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Friday, May 22, 2015

Suspect’s Attempt to Carjack Gun Owner Goes Very Wrong

Hashim Fannin pulled into a parking lot of an Atlanta Family Dollar store earlier this month and someone immediately slid into his passenger’s seat.

“You know what this is,” the man reportedly said, seemingly letting his “victim” know it was a carjacking.

Before he could say another word, Fannin pulled his firearm and pointed it at the suspect, identified as 61-year-old Edgar Horn. He proceeded to hold his would-be alleged carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived — and a bystander caught it all on video.


Taxpayer Funded San Francisco State University Held Special Graduation Ceremony for Illegal Immigrants

The university claims that the funding for this special ceremony “came from donations and other non-University funds,” but even when asked they had no idea how much was spent or where it all really came from.

Hosted by the student organization Improving Dreams, Equity, Access and Success (IDEAS), 25 students who are residing in the country illegally gathered on campus for the public university’s first annual Beyond Borders Graduation. According to the Golden Gate Express, SFSU’s student newspaper, around 300 friends and family members also attended the ceremony.

SFSU’s official commencement ceremony isn’t until May 22, but Nancy Jodaitis, advisor to IDEAS, said the special ceremony on May 17 was more “intimate.”

“It’s more intimate, so people tell their personal stories,” Jodaitis told the Golden Gate Express. “The stories are all different, but the challenges and struggles are very similar and this is a safe space for them to share.”

According to the student newspaper, the ceremony was held at the Annex, an on-campus facility.

So, this “ceremony” would have been a great time to round up and deport a bunch of Illegals, right?



When two jihadis attacked a free-speech event in Texas earlier this month, wounding a security guard before they were killed by police, the Washington Post called Pamela Geller, one of the sponsors of the event, the “incendiary organizer.”

The paper described Geller’s actions as legitimately within the First Amendment but still “cruel and unfair.”

Billionaire Donald Trump slammed her for “taunting” radical Muslims by holding a competition to draw a cartoon of Islam’s founder.

And Katie Pavlich at Townhall reported that radical imam Anjem Choudary justified a call for Geller’s death.

Store Owner Slams Town for ‘Welfare Lowlifes': ‘Goodbye Obamaville … Commie and Candy Ass Capitol of Kansas’

Having grown weary of the residents in Lawrence, Kan., Bob Fyfe, the owner of Payless Furniture, decided to skip town — but not before he shared his thoughts about locals.

And Fyfe didn’t mince his words, posting a series of messages on a delivery truck parked at his store that included: “Lawrence: Commie and Candy Ass Capitol [sic] of Kansas. Goodbye Obamaville.”

Fyfe, who moved to Lawrence in the 1970s, is not apologetic about his actions, which have caused quite a stir in the town of 38,185 residents, according to Fox4KC.

“There’s things that you can’t say that are really harmless words,” he told Fox4KC. “They’re just words.”

Words that pack a helluva punch.


More Than 250K Expected In Ocean City This Memorial Day Weekend

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Fun in the sun. The unofficial start to summer is just a few days away. Many people will be flocking to the beach for Memorial Day weekend.

Tracey Leong with more on how Ocean City is getting ready.

Ocean City is preparing for one of the busiest weekends of the summer. More than 250,000 are expected to roll through this weekend.

From the Ocean City Beach Patrol to the candy shops on the Boardwalk, everyone is gearing up for a busy season.


Are Gays ‘Born That Way’? Most Americans Now Say Yes, But Science Says No

PRINCETON, NJ, ( -- For the first time, a majority of Americans say that homosexuals are "born that way."

According to the latest Gallup poll, 51 percent of Americans say that people are born gay or lesbian, while only 30 percent say outside factors such as upbringing and environment determine sexual orientation.

However, science would not bear that out. No fewer than eight major studies from around the world have found homosexuality is not a genetic condition.

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says that these numerous, rigorous studies of identical twins have now made it impossible to argue that there is a "gay gene." If homosexuality were inborn and predetermined, then when one identical twin is homosexual, the other should be, as well.

Yet one study from Yale and Columbia Universities found homosexuality common to only 6.7 percent of male identical twins and 5.3 percent of female identical twins.

The low rate of common homosexuality in identical twins – around six percent – is easily explained by nurture, not nature.


Annapolis police launch safe transaction zone

The Annapolis police department is opening its doors – and parking lot – to people who want a safe place to conduct face-to-face transactions with strangers.

Police on Thursday announced "Transaction Safe Place," in which the department's parking lot and lobby are being made available to the public as a place to meet and conduct their business.

"Criminals frequently seek out victims online," city police Chief Michael Pristoop said. "This program will protect Annapolitans conducting face to face transactions after an online interaction."


Green power lines hogtie poorest Texans

“Green” power is smacking Texans with higher utility bills, but Democratic lawmakers in Austin, aided by wayward Republicans, don’t care. They’re stalling legislation that would reel in wind-energy costs.

The price of putting up power lines to connect wind farms in West Texas to customers in the central and eastern parts of the state has blown away initial estimates. The $4.9 billion venture has hit $6.8 billion, and counting.

The Senate passed SB 931 to curb the program and relieve ratepayers, but Democrats determined to push more wind power have blocked the measure in the House. The bill, authored by state Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Abilene, is on deathwatch with barely more than a week remaining in the legislative session.

Texans will pay an average of $300 more per year on their electric bills to fund the power-line project. Continued expansion would increase costs.

State Sen. Eddie Lucio of Brownsville was the lone Democrat to vote for Fraser’s bill.

