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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Condom Fashion Show 2017

Peers from the Sexual Health and Reproductive Education, or SHARE, office at the University of Maryland create fashion out of unlikely materials.

College Hires White Sociology Prof, Crybullies Rage

If a coach who just won a state championship can barely hold onto his job as a result of being white, think how rough it could be for a white sociology professor:

Students at Pomona College have published a demand letter urging administrators to rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white.

The “Letter to the Pomona College Sociology Department,” published last Friday argues that by hiring Goffman, the administration has neglected their commitment to promoting diversity and supporting women of color.

The collective of “Sociology students, alumni, and allies” open their letter by expressing their “anger” and “concern” regarding Goffman’s hire, calling it a “failure” to address the lack of professors of color on campus.

Further, they argue that because the majority (56.7 percent) of students in the Sociology department are now people of color, it is problematic for the department to continue hiring white people.

Compounding her skin color sin, Goffmann is also accused of having published material that perpetuates “anti-Blackness” by being inconsistent with Black Lives Matter ideology. But the main problem seems to be that she was chosen over two black candidates.

When liberals get their way and whites are a minority not just worldwide but even in their own countries, Affirmative Action will finally go away, right? Wrong. It will get much worse.


Mardela Springs Gearing up for Westside Heritage Festival

On May 13 the folks from Westside Historical Society will open their 29th annual Heritage Festival, and this year there are two reasons to celebrate! Not only is this a chance to once again honor those traditions that have been a part of life in this watershed area of the Nanticoke River, but it’s a chance to commemorate the 150th birthday of Wicomico County!

And celebrate they will! A parade down Main Street, with fun floats by local groups and vintage cars, trucks, and farm equipment, and featuring the award-winning Mardela High School Marching Band, begins at 9:30. An exhibit of those old vehicles will be around for the day, as will the Traditions Tent with craftsmen and collectors of antique machinery, collectibles and antiques, makers of wooden baskets and rag rugs, hunters and farmers, and blacksmith Mark Williams will be demonstrating this ancient craft all day. There will be an expert calligrapher to teach you to write like they did in 1867! Westside Historical Society also will be having a wonderful silent auction of all kinds of goodies, the Mardela Volunteer Fire Department will be selling barbecued chicken and other mouth-watering treats, and there will be plenty of music and vendors! For the kids there will be lots of games, a bounce house, and some old-fashioned 19th century games – not a single electronic device among them! Anyone for Snap the Whip, Fling the Apples, 3-legged races? And more! The youngster’s “train” from the Hebron Railroad Depot Museum will be on hand! Throughout the day there will be demonstrations of some of the everyday practices of life in the year’s following the end of the Civil War – ordinary things like making hard tack for example!

Several activities will focus on the County’s 1867 founding. Some exhibits from the Barren Creek Heritage Museum will be set up on the Festival’s grounds at Mardela’s Raymond Robinson Park on Railroad Ave. and Station Street. One of the popular activities featured at the 100th celebration, in 1967, was a “Bearded Man Contest” and this will be repeated at this year’s festivities! So gentlemen, stop shaving as of now! Choose your own style – like President Ulysses Grant’s, or a dapper mustache and goatee, one trimmed like Abe Lincoln, or go wild with a Duck Dynasty wild and shaggy! There will be a chance to show off your tonsorial pride, and prizes! And if you wish, don’t shave until August when the contest will be repeated at the Wicomico County Fair!! Ladies, join the gents in paying homage to life in the mid-19th century; come dressed in your finest gowns and bonnets!

There is no admission fee to the Festival, which will begin at 9 am; parking will be available around the Park area and on side streets. There is still room for more vendors, and Festival organizers are still looking for donations to the Silent Auction and to the Baked good booth. Anyone wishing to get more information regarding this, entering the parade, or other aspects of the Festival should email Festival Chairman Vivian Calder at or phone 410-713-9309 or 443-880-5469, or write to Westside Historical Society, P.O. Box 194, Mardela Springs MD 21837.

NO. This Is NOT The New Normal.

The irony of this story is that I personally know 3 people who were working toward getting into a similar relationship and yet to me it’s still completely bizarre! Mrs. Cristina Kaiser was a happily married woman with kids and all. She was a self proclaimed bi-sexual and felt like she was missing a little something in her life. One day walking into a pet store in Las Vegas she found that ‘something’ in 21-yr-old Sierra Kuntz. While a normal and moral person would say that’s cheating, I guess Mrs. Kaiser thought her husband would be approving. She went on some secret dates with Sierra but decided to bring her into the family.

Sure enough (and not surprisingly) her husband allowed the relationship outside of the marriage probably because he was included as well. Sierra quickly became the girlfriend to both Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser as she joined in the marriage of the two. Any person with a moral conscience would be cringing at the thought of the depths of how wrong this relationship is. But not the Kaiser’s, as a matter of fact they are planning on getting a divorce and they’re not getting a divorce for any of the reasons you would typically think. The Kaisers and their three kids are actually quite happy together. They want to open the door for Sierra to marry one of them.

The young millennial, Sierra said: ‘At first I was very hesitant about getting involved with a married couple.
‘I was worried that I would be disposable and that this was a phase they were going through. But when I spent time with them I realized what they wanted and feel this was a situation I could work with, so I jumped on board.’


2017 Hebron Fireman's Carnival

The 2017 Hebron Fireman's Carnival will start on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Kitchen opens at 6:30 pm and rides open at 7:15 pm. The following is a list of dates/weeks that the 2017 Hebron Fireman's Carnival will be open (weather permitted).

Free admission and parking!!!
Ride tickets are $2 each or ride all night with a wristband for $14

June 7th - June 10th
June 14th - June 17th
June 21st - June 24th
June 28th - July 1st
July *5th* - July 8th (July 5th the Carnival will end @ 9pm, Fireworks will be @ 9:30pm)
July 12th - July 15th

Please visit this website for further information as it becomes available.

Muslim Terrorist Refuses To Take Oath In Court- Judge Allows “Under Allah” In Court…

A Muslim man will now be serving between 15 and 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges of terrorism. Luckily he was caught before his plans came to fruition. The only thing is that the judge overseeing the case, let him swear using the “Allah” as a replacement for the original, “God” term.

