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Thursday, January 05, 2012


Reserve Corporal Could Face Discipline After Paul Rally, But Candidate's Support Within Military Is Strong

Ron Paul boasts that he gets more fundraising dollars from military members than any other Republican presidential candidate, but the enthusiastic support of one enlisted man could get the supporter in trouble. 
Cpl. Jesse Thorsen spoke at Paul's post-Iowa caucuses rally to give his support for the Texas congressman and his non-interventionist -- critics say isolationist -- policies calling for strict limits on the use of U.S. military power.

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ANNAPOLIS (January 5, 2012) - Today State Senator Nancy Jacobs becomes the latest opportunistic, out of ideas Maryland GOP lawmaker wishing to abandon permanent minority status in Annapolis by running for Congress. Jacobs announcement confirms that the leaderless Maryland Republican Party will continue to support far right, tea party candidates who put party ideology ahead of middle class families.

Nancy Jacobs has set her ambitions on higher office after 13 lackluster years in the State Senate and three failed terms in leadership, where she oversaw the Republican caucus dwindle to barely a dozen members. Jacobs tenure in Annapolis has showcased her radical devotion to extreme and divisive positions and unwillingness to come together. Jacobs has voted against unemployment benefits, a greenhouse gas reduction plan, a living wage, and balanced budgets.

If allowed to bring her failed obstructionist tendencies to Washington, Nancy Jacobs would actively contribute to the political dysfunction. Jacobs would join the GOP in voting against repairing our roads and bridges, keeping teachers, cops and firefighters in their jobs, giving middle class families a tax cut, and fulfilling our promise to veterans and seniors. That is the last thing Marylanders need.

Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger is a proven and effective advocate for Maryland families. Representative Ruppersberger and Maryland Congressional Democrats seek to bridge the partisan divide and consistently support common sense solutions to move our country forward.

Report: Missing Texas 14-Year-Old Mistakenly Deported To Colombia

(CBS) DALLAS - A 14-year-old Texas girl who has been missing since 2010 was mistakenly deported to Colombia by immigration agents and is now sitting in a detention facility waiting to come home.
According to CBS affiliate KHOU Jakadrien Turner ran away from home in the fall of 2010 following her parents divorce and the death of her grandfather. She ended up in Houston, where she was arrested for theft. The girl gave police a fake name, which apparently belonged to a 22-year-old illegal immigrant from Colombia, who had warrants for her arrest.

Armed DHS Officers Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint

Residents of Leesburg, Florida were shocked to see their local Social Security office turned into a random Homeland Security checkpoint Tuesday morning, as DHS officers armed with semiautomatic rifles and accompanied by sniffer dogs checked identifications of locals.

“With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reports the Daily Commercial.

The activity was part of Operation Shield, an unannounced drill conducted by the DHS’ Federal Protective Service centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.”

Thomas Milligan, district manager for the Social Security Administration office, said staff were not informed their offices were about to be stormed by armed FPS officers. DHS officials refused to answer questions asked by local media and left with no explanation at noon.


Florida Man Almost Loses Home Over 80 Cents

A Florida man who is trying to get a loan modification from Bank of America is worried he may lose his home over an 80 cent mistake.Tom Mudie, 56, arranged a three-month trial period that would allow him to obtain a loan modification for his home in Largo, Fla.

 But a slip of the finger on a telephone payment system and he accidentally underpaid one of the trial payments by 80 cents, putting his house in jeopardy of being foreclosed.



Governor declares “Purple Friday” for state employees; requests 6 St. Paul State office building and Government House to be lit purple

ANNAPOLIS, MD (January 5, 2012)
– Governor O’Malley today wished the Ravens luck as they enter the playoffs and announced “Purple Friday” for state employees.

“We are extremely excited to celebrate the Baltimore Ravens’ playoff run for four years in a row,” said Governor O’Malley. “Purple fever has taken over our communities and we are looking forward to celebrating the Ravens’ continued success in the playoffs as they go on to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy.”

Governor O’Malley announced that tomorrow and next Friday, January 13th will be “Purple Friday” for all state employees, where employees will be allowed to dress down in support of the Ravens and wear their team gear to work. The Governor also requested that the 6 St. Paul State office building in Baltimore be lit purple effective today and Government House be illuminated in purple starting next Friday. The, Governor , Lt. Governor and First Lady’s web sites are also draped in Ravens purple to honor the team and show the state’s support in their quest for the Super Bowl.