“Texas ratepayers have paid an enormous sum to expand the transmission system to support the (state’s green energy) mandate,” says Lisa Linowes, executive director of, a research group critical of the costs and benefits of such ventures.

“It’s easy to get the projects approved and there is essentially no environmental oversight, so why not?” she noted.


Community Invited To Memorial Day Ceremony

BERLIN – The community will honor the nation’s heroes with a Memorial Day ceremony at the Worcester County Veterans Memorial Monday.

On May 25, area residents are invited to recognize those who have served their country with an 11 a.m. ceremony at the Worcester County Veterans Memorial in Ocean Pines.

“This is a very special ceremony that honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Marie Gilmore, president of the memorial’s board of directors. “It’s a respectful, solemn ceremony. People get a lot out of it.”

This year’s event, which marks the 10 year anniversary of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial, will feature guest speaker Major General James A. Adkins. Adkins recently retired after serving as the 28th Adjutant General of Maryland.


We honor our fallen service members

BALTIMORE —For many of us, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer and a sign that the end of the school year is approaching.

Backyard cookouts, road trips and visits to the beach are on the calendar, but the holiday has even more significance.

Created after the Civil War, Memorial Day is a time to honor our armed forces, some of who made the ultimate sacrifice.

For other families, this weekend is a day of remembrance for our service men and women and first responders who put duty before self, some giving their lives in defense of our freedoms.

In honor of their sacrifice, we would like to thank them for their service as we celebrate with family and friends.


Teacher suspended after stomping on American flag in class

“He talked about it being the right to do whatever he wants"

An Illinois public school teacher has been placed on leave for the rest of the school year after allegedly placing an American flag on the floor of his classroom last week and stepping on it.

The teacher, who has not been identified, was apparently giving a lesson to students at Martinsville Junior/Senior High School about freedom of speech and expression, and used the flag as a prop.

Students reported the incident on Facebook, drawing national attention.

“We can’t figure out why he actually went to the simulations of actually doing it,” Jonathon Smith, a senior at Martinsville Junior/Senior High School, was quoted as saying by

Read more

Church service honors veterans

Duncan Showell Post #231 of the American Legion of Berlin will hold its annual memorial service for fallen veterans at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church on Sunday at 10 a.m.

The service will honor the more than 200 deceased members of the post.

“We’d like to invite all veterans and their families to join in the service,” organizer Gregory Purnell said. “This has been done for at least five decades at various churches of the membership, and fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, uncles, aunts and grandparents of the local communities are to be honored.”

Purnell, who will also emcee the Memorial Day Parade on Flower Street, is a 39-year member of the American Legion, as well as the son and grandson of charter members. He currently holds the office of post-historian, and was a bugler for a quarter century before, he claimed, he lost the touch.


Taking a Dip in Maryland and Delaware: What's in the Water at the Beach?

With her red bucket and long stick, you might not notice Cindy Serman this summer – until you hear her laugh.

Her laughter is infectious and she has a lot to be happy about. “I love it. It’s the best job ever,” she told us with a chuckle.

Her job is to clip little bottles to the end of an old broom handle and dip them into the waves at eight different locations along Maryland’s Atlantic Coast.

She’s been using the same broom handle for 26 years, collecting bacteria samples to see if what’s in the water could make you sick.


House Democrat Introduces Gun Registry Bill

Bill allows Justice Dept. to gather personal information on gun buyers, vendors

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) introduced a bill that would effectively create a firearms registry by forcing private sellers at gun shows to report sales to the Attorney General and by requiring gun show organizers to register with the Justice Dept.

The bill, H.R. 2380, would also force gun show organizers to provide the identities of all their vendors to the Attorney General.

“The legislation would call on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to hire investigators to inspect gun shows and examine records kept by gun show operators and vendors,”The Hill reported.

For the past several years the Justice Dept. has been pressuring banks to refuse service to gun stores, so if gun show organizers and private sellers are forced to provide information to the Attorney General, expect to see more gun owners and dealers blacklisted by banks.


City Council Approves Budget At Constant Yield Rate

OCEAN CITY – Despite final pleas from some, the Mayor and City Council passed the upcoming fiscal year budget based on a tax rate of 47.8 cents per $100 of assessed property value.

On Monday evening, the council was presented the Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget for approval in its second and final reading.

The budget is based on a tax rate set at constant yield of 47.8 cents for $100 of assessed property value. The town’s current property tax rate is set at 47.04 cents. The property tax rate proposed will generate $40,239,417.

As of the end of FY15, which is June 30, approximately $2 million will be available for appropriation, which leaves over $11 million in reserve, meeting the town’s fiscal policy of 15 percent of previous year General Fund expenditures.



Business potential was recognized quickly

A Burst in Vice Spending

Vice spending, as we know, is affected by the weather. This year it was battered by storms which rocked the US from Spring Break into early April, holding back spending until Easter. It’s fitting that the original Easter holiday was a pagan celebration of the Spring Equinox full of revelry, feasts and sex.

Last year, we saw a similar pattern: storms dampened play time but once they passed, the game was on.


Navy, Coast Guard Partner To Rescue Disabled Sailboat

OCEAN CITY — A U.S. Navy ship and a Coast Guard rescue boat out of Station Ocean City teamed up to rescue of a disabled sailboat about 50 miles off the coast of the resort early last Thursday morning.

Shortly after 6 a.m. last Thursday, the sailboat “Solarus” with two men aboard radioed they were in distress about 50 miles off the coast of Ocean City and were taking on water at a rapid rate. The two men were sailing the “Solarus” from South Carolina to Rhode Island were passing by the Ocean City coast on their northern journey.

