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Friday, April 07, 2017

REMINDER: Downtown Pocomoke Spring Festival TOMORROW

PEW: Christianity Dying Out In Europe, Islam Expanding

Christianity is dying out in Europe.

That’s according to a new Pew Research study showing that deaths among Christians outnumbered births in Europe by almost six million between 2010 and 2015. “In Germany alone, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births from 2010 to 2015,” the Pew report states.

While Christianity dies out in Europe, Islam is rapidly expanding. During that same time period, births among Muslims in Europe outnumbered deaths by more than two million.

Among the religiously unaffiliated, births outpaced deaths by around one million.


SBY Airport: Wings & Wheels

Lee Stranahan: 'Ideological Coup' By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House

After Wikileaks revelations that Citigroup picked Obama's cabinet, it appears the Trump administration is succumbing to 'same globalism, different bank.'

Weeks after the Daily Mail exposed an internal struggle between Kushner-linked Goldman Sachs operatives and Trump advisor Steve Bannon, it has become clear that an "ideological coup" led by globalist bankers is well underway - claiming populist Steve Bannon as their latest victim. This ties in with Roger Stone's warning that Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has been leaking anti-Bannon information to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.

Well, it appears the Goldman globalists have won... for now. Wednesday evening, former Breitbart lead investigative reporter Lee Stranahan dropped an insightful Periscope video in which he laid out exactly what's going on in the White House - pointing out who's running the show, and imploring people to simply research the players for themselves.

In a nutshell: Weeks after meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein at the Four Seasons bar in DC, Jared Kushner-friendly Goldman alums have successfully maneuvered Trump's top advisor Steve Bannon off the Natl. Security Council - further strengthening the globalist cabal's influence over President Trump. Jared Kushner, it should be pointed out, has a well documented history of donating to Democrats; including Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Robert Mendez (D-NJ).


Einstein the parrot nails some impressions on his 30th birthday

IRS Seized Millions of Dollars from Innocent Citizens Because It Was Easier Than Going After Crooks

The IRS seized millions dollars from innocent individuals and businesses because it was easier than targeting terrorists and drug dealers, a new report from the Treasury Department’s internal watchdog has revealed.

A report from Treasury’s Inspector General found that the IRS misused a law aimed at cracking down on organized crime and terrorism to target innocent individuals and businesses. Agents adopted a policy of seizing cash before investigating for other wrongdoing because it was just easier to seize the money of innocent people than hardened criminals and terrorists.

“One of the reasons why legal source cases were pursued was that the Department of Justice had encouraged task forces to engage in ‘quick hits,’ where property was more quickly seized and more quickly resolved through negotiation, rather than pursuing cases with other criminal activity (such as drug trafficking and money laundering), which are more time-consuming,” according to the report .


Baltimore State Lawmaker Charged with Federal Wire Fraud

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Longtime Baltimore state lawmaker, Nathaniel T. Oaks, has been charged in U.S District Court with wire fraud.

Oaks is accused of accepting cash payments in exchange for using his previous position in the House of Delegates to help him with business.

Oaks served 30 years in the House of Delegates, and in February was appointed to take the seat of former Sen. Lisa Gladden, who stepped down for health

He served two terms in the House of Delegates when in 1989 he was convicted of stealing more than $10,000 from his re-election fund, as well as perjury and misconduct in office. He was given a five-year suspended sentence and was ordered to perform 500 hours of community service.


Stupid Is as Stupid Does

If you prefer fake news, fake data, and a fake narrative about an improving economy and stock market headed to 30,000 don’t read this fact based, reality check article. The level of stupidity engulfing the country has reached epic proportions, as the mainstream fake news networks flog bullshit Russian conspiracy stories, knowing at least 50% of the non-thinking iGadget distracted public believes anything they hear on the boob tube.

This stupendous degree of utter stupidity goes to a new level of idiocy when it comes to the stock market. The rigged fleecing machine known as Wall Street has gone into hyper-drive since futures dropped by 700 points on the night of Trump’s election. An already extremely overvalued market, as measured by every historically accurate valuation metric, soared by 4,000 points from those futures low – over 20% – to an all-time high. Despite dozens of warning signs and the experience of two 40% to 50% crashes in the last fifteen years, lemming-like investors are confident the future is so bright they gotta wear shades.


State Police Recognize Trooper and Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel William Pallozzi today recognized sworn and civilian employees of the year at barracks and units throughout the Department, which culminated with the announcement of the statewide Trooper, Non-Commissioned Officer, Police Communications Supervisor and Police Communications Operator of the Year for 2016.

The statewide Trooper of the Year award was presented to Trooper Charles Tittle, of the North East Barrack. The Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the Maryland State Police was awarded to Sergeant Jeremy Vogt, of the Criminal Enforcement Division. The statewide Police Communications Supervisor was presented to Police Communications Supervisor Sydney Sarrichio of the Rockville Barrack. The 2016 Police Communications Operator of the Year award was won by Police Communications Operator II Ashley Howard, of the Easton Barrack.

“These awards represent the highest level of performance, achievement, commitment, and dedication,” Colonel Pallozzi said. “The sworn and civilian employees recognized today rose to the top last year in their performance, perseverance, and passion for doing their best. They provided selfless and superior police services to the people of Maryland. I am grateful for their commitment to making Maryland safer and to upholding the highest traditions of the Maryland State Police.”

Andrew Napolitano: Mass spying without suspicion and the hole in our Constitution

The issue of federal government surveillance of Americans has largely occupied Washington politicians and the media since President Donald Trump first accused the administration of his predecessor of spying on him while he and his colleagues worked at Trump Tower in New York City during the presidential election campaign and during the presidential transition.

Trump’s allegations were initially dismissed as a diversionary tactic to get the attention of the media and the interest of the public off allegations made against the Trump campaign that it conspired with agents of Russian intelligence to facilitate Russian interference with the presidential election. Even some very smart colleagues of mine dismissed Trump’s allegations, arguing that no one in Washington found them believable.