The AFC North Champion Baltimore Ravens are in their fourth straight year in the playoffs, enjoying a first round bye as the number two seed in the AFC. They will face the winner of this Saturday’s games in the NFL playoffs next Sunday.

Death of Allergic Student Raises Questions About School's Responsibility

The death of a Virginia first grader has raised questions about how schools should handle severe allergies. Ammaria Johnson, 7, died Monday after suffering an allergic reaction during recess at her Chesterfield County elementary school, Hopkins Elementary.

 "She came to the school clinic after feeling she had hives and shortness of breath," Lt. Jason Elmore, a spokesman for the Chesterfield County Fire Department, told ABC News. It's unclear how long Johnson was in the clinic before school officials called 911 at 2:26 p.m.


Coming Soon To Salisbury

Two new restaurants will be coming to Salisbury in the very near future. One on business Rt. 50 West and the other on Rt. 13 North.

Apple Threatens Maker Of Steve Jobs Action Figure With Lawsuit

Well, this isn’t much of a surprise. According to The Telegraph, Apple is threatening to sue In Icons, the Chinese company responsible for the world’s most eerily realistic Steve Jobs action figure.

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Death By Cat Meat: Chinese Billionaire Poisoned

A Chinese billionaire’s love of cat meat may have cost him his life.
Chinese police are investigating whether local billionaire tycoon Long Liyuan was killed by a poison-spiked batch of cat stew in the southern province of Guangdong.

Husband Of Missing Pregnant Mom Reportedly Changes Story, Says She Worked As A Prostitute

Court records reveal that the husband of a missing pregnant mother initially lied to investigators about his wife's disappearance in Oklahoma in an attempt to hide that she allegedly met sex-for-money clients through Craigslist.

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Car On Roof: Stolen Vehicle Lands On Fresno House, Proof Is In The Picture

(CBS/AP) FRESNO, Calif. - Police say a man wanted for assault was driving too fast, and hit a landscaping rock, sending the vehicle flying onto a rooftop early Wednesday morning.The airborne driver broke his leg when he jumped from the house.
Santa was nowhere in sight.
Police say that Benjamin Tucker, 25, stole his ex-girlfriend's car and lost control of the vehicle when he tried to round a nearby residential corner, reports CBS affiliate KGPE.
"I thought it was an earthquake, 'cause I heard the house moving, I saw the house moving," said Jeanell Ricks who was inside babysitting her nephew. Neither was hurt.

Teen Mom Shoots, Kills Intruder With 911 Dispatcher On The Phone

Authorities don't plan to file charges against an Oklahoma woman who fatally shot a New Year's Eve intruder at her house while she had a 911 dispatcher on the phone, but the intruder's alleged accomplice has been charged in the death.
A 911 tape released to Oklahoma City media outlets Wednesday reveals that 18-year-old Sarah McKinley asked a Grady County dispatcher for permission to shoot the intruder. McKinley's 3-month-old son was with her when she shot Justin Shane Martin, 24, at her Blanchard mobile home.

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Snakes (Nearly) On A Plane: TSA Unveils Top ‘Catches’ Of 2011

For all the ways that NewsFeed called out the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2011 — creepy notes, frustrating pat-downs, potentially cancerous body scanners — it seems that the administration did have its successes.

 In a recent blog post, the TSA recounted some of its most notable “catches” in 2011, including a stun gun disguised as a cell phone found at LAX (though the TSA did miss a similar contraption found on a plane at Newark airport — just sayin’!); a veritable zoo of animals at various airports; and even inert land mines.


Tom McGuire Has Bonded Out Of Jail

BOND 01/05/2012 120105;00050000.00;PROP; ; ;100

Related Person Information
(Each Person related to the case other than the Defendant is shown)


City: BEL AIRState:MDZip Code:21014

NY Lawsuit Seeks To Prove Dogs Are "Living Souls"

(CBS News)  
NEW YORK - When Elena Zakharova took home her 2-month-old female Brussels Griffon from the Raising Rover pet store in Manhattan, she was excited about the new addition to her family. But, according to the New York Daily News, just a few months later in July 2011, the dog began whimpering and limping in pain. Now, her owner says despite expensive surgery, she will never run or walk like other dogs.

