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Friday, March 24, 2017

State Police Arrest Lewes Man for Abusing Foster Child

Lewes - The Delaware State Police have arrested a 30-year-old Lewes man after an investigation revealed he physically assaulted his foster child.

The investigation began Wednesday March 22, 2017 when troopers were dispatched to the 30000 block of Cindy Way for a report of child abuse. Upon arrival, troopers contacted the reporting party in the complaint who stated his boyfriend, who was identified as Jesse A. Allard, 30, had been physically abusing their 2-year-old male foster child while he was away from the house. The reporting person had suspected Allard of abusing the child and set up some cameras in the house to record any unusual incidents that may have been occurring. When he left the residence this evening, he was able to view the cameras from his phone and observed Allard physically abusing the young child.

Troopers took Jesse Allard into custody at the residence and transported him back to Troop 7 where he was charged with Assault 2nd and Endangering the Welfare of a Child, both which are felonies. Allard was arraigned at JP3 and released after posting $3,500.00 secured bond. A condition of his release is not to have any private contact with anyone the age of 12.

The 2-year-old boy was transported to Beebe Healthcare where he was treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries. Division of Family Services also responded to the hospital and removed the 2-year -old male victim and a 2 month old female that was also in foster care with the couple. The 2 month old was not injured and they were both placed in the care of another foster family.

I'm a married Catholic priest who thinks priests shouldn't get married

My wife and I, we have four children, all younger than 7. Ours is not a quiet house.

A house of screaming and a house of endless snot, it's also a house of love, grown and multiplied every few years. In a house of little sleep, my hobby these days is simply to sit down; fellow parents know what I mean. Just like that loud and beautiful Kelly family gone viral out of South Korea recently, ours is a perfectly normal family, "normal" understood, of course, in relative terms. It's both exhausting and energizing, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is the form and gift of my life, my family.

But here's what's strange about us: I'm a Catholic priest. And that is, as you probably know, mostly a celibate species.

Now the discipline of celibacy, as a Christian practice, is an ancient tradition. Its origins belong to the very mists of early Christianity: to the deserts of Egyptian monasticism, the wilds of ancient Christian Syria and to Luke's gospel. For priests, celibacy has been the universal legal norm in the Catholic West since the 12th century and the de facto norm long before that. Saint Ambrose in the fourth century, for example, wrote about married priests, saying they were to be found only in "backwoods" churches, certainly not in the churches of Rome or Milan.


Gang member, deported four times, busted for sexually assaulting 2-year-old girl and stabbing two women

A gang member who’s been deported several times sexually assaulted a toddler and stabbed his girlfriend and a second woman before passing out from the five-hour booze-fueled rampage, authorities on Long Island said Thursday.

MS-13 member Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura, 31, had been deported at least four times since 2006, but he kept coming back, Nassau County police said.

In 28 years in law enforcement, the crime is “probably the most heinous criminal act I’ve ever seen. It really is nauseating,” acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said of the attacks that started late Tuesday.


Liberal Loon Compares Immigration Officers to Nazis… TUCKER CARLSON DESTROYS HIM!

It’s no secret that liberals are not fan of the Trump administration’s illegal immigration crackdown. But some are taking their opposition way too far — like liberal Zeke Cohen, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and called immigration officers Nazis. Whoops.

Zeke Cohen is a member of the Baltimore City Council, and last week, he sponsored a resolution demanding federal authorities cease immigration enforcement in Baltimore. Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, slammed the rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants as “the sign of a sick civilization at war with itself”. While Cohen agreed there was no place for sexual violence, he still opposed ICE arrests of illegal immigrants.

So far, it seems like this was a fairly civil disagreement — but it got ugly fast. Cohen had compared ICE officials to Nazis in the past, and Carlson asked him if he still stood by that comparison. “They’re enforcing laws that would have prevented this heinous crime, would you say that to the parents of this girl who was raped?” Carlson asked. “These are Nazis, these Americans who are enforcing immigration laws. Why would you say something like that?”


Massive Explosion At Ukrainian Arms Depot Sends Rockets Flying In All Directions!

Watch for the huge explosion at about 2 minutes.

You’ll Be LIVID When You See a Recipient of This Year’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

Chelsea Clinton is slated to get a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the ripe old age of 37. It’s supposedly for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits. I’ve never even heard of it. What about those of us who have helped the poor and needy all our lives? I guess awards only go to those like the Clintons. Corruption deserves recognition after all. And yes, I mean Chelsea. She’s following right in dear old mom’s footsteps.

The former First Daughter and future Democratic leader will receive the honor at Variety magazine’s “Women in Power” luncheon on April 18. And there will be all kinds of celebrities there… all patting themselves on the back and telling each other how great they are. These elitists will also bemoan the common man and how utterly stupid they are. Even though, they are the ones that have made them wealthy and powerful. Chelsea Clinton has done nothing to earn such an award. She is Clinton royalty and therefore the Marxists flock to her like bees to honey.


Male Rapist Receives Gov’t Funded Sex Change- Now Approved For Transfer To Female Prison

This has to be one of the most disturbing things to come out of liberal minded politicians ever. A British man underwent a sex changing operation at the expense of the tax payers there. After having the surgery he changed his name and chose to be transferred to a female facility. It is nauseating that a man convicted of multiple counts of rape is now being allowed to live in a prison full of women.

Many women have threatened to harm themselves and others if forced to be in confinement near the transgender man. One of the victims recently had the courage to speak out about the treatment of the man who brutally raped her.

“He may have changed physically but his brain is still the same,” the victim stated. “To assume the identity of a woman after what he did is a kick in the teeth.

“There are not enough words to describe him and the evil he has done,” she continued. “It is diabolical they have allowed him to have a sex change and diabolical that he could be freed this year.”

“You can change somebody’s genitals but it’s not going to take away the urge and impulse inside them to do horrific things to children,” she added. “I feel like it mocks the people he offended against. It is a kick in the teeth for me and his other victim.”

He is preparing to be released on good behavior.

It makes sense, right? rewards the man who raped multiple women. Perfect.


