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Monday, November 13, 2017

Networks Loud on Roy Moore Allegations, Quiet on Bob Menendez Trial

TV networks have been giving wall-to-wall coverage to allegations of sexual impropriety by Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, eclipsing the coverage they have given to allegations of corruption leveled at Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

According to Newsbusters, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News have not mentioned Menendez’s trial for allegedly taking bribes in exchange for political favors once during the whole of the Democrat’s 65-day trial.

But the coverage of Republican Roy Moore has been markedly different..

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Multiple Standing Ovations for Judge Roy Moore as He Hammers Washington Post Smears

Judge Roy Moore, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate here in Alabama, received a standing ovation from veterans and Republican supporters here at a public library at his first public event since the Washington Post smeared him earlier this week.

Moore’s condemnation of the Post came towards the end of a nearly 30-minute rousing speech honoring veterans and standing up for the principles of the United States just outside Birmingham here on Saturday morning.

“Now I want to address something that some people have come here to hear about,” Moore said in front 50 or so supporters, turning his attention to the giant pack of media who came to Alabama to report on this. “Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post began an attack on the Foundation for Moral Law, on my wife, and on me. For weeks, we read about my salary which they distorted, about taxes where they said we were paid money we never got. But we endured that.”

“Later, they came out and endorsed my opponent in this race,” he continued. “Just two days ago, the Washington Post published yet another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate. These attacks about a minor are completely false and untrue about something that happened nearly 40 years ago. But more than being completely false and untrue, they are very hurtful to me personally.”

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Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: WaPo Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public

Birmingham, ALABAMA — The mother of Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, told Breitbart News that the Washington Post worked to convince her daughter to give an interview about the allegations against Moore.

Speaking by phone to Breitbart News on Saturday, Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71, further stated that her daughter would not have come forward if it weren’t for The Post reporter’s alleged actions.

Corfman went public with her accusations against Moore in a Washington Post interview published last week in which she alleged that Moore attempted to initiate sexual contact with her in 1979 when she was 14. Three other women between the ages of 16 and 18 claim that when Moore was in his 30s, he attempted to court them or that he dated them. The current age of consent in Alabama is 16.

Moore has strongly denied the accusations. He has questioned the timing of The Post’s story, which was dropped mere weeks before the December 12 election.

Corfman’s mother, Wells, told Breitbart News that reporters for the Washington Post convinced her daughter to give them an interview.

“She did not go to them,” said Wells. “They called her.”

“They tried to convince her to do it?” this reporter asked.

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Democrats Obstructing Brownback Confirmation

Catholic leaders and human rights activists are blasting Democrats for delaying the confirmation of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to a State Department post aimed at protecting the freedom of people around the world to practice the religion of their choice.

President Donald Trump nominated Brownback to become the U.S. ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom in late July, a post which is charged with promoting religious freedom and the protection of religious minorities from persecution as key objectives to U.S. foreign policy.

The Senate Foreign Relations approved his nomination in late October, and his GOP supporters in Congress hoped it would sail through the Senate by unanimous consent.


Shelby Steele: 'Liberalism Is Biggest Threat to Our Culture'

Striking back at "liberalism" as taking advantage of blacks on "idealisms" such as "diversity" and "inclusion," African American author Shelby Steele told The Daily Caller that "leftism really retards development."

"Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life," Steele told TDC.

"I think the left causes people to sell themselves out to identity and all sorts of ideas and idealisms and so forth. The left encourages them to take these multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, all these sorts of things, and identify with them and give themselves a self esteem based on these empty idealisms that have no connection to reality."

Steele, author "White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era," speaks to helping black Americans "dealing with reality" instead of what's "holding me back."

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Congressional referrals sparked DOJ investigations like Uranium One and Clinton Foundation

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has confirmed it has received multiple congressional referrals for investigations over the past year regarding the sale of twenty percent of the American uranium supply to Russia's nuclear arm, as well as calls for investigations into allegations of pay-for-play regarding the Clinton Foundation, Circa has learned.

Multiple sources, including congressional officials, tell Circa that the requests sent to the Department of Justice over the past year have led to ongoing investigations, which they say also include investigations into the alleged leaking of classified information to the media and the improper unmasking of Americans.

DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told Circa, "the department takes seriously all allegations from Congress of criminal conduct in determining whether to open an investigation." She said, "requests to open an investigation would be referred to the appropriate investigative agency, such as the FBI, for review."

Isgur Flores said, "all allegations are reviewed in light of the principles of federal prosecution. And while some may find it frustrating at times, the Department has a policy against confirming or denying the existence of investigations in order to maintain the integrity of the process until and if charges are filed."

FBI officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

145 Sickened After Oyster Event At Ocean City Restaurant

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Health officials are investigating how 145 people became sick after a beer and oyster festival at Fager’s Island restaurant in Ocean City earlier this month.

Our media partner, The Baltimore Sun, reports the Maryland Department ofHealth and the Worcester County Health Department are looking into an outbreak of gastroenteritis among those who attended the event.

Gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection marked by watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, and sometimes fever. according to the Mayo Clinic.