Then the director of the FBI, James Comey, and the director of the National Security Agency, America’s 60,000-person-strong domestic spying apparatus, Adm. Mike Rogers, testified under oath that they knew of no surveillance of candidate or President-elect Trump at Trump Tower.


New Lidl Grocery Store Planned Near Routes 50, 589 Intersection

BERLIN – A Lidl grocery store has been proposed for the property at the intersection of Route 589 and Route 50 in Berlin.

Lidl (pronounced leedle), a popular German grocery store, is planned for the property known as the Cropper Farm on the south side of Route 50 at its intersection with Route 589.

“Lidl US, LLC is presently planning to construct a Lidl grocery store on the northeast portion of that property owned by the William E. Cropper Trust,” attorney Mark Cropper said. “They’re anticipating initiating the formal zoning approval process in the very near future.”

According to its website, Lidl has 10,000 stores in 27 countries and has been seeking development sites up and down the East Coast. The Worcester County Commissioners this week agreed to send a letter to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) in support of an extension of Samuel Bowen Boulevard to allow for access to the proposed Lidl site in Berlin. According to county staff, when the company’s engineers presented SHA with access plans showing the extension of the service road from its current terminus at McDonalds to the Route 50 intersection with Route 589, officials expressed concern.


The Unavoidable Pension Crisis

There is a really big crisis coming.

Think about it this way.

After 8 years and a 230% stock market advance the pension funds of Dallas, Chicago, and Houston are in severe trouble. But it isn’t just these municipalities that are in trouble, but also most of the public and private pensions that still operate in the country today.

Currently, many pension funds, like the one in Houston, are scrambling to slightly lower return rates, issue debt, raise taxes or increase contribution limits to fill some of the gaping holes of underfunded liabilities in their plans. The hope is such measures combined with an ongoing bull market, and increased participant contributions, will heal the plans in the future.

This is not likely to be the case.

This problem is not something born of the last “financial crisis,” but rather the culmination of 20-plus years of financial mismanagement.

An April 2016 Moody’s analysis pegged the total 75-year unfunded liability for all state and local pension plans at $3.5 trillion. That’s the amount not covered by current fund assets, future expected contributions, and investment returns at assumed rates ranging from 3.7% to 4.1%. Another calculation from the American Enterprise Institute comes up with $5.2 trillion, presuming that long-term bond yields average 2.6%.

With employee contribution requirements extremely low, averaging about 15% of payroll, the need to stretch for higher rates of return have put pensions in a precarious position and increases the underfunded status of pensions.


Liberal Liar Ireton & His Polluted Politics

The reports are in and once again, year after year, the Wicomico River just keeps getting worse. One thing is for sure, Jim Ireton flat out LIED to the public and typical of all local liberal politicians they'll say and do anything to get elected.

You can GO HERE to view one of the reports but here's what NONE of them are going to tell you. I was the one who confronted the State referencing their not doing their test properly as they did not include the Salisbury Zoo in their original reports because the State claimed it was in tidal waters and it was not. Should they have done their tests properly the Zoo probably would have been shut down over 10 years ago. 

Now that they have had more then 10 years to do the proper testing, funny how every year the River keeps getting failing grades, even though they went ignored for 10 years until they had enough information to include that area in their tests. Yeah, TEN YEARS the numbers were way off and Ireton knew it. 

There's no way the Wicomico River will be clean over the next 20 years, especially if they continue to allow hundreds of animals to defecate every single day into the Wicomico River. The Zoo also puts hundreds of pounds of duck chow into the river daily which attracts an unusually high volume of wild animals doing the same. Hence why the Zoo removed the Llamas from being right on the river. Obviously that didn't help matters.

So these save the world tree huggers can make the simple claim there's a problem because of the high volume of rain but like any other liberal organization they're only telling you part of the story. 

So there will be no swimming in the Wicomico River and yes it has been more then 10 years since Ireton made that promise. Ladies & Gentlemen, the City of Salisbury has very little navigable waterway on the River anyway, so there wasn't much to clean up to start with. Now you have a Boy Mayor who's probably away in the reserves for the weekend so he doesn't have to show his face after this new report. Ireton, well, he's probably in Rehoboth for the weekend. How's that "Rain Tax" working for you Jim & Jake. Or what do you call that new tax now anyway? You know, kind of like section 8 housing is now affordable housing. Same thing, different day. 

Just imagine if they reported crime properly, what the numbers would be like. Maybe SU needs to come out with another organization like Creekwatchers to keep these habitual liberal liars in check too.  

Police Charge Nine with Possessing Striped Bass

Striped bass possession and a drug arrest topped the list of cases handled recently by the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

Over two nights of surveillance, officers charged nine men with possessing 87 striped bass from the waters of Dorchester County.
On Saturday, an officer watched as four men caught striped bass and hid them in storm drains on Fishing Creek Bridge. The officer recovered 14 fish.
Charged with possessing striped bass in a closed season were: Juan Manuel Bravo, 34, of Hyattsville; Emerson DeJesus Vargas Campos, 26, of Riverdale; Jairo Dario Ramierez, 22, of Upper Marlboro; and Elmer Antonio Castillo Araniva, 23, of Upper Marlboro.
The next night, officers watched as five men from Prince George’s County caught fish and placed them in the trunk of an SUV. When officers stopped the vehicle and searched it, they found 73 striped bass in a duffel bag.
Charged with possessing striped bass in a closed season were: Kevin Wilfredo Portillo Lopez, 20, Riverdale; Paris Benjamin Lizano Molina, 20, of New Carrollton; Steven Antonio Cabrera, 19, of Riverdale; Joel Antonio Portillo Ramierez, 21, of Cheverly; and Ariel Maur Sagastizado Sanchez, 21, of Hyattsville.
All nine men are scheduled to appear in Dorchester County District Court June 28. If found guilty, each man could be fined as much as $1,500.

