WBOC Really Screwed The Pooch Once Again

As images continue to come in from viewers, clearly the dusting on the grass, (1 to 2 inches at most) was yet another massive mistake by WBOC.

Some of you can come here and say I'm going overboard but you are wrong. Parents, businesses, government and so many others completely depend on these forecasts and quite frankly a kid from Delmar can call these storms far better then a guy who claims they're using the most sophisticated and modern weather system in the world.

They constantly plug, you can trust Dan. Dan said it was going to be like this. We spent a fortune upgrading to this new system. Dan just got a major award and only ONE meteorologist gets this award. They try to convince you that you should go nowhere else, yet they fail you on every serious storm for YEARS. 

Overboard, I don't think so. Holding them accountable is more like it. They've never had such a powerhouse like SBYNews ever challenge them with millions of viewers and quite frankly the truth hurts. I don't dislike Dan, not at all. I disagree with his forecasts and it is my job to hold WBOC accountable and the proof is in the comments, viewers here are ticked off too. 

In My Opinion...

I find it so very interesting how so many news organizations, (including FOX) are going after Donald Trump.

In my opinion it clearly shows how scared the media has become, knowing their future is in complete jeopardy. Why, because guys like me and guys like Donald Trump see the MSM as a special interest.

This is a very slippery slope because IF Trump wins, the media will no longer have a hold on government like they have enjoyed for hundreds of years. 

Someone will call out Trump and disagree, even perhaps lie and Trump will say, you can't trust these people any more, cut them off. 

Just think back throughout. Was ANY President worth a crap? Come on now, there have always been skeptics towards every President. Trump is nothing like any of them. He is a successful businessman who knows and understands what it takes to MANAGE people. This scares EVERYONE in politics, hence the GOP candidates attempting to eat one of their own. 

Personally, I believe Americans should give Trump a shot. He's the most qualified to LEAD our Country. No scams, no mysterious deaths, no milti billion dollar favors. Just a guy who wants to bring America back to what we used to be so respected for. You screw with us, we'll screw you back a hundred fold. No more soft on crime, illegals, drugs, murders. Remember, we have a Congress, so Trump isn't going to do anything radical. 

Let me just ask you this question on a local level. After the election I was involved in and Ireton allegedly won, is Salisbury in a better place after Ireton served another term? We've experienced enough of the professional politician in all forms of government. Imagine just once what it would be like to actually give a business person a chance to lead us back to prosperity. 

For once, IF we went to war it would actually be for the right reason, TO PROTECT AMERICA. We go to Afghanistan where the largest stock of heroine is at your fingertips and guess what, the United States of America is overwhelmed across the entire nation with heroine addiction and ultimately crime. There's always a CATCH and SOMEONE is getting very rich. We get to hear about El Chapo in another country but when do you EVER hear about the KINGPINS being arrested in America? 

Yet we go to war with countries loaded with oil and instead of gas being twenty cents a gallon, the price goes through the roof. 

Open your eyes America. Vote and support Donald Trump for President. Just my opinion.

Connect The Dots

Shock Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)–anunindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, and a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates–conducted a poll of 2000 Muslim voters throughout six Super Tuesday states. The results, released Wednesday, were surprising.

While Democrats Hillary Clinton and
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) earned 46% and 25% support, respectively, Donald Trump has the support of 11% of Muslims, more than the rest of the GOP field combined.


Thank God Its Friday 3-4-16

What will you be doing this weekend?

This Morning In Delmar Delaware

Jim Ireton Continues To LIE

"Harriet Tubman freed slaves using the Underground Railroad. Yet Andy Harris doesn’t think they are worthy of federal recognition. He votes against parks, post offices and access to health care."

This is a REAL laugh. The bill where he claims that Andy "voted"against Harriet Tubman was Andy's bill that actually established the National Historical Park for Harriet Tubman and was actually cosponsored by Donna Edwards!!!

I feel for Andy because I was the recipient of Ireton's bold face lies when I ran for Mayor. Even though it was proven I lived in Salisbury, he told everyone I lived in Delaware. Funny how Ireton refused to challenge my residence. He spewed multiple lies and even admitted he owned On that website they lied over and over again. Then there was his contacting the NAACP calling me a racist. He told them I had published racist posts. When the NAACP called me in, I showed and proved to them that ALL of the articles I had published Jim called me a racist were AUTHORED by BLACK authors like Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson and so forth. 

Liberal Jim will say anything to get elected. Liberals, (especially him) are not to be trusted and SBYNews will continue to expose those lies. We took down Norm Conway and Rick Pollitt, we will take down Jim Ireton as well. 

Bill Whittle - Racism - Democrats and Republicans switch sides?

WOW! Images Starting To Come In From Salisbury

I can see why they closed schools now.

Send Us Your Snow Photos From Your Area

Clearly WBOC can no longer be trusted when it comes to weather. In all reality, I don't believe Dan got it right once this year.

Once again parents thought for sure schools would be open as Dan said throughout Delmarva you'd only see accumulation on the grass and no snow in Ocean City at all. 

Come on now. After screwing up all winter you'd think he'd cover his tail by saying we might see some accumulation but he did not. 

We'd love to see what you got, since we were told 1 to 2 inches. 

‘Warrior Time’: Guerrero to quarrel on Showtime, Mar 5

Salisbury - native fighter Fernando Guerrero is scheduled to quarrel in a opening hitch of a triple header on Mar 5, that will be aired live on Showtime.

The 29-year-old southpaw and Parkside high connoisseur will be array opposite Tony Harrison (22-1, 18 KOs). Harrison is 25 and a local of Detroit, Michigan. Their match-up will be a initial hitch televised before a night’s categorical event, that will feature undefeated youth middleweight contender Julian “J Rock” Williams and Marcello Matano in a pretension rejecting bout.

The eventuality is being hold during a Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Showtime’s promote will start during 10 p.m. with Guerrero vs. Harrison as a night’s initial bout.


As A Republican I Like To Pick & Choose Who I Buy A Beer For

Ted Cruz Birth Cirtificate

Local School Closings

Delmar, Somerset and Wicomico Schools Closed Today.