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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fox News Boots Liberal Host Bob Beckel: Couldn’t Be Held ‘Hostage’ to ‘One Man’s Personal Issues’

Bob Beckel no longer works for Fox News, the network confirmed Thursday.

The left-leaning co-host on “The Five” was known for his blunt and sometimes profane comments. Beckel quietly disappeared from the network Feb 16, with co-host Greg Gutfeld later addressing viewers’ questions about his whereabouts in March by saying he had undergone back surgery.

TV Newser reported in April that Beckel had been admitted to a rehabilitation facility to treat an addiction to pain medication.

“His relapse developed over the last several months as he tried to cope with extensive back pain before and after he underwent major back surgery,” the representative said at the time.


K-9 dies after being left in hot patrol car

Department sanctions officer who left dog in vehicle

A police department in Mobile, Alabama, confirmed the death of their community relations dog, Mason.

Sgt. Jason Woodruff, of the Gulf Shores Police Department, said Mason was not used for enforcement purposes.

According to an official release by the department, On Thursday, June 18, while transitioning between duties, Mason’s handler, Corporal Josh Coleman, forgot that Mason was still in the back seat of his patrol car. “On discovering Mason’s absence Cpl. Coleman located him in the vehicle.”

Woodruff said the canine, who was in serious distress when located, was rushed to a local veterinarian’s office where treatment began.

He was later was then taken to an advanced facility in Pensacola following the veterinarian’s advice.

Man Dies After Police Involved Shooting

Baltimore County Police say officers opened fire at a man around 1 a.m. after they were called to a home in Owings Mills after responding to the scene of a report of a domestic disturbance.

The man, 41-year-old Spencer McCain, died this morning of his injuries about seven hours after being shot what appears to have been 19 times, says Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson. He says the officers heard a disturbance inside the house when they got to the scene and forced their way into the house on Hunting Ridge drive.

Chief Johnson also states there was what he called an extensive history of calls for domestic trouble at the home and that the woman who lived there suffered cuts and bruises from being hit after McCain told her, "You're going to get the beating you deserve."


Three Arrested in Seaford Meth Lab Operation

Seaford, DE- The Delaware State Police Sussex County Drug Unit has arrested three people after the culmination of a two month investigation into the manufacturing of Methamphetamine (Meth) at a residence on Palmetto Street in Mobile Gardens MHP.
On Thursday June 25, 2015 at approximately 10:15 a.m., the Sussex County Drug Task Force (DTF) with the assistance of the Sussex County Governor's Task Force,  Kent County Drug Task Force, Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT), and DNREC, responded to 25709 Palmetto Street in order to conduct a search warrant in response to an on-going investigation into the manufacturing of meth at the house.  Upon arrival, Brooks S. Musser, 29 of Seaford, Matthew A. Revel, 30 of Seaford, and Bruceia R. Fraser, 19 of Seaford, were all taken into custody without incident.  Fraser's three year old son was also in the house and was turned over to a relative on the scene.  Upon conducting a search of the property, detectives located equipment and component mixtures of the manufacturing stages of Meth along with key ingredients in making the drug, as well as 5.3 grams of Methamphetamine.
All three subjects were transported to Troop 4 in Georgetown where they were each charged with Operating a Clandestine Laboratory, two counts of Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance (Meth), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Meth), Conspiracy 2nd, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  They were all remanded to the Delaware Department of Corrections in lieu of $45,200.00 cash bond.
No evacuations were ordered as it was determined that there was no immediate hazard to nearby residents.

Texas Company Slapped Down After Caught Doing Sickening Thing to American Workers

We’ve all heard about the sickening days of old, where businesses could put out signs saying that certain races or ethnicities need not apply for jobs at their establishment.

Well, here’s a new one that will blow your mind: “Americans need not apply.”

This happened in the state of Texas, of all places, where a farm company decided that they would hire Mexicans on work visas instead of hiring naturalized American citizens.

The case involved Estopy Farms, which denied work to an American citizen named Enrique Romero in favor of cheaper Mexican labor on H-2A work visas. President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice (believe it or not) went after the farm and managed to win in court.

The H-2A visa allows temporary or seasonal agricultural employees work visas in the United States, but only if there are not Americans “willing, able and qualified” to do the work.


NRP Joining ‘Operation Dry Water’ this Weekend to Nab Impaired Boaters

As the summer recreational boating season gets into full swing, the Maryland Natural Resources Police will join this weekend with the Coast Guard and other maritime law enforcement agencies for Operation Dry Water, a nationwide crackdown on alcohol- and drug-impaired boaters.

From Deep Creek Lake and the Potomac River, to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, NRP officers take part in saturation patrols beginning Friday, looking for boaters whose blood alcohol content exceeds the state limit of .08.

The goal of the three-day campaign that combines messages about the dangers of boating under the influence and an increased police presence on the water, aims to drastically reduce the number of accidents and deaths due to impaired boating.

“Protecting the public goes to the heart of our mission,” said Col. George F. Johnson IV, NRP superintendent. “Alcohol and drugs can have a profound effect on a boater’s judgment, balance, vision and reaction time. Operation Dry Water makes it clear that Maryland has no tolerance for alcohol- or drug-impaired boaters.”

The maximum penalty in Maryland for operating a vessel while impaired by alcohol is a $1,000 fine and a year in jail for the first offense.