Terrence McNeil is the 24 year old who thought it would be smart of him to post files on his social-media pages in 2015 that identified the names and addresses of certain people that believed have served in the armed force…

What is he doing with a list like that, right? Well what the FBI also found in those files was correspondence messages to other people, requesting that they kill the people on the list.


Cops: Drunk driver hits 5 kids getting off school bus, killing 1

 Seven hours after the crash his blood alcohol level was .14, authorities say.

POINCIANA, Fla. – A former Mississippi detective is accused of killing one teen and hitting four other children with his car while driving drunk, reports CBS affiliate WTSP.

John Camfield, 48, allegedly hit the middle school children, who has just gotten off a school bus, around 5 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, a witness driving behind Camfield saw him lean forward in the vehicle and then drive off the road. The witness then saw Camfield hit the students.

Investigators say Camfield first struck 15-year-old Jonte Robinson, then continued north on the shoulder, hitting 14-year-old Jasmine Robertson. He next allegedly struck Rylan Pryce, 12, and then 13-year-old Jahiem Robertson and 13-year old Juan Mena.

Jahiem Robertson reportedly died at the hospital. Mena suffered serious, life-threatening injuries which include spinal injuries, facial fractures, and head trauma.


United Airlines Settles With Passenger Dragged From Plane

United Airlines and lawyers for the passenger seen on video being dragged from a United airliner in Chicago say the man has reached "an amicable settlement" with the airline. The terms of the agreement were not announced.

A statement released by the Chicago law firm of Corboy and Demetrio said "Dr. David Dao has reached an amicable settlement with United Airlines for the injuries he received in his April 9th ordeal, which was captured on video and viewed worldwide."

United's statement refers to "the unfortunate incident," and promises in the future it will "put our customers at the center of everything we do."


The Garden Masterpiece Grown From Rescued Plants

In Bishopville, South Carolina, Pearl Fryar is a local gardening legend. When he first moved to the small town in the 1980s, he was almost unable to build his house because neighbors feared that as an African American, he wouldn’t keep up his yard. Determined to dispel that stereotype, Fryar went on to win “Yard of the Month” from the local garden club. Since then, he’s created a world-renowned topiary garden with more than 300 plants, most of which were rescued from the compost pile of a local nursery.

Trump To Be First Sitting President Since Reagan To Address NRA

Friday, for the first time since 1983, a sitting president will address the National Rifle Association at the group's annual convention — when President Trump, along with awho's who of gun rights advocates, is scheduled to talk at the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta, Ga.

NRA spokesperson Jason Brown says the group is hoping to hear a clear message from Trump.

"Protecting gun rights, expanding gun rights and getting rid of legislation and gun rights restrictions in this country to make the Second Amendment more powerful than it ever has been before," Brown said of the group's hopes for the president's speech.

While Trump hasn't always had the easiest relationship with the NRA, the group proved crucial in electing him last November. The NRA spent more than three times as much money to help Trump in 2016 as it did to back Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, according to The Washington Post.


"Overly obese" body sparks fire at Ohio crematory

CINCINNATI -- The owner of a Cincinnati crematory says flames from the cremation of an "overly obese" body spread outside a furnace when the fire got too hot in what he describes as a "freak accident."

Firefighters put out the blaze Tuesday night at Hillside Chapel Crematory. No one was hurt.

Owner Don Catchen told local station WCPO-TV that fireproofing measures at the business limited the damage and the spread of the flames to one area, and no other bodies were affected.


Energy drink study shows they pose a serious risk to your heart

Before you take another sip of that energy drink, listen to this. New research is showing just how dangerous those quick jolts can be for your heart.

In fact the study showed just one drink can trigger potentially life threatening changes to your cardiovascular system.

Timothy Crowder in Spartanburg has been concerned for years that his 27-year-old son is drinking too many energy drinks a day.

“I keep telling him son you need to quit drinking those things, they’re not good for you,” said Crowder.

Now there’s even more reason to stop.



Ticks carrying Lyme disease are expected to be rampant on the Appalachian Trail and much of the East coast this summer, says Richard Ostfeld, a disease ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystems in Millbrook, New York, who has studied ticks and their relationship with Lyme disease for 30 years.

The summer of 2015 produced the perfect conditions for oak trees to produce acorns, the main source of food for white-footed-mice that live in Eastern forests. More food for these mice leads to an exploding mouse population. The white-footed mice are the most popular hosts for black-legged ticks, the main carrier of Lyme disease. With more mice, ticks can more easily find a warm body on which to live and later reproduce, passing down the Lyme disease to the nymphs. The nymphs have the highest rate of transmitting the disease because they are incredibly difficult to notice, being about the size of a poppy seed. The black-legged ticks have increased their range by 20 percent from 1998 and are now found in 50 percent of U.S. counties.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 300,000 reported cases of Lyme disease every year. That total does not include the thousands of people who go undiagnosed. Holly Ahern, an associate professor of microbiology at the State University of New York, has studied Lyme disease for seven years. Ahern says that the Lyme disease bloodwork only accurately diagnoses about 50 percent of those who are tested. She estimates the more accurate number of people affected with Lyme disease is closer to 600,000.


News Release (UPDATE): Police continue investigation for escaped prisoner, suspend ground search; offer reward up to $5,000

Howard County police are continuing the investigation to locate escaped prisoner David Watson, but have suspended the ground search after exhausting all search efforts in the immediate area. Throughout the day Friday, overnight and into Saturday morning, police continued to search the area around Clifton T. Perkins hospital in Jessup with bloodhounds, K-9 units and helicopters with heat-seeking technology. There are no indications that Watson remains in the area and there have been no sightings.

The investigation remains active as officers from Howard County Police, U.S. Marshals Service and Maryland State Police continue to follow up on leads locally, and in Wicomico County, Md., and Delaware, where Watson also has ties.