Report Shows Spy Agencies "Routinely" Unmasked Lawmakers' "Everyday Lives"

The U.S. government’s foreign surveillance incidentally collects information on lawmakers and their staffs as often as once a month, according to a new report.

In what seems like the first attempt to shift the narrative of Susan Rice's alleged wrongdoings, the report positions the 'unmaskings' as "routine" almost as if the fact that 'everyone's doing it' somehow negates the fact that the law was allegedly broken.. (as The Hill reports)

Congress frequently receives alerts that its members and their aides have been unmasked and their identities shared with intelligence and law enforcement forces, Circa said Thursday.

Circa said such alerts, named “The Gates Notification” after former CIA Director Robert Gates, go to the Gang of Eight leadership team in Congress. The Gang of Eight includes the Speaker and House minority leader, the Senate Democratic and Republican leaders, and the bipartisan heads of both chambers’ intelligence committees.

Circa added the lawmakers often don't learn about such unmasking unless it involves a hacking or security threat.

Intelligence community sources speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed to Circa that lawmakers' names may appear in executive branch intelligence reports.


Cummings Denies Telling Trump He’d ‘Go Down As One Of The Great Presidents’

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another who-said-what conflict between President Donald Trump and Congressman Elijah Cummings. This time over how Trump will go down in history.

Trump says the Baltimore Democrat told him during their meeting last month that Trump will be one of the greats, but Cummings has a different take.

When the president said in February that Cummings backed out of a meeting with him, the congressman chalked it up to confusion. Now, on the matter of how Trump will go down in history, he’s calling him out.


What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Yesterday’s Chemical Attack in Syria

On Tuesday, yet another chemical weapons attack occurred in Syria. This particular attack took place in the Idlib province, and dozens have reportedly died as a result.

Syria is no stranger to chemical weapons attacks. In 2013, there were two notably devastating attacks, both of which the Obama administration used to try to justify a direct strike on the Assad government.

The U.N. thoroughly investigated the first 2013 attack. The U.N Commission of Inquiry’s Carla Del Ponte ultimately said the evidence indicated the attack was carried out by the Syrian rebels — not the Syrian government. Despite this, support for the Syrian rebels from the U.S. and its allies only increased, raising serious questions about Obama’s sincerity when condemning chemical attacks.


Baltimore Among Top Cities For Dog Attacks On Postal Workers

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore has ranked 16th in the United States Postal Service’s top 30 list of cities where employees are most frequently attacked by dogs.

The list was released today in honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which starts April 9.

The number of postal employees attacked by dogs nationwide reached 6,755 in 2016 — more than 200 higher than the year before, according to a release.

Ranking ahead of Baltimore on the list: Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland, San Diego, Louisville, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Portland, Dallas, Philadelphia and Columbus.


BIG FISH: 113 Lb. catfish caught by Anderson Co. woman, breaks SC record

An Anderson County woman has broken the South Carolina record after she reeled in a catfish weighing 113.8 lbs.


Maryland Casinos Generate Record $141.2 Million in Revenue During March

MGM National Harbor revenue totals more than $51.2 million

(BALTIMORE) – Maryland Lottery and Gaming today announced March 2017 revenue numbers for the state’s six casinos: Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore in Baltimore City, Casino at Ocean Downs in Worcester County, Maryland Live Casino in Anne Arundel County, Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Allegany County, and MGM National Harbor in Prince George’s County. Maryland’s casinos had a record month, totaling $141,166,114 in revenue during March 2017 – an increase of $43,313,981, or 44.3%, compared to the March 2016 figure of $97,852,133.

In a year-to-year comparison not including MGM National Harbor, which opened on Dec. 8, 2016, statewide casino revenue in March 2017 decreased by $7,935,811, or 8.1%.

MGM National Harbor generated $51,249,793 from both slot machines and table games in March. Gross gaming revenue per unit per day in March at MGM National Harbor was: $278.37 for slot machines, $5,788.26 for banked table games and $1,463.18 for non-banked table games. MGM National Harbor operates 3,114 slot machines and 165 (126 banked and 39 non-banked) table games.

IRS Chief Koskinen: I'm Committed to Finishing My Term

Despite calls for his removal, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said he is committed to finishing his term, The Hill reports.

"I signed up for a term that ends in November," Koskinen said at a Senate Finance Committee hearing. "Where I come from, if you sign up for a commitment, you complete that commitment."

But 15 Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee have written to President Donald Trump urging him to fire Koskinen.

The lawmakers claim the IRS, under Koskinen, destroyed evidence when Congress was investigating the agency for singling out conservative groups for extra scrutiny, according to the Times.

"He also misled Congress in the process, [and] intentionally degraded customer service at the agency.."

More here

U.S. Investigating Possible Russian Participation in Syrian Chemical Attack, Officials Say

(WASHINGTON) — Senior military officials say the U.S. is looking into whether Russia participated in Syria's chemical weapons attack earlier this week.

The officials say Russia has failed to control the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons.

They say a drone belonging either to Russia or Syria was seen hovering over the site of the chemical weapons attack Tuesday after it happened. The drone returned late in the day as citizens were going to a nearby hospital for treatment. Shortly afterward, officials say the hospital was bombed.


WCSO Monthly Crime Statistics March 2017

Monthly Crimes Reported to the WCSO

  • Sector 1- Salisbury, Allen, Deer Harbour, Fruitland, Fox Chase
  • Sector 2- Parsonsburg, Delmar
  • Sector 3- Delmar, Log Cabin Road, Adkins Road
  • Sector 4- Nanticoke, Waterview, White Haven, Tyaskin
  • Sector 5- Booth Street, Reservation
  • Sector 6- Hebron, Mardela Springs, Sharptown
  • Sector 7- Pittsville, Willards, Powellville

Unsure of your WCSO Sector? Click HERE for the interactive map.