McGuire Gets More Charges Filed Against Him Today

Case Number:0203SP000362012Case Status:ACTIVE
Case Type:DOMESTIC VIOLENCEOrder Valid Thru:01/10/2012
Filing Date:01/05/2012
Defendant Name:MCGUIRE, THOMAS J
Plaintiff Name:MORRIS, LISA
Hearing Date: 01/05/2012Hearing Time:4:0 PMRoom:X2
Hearing Location: 201 BAPTIST ST,SALISBURY,MD 21801
Hearing Date: 01/05/2012Hearing Time:4:26 PMRoom:X2
Hearing Location: 201 BAPTIST ST,SALISBURY,MD 21801
Hearing Type: TEMPORARY
Hearing Date: 01/10/2012Hearing Time:1:30 PM
Hearing Location: 201 BAPTIST ST,SALISBURY,MD 21801
Hearing Type: FINAL

Publishers Notes: Salisbury News has come to learn Tom McGuire has been released from Jail. More to come.

John And Cathy Should Be Careful Who Their Friends Are

John D RobinsonSo Happy.
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT -(well ... big for me)- REGARDING ZOO!
LikeUnlike · · Share · 5 hours ago near Salisbury ·

Cathy Bassett You are THE MAN John! So grateful for all you do!!
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Hospital CEO Thinks It's Perfectly OK To Show Patient's Records To Newspaper

Last January, a woman in California says she was billed by a hospital for a treatment she never received. She took her complaint to the folks at California Watch, who published a story about her predicament. But when a local newspaper went to verify the information, the hospital's CEO had absolutely no problem showing up at the reporter's door to rifle through that patient's file without her permission.

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Defending Snooki ... No, Really

The fifth season of "Jersey Shore" kicks off Jan. 5, and thatmeans it's time for all the usual Seaside Heights fun, including hookups, fights and alcohol-filled parties – most, if not all, of which will revolve around Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, otherwise known as the unofficial star of the show.


Study Says Calories Cause Weight Gain, No Matter Where They Come From

We all know people obsessed with fad diets — no carbs, high-protein, juice cleanses — but it seems it comes down to the simple fact that if you eat too many calories, you will gain weight. A new study says it doesn't matter where those calories come from in your food, if you ingest a high amount of calories, you'll pack on pounds.

Reuters cites a new study where researchers experimented with subjects on various levels of protein in their diets. They found that as calories increased, people on low-protein diets gained less weight overall, but lost muscle and replaced it with fat. High-protein diets added more weight, but subjects also gained lean healthy muscle.


Obama Fails On Minimum Wage Pledge

WASHINGTON -- In 2008, then-President-elect Barack Obama made an ambitious pledge as part of his agenda to fight poverty, one he claimed would help "make work pay for all Americans" in an era of widening economic inequality: By the end of 2011, he would raise the federal minimum wage to $9.50 an hour and index it to inflation, "to make sure that full-time workers can earn a living wage," as his transition team's website put it.


Why Do I Have To Hand Over My Personal Information Just To Get A Price Quote From Dell?

Joe wanted to find a new battery for his daughter's Dell Mini Inspiron 9 laptop computer, as the original couldn't hold a charge, so he checked out the company's website for a replacement. He didn't have any luck, so he began chatting with a customer service rep online, which turned into one of those roundabout ordeals no one likes dealing with.

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How To Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullies

No one likes a bully. They're mean, they make you feel bad, and they're well known as the biggest drawback of schoolyard playgrounds. For all that we wish they didn't exist, bullies are too frequently a factor when we're growing up. At least parents and teachers both carry plenty of tools and training to fight the effects of playground meanies.


You Get Two Extra Days To File Your Taxes This Year

When April 15 falls on a weekend or holiday, as it does this year and did last year, the IRS cuts you a break and gives you until the next business day to file your taxes. That means tax procrastinators won't have to file until April 17, giving them two extra, frantic days to delay the inevitable.

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Chrome Extension Warns You When You Browse A SOPA-Supporter's Website

Worried about whether or not your favorite Web site is supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act? A new Chrome extension seeks to lift those fears.
After installing No SOPA, users get a warning message reading "SOPA Supporter! This company is a known supporter of the dangerous 'Stop Online Piracy Act'," every time they visit a SOPA-supporting Web site.