Rand Paul Gets Flat and Fair - Stephen Moore

Overnight, Rand Paul changed the dynamics of the Republican presidential race when he released his "Fair and Flat" tax plan on Thursday. As he said when he unveiled the plan on video, this is the boldest rewrite of the income tax system in 100 years. Even Ronald Reagan -- who dramatically improved the federal tax system -- didn't perform such a sweeping clean-up of the tax code.

For full disclosure, I spent the last several months helping design this plan with Sen. Paul -- so I'm biased. But there is no doubt that this plan, which reduces income tax rates from as high as 40 percent and business taxes from 35 percent down to a flat 14.5 percent rate, can only be described as explosively pro-growth and pro-jobs.

The 14.5 percent tax would apply to wages, salaries, capital gains, rents and dividend income. The plan eliminates the estate tax, telephone taxes, Internet taxes, gift taxes and all customs and duties.

This plan would take America from being one of the highest income tax rate nations in the world to the lowest. This would suck capital and jobs from the rest of the world almost immediately to these shores. America would move from a nation offshoring jobs, to one that would start in-sourcing millions of them. It gives U.S. workers a fair advantage.

Under the current tax system, the IRS taxes what is produced in America and sold overseas. Under Rand's plan, when goods are produced on these shores and sold abroad, no tax is applied. But when China brings goods into the United States for sale, a 14.5 percent tax at the border is applied. This will reward production and jobs here -- big time. Industrial unions should love this plan because the business tax is a GATT-legal tariff on all imported goods.

For low income and middle class families of four, the first $50,000 of income would be tax free. Moreover, because this plan eliminates the payroll tax withheld from worker paychecks, the average worker with a $40,000 income would get a $3,000 take home pay raise. At a time of falling wages, that would be a big boost to middle class financial security.


Warren Buffett: Derivatives Are Still Weapons Of Mass Destruction And 'Are Likely To Cause Big Trouble'

After all these years, the most famous investor in the world still believes that derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction. And you know what? He is exactly right. The next great global financial collapse that so many are warning about is nearly upon us, and when it arrives derivatives are going to play a starring role. When many people hear the word “derivatives”, they tend to tune out because it is a word that sounds very complicated. And without a doubt, derivatives can be enormously complex. But what I try to do is to take complex subjects and break them down into simple terms. At their core, derivatives represent nothing more than a legalized form of gambling. A derivative is essentially a bet that something either will or will not happen in the future. Ultimately, someone will win money and someone will lose money. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of these bets floating around out there, and one of these days this gigantic time bomb is going to go off and absolutely cripple the entire global financial system.

Back in 2002, legendary investor Warren Buffett shared the following thoughts about derivatives with shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway

The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal.


Attention Family, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors and Whomever

I have the distinguished honor of being on the Committee to raise $50,000,000 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton. We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for two faces.

We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Barack Hussein Obama, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else's money.
Thank you,

Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee


The Committee has raised $ 0.16 so far.

Lowe's Just BLASTED Radical Islam in a HUGE WAY

Ratings plummeted into the toilet for TLC’s (The Learning Channel) show, All-American Muslims. The show, supported by the terrorism-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other pro-Islam organizations, was used to portray active Muslim families, who are strict followers of their faith, as a peaceful community. Yet, Americans don’t want to watch such politically-correct nonsense.

With such low ratings, Lowe’s decided to DROP them as a sponsor!

Lowe’s was attacked by the left for dropping the show– including newly elected Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), who called Lowe’s “bigoted, shameful, and un-American.” Apparently, in his mind, Lowe’s doesn’t have the right to decide where their adverting dollars should end up, even if the show’s ratings were horrible. CAIR is also furious about the decision, and called for a national boycott of the hardware giant.

That’s when Christian organizations, such as the Family Florida Association, decided to help! This is EPIC…

While the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is outraged over the decision by Lowe’s to pull their sponsorship from
“All-American Muslim,” conservative groups, such as the Florida Family Association, have offered the retailer their support.

“All-American Muslim represents propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values,” they told CNN.


AG Frosh Announces Successful Challenge to Merger of Two Foodservice Providers

Baltimore, MD - Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced today that a challenge to the merger of the nation's two largest foodservice distributors has been successful, with a federal judge blocking the transaction pending further review.

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General Antitrust Division joined with the Federal Trade Commission, nine other states and the District of Columbia to halt the merger of Sysco Corp. and USF Holding Corp., or US Foods. US District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta, in the District of Columbia, on Tuesday issued temporary injunction blocking the merger. The Federal Trade Commission must now complete a full administrative review of the proposal before it can proceed.

"This is terrific news for anyone who eats. And that means all Marylanders," said Attorney General Frosh. "This proposed merger would reduce competition and lead to higher prices for Marylanders who dine out, as well as for food service providers."

Sysco and US Foods are the two largest foodservice distributors in the United States, and compete to sell to restaurants, hotels, hospitals schools and other facilities in Maryland and throughout the country. The combined entity would control approximately 75 percent of the national market and 80 percent of the market in Annapolis and the Baltimore-Washington corridor, the Attorney General's Antitrust Division noted in its complaint.

Judge Mehta agreed with Attorney General Frosh that the $8.7 billion merger, if allowed to proceed, could reduce competition in these markets.

Attorney General Frosh thanked Assistant Attorney General Gary Honick, and Ellen Cooper, the chief of the Antitrust Division, for their work on this case.

Maryland and the Federal Trade Commission were joined by California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and the District of Columbia in this enforcement action.