Left-Wing ‘Anti-Hate’ SPLC Cheated Tax Laws, Says Legal Complaint

The IRS should revoke the Southern Poverty Law Center’s non-profit status for campaigning against President Donald Trump during the 2016 election, says a legal request from a pro-American immigration reform group.

The SPLC’s election-season anti-Trump headlines, contributors’ statements and “educational” initiatives collectively violated tax laws governing non-profits, says the Immigration Law Reform Institute, which is the legal affiliate of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“To vindicate itself as a fair and balanced agency, the IRS must strip the SPLC of its privileged tax-exempt status,” Dale Wilcox, the IRLI’s general counsel, told Breitbart News. “Their attacks on the President during his campaign were some of the most egregious I’ve ever seen,” he said, adding that “hoarding over $300 million in donor contributions, the group can afford to pay taxes anyway.”

According to tax law, donors can get tax breaks when they contribute to groups that register as 501(c)(3) non-profits. But the law also says that 501(c)(3) must not “participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.”


Is The Trump Era Already Over?

When Republicans stop apologizing, then they can start winning.

In 1992, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called President George H.W. Bush a “mean-spirited man who has no care or concern about what happens to the African-American community in this country."

This was part of a National Press Club rant in which the fright wig from California also announced, “I believe George Bush is a racist.”

Maxine Waters doesn’t apologize to anyone. But Republicans apologize to her.

When Bill O’Reilly joked about her wearing a James Brown wig, he was intimidated into apologizing. “Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair, which was dumb. I apologize.”

Meanwhile Maxine went right on hurling insults and threats at the President of the United States. "I'm out to get him. I'm gonna see him out of office."

So much for that.

The left doesn’t apologize. It expresses no regrets. It just goes right on steamrolling its way forward. And if Republicans want to get anything done, they will have to fight the left just as hard as it fights them.

The big question is can Republicans fight? Or can they just fight among themselves?

More here

Mayor of newest sanctuary city calls police ‘occupying force’

Lansing, Michigan Mayor Virgil Bernero is scrambling to justify the city’s sanctuary status for illegal immigrants, and he’s invoking some looney excuses for defying federal immigration laws.

Bernero, a union-backed Democrat defeated by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in 2010, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the city’s move to become the state’s first sanctuary city.

The Lansing City Council voted unanimously Monday night to protect to defy the Trump administration’s immigration policies despite clear warnings from Attorney General Jeff Sessions about lost federal funding for sanctuary cities.

“The resolution reaffirmed the city’s status as a ‘welcoming city’ to immigrants and refugees and then added the sanctuary status,” The Detroit News reports. “It means the city directs its police and staff not to ask about anyone’s immigration status unless otherwise required to by federal or state law, or by a court order.”

Carlson asked Bernero why he would risk federal funding for the city by ignoring the federal law, and the mayor said immigration “is not a priority for us” and “it’s about building bridges, and not walls.”

Bernero said local law enforcement doesn’t want to be viewed as an “occupying force.”


Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch

Election Watcher Bill Causing Controversy in Colorado

A bill before the Colorado General Assembly setting new criteria for election watchers is starting a fierce debate in the state.

Senate Bill 17-138, which is being promoted by Republicans, changes the statute dealing with election watchers in response to the state's transition to an all mail-in ballot election system. Election watchers are citizens with the right to vote who are appointed to observe and verify every step of the voting process on behalf of a political party or issue committee.

The bill changes the requirement for how many watchers are present during the counting process and adds background checks at the discretion of county clerks, even though there is no crime that disqualifies a person from serving as an election watcher.

Election watchers who oppose the bill say it will restrict access and limit the role of citizen electors whose job is to ensure the vote is free and fair. Background checks, critics say, could be used to delay and intimidate potential watchers.

Supporters of the bill, which originated in the Colorado secretary of state's office, say it is simply a way to harmonize the statute with the state's all mail-in ballot elections. They add the legislation would actually expand the number of election watchers.

More here

Cutting White Marlin Prize Not Worth Savings

Of all the cost cutting moves that could come with the micro-managing review that is budget season in Ocean City, it’s startling that the Mayor and Council would see fit to cut $5,000 for the first white marlin release prize of the season.

The council will have the opportunity next week during budget wrap-up sessions to revisit this move, and we encourage the town’s elected officials to keep this pittance in town budget terms.

Within hours of the story being posted online by this newspaper yesterday, a coalition was formed among private businesses to keep the $5,000 prize in play should the town proceed on its current course.

The partnership is called Fishermen United of Ocean City and consists of the Bank of Ocean City, Coastal Fisherman newspaper, Sunset Marina, Bahia Marina, Ocean City Fishing Center and Atlantic Tackle. This group of businesses — each with historic and present ties to the fishing industry — is outraged over the decision, which is perceived as a slight to the local fishing industry.


'Because She’s a Woman'

MSNBC host Chris Matthews and Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn suggested Tuesday night that Republicans are castigating Susan Rice, former President Obama's national security adviser, because she is a woman, not because she reportedly requested the identities of concealed Trump associates whose conversations were incidentally captured in U.S. intelligence reports.

"Notice it's always a female," Matthews said on his show "Hardball" after showing Republican attacks against Rice.

"They are making her, you know, basically they're defaming her without any reason to do so because she's a woman. Maybe because she's a black woman. Maybe because they didn't like her during Benghazi," Corn said.

More here

Breaking News: The Senate has confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, ending a bitter yearlong standoff over Antonin Scalia's seat

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate on Friday to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court, capping a political brawl that lasted for more than a year and tested constitutional norms inside the Capitol’s fraying upper chamber.

The development was a signal triumph for President Trump, whose campaign last year rested in large part on his pledge to appoint another committed conservative to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016. However rocky the first months of his administration may have been, Mr. Trump now has a lasting legacy: Judge Gorsuch, 49, could serve on the court for 30 years or more.