Breaking News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked officials to look into whether a special prosecutor is needed to investigate the Clinton Foundation

The Justice Department told Congress on Monday that senior prosecutors were looking into whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate them.
The prosecutors will examine reports of misconduct at the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration’s 2010 decision to allow a Russian nuclear energy agency to acquire much of the United States’ uranium, among other matters, according to a letter sent to the House Judiciary Committee.
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With An Obama Phone

Maryland ends admission fees at state parks for military veterans

Military veterans can now visit any of Maryland’s 72 state parks for free after Gov. Larry Hogan eliminated fees in honor of Veterans Day.

“We can never thank our brave servicemen and women enough for what they have done and continue to do for our citizens, our state and our nation,” Mr. Hogan said Friday, November 10. “By providing veterans this complimentary benefit, which encourages them to access and enjoy our great outdoors, we hope to express our sincere appreciation, gratitude and respect for their service.”

Maryland’s state parks were already free for active duty service members displaying military I.D., but only for veterans on one day a year: Veterans Day, November 11.

The new admission policy applies to all U.S. military veterans, Marylanders and non-residents alike, Mr. Hogan’s office said in a statement.


McAuliffe Hints Again at Run for President in 2020

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.) continued to hint at a potential 2020 run for president on Sunday, telling MSNBC "let's talk" after his gubernatorial term concludes.

McAuliffe was interviewed by Al Sharpton in the wake of a successful election night for Democrats on Tuesday.

Democratic candidate Ralph Northam handily won the race to succeed him as governor. In addition to sweeps of the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor races, the party made what McAuliffe called "historic" gains in the Virginia House of Delegates.

After McAuliffe asserted voters in Virginia had shown they were rejecting President Donald Trump's agenda, Sharpton brought him up as a possible challenger to Trump in four years.

"Yes or no answer, because I'm out of time. You mention that Northam won, he's succeeding you," Sharpton said. "Will we see McAuliffe in 2020 on the list of possible Democratic candidates for president? Yes or no?"

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Over 100,000 New Puerto Rican Arrivals Could Tilt Politics in Florida

The arrival of more than than 130,000 Puerto Ricans in Florida since Hurricane Maria has some officials anticipating a political shakeup in a battleground state dominated by the Republican party.

Both parties are actively courting new arrivals to Florida, which President Donald Trump won last year by 112,000 votes out of 9.6 million cast.

Many Puerto Ricans have expressed outrage over Trump's handling of the storm but have applauded efforts by Republican Gov. Rick Scott to welcome them.

As U.S. citizens, Puerto Ricans can vote in federal elections when they move to the mainland. Newcomers must register as voters by next July 30 to vote in primaries ahead of the 2018 general election of a new governor to replace term-limited Scott and choose Florida's congressional delegation.

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Three players defy NFLPA and kneel for anthem on Veteran's Day weekend

Three players took a knee during the national anthem before the New York Giants game at the San Francisco 49ers, as the rest of the league stood during Veterans Day weekend.

49ers Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin, both of whom have been protesting for most of the season, knelt, as did Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon, who was just activated. Vernon had been protesting while he was injured.

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YouTube Blocks Videos of Extremist Cleric

YouTube has pulled the majority of videos of Anwar al-Awlaki, an extremist American cleric who has influenced a generation of American terrorists, The New York Times reported Sunday.

The jihadist propaganda of Awlaki influenced the Fort Hood gunman, the Boston Marathon bombers and those responsible for massacres in San Bernardino, Calif., and Orlando, Fla., the Times reported. Earlier in the fall, a YouTube search produced more than 70,000 results for Awlaki, who was killed six years ago in the U.S. by a drone strike.

Now, a search turns up just 18,600 videos, most which are news reports about his death, debates over the legality of his killing and various other material about him.

The move to remove the videos comes after pressure from governments and counter-terrorist advocates, the article explained.

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Is It Okay to Be White or Not?

It’s almost too easy to tweak leftist noses these days. They take themselves way too seriously, believe that their views are completely infallible, and can only seem to fall back on violence and rage when they meet any form of opposition, no matter how slight.

Take for instance a recent prank that hit several college campuses this past week. A group on 4Chan, an anonymous Internet forum, launched a campaign to post signs declaring, “It’s okay to be white.” The goal was to prove that “leftists and journalists hate white people.” The outcome would be that middle-of-the-road people would turn against the left, creating a “massive victory for the right in the culture war.”

The verdict on the outcome of the culture war is still out, but this particular campaign certainly stirred the hornet’s nest.



The Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office is sharing this information in an effort to provide the public with a life threatening concern about a recent recall of portable fire extinguishers manufactured by the Kidde Corporation. The extinguishers listed in the recall are revealed in the link within this article. Please take a moment to read the information on the link provided and check to see if your extinguishers model numbers are a match to those on the recall.

On Nov. 2, 2017, Kidde announced a recall of almost 38 million fire extinguishers in the United States. They may not work during a fire emergency if they become clogged and require a lot of force to use. Also, the nozzle can come off with enough force to strike and hurt someone. Kidde recommends owners immediately replace these fire extinguishers. The company is aware of one death when emergency responders couldn’t get the recalled extinguishers to work. There have been almost 400 reports of problems related to these Kidde fire extinguishers.

Hyperlinks:USFA Link - Kidde Recall of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Want To See Trump Wipe The SMIRK Off Rachel Maddow’s Face?