The U.S. Navy ship “William McLean,” a military sealift command dry cargo and ammunition ship, was in the area and received the distress call and headed toward the coordinates provided by the “Solarus” about 50 miles off the coast of the resort. The “Solarus” had suffered a two-foot crack in its hull and its bilge pump could not keep up with the amount of water rushing into it.


BREAKING NEWS: DC quadruple murder suspect did not act alone, authorities say

Daron Dylon Wint -- the suspect in the murders of a DC family and their housekeeper -- did not act alone, according to a court affidavit that says ‘the crimes described in this affidavit required the presence and assistance of more than one person.’


Tulsa Police off Pryor taze and mace African American man while eating bag of chips

Governor Larry Hogan Vetoes Six Bills

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today took action on six bills from the 2015 legislative session. In accordance with Article II, Section 17 of the Maryland Constitution, Governor Hogan today announced that he has vetoed the following bills:

SB 190: Sales and Use Tax – Taxable Price – Accommodations
SB 340/HB 980: Election Law – Voting Rights – Ex-Felons
SB 517: Criminal Law – Use and Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia
SB 528: Criminal Procedure – Seizure and Forfeiture
HB 209: Howard County – Room Rental Tax – Room Rental Fee Ho. Co. 12-15

Please see the documents below for further information related to each vetoed bill.


PNC Bank Robbery Investigation

The Princess Anne Police Department has obtained an arrest warrant for Michael Ryan Russell (white male, dob: 5/12/1986). Further investigation revealed that Russell was the suspect from the PNC Bank robbery reported on 5-21-15. Russell is charged with armed robbery, robbery, assault first & second degree, handgun on person, use of firearm in violent crime, and reckless endangerment. Anyone with any information concerning Russell's whereabouts is urged to contact the Princess Anne Police Department at 410-651-1822.

Maryland's State Assessment Program To Be Streamlined

Maryland students in grades 3-8 and high school will spend less time taking State assessments next year as a result of changes approved unanimously by the multi-state consortium governing the tests.

The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) yesterday voted to consolidate the PARCC assessment’s two testing windows into one and cut total test time by about 90 minutes overall beginning in the 2015-16 school year. The changes were made in response to feedback from parents, students, and educators during the first year of testing and a careful review of test design.

“Next year’s PARCC tests will take less time away from lessons, and cause less disruption to school schedules, while still keeping students on track for college and careers,” said State Superintendent of School Lillian M. Lowery. “These changes will help us focus on what’s most important—ensuring that students are learning to think critically and master the skills they will need to graduate, ready for success.”

The revisions to PARCC will:
  • Combine the two English language arts and two math testing window to one 30-day window near the end of the semester or the school year.
  • Reduce the number of test units that students will take from 8 or 9, depending upon the grade level, to 7 or 6.
  • Cut the testing time for students by about 90 minutes overall depending on content and grade level.
The first full year of PARCC implementation in Maryland has gone smoothly for the most part, with more than 1.3 million tests administered and completed. The new assessments, aligned to Maryland’s College and Career Ready Standards, replaced the Maryland School Assessment tests this year. Additional details on the changes to the PARCC test is available here.

Bin Laden's Alarming Prediction About America - Made Years Before 9/11

The heroic Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden just over four years ago. And thankfully, his bones rest at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

But America’s desperate battle with al-Qaeda is far from over.

You see, a key weapon of bin Laden’s was economic warfare…and al Qaeda still uses the tactic against America.

Osama named it the “bleed until bankruptcy plan,” where the goal is to draw the United States into endless – and costly – Middle Eastern wars. Wars that will eventually bankrupt the US economy.

In other words, Osama didn’t seek to win with body counts.


Flags being placed on Arlington National Cemetery graves

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of thousands of American flags are being placed on the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery by the 3rd U.S. Infantry on Thursday.

The group, also known as the Old Guard, also plans to place flags at the graves of those buried at the U.S. Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery in Northwest D.C.

The “Flags In” project takes place before every Memorial Day.


BREAKING NEWS: State Department Releases 1st Batch of Clinton Emails

Some 296 emails from then-Secretary of State's personal server have been made public by the State Department in the first of several anticipated disclosures.


Boy Scouts' Leader Urges End to Ban on Gays

Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates said on Thursday the group's ban on adult gay leaders cannot be sustained, a move that could open the door to ending the policy that has caused rifts in the 105-year-old organization.

Gates said at a national meeting of the group in Atlanta he does not plan to revoke the charter of Boy Scout councils that allow gay leaders, according to a text of the speech.

"We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be. The status quo in our movement's membership standards cannot be sustained," said Gates, who as U.S. secretary of defense helped end the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that barred openly gay individuals from serving in the military.


TONIGHT: Bennett Middle School Drama Club Presents.......

Why the Clintons Really Established Their Foundation

In a recent column, I suggested that stockholders in companies that donate to the Clinton Foundation should protest that misuse of funds. Why am I so opposed to an organization that is supposedly doing good works?

Ask yourself this: Why does the Clinton Foundation exist? Most such entities are established by people who have a great deal of money – like Bill Gates, or the Fords -- who want their funds to go to charitable purposes, often beyond their lifetimes. Our tax code allows people to donate their wealth to a foundation and take a tax deduction; a foundation can earn tax-free investment returns on the money, thus helping to perpetuate its existence.

The Clintons did not have great wealth when they established the foundation in 2001. That was the year that Bill Clinton moved out of the White House; at the time, according to Hillary, they were “dead broke.” What better way to pile up some dough than set up a foundation, and ask their friends and political allies to support it – and them?