Sessions: They Won the Vote, But Lost the 'Trust of the American People'

“Americans increasingly believe that their country isn’t serving its own citizens. They need look no further than a bipartisan vote of Congress that will transfer congressional power to the Executive Branch and, in turn, to a transnational Pacific Union and the global interests who will help write its rules.

"The same routine plays out over and again. We are told a massive bill must be passed, all the business lobbyists and leaders tell how grand it will be, but that it must be rushed through before the voters spoil the plan. As with Obamacare and the Gang of Eight, the politicians meet with the consultants to craft the talking points—not based on what the bill actually does, but what they hope people will believe it does. And when ordinary Americans who never asked for the plan, who don’t want the plan, who want no part of the plan, resist, they are scorned, mocked, and heaped with condescension.

"Washington broke arms and heads to get that 60th vote—not one to spare—to impose on the American people a plan which imperils their jobs, wages, and control over their own affairs. It is remarkable that so much energy has been expended on advancing the things Americans oppose, and preventing the things Americans want.

"For instance: thousands of loyal Americans have been laid off and forced to train the foreign workers brought in to fill their jobs—at Disney, at Southern California Edison, across the country. Does Washington rush to their defense? No, the politicians and the lobbyists rush to move legislation that would double or triple the very program responsible for replacing them.

"This ‘econometarian’ ideology holds that if a company can increase its bottom line —whether by insourcing foreign workers or outsourcing production—then it’s always a win, never a downside.

"President Obama, and allies in Congress, have won this fast-track vote. But, in exchange, they may find that they are losing something far greater: the trust of the American people. Americans have a fundamental, decent, and just demand: that the people they elect defend their interests. And every issue to come before us in the coming months will have to pass this test: does this strengthen, or weaken, the position of the everyday, loyal American citizen?”


Governor Hogan: Delivering On A Promise

Hammerhead Shark In Back Bays, Clearly Injured Or Ill

Hammerhead Shark In Back Bays, Clearly Injured Or Ill Shawn Soper, News EditorOCEAN CITY -- The hammerhead shark...

Posted by The Dispatch on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Medical marijuana farms may be coming to Kent County

CHESTERTOWN — Two medical marijuana operations are being planned for Kent County.

Amy Moredock, the county’s director of planning, zoning and housing, discussed the proposals Tuesday, June 23. One operation, she said, will be re-using an existing greenhouse facility, so it was approved administratively without coming before the county planning commission. The property is in an agricultural zone, Moredock said, so growing any crop on it is consistent with the zoning ordinance.

“I met the applicant and learned about the process. It’s very like a nursery,” Moredock said. She said the operation will include a large greenhouse with a separate building for extracting the active chemicals from the plants. Both buildings were already on the property before the application was filed, she said. Since there is no cap on the size of greenhouses in the county ordinance, the application didn’t require a site plan review, she said.

The property, on Massey Road north of Massey, is owned by a Dutch family. It will be leased to a Queen Anne’s County farmer for the marijuana-growing operation, Moredock said.



(Greensboro, MD) – Investigators from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division Upper Shore arrested two suspects today who were involved with a shooting that occurred last night in Caroline County.

One of the accused is identified as Tony Elliott, Jr., 22 of the 4600 block of Skinners Run Road in Hurlock. Elliott is being charged with attempted first degree murder, reckless endangerment, and first and second degree assault. Elliott was arrested at 5:30 a.m. today and is currently being held without bond at the Caroline County Detention Center.

The other suspect, 17 years old, was arrested last night shortly before midnight and is in police custody. He is not being identified at this time because he is a juvenile. He is also charged with attempted first degree murder, reckless endangerment, and first and second degree assault. He is currently being held at Caroline County Detention Center.

Why Conservatives Might Be Better At Dieting Than Liberals

Are conservatives more likely to stick to a diet than liberals? The answer might be yes.

In a paper published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers say there is a link between political ideology and the ability to exert self-control.

In a series of three studies with more than 300 participants, the authors found that people who identify as conservative perform better on tests of self-control than those who identify as liberal regardless of race, socioeconomic status and gender.

They also report that participants' performance on the tests was influenced by how much they believed in the idea of free will, which the researchers define as the belief that a person is largely responsible for his or her own outcomes.

For example, conservatives who are more likely to embrace the idea of free will overwhelmingly agreed with statements like "Strength of mind can always overcome the body's desires" and "People can overcome any obstacles if they truly want to."

"Conservatives tend to believe they had a greater control over their outcomes, and that was predicting how they did on the test," said Joshua Clarkson, a consumer psychologist at the University of Cincinnati and the lead author of the paper.

There was, however, one instance when liberals outperformed conservatives on the test.

During one of the experiments, participants were given a fake research article that suggested believing in free will is an obstacle to achieving personal goals. The volunteers were asked to read it before taking the test.

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Taxpayers slapped with $866,615 jet fuel bill for Obama's Earth Day speech

President Obama's decision to take his Earth Day speech attacking climate change "deniers" to Florida, home of two GOP presidential candidates, cost taxpayers $866,615.40 just for the flight of Air Force One.

Taxpayer watchdog Judicial Watch revealed Wednesday that the Air Force provided documents showing the flight expenses of flying the jumbo jet 4.2 hours to Miami. He was then helicoptered 20 minutes to the Florida Everglades for his speech.

Other costs, such as security, communications and staff were not provided, but would put the speech price at way over $1 million.