I look back upon the last election with fondness and a smile. I remember that night and the total meltdown from the left that ensued when President Trump trounced the Hildabeast. It was magical… much better than CATs. And I love the videos below… they just never get freaking old. Watching Rachel Maddow get the smirk wiped off her smug mug by Trump was one of the ‘feel good’ moments of my life. ALL the polls were wrong and the voters did indeed win the day. The tears, the rending of clothes, the gnashing of teeth and wailing… that was all frosting on a red, white and blue cake. Good times.

Trump would go on to win every single swing state causing media heads to explode and talking heads to bawl live on air. Those states were all predicted to go to Hillary Clinton. As each one went red, the left went pale and utterly speechless. Anyone who watched it knows what I mean, it was classic. Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida… each fell to The Donald and that look on Maddow’s face morphed from a smirk to priceless shock.


How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary health coverup

Silly, silly Donna Brazile. She’s publishing a book detailing turmoil in the Democratic Party during the 2016 campaign, highlighted by her concern that Hillary Clinton was seriously ill and might need to be replaced by Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

What’s the big deal? There’s no news here because all this was well-known and covered at the time by the big national newspapers and networks, right?

Wrong. If Brazile were rehashing things we knew, there would be no book and no bombshell headlines now.

Instead, she has thrown open a new and very big window on 2016 — and exposed yet again the consequences of the political biases of the Democratic media.


Woman jumps Burger King counter to attack employee

A shocking video shows the moment a disgruntled Burger King customer hopped over the counter and started fighting an employee.

The video starts with the woman yelling behind the counter and another person filming.

She then appears to throw something over the barrier before hopping up on top of it.


Multiple Standing Ovations for Judge Roy Moore as He Hammers Washington Post Smears at Veterans Day Event

VESTAVIA HILLS, Alabama — Judge Roy Moore, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate here in Alabama, received a standing ovation from veterans and Republican supporters here at a public library at his first public event since the Washington Post smeared him earlier this week.

Moore’s condemnation of the Post came towards the end of a nearly 30-minute rousing speech honoring veterans and standing up for the principles of the United States just outside Birmingham here on Saturday morning.

“Now I want to address something that some people have come here to hear about,” Moore said in front 50 or so supporters, turning his attention to the giant pack of media who came to Alabama to report on this. “Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post began an attack on the Foundation for Moral Law, on my wife, and on me. For weeks, we read about my salary which they distorted, about taxes where they said we were paid money we never got. But we endured that.”


Disneyland shuts down 2 cooling towers after Legionnaires' disease sickens park visitors

Disneyland has shut down two bacteria-contaminated cooling towers after Orange County health officials discovered several cases of Legionnaires’ disease in people who had visited the Anaheim theme park, authorities said.

Twelve cases of the bacteria-caused illness were discovered about three weeks ago among people who had spent time in Anaheim and included nine people who had visited Disneyland in September before developing the illness, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency. Their ages ranged from 52 to 94.

The remaining three were Orange County residents who did not visit the park but lived or traveled in Anaheim.

Ten were hospitalized and one person “with additional health issues” died, according to health officials. That person did not visit Disneyland.


Flight of the Conchords - Issues (Think About It)

Caution: Slowdown Ahead

Many of you know I keep posting charts keeping taps on the macro picture in the Macro Corner.

It’s actually an interesting exercise watching what they do versus what they say. Public narratives versus reality on the ground.

I know there’s a lot of talk of global synchronized expansion. I call synchronized bullshit.

Institutions will not warn investors or consumers. They never do.

Banks won’t warn consumers because they need consumers to spend and take up loans and invest money in markets. Governments won’t warn people for precisely the same reason. And certainly central banks won’t warn consumers. They are all in the confidence game.

Well, I am sending a stern warning: The underlying data is getting uglier. Things are slowing down. And not by just a bit, but by a lot. And I’ll show you with the Fed’s own data that is in stark contrast to all the public rah rah.

Look, nobody wants recessions, They are tough and ugly, but our global economy is on based on debt and debt expansion. Pure and simple. And all that is predicated on keeping confidence up. Confident people spend more and growth begets growth.

But here’s the problem: Despite all the global central bank efforts to stimulate growth real growth has never emerged. Mind you all this is will rates still near historic lows:


The Dow Falls By Triple Digits As Anxiety Over The Senate Tax Plan Grows

It is becoming quite clear that even if Congress passes a tax reform bill in 2017 that it won’t actually be that significant. On Thursday, anxiety about the Senate’s version of the bill pushed the Dow down more than a hundred points, and that was the biggest decline that we have seen in two months. Could it be possible that the massive stock market bubble that we are currently witnessing is about to burst? Anticipation of what this tax bill would mean for U.S. companies has been the foundation for so much of the euphoria that was have seen on Wall Street this year, and now reality is starting to set in

The Dow suffered its biggest drop since early September as investors reacted to reports that the Senate’s tax proposal would delay tax cuts for corporations for year, a development that pushes back a key part of the plan Wall Street was betting on to provide a boost to corporate profitability.

Reducing our corporate tax rate is very important, because right now we are not competitive with the rest of the western world. Almost every other major industrialized nation has a much lower corporate tax rate than us, and that encourages major corporations to locate operations elsewhere.

So if we are able to reduce the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, that is likely going to mean good things for the U.S. economy and more jobs for U.S. workers, but unfortunately the Senate version of the bill would delay that tax cut until 2019


First Ever Opah Caught off of Ocean City, MD

The way the inshore fishing has been going I figured I might get a few pics of tautog and rockfish today (which I did), but I never thought that I’d get the text that I got this afternoon or see the fish that I saw tonight.