If their ambition had been to use their celebrity to do good works, the Clintons could have endorsed a major non-profit like the Red Cross or the American Cancer Society– as Jimmy Carter has with Habitat for Humanity. They did not need to set up their own foundation.

The enormous foundation, with revenues of $295 million last year, and assets of almost $300 million, serves to keep Hillary and Bill ever in the spotlight and to keep their cronies like Sidney Blumenthal employed between political gigs. It backed Bill’s 2007 book Giving, which netted him $6.3 million. It provides first class travel and lavish events at which they can attract and hit up donors who enjoy mingling with movie stars. Note: unlike most charity galas - those lavish events lose money.

Corporations should not fund political slush funds like the Clinton Foundation. There are too many instances of apparent quid pro quo, and in any event the foundation fails to pass most objective tests of transparency and efficiency. Both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau have recently declined to rate the organization.

In my column I singled out Coca-Cola, which is the biggest U.S. corporate donor, having shelled out between $5 and $10 million to the Clinton’s foundation – but the beverage company is certainly not alone. (Coco-Cola did not respond to an inquiry about their donations.) Here are some other companies that have contributed to the giant non-profit, all of which have donated between one and five million dollars.

I have not distinguished between companies and their foundations since generally grants from associated non-profits are overseen by management. In some cases, such as Walmart, that may not be the case. Also, I have not included foreign companies, of which there are many. Gifts from overseas firms raise quite separate issues, which have been ably explored by Peter Schweizer in Clinton Cash. Note the prevalence of heavily regulated firms in healthcare and energy – both industries that need a helping hand from elected officials. I have included their twitter handles to make it easier for stockholders to voice their opinions.

Clinton enablers:


Just Sayin

Forget What You Know About Burgers, This Simple Trick Changes Everything

Child Violators Convicted With Prosecutor Offering Stern Reminder

SNOW HILL — Two local men were convicted in separate child pornography trials last week with one sentenced to five years in prison.

After a two-day trial last week, a Worcester County Circuit Court jury convicted Daniel Brynan Kerstetter, 56, of Berlin, on 28 counts of distribution and possession of child pornography. Kerstetter was sentenced to 10 years, all but five years of which was then suspended.

Kerstetter was arrested last July when Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies, working in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI), executed a search warrant on his residence on Libertytown Rd. in Berlin. The search warrant was the result of several months of prior investigation which revealed someone in the residence was downloading and sharing pictures and videos of child pornography.

Kerstetter was identified as the lone occupant of the residence. At the home, multiple hard drives and computers were recovered containing images and videos depicting minors involved in sexual acts. During the two-day trial last week, Worcester County Circuit Court Judge Richard Bloxom described the pictures and videos as “probably the most revolting images I have ever seen.”


There's only one thing keeping 5 of the world's biggest Wall Street banks in business

On Wednesday, a handful of Wall Street banks pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pay a combined $5.8 billion in fines for their roles in the LIBOR interest rate and currency rigging scandal.

The market barely reacted.

As Bloomberg's Hugh Son and Elizabeth Dexheimer put it, investors responded to the news with a resounding "meh."

The New York Times' Peter Henning noted that, at this point, the fines and the guilty pleas kind of just feel like the cost of doing business.

No individual traders from the banks, which include Barclays, Citi, JPMorgan, RBS, and UBS, have been held criminally accountable. But the banks themselves, having admitted to criminal activity, are literally felons.

So why do none of them seem to care?

Because, days before Wednesday's guilty pleas and criminal charges, all five banks obtained waiver fees from the SEC to allow them to carry on with business as usual. Here's UBS' request for a waiver.

Bloomberg reports that the waivers will allow the banks to carry on managing funds and raising capital. There's even rumor that the reason the DOJ settlements were pushed back by a week was in order to give the banks more time to secure the SEC waivers.


Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 5-22-15

Denise Menezes Wilhide of Princess Anne, arrested 5-10-15 for possessing/consuming  alcohol in a vehicle. Whilhide was released on citation. Deputies observed Wilhide drink from a natural Ice beer container while in a vehicle, parked at the Kings Creek Market.

Geranda Marie Williams of Waldorf, arrested 5-13-15 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving, and failure to obey a traffic control device. Williams was released on signature pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of Somerset Ave, and Ocean Highway.

Quinton Alexander Jackson Jr. of Westover, arrested 5-15-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Jackson was released after posting bond.

Brook Taylor Blizzard of Milton Delaware, arrested 5-16-15 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, speeding, unsafe lane change, driving without a license, and negligent driving. Blizzard was released on signature pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of Ocean Highway and Revells Neck Rd.

Omnirose Carmen Ramos of Pocomoke, arrested 5-17-15 for driving on a suspended driver’s license, unsafe lane changes, and following vehicle too closely. Ramos was released on citations pending court actions.

Tammy Sue Davis of Deal Island, arrested 5-20-15 on a warrant for cds possession, not marijuana. Davis was later released on a unsecured bond. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of Deal Island Rd.

Public Confused Why World's Biggest Banks Admitting Criminal Fraud, Leads To Public Yawns

Since then things have gone from bad to worse for believers in fair and efficient markets, with not only countless more banks now admitting they rigged Libor and FX,not to mention gold(yes gold too was manipulated as impossible as it sounds) and even the CFTC finally figured out just how spoofers manipulate the price of both stock indices and gold, but that biggest master manipulator of all, the world's central banks, unleashed a record liquidity blitz into world markets with 2015 set to be the year in which CBs are set to monetize all net issuance.