Rural Media Revolt Against Mainstream, To Hold Own 2016 Candidate Forums

Tired of big city media taking over political coverage in early rural primaries and caucuses, local media is elbowing in to demand that the parties and candidates address small town issues such as agriculture beyond basic talking points.

Led by the Nashville-based RFD-TV, the goal is to force candidates to get up to speed on rural concerns rather than focus simply on questions posed by the national media.

"Rural states set the tone," said RFD-TV founder Patrick Gottsch, noting that four — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina — are the first to choose presidential nominees. "There aren't enough rural questions being asked," he added.

In a move endorsed by the parties, RFD-TV, working with SiriusXM and cable provider Mediacom, are planning a new one-hour interview program called "Rural Town Hall" that will feature one candidate at a time addressing rural issues and questions from group such as the 4-H.

Host Orion Samuelson said questions will range from agriculture to small-town education, water supplies, aging workers and migrant immigration.

One thing it won't be, added Gottsch, is gotcha journalism: up to 200 questions will be provided to candidates in advance. "Hopefully," he said, "we'll light a fire and create an understanding. We're in the business of building a bridge between urban and rural."


$30 Fun ART pARTy This Friday!!

Missing Person

His name is Justin Goslee 23 last seen in Fruitland Md on Tuesday. He drives a red Mazda.
A missing person report has been filed. If you have seen him please contact SPD.  

UPDATE:  He has been located.  Thank you to everyone that shared this information. 

Hammerhead Shark In Ocean City

This hammerhead shark, pictured here in the Inlet around 2 p.m. Thursday by Jill Needham Martire, has kept the Ocean...

Posted by The Dispatch on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia

Prepping for war in orbit, the military is honing tactics and building a new center to coordinate defense and development.

The Pentagon and intelligence community are developing war plans and an operations center to fend off Chinese and Russian attacks on U.S. military and government satellites.

The ops center, to be opened within six months, will receive data from satellites belonging to all government agencies, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said Tuesday at the GEOINT symposium, an annual intelligence conference sponsored by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

“[W]e are going to develop the tactics, techniques, procedures, rules of the road that would allow us … to fight the architecture and protect it while it’s under attack,” Work said. “The ugly reality that we must now all face is that if an adversary were able to take space away from us, our ability to project decisive power across transoceanic distances and overmatch adversaries in theaters once we get there … would be critically weakened.”

Work also said that Air Force Secretary Deborah James would soon be named the “principal space advisor” to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, where she will to provide “independent advice separate from the consensus process of the department.”

Senior officials at the Pentagon and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are still finalizing details of the new center, which will back up the military’s Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

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Editor Says He Owes GOP Sources ‘An Apology’ After Gruber Emails

Longtime political journalist and pundit Mark Halperin says he owes his Republican sources "an apology" after apparently doubting their claims that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber played a major role in crafting ObamaCare.

Halperin, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, addressed the controversy on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Monday, after a Wall Street Journal report first revealed emails showing Gruber playing a deeper role than previously thought.

"I owe all my Republican sources an apology because they kept telling me he was hugely involved, and the White House played it down," Halperin said. "They were right. The Republicans were right."

He said he does not think the White House has been "fully forthcoming" about Gruber's role.

The emails reportedly showed Gruber having frequent discussions with Obama administration staffers on the Affordable Care Act.


Limbaugh Says History Is Being Overlooked in Confederate Flag Debate: ‘Do People Care Anymore About Truth?

Perhaps no topic in America at the moment is as absurd as the heated rhetoric against the Confederate Flag. Though Democrats and Republicans have supported the flag, suddenly, instead of hosting a discussion concerning race relations in America, the left has turned their intolerant gaze towards a symbol of Southern heritage. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says that the history of the flag is being purposefully overlooked.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed Democrats are the ones “responsible” for raising the Confederate flag over the South Carolina Statehouse, therefore, they should be the ones — not Republicans — deciding what to do with the divisive symbol.

“Do people even care anymore about truth, objective truth? When did this become a Republican problem? Logical certitude? Do people care about this stuff anymore? Does it matter?” Limbaugh asked.

Limbaugh placed blame for the Confederate flag flying over the Statehouse on former Democratic Senator Earnest “Fritz” Hollings, who served in the Senate in 1962.

“When did all this become a Republican problem? Who wrote the lyrics of the song, “Dixie?”…If you go to Arkansas, you know, all these old racial segregationists, they’re all Democrats,” Limbaugh continued. “Bill Clinton’s mentor from Arkansas, J. William Fulbright, was a proud segregationist. And Bill Clinton signed a proclamation authorizing the Confederate flag to fly over the statehouse in Arkansas.”

There has also been speculation about a 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign button that features the Confederate Flag, though it wasn’t immediately clear if it was an official part of the presidential campaign.

“When did Republicans get involved in this?” Limbaugh concluded.


China arrests smugglers trying to sell frozen meat from the 1970s

In the latest food scandal to hit China, authorities have seized almost half a billion dollars worth of smuggled frozen meat, some of more than 40 years old. According to the state-run China Daily, customs officials have confiscated over 100,000 tonnes (110,000 tons) of chicken wings, beef, and pork, and arrested gangs across 14 Chinese provinces attempting to sell the contraband.

“It was smelly. There was a whole truck of it. I nearly threw up when I opened the door,” Zhang Tao, an official that helped with the operation in Hunan province told the paper. Some of the meat had begun to thaw and rot, and some of it was stamped with packaging dates as far back as the 1970s, officials said.