Our Guide To The Best Coverage On Rick Santorum And His Record

The Basics

Rick Santorum's strong showing in the Iowa caucuses has vaulted him from obscurity to presidential contender. Just a few months ago, Santorum barely merited a mention as Republican voters fell in and out of love with Rick Perry, Herman Cain and New Gingrich.
So who is this darling of the evangelical movement?

Santorum, 53, is devout, hawkish, competitive and polarizing. Social conservatives praise him for his hardline positions. He opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, believes gays should not be allowed to marry, and has said he would bomb Iran's nuclear sites if they are not opened to international inspection. Evangelicals applaud the prominence he gives to his faith. Liberals decry him for many of the same reasons.

Santorum's path along the campaign trail has been unusual by standards of modern politics. A recent New York Times profile of the candidate noted that his Iowa operation lacked a campaign headquarters, a speechwriter, advance team or advertising budget. The Times said Santorum set out to win the "old-fashioned way, through shoe-leather politicking." That involved lots of moving around. In the months leading up to the Iowa caucus, he visited all 99 counties in Iowa, often traveling by himself or with a single press aide.

The Background

If you want more than his official stance on the issues, you can take a look at NPR's recently listed the Five Things You May Not Know About Rick Santorum, including the fact that he jokes about spending his childhood in public housing, has spoken against programs that would pay for community service, and has two nieces.

A long Des Moines Register profile describes Santorum's journey from an ambitious young staffer and law student to 32-year-old U.S. representative of Pennsylvania and, four years later, senator. Here's a timeline of some key events in his life and more on his voting history. He helped author a landmark welfare reform act that gave states more responsibility for administering welfare and put time limits on how long a person could receive assistance. The bill passed with bipartisan support. Santorum was one of the Gang of Seven, a group of freshman Republicans that exposed several congressional scandals. He was elected to the Senate in 1994 and served two terms before losing by 18 points to Democrat Bob Casey in 2006. Since then he has worked as a lawyer and as a commentator on Fox News, a gig that ended when it became clear he was running for president.


Milton Council Considers Media Policy

Under a new policy Milton Town Council is considering, public comment to the media could be restricted to the town manager and elected officials.
The issue was sparked by comments from Police Chief William Phillips in the Cape Gazette and other media following an Oct. 3 public meeting about gang and drug activity.
“I think there should be a policy in effect that says this is how we make determinations about who does interviews and what they have the authority to say,” said Councilwoman Deanna Duby. “This is not an attack on the chief. There was no policy; therefore he was violating no policy.”

The One Question We Must All Ask Ourselves

Rampant profiteering by Congress and greedy bankers is forcing us to weigh the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune against honesty and transparency - both of which are being trampled by crony capitalists in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

What's at stake is whether gross criminal activity and reckless disregard for the public will continue to be whitewashed by regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. Federal Reserve, courts, and Congress, which encourage half-baked civil fraud charges followed by non-prosecution agreements and nickel-and-dime fines.

And even more galling, guilty parties end up neither admitting nor denying wrongdoing.

Let's face it, we have allowed the SEC, the Fed, and Congress to be corralled as a matter of regulatory and legislative capture by the very crooks they are responsible for policing and protecting us from.

We are lying to ourselves if we do not believe that we are all part of this problem. It's not that most of us aren't honest. It's that we venerate money and wealth too much.


Markell Creates Faith-Based Partnership Council

Delaware's faith-based community is taking a bigger role in helping take care of the state's residents.With a stroke of his pen, Governor Jack Markell created the Delaware Council of Faith-Based Partnerships.


FDA Bans Use Of Popular Antibiotics In Animals

Drugs popularly used in animals could lead to resistance when they're used to treat people

— U.S. health regulators on Wednesday banned a class of antibiotics for use in animals to prevent the rise of drug-resistant bacteria that also infect humans.

The Food and Drug Administration issued an order to prohibit cephalosporin, a popular class of antibiotics, for use in cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys from April 5, with some exceptions.

Health officials argue that the widespread use of the drug by livestock farmers could lead to resistance when the drug is used to treat people.