86-year-old man raises $400,000 and then gives it away

Thirty-two years' worth of recycled newspapers and magazines -- more than nine million pounds of it -- netted 86-year-old Johnny Jennings $400,000, all of which he gave away to those in need.

Recycling started off as a lesson to his son, Brent Jennings, about healthy money habits. Back in 1985, the Georgia native began collecting and selling paper with his only child, then put their profits into a savings account.

"The first memory I have of my Dad is of us recycling," said Brent Jennings. "We did that until I was about 17."

Years later, the money saved from recycling was enough for Brent Jenning's down payment on his first home.

Now that the son is grown with a family of his own, Johnny Jennings continues to recycle. Community members are involved now, sending books, food, clothes and other items his way.


Fearful Farmers Rush To Find 'Guest Workers'

Dan Fazio says his phone is "ringing off the hook" these days.

He's executive director of WAFLA, an organization that helps fruit growers in Washington state find workers — and specifically, foreign workers who are allowed to enter the U.S. specifically as seasonal workers on farms.

WAFLA takes care of the bureaucratic details. It applies for permission from the Department of Labor to bring in workers for specific jobs. It certifies that it has looked for U.S. citizens to do these jobs and can't find them. Then it locates people in places like Mexico, or Central America. These "guest workers" get a special visa, called an H-2A visa, that lets them stay in the country temporarily, usually for no more than 10 months. WAFLA brings them by bus to the fields and orchards of Washington.

"This year, we'll get labor certifications for over 10,000 workers," Fazio says.

Interest in WAFLA's services is surging for two different reasons. There's a shortage of farm workers across the country. But more recently, it's also been driven by fear of the Trump administration's immigration crackdown.

"We haven't seen any raids, but we have seen the paranoia," says Fazio. "A government vehicle drives by a farm, and all the farm workers run away."


Prosecutors Dismiss 30 Cases Involving Officers Under Federal Indictment

Prosecutors have dismissed 30 cases so far in at least 200 cases that they have identified as possibly being tainted by seven Baltimore police officers who were indicted on federal charges, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Thursday.

The Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office learned of the federal indictment the same day as the public, Mosby said during a news conference Thursday morning.

"Since the unfortunate time that my office learned about the federal indictment on March 1, we've been fully transparent about the negative and persuasive implications that this indictment would have on both pending and closed cases," Mosby said. "My office has pulled every case these officers were a part of from Jan. 1, 2015, to date."


Doctor Turns Up Possible Treatment For Deadly Sepsis

It's hard not to get excited about news of a potentially effective treatment for sepsis, a condition that leads to multiple organ failure and kills more people in the hospital than any other disease.

But there have been so many false promises about this condition over the years, it's also wise to treat announcements — like one published online by the journal, Chest — with caution.

The study, from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Va., reported some remarkable success in treating patients who were at high risk of sudden death.

The story began in January, 2015, when Dr. Paul Marik was running the emergency room at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. A 48-year-old woman came in with a severe case of sepsis — inflammation frequently triggered by an overwhelming infection.

"Her kidneys weren't working. Her lungs weren't working. She was going to die," Marik said. "In a situation like this, you start thinking out of the box."


Commissioners Irked Again Over Student Funding Requirements; MOE Change Requires At Least $2.4M Increase In School Funding

SNOW HILL – County officials responded to news that Worcester County’s Maintenance of Effort calculation would be increasing with candid criticism.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Worcester County Commissioners, Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins informed officials that Maintenance of Effort (MOE) funding would increase $2,387,012 in FY2018. The increase is tied to modifications made to MOE requirements made by the state in 2012 that are only just now having a financial impact.

“We’re just being penalized again because we’re supposedly a wealthy county,” Commissioner Jim Bunting said.

The state’s MOE law requires Maryland’s counties to provide the same level of funding, on a per pupil basis, that they did the prior year. With enrollment of 6,259 students, Worcester County appropriated $12,972 per student in FY 2017. The 2.4-percent increase mandated by the 2012 legislative change means the county’s MOE funding for the coming year will amount to $83,580,814 — roughly $2.4 million more than it was in FY2017.


Refugees Leave The U.S. In Hopes Of Better Treatment in Canada

A wave of refugees has been heading to Canada after first living for a time in the U.S. Canadian officials say more than 2,500 people crossed the border in January and February seeking asylum.

Mohammed Ahmed, a refugee from Pakistan, spent a year in New Jersey before he and his family walked across the border to Canada just north of Plattsburgh, N.Y. last month. He says he was afraid he would be detained and separated from his wife and two children.

"The Trump policy, he was just deporting the guys over there. We didn't see any future there, so that's why we came over," he says.

After being briefly detained, the family was allowed to go free and given a voucher to live at the YMCA, which is part of a system of shelters for refugees coming into Canada from all over the world.


Retail Nightmare Just Won't End: Sears Crashes On "Going Concern" Warning, Payless To File Bankruptcy In Days

Lately not a day seems to pass without some materially adverse news hitting a prominent retailer, or the broader space, and today it is perennial default candidate Sears to crash at the open after issuing a "going concern" in its latest 10-K, warning overnight, wrning “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating, raising fresh concerns about a company that has lost more than $10 billion in recent years.

“Our historical operating results indicate substantial doubt exists related to the company’s ability to continue as a going concern,” Eddie Lampert's company said although always eager to put a positive twist on the worst of news, the company added that its comeback plan may help alleviate the concerns, “satisfying our estimated liquidity needs 12 months from the issuance of the financial statements.” Of course, the question is what happens when vendors start demanding cash on delivery as concerns about SHLD's liquidity concerns continue to grow.

Sears’s stock fell as low as $7.30 in premarket trading before rebounding modestly . It had been down 2 percent this year through Tuesday’s close.

The disclosure comes after more optimistic signs from the company, which has been working on a turnaround under Chief Executive Officer Eddie Lampert. As Bloomberg notes, Sears posted a narrower loss than predicted in the fourth quarter, and it has pledged to lower its debt burden and cut annual expenses by at least $1 billion.