At about 2:30 this afternoon I got a text from offshore from my buddy Captain Austin Ensor of the Primary Search out of Sunset Marina that read, “I need you to call someone at DNR and ask them if Opah (yes the west coast round orange fish) are legal to harvest in MD.) After about 5 minutes of waiting while I pondered how drunk Austin might have gotten himself offshore I got another….”Please! I have a 80-100 pound sword and an “expletive deleted” opah on board…’s huge and orange!”

I immediately called my DNR connection and he assured me that Opah, being that one has never been caught out of Maryland…EVER, was not regulated by MD DNR and was therefore ok to harvest. I sent Austin the text confirming that he could keep the fish, but I’ll be honest…..I couldn’t believe it was actually an opah until I saw it for myself.


After Endorsing Democrat in Alabama, Bezos's Washington Post Plans to Hit Roy Moore with Allegations of Inappropriate Relations with Teenagers; Judge Claims Smear Campaign

UPDATE: After this Breitbart News piece, the Washington Postreleased its story.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The Washington Post is imminently planning to run a piece targeting Judge Roy Moore, claiming that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls 34 years ago.

The alleged incidents, all of which Moore strongly denies, allegedly took place between 1977 and 1982. Breitbart News obtained details of the forthcoming Post story from the newspaper’s letter detailing the allegations sent to Moore’s campaign for comment.

“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” Moore said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News.


Somerset County (MD) Sheriff's Office

On 11-10-17 at appr. 11:00 pm Somerset Co. Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to Rt 413 north of Marion in reference to a Reckless Driving complaint. Deputies Daum and White located a pickup truck on the side of the highway in that vicinity. The truck was occupied by 6 juveniles from Wicomico County. The operator had no drivers license. The operator advised Deputies that he received a call from a male friend (one of the other juveniles in the truck) who needed a ride because his truck had broken down on the highway near their present location. Further investigation by the Deputies revealed that this other truck was possibly stolen. 

Dep. White located this other pickup truck and confirmed with the Salisbury Police Dept. that it had been stolen on 11-09-17 in the Salisbury area. This stolen truck now had front end damage and a broken radiator. A female juvenile passenger in the stolen truck was interviewed and advised that the operator of the truck was swerving, left the highway and struck a church sign near where the Deputies had located them. 

Based on that information, Dep. White went a little further south to the area of the Christ Fellowship Church and discovered that the sign had been struck and destroyed. He also observed tire tracks "donuts" in the church yard where a vehicle had been spinning around in circles creating damage to the yard. Church personnel were contacted. 

Based on the investigation, parents were contacted for all the juveniles in the first truck and they responded to the scene and took custody of their children. The first truck was released to the owner. Operator of the first truck was charged with driving w/o a license. 

The second truck, stolen vehicle was towed to the Somerset County Sheriff's Office impound lot. The female passenger of that truck was charged as a juvenile with Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking and released to her grandmother. The operator of the stolen truck was charged as a juvenile with Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking, MDOP and Driving w/o a Licence. In regards to this juvenile, the Dept. of Juvenile Justice was contacted and a commitment to the Lower Eastern Shore Children's Center was ordered. Dep. White transported the juvenile there (Wicomico Co.) where he was held. Deputies are waiting on the church to survey the damage and to provide a monetary amount.

Sheriff Howard commends Sgt. Daum and Dfc. White on a fine job and investigation.

‘Growth of the swamp’: Massive GOP letdowns help Dems score big

'Republicans are demoralized and dispirited at complete failure to keep promises'

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says Democrats there turned out in droves to register their animosity toward President Trump, and Republicans didn’t see the same passion from their voters because of failure after failure from the GOP in Washington.

On Tuesday, Democrat Ralph Northam coasted to an easy nine-point win over Republican Ed Gillespie. Democrats also won the races for lieutenant governor and attorney general, and they are on the brink of a stunning capture of the majority in the House of Delegates, where Republicans had enjoyed a 66-34 margin.

Pundits around the nation are offering endless analyses for the results, but Cuccinelli – the man who led the GOP ticket as the party’s nominee for governor four years ago – says the dominant performance from Democrats really boils down to one party’s base being fired up and the other one discouraged.

“On the Democrat side, it is correct to say that Trump motivated their most left-wing voters,” said Cuccinelli, who noted that exit polls show voters who backed Bernie Sanders in 2016 were far more energized than those who sided with Hillary Clinton.

“If you look at Hillary Clinton’s top 50 precincts in 2016, the voter turnout there only went up about one percent from the last election,” Cuccinelli told WND and Radio America. “If you look at Bernie Sanders’ top 50 precincts, the voter turnout exploded almost 20 percent.”

Coming To Salisbury Maryland...

Steve Bannon Blasts ‘Republican Scumbags’ for Attacks on Trump, Roy Moore

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon launched into a tirade Saturday against “Republican scumbags,” such as GOP mega-donor Paul Singer, over alleged attacks on President Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“Paul Singer doesn’t mean anything to me, all the flunkies who work for Paul Singer don’t mean anything to me. And guess what brothers, we’re coming for you guys, ok, write it down,” Bannon said on Breitbart News Daily, before labeling him and other establishment figures “Republican scumbags.”