UPDATE: Wilmington Man Gets 30 Yrs In Prison For Child Pornography

UPDATED STORY 01.05.12:  49-year-old Leonard Wasylyk, who pleaded guilty in September to production and transportation of child pornography has been sentenced to 30 years in prison by U.S. District Judge Richard Andrews.
Wasylyk was in the courtroom Wednesday; he apologized for creating the child pornography which he then posted online.
Wasylyk was arrested in Dec. 2010 after an undercover Homeland Security agent learned Wasylyk was trading the pictures, and agents found a computer at his home with more than 60,000 pornographic pictures including pictures of Wasylyk himself engaged in the sexual abuse of at least one victim.

Looking For The American Dream? Move To Canada

Concern about lack of social mobility spreads to the political right

— Benjamin Franklin did it. Henry Ford did it. And American life is built on the faith that others can do it, too: rise from humble origins to economic heights. “Movin’ on up,” George Jefferson-style, is not only a sitcom song but a civil religion.

But many researchers have reached a conclusion that turns conventional wisdom on its head: Americans enjoy less economic mobility than their peers in Canada and much of Western Europe.

The mobility gap has been widely discussed in academic circles, but a sour season of mass unemployment and street protests has moved the discussion toward center stage.

Former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a Republican candidate for president, warned this fall that movement “up into the middle income is actually greater, the mobility in Europe, than it is in America.”

National Review, a conservative thought leader, wrote that “most Western European and English-speaking nations have higher rates of mobility.”


UPDATE: DE Judge Refuses To Delay Convicted Killers Execution

UPDATED STORY 01.05.12:  Delaware Superior Court Judge James Vaughn Wednesday refused to delay the scheduled execution for convicted killer Robert Gattis.
Gattis is scheduled to die by lethal injection on January 20th. But earlier this week, his attorney’s announced that they would pursue a clemency request with the state Board of Pardons and an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Postal Service's Plan To Close Post Offices Hits Roadbumps

The Postal Service's recent decision to delay the closing of hundreds of mail processing centers and thousands of local post offices until May has given critics plenty of time to question the agency's strategy to climb out of the red.
"The way that they frame the problem and the language they use have actually created a sense of dismay among the biggest mail users and may not be as helpful to them as a somewhat less-emotional presentation of their situation," Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway told Federal News Radio.

The Postal Service's prediction that it would end fiscal 2012 with a $14.1 billion loss if it did not receive help from Congress was "a little inaccurate," because it included billions of dollars in pension-fund payments that it delayed from last year, she said.


UPDATE: Gregoire Proposes Legislation To Legalize Gay Marriage

Gov. Chris Gregoire on Wednesday said she'll put forward legislation to legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
The proposal will be introduced during the legislative session that starts Monday. If it's approved, Washington would become the seventh state to legalize gay marriage.
"Today, I'm announcing my support for a law that gives same-sex couples in our state the right to receive a marriage license in Washington - the same right given our heterosexual couples," Gregoire said before a crowd of gay marriage supporters at her office. "It is time, it is the right thing to do, and I will introduce the bill to make it happen."
The governor spoke for 20 minutes, laying out what she sees as the moral and legal reasons for the move, as well as the evolution of her personal views over the years.

Will Federal Pay Be On The Chopping Block Again?

When Congress returns from its break later this month, your pay and benefits could be on the chopping block once again. The National Treasury Employees Union is getting a jump start before lawmakers return in trying to stop or limit provisions that could affect federal employees in the payroll tax cut extension debate. Congress is expected to debate a one-year extension soon after it returns from the holiday break. NTEU sent letters to seven senators and 13 House members asking them to remove any provisions from the payroll tax cut extension bill that would affect federal employees pay and benefits. NTEU president Colleen Kelley says the provisions in the House version of the bill disproportionately affects federal employees. House provisions would extend the pay freeze for another year, increase employee pension contributions by 1.5 percent and eliminate the security security supplement over three years.

Booze And Bikinis In A New Egypt

Booze and bikinis. Eventually, these twin pillars of Egypt's tourist industry are bound to provoke fights within the Muslim Brotherhood, as the group rises to virtual domination of the nation's political landscape.
The Brotherhood must try to resolve its Muslim roots with the demands of a modern economy, which has seen tourism all but cease in the wake of a violent uprising to oust long-time dictator Ehud Mubarak.
But the Brotherhood, poised to claim an outright majority in Egypt's new Parliament, has a much bigger battle looming.

At 75, Marion Barry Gears Up For Another Campaign

WASHINGTON - As HBO considers making a movie about Marion Barry with Eddie Murphy in the title role, the real Barry is doing something that comes naturally: running for re-election in the nation's capital.