Sean Spicer Slams Sanctuary City Jurisdictions

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday the rape of a 14-year-old Rockville High School freshman shows why President Donald Trump is so “passionate” about cracking down on illegal immigration.

“This is a tragic event, and it is horrendous, and horrible, and disgusting what this young woman in Rockville went through. I can’t possibly imagine,” Spicer said at the White House on Tuesday.

Illegal alien suspects Henry E. Sanchez Milian, 18, and Jose Montano, 17, allegedly raped her orally, vaginally, and anally, sometimes simultaneously, on Mar. 16 as she cried out in pain and begged them to stop in a boy’s bathroom stall, according to a police interview with the victim. Sanchez Milian is a Guatemala native and Montano is from El Salvador. Both arrived in the U.S. several months ago, and a Border Patrol agent encountered Sanchez Milian in Texas.

A forensic specialist found blood and bodily fluids in the boy’s bathroom after the victim reported the alleged rape to school staff. The attack took place one month before the victim’s fifteenth birthday, according to the date of birth marked on the detective’s statement of probable cause.


This Dangerous Bill Would Likely Cost Our State $250 Million In Federal Funding

93 of America’s 100 Fastest-Growing Counties Went Trump

Newly released Census Bureau stats suggest voters are fleeing Democratic strongholds

From deep red Texas to bright blue Oregon to purple Florida, America’s fastest-growing counties overwhelmingly are trending Republican.

The latest population estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau make that starkly clear. Of the 100 counties of at least 10,000 residents that had the fastest growth rates from July 2015 to July 2016, 93 voted for President Donald Trump in November. Just six backed Democrat Hillary Clinton. The political leanings of the 100th, Matanuska-Susitna Borough in Alaska, are unclear because that state does not report presidential returns at the county level.

Clinton won 26 of the 100 counties that lost population at the fastest rate. That is a higher share than her performance nationwide, when she carried about 16 percent of counties.


Governor Hogan: This Legislation Hides Failures At The Expense Of Children

Cheaper Used Cars Bad Sign for Automakers, Dealers

The nation’s largest car dealers have skidded this week after Ally Financial (ALLY) rekindled forecasts for weakening used-car and lease prices.

While good for car shoppers, a decline in used-car prices is a bad sign for dealerships, which typically see better returns on used vehicles versus new ones. Limited supplies have driven up prices in recent years, but analysts have warned that used vehicles would increase in number as leased vehicles are returned to dealer lots.

Since 2015, consumers looking for lower monthly payments have leased new vehicles at a record pace. Many of those cars, trucks and SUVs that were leased at the start of the recent U.S. sales boom are now reaching the end of their terms.

Ally, the former finance arm of General Motors (GM), noted in a presentation this week that full-year earnings growth would fall short of expectations, citing the anticipated price drop for used cars. The used-vehicle price index from the National Automobile Dealers Association posted a 3.8% decline in February compared to the prior month. NADA also said wholesale prices fell 1.6%.


Spring Breakers In Cancun Reportedly Chant ‘Build That Wall!’

A group of Americans on spring break in Mexico reportedly chanted “build that wall!” while aboard a “Pirate Ship” cruise in Cancun.

Mexican newspaper, The Yucatan Times, wrote an editorial piece on Friday criticizing the behavior of the tourists, calling their chant an act of “xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country.”

The newspaper referenced a social media post by Anaximandro Amable, a man from Peru, who claimed to be aboard the ship to watch the pirate-themed entertainment show and witnessed the chant.


Nunes: "The FBI Is Not Cooperating With Our Investigation Into Trump Wiretapping"

The FBI is not cooperating with the House of Representatives' investigation into the NSA's surveillance of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, the chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee, Devin Nunes said in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

In the aftermath of today's most stunning news report, namely the confirmation that Trump may have been right all along following the admission of House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes that the communications of Trump's aides and the president himself had been "incidentally" monitored, Nunes held an explosive press conference outside the White House in which told reporters that communications from the Trump team were picked up and disseminated within the government during the 2016 campaign. Nunes said sources within the intelligence community presented him with the information. He spoke to the press after briefing the administration.

Nunes said that he had briefed the president about his concerns over the "incidental" collection of data, adding that the president "needs to know" that these intel reports exist, and adding ominously that "some of what I've seen seems to be inappropriate."

Nunes also said that Trump, others in the transition team were put into the intelligence report and asked if Trump should be in these "normal" reports.


As Religious Influence Ebbs in America, Incivility Increases

Is a post-Christian America a kinder, more tolerant America? It would not seem so.

For decades angry progressives have attacked religion as the source of most social ills and demanded every last vestige of Christian influence be purged from the public square.

It seems progressives are seeing their wish realized. Though America has long been a religious nation, the level of religious observance has been declining. According to data from Pew Research, in recent years, while the overwhelming majority of Americans say they believe in God, the number of those with no religious affiliation has skyrocketed from 6% in 1992 to 22% in 2014. Among Millennials, 35% have no religious connection.

While the political Left is more apt to shun religion in general and Christianity in particular, this disturbing trend is showing up among an unexpected demographic: white Republicans. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, the percentage of white Republicans with no religious affiliation has almost tripled since 1990.

If one accepts the Left’s premise that religion is a negative influence in public life (what, with its opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.) then one would think a waning influence of Christianity would make America a more tolerant society, correct?

More here

Farmers turn to black market for John Deere software

Farmers in the American heartland are increasingly turning to illicit foreign black markets for the illegal software needed to make home repairs to their field equipment.

Online black markets for cracked John Deere firmware have sprung up in Eastern Europe after the tractor manufacturer introduced restrictive new licensing agreements that make repair outside the dealership all but impossible, a new report in Motherboard reveals.

'Let's say you've got a guy here who has a tractor and something goes wrong with it—the nearest dealership is 40 miles away, but you've got me or a diesel shop a mile away,' a repair mechanic in Nebraska told the publication. 'The only way we can fix things is illegally.'

Farmers in the secret forums can buy reverse-engineered diagnostic equipment and illegal versions of John Deere software.