Watson, 28, was being transported to the hospital on Dorsey Run Road by two guards from the Wicomico County Detention Center when he escaped custody and fled into a wooded area. The guards arrived in a van with Watson, who was the only prisoner, around 9:40 a.m. When they parked the van and opened the back door, Watson pushed a guard to the ground and ran into the woods. Investigators found handcuffs and a waist chain near the van.

Watson is serving a sentence of more than 100 years in a detention center in Delaware for attempted murder. He also has been charged in Wicomico County for attempted murder of police officers.

Watson is described as a white male, 5 feet eight inches tall and 140 pounds. He has face tattoos between his eyes and under his right eye, and numerous body tattoos, including “EVIL” on the back of his neck and “SIN” on his hand. He was last seen wearing all white clothing, with no markings or emblems. Investigators confirmed that Watson did not have access to a weapon at the time of the escape, as both of the guards’ handguns were in lockboxes inside the van.

Police are still gathering information and evidence to determine if Watson’s escape was planned, or if it was an impulsive act.

Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

The Deification of Lincoln

“The violence of the criticism aimed at Lincoln by the great men of his time on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line is startling. The breadth and depth of the spectacular prejudice against him is often shocking for its cruelty, intensity, and unrelenting vigor. The plain truth is that Mr. Lincoln was deeply reviled by many who knew him personally, and by hundreds of thousands who only knew of him.”

–Larry Tagg, The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President

In his book, The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln, historian Larry Tagg, a native of Lincoln, Illinois, constructs a powerful case that Abraham Lincoln was by far the most hated and reviled of all American presidents, North and South, during his lifetime. For example, in May of 1864 theNew York Times labeled Lincoln “a perjurer, a usurper, a tyrant, a subverter of the Constitution, a destroyer of the liberties of this country, a reckless desperado, a heartless trifler . . . there is no circle in Dante’s Inferno full enough of torment to expiate his iniquities.”


Police released video of prisoners attacking officers at a maximum security prison in Illinois.

Meggan Lee Callahan, prison guard, dead in inmate attack

A female prison guard is dead in a brutal attack, with the investigation focusing on a convicted murderer serving a life sentence for his previous crimes.

Inmate Craig Wissink, convicted of murder in 2004, is suspected in the Wednesday slaying of Sergeant Meggan Lee Callahan at Bertie Correctional Institution in Windsor, North Carolina.

Callahan, a 29-year-old with four years on the job, was assaulted around 5.30pm and died less than an hour later, despite lifesaving measures by fellow corrections officers, officials said.


BREAKING NEWS: Fire In West Ocean City

Ocean City Fire Department dispatched to the WAWA store on Rt.50. Building fire. On scene smoke showing. Active fire in the kitchen.

OC considers raising tram fare to pay for equipment

Ocean City officials are considering whether to add one or two dollars to the $3 Boardwalk tram fare next summer to help cover the substantial cost of buying new equipment.

Mayor Rick Meehan and three councilmen who sit on the Transportation Commission suggested earlier this month that increasing the tram fare could be a way to cover the cost of replacing or refurbishing the 17-year-old fleet. The estimated replacement costs range from $1.7 million to $4.5 million.

But whether the committee proposes that idea to the council will depend on what Budget Manager Jennie Knapp finds as she considers what impact the higher rates might have on revenue and tram ridership.

“There are three types of fares: the all-day pass, the discount card and the straight fare,” she said. “We have to track the growth of each one before we make a recommendation.”


Lost Dog

US murders concentrated in 5 percent of counties

The majority of murders in the U.S. occur in only a small percentage of counties across the country.

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) said in a new report that there is a “geographical concentration” of murders, with 68 percent of killings occurring in just 5 percent of the nation’s counties. The homicides also tend to be concentrated to relatively small pockets of those counties, the report said.

“It is stunning how concentrated murders are in the U.S.,” John Lott, president of the CPRC said to Fox News. “And we show that even within these counties, with all these high rates, murders are very concentrated.”

“These high [rate] counties have very large areas where there are no murders.”

In 2014, the U.S. murder rate was 4.4 per 100,000 people, according to the data of the report. If the deadliest 5 percent of the counties were removed, the U.S. murder rate would be 2.56 per 100,000 people, the report showed.

More than half of last year’s murders occurred in only 2 percent of the nation’s counties.


Report: A More Conservative Alternative To Fox News Is In The Works

According to a source close with the negotiations, "conservative fat cats" are talking very seriously about launching a rival to Fox News Network. The reports come amid continued internal turmoil within the solitary mainstream right-leaning news network, turmoil largely caused by external scrutiny over sexual harassment allegations directed at two high-profile figures and what appears to be a power shift at the top. 

Rumors about a new conservative network really revved up on Friday when Mediate's Rachel Stockman reported that a "well-placed source close to the proposal" told the outlet that "serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Network is moving too far to the left."

The source, who is engaged in the talks, says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people have an interest and the ability to fund a new network. 

So who exactly are the "two prominent high-powered television executives"? That's not yet clear, but Roger Ailes, the former CEO and Chairman of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network who resigned in July 2016 amid sexual harassment allegations, was reportedly one of the key figures present at the meeting on Friday. 

Cell Phone Videos Lead To Rape Charges

OCEAN CITY — A Georgetown, Delaware man this week was charged with rape after an investigation connected him to sexual assault at an uptown Ocean City residence earlier this month that was recorded on his friend’s cellphone.

Around 4 a.m. on April 13, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer on patrol in the 141st Street area was approached by a female who needed help. The victim told police she had just woken up in a house naked and did not know where she was. The victim told police she did not remember everything that had happened throughout the night and that she believed she had been raped.

The victim told police she had gone to a downtown bar with a friend and that they had met up with two men she knew including Isaac Lopez, 21, of Georgetown. The victim told police the group stayed at the bar until closing time and then shared a cab to a residence on 12th Street. Around 2:50 a.m., the group decided to check out another party uptown at 141st Street and took a cab to the location. The victim told police Lopez and the other man had to wake her up in the cab when they arrived at 141st Street and they went into the residence where a supposed party was going on, but there was only one individual there sleeping on a couch.


Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers to Pro-Pedopilia Group, NAMBLA

The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation's most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations.

