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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Vehicle Goes Head On With The End Of A Guard Rail On Rt. 50 West Bound

Roots Festival At Trader Lee's A Huge Success

Anyone who attended can and will confirm, we were packed the entire time and the pictures above don't lie. 

While I'm sure we all know who the following commenter is said, "Can't wait to see the pictures you post saying how successful it was yadda yadda but there's only like 30 people there." They continue to send in these kind of comments all the time but all they do is continue to spew their FAKE NEWS and it ultimately slaps them right in the face.

All of us from Trader Lee's want to thank ALL of you for what was one of our greatest experiences to date. We truly cannot wait for the next time they choose to come back and we welcome anyone who wants to use our venue for similar events. 

A Horse Diagnosed With Rabies.

Veterinary Medical Center

A horse residing in Harrington, Delaware near the Maryland border has been diagnosed with rabies today. Prior to euthanasia, the horse was displaying abnormal behavior including: aggression toward humans & other horses, staggering, circling, & abnormal vocalization. Neither this horse nor his pasturemates were up to date on their rabies vaccine. The Delaware State Veterinarian & the Department of Public Health are involved with quarantine of the remaining animals & post-exposure treatment of the owners.

Rabies is endemic in our area & is carried by various wildlife species such as raccoons, bats, skunks, & foxes. An obvious bite wound is not always visible when a horse is exposed to a rabid animal. It can take months for a horse to exhibit signs.

Although the rabies vaccine is effective, protection wanes after a year. IF YOUR HORSE HAS NOT RECEIVED A RABIES VACCINE WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS, HE NEEDS ONE!