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Sunday, January 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Huntsman to Withdraw From Republican Presidential Race

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman plans to withdraw from race for Republican presidential nomination.

Fox News

The Most Important Video I Believe You'll Ever See

Good Morning,

I am delivering today a video in which I feel is so important that I will make sure it stays at the very top, (if not the only Post) for the day.

I have listened to this message several times. It not only expresses what I believe my generation believe about America, I also believe it's certainly what our previous generations believed in.

Today, the Main Stream Media has a whole different idea as to where we are headed as a country. I also believe that once you start listening to this message you will immediately relate it right here to the Eastern Shore.

ALL of us involved with Salisbury News have a very different intent then the Main Stream Media, especially locally. Our goal from day one has been in keep you informed, to challenge their messages and I'll use a phrase a good friend of mine likes to use regularly, "Keep it real".

Salisbury News allows you a platform to agree or disagree. We don't run to Facebook and plant those comments in places only a few can see. The intent has always been to get YOU involved, be a part of our little part of the world. I, Joe Albero, do not change policy. YOU change policy. It may be slight but no one can argue that YOU do influence decisions that are made with our elected officials IF you take the time to express your opinion.

That being said, do we censor comments, absolutely, we do. We, (at least) take all that additional time to read each and every comment that comes through. At this very moment we have published 338,592 comments. Lord knows how many we have rejected but I can confidently say its well over 100,000 that have been rejected. For many years we have listened to what YOU have asked. We reject the curse words, unless you use your name and own it. We reject the threats as well as comments that use all capital letters, (screaming). This is more work than any one of you realize and I can assure you, comments alone are a full time job for two people.

We have always done our best to try and allow both sides to express their opinion. Some like to say we never allow their comments. I'm sure this comes from a select few who know their message is extremely nasty and you should take special note of ANYONE who makes such a statement. Once they say so, you then know these are not very stable people. These are the kind of people who threaten the life of our President, for example.

The above video, (in which I truly encourage all of you view) is by far one of the most powerful messages I believe you'll ever see, especially in these times. Some of my friends who have seen it said, its no wonder this man was assassinated. Harsh word, I agree. However, when and if you watch it from beginning to end you'll more than likely better understand WHY they made such a statement.

I want my America back. The more of YOU that watch this video, the more of you who will go back in your mind and recall an America that USED TO BE and certainly is NOT what we have today. I also believe you'll start looking at your local and national media sources and learn exactly WHY I do what I do and provide what I provide. I'll add, you'll also think back to a day when a democrat was not so very different from a republican. Especially this fine human being.

I thank you for not only visiting Salisbury News, I thank you for participating. Agree with us or disagree with us, we need our country back. We need to take responsibility for whom we elect. We need to get back to voting and making a difference. If YOU decide Obama should be our next President or Ireton should be our next Mayor, if YOU believe this country is heading in the right direction, (in my honest opinion) YOU have many screws loose.

Only YOU can change America. Save this video and play it every time you see us calling out the Daily Times in flat out lies, like on Friday with Mayor Ireton and Paul Wilber. Know that MANY people who have subscriptions to that newspaper do not come to Salisbury News and they, (the DT's) know it. Know that funding is more than tight for the MSM, it's so bad they can't afford to truly investigate the TRUTH.

In closing, know that I am only one person. I am not backed by millions of dollars worth of advertisers that could help afford us more people to be more places. I can't cover the Salisbury City Council Council as well as multiple other municipalities on the very same evening. However, also take note of those Contributors who join our fight to properly educate YOU at their own expense. These are people who do NOT get paid. They do this because they too believe in the messages we try to deliver you every single day. Know that some of these people sit by their computer day in and day out moderating your comments, all for free. Salisbury News is NOT here to destroy the Eastern Shore. We are here to help you by taking our time to provide this free service. We are here because we LIVE here, we're financially invested here, we're raising our children here, just like you. Please support those advertisers who join us every day because they too believe in our message and intent. More importantly, please take the time, (no matter how long it takes you to load) to view this video and very important message and again, thank you for visiting and supporting all that we do every day.