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary - more commonly referred to was By Any Means Necessary or BAMN - is one of the militant leftist groups waging a campaign against conservatives and Trump supporters in Berkeley. The group's planned aggressive demonstrations against conservative commentator Ann Coulter and the students coming to hear her talk led to the cancellation of Coulter's speech this week due to safe concerns. (RELATED: 'INFERNO' - Milo Speech Cancelled After Rioters Set UC Berkeley Campus Ablaze)

BAMN's parent organization worked directly with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in the years just before it founded BAMN, according to NAMBLA documents reviewed by The Daily Caller. In addition, a member of the parent organization said to have founded BAMN is an admitted member of NAMBLA, which she has described as the victim of a 'witch-hunt.'

BAMN, which did not return a phone call and voicemail seeking comment, was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, a small Detroit-based Marxist organization. Many of BAMN's leading members over the years have also been RWL members.

"The Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotskyist organization of which I'm a member," Luke Massie, one of BAMN's founders told the Michigan Daily in 2001. "We are proud to have played a part in a whole lot of struggles and to have played a role in the founding of BAMN."


7-Eleven Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect While on Smoke Break

A 7-Eleven clerk who stepped outside for a smoke break Monday ended up in a gun fight that cost a robbery suspect his life.

The incident occurred in St. Louis around 3:50 a.m.

According to the New York Post, the 35-year-old female clerk stepped outside for a cigarette and an armed suspect allegedly approached and tried to rob her. The female clerk pulled her own gun and the two exchanged fire, with the clerk “[shooting] the [suspect] in the chest, arm, and thigh.”

The suspect–identified only as a 30-year-old male–died later at St. Louis University Hospital.


School’s New Therapy Dog Wins Online Contest

POCOMOKE CITY – Pocomoke High School’s (PHS) therapy dog has won a national competition that brings awareness to canines that work in a school setting.

In a competition that took place late last month, Rudy, the high school’s therapy dog, went up against dogs around the nation to secure a spot as winner of the Pets Best Pet Health Insurance “Books and Barks” contest.

Rudy’s handler and PHS guidance counselor Jessi Bova said she nominated Rudy for the contest after someone notified PHS Principal Annette Wallace of the competition on Twitter.

Since 2014, Pets Best has hosted an annual competition that recognizes and awards the work of school therapy dogs. Canines that are chosen as finalists then rely on votes to win the online contest.


White House Folds On Obamacare Subsidies

Having already caved on a vow to include border wall funding in the latest stopgap spending agreement, the administration of Donald Trump is now abandoning its promise to cut billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded health care subsidies. Specifically, the White House is now agreeing to pay for $10 billion worth of Obamacare subsidies that it previously said it wouldn’t pay.

Why the flip-flop? Because Trump and congressional “Republicans” are desperate to avoid a so-called “government shutdown.”

In other words, Democrats led by Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are rolling Trump left and right … with no end in sight.

According to The Hill, Trump’s White House has “told Democrats it will continue paying controversial ObamaCare insurer subsidies, lowering fears that a fight over the issue could cause a government shutdown.”

Wait … a “shutdown?” LOL.


Student Govt VOTES To Grant ‘Blacks’ Free Tuition In Recompense For White Man’s Wrongdoings

I’m guessing none of these kids ever took even introductory economics. Had they don’t so, they would realizing the the word “free” doesn’t mean that nobody is paying for the product or service in the question (in this case college tuition) but that the cost is merely shifted away from the selected party.

Due to the nature of the topic, I can only assume that they are okay with shifting the cost to white students (who, shockingly, are just as broke as everyone else unless they come from a wealthy family who is paying their way through school.)

Western Kentucky University’s student government has voted in favor of “reparations” for black students. Their plan? Give them free tuition!

To be fair, some of the Senators did object to and vote against the plan, saying it would merely put the burden on other students, but there just wasn’t enough common sense to overcome the avalanche of white guilt that passed this crap 19-10-0.


Donald Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K-12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.

The order, dubbed the “Education Federalism Executive Order,” will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.

“For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less,” Mr. Trump said. “My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.”

He said that previous administrations had increasingly forced schools to comply with “whims and dictates” from Washington, but his administration would break the trend.


Chelsea Clinton Goes Toe To Toe With Ben Shapiro- The Carnage Is NOT Pretty…

This last Thursday night was one that Chelsea Clinton won’t soon forget, as she decided to use her Twitter account to up her cred by attempting to tweet some snark towards the Trump administrations cutting of more funding to certain programs. Unfortunately for her, Ben Shapiro, ‘The Daily Wire’ Editor-in-Chief caught wind of her stank, and decided to participate in a goodold fashion ‘trolling’ of liberal ridiculousness.

Really, REALLY not a smart move by her. But hey, she is Hillary’s daughter!

This comes after numerous stories were written on the topic of Chelsea Clinton trying to squirm her way into the pubic arena, attempting to position herself for a possible run at some political office (Oh God, please, no…)

The showdown was brought on by a tweet from House Speaker Paul Ryan:


Ocean City Continues To Hammer Away At Route 90 Dualization Effort

OCEAN CITY — During a spring update with the State Highway Administration (SHA) on Tuesday, Ocean City continued to press for the dualization of Route 90 to be pushed ahead of other highway projects on the priority list.

On Tuesday, SHA officials briefed the Mayor and Council on a variety of projects in various stages of planning or completion in and around the resort area and inevitably the discussion came around to the proposed future dualization of Route 90. For years, Ocean City officials have expressed their desire to see Route 90 improvements, including expanding the highway and its bridges from the current two lanes to four to ease access in and out of the resort for the public, and perhaps more importantly emergency services including fire apparatus and ambulances, for example.

Formal letters have been sent expressing the town’s desire to have the proposed Route 90 dualization moved up the priority list for Worcester County and at least twice a year the Mayor and Council make a face-to-face plea for the improvements. SHA officials this week continued to acknowledge the town’s position on Route 90, but made no promises for getting it into the planning pipeline.


Trump to NRA: 'Eight Year Assault' on Gun Rights is over

President Donald Trump promised guns rights advocates gathered in Atlanta on Friday that he'd come through for them as they did for him during the 2016 campaign.