Bannon was referring to recent revelations that Singer was involved — via the Washington Free Beacon, which he finances — in funding Fusion GPS’ initial research into Donald Trump, which eventually led to the infamous “Trump dossier” — a collection unsubstantiated and sordid allegations claiming Trump was compromised by the Russians.


Donald Trump Makes Shocking Announcement About Christmas

Uh yeah… I don’t like this at all. Remember when President Trump made a YUGE deal out of saying Merry Christmas? Not so much. He insisted that “you’re going to see” “Merry Christmas” instead of the politically-correct “happy holidays” if he was elected president. But he just sent a “holiday reception” invitation to White House reporters. “The President and Mrs. Trump request the pleasure of your company at a Holiday Reception to be held at The White House on Friday, December 1, 2017 at two o’clock,” the invitation reads in full, according to the Washington Examiner. Now, I’m going to give Trump the benefit of the doubt that he did not approve this. We’ll see.

The invitation has a gold presidential seal and tells reporters to show up at the southeast entrance of the White House. All will be forgiven if he hands each of them a stocking stuffed with coal. Just sayin’. The email sent to the reporters also said that White House reporters will be receiving an “engraved invitation” for Trump’s holiday reception in the mail at a later date. Here’s why I’m giving Trump the benefit of the doubt… the email, unlike the actual invitation, has a title that says “White House Christmas Reception.” The body of the email also mentioned Christmas.


Eastern Shore Native Nominated to Lead Department of Health and Human Services

WASHINGTON, DC: On November 13, President Trump nominated Alex Azar II to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Mr. Azar is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and served as General Counsel and Deputy Secretary for HHS under President George W. Bush. Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) issued the following statement in support of Mr. Azar’s nomination:

“President Trump has selected an excellent, highly-qualified candidate for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services who hails from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Mr. Azar has already served as General Counsel and Deputy Secretary for HHS, and was confirmed by voice vote in the Senate twice. Mr. Azar knows the Department of Health and Human Services inside and out, and will work with Congress as we continue the efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare and lower the cost of healthcare for hardworking Americans.”

Saudi "Deep State" Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Among Those Arrested In Purge

According to a new report by Middle East Eye, Prince Bandar bin Sultan - Saudi Arabia's most famous arms dealer, longtime former ambassador to the US, and recent head of Saudi intelligence - was among those detained as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's (MBS) so-called "corruption purge" that started with the initial arrests of up to a dozen princes and other top officials last weekend.

If confirmed, the arrest and detention of Bandar would constitute the most significant and high profile figure caught up in the purge - even above that of high profile billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal - given Bandar's closeness to multiple US administrations and involvement in events ranging from Reagan's Nicaraguan Contra program (including direct involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal), to making the case for the Iraq War as a trusted friend of Bush and Cheney, to directing US-Saudi covert operations overseeing the arming of jihadists in Syria.

Middle East Eye issued the report based on multiple contacts "inside the royal court" and indicates further that the scale of MBS' aggressive crackdown is much larger than previously reported, and even involves the torture of "senior figures" among those detained:


Bernie Sanders: Trump Is ‘Trying to Divide Us by the Color of Our Skin’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation‏,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) accused President Donald Trump of “trying to divide us up by the color of our skin.”

Partial transcript as follows:

JOHN DICKERSON: Joining us now is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, he’s in Burlington. Senator Sanders, you tweeted something this morning about the president and his meetings overseas. You said, quote, “President Trump has never met a leader of an authoritarian nation that he didn’t like.”

And you named Russia, China, Saudi Arabia. Is that really fair? President Obama hosted a state dinner with the Chinese president. He was quite solicitous of the Saudi king. And he tried a reset with Putin in Russia. Isn’t this what presidents do?

More here

What If Government Steals Liberty

What if the government doesn’t really deliver for us? What if its failures to protect our lives, liberties and property are glaring? What if nothing changes after these failures?

What if the National Security Agency — the federal government’s domestic spying apparatus — has convinced Congress that it needs to cut constitutional corners in order to spy on as many people in America as possible? What if Congress has bought that argument and passed a statute that put a secret court between the NSA and its appetite for all electronically transmitted data in America? What if that secret court — called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court — is supposed to protect personal liberty but instead has become a wall behind which the NSA hides?

What if the Constitution only permits warrants for searches and seizures that are based on probable cause of crime? What if the Constitution requires that all warrants for searches and seizures specifically describe the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized? What if the courts have ruled that electronic surveillance constitutes a search and seizure within the meaning of the Constitution?


BREAKING NEWS: Trump nominates Alex Azar for HHS secretary, replacing Tom Price

President Trump announced that he will nominate Alex Azar as his Health and Human Services secretary, replacing Tom Price who was forced to resign in September amid a scandal over travel expenses.

“Happy to announce, I am nominating Alex Azar to be the next HHS Secretary. He will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices!” the president tweeted Monday from the Philippines.
Trump has reportedly been leaning toward an Azar nomination, as he is a veteran of the agency.


Pittsville's Carla Moore Obviously Out Of Jail Already

One has to wonder where these little gems came from. 

There's No Such Thing As An "American" Homicide Rate

In September, the FBI released new homicide data, and the overall US homicide rate rose for the second year to an eight-year high.

According to the report, the nationwide homicide rate in the US in 2016 was 5.3 per 100,000, up from 2015's rate of 4.9.

The homicide rate in 2014 - 4.4 per 100,000 - had been a 51-year low, and comparable to rates not seen since the 1950s.