Much of the software in them is cracked in Eastern European countries such as Poland and Ukraine, sources told Motherboard.


Nunes 'Unmasking' Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced on Wednesday that he had learned that members of President Donald Trump’s transition team had been under surveillance by the Obama administration, that individual names had been “unmasked” by the intelligence community, and that those names had been leaked to the media.

Nunes’s information — which he said he would deliver to the White House later — vindicates the bulk of Trump’s claims earlier this month.

Nunes said that while there was no direct “wiretap” by President Barack Obama of Trump Tower, there was indeed surveillance — perhaps collected incidentally — of people close to Trump, possibly including Trump himself.

Much of that had been suspected, on the basis of mainstream media reports, but Rep. Nunes reported something new: that the surveillance did not involve the ongoing Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) inquiry into Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Indeed, none of the surveillance had intelligence value, he said.


Offshore Wind Public Hearing Planned For Saturday

OCEAN CITY — With the clock ticking on a final decision on the developer of a vast offshore wind energy farm off the coast of Ocean City, the two candidates offer stark differences in size and scale and the local community will have the opportunity to make their preference known with a public hearing on Saturday.

In 2013, after years of debate, the General Assembly passed the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act, paving the way for a future offshore wind farm in an 80,000-acre Wind Energy Area (WEA) as close in a range of 10 to 30 miles off the coast of Ocean City. The WEA off Ocean City’s coast is divided into two distinct lease areas including a southern lease area directly off the coast of Ocean City, and a northern lease area to the northeast of Ocean City more situated off Delaware’s coast.

Two companies have successfully bid on the two different lease areas and their projects are significantly different in size and scale. The rights to the southern lease area are owned by U.S. Wind, based in Baltimore with an Italian-based parent company. The rights to the northern lease area are owned by Deepwater Wind, a Rhode Island-based company that has successfully developed the only operating offshore wind farm in the U.S.



Gun Owners of America: Paul Ryan's Obamacare 2.0 Still Contains Gun Control

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is warning that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.o still contains measures that will allow doctors, insurance companies, and the ATF to use medical records to further a gun control agenda.

GOA points out that it opposed “the original Obamacare” because it threatened Second Amendment rights and they are concerned about Ryan’s new healthcare push for the same reasons.

They stress three changes that are needed.

The first thing GOA points out is that Ryan’s bill “needs to be amended to prohibit the ATF from trolling the national health database, or Medicaid, or any new entitlement program for persons with PTSD, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, or merely ‘anxiety.’” GOA says the recently repealed Social Security gun ban allowed such trolling, which opened the door to the ATF growing the list of the persons prohibited from gun ownership based on otherwise private information gathered from health records.

Secondly, GOA says Ryan’s healthcare replacement “needs to be amended to prohibit insurance companies from asking about gun ownership.” Such questions result in an increased insurance rates–“as a result of gun ownership”–or in the all-out denial of insurance to begin with.


News Release: Man charged with human trafficking; woman safe after observant officers pick up on signs she may be victim

News Release: Local man charged with human trafficking; woman safe after observant officers pick up on signs she may be victim

Howard County police have charged a Pikesville man with human trafficking after an investigation revealed he was forcing women into prostitution and taking their money.

Detectives were called around 1:30 a.m. on March 23 after patrol officers stopped a car in which the driver, William O. Murray, 29, of Arrowhead Road, appeared to be having a medical emergency. Officers suspected Murray had taken drugs and arranged for him to be transported to the hospital. Officers found a 34-year-old female passenger in the car and suspected she may be a victim of human trafficking.

Through investigation, detectives believe Murray has been trafficking as many as nine women in the area. It appears that Murray placed ads on the website Backpage, which is known to be used for prostitution. He would allegedly coordinate appointments for the girls and force them to perform sex acts for money, which he would then take for himself.

Existing Home Sales Tumble As NAR Warns Prices Becoming Increasingly Unaffordable

After starting the year at the fastest pace in almost a decade, existing-home sales slid in February some 3.7%, below the 2.0% drop expected, as 5.48 million existing houses were sold last month which was marked by a paradoxe: on one hand, NAR reported that the median existing-home price in February was $228,400, up 7.7% from February 2016 and was the fastest increase since last January (8.1 percent). On the other hand, as the NAR itself admits, affordability has collapsed which together with too little inventory of homes for sale, meant that buyers and sellers were unable to meet in the middle, leading to the 3rd worst month in the past 6 years, the lowest since September 2016.

As Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said, closings retreated in February as too few properties for sale and weakening affordability conditions stifled buyers in most of the country. "Realtors are reporting stronger foot traffic from a year ago, but low supply in the affordable price range continues to be the pest that's pushing up price growth and pressuring the budgets of prospective buyers," he said. "Newly listed properties are being snatched up quickly so far this year and leaving behind minimal choices for buyers trying to reach the market."

Added Yun, "A growing share of homeowners in NAR's first quarter HOME survey said now is a good time to sell, but until an increase in listings actually occurs, home prices will continue to move hastily."


Russian Spies in Our Midst

With accusations of Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election and the F.B.I. investigating whether members of President Trump’s campaignwere involved, Washington seems to be getting all the espionage attention.

Yet we’d like to point out that New York’s streets, parks and libraries have long been grounds for covert operations.

“New York is one of the great espionage capitals of the world,” said Edward Lucas, the author of “Deception: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today.” “But the spying that happens in New York doesn’t always involve United States.”

A big draw for foreign agents is the United Nations, Mr. Lucas said. For spies, “it’s like a pond: Any fish you want swims through there.”

New York has long been a hub of Russian spies because the Russian Mission to the U.N. was a way of getting agents into the United States, where they could work covertly and recruit Americans to their cause, Mr. Lucas added.

A few of our city’s most famous Soviet spies include:

• Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a Manhattan couple accused of perpetuating the “crime of the century” from their Lower East Side apartment. They were convicted of an espionage conspiracy for stealing atom bomb secrets for the Soviets, and were executed by electric chair in 1953. (Mrs. Rosenberg’s defenders, among them her two sons, say she was innocent and should be exonerated.)