Media praised the ‘nuclear option’ when Democrats did it

Do you remember? The mainstream media were all for the “nuclear option” when it was Democrats doing the nuking.

The press showered praise upon the Senate for removing the filibuster for judicial nominees and executive appointments in 2013 in the effort spearheaded by then-Majority Leader Harry Reid.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow assured her viewers at the time that “judges can be blocked on an up or down vote, a majority vote, like always.”

“But they cannot be blocked anymore by just a majority of votes,” Ms. Maddow said, reported the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters. “Republicans cannot force that anymore.”

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes similarly hailed the 2013 development as “an affirmative win for democracy,” while his colleague Al Sharpton said “Democrats took the bold step of changing Senate rules, scaling back the filibuster that Republicans have unfairly used to block the president’s nominees.”

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill said Republicans should have taken the Senate back if the party wanted to preserve the filibuster.


Myth Vs. Reality: Protect Our [Failing] Schools Act

Publishers Notes: I called the Governor out some time ago about the Solar Bill and Sanctuary State Bill. I challenged the Governor as to why he wasn't screaming at the top of the mountains calling out our elected officials in Annapolis and all of a sudden, (since then) they are doing exactly what I had suggested. I also stated, what power does our Governor have if every time he veto's a bill, the Senate just overrides his veto's. I'm glad to see they finally got their act together on the multiple press releases they've been sending out since we called them out. 

Governor Hogan’s Veto of The Protect Our [Failing] Schools Act Must Be Sustained; Legislation Traps Students in Failing Schools

“Last week, the legislature passed a piece of legislation which, if not reversed, would directly threaten Maryland’s well-earned reputation as a national leader in education. Instead of racing to the top, we would be trapped in a race to the bottom. This bill would make us one of the least accountable school systems in the United States of America.” - Governor Larry Hogan, April 5, 2017

  • Teachers Union President Betty Weller Stated That Governor Hogan’s Veto Means That The Governor Is “Out-Of-Touch.” “Maryland State Education Association President Betty Weller released the following statement: ‘Gov. Hogan’s veto of the Protect Our Schools Act isn’t out of left field, but it’s certainly out-of-touch.” (Press Release, MSEA Statement On Gov. Hogan’s Anti-Public Education Veto,” Maryland State Education Association, 4/5/17)
  • Governor Hogan’s Veto Is Supported By The Maryland State Board Of Education, Maryland State Department Of Education, And Numerous Education Advocates. “The Maryland State Board of Education unanimously opposes the bill.” "The State Board of Education continues to oppose this legislation because it de-prioritizes student achievement, dictates how we share school-performance information with families and other stakeholders, and limits, instead of expands, the state's ability to address the needs of boys and girls in persistently underperforming schools," board President Andy Smarick said in a statement.” The state Board of Education is opposed to the bill, as is state schools Superintendent Karen Salmon. She said the state heard from hundreds of people before the draft plan was written. She thinks decisions on education policy are better left to the school board than the legislature.” (Brian Witte, “Maryland Governor Vetoes Bill On Lagging Schools,” The Associated Press, 4/5/17; Pamela Wood, “Hogan Vetoes Bill limiting Maryland School Reforms,” The Baltimore Sun, 4/5/17; Pamela Wood, “Hogan Blasts Bill That Would Limit Education Reforms,” The Baltimore Sun, 3/24/17)       
  • Teachers Union President Betty Weller Stated That The Protect Our Schools Act Will Help Close The Achievement Gap In Maryland. "We have a once in a generation opportunity for Maryland to redefine and improve public school success, with less emphasis on testing and a greater focus on closing opportunity gaps,’ said Betty Weller, president of the Maryland State Education Association.” (Press Release, Maryland House Passes The Protect Our Schools Act,” Maryland State Education Association, 3/10/17)
  • The Protect Our Schools Act Will Trap Students In Failing Schools; Will Strip Authority Away From The State Board Of Education To Effectively Implement Measures To Help These Students Succeed. “SB 871/HB 978, if enacted, would seriously encroach upon the purview of the State Board as an independent body charged with ensuring that Maryland’s public education system serves and operates in the best interest of all students in the State. The General Assembly has rightfully entrusted the State Board as the head of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and invested it by law ‘with the last word on any matter concerning educational policy or the administration of the system…’ This includes providing leadership and oversight for the creation and successful implementation of the State Consolidated Plan required under ESSA. The State Board and MSDE are dedicated to developing a high-quality plan that ensures that all students have access to a world-class educational system that prepares them to graduate from high school ready for post-secondary learning, rewarding work and success in society and life. SB 871/HB 978 severely restrict the State Board in its shaping of the accountability system; they also dictate to it and to MSDE key elements of the State’s most important education accountability functions, including (1) deciding how to prioritize student learning, (2) how to report on student learning, and (3) what to do when students are not learning.” (Andy Smarick, Letter To Members Of The General Assembly: Protect Our Schools Act Of 2017, 3/24/17)

WCSO Press Releases - Apr. 7, 2017

Incident: Wanted Subject
Date of Incident: 3 April 2017
Location: Chelsea Ann Lane, Fruitland, MD
Subject: Shane Thomas Fisher, 26, Eden, MD
Narrative: On 3 April 2017 at 3:00 PM a deputy located a wanted subject, Shane Fisher, walking on Chelsea Ann Lane in Fruitland. Fisher was wanted on a District Court Bench Warrant that was issued after Fisher failed to appear for a CDS Possession case.
Fisher was ordered held without bond by the issuing judge on the bench warrant.
Charges: Failure to Appear