Homicide rates still remain well below where they were in the 1980s and 1990s, when homicide rates sometimes exceeded 9 per 100,000.

When it comes to making any serious analysis, however, nationwide homicide rates for a place as large as the United States arenext to useless. When we look at numbers on a state-by-state basis, we find that homicide rates vary from 1.3 per 100,000 in New Hampshire to 11.8 per 100,000 in Louisiana.

To offer some additional context, I've included rates from Canadian provinces (using Canada's 2015 stats) side by side with US states:


Millennials Want More Pay Because They're Smarter/Educated

Millenials have come out stating they deserve more pay then people in their 40's and 50's because they're smarter, better educated and more familiar with Social Media. This was on this mornings national news.

It seems to me they forgot one major thing, wisdom and experience.

While we are seeing this exact situation in the City of Salisbury with a very young and inexperienced Mayor, we're also watching him remove the very people with wisdom and experience and replacing them with children right out of college. I guess it's because they're smarter because some Liberal jackass teaching them in College said so. 

It's no wonder the "gray hairs" and running out of the City just as fast as they can, just like the Salisbury Police Officers. This used to be the place seniors wanted to retire in but we all know, the verbal abuse the City places on them, (even on live TV, PAC 14) and the retaliation towards anyone who speaks out is enough for these young bucks to take control and destroy the City even more while "gray hairs" run for the hills. 

The funniest part is watching the Good Ol' Boys and special interests quietly redesigning the political arena, setting up their younger generations/children in order to profit from their fabricated future. Look very close at the pictures of the people at Jack Heath's announcement run for County Executive and stop being so stupid people. You are ALL being played and don't you ever say I didn't warn you. No conspiracy here Folks, just facts. 

Northeast Facing Record-Low Temperatures As Polar Vortex Returns; Nat Gas Prices Soar 700%

The return of the dreaded polar vortex is battering much of the eastern US this week, sending temperatures well into freezing territory and close to record lows - a phenomenon that could persist for much of the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

According to the New York Post, record-low temperatures are forecast for Friday and Saturday, with nighttime and early-morning mercury dipping into the 20s.

The temperature dropped into the 20s in some places in the northeast last night, and could sink as low as 21 degrees fahrenheit on Saturday, according to AccuWeather forecasts.


You Have to Hand It to Hillary – the Girl Can Smear

With the help of the DNC (broke, but forking over millions to this end), Hillary pulled off what Kimberly Strassel rightly calls “one of the dirtiest tricks in U.S. political history." She hired a smear outfit (Fusion, headed by Glenn Simpson) which put together ludicrous claims, leaked them to willing press cohorts, including David Corn at Mother Jones, hired Christopher Steele (GPS) to concoct a fairytale about Donald J Trump and had Steele give the Dossier to the FBI in July 2016. Then press megaphone Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News -- obviously tipped off by Steele -- reported, “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump advisor and Kremlin.”

Having generated this nonsense, handed it off to the FBI, and shared the news of that handoff to Isikoff, Hillary “jumped all over it, spinning its own oppo research as a government investigation into Mr. Trump.” She and her surrogates hit the airwaves with it:


Top 10 Secrets The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know

Restaurant Has All HIV-Positive Staff

Restaurants often use gimmicky appeals to draw in customers. Here’s a pitch tailor made for moonbats: a restaurant staffed entirely by people infected with HIV, which is usually spread through degeneracy and which causes AIDS — a horrible way to die:

Located in Toronto, the restaurant called June’s on Tuesday was serving its first meals prepared by HIV-positive cooks to dispel any notion that food preparation can spread the virus.

Let’s hope the cooks are careful with their knives. Getting their blood in the food may not spread the disease, but considering that prechewing food has transmitted HIV to infants, who knows?


Police Commission’s plans range to closing businesses

The Ocean City Police Commission this week unveiled its plan to control motor vehicle events, although some members characterized it as a brainstorming list.

“In order to evaluate some of the ideas and suggestions, we formed a list and unfortunately, some have taken the list as all the proposals,” said Police Commission Chairman and Councilman Dennis Dare during Monday’s session. “These are items that have been in the newspaper, social media, emails from the public, and discussed with each other.”

After the May car show that drew thousands of noisy vehicles and caused traffic jams on Coastal Highway, the council announced that it was searching for ways to reign in the motor events. The public increased the pressure on city officials to find a solution after an unofficial H2O International car rally became so rowdy that Ocean City Police and its allied agencies struggled to contain it.

The Police Commission organized the “Ocean City motor events action plan,” during closed session on Oct. 13. Those suggestions include:


Teacher Forces Children To ‘Convert To Islam’ – Fed-Up Father Fires Back With Epic Response

Our friends over in England are way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to forcing Islam down the throats of school children.

Mark McLachlan was furious when his 12-year-old stepdaughter brought home an assignment from her school asking her to “Write a letter to family about converting to Islam.” The 43-year-old didn’t let his daughter work on the assignment, and instead wrote up his own essay (below) with a heavy dose of the reality of Islam. He said that he recognizes that the children are all expected to learn about “all religions” but he doesn’t see why the students should be required to talk about leaving their own religion and choosing Islam.