How About An Amen

Ocean City, Firefighters Union Contract Ratified

OCEAN CITY — The Town of Ocean City and its career firefighter-paramedic union formally ratified the new contract in a brief but cordial ceremony on Monday, and each vowed to move beyond the contentious negotiations, but it is clear some underlying tension remains.

Late last month, the town officials and the Career Firefighter Paramedics Association or Ocean City, or IAFF Local 4269, reached an agreement on a three-year contract that included concessions for both sides. Most Ocean City paramedics currently work in 24-hour shifts followed by 72 hours off. However, citing a variety of reasons including potential missed calls, delayed responses and national trends, the town and its fire department leadership remained adamant about phasing out the 24-72 shift rotation in favor of an alternative 12-hour shift or some hybrid of the two. The contract agreed upon represents a compromise with two 10-hour day shifts followed by two 14-hour night shifts.

Although the new contract was formally ratified Monday, the underlying tension regarding the shift rotation changes remains. For example, just two days after the parties reached the 11th-hour agreement, the IAFF submitted a petition seeking a referendum for binding arbitration.

At the formal signing on Monday, however, members of both parties were cordial for the most part and vowed to make the new contract work in the best interest of everyone. IAFF President Ryan Whittington said the negotiation process was long and not everyone got what they wanted.


How Sears changed America

Sears did more than change the way America shopped. It changed America.

In its heyday, it was more than just the largest U.S. employer or the country's retailer. It actually reshaped the nation, transforming the average citizen's lifestyle.

Of course, the company is struggling now. Sears Holdings (SHLD), the company that owns both Sears and Kmart, warned investors late Tuesday that it can no longer promise it will remain in business. It is not in bankruptcy, but it has posted losses of $10.4 billion since 2010, and debt has soared while the value of its stock has tumbled.


I Love It: "Think Green"

Shopping at my local electronics store yesterday, the cashier suggested, in the future I should bring reusable bags. “Think Green” he said. “After all, plastic bags are not good for the environment”. I apologized to the young man and explained we didn’t have this “green thing” when I was young. The clerk responded. “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”

I told him he was right - our generation didn’t have this “green thing”. I went on to explain that in my youth we returned milk, soda and beer bottles to the store. The store would send them back to the plant to be washed, sterilized and refilled. Stores bagged our items in brown paper bags that we reused for numerous things. Most memorable, besides household garbage, was book covers for our school books. This was to ensure that public property (the books provided for our by the school) was not defaced by our scribblings. We were then able draw on the brown paper covers to personalize our books.

Too bad we didn’t do the “green thing” back then.

We walked up the stairs because there wasn’t an escalator in every store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn’t climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two blocks.

But that clerk was right. We didn’t have the “green thing” in our day.

Back then we washed a baby’s diapers because we didn’t have the disposable kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy-gobbling machine burning up 220 volts. Wind and solar power really did dry our laundry. Kids wore hand me down clothes from their brother or sister, not always buying brand-new.

But that clerk was right. We didn’t have the “green thing” back in our day.

Back then we had one TV or radio in the house - - not a TV in every room, and the TV had a screen no bigger then a handkerchief, not the size of state of Montana. In the kitchen we blended and stirred by hand because we didn’t have electric gadgets to do everything for us. When mailing a fragile item, we wadded up old newspapers for cushion instead of purchasing styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. Back then, we didn’t fire up a gas burning engine to cut the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on human power. We excised by working so we didn’t need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that operated on electricity.

But that clerk was right; we didn’t have the “green thing” back in our day.

Illegal Aliens Are Congregating in Sanctuary Cities, Study Shows

More than 10 percent of the illegal aliens living in the United States congregate in seven sanctuary cities.

New York City tops the list with 525,000 migrants living illegally in the sanctuary jurisdictions. The Daily Wire cites a February Pew Research Center report showing the Big Apple is followed by Los Angeles with 375,000, Chicago with 140,000, Denver with 55,000, and Boston and San Francisco with 35,000 each. These seven sanctuary cities account for more than 10 percent of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

The mayors of these cities joined with dozens of other sanctuary city leaders this week for a “Cities Day of Immigration Action,” Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick reported. The mayors pledged a list of feel-good commitments.

More here

You’ll Be SHOCKED At Massive NPR And PBS Salaries! Trump Is Right To Cut, Cut, Cut!

It’s not the government’s responsibility to entertain us!

Exactly why the establishment is fighting against Trump so fiercely. Their whole world is in danger of being turned “upside down,” and they stand to lose their cozy little arrangement that keeps the tax payer’s money flowing to their buddies.


You won’t believe the obscene salaries of PBS and NPR higher-ups. PBS pays their president a $632,233 yearly salary. Former Senator Jim DeMint speaks up in the WSJ about the obscene salaries the higher ups at PBS and NPR are getting:


When presidents of government-funded broadcasting are making more than the president of the United States, it’s time to get the government out of public broadcasting.

While executives at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR) are raking in massive salaries, the organizations are participating in an aggressive lobbying effort to prevent Congress from saving hundreds of millions of dollars each year by cutting their subsidies.

The so-called commercial free public airwaves have been filled with pleas for taxpayer cash. The Association of Public Television Stations has hired lobbyists to fight the cuts. Hundreds of taxpayer-supported TV, radio and Web outlets have partnered with an advocacy campaign to facilitate emails and phone calls to Capitol Hill for the purpose of telling members of Congress, “Public broadcasting funding is too important to eliminate!”

PBS President Paula Kerger even recorded a personal television appeal that told viewers exactly how to contact members of Congress in order to “let your representative know how you feel about the elimination of funding for public broadcasting.” But if PBS can pay Ms. Kerger $632,233 in annual compensation—as reported on the 990 tax forms all nonprofits are required to file—surely it can operate without tax dollars… More

If the federal government cuts off funding for public broadcasting, the programs not only wouldn’t disappear, they would have a better chance of surviving long into the future.

Senator Eckardt, Weekly Legislative Update

Senator Adelaide Eckardt, District 37
Legislative Weekly Update
March 22, 2017
Thank you Jay Fleming for decorating our office this session with your Living on the Water photos! Please visit to check out his work!