Meat smuggled in from foreign countries via Hong Kong and Vietnam is increasingly making its way into Chinese grocery stores, where consumers can’t tell the product’s age easily when it is frozen. The meat, transported in non-refrigerated trucks and cars, is often repeatedly thawed and refrozen. In Hong Kong, imported meat is subject to surveillance but not usually tested if it is for re-export, government officials said.


African American Man Pushes White Woman into Oncoming Traffic Because He ‘Hates White People’

Earlier this month a 34-year-old black man in Cincinnati pushed a white woman into oncoming traffic on the street because he said he “hates white people” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Rodney Arnold of Pleasant Ridge, Ohio was charged with ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing, assault and carrying concealed weapons after attacking a white woman who was out jogging.

On May 11, a woman was jogging in the 5900 block of Montgomery Road when a man shoved her into the street and caused her to fall in front of oncoming traffic, according to an affidavit in Hamilton County court records.

The woman said that the attacker pulled out a knife, pointed it at her and stated that “he hates white people,” according to the affidavit.

The left wants a race war. Looks like it really is germinating.


The Church Shooter and Capital Punishment

It is fitting, if late, that South Carolina’s political leaders seem ready to evict the Confederate flag from the grounds of their state Capitol in response to the vile shooting that left nine African-Americans dead in Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church last week. In a Monday news conference while flanked by Democrats and fellow Republicans, Gov. Nikki Haley noted that many in the Palmetto State see the Confederate flag as a tribute to their Southern roots but said, “Today we are here in a moment of unity in our state, without ill will, to say it’s time to move the flag from the Capitol grounds.” She urged state lawmakers to act next week.

Haley is also right about another way to demonstrate her state’s outrage. She told NBC’s “Today” show, “We will absolutely … want him to have the death penalty.”

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr., opposes the death penalty. Still, he noted, “If you are going to have a death penalty, then certainly this case would merit it.”

This slaughter was an act of racial terrorism — meant to deprive defenseless churchgoers of their precious lives while instilling fear and dread among all black Americans. The accused killer — I shall not reward his delusions of grandeur by repeating his name — wanted to start a race war. He wrote: “We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.”


A surgical team mocks a sedated patient — and it’s all recorded

Sitting in his surgical gown inside a large medical suite in Reston, Va., a Vienna man prepared for his colonoscopy by pressing record on his smartphone, to capture the instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure.

But as soon as he pressed play on his way home, he was shocked out of his anesthesia-induced stupor: He found that he had recorded the entire examination and that the surgical team had mocked and insulted him as soon as he drifted off to sleep.

In addition to their vicious commentary, the doctors discussed avoiding the man after the colonoscopy, instructing an assistant to lie to him, and then placed a false diagnosis on his chart.

“After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op,” the anesthesiologist told the sedated patient, “I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit,” she was recorded saying.


Racist! Hillary Clinton Commits Unforgivable Outrage: Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ In A Black Church

As Twitchy reported yesterday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced that she’d be appearing at a church in Florissant, Mo., this afternoon, leading some to wonder which of her many fake accents she’d adopt for the mostly black crowd. Little did we know, though, that Clinton would commit what some consider the most offensive faux pas imaginable just minutes into her address: she proclaimed that “all lives matter.”

As long ago as last December, Cornell University’s police chief ended up apologizing in an email to the campus for using the phrase, which she wasn’t aware was considered “disrespectful pushback against #BlackLivesMatter on many Internet forums.”

Clinton apparently didn’t get the memo either, sharing an anecdote in which her mother told a young Hillary that “all lives matter.”


Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

Privacy advocates claim always-listening component was involuntarily activated within Chromium, potentially exposing private conversations

Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of listening in on conversations held in front of a computer.

First spotted by open source developers, the Chromium browser – the open source basis for Google’s Chrome – began remotely installing audio-snooping code that was capable of listening to users.

It was designed to support Chrome’s new “OK, Google” hotword detection – which makes the computer respond when you talk to it – but was installed, and, some users have claimed, it is activated on computers without their permission.

“Without consent, Google’s code had downloaded a black box of code that – according to itself – had turned on the microphone and was actively listening to your room,” said Rick Falkvinge, the Pirate party founder, in a blog post. “Which means that your computer had been stealth configured to send what was being said in your room to somebody else, to a private company in another country, without your consent or knowledge, an audio transmission triggered by … an unknown and unverifiable set of conditions.”


Lawsuit filed over Maryland congressional redistricting

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A government watchdog group filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging the constitutionality of Maryland’s congressional district map.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Baltimore by Judicial Watch, contends Maryland has some of the most gerrymandered districts in the nation. Gerrymandering is the process in which officials draw congressional districts to help their party.

Del. Neil Parrott, a Washington County Republican, and Del. Matt Morgan, a St. Mary’s County Republican, are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, along with former delegate and gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey and others.

It’s not the first time the drawing of the state’s eight congressional districts has been challenged in court. In 2011, a three-judge panel dismissed an earlier and separate lawsuit against the state’s congressional redistricting map.


Most Illegal Immigrants From Border Surge Skipped Court Date

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrant women and children streamed across the U.S. border last year seeking asylum and protected status, claiming a "credible fear" of going home to the violence in Central America. President Obama addressed the crisis through increased border enforcement, more detention beds, more immigration judges and pressure on political leaders in their home countries.