It all culminated with yesterday's settlement in which five of the world's biggest banks, including JPM, Citi and Barclays, agreed to plead guilty in a currency-rigging probe.

And, to Bloomberg's dismay, the public yawned.

Bloomberg's amazement continues:
Barely more than a year ago, criminal charges against major U.S. banks were considered unthinkable, with lawyers and analysts viewing felony convictions as a death sentence and a threat to the financial system.Now, by granting waivers allowing lenders to keep operating even after a felony plea, the government has managed to punish firms while protecting them from fatal consequences.

Others, including those who work in the industry, are just as amazed:


Be Prepared…

Be prepared, because ISIS has allegedly said they’ve got upwards of half-a-hundred nuts prepared to “strike” against the “infidels” (that’s you, by the way.) Government and law enforcement are powerless to stop it, not because they don’t want to but simply because it’s impossible; you will be the first responder whether you like it or not if this madness visits your area. The military is taking it seriously enough to adopt a force protection posture that by their own admission impacts their operational capability. You ought to take the threat at least that seriously.

Be prepared, because while stock prices have been euphoric sales have not. Further, beware those calling this a “diversion” of CapEx to share price growth: Capital expenditures have run between 10-13% of GDP, ex-residential investment, through both good markets and bad, growth and recession including the 08-09 “Great Recession.” The data is available to anyone who cares to look so why lie? The answer is simple: There’s an agenda at play and you’re not being told what it is.

Be prepared, because ex financial product shenanigans there has been no positive economic output growth ex-debt since 1968. While there were periods in the 1990s where the GDP deficit was around 2% annually the fact remains that for the last three years it has been running around 7% and at no time during the alleged “recovery” has it gone positive on an annualized basis — not even for one three month period.


107 Million Spiders Found in 4-Acre Nest at Baltimore Wastewater Plant

If you’re afraid of spiders, avert your eyes – a nightmare straight out of Arachnophobia was just discovered in Baltimore’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Researchers found spiderwebs covering 95% of the building’s interior – which spans a whopping four acres – and the plant is estimated to be the home of 107 million spiders!



Maryland State Police Press Release

(PIKESVILLE, MD) As the unofficial start to the summer travel season beings, Maryland State Police are stepping up traffic enforcement efforts to keep Maryland roads safe this holiday weekend.

Troopers throughout the state will be conducting special traffic enforcement initiatives this Memorial Day weekend in an effort to reduce motor vehicle crashes. The SPIDRE Team, a full-time drunk driving enforcement team, will be out this weekend in areas where drunk drivers and drunk driving crashes are known to be prevalent. Troopers from each of the 22 state police installations will be working a variety of initiatives which include DUI saturation patrols, speed and seatbelt enforcement as well as aggressive and distracted driving. Their goal will be to remind motorists that driving while impaired or distracted is not a good way to start the summer travel season.

Operation SHOWBOAT will concentrate on Route 50 from Anne Arundel County to Ocean City, Route 301 in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties, and Route 13 in Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester Counties. Troopers and local law enforcement will target aggressive drivers and educate the public through strict traffic enforcement.

Operation Millipede, a highway safety initiative in Prince George’s County, is designed to reduce motor vehicle crashes while inhibiting criminal activity. Patrol troopers will be making complete traffic stops to diminish criminal activity through criminal interdiction while enforcing all traffic laws. The month of May has been designated as ‘Occupant Safety Month,’ so there will be zero tolerance for any unrestrained occupants.

These high visibility enforcement efforts are to reduce the number of aggressive driving motor vehicle crashes in which speed, alcohol and other driving violations are contributing factors to crashes on Maryland roads. Maryland State Police continue to support the Maryland Highway Safety Office’s ‘Move Toward Zero Deaths’ campaign. For additional travel information on Maryland roads, visit

CONTACT: SGT. Marc Black
Office of Media Communications, 410-653-4236

Foolin: Handcuffed Baltimore Man Fakes Injury After Noticing Camera!

You Know It's A Fiscal Crisis When... Republicans Raise Taxes

As a reminder, America’s state and local governments are going broke.

In the most high profile example of what can happen when the fiscal nightmare rubber meets the ratings agency road since Detroit, Moody’s cut Chicago’s ratings to junk last week after the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a pension reform law that would have paved the way for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to push through legislation aimed at closing funding gaps for the city’s worker retirement funds. Pension costs are 18% of revenue in Chicago, more than double the amount of the next closest major US city.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, LSU is facing funding cuts of 82% after falling oil prices blew a $1.6 billion hole in the state’s budget — if the cuts are implemented in full, the school will face the university equivalent of bankruptcy.

These are but two examples. As we pointed out earlier this month, nearly half of US states face funding gaps with 17 states reporting negative Y/Y revenue growth in 2014. The situation is so bad in Kansas (where tax cuts pushed through by Governor Sam Brownback have bankrupted the state government) that schools are being forced to beg for emergency funding in order to pay salaries (perhaps Varoufakis has some ideas).

Here’s a look at which states are in trouble:


Motorcyclist Succumbs to Injuries Sustained in Tuesday's Crash

Georgetown, DE – Eduardo Adrian Giorgi, 47 of Salisbury, Maryland, has died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the May 19, 2015 crash.