SB 307 came in as the Governor’s bill that repeals Chapter 36 of 2016, which (1) established State transportation goals and measures that must be used to evaluate whether and to what extent a “major transportation project” meets the State’s transportation goals; (2) requires the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) to be updated to reflect the goals and measures; and (3) requires the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to generally prioritize projects with higher scores in the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) over projects with lower scores, subject to MDOT’s authority to include lower scored projects if it provides a rational basis for such action in writing.

The bill was worked on in the Senate Budget and Tax Committee and eventually, in conjunction with the Governors team, consensus was reached. The bill was ultimately voted favorably by all committee members, as well as the Senate. The bill now establishes a two year time frame for the Department of Transportation to continue their priority list for statewide transportation projects while developing a pilot scoring mechanism. A workgroup is established to review and analyze the process of funding projects and will report to the legislature at the end of the two year period.

White House: 'Deep State' Real; Attacking Trump

The White House acknowledged Tuesday there are people working in the government who are likely part of what has been called the "deep state" – an inner core of Obama loyalists seeking to stop the Trump presidency.

During Tuesday's White House press briefing, Newsmax's John Gizzi asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer about David Horowitz's new book "Big Agenda" and claims Horowitz has made a "deep state" has been seeking to undermine President Trump.

"This has been widely repeated on social media: Does the president himself believe in this deep state?" Gizzi asked.

Spicer replied: "I've been asked this question before, and I'll give you the same answer I've given before. This has been going on since the country came to be, where people burrow in after an administration into a civil servant job."

He added, ominously, "But, sure, there are people after eight years of Obama that found their way into government, so it should be no huge secret."

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JUST IN: Governor Hogan Education Policy Announcement

WH: High School Rape Case Shows ‘Toll’ Illegal Immigration Takes on Americans

The White House on Tuesday called the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in the boys bathroom of a Maryland high school last week by two male students - one of whom was on an “alien removal” list - “a tragic event” that no one should ever have to deal with.

He said “schools should be a safe place” where children can learn and feel safe, “and to know that this happened and the circumstances this young woman in particular fought to come to this country legally because of the freedoms and the treasures of this nation, and to think that this kind of tragedy would occur to someone who’s personally endured that kind of struggle to come to this nation and then face this is reprehensible, and it is not who we are as a country.”

Montgomery County, Md., has a sanctuary policy where the police deliberately don’t cooperate with ICE. The city of Rockville is considering adopting its own sanctuary policy this week.


Rockville High School parents demand answers in rape case

Parents of students at Rockville High School and other concerned Montgomery County, Md., community members finally got their chance to have some of their questions answered by school administrators at a PTA meeting held Tuesday night, five days after police say a 14-year-old girl was raped by two other students inside a school bathroom.

Before the meeting, anti-illegal immigration protesters were seen outside of the school holding signs in opposition of being a sanctuary county or state.

During the gathering, one parent said this meeting happened five days too late as the issue of the school district’s lack of response and communication with parents was raised. The audience also wanted to know why they were getting more information from the media rather than the school system. The superintendent said they wanted to gather all of the facts, and at a press conference earlier in the day, he also said he regrets not being available sooner.

The 17-year-old and 18-year-old charged in this case were in the country illegally and this was a major point of contention Tuesday night. There was also concern about the fact that these two were attending Rockville High School as freshmen. At one point during the meeting, Dr. Smith said this is not a conversation about immigration, but about a horrible event, which received some applause and some jeers. One person was seen visibly upset and ended up leaving the meeting.

Literature was also handed out to parents highlighting that all people under 21 years old must be admitted to school under Maryland law..

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Breaking News: The Trump administration said it would issue a permit for construction of the long-disputed Keystone oil pipeline

The Trump administration announced Friday that it would issue a permit for construction of the Keystone oil pipeline, a long-disputed project that would link producers in Canada and North Dakota with refiners and export terminals on the Gulf Coast.

The announcement by the State Department reversed the position of the Obama administration. It followed a 60-day review that was set in motion as one of the first acts of President Trump’s tenure.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley must provide testimony

Click the "See More" above the picture to read the entire article.


While there are some 2,000 registered voters in Laurel Delaware, dozens of them were turned away yesterday as they were not registered with the town of Laurel. 

NOWHERE did the advertised information state that each resident had to register with the town outside of stating you have to be a resident more then 30 days in order to vote. 

So what happened, the incumbent Mayor won the election by 11 votes and let me tell you, residents of Laurel are ticked! 

One individual is a life long resident of Laurel and they had NO IDEA they had to register with the town first in order to vote in a local election. They went in to vote and were turned away, along with many other people who have grown tired of the former Mayor who just seems to keep winning each election. Now you know why.

Have you heard of this in ANY other publication or TV News, NO. The Good Ol' Boys are alive and well here on the Shore. You PAY for subscriptions and they don't educate you with facts.

So you can vote for President, Governor, Congress, Senators and Delegates but you cannot vote for Mayor unless you register with the town and guess where the ONLY place the election information was advertised, the Laurel Star. Who owns the Laurel Star, Senator Brian Richardson. GO FIGURE!

Because it was not advertised in any publication that you have to register with the town well in advance, (or at all) this election should be VOID and another election should be held instead. 

Former Lobbyist, Son Of Student Loan Debt-Collector, Resigns From Dept. Of Education

In our recent story on the Trump administration’s decision to roll back protections for potentially millions of student loan borrowers, we also told you about new Department of Education advisor Taylor Hansen, a former lobbyist for the for-profit college industry whose father is the CEO of a student loan debt collection company that has been suing Taylor’s new employer since 2015 for the right to charge thousands of dollars in fees to people who are already having trouble paying back their loans. Now comes news that Hansen’s brief life as a federal employee has come to an end. 

United Nations: Regulating ‘Hate’ Speech ‘Not an Attack on Free Speech’

The United Nations marked the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Tuesday by telling governments around the world that regulating “hate speech” is part of the strategy needed to “stand up for someone’s rights.”