Barry, the former four-term District of Columbia mayor whose legacy will always be tainted by his 1990 arrest after being caught on video smoking crack cocaine in an FBI sting operation, now plays the role of elder statesman on the D.C. Council, where he represents a poor, predominantly black ward.


The Two-MRC Strategy: Major Regional Contingencies, Or Mythical Routine Canards?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is coming to the Pentagon podium Thursday the explain how he’s going to trim $450 billion of the U.S. military’s nearly $6 trillion spending plan over the coming decade.
Because the President’s budget won’t be released until next month, specific details of cuts are likely to be sparse. But a pliant press corps will probably use its Nerf crowbar to pry out of him the biggest non-secret of the day:

Feds Charge DC Councilmember With Theft

WASHINGTON (AP) - D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. was charged Thursday with stealing more than $350,000 in government funds and filing false tax returns.

The two felony counts against Thomas, a 51-year-old Democrat, were detailed in a criminal information filed in U.S. District Court on Thursday. That document typically indicates a defendant intends to plead guilty.

The money Thomas is accused of stealing had been earmarked for District of Columbia youth sports programs, according to a lawsuit filed last June by the district's attorney general. The criminal information does not say what Thomas did with the alleged stolen funds.

Previously he had been accused of spending the money on a luxury SUV, travel and rounds of golf. Thomas agreed to pay back $300,000 in a civil settlement with the attorney general, although he missed a scheduled $50,000 payment that was due Tuesday.


Franchot Criticizes New College Park President’s Home

Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized the University of Maryland’s College Park Foundation’s use of $7.2 million to rebuild the university president’s palatial on-campus residence, as he cast the sole vote opposing the demolition of the current home at Wednesday’s Board of Public Works meeting.


Two Accidents, One On Rt 50 & Other On Rt 13

There have been two accidents, one in front of Pohanka Mazda on Rt. 13 and the other on Rt. 50 & Tilghman Road. Both accidents involve injuries.

Report: PepsiCo Looks To Juice Profits With 4,000 Layoffs

In an effort to boost its bottom line, PepsiCo (PEP: 66.24, -0.50, -0.75%) management is reportedly contemplating laying off about 4,000 workers and putting a stop to its 401(k) match.
According to the New York Post, a final decision on these cost-cutting moves could be made in days.

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My Ride Home From Work TuesdayNight

Remember that light snow we had Tuesday. Well, on my way home, just as we were coming upon the Delaware line, this is what it looked like. The snow was sticking to the road.

Study: Some Big Firms Paid No State Income Taxes

A new study found that at least 68 profitable corporations paid no state income taxes anywhere in the country in one of the last three years, according to their annual reports and official government filings.

Among the major companies on the list that do significant business in Maryland are Comcast, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, Verizon, General Electric and Pepco Holdings, the utility company, which paid no state taxes in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

"Individual taxpayers and small businesses in Maryland end up having to pick up the tab when these corporations avoid paying their taxes," said Jenny Levin at Maryland PIRG, the public interest lobbying group that released the study. The report, "Corporate Tax Dodging in the Fifty States," was done jointly by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and the Center for Tax Justice, which generally support more progressive tax policy.


Cops: Colorado Woman Punches, Rubs Her Buttocks Against $30 Million Painting

A 36-year-old woman was charged Wednesday after punching, scratching and sliding her buttocks against a painting worth more than $30 million, authorities in Colorado said.
Carmen Tisch is accused of pulling her pants down to rub up against the work, an oil-on-canvas called "1957-J no.2", by the late abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still


Look Who Came To Visit SBYNews Today

Eric Ludwig stopped in today to say hello and get us up to speed on his recovery. This is a very lucky man. He was told that only 1 out of 10,000 men his age survive such a thing, I'll let him give details if he so chooses.

Nevertheless, Eric will not be back until February. He's taking time to heal and gain his strength. He may also only be working on an appointment basis only in the beginning, we'll see.

It was great to see him and he truly is doing well. So you know, Eric has quit smoking for good and has no intention of going back.