The incident occurred around 7:43 a.m., Tuesday May 19, 2015 as Joseph M. Rose, 33 of Georgetown, was operating a 2011 Toyota Tundra westbound on County Seat Highway (US9) approaching Asbury Road. Eduardo Adrian Giorgi, 47 of Salisbury, Maryland was operating a 2005 Kawasaki R650 motorcycle eastbound on US9 also approaching the intersection with Asbury Road. As the Tundra was attempting to make a left turn onto Asbury Road to travel southbound, the motorcycle was traveling on the shoulder of the road passing a number of vehicles stopped in traffic while a separate non-contact vehicle, that was also traveling eastbound on US9, was attempting to make a left turn to travel northbound on Asbury Road. The front bumper of the truck then struck the motorcycle on the left side ejecting the motorcyclist forward and into the grass on the southeast corner. The truck was able to come to a controlled stop immediately after impact on Asbury Road.

Joseph Rose, who was not properly restrained, was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries.

Eduardo Giorgi, who was wearing an approved DOT helmet, was removed from the scene by EMS and initially transported to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital before being transferred to Christiana Medical Center in Stanton where he succumbed to his injuries Friday May 22, 2015 around 4:30 a.m.

US9 was closed between Concord Road and Tyndall Road for approximately two hours while the crash was investigated and cleared. The Collision Reconstruction Unit is continuing to investigate this incident and no charges have been filed.

Somerset Fishing Rodeo with NRP

On a pond just outside Princess Anne, 55 youngsters enjoyed a morning of fishing on May 16 while learning about becoming...

Posted by Maryland Natural Resources Police on Thursday, May 21, 2015

When Politicians Loathe The Press

Obama assails the media, while Hillary Clinton figures she can duck them until Election Day.

Most politicians occasionally get upset at the media. But few demonstrate as much contempt for journalists as do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sometimes it appears they’d prefer a state-run media rather than a free press.

For example, last week at a Georgetown University conference on poverty, President Obama indulged in a favorite pastime: attacking Fox News (for which I am a political contributor). Mr. Obama asserted that stories suggesting “the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t want to work” are a “constant menu” on the cable news channel. Of course that isn’t true, but how would he know? Does anyone believe Mr. Obama is a regular Fox viewer?

Nevertheless, the president has attempted to delegitimize Fox since he took office. In an October 2009 CNN interview, then-White House communications chief Anita Dunn said, “Let’s not pretend they’re a news network.” A year later in Rolling Stone, Mr. Obama questioned the patriotism of all who work at Fox by saying the channel has a “point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of the country.”

It is unseemly for any president to offer such personal criticism of a news outlet. No other chief executive in the past 40 years has done it. This administration has also made extensive efforts to bypass the press altogether by holding news conferences less frequently than the last three presidents, announcing news via social media, restricting pool reporters’ access to presidential events and appearances, and supplying video and photos shot by White House staff in lieu of giving access to news photographers. All of this to get Mr. Obama’s message directly to voters without having to go through troublesome journalists.


Baltimore Riots Fueled in Part by Disastrous Government Welfare Programs

With many Americans wondering why so much alienation exists in cities such as Baltimore, Maryland, perhaps one answer is a reaction to decades of federal government programs that have been driving the destruction of the American family.

The Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute has released a report highlighting the startling statistic that only 16 percent of teenagers in Baltimore between the ages of 15 and 17 have been raised in an intact, married family. Baltimore is one of the five least “intact” counties in the entire United States. Bishop E. W. Jackson, a senior research fellow for the Family Research Council, related this depressing fact to the recent senseless rioting and looting in the city. “Boys … are inculcated with the values of the streets,” he explained, adding that “race and poverty become an excuse for criminality.” The crisis in the African-American community, Jackson contends, is in “marriage and family.”

That crisis has been building for years, and it is not restricted to the African-American communities of the country, although the rates of illegitimacy and single-female households are higher there than in other ethnic groups. Since 1960, there has been a three-fold increase in the number of children growing up in single-parent families. According to Mary Parke, in her article “Are Married Parents Really Better for Children?,” in 1960, only 22 percent of black children were in single-parent homes (almost always with the mother); however, by 2001, this figure had soared to 53 percent. Among white Americans, the rate was a mere seven percent in 1960, but had increased to 19 percent by 2001. And these distressing numbers are still rising.

In their article for the Heritage Foundation entitled “How Welfare Harms Kids,” Patrick Fagan and Robert Rector explained how this accelerating trend has affected the incidence of violent crime and burglary. They show that growing up in a single-parent family on welfare triples the probability that a young black man will engage in criminal activity. It is instructive that the explosion of illegitimacy and single-parent homes has occurred since 1960. It was in 1964 that President Lyndon Johnson led Congress to enact the bundle of government programs designed to conduct a war on poverty in his so-called Great Society.

What is the role that welfare, by whatever name it is called, has played in inflicting such damage on the American family? And why has the destruction of the family in American society contributed so greatly to the creation and continuance of an American underclass, seething with anger and resentment?

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US House Passes Freedom Bill: Citizens’ Privacy Protected, NSA Spying Curbed

Edward Snowden, in 2013, leaked thousands of documents to journalists that reported that the National Security Agency had been secretly collecting Americans’ landline phone calls, emails, and other online data, for many years. With an overwhelming 338-88 margin, the US House of Representatives today passed the Freedom Act to put troves of telephonic metadata beyond the reach of government spies – a heavy blow to the mass surveillance programs of NSA.

The Freedom Act replaces the controversial Patriot Act, under which the NSA routinely collects vast amounts of communication data from the Internet and telephone systems, including targets in India and other nations considered friends of the U.S. The reforms explicitly prohibit the mass collection of telephone metadata – phone numbers, time and duration of calls – by the NSA, as well as electronic data such as emails and web addresses. It, however, seeks to only protect American citizens from the Agency’s bulk surveillance; it does not limit the NSA’s power to collect telephonic metadata relating to foreigners.