But a year later, new data obtained exclusively by Fox News shows the policy isn't stopping the influx. Not only are illegal immigrant women and children continuing to cross the border in large numbers, but the majority charged with crimes aren't even showing up for court.

"That strategy is obviously a complete failure because such a high percentage of these people who were not detained have simply melted into the larger illegal population and have no fear of immigration enforcement," said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Statistics released by the Department of Justice Executive Office of Immigration Review show 84 percent of those adults with children who were allowed to remain free pending trial absconded, and fewer than 4 percent deported themselves voluntarily.

The data set, requested by Fox News, underscores the dilemma facing immigration officials. While the ACLU and more than 100 lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to close federal detention centers, which they consider inhumane and unacceptable on legal and moral grounds, releasing the women and children to relatives and charities virtually guarantees they will fall off the federal government's radar.

"Now that we see that 85 percent of the people who were not detained before their immigration hearings do not show up for these hearings, that illustrates the need for detention," Vaughan said.

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The New Black Panther leader whose party at one point offered a $10,000 reward for George Zimmerman, “dead or alive,” before Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in Trayvon Martin’s death, now is rhapsodizing about the possibility of violence against “slave masters” in connection with the murders of nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

At a rally there on Tuesday, Malik Zulu Shabazz called for the completion of the mission of Denmark Vesey, a slave who strategized to kill slave masters nearly two centuries ago when the church where the nine were murdered was being founded.

Breitbart reported that Shabazz also played a “prominent role in the Baltimore and Ferguson uprisings,” and now heads a group called Black Lawyers for Justice.

CBO: Repealing Obamacare Would Cut Budget Deficit by Billions

Repealing Obamacare would reduce the federal budget deficit by $216 billion over the next decade and would generate a gross savings for the government of $1.65 billion, according to an estimate released Tuesday by the Senate Republican Policy Committee.

Republicans widely slammed a nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office report released last week because of its finding that repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase the deficit by as much as $353 billion over 10 years.

That determination was derived from what is known as a "conventional" examination of data by CBO researchers, the Committee explained in its own report on Tuesday. By contract, the Committee used what is known as "dynamic" scoring to analyze the effects of repeal.

"The main difference between the conventional and dynamic estimates of repeal is that the dynamic estimates account for people working and earning more in the absence of the law. Since the economy is larger, the federal government collects more revenue, which CBO estimates to be about $225 billion over the decade."

In short, the repeal would most likely boost the economy as more people sought employment to get health insurance.

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Charleston and the Confederate Flag Battle

With every murderous rampage committed by a sociopath, the Left exploits the tragedy to push its agenda of taking Liberty from all of us. In recent years, that’s generally meant two things: gun control or racial grievance. The horrific murders of nine black Christians in Charleston by a white supremacist provided an opportunity to bring the two issues together.

Barack Obama, as usual, weighed in on both. He called for more gun control, and then he denounced the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the South Carolina capitol as a racist symbol. It’s the latter that’s become a rallying point for leftists as well as Republicans eager to shed the racist label.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, said Monday, “It’s time to move the flag from the Capitol grounds.” Sen. Lindsey Graham, a GOP presidential candidate, and Tim Scott, the first black Republican senator elected in the South since Reconstruction, likewise called for its removal. That provides political cover for state Republicans to vote to take it down.

Of course, given the prominence of South Carolina in the presidential primary season, the Leftmedia gleefully makes the Confederate flag an issue for Republicans every presidential cycle.

But that’s awfully odd since Democrats are the ones who raised it at the South Carolina capitol in 1962.Democrats are the party of Jim Crow and segregation — the ones in KKK robes who sullied the banner of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia with racial overtones. Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter campaigned with the flag before it was uncool to do so. Democrats push for an ever-higher minimum wage, which all too often leaves blacks unemployed and enslaved on the Left’s deliberately institutionalizedurban poverty plantations.

Yet somehow the Confederate flag is a Republican problem.

Speaking of racism, know what else is racist? Gun control. It was originally conceived in the South to prevent blacks from owning firearms.

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“The Good Crisis that Can’t be Wasted”

The words made famous by former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel are, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Of course he should have added in the very descriptive adjectives of “politically manufactured” right before the word crisis. And so it goes, not even one week since the shootings by a racist sociopath at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, we see the politically manufactured message being disseminated and promulgated by the liberal left progressives who seemingly own the Democrat party.

Instead of heeding the teachable moment being displayed by the people of Charleston, Emanuel Church, and even the family members of the souls who were horribly taken away – the message remains on that which seeks to divide. As we watched the services, the response, and human bridge of unity on this past Sunday, the prevailing ranting was still about race.

Let me make myself very clear: the sick, demonic individual who perpetrated the heinous attack a week ago should burn in hell. The act of evil he committed in unconscionable. But it was an individual act, recognized by the people of Charleston. To try and elevate this into some national level discussion is nothing more than political opportunism.

Need I remind those of us who know American history, it is rather hypocritical of the Democratic Party to believe that they are some champions against racism. Historically, they are the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, and literacy tests. It was President Lyndon B. Johnson, who on Air Force One before other governors, used a racist epithet to describe how his policies would have blacks voting Democrat for 200 years. We are fifty years into the seemingly intended consequences of those policies. Policies that have advanced a new type of slavery; not the physical but rather the metaphysical – economic enslavement of our urban centers, mostly populated by the black community.