Incident: Harassment
Date of Incident: 4 April 2017
Location: 5000 block of Homestead Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Megan Elizabeth Brasure, 18, Willards, MD
Narrative: On 4 April 2017 at 6:33 pm a deputy arrested Megan Brasure in connection with a reported harassment. According to the complainant in this case, Brasure repeatedly made unwanted calls and sent unwanted text messages after being told to stop. The complainant also reported that the messages were of a threatening nature.
Upon arrest Brasure was transported to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Brasure pending a future court date.
Charges: Harassment and Telephone Misuse 

Incident: Failure to Comply with a Peace Order
Date of Incident: 5 April 2017
Location: 500 block of Barnsdale Drive, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Harley Lynn Lewis, 63, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 5 April 2017 at 6:33 a deputy arrested Harley Lewis following an allegation that Lewis violated a Peace order. According to the complainant in this case, Lewis has been causing problems by constantly throwing refuse on the complainant’s property. The complainant obtained a peace order against Lewis in order to try and keep Lewis from harassing him and throwing trash on his property.
Lewis was served with the Peace Order on 28 March 2017.
On 31 March 2017, Lewis commenced yelling and throwing refuse in the complainant’s front yard.
Upon arrest Lewis was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Lewis pending a future court date.
Charges: Failure to Comply with a Peace Order

A Viewer Writes: Motorcycle Safety

Good Morning Joe,

With the spring weather arriving people are starting to go out on their motorcycles a lot more often. Also with the fine weather is grass cutting season. I was thinking that this would be a great time to remind both motorcycle riders and people who mow their lawns of the dangers that occur when you blow your yard clippings in the road. Grass clipping are extremely slippery to motorcycles and have caused a lot of accidents. Even at slow speeds fresh cut grass can cause the tires of a bike to slip right out from under you. 

I was hoping you would please post the image I have attached as a friendly reminder  of this seasonal road hazard. 

Thank you for all you do. 

Jason Chaffetz Uses To Price Check Government Spending "This is Ridiculous"

Interview: Hogan on Baltimore police reform, ‘outrageous’ school bill

WASHINGTON — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says that he agrees with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis that the Justice Department agreement to reform the city’s police department should move ahead.

Asked for his thoughts while a hearing on the consent decree was held in Baltimore, Hogan told WTOP, “We are all committed to making the progress that was recommended in the consent decree. I believe the commissioner and the mayor have been making great progress and will continue to do so.”

Hogan visited Baltimore in the wake of the riots that erupted in 2015 after a Baltimore man, Freddie Gray, died while in police custody. At that time, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was serving as mayor and the police department was led by Commissioner Anthony Batts. Hogan credits the new leadership in Baltimore with “making improvements and moving in a new direction.”


God's Marketing Plan

I saw this driving by a church in Salisbury and had to turn around and pull in the driveway to take a picture. God has a good marketing team at work.

Temporary Problems With Blogger

There seems to be a problem with Blogger today.  We are having problems with posting and moderating comments as others are reporting they are having problems leaving comments. Hopefully they will have the problem fixed shortly.


Battle over medical marijuana program comes down to licenses

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —A battle over Maryland's medical marijuana program is coming down to the number of licenses.

Lawmakers are wrangling over increasing the number of medical marijuana licenses to achieve racial diversity. The law currently allows for 15 licenses. The Legislative Black Caucus wants to increase the licenses by five.

"We absolutely insist that five of these licenses go to minorities, African-Americans and other minorities, in terms of ownership," said Delegate Cheryl Glenn, D-Baltimore City.



Once in a blue moon you come across something you never expected, this is one of them.

Last night a friend took me to Barbely's restaurant in, of all places, Newark, Maryland. It's not far from Berlin, south bound on Rt 113 and then you turn here, then there and when you hit the RR Tracks, there it is. Use your GPS and you'll have no problem getting there.

Nevertheless, they are only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4 PM till. Their menu is constantly changing, so I'm told from the Owner and her Son. I had the prime rib and it was to die for. Their deserts are all home made and I'm told from my friend that you might want to order/reserve desert before you order your food, it sells out that fast.

Look, trust me on this one. If you'd like to go to a family owned restaurant with an incredible atmosphere, give this place a try. You can thank me later. 


"All options are on the table”

I got chills when I saw a CNN report that said that a White House official has just warned that “the clock has now run out” on North Korea’s nuclear program and that “all options are on the table”.

That second phrase has been repeatedly used by members of the Trump administration in recent days, and everyone knows what it means. When I wrote that a conflict with North Korea could be “Trump’s first war”last month, I was still hoping that cooler heads would prevail and that a military conflict could be avoided. Unfortunately, it appears that a peaceful solution is not in the cards, and that means that the United States may soon start bombing North Korea. And of course if that happens the North Koreans will strike back with whatever they can, and that includes nuclear weapons.

I don’t know if I have the words to effectively communicate how serious this situation could become. We have gotten to the point where the White House is openly talking of going to war with a nuclear power



Trump Effect continues as job creation demolishes projections

Outgoing Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo told CNBC on Wednesday that robust March job growth at American companies provides more confirmation of a “solid trend” of strength in employment.

He also said the economy is gaining traction.

U.S. companies added 263,000 jobs in March, according to the latest ADP and Moody’s Analytics private payrolls report. That was well above the 185,000 expected from economists surveyed by Reuters. The government reports its March employment report on Friday.

Forward indicators also bode well for second quarter growth, said Tarullo, who appeared on “Squawk Box” on his last day at the central bank. The 64-year-old, a tough regulator on the banks, announced his plans to retire in February.

Read more

The "Nuclear Option" Decision in Historical Perspective

Fifteen years ago Senator Schumer fundamentally changed the U.S. Senate by regularly deploying the filibuster to obstruct judicial nominations. He took it to another level with Judge Gorsuch, engaging in the first partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee in history. Leader McConnell and his Republican colleagues deserve an enormous amount of credit for finishing the deplorable practice that Senator Schumer started.