United No Longer

Alabama factory votes for fifth time to decertify union

Alabama factory workers voted for the fifth time in two years to break ties with the UAW on Tuesday.

Workers at NTN-Bower voted 74-52 to boot the union off the premises of the manufacturer, making it the third time anti-union employees have beaten UAW Local 1990 in the last 18 months.

Local 1990 did not respond to request for comment.

Union opponents have received legal assistance from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation throughout the process. NRTW spokesman Patrick Semmens said the fifth vote should settle any doubts about the will of the workers.

“Once again, employees at the Hamilton NTN-Bower plant have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in the UAW’s so-called ‘representation,’” he said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon.

The 22-vote margin is a bit smaller than the fourth ballot held in February, in which workers voted 82-50. The union filed challenges to the fourth ballot before the regional National Labor Relations Board, alleging that management interfered with the campaign. The NLRB ordered a fifth ballot in May.

“Unfortunately, it has already taken these workers five elections in less than two years to rid themselves of one stubborn union,” Semmens said. “Employees shouldn’t have to clear this many hurdles to remove an unwanted union.”


37 MS-13 Gang Members Indicted In Charlotte, NC

Thirty-seven MS-13 gang members have been indicted in Charlotte, North Carolina on numerous offenses including murder and attempted murder, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of North Carolina announced Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, a law enforcement dragnet rounded up 16 of the alleged gang members. While five remain “at large” the remaining 16 are in state custody.

“As outlined in today’s indictment, the alleged MS-13 gang members have committed numerous violent crimes, including armed robberies, assaults, and murders, for the benefit of the criminal enterprise,” Jill Westmoreland Rose, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said in a statement. “Today’s charges send a clear message to gangsters who think their gang affiliation puts them beyond the law’s reach.”

While all 37 alleged gang members have been indicted on racketeering conspiracy charges, 22 of them are charged with additional crimes including those violent felonies Rose indicated.

As the U.S. Attorney’s Office detailed, MS-13 is a criminal gang organization that originated in Los Angeles with membership largely comprised of immigrants and decedents of immigrants from Central America.

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Governor Hogan Going On Trade Trip To Asia

Gov. Larry Hogan is leaving on a trade trip to Asia.

Ben Wu, deputy secretary for the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, said Thursday the trade mission next week to South Korea, China and Japan is scheduled for 12 days.

Officials and businesses will promote Maryland as a gateway to the U.S. market. The trip also is being made to help position Maryland companies for new trade and investment opportunities in foreign markets.



Corruption is Legal in America

Maine Governor Wants to Drug Test Every Welfare Applicant

Gov. Paul LePage's plan to prevent anyone with a felony drug conviction from collecting cash welfare benefits advanced Monday in Augusta with a bill that would extend a program launched earlier this year.

In January, LePage and his administration began administering drug tests on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families applicants who have had felony drug convictions within the past 20 years. That came after the concept received strong legislative support in 2011 and after the law was adjusted at the advice of the attorney general's office to avoid lawsuits.


Op-ed: It’s Time to Give Israel the Means to Take Out Iranian Nukes

The negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have engendered furious debate in Washington and in capitals across the world. But there are steps outside of the nuclear talks that President Obama can take to help ensure that the United States and its allies are stronger and more secure the day after a deal than they were the day before.

One such step would be to provide Israel with GBU-57 30,000-pound bunker-buster bombs (known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrators, or MOPs) and the means to carry them, in a quantity sufficient to destroy Iran’s most deeply buried nuclear sites.

At present, Israel possesses US-supplied 5,000-pound bunker-buster bombs. But experts doubt these bombs could seriously impede Iran’s nuclear development. On the other hand, there is little doubt that MOPs, which Israel lacks, are capable of destroying Iran’s nuclear sites.

As Michael Makovsky and Lt. Gen. David Deptula noted in a 2014 Wall Street Journal op-ed, the Defense Department has MOPs to spare, aircraft in storage that could carry the MOP payload and legal authority to transfer such arms to the Israelis.

Because the MOPs are outside the scope of the negotiations, Iran is in no position to object to transferring them to the Israelis. Iran continues to expand Hezbollah’s arsenal, placing all of Israel’s population centers within range of Hezbollah rockets.

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[US Reps. Grace Meng (D-Queens) and Lee Zeldin (R-LI) are members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.]

3 officers in Virginia Beach PD arrest video now on administrative duty

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach Police Department sources confirm three officers who appear in cell phone video of a recent arrest are now on administrative duty.

The administrative assignment is temporary, according to VBPD sources.

10 On Your Side doesn’t have the entire incident on tape, but after two cell phone videos were posted to WAVY News’ Facebook page, we know more about what happened around midnight Saturday at the Oceanfront.

After a bouncer at Sandbar on Atlantic Avenue reported an assault, Virginia Beach officers tried to take 27-year-old D’Vondray Terrell McIntyre into custody. Ethan Fogle said he watched police respond from outside the store where he works nearby.


Thank God Its Friday 5-22-15

What will you be doing this weekend?

"He Is A Nice Person"......

“Why are they saying he’s armed and dangerous? He is a nice person. He’s patriotic.”Robin Ficker, who previously...

Posted by The Kelly File on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Strong Women in Business - Networking

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

As a slight fog rolls over the water early this morning I can't help but think of just how fortunate we all are. How lucky are we to live in the most beautiful place on earth, the Eastern Shore. 