120104;OFM 03L ;1;ARR;D10124998-2
120104;00200000.00;HDOB;100; ;2094
120105;00050000.00;HDOB;100; ;9U5

What the above information means is as follows. The honorable Judge reduced Mr. McGuire's Bond from $200,000.00 down to $50,000.00. HOWEVER, the Judge also ruled Mr. McGuire must come up with 100% of the Bond, $50,000.00 and cannot get a Bail Bond Company to put up 10%. McGuire must come up with the full $50,000.00 in order to get released, hence McGuire being committed.

New Posts to fall below

California Lawmaker Cited for Trying to Bring Loaded Gun On Sacramento-Bound Flight

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A Republican lawmaker in California who previously sought the right to carry a loaded weapon inside the state Capitol has been cited for trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a Sacramento-bound flight.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez says Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks had a Colt .45 with four rounds in it inside his carry-on luggage at Ontario International Airport. He says another magazine with five rounds also was in Donnelly's carry-on bag.



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Government Cracks Down On Swiss Bankers It Says Helped Hide $1.2 Billion

The government is sick of ultra-rich people hiding funds in Swiss bank accounts to lessen their tax burdens, so it's gone after three bankers it accuses of responsibility for $1.2 billion worth of such shenanigans. Appropriately keeping with the anonymity of such accounts, the prosecutors didn't name the bank at which the accused worked.

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Fill In The Blank 01/05/12

I've totally given up on_____!

Bingo Announcement

Parkside High School will hold its Annual Longaberger Basket and Vera Bradley Bag Bingo on Saturday, January 28, 2012 to benefit the Parkside Sports Boosters. The event will be held at the Salisbury Moose Lodge on Snow Hill Road. Doors and kitchen will open at 5 p.m. and games will begin at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $20; must be 18 or older to play. In addition to 20 games of regular Bingo (you win, you pick your prize; each basket/bag will be filled with goodies and there will be all-new Vera Bradley bags/designs that come out January 19th), there will be a Chinese Auction, 50/50 raffle, door prizes, concessions for sale, and the SURPRISE SPECIAL raffles (last year we gave away 2 TV's, a digital camera and a digital picture frame--this year's prizes will not disappoint). We will also be having a SuPeR fAN raffle as well. Parkside is also remembering others during the season and asks attendees to bring canned or nonperishable item to receive a special raffle ticket towards a chance at winning a special prize (1 ticket per person). All items donated will be given to the Maryland Food Bank. For more information or to purchase/reserve tickets, please contact Courtney Lewis at 410.251.5032 or 410.677.5143 or


Last week, as most Americans were celebrating the holidays with family and friends, the Obama Administration announced plans to seek yet another debt ceiling increase in the New Year. While some fiscal conservatives will try to block this increase, their efforts are designed to fail thanks to the procedure set up by the last debt ceiling negotiations. Congress would have to pass a joint resolution opposing the increase, which the president could simply veto. Thus, an additional $1.2 trillion on top of our already unsustainable debt is a foregone conclusion. Our Gross Domestic Product continues to contract and now stands at $14.5 trillion. The debt already far exceeds that and will soon hit the new ceiling of $16.39 trillion.

Everyone in DC acknowledges that the debt is unsustainable, yet few are willing to take serious steps toward addressing it. Politicians in Washington cannot face the fact that the blank checks must stop. Many think we can ignore the mounting debts and deficits and eventually the economy will magically turn around and grow its way out of the mess. If you really understand why the economy is foundering, you understand the burden cannot all be put on the backs of the American people while politicians stick their heads in the sand.


President Obama, Demopublican

President Obama's signal accomplishments could easily have been signed into law by a moderate Republican.

The corporate Mainstream Media depends on ideological differences to generate "news" and advertising revenues, and the Status Quo depends on ideological differences to generate fear "of the other side" and enthusiasm "for our side."

As the 2012 election season kicks off in earnest, we have to ask: exactly what is the difference between President Obama's actual policies and those of centerist Republicans?

The president recently highlighted three centerpiece accomplishments of his supposedly rabidly Democratic administration:

1. Ending the war in Iraq

2. Ending the Armed Forces' policy of "don't ask, don't tell"

3. Passing sickcare reform, oops, I mean "healthcare" reform

If we examine these supposedly tremendous accomplishments, we find that moderate Republicans were equally capable of passing such lukewarm reforms. The war in Iraq was deeply unpopular, acceptance of gays is increasingly mainstream, and healthcare reform had been on everyone's agenda for years.