It appears to me that the feigned outrage being displayed truly has more to do with political posturing rather than heartfelt care or concern.

The politically manufactured crisis being touted – to include the liberal media “gotcha” question about a confederate battle flag – has little relevance to the real issue. Why is it that we do not hear about the same outrage with black on black murder happening in the hometown of President Obama and candidate for president former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or in the hometown of presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. Yes, I am referring to Chicago and Baltimore. Do the hundreds of lives of young black men lost in these cities not constitute a crisis? Remember, it was an older black man who brought the legal challenge to the restrictive gun control laws in Chicago because he wanted to be able to protect himself.


U.S. To Send Out 250 Tanks

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the military will provide 250 tanks and other military equipment to six former Soviet-bloc countries to counter threats from Russia and terrorist groups. 

The U.S. will move the equipment around the region as needed. 

Carter said it will give the U.S. a persistent but agile presence in the area. Carter spoke in Estonia, where he was flanked by counterparts from that country, Latvia and Lithuania. 

The other defense chiefs spoke candidly about the threat they perceived from Russia. Earlier this week, Carter announced that U.S. military forces, aircraft and weapons would stand ready to help NATO’s new rapid-reaction force. The U.S. also will work with NATO’s cyber center in Estonia.

Pataki: Eric Holder a Factor for America's Racial Unrest

The nation's racial unrest can be blamed in part on former Attorney General Eric Holder and his embrace of rabble-rousers like the Rev. Al Sharpton, says GOP presidential candidate George Pataki, the former governor of New York.

"We have seen the country take a step backward in race relations over the course of the past seven years and it started when you have people like Eric Holder embracing Al Sharpton, who has been a divisive force forever," Pataki said Tuesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show."

Pataki cited Holder's trip to Ferguson, Missouri, last summer after unarmed black teen Michael Brown was shot dead by white Police Officer Darren Wilson, prompting riots — and Holder's Justice Department probe of the shooting even after a Missouri grand jury vindicated Wilson. He said Holder ultimately had to issue a report "saying that police officer did nothing wrong."

Reflecting on the Charleston, South Carolina, tragedy in which nine African-Americans were shot dead during a prayer meeting last week, Pataki told Steve Malzberg:

"It was a white racist who committed this horrible, horrible act of criminal terrorism. He should face the consequence, but we all have to look at ourselves and say, 'What are we doing to unite people instead of divide us?'"

"I'm fortunate, I grew up in a very ethnically, racially, very diverse community and we all looked at each other as part of that town. Neighbors, friends, teammate soon the basketball team or the track team.

"That's what we have to get back to. We're all Americans and let's stop dividing so that we can gain some advantage."

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College Student Fights To Reclaim Life Savings Seized by DEA In Civil Forfeiture

Charles Clarke had $11,000 taken from him by the DEA at an airport but was never charged with a crime.

A college student has teamed up with the Institute for Justice to reclaim $11,000 that was taken from him at an airport by the DEA. University of Central Florida student Charles Clarke was never charged with committing a crime, but law enforcement officials have kept his savings using the practice of civil forfeiture.

Between late 2013 and early 2014, Clarke had been spending time with relatives in Ohio while his mother, with whom he had been living, was in the process of moving to a new apartment in Florida. Before he left his Florida home, he decided to bring his entire savings with him. His savings totaled $11,000 in cash, saved up over five years by collecting money from various jobs, gifts from relatives, financial aid, and educational benefits received due to his mother’s status as a disabled veteran.


FBI Docs Show Valerie Jarrett's Family Were 'Hardcore Communists'

Judicial Watch reports it has obtained FBI documents that show family members of top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett were "hardcore Communists" investigated by the government.

According to the report, Jarrett's father, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had a lengthy FBI file showing extensive ties to Communist organizations and individuals. One of those was the Communist-sympathizing group Association of Interns and Medical Students.

Jarrett's maternal grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, had a business relationship with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, according to Judicial Watch. Stern also had a contact with Bowman.

Jarrett's father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, also has an FBI file, the group reports.

"For a period of time Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI’s Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)," according to Judicial Watch.

"His FBI file reveals that he was assigned to write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would 'disseminate the Communist Party line among … the middle class.'"

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Thank You and Good Luck to the 2014-2015 Retirees from Wicomico County Public Schools

The Wicomico County Board of Education and the Wicomico County Public School System say thank you and good luck to the teachers, administrators, support staff and other staff members who are retiring in the 2014-2015 school year after many years of work on behalf of Wicomico students and families.

Most of the retirements are effective June 30, though some have already taken place. Retiring during the 2014-2015 school year:

The Real Fast-Track Threat

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is supposed to be the trade deal that needs fast-track authority to get approved by Congress. But the real worry is not TPP — it’s the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) that’s being negotiated well out of public view.

Until recently, the details of TISA had been carefully hidden, but a draft treaty and notes about the negotiations now in progress were leaked and posted earlier this month on the WikiLeaks website. It is now clear that, even as Republicans like Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (Wis.) have been assuring us that the free flow of labor is not covered in the TPP, it is the entire point of much of TISA.

An article by Daniel Costa and Ron Hira of the Economic Policy Institute wades through the pages of TISA documents posted on WikiLeaks to find provisions on open immigration. Article 4, concerning “Entry and Temporary Stay of Natural Persons,” states signatories “shall not maintain or adopt Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a requirement for a visa or work permit.” Costa and Hira explain: “In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guestworkers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.”