As a Catholic I would be infuriated to have to deal with such an assignment and would have happily accepted a child in my care receiving a zero. Mark says he didn’t see “what [writing] the letter will gain” because if they want children to learn a less biased take on world religions they should focus on its history. In Mark’s case, I assume he wants its bloody history to be taught, along with the fact that the Crusades happened because Muslims kept attacking Europe and threatening to completely roll over Christianity’s strongholds.

After completing the assignment himself, Mark went to the school to complain and raise concerns over the essay. He had only been made aware of it because he was diligent in checking his stepdaughter’s school planner for the task, due on November 8th.


NBC News: Alabama Voters Standing by Roy Moore

Adam Edelman writes for NBC News that none of the Republican Alabama voters they interviewed about Roy Moore indicated their support for the Senate candidate had changed:

Of more than a dozen Republican voters in Alabama interviewed by NBC News, none said their support for Moore would change.

Most said they didn’t believe the allegations and some said even if they are true, that wouldn’t sway their vote for him next month because they think Moore is a good man, should be forgiven and they could never bring themselves to vote for a Democrat anyway. Several attacked the media.

Republican voters in Alabama said they love Moore’s penchant for political incorrectness — they like the same thing about President Donald Trump — and blame the media for Moore’s troubles.

Read the rest of the story at NBC News.

Professor Who Claimed He Had Dirt On Hillary- Disappears

In the light of the Kevin Spacey scandal, Netflix has canceled “House of Cards.” This is not surprising nor do I think it is the wrong thing to do. What I will miss about the show, however, is that it has heightened our awareness about what really goes on in DC. If you watch that show, it is incredibly accurate in detailing the inner workings of DC politics. Bribery, extortion, murder, lying, theft, consipiracy, double-speak, it’s all in there.

It is uncanny the number of people who commit suicide with two gunshots in their backs. So it is no surprise to hear that there is, yet again, another “mysterious disappearance” of someone who promised to have “dirt” on the Clintons.

Joseph Mifsud, an academic who investigators claim enticed George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign aide, with a promise of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from Russian sources, has mysteriously vanished. Papadopoulos alleges that Mifsud “told him in April 2016 that the Russians had ‘thousands of emails’ relating to Hillary Clinton.” Last Thursday, he has reportedly disappeared from the university in Rome where he teaches, and hasn’t been seen since.


Local Republicans back embattled candidate Roy Moore

Republican officials in Alabama are doubling down on Senate candidate Roy Moore in spite of accusations that he dated teen girls in his 30s, as a photo has emerged of one accuser working at a Hillary Clinton campaign event.

Moore has vehemently denied a bombshell Washington Post report detailing claims from several women that he dated them in the 1970s, including one who was 14 at the time.

While the GOP establishment moved quickly to cut ties with insurgent candidate Moore, who was heavily backed by President Donald Trump's strategist Steve Bannon, local party officials were not so skittish.

'I think it's going to affect the turnout — I think the turnout is going to be larger for Roy Moore,' Calhoun County Republican Party Chairman James Bennett told the Montgomery Advertiser.


Trump Returns to US With Over $250 Billion In Deals, China Is Calling It ‘A True Miracle’

President Trump has pulled off a financial miracle in China. He is returning with over $250 billion in business deals between our two countries. China thinks it is miraculous as well. On his final day in Beijing, Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping oversaw a ceremony in which corporate giants such as Boeing and Qualcomm signed multibillion-dollar deals. “This is truly a miracle,” China’s Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said at a news briefing in Beijing. I call that a thawing of relations and very positive.

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t trust the Chinese. I never well. But it looks like Trump has found a middle ground of true compromise on a business level. The Chinese respect someone who knows how to deal and shows the proper respect and deference, while still being strong in his own right. Trump says that he is looking forward to a change in the U.S.-China relationship. “Discussing trade … knowing that the United States really has to change its policies because they’ve gotten so far behind on trade with China and frankly with many other countries,” he said.


Connecticut Elects Two 20-Year-Old Black Republicans Into Office

They are believed to be the youngest black Republicans to ever win political office in deep blue Connecticut.

This is a story that you can feel good about if you are part of the Republican Party.

Ed Ford Jr and Tyrell Brown served as President and Vice-President during their senior year in high school and have been friends since middle school. Their convictions of republican principles ring deep which is why they both ran and won their political races in the liberal state of Connecticut.

The Republican Party has a rich heritage when it came to helping to free the slaves from decades of Democrat-led plantations and auction blocks. Liberals have worked over the years to hide their sinful past by rewriting history and changing the narrative through our educational system which includes television shows and movies.

Poll Finds Nearly Half of White Southerners Feel Under Attack

A new poll by Winthrop University found nearly half of white respondents living in the South agree or strongly agree they feel under attack, The Hill reported Sunday.

The same poll showed that more than 75 percent of black respondents said they felt racial minorities were under attack, although the data did not explain the definition of "under attack."

More results here

Trump Slams Intel Chiefs After Meeting With Putin: "They're Political Hacks"

While President Donald Trump was effectively forced to cancel a formal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin due to the glare of the Mueller indictments - despite the fact that the charges had seemingly little to do with his campaign - the two leaders still took a minute to chat on the sidelines of an Asia Pacific conference in VIetnam on Saturday. Photos captured Putin ominously whispering a message into his surrogate’s ear, before posing for a few photos alongside other world leaders, with one photo featuring a much discussed handshake between Putin and Trump.

