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Sunday, October 09, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Brewers Beat Cardinals To Take NLCS Opener

Milwaukee Brewers rallied to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-6 in the National League Championship Series opener.

Sunday Daily Times Letter To The Editor

It's been quite a while since I have purchased a Sunday Daily Times and today I decided to treat myself.  I quit buying all newspapers when I lost my job several years back and had to cut corners.  Now that I have a fairly secure job, I thought it was time to enjoy the Sunday paper.  Boy, what a shock.  After I took out the 2 pounds of advertisements, I had a few pages of nothing left.  What a disappointment.  I can remember years back when I could sit for 2 hours reading the paper on Sunday morning.  Now I could probably finish it in 2 minutes.  That's my last purchase of a Sunday paper.

Its Another Beautiful Day On DelMarVa

Take advantage of this absolutely beautiful day by getting outdoors and enjoying the Eastern Shore. They still have that Beer Festival thing going on at Pemberton Park from 12:30 to 6:00, or so. I can tell you it was packed yesterday and I expect to see the same thing today.

This is their 2nd Annual event adding much needed income to the County through local restaurant and hotel revenue/taxes. I was looking at our calendar of events and there's only one event up there for today. That's unusual.

Have a great day Folks.

Paul McCartney Marrying American heiress In London

Former Beatle Paul McCartney was marrying American heiress Nancy Shevell on Sunday at a town hall in central London where a large crowd of fans and paparazzi turned out to greet them. It will be his third marriage.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Running Out Of Space

Anti-Wall Street demonstrators say they are growing out of their lower Manhattan encampment and are exploring options to expand to other public spaces in New York City.


Today's Survey Question 10-9-11

Should religion sway your vote in a presidential race?

Make Crab Cakes Like The Pro's

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'Zeta Killers' Kill 32 More in Mexico

(MEXICO CITY) — A relatively new drug gang is responsible for killing at least 67 people whose bodies were found over the course of a couple of weeks in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, Mexican authorities said Friday.

Marines arrested eight members of the Jalisco New Generation drug gang Thursday, navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara told a news conference. The suspects later led authorities to 32 bodies left in three houses in Veracruz, a port city that carries the state's name.

U.S. Presbyterian Church Ordains First Gay Minister

MILWAUKEE – A man who left his Presbyterian ministry in California more than 20 years ago after telling his congregation that he is gay was welcomed back into the church leadership on Saturday as its first openly gay ordained minister.
In a quavering voice ripe with emotion, 56-year-old Scott Anderson told the hundreds of friends and backers who packed Covenant Presbyterian Church in Madison, Wisconsin for his ordination ceremony that he never thought the day would come.


Casey Anthony Takes Video Deposition in Civil Case

ORLANDO, Fla.-- Disguised in sunglasses and a baseball cap, Casey Anthony was deposed Saturday for a civil lawsuit that accuses her of ruining another woman's reputation.

Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez used videoconferencing to question Anthony, who was at an undisclosed location in Florida.

John Morgan, who is representing Gonzalez, said he asked Anthony about the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Anthony told detectives in 2008 that Caylee had been kidnapped by a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez.

Hazmat Team Called to Bleach Fight at Maryland Walmart

ARBUTUS, Md. -- Authorities in Maryland say two women threw bleach and another chemical on each other during a fight at a Walmart, prompting officials to evacuate the store for two hours and call in a hazardous materials team.

Fire officials say 19 people had to be taken to hospitals, although only one was thought to have serious injuries. That person was taken to the Wilmer Eye Institute with a potentially serious eye injury.


A Death From Cancer, And A Search For Answers

Randy White had just buried a daughter, dead at 30 with a brain tumor. Now his other daughter had been diagnosed with growths in her abdomen.

When doctors told White in 2009 that their conditions were likely caused by something in their environment, the Frederick native thought of Fort Detrick. His children had grown up near the Armybase.

Detrick was home to the nation's biological weapons program from the 1940s through the 1960s. It remains a key center for medical research.

Undocumented Immigrant Students Will Be Eligible For California Aid

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Undocumented immigrant students in California will be able to receive state-funded financial aid in 2013 to attend college, under a new law signed Saturday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The law allows top students who are on a path to citizenship to apply and receive the state aid, the governor said.

Romney Preaches Tolerance To Conservatives

Mitt Romney called for religious tolerance and an end to "poisonous language" in a speech to the Values Voter Summit on Saturday, one day after another speaker at the gathering attacked the GOP presidential candidate's Mormon faith, referring to it as a "cult."

Appearing before a gathering of religious activists who have been the hardest GOP constituency for him to win over, the Republican presidential frontrunner attempted a difficult balancing act: Associating himself with the group's socially conservative values while distancing himself from some of its members' more intemperate statements.


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