Article 5 goes further, proposing that member nations “shall take market access and national treatment commitments for intra-corporate transferees, business visitors, and … contractual service suppliers and independent professionals.” The draft then goes on to require signatories to “allow entry and temporary stay of [contractual service suppliers and independent professionals]” in a long list of specific fields.


Local parents, activists, experts to discuss health impacts of fossil fuels at "Moms and Docs Roundtable"

BALTIMORE – Days after a major summit on climate and health at the White House, Baltimore will be having a discussion of its own. This Thursday, June 25th, Moms Clean Air Force, Environment Maryland, Sierra Club and Physician’s for Social Responsibility will host a roundtable discussion on the health impacts of the fossil fuel industry.

This event will bring concerned parents and community members together with doctors and other health experts to discuss the twin impacts air pollution and climate change has on Marylanders’ health. Maryland has taken major steps in recent years to limit carbon pollution and advance renewable energy, but new air pollution rules have stalled under the Hogan administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants is facing opposition from Congress.

WHAT: A roundtable discussion on climate change and the public health benefits of the Clean Power Plan.

WHO: UMD-Baltimore's Dr. Sara Via

Laurel Peltier, Mom and Baltimore Fishbowl Eco- writer and green blogger

Thursday June 25th, 2015

WHERE: 2640 Space

2640 St. Paul Street

Baltimore, MD

To RSVP, please contact Trisha Sheehan (856)796-0300 or Julian Boggs (614)440-3438

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 6-24-15

Accused: Merysol Mendez-Reyes 50 yr old female of Newark, NJ
Charges: Transporting Untaxed Cigarette & Possessing Untaxed Cigarettes, Fail to drive right of center, and Negligent Driving

On Monday June 22, 2015 at approximately 1818 hours Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were given a broadcast to be on the lookout for a black in color GMC Yukon with Maryland registration driving erratic and swerving. The vehicle was last seen going North on Route 113 near Snow Hill Road. A Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy spotted the vehicle and observed the vehicle failing to drive right of the center line and other signs of negligent driving. The deputy stopped the vehicle just North of Public Landing Road and made contact with the driver of the vehicle. The driver and sole occupant was identified as Merysol Mendez-Reyes through her New Jersey driver’s license. During the traffic stop the deputy observed several indicators that lead to a probable cause search of the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed over 1,000 cartons of untaxed stamped cigarette cartons. The cigarettes were bought in Virginia and being transported to the New Jersey area. Mendez-Reyes was arrested and charged with transporting untaxed cigarettes and possessing untaxed cigarettes. Mendez- Reyes was given warnings for her negligent driving and failing to drive right of center. Mendez-Reyes was transported to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office where she was charged and processed. Mendez-Reyes was taken before a District Court Commissioner for an initial hearing. Mendez-Reyes was then transported to the Worcester County Jail where she was held on a $ 10,000 bond.

Why It's Time for Interns to Unionize

Last week, 30,000 summer interns descended on Washington, D.C., to toil for tiny wages in policy shops, think tanks, the White House and, yes, labor unions. Despite the sweat, for many it’s a rewarding experience, helping them develop the skills and street smarts needed for success in life and career. Countless union and civic leaders, and even members of Congress, were once interns themselves. But there’s a dark side too. Interns are at the crest of a wave of unpaid and underpaid contingent labor that increasingly does the work that full-time employees used to do.

Interns employed in D.C.’s web of progressive organizations often spend their days fighting for a living wage, but some don’t make even a dime, much less the current minimum wage. Some organizations offer “opportunities” for college credit or a small stipend, which is not sufficient for them to live and eat in one of America’s most expensive cities. Now, thanks to the organizing work of one savvy group of union interns, the tide may be about to turn.


SPD Press Release 6-25-15 (Theft From A Vehicle Arrest)

Defiant Texas Man Nails 6-foot Wooden Confederate Flag to Building Across From County Courthouse

“I see it as the Southern heritage," said David Fenoglio, who's not taking down the flag.

A Texas man who nailed a 6-foot wooden Confederate flag to a building across from the Montague County Courthouse refused on Monday to take it down even though leaders throughout the South had called for the removal of offensive Civil War-era symbols.

After Republican Gov. Nikki Haley change course on Monday and called for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the South Carolina statehouse grounds, a Mississippi lawmaker called for the symbol to banned from his state’s flag and lawmakers in Tennessee said that they wanted the bust of a Ku Klux Klan leader removed from the Tennessee statehouse.

But David Fenogilo told KAUZ that he had no intention taking down a 6-foot wooden flag that he had nailed to a building across the street from the county courthouse. Affixed on the flag are the words, “Heritage, Not Hate.”


DelDOT Welcomes Fans to the Big Barrel Country Music Festival

Friday, June 26 through Sunday, June 28

Dover -- The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) welcomes fans to the Big Barrel Country Music Festival, presented by Red Frog Events Productions and Goldenvoice at The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in Dover. Three days of music will commence on Friday, June 26 through Sunday, June 28. 

Traffic Information 
DelDOT's Transportation Management Center (TMC) staff in coordination with the City of Dover Police and Delaware State Police will monitor traffic in and around the Dover vicinity to ensure safe travel for motorists. 

Traffic from the north will use DE Route 1 to Exit 104 onto U.S. Route 13 southbound to Leipsic Road (DE Road 88) and follow