Governments around the world “have a legal obligation to stop hate speech and hate crimes,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein reportedly said Tuesday, adding a call “on people everywhere to ‘stand up for someone’s rights,'” the press release about the event said.

“It is not an attack on free speech or the silencing of controversial ideas or criticism, but a recognition that the right to freedom of expression carries with it special duties and responsibilities,” Al Hussein said in a statement.

“Words of fear and loathing can, and do, have real consequences,” Zeid said.

In his statement, Zeid said that U.N. member states “do not have any excuse to allow racism and xenophobia to fester.”

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Time to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda

The defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is long overdue. No president, including Ronald Reagan, has seriously pushed an immediate winding down of this corrupt and outdated waste of taxpayer funds. Who would have ever imagined that Donald Trump would be the first to do it?

His first budget proposal takes that step, not just to save of ton of taxpayer money ($450 million is a lot of money) but also to establish a principle about our leftist media. It's simply not appropriate for the federal government to fund Democrat propaganda badly disguised as news.

Is it any surprise, then, that the media have come unglued?

CNN anchor Martin Savidge suggested Sunday that this proposal sounds like "conservative revenge." In September, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, which laughably proclaimed that the taxpayer-funded TV and radio stations of America would seek "strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature."


AP Touts Anti-Trump Poll with Warped Demographics Conducted by Soros-Backed Org

The Associated Press on Monday released a news-making story with a glaring headline claiming that “Most young Americans don’t see Trump as a legitimate leader.”

A closer look at the survey finds it was conducted by a group financed by billionaire George Soros whose activist arm demands reparations for slavery and “mass incarceration,” and has engaged in anti-police activism.

In addition, the survey was not representative of the racial and ethnic profiles of young adults. Instead it focused heavily on demographic samples of populations that voted overwhelmingly against Donald Trump.

The AP story, which was published in major news media outlets, claimed a “majority of young adults — 57 percent — see Trump’s presidency as illegitimate, including about three-quarters of blacks and large majorities of Latinos and Asians, the GenForward poll found.”

“A slim majority of young whites in the poll, 53 percent, consider Trump a legitimate president, but even among that group 55 percent disapprove of the job he’s doing, according to the survey,” the AP article claimed.

AP reports that the poll, titled GenForward, was conducted “by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”

Unreported by AP is that the Black Youth Project is financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.


If It's A Good Enough Idea For Schools...

Shouldn't we set an example and do the same at work/office?

DAISY Award Honors PRMC Nurse Kirsten Hawkins

A truly caring nurse’s compassion extends far beyond the bedside. One Peninsula Regional nurse, Kirsten Hawkins, RN, went above and beyond with a thoughtful action for her patient, and for her outstanding care, she has earned the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

A colleague nominated Hawkins after witnessing this act of kindness:

“On her day off, Kirsten came into the hospital with a big bag with tissue paper that looked like a birthday present,” her coworker said. “When I asked her who it was for, she said ‘a patient.’ After she came out of the patient's room, I asked if she knew the patient personally, and she said that she did not and she just wanted to bring him something nice.

"Later that day, I spoke with the patient in passing. He shared with me that he was homeless, living in his car and Kirsten had brought him clothes since he didn't have much. He was very grateful for the gift. This act goes above and beyond her nursing duties. Not only did she bring the patient clothes, she wrapped them and presented them in a way that brought him dignity.”

For demonstrating true compassion, Hawkins was honored with the Daisy Award in a ceremony before her colleagues. She received a certificate commending her for being an extraordinary nurse. The certificate reads: “In deep appreciation of all you do, who you are, and the incredibly meaningful difference you make in the lives of so many people.” She was also presented with fresh flowers on behalf of the Peninsula Regional Medical staff, and a sculpture called A Healer’s Touch, hand-carved by artists of the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe. To nominate an exceptional nurse, visit and share a story.


Sen. Lindsey Graham signals support for nuclear option if Democrats filibuster Gorsuch vote

(CNN)Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday he would be willing to use the so-called nuclear option if Democrats filibuster President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch.

Senate rules currently require 60 votes for Gorsuch's nomination to be approved. Changing those rules using the nuclear option would require only a simple majority.

"Whatever it takes to get him on the court, I will do," the South Carolina Republican told "The Mike Gallagher Show," when asked about the nuclear option.

In My Next Life

“In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, and you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!”

Trump adviser: Democrats' proposed Gorsuch deal is 'delusional'

An adviser to President Trump on the Supreme Court blasted Democrats' proposed deal to give Republicans more votes for Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination.

Leonard Leo, the Trump adviser, called speculation that Democrats would vote for Gorsuch now in order to keep the filibuster option in tact for future high court nomination fights "delusional."

"Democrats must be delusional to think that Majority Leader McConnell or any of his Republican colleagues would reward Democrats for their awful treatment of Neil Gorsuch by agreeing to a 60-vote threshold for future Supreme Court nominations in exchange for a filibuster-free vote on Judge Gorsuch," Leo said.


FDA Links 9 Deaths, Rare Form Of Cancer, To Breast Implants

When you introduce a medical device into your body, there’s always the chance that things could go awry: For example, a breast implant could shift, leak, or otherwise interfere with your health. Now, after years of studying the issue, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says there appears to be a connection between breast implants and a rare form of cancer that has claimed at least nine lives.

Oldie But Goodie

Kaine: Dems will use 'nuclear option' if GOP blocks court nominee

Hillary Clinton's running mate is predicting Democrats will go "nuclear" if Republicans try to stonewall a potential Supreme Court nominee by Clinton.

Tim Kaine on Friday said he believes Senate Democrats will change the chamber's rules if they run into GOP obstruction in 2017.

Uber’s Plan To Let Drivers Ask For Tips May Be Illegal In Some States

Unlike traditional taxis, Uber passengers aren’t expected to tip; you can’t even add a tip on the app. However, Uber did recently settle a class-action lawsuit by allowing drivers to solicit and receive tips, but only in cash. One big problem: This policy appears to be illegal in multiple states. 