Salisbury City Council Wants To Review A New City Solicitor Possibility

Could we be seeing the end of Paul Wilber? While Mayor Ireton was campaigning, he wanted Wilber gone. Well, like almost everything we've seen from this Mayor, it was all BS anyway. The Mayor stated:

“Neither myself or the City Administrator John Pick were invited to the afternoon meeting. I predicted Mr. Wilber’s demise when the council took control of the legal services for the city. I believe the petition to put the decision to referendum would have garnered enough signatures had the public known that the removal of Mr. Wilber was the real reason behind the move."

While we all know how paranoid Mayor Jim Ireton and Councilwoman Laura Mitchell are, IF they took the time to look at Wilber's CONTRACT, it is to be reviewed in January. THIS IS JANUARY. It is up to the COUNCIL to decide if they'll continue with Wilber's firm OR look into additional candidates in which Mayor Ireton ASKED for some time ago. Was it a scam by the Mayor? Was he just saying these things to get elected? Why point fingers at the Council when HE was the one who put out a proposal to invite as many firms interested to come forward and offer their services.

The Council is simply looking into these two other firms, Long & Hall and Seidel, Baker and Tilghman. IF the Council feels these other firms can better serve the City Taxpayers and at the same time save the Taxpayers money, it's time to make a move and I say do so immediately. Wilber has proven way too many times in the past, he's clueless and quite frankly useless.

Mayor Ireton and Councilwoman Lora Mitchell have NO INTEREST in what's best for the Taxpayers and quite frankly couldn't care less. These other firms, (at this point) are simply being evaluated. City Clerk Brenda Colegrove has been asked to send these firms a series of questions at this point to see if they are qualified and the City, (I'm sure) will continue to retain Wilber's services as they have been involved in several ongoing cases.

Moving on to the Mayor's next statement:

"Besides sacking Paul Wilber, the council majority has decided to contest my nomination of Rick Hoppes for Salisbury Fire Chief. The City Council had a very busy Friday afternoon that literally nobody (except for Adam Roop and Kaye Gibson) in the public knew about.”

EXCUSE ME JIM IRETON, Salisbury News published this information yesterday, WHERE WERE YOU? The "PUBLIC NOTICE" was legally published and while you may not like it, the process was done in a legal manor.

As for Rick Hoppes, My God Jim, how many times did I personally ask you in your Press Conference IF the process you were taking was LEGAL? Even the Daily Times tried to directly ask you the same thing, we ALL tried to make sure YOU were on the record with an answer to our questions because your simply stating this is what YOU want does NOT make it legal.

The City Council has NOT stated they do not want Rick Hoppes. They are simply stating they want to make damn sure that IF they were to fulfill your wishes that it is done so in a legal manor so as it doesn't come back and bite them in perhaps SEVERAL lawsuits. Funny how I knew and the Daily Times knew there was no way this was legal.

So there you have it Folks. This Post will stay up top for the rest of the evening. If you have an opinion referencing either one of these topics please share your thoughts. I support the City Council 100% on these moves. If I felt they were wrong or out of line I can assure you I would say so. There's been no game here. They are proving to keep the Taxpayers best interest in mind and the young and childish Mayor is like a little kid who wants things NOW. I'm telling you, the next time we need someone with business experience because this Mayor is an absolute fool.

In closing, SHAME ON THE DAILY TIMES! Once again the Daily Times has published WHAT THEY WERE FED! While the Daily Times reporter was in fact there, if you look at their on line article is was written by the Mayor and they simply publish what he wants heard. The Main Stream Media SUCKS any more and they themselves know it. New, young reporters who have NO CLUE what the City's political history is, is exactly what Greg Bassett and Joe Carmean want so they can butcher their articles and push a political agenda. And they wonder why we keep growing and they keep falling apart. TRY TELLING THE TRUTH FOR ONCE!