Congressman Andy Harris Responds to U.S. Strike Against Syria

WASHINGTON, DC: On April 7, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) released the following statement on the U.S. missile strike against Syria:

“I fully support President Trump’s decision to strike the Syrian air force base from which a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched earlier this week. Last night, the President showed our adversaries that he is ready to reestablish American leadership in the Middle East and on the global stage. Assad’s use of chemical weapons on civilians is a violent breach of several international agreements and a threat to American national security, and cannot be tolerated.”

Hours before airstrikes, Hillary Clinton called for bombing of Syrian airfields

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, gave a wide-ranging interview in New York Thursday where she called on the U.S. to carry out airstrikes on Syrian airfields in order to prevent more chemical attacks on its citizens.

"I really believe we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them,” Clinton made the comment during an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof at a women's summit.



"There Are Dead People In The Street" - Truck Hits Crowd In Stockholm

A vehicle has run into (and killed) a number of people at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm, according to Aftonbladet.

There are dead people on the street, said a witness told Expressen.

Martin Svenningsen, reporter on P4 Extra, is on the street: "I saw at least three dead, but there are probably more. It's a complete mess here.."


Breaking News: The U.S. economy added only 98,000 jobs in March, suggesting a cooling of the economy after months of strong job growth

The Labor Department released hiring and unemployment figures for March. It is the latest official snapshot of the state of the American economy.

• 98,000 jobs were added last month. Economists had been anticipating a gain of about 180,000 jobs for the month.

• The unemployment rate was 4.5 percent, down from 4.7 percent in February.

• The average hourly wage grew by 0.2 percent.

Step-father raped girl, 12, to get her pregnant because her mother couldn’t have kids

Do you remember when the real sicko-s were in movies? Straight off the silver screen the real world is getting a little sicker. This poor 12-year-old girl had been repeatedly raped by her step-father and the reason is more disgusting than you think…

The mother of the hardly teen had been sterilized so the stepfather was trying to get the little girl pregnant. The couple, who have been jailed, used the girl as a ‘surrogate mother’ and forced her to have sex with the man until she became pregnant. Sadly, they were successful and the little girl later gave birth to a child which has now been taken into care.

Warwick Crown Court jailed the step-father for 18 years after admitting two charges of rape, while the girl’s mother was sentenced to merely six years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to rape and child cruelty. The couple are both in their 30s, cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity.


Wicomico Changes Stance On ‘Landmine’ Fee Requests

SALISBURY – Talks to waive certain fees for local nonprofits reached an unfavorable verdict in Wicomico County Tuesday, less than a month after officials brought forth discussions on the matter.

In an open work session of the Wicomico County Council Tuesday, Councilman Marc Kilmer presented councilmembers with ideas to draft a resolution that would waive building permit and tipping fees for smaller 501c3s, a process which he said would eliminate uncertainty.

The proposed resolution, however, generated a lively debate on the pitfalls of the aforementioned waiver.

Tuesday’s preliminary discussions were a response to a former request from Chesapeake Housing Mission officials, who were granted a building permit fee waiver in March to install wheelchair ramps at homes throughout Wicomico County.


SHE’S BACK! Michelle Obama Is Well Rested And Ready To TORMENT America Once Again – ONE Guess How…

We all knew this day was coming, but nothing quite prepares you for the reemergence of Michelle Obama. She will give her first speech later this month at an architectural conference in Florida. No confirmation that it is a paid gig yet, but you know it is. And a hefty one. Both Barack and Michelle also signed a book deal worth millions just recently. This is that perk that comes with the presidency gifting them obscene amounts of money after leaving office if they choose to speak and write. And the Obama’s are all in just like the Clintons were.

Barack Obama is reportedly spending a month in French Polynesia to work on his memoir and now Michelle is hitting the speaking circuit. It takes a lot of money to foment a revolution. But I’m sure while they are gone, Valerie Jarrett is in control as she’s always been. It’s funny, the AIA Conference page doesn’t say a thing about Michelle Obama’s Marxist background or her radical leanings.


For Sale Cheap: Unwanted Pussy Hats

The nemesis of the moonbat is the free market. Moonbats live in an alternate reality constructed from lies. The free market does not lie. It tells you what is and what isn’t, not what ideologues would like there to be. Here is what it tells you about the “Resistance” movement characterized by silly-looking pink pussy hats:

[It’] not easy these days to be a subversive knitter, particularly if you want to make a living selling your perky, pink-eared knit hats to fellow progressives who feel wearing these things in public makes them look sophisticated and worldly, rather than like particularly woke Kindergarteners decked out in Hello Kitty finery.

An unscientific, several-day-long Heat Street study of eBay, Etsy and other Internet sale sites where the Pussy Hat trade once rivaled the gross domestic product [of] a small nation, shows sales have slowed to a trickle, with desperate knitters looking to offload their wares at deep discounts.

The “Buy it Now” range for new Pussy Hats is between $7.00 and $20.00, but even at the low end, the hats simply aren’t selling. As each auction Heat Street watched ended, the same Pussy Hats were often re-listed, at discounts of $2 or more. One retailer is so desperate, she’s knocked 40% off her listings, but the hats aren’t selling at $10, let alone $14.

Of 617 individual listings for Pussy Hats, only a handful had bids, and all of those had starting prices of $.99, with bids struggling to reach $5.


Chelsea Clinton Addresses Her Run Against Trump In 2020- Clears Up Suspicions…

Chelsea Clinton appeared on CBS This Morning this week and asked about seeking to run against Donald Trump in 2020…

Clinton currently serves as vice chairwoman of the board for the Clinton Foundation. During her interview she expressed support for all those elected officials who represent her in New York, from city council to Mayor Bill de Blasio to her U.S. senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, whom she said she had a huge girl crush on.

After being asked in a very awkward way if she was going to be running against President Donald Trump in 2020 there was an even more uncomfortable silence. Clinton then responded, “I clearly don’t agree with our president, but I’m definitely not the right person to run to defeat him in 2020. So right now, the answer is no, regarding a run for any other office. But I think we all need to be asking ourselves that question periodically.”