I can easily recall all the sirens throughout the night in New York City. The incredible traffic of the Washington Beltway. This morning, nothing but song birds, roosters crowing and fish jumping in the water.

The peace we so enjoy, the voice we are so fortunate to have here on this Website are all because millions of hero's sacrificed their lives to give us such peace and freedoms. 

Certainly enjoy this Holiday Weekend but please take the time on Monday to remember all of the people who helped make all this beauty happen. 

Walmart Hires More Than 4,000 U.S. Veterans Regionally

Walmart Hires More Than 4,000 U.S. Veterans in
Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia Since Memorial Day 2013

Walmart Expands Veterans Commitment to include a Guaranteed Job Offer to any eligible
Veteran Honorably Discharged Since Memorial Day 2013

BALTIMORE – Walmart announced today that it is creating even more job opportunities for transitioning U.S. veterans in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia by guaranteeing a job offer to any eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from active duty since the original launch of the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment on Memorial Day 2013. The previous commitment was for veterans within 12 months off active duty.

Since Memorial Day 2013, Walmart has hired more than 4,000 veterans across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.* In addition to the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, Walmart is expanding its 2013 projection of hiring 100,000 veterans nationwide by 2018, increasing the projection to 250,000 veterans by the end of 2020.* 

“I can sum up in three words what Walmart’s veterans hiring initiative means to me – opportunity to succeed. Walmart provides veterans with the opportunity to grow our own careers, as well as the careers of others,” said Calvin Summers, Assistant Store Manager at the Georgia Avenue Supercenter in Washington, DC. “My favorite part about my job is being able to bring a unique skill set to the table and help others progress in their professional development. I make it a priority to help our associates mature and meet the workload and their potential, many don’t realize they have the potential to grow until they have someone to mentor them and push them to that next level.”

Walmart has welcomed veterans into every aspect of its facilities in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, from Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets to distribution centers and Sam’s Club locations. The flexibility and scheduling opportunities the retailer offers makes it possible for transitioning service members to make their own path, whether that is pursuing educational goals or finding a meaningful new career path.
“We’ve experienced a tremendous response in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, and as more service members transition out of active duty, we know we can do more.” said retired Brigadier General Gary Profit, Walmart’s senior director of military programs. “We believe veterans represent the largest, diverse, talent-rich pool in the world and are an essential segment of the next generation at Walmart.”

Walmart’s support for transitioning military veterans and their families extends into programs that provide training, education and economic opportunity.

•           Coalition for Veteran Owned Business: On May 5th, Walmart participated in the launch of the Coalition for Veteran Owned Business, which will work to create opportunities for veteran and military-family owned businesses with American businesses and supply chains.

•           Walmart’s U.S. Manufacturing Summit and Open Call: Walmart is also specifically encouraging military and veteran-owned businesses to apply for its annual U.S. Manufacturing Summit and Open Call to be held July 7-8, 2015 in Bentonville, AR. The summit and open call will provide an opportunity to meet with Walmart’s buyers and facilitate meetings for current and potential suppliers with key state economic development officials.

In 2014, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed to veterans by pledging $20 million through 2019 to support veteran employment and transition programs. This pledge was made after Walmart and the Walmart Foundation successfully reached a 2011 commitment of $20 million by 2015 to help veterans and their families get through those challenges with assistance from programs that provide job training, transition support and education.

Did Anyone Ever Pull This On You?

FEC backs off flirtation with regulating Internet

Democratic members of the Federal Election Commission on Thursday backed off any consideration of regulating political Internet content, after a public outcry and pressure from Republican colleagues. 

The commissioners, in a Washington meeting, sought to calm a controversy thatstarted last fall -- when incoming Chairwoman Ann Ravel said a "re-examination" of the agency's approach to the Internet was "long overdue." 

This triggered concerns that the campaign-finance regulator could try targeting YouTube videos and other posts to make sure their creators file spending reports. But after the FEC received thousands of public comments opposing Internet intervention, Ravel stressed Thursday she was "never" proposing any such rules. 

"There is no such regulation," Ravel said. 

To affirm this, Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub proposed a motion, which Ravel backed, formally excluding "political activity on the internet" from an ongoing regulatory effort concerning contribution limits. 

Weintraub said she wanted to "allay" the public's concerns, and "make clear that we're not" pursuing Internet regulation. 


I Wonder What KFC Tells The Chickens?

Suspect in Washington D.C. quadruple homicide arrested

Police in Washington D.C. have arrested 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint, who was wanted for the murder of four people in their upscale Washington home last week.

Caption This Photo 5-22-15

Another Failed Attempt By Our Government

Once Again, Liberals Rewarded For Their Bad Behavior

NYPD Chief Wants 450 More Cops So He Can Fight ISIS...What?

Bill Bratton says he'll try to assign more officers to stop terrorist organizations.

New York City police chief Bill Brattonsays that he will increase the size of the police force quickly in order to combat terrorism from the Islamic State. On the John Catsimatidis radio show Bratton explained that there is an, "increased threat from ISIS using social media to recruit people not only to go to Syria to fight, but encouraging people … to attack police, to attack government officials, to basically brainwash them under their screwed-up ideology. That threat has expanded significantly in the now 16 months I’ve been police commissioner."

Bratton continued, "We’re treating that threat so seriously, I’m going to put another 450 police officers – if we get the approval to increase the size of the police force – and I need to do it very very quickly – into our counterterrorism operations to increase the ability of our officers to protect critical sites around the city." Bratton then blamed the threat on, "This crazy hijacking of the Muslim religion by these fanatics, twisting it into an ideology that’s all about hate and murder and killing.”