"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end," Trump told the members of the National Rifle Association, assuring them that they now "have a true friend and champion in the White House."

"I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms," Trump said. "Never ever."


The Fed Has Bankrupted the US In Order to Create Another Bubble

Yesterday’s article caused quite a stir. If you missed it, you can read it here.

The basic premise is that when you value the stock market based on objective metrics that cannot be fudged, it’s more overpriced than it was at the 2007 peak and is rapidly approaching the 1999 peak.

However, the underlying reason that stocks are so ridiculously overpriced has to do with another asset class: bonds.

The fact is that by keeping interest rates at zero for seven years, the Fed has created a bubble in bonds. Back in 2008, the US’s Debt to GDP was just 65%.

Thanks to seven years of ZIRP, the US Government was able to go on a massive spending spree, ballooning the Debt to GDP to above 105% where it sits today.


Tesla is halting Door to Door Sales for SolarCity

Tesla Inc. is doing away with SolarCity Corp.’s door-to-door sales business as it works to integrate the rooftop solar company it bought for $2 billion last year.

“After careful consideration, we believe this decision reflects what most of our prospective customers prefer, and will result in a better experience for them,” Tesla said in an emailed statement late Friday.

The announcement comes amid a slowdown in rooftop solar installations across major markets in the U.S. The industry has faced pushback from utilities in states including Arizona and California that have sought to cut payments solar customers receive for the power they generate. Annual residential rooftop installations are forecast to increase by about 3 percent this year, down from about 64 percent just two years ago, according to a December report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


Atlanta Fed Throws In The Towel: Cuts Final Q1 GDP Forecast To Just 0.2%

Well that was fast: literally seconds ago we posted JPM's Q1 GDP forecast revision, saying "while we wait to see if the Atlanta Fed will cut its final Q1 GDP estimate ahead of tomorrow's official print to 0% or negative." At precisely the same time as we hit the publish button, the Atlanta Fed came out with its revised forecast and it's a doozy: after starting its Q1 GDP nowcast at 2.5%, rising as high as 3.4%, and plunging recently as low as 0.5%, the Atlanta Fed has "thrown in the towel" on the quarter in which the Fed hiked rates, and while not negative - or 0.0% - it was about as close as it could go without the Fed losing all credibility for having hiked in a contraction quarter.

From the Atlanta Fed:

Latest forecast: 0.2 percent — April 27, 2017

The final GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2017 is 0.2 percent on April 27, down from 0.5 percent on April 18.

The forecast of first-quarter real consumer spending growth fell from 0.3 percent to 0.1 percent after yesterday's annual retail trade revision by the U.S. Census Bureau. The forecast of the contribution of inventory investment to first-quarter growth declined from -0.76 percentage points to -1.11 percentage points after this morning's advance reports on durable manufacturing and wholesale and retail inventories from the Census Bureau.

The forecast of real equipment investment growth increased from 5.5 percent to 6.6 percent after the durable manufacturing report and the incorporation of previously published data on light truck sales to businesses from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.



Central campaign promise must be fulfilled ASAP

The National Security Subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee held a hearing Thursday on President Donald Trump’s signature election pledge of a wall on the southern border.

Five witnesses, four speaking in favor of the wall’s construction and one against, testified before the Subcommittee.

Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), framed the issue before the testimony of the witnesses. “A central issue of the President’s 2016 campaign was the promise to build ‘an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall,’” he said.

Read more

Wicomico Looking To Hold Meeting On Failed Sewer System Accord

SALISBURY – Officials in Wicomico County are taking initial steps to hold an informational meeting for Village Down River property owners after discovering the community’s developer failed to set aside funds for the maintenance of a shared sewer system, a responsibility that will be left to its residents if the developer succeeds in transferring ownership.

In an Urban Services Commission meeting last week, Weston Young, assistant director of administration, and Paul Wilber, Wicomico County’s attorney, met with the Wicomico County Council to discuss how they would recover the funds and inform community members of the issue at hand.

Young explained that Wicomico County, the Urban Services Commission and Village Down River developer Terra Firma, LLC entered into a Shared Facility Agreement in 2008 that outlined the operational and financial obligations for a community sewer system.

“It was determined that a shared facility agreement was deemed necessary for this community sewer system to ensure efficient, affective maintenance, operation and to handle the continuous preventative and corrective maintenance of the sewer system,” he said.



He just needs to end the insurance company subsidies

President Trump can put an end to Obamacare on his own, without requiring Congress to take any action at all.

How is this possible?

All President Trump must do to “repeal” Obamacare is sign an Executive Order instructing the Solicitor General to withdraw the Obama administration’s appeal in the federal district court case U.S. House of Representatives v. Burwell, (130 F. Supp. 3d 53, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, 2016).

The result will be to immediately defund the low-income insurance company subsidies being paid by the federal government under Section 1402 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), causing Obamacare to collapse, almost immediately.


Aspire to Succeed & Lead conference set for May 12

Register by April 30 for early bird rate

Successful businesswomen, including Kimberly Scott of The Great Gourmet, will share information at the Aspire to Succeed & Lead with MCE Women’s Business Center conference on Friday, May 12.

The conference will be held at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center at 500 Glen Ave. in Salisbury from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. that day.

In addition to Scott’s keynote speech, there will be two breakout sessions, a lunch session with a speaker, a session on elevator pitches with speed networking, and a panel of women entrepreneurs.

The early bird registration fee, available through April 30, is $65 per person. After that, the fee will be $75.

MCE stands for Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc. To register or view the full schedule of events and sponsorship and vendor information, visit For questions, call 410-546-1900 or email

CNN Makes YUGE Mistake, Asks Caitlyn Jenner About Trump Live on Air

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner and his/her drama is driving liberals CRAZY again! That includes liberal media as well. The left just can’t get a grip enough to wrap their heads around the fact that there is a transgender celebrity that supports President Donald Trump, and it makes them want to go hide in their safe places from the big bad man woman who refuses to think like they do…

Now, while Bruce Caitlyn Jenner sat with Don Lemon of CNN for an interview, that very frustration came out in full force. As we all know, Lemon is not the best at hiding his emotions, he’s just so bent on making sure he spends his time looking for ways to be offended, so that just makes this video even more fun to watch.. Lemon, loses his cool. Because…he’s a liberal. That’s just what they do when people don’t think, act, breathe, eat, or speak like they do….but then claim that everyone should be free to be who or what they want to be.