Afterward, when reporters asked if he was worried about the Mueller probe, Trump repeated his allegation that the investigation is a ‘hoax’, with the president calling the FBI a “bunch of hacks,” according to the New York Post.

“They’re political hacks,” Trump said of the former CIA director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI chief James Comey, who have said that the evidence of Russian meddling is clear.

“You have Brennan, you have Clapper and you have Comey. Comey’s proven now to be a liar and he’s proven to be a leaker. So you look at that,” Trump said. “And you have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he had nothing to do with that."

But he fell short of saying that he took Putin’s word.

“Well, look, I can’t stand there and argue with him,” Trump said. “I would rather have him get out of Syria, to be honest with you. I would rather … get to work with him on the Ukraine rather than standing and arguing about whether or not— because that whole thing was set up by the Democrats."


The Difference Between A Conservative & A Liberal

One "Pays It Forward" to his America while the other makes a life long career out of screwing his fellow Americans.

CNN's Awful Week: Lies, Meltdowns, Ratings Collapse, New Discrimination Suit

Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge, who knows of what he speaks, dropped a bomb Thursday with the newsy prediction that CNN chief Jeff Zucker is doomed. “Jeff Zucker out either way at CNN,” Drudge wrote before adding, “primetime ratings abysmal. Feud with President Trump too personal and ridiculous…”

Jeff Zucker out either way at CNN, primetime ratings abysmal. Feud with President Trump too personal and ridiculous…

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) November 9, 2017

Then, as if to prove the “ridiculous” part, CNN’s public relations team immediately and directly responded to Drudge with this sorry piece of spin:
đŸ™„ CNN is pacing to have its 2nd highest year in primetime since 2008 - behind only 2016 elex year. Those are the facts.

If CNN was only in competition with itself and its own dismal ratings, that tweet would make sense. The problem for last-place CNN, though, is that it has actual competition in the form of MSNBC and Fox, both of which are shellacking The Least Trustws Name In News in every conceivable metric.


Comey’s Illegal Leak?

Justice Department: Comey’s Leak to New York Times was Unauthorized, Compares to Wikileaks

There are too many contradictions and curiosities in the James B. Comey affair for it to stay covered up forever.

This past week Judicial Watch announced that the Justice Department is now comparing former FBI Director Comey to WikiLeaks. After Comey was fired by President Trump on May 9, 2017, he gave the New York Times a February 14, 2017, memorandum written about a one-on-one conversation he had with President Trump regarding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

We are asking a federal court to order the release of all Comey’s unclassified memoranda about his one-on-one conversations with the president.

Comey testified under oath before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he authored as many as nine such memos about his one-on-one conversations with President Trump. He also admitted, regarding the “Flynn” memo, “I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter [for The New York Times] … I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” The New York Times published a report about the memo on May 16, 2017. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed the following day.

On June 16, 2017, we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Department of Justice failed to respond to a May 16 FOIA request.

Judicial Watch seeks:

FBI Director James Comey’s February 14, 2017 memorandum … memorializing an Oval Office conversation he had with the President on that date regarding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

In our lawsuit we refute the Justice Department’s claim of exemption for law enforcement purposes:

Plague Fears Grow As New Virus With No Cure Appears: "This Is Worse Than The 'Black Death'"

Malawi is bracing itself for an outbreak of the plague after the Daily Mail reports that deadly disease continues to spread across the island nation of Madagascar. At least 143 people have died and more than 2,000 others have been infected in Madagascar since an outbreak in early August this year which has now spread to its 10th African nation.

Malawi's health secretary confirmed the country is ready for any reported cases of the disease amid mounting concerns of Africa's 'porous borders'.

He said: 'We have infection prevention materials ready and groups and teams ready to be activated if there is a trigger.'

South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, La RĂ©union, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and Comoros have all been warned they could be at risk from a possible outbreak as well...


NFL Boycott Intensifies On Veterans Day Weekend After Goodell Announces No Change To Anthem Policy

The NFL announced Saturday that there isn’t going to be any change to its national anthem policy, despite an escalating boycott of games over Veterans Day weekend.

The Facebook page “Boycott the NFL” has asked all its followers to celebrate Veterans Day weekend by refusing to watch NFL games “in solidarity with veterans around the country,” given that players are still engaging in national anthem protests and NFL policy remains the same, The Washington Times reports.


Do You Remember These Defunct Restaurant Chains?

In the last several decades, restaurant franchises have become a major part of American consumer culture. Chains like Outback, Friday’s, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Red Robin, and others dominate highway and mall locations.

However, seemingly for every success story, there are countless failed chains. Some reached great heights before plummeting down to earth, while others were never able to truly get off the ground.

Pull up a seat, open the menu, and let’s look at some defunct restaurant chains you might not even remember.


New Electric School Buses get ready to roll

The wheels on these buses go round and round…silently.

Thomas Built and IC Bus have revealed new all-electric school buses that will be picking up kids in a couple of years.

Daimler Trucks-owned Thomas Built’s model is the cleverly-named Jouley, which is a conversion of its conventional Saf-T-Liner C2 that features a 160 kilowatt-hour battery that takes pack 8 hours to charge and is good for a range of 100 miles, enough to cover many daily urban and suburban routes. Daimler Trucks has been investing heavily in electrification and recently took the wraps off of a battery-powered delivery truck under its Fuso brand called the eCanter, along with an all-electric semi-truck concept.