President Trump has issued an ultimatum to House Republicans: Pass a new health bill or he will leave Obamacare in place

President Trump issued an ultimatum on Thursday to recalcitrant Republicans to fall in line behind a broad health insurance overhaul or see their opportunity to repeal the Affordable Care Act vanish, demanding a vote on a bill that appeared to lack a majority to pass.

The demand, issued by his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, in an evening meeting with House Republicans, came after a marathon day of negotiating at the White House and in the Capitol in which Mr. Trump — who has boasted of his deal-making prowess — fell short of selling members of his own party on the health plan.

Sears Changes Its Tune: No, We’re Totally Not Doomed

After being refreshingly candid in its annual report, admitting that there is a lot of “doubt” about its ability to remain afloat in the long run, Sears Holdings is now doing an about-face, with its chief financial officer assigned to handle damage control. Get your “Sears Holdings Corporate Announcement Bingo card” ready. 

Governor Larry Hogan To Submit Supplemental Budget

Provides Funds to Combat Heroin Epidemic, Support Education, Encourage Economic Development, Address Public Safety Needs

Governor Larry Hogan today announced that he will introduce a supplemental budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY 2018) on Friday, March 24, to provide additional funding to combat the state’s heroin epidemic, support education and economic development initiatives, and address public safety needs.

“I am very proud of the work our team has done on our FY 2018 budget and would like to thank our partners in the General Assembly who have helped move the budget along in the legislative process,” said Governor Hogan. “This supplemental budget will provide even more support for some of our administration’s most important priorities, including addressing the state’s heroin and opioid epidemic, improving education, encouraging economic development, and providing the necessary public safety services that Marylanders expect and deserve. We look forward to working with the legislature to ensure a smooth and timely passage as we enter the last few weeks of session.”

Among the items in the supplemental budget is $10 million to the Inter-Agency Heroin and Opioid Coordinating Council to develop a broad range of evidence-based strategies aimed at preventing and treating the opioid crisis, provide grants to other state agencies and local governments, pursue enforcement strategies against drug traffickers, and prepare education and outreach efforts. Since recognizing and identifying Maryland’s growing opioid and heroin crisis three years ago during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign, the Hogan administration has proactively addressed this epidemic, including in 2015, when the governor signed an executive order creating the Maryland Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force. This funding is the first installment of the $50 million over five years that the governor announced when he declared a State of Emergency for the crisis on March 1, 2017.

The governor’s supplemental budget will also provide an additional $2.6 million for higher education initiatives, including over $1.4 million for funding for community colleges and scholarships. The budget includes additional funding for job creation and economic development initiatives across the state, such as the Second Stage Business Incubator ($2.5 million), the Main Street Program for neighborhood revitalization through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development ($750,000), and the construction of the Delmarva Shorebirds Stadium ($980,000), as well as $3.7 million for the Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program.

Additionally, the supplemental budget includes funding for critical public safety priorities, including $2 million for the Baltimore City Police Department. This funding will provide equipment necessary for the department to comply with the Department of Justice consent decree.


When you do your taxes this year, make sure you do them right so you won’t get audited like the guy below……

This example shows the importance of accuracy in your tax return.

The IRS has returned the tax return to a man in New York City after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly. In response to the question, ... "Do you have anyone dependent on you?" the man wrote: ... "7.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack-heads, 4.4 million unemployable scroungers, 3 billion welfare mothers and kids, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 450 idiots in Congress and a group that call themselves Politicians."

The IRS stated that the response he gave was unacceptable.

The man's response back to the IRS was.... "Who did I leave out?"

Survey Results


Our SURVEY results clearly indicates that none of our members want a repeat of the last eight years, and the only way to prevent that from happening is by illustrating to the general public that our President and his America First policies have the support of the American people. The survey also affirms that our members believe that the anti-Trump demon- strations - - facilitated by a biased media - - will in fact sway public opinion against the President if folks like us don't do our share.

Let's do our part to publicly support our President by supporting those who support him. 

(Leaves from OC Park and Ride and will make a pick-up in Salisbury if necessary) 

**Update**State Police Investigating Fatal Crash North of Milford

Milford - The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle that occurred earlier this afternoon.

The incident occurred around 11:18 a.m. Thursday March 23, 2017 as David E. Thompson, 29 of Dover, was operating a 2005 Honda CBR southbound on Bay Road (US113/SR1) just north of Tub Mill Pond Road. Anthony L. Howard, 35 of Parkville, Maryland, was operating a 2016 Western Star Tractor pulling a car hauler northbound on Bay Road stopped in a cross-over preparing to turn left into the I.G. Burton car dealership parking lot (605 Bay Road). The car hauler began to cross the southbound lanes of Bay Road when the motorcycle tried to brake and lost control, striking the front of the trailer portion of the hauler in the middle of the roadway. The truck continued westbound 19 feet before coming to a controlled stop.

David Thompson, who was wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anthony Howard was properly restrained and was uninjured in the crash.

The Collision Reconstruction Unit is continuing their investigation into this incident. There is no evidence at this time that supports drug or alcohol use by either operator. Bay Road southbound at exit 79 (Thompsonville Road) was closed for approximately three and a half hours while the crash was investigated and cleared.

If anyone may have witnessed this incident, they are asked to contact Master Corporal B. Killen at 302-698-8451. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

For Real?

Deadly silence from Dems on Hillary’s 2020 plans

Ed Klein claims twice-failed candidate is 'pathological' about wanting presidency

There’s a deadly silence coming from a long list of Democrats on a report from New York Times best-selling author Ed Klein that claims Hillary Clinton still wants to be president and is making plans to take on Donald Trump again in 2020.

Klein, a former foreign editor of Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of New York Times Magazine, said recently that after weeks of lying low and licking her wounds from her 2016 failure, a “pathological” Hillary Clinton is gearing up to fight Trump again.

WND reached out to Democrats including Sen. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Keith Ellison for reaction to Clinton’s potential race.

All declined to be interviewed or provide a statement.

It would be her third bid for the office, following her 2008 primary loss to Barack Obama.