Like here….Bruce Caitlyn Jenner should be able to be a woman if he feels he’s a woman, but by no way, shape, or form should he be allowed to be a Republican. That’s just NOT okay with Lemon or his liberal minion butt heads who act and think like he does.

In the video you are about to watch you are going to witness Jenner make his remarks to CNN host Mr. Don ‘crybaby’ Lemon, who you will see turning very undoubtedly disappointed that there is a fellow LGBT activist sitting in front of him that doesn’t want to smear President Trump. You can see very clearly it just REALLY bugs him…it’s pretty entertaining.

“Do you think it was a mistake to vote for Donald Trump?” Lemon said.

Jenner replied: “No, not yet … As far as LGBT issues, yes, he has made some mistakes. I don’t support him in everything that he does. But we needed to shake the system up.”


Liberal Fact

Once you accept this, you become a duck and let it roll off your back!

SU Crime Beat April 2017

Case #Date/ TimeLocationIncidentNarrativeDisposition
17-001944/25/2017 3:00:00 PM
4/25/2017 3:15:00 PM
Nanticoke HallDisruptive BehaviorStudent resident reported she was verbally threatened by a known acquaintance.CLOSED
17-001924/24/2017 11:40:00 AM
4/24/2017 11:46:00 AM
BookstoreTheftStaff member reported theft of store merchandise.OPEN
17-001934/23/2017 9:30:00 PM
4/24/2017 10:00:00 PM
Perdue HallTheftStudent reported theft of unattended/unsecured personal property.OPEN
17-001894/22/2017 2:45:00 AM
4/22/2017 3:20:00 AM
Sea Gull SquareBurglary/Aggravated AssaultStudent did forcible enter the residence of an acquaintance. Student was arrested on scene and charged with burglary, assault, malicious destruction of property and other related offenses.CLOSED BY ARREST

Hannity: “The Total End of FOX NEWS”

What is happening right now in conservative media outlets as of lately is absolutely craziness, and many can’t help but feel like it’s all a part of a big plan to silence the right….they are all independent conservative media outlets, so how could we not suspect that might be a reason.

Whether or not it is televised conservative media, or online shows such as The Blaze, Compound Media or CRTV….or even your social media news outlets that bring you articles…it’s all the same. Hits are being taken, and each time the right is silenced a little bit more.

For a while now it is Fox News that has been the ONLY name in town that was clearly right leaning, and it is also Fox that has been getting the most shakeups as of lately. Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly have been dropped after sexual harassment allegations came out of the woodworks being made public, and then there is Megyn Kelly, Andrea Tantaros, Gretchen Carlson each who said they were victims of Ailes’ harassment have all left.


Kisner-Guerrero title match headlines May 12 in Maryland

Kisner-Guerrero title match headlines May 12 in Maryland

Unbeaten Wallace and 2012 Olympian Romero featured on undercard

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Boxing returns Friday, May 12 to Michael’s Eighth Ave in Glen Burnie, MD for “Mayday Mayday,” a talent rich card featuring top local, national and international talents.

Tickets from $50 are on sale by going to or calling 410-375-9175.

Boxing great Vinny Paz, the subject of critically acclaimed Bleed for This, is attending as a special guest of Baltimore Boxing Promotions and will be available to meet and greet all VIP ticket holders.

Topping this outstanding evening of action is a ten round cruiserweight title showdown between NABA champion “Slick” Nick Kisner of Baltimore and former champion Alex Guerrero.

Fighting out of Baltimore, Kisner has an impressive 19-3-1 professional ledger with 6 KO’s. Kisner won his last three bouts including the NABA title winning effort where he traveled to Ohio to outpoint local favorite Brian Holstein. Never afraid of a challenge, the 26-year-old Kisner defeated 8-1 Lamont Singletary March 30 at Michaels Eighth and will have a tough task come May 12.

Representing Salisbury, MD and originally from the Dominican Republic, Guerrero will look to regain the title he captured via 8th round stoppage of Anthony Ferrante in 2014. At 12-1-1 with 6 KO’s, Guerrero lost his last fight but will enter the ring looking not only to win back his title but to prove he’s worthy of fighting the cruiserweight division’s elite.

In just his third professional fight “Dangerous” Donald Wallace looks to capture the vacant East Coast Middleweight Championship when he faces Devin Butcher in an eight round battle of Baltimoreans. On January 13, Wallace, 2-0 (1 KO), won a six round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Tahir Thomas. Prior to his pro career, he generated local buzz by impressing in tournaments as a newcomer to the sport. Butcher is 6-1 with 3 wins by knockout and is coming off a decision victory over Eric Govan.

2012 Dominican Olympian Wellington Romero will face an opponent to be named in a special attraction welterweight contest. Now fighting out of Newburgh, NY, Romero's 12-0-1 with 6 victories by knockout. He is promoted by Roc Nation Sports.

Welterweight Matthew “Boogieman” Bowling, 4-0 (4 KO's), and heavyweight Colby Madison, 4-0 (3 KO's), will both face opponents to be named in four rounders.

This is an excellent card from top to bottom,” said Jake Smith. “Fans will get to witness two evenly matched title fights, four undefeated fighters and a former Olympian under one roof. May 12 is going to be a great evening of boxing at Michaels Eighth.”

For more information, visit

The EMP Threat From North Korea Is Real, and Terrifying

Fifty-five years ago, the U.S. tested a nuclear weapon high above the atmosphere over the Pacific. At the time, my father -- a nuclear weapons engineer -- was listening on our ham radio.

When the device exploded, we heard nothing in Albuquerque. But, in Honolulu, 1000 miles from the detonation, the sky turned red as streetlights and telephones went out. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) effects from the distant nuclear explosion had struck.

Today we hear concern that cities might be destroyed by North Korean nuclear tipped missiles, but Starfish Prime should alert us to a more imminent danger: EMP. North Korea can launch an EMP attack before it has developed nuclear missile technology, and EMP may be far more deadly.

An EMP disaster from a high-altitude blast seems like science fiction: There is a silent flash high in the sky, and everything using electricity just … stops. Cars stop, power goes out, the Internet dies, satellites quit working, landline and mobile phone systems go out, and computers are destroyed. In a moment, we are back to 1850, as was dramatized in William Forstchen's 2009 novel One Second After.


Democrats Take Government Hostage: Threaten To Shut It Down If GOP Repeals Obamacare

Once again Republicans have managed to box themselves in.

Just as the GOP has reportedly found enough votes among conservative Republicans to pass the latest iteration of the proposed Healthcare bill, with Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows saying "republicans will have the votes to pass" Obamacare repeal, Democrats realized that they once again have the leverage to bring this whole process to a grinding halt halt. And they are using it.

As The Hill reports, House Democrats will oppose any short-term spending bill - which is what McConnell was hoping on passing to buy one week of time - if Republican leaders attempt to expedite an ObamaCare repeal bill this week, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) warned Thursday. In other words, Democrats are now holding the government hostage indefinitely as long as Republicans - who now have the votes to pass new healthcare legislation - threaten to repeal Obamacare.

Hoyer, the Democratic whip, spoke with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) Thursday morning to warn him of the Democrats' position. "If Republicans announce their intention to bring their harmful TrumpCare bill to the House Floor tomorrow or Saturday, I will oppose a one-week Continuing Resolution and will advise House Democrats to oppose it as well,” Hoyer said in an email.


Krauthammer: ‘Reaching a Situation Where’ ‘Fascist Gangs Can Shut Down Free Speech’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” columnist Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s Berkeley speech by stating, “we’re reaching a situation where thugs are threatening violence. Basically, fascist gangs can shut down free speech.”

He added, “If you can’t have the government guaranteeing the safety of speakers, then we have lost the — one of the fundamental uniting elements of our society. If there’s anything that unites us, it’s belief in the First Amendment, belief in free speech. ."


Wicomico Approves $91K Sheriff’s Office Expenses

SALISBURY – The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office will use more than $91,000 in unanticipated revenue to fund unforeseen facility and operational costs.

In a legislative session of the Wicomico County Council last week, Capt. Tod Richardson met with councilmembers to outline how the department would allocate $91,514.95 the Sheriff’s Office received from the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the Wicomico County Circuit Court and the state’s sex offender monitoring initiative.

According to Richardson, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office received $45,336.95 from the MPD for the county’s assistance in January’s presidential inauguration.

He explained a portion of the revenue would be used to cover the department’s fuel, per diem and overtime costs associated with the deputies’ assistance.


ANTIFA Demand Soros to Pay Up!

Antifa members are chanting they want George Soros to pay them $15 an hour and pay up now. Apparently, Mr. Soros is delinquent in paying his useful idiots.

Beverly Hills ANTIFA demands 4 their billionaire boss "George Soros, PAY US OUR MONEY" ...$15/hr Hehe

Democrats adopt new tactic for gun confiscation

1 misdemeanor can result in losing 2nd Amendment right in 6 states

Democrats have come up with a creative way of selectively confiscating guns from certain residents, and several Second Amendment watchdogs say the strategy could soon be coming to a state near you.

A state legislator from Manhattan has introduced a bill that would nullify gun rights from those convicted of hate crimes, even those involving nonviolent, misdemeanor offenses.

If successful, New York would become the seventh state to implement such a law.

The FBI defines a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”


Chicken farmer to Trump: We voted for you, now we need your help

I am a chicken farmer in West Virginia. I’ve been a farmer all my life and have raised chickens for almost 15 years under contract. I am writing this open letter to you because farmers and ranchers need your help badly.

I voted for you and supported your campaign. I know several of my friends and neighboring farmers did the same. In your campaign you said you would work to support hard working, independent American businesses, and that you would listen to what rural Americans really need. This week, you expressed support for American dairy farmers and criticized Canadian trade practices that hurt them—poultry farmers need the same focus, and swift action.

Right now, we need your help. Earlier this month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) dealt a crippling blow to small American farmers by delaying the implementation of its “Farmer Fair Practice Rules” by 180 days. These rules, if implemented on schedule, would have helped independent farmers like me and my friends challenge the abusive and unfair contracts imposed by industrial poultry companies.

As farmers, with families who depend on us, we are dismayed by the move and we’re calling on President Trump to make good on his campaign pledge—to drain the swamp of Big meat lobbyists who continue to cut bad deals that hurt rural economies and families.


Carlin Revelation

Rep. Harris’ Statement on President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

WASHINGTON, DC: On April 28, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) released the following statement on President Trump’s first 100 days in office:

“Reflecting on the last 100 days, I am proud of the accomplishments achieved by Congress and the White House in such a short time. We have enacted 28 pieces of legislation since President Trump’s inauguration – more than any other administration since President Harry Truman. Using the Congressional Review Act, we’ve rolled back 13 harmful Obama-era regulations that expanded federal authority and stunted economic growth. One such regulation was the Waters of the United States rule – a prime example of federal government overreach that would have imposed costly burdens on Eastern Shore farmers. From decreasing illegal immigration, to restoring America’s stature as a leader of the free world, to the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, the President is keeping his promises to the American People. In the next few months, I am confident that we will continue to strengthen our national defense as we seek to simplify the U.S. tax code, repair our nation’s health care system, and create jobs for the millions of hardworking Americans left behind by the previous administration.”


The Great Jail Incident

Back in 1936, it was determined that the old jail behind the Wicomico County Courthouse was not adequate and a new one was needed. The first phase entailed razing the old jail. As is proper with government projects, the job was put out for bids.

On the day the sealed bids were opened, they first opened the one for building the addition to the court house. This went to another contractor, a good friend of my grandfather’s. He was William Bounds who lived on E. William Street and had been mayor of Salisbury twice, from 1910-12 and again from 1914-16. His daughter, Louise, was a good friend of my mother and remained so for the rest of their lives. In fact, she and her family lived only two doors from where I live now. That is really small town for you. If you go back far enough, everybody is connected in some way or another. When they opened the envelopes for the bids to tear down the two-story structure behind the court house, my grandfather’s bid was substantially lower than anyone else’s. When questioned by his peers as to how he could do the job at such a low cost, he replied that it wouldn’t cost that much to just dynamite the old jail and haul the rubble away. At that point, he was told he had really made a serious mistake because it was illegal to set off dynamite within the city limits. They told him it would cost him far more than his bid to bring in a crew with sledge hammers and raze the old jail. He just shrugged and said nothing.

Late the following Sunday night a great explosion was heard in downtown Salisbury. The following morning found him standing in front of the Clerk of Court with $25 in his hand. When asked what the money was for, he told the clerk that it was for the maximum amount he could be fined for setting off dynamite within the city limits according to the City Charter. He then proceeded to help with shoveling the rubble into dump trucks and clearing the space where the new jail was to be erected. Needless to say, his costs were well under his estimate. I guess reading the Charter produced good results even 75 years ago.

ANTIFA's Leader

This should come as no surprise. Thanks to Bill Clinton's pardon in 2000, Bill Ayers, known for heading the domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground, was released from prison, go a job teaching at a Chicago University, foster Alinsky principles with people like Obama, forward Soros's initiatives to destroy America and now is pimp daddy of the Antifa (another Domestic Terror Group.)

Just remember that inconvenient fact the next time you meet someone who proudly states they voted for Hillary.

Enlightening Insight

Real Bi-Partisanship


'The North Korean crisis is the worst I've ever seen'.

The Navy’s top officer in the Pacific has warned that the North Korea crisis is real – and the US must assume Kim Jong Un intends to launch nuclear attacks on America and its allies.

Admiral Harry B Harris Jr, Commander of US Pacific Command, said on Thursday that the crisis in the Korean Peninsula is the worst he’d since he began serving in 1978.

‘There is some doubt within the intelligence community whether Kim Jong Un has that capability today or whether he will soon, but I have to assume he has it, the capability is real, and that he’s moving towards it,’ Harris said, according to Fox News.

‘The North Korean crisis is the worst I’ve ever seen,’ he said.


Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center Change for Life Baby Bottles Campaign 2017

The Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center in Salisbury, MD, is running its annual Change for Life Baby Bottle campaign from Sunday, May 14, Mother’s Day, to Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day, as a fund raising effort to provide for the on-going needs of the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center.

The Pregnancy Center notes that, “A little change changes lives: when you fill a bottle with coins, cash, or checks, you are making a positive impact on young families in our community.”

Baby bottles may be picked up at the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center at 1300 South Division St., Suite C, in Salisbury, Monday through Wednesday from 10:30-4, for use at your church, or place of employment. These bottles may then be distributed before Mother’s Day, returned on Father’s Day, and filled with the change from your pockets and purse on the days in-between.

To arrange for obtaining your baby bottles for the Change for Life Spring Fundraiser, please call the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center at 410-546-5433.

Thank you for providing the support that will help and change lives!

WH 100


A Viewer Writes: Teen drug hiding places

Police and sheriffs' departments should offer a free canine search of any parent's home where the parents requests it. Hold any arrests until the parents request it. Find it, confiscate it and then let the parents deal with the rest until they've exhausted their options. Tough love.

Near Record High Temperatures Today

Near record warmth on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be the warmest day thus far this season with heat index values in the mid 90s.

Caitlyn Jenner Might Be Your Next Republican Candidate...

CNN tried to pin down Caitlyn Jenner on whether she'd consider a run for political office. After waffling a few times, she finally confirmed that she's seriously thinking about it. So Republicans may have a transgender woman as a candidate soon. I don't think liberals were expecting that!


Wild Boars Eat Three Soldiers of the Islamic State

Every now and then, something happens that lets you know the universe doesn't actively hate you. A break in a rainstorm just as you have to go to work, a snow day when you're sick but out of paid sick days, or wild boars mauling ISIS fighters:

Wild boars mauled three Islamic State (Isil) fighters to death near the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, according to Kurdish fighters.

The jihadists’ bodies were found badly mangled by refugees fleeing through farmland as they tried to get away from Isil territory in al-Rashad, southwest of the city.

Isil fighters responded to the deaths by going on a killing spree of wild boars in the area, said Brigadier Azad Jelal, the deputy head of the Kurdish intelligence service in Kikurk.

“Three fighters from Isil were near the Peshmerga checkpoint in al-Rashad. They met some feral boars and the boars killed the three fighters,” he told The Telegraph.


$5,000 reward offered in search for escaped prisoner

While Fox News originally stated, "David Watson escaped from the custody of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center in Jessup, Maryland, where an evaluation was scheduled, according to law enforcement officials." It has been confirmed it was officers from the Wicomico County Detention Center who lost the prisoner. Now there is a $5,000.00 reward for his capture.

Red Planet Mars 1952

Governor Larry Hogan Issues Directive for Disparity Study of Medical Cannabis Industry in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today directed the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs (GOMA) to initiate a disparity study of Maryland’s regulated medical cannabis industry.

The governor’s directive is responsive to concerns expressed by the Legislative Black Caucus, and shared by the administration, regarding diversity in this emerging industry. A study was discussed during the 2017 session of the Maryland General Assembly, however no legislation was passed to initiate the process.

The disparity study will be overseen by GOMA and conducted by experts in the field employed by the Maryland Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission.

The goal of the study, which the governor directed to be conducted “as expeditiously as possible,” is to identify and ensure appropriate opportunities for minority participation in Maryland’s regulated medical cannabis industry.

Read the governor’s letter here.


Eastern Shore Wedding Crocks

Go Figure!

Would You Carry All This In One Holder?

A Viewer Writes: Break Time Billiards Building Finally Rented

Well, they have a new tenant at this long empty site. It's a beauty supply store, now doing its grand opening. Look for a failure in the next 12 months.