Did you get that? “So right now, the answer is no” means… let’s throw this up there and test the waters and see how potential voters respond to this possibility to see if it’s a good path to pursue. CBS This Morning were purposefully helping with that forced question. One of the other hosts smoothed over the uncomfortable air by talking about Clintons Twitter presence. A very interesting secondary topic to tell people that Chelsea Clinton has an “increased twitter presence”.


Benghazi Hero Tells President Trump What To Do With Susan Rice- NO MERCY!

This week we’ve been reporting on the President Trump surveillance cover-up. What we know concerning surveillance on Trump and his transition team is limited. It started for a year before Trump was inaugurated. His staff members were definitely under surveillance. There was a FISA warrant and Rice did compile spreadsheets on phone calls and unmask people. Those names were then sent out to a number of people, all of whom could have leaked the names etc. The trick here will be nailing people for a crime and proving that Barack Obama and/or Valerie Jarrett ordered the dirty work. We also need to know who sent what to the Washington Post.

One of the heroes of Benghazi, Kris Paronto, joined “Fox & Friends” to give his opinion on the bombshell Susan Rice unmasking report.

Rice was a former national security advisor for President Obama and is accused of seeking to unmask the identities of individuals associated with President Trump whose information was “incidentally collected” in intelligence reports.

Rice responded to the accusation telling MSNBC on Tuesday that she “absolutely” did not order the unmasking of individuals for political purposes. She did also seem to admit that sometimes such a request would be necessary for an investigation.


Oklahoma woman mauled to death by two pit bulls

An Oklahoma woman and her dog were killed by two pit bulls Thursday, according to police.

The unidentified woman was walking her small dog just before 2pm Thursday in the 8100 block of Willow Creek Boulevard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, when they were attacked by a pit bull and pit bull terrier, said Oklahoma City Police Officer Travis Vernier.

'During this attack the woman's dog and the woman, sadly, were both killed, they were both mauled to death by the two dogs,' Master Sergeant Gary Knight told NewsOK.


Ben Carson Uncovers MAJOR FRAUD Under Obama’s HUD- We Got Him.

Well well well…would you look at that. Liberals were REAL quick to call President Trump’s selection to run HUD “unqualified”, and stated that the job was too “complicated” for a brain surgeon to understand…but, look at them now.

Ben Carson has just made their worst nightmare come true, he has just uncovered massive incompetence on behalf of Obama’s Department of Housing and URban Development, or it maybe straight up corruption.

Wait for it…


So, you can bet that right now House Republicans are calling for hearings to find out EXACTLY what happened to the money.

That’s right folks,the inspector general for the Department of Housing Urban Development who took on the job Democrats cried was far too difficult for him to figure out how to do has just revealed this week that for three straight years…it appears Obama’s HUD, COOKED THE FREAKING BOOKS!


Apparently, HUD’S books are in such BAD shape that literally cannot complete an audit, a second time around.


How daily cups of tea can shield you from dementia

Drinking tea could shield you from dementia, a new study claims.

Scientists say drinking tea can lower the risk of cognitive impairment by 50 percent.

And the risk fell by as much as 86 percent for older adults who have a genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers say both green and black teas contain bioactive compounds that improve memory and prevent brain cells from dying.


Thank God Its Friday 4-7-17

What will you be doing this weekend?

Thursday Night Football Will Be On Amazon Prime For 2017 Season

There’s no knowing who will win the Thursday Night Football matchups yet to come in the 2017 NFL season, but we do now know who’s won the right to stream them this year, and it’s Amazon.

Amazon has inked a $50 million deal with the NFL to live-stream Thursday Night Football games, which will be available to Amazon Prime paid subscribers, theNew York Times reports.

We learned in March that Amazon was one of the companies vying for the Thursday Night rights, along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and possibly others.

Amazon had previously vied for the rights to stream the 2016 NFL season, but those rights ended up going to Twitter which paid a reported $10 million to the league.


Some Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Average Risk

If you drive a car, you probably already know that your driving record affects the amount you pay for auto insurance. But what you might not realize is that that price you pay can be greatly affected by purely demographic information — like your zip code.

A landmark 2015 study by the Consumer Federation of America showed that a good driver living in a primarily black neighborhood was likely to be charged 70% more than a similar driver in a white neighborhood. This effect was seen even after accounting for population density and income levels. The reason, according to the insurance industry, was risk, meaning that the number of claims and their cost drive up insurance in those neighborhoods, even for motorists who have never been involved in a collision.

Now a new, first of its kind analysis by our colleagues at Consumer Reports and ProPublica has shown that some insurers charge, on average, higher liability premiums in predominantly minority zip codes than in similarly risky non-minority zip codes. In some cases, ProPublica and CR say that major insurers were charging premiums that were on average 30 percent higher in zip codes where most residents are minorities than in whiter neighborhoods with similar accident costs.


5 Things You Should Know About Google’s New ‘YouTube TV’ $35/Month Streaming Service

When Google confirmed YouTube TV — its answer to live-TV streaming platforms like DirecTV Now, Sling, and PlayStation Vue — details were still sketchy. Today, the internet giant officially launched the service, showing potential viewers exactly what they’ll get for their $35/month.

We have yet to try YouTube TV, so we can’t recommend it (or tell you to avoid it), but there are some things you should know:

1. You may not be able to get YouTube TV
YouTube TV includes streaming access to all four major broadcast networks, along with The CW, which is great for people looking for a true cable replacement. Unfortunately, that also limits YouTube TV to launching in markets where the local network affiliates are actually owned and operated by the networks.

So for now, YouTube TV is only available in the following five markets: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Granted, those five metro areas account for a sizable chunk of the population, but it still leaves out the large majority of the country.