Anyone with the slightest grasp of American history could find equally "liberal" accomplishments in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and even George Bush 1. Indeed, it could easily be argued that Obama ended the war far later than a moderate Republican might have, and that he caved into the sickcare Status Quo to such a degree that his "reform" essentially accomplishes nothing.

The hundreds of pages of reform boil down to a super-committee that is supposedly going to set prices and practices lower in the future. Meanwhile the program is at least 40% waste and fraud and continues growing at multiples of the underlying economy and tax revenues.

By any measure, this "reform" simply confirms the healthcare cartels remain firmly in charge.


Oil Above $103 Per Barrel

Oil is a very important factor when it comes to real core price inflation.

As I have stated many times, oil is a key factor for consumers and also in the capital goods sector. This is important to understand in terms of Austrian business cycle theory, since ABCT teaches that central bank money printing directs money to the capital goods sector.

When the money falls into the hands of the capital goods sector, those operators then start bidding oil (and gasoline) away from consumer uses. It's a real bidding war. An operator in the capital goods sector is not going to be bidding directly from consumers for, say, cement, but he is going to be doing so for oil. That's why oil tends to lead price inflation.


Lost Dog

Good Morning Mr. Albero,

I was wondering if you would place this on for me. Our dog, Bebe, has been missing since Sunday afternoon from the Orchard Road area of Berlin. However, he may have possibly been seen on Tuesday on Fooks Road in Salisbury. He is a white male, mixed breed with lab being the dominant breed. He is approx. 6 years old and weigh 65 lbs. He also has a purple tongue. He is a nice dog and very trusting. He seldom barks. We are missing our canine family member so much and would like to have him back home. I would appreciate it if you would post his picture for me please. I can be reached at 410-726-1631.

Thank you.


Troopers Probe Laurel Robbery

Location: Laurel Cigarette Outlet, 30685 Sussex Highway, Laurel, DE

Date of Occurrence: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 11:30 a.m.


53 year old male employee


White male, 5’10”-6’00” tall, 210-230 lbs. He was last seen wearing a red flannel striped sweatshirt with a gray hood, blue jeans, and brown work boots. He also had a black ski mask covering his face and was armed with a black handgun. (Video surveillance footage is not available at this time)

Laurel, DE- Delaware State Police robbery detectives are investigating the late morning robbery of a Laurel area cigarette store that occurred yesterday.

The incident happened at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 4th, as a 53 year old male employee of the Laurel Cigarette Outlet, located in the 30000 block of Sussex Highway, was entering the main area of the store after exiting the storage room located in the rear. As the victim approached the sales counter, he noticed a male suspect at the cash register removing money. When the suspect saw the victim, he pointed a small black handgun at him. The victim then fled back into the storage room. After a few minutes time, the victim exited the storage room and called the police. It was discovered that the suspect had removed an undisclosed amount of cash from the register before fleeing the area. There were no injuries.

The Delaware State Police are asking anyone who may have any information in reference to this incident to contact the Robbery Unit at Troop 4 at 302-856-5850. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at

IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline To April 17

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The IRS is giving taxpayers two extra days to get their taxes turned in this year.
While Tax Day typically falls on April 15, the IRS announced Wednesday that it is pushing back this year's filing deadline to Tuesday, April 17.

Facebook Seeks World Champion Hacker

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Think your programming skills are world class? Facebook wants you to prove it at its second annual Hacker Cupchallenge.
"Hacking is core to how we build at Facebook," the company said in a blog post announcing this year's competition. "Whether we're building a prototype for a major product like Timeline at a Hackathon, creating a smarter search algorithm, or tearing down walls at our new headquarters, we're always hacking to find better ways to solve problems."

How Your Dreams Can Make You Smarter

New research shows dreaming about a task gives you an edge in real life
It’s late in the evening: time to close the book and turn off the computer. You’re done for the day. What you may not realize, however, is that the learning process actually continues — in your dreams.

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Board of Education Budget Hearing at 5:30 p.m. TODAY

The Wicomico County Board of Education’s first public budget hearing for the fiscal 2012-13 budget will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 5, in the Wicomico High School Auditorium, Salisbury.

Parents, students, community members and Board staff are invited to come with comments. Public input is critically important in what is expected to be an especially challenging budget year for the school system and the Board of Education. For information please call 410-677-4561.

Public input may also be given at any time by sending an email to, or calling the Public Input Line for the school system at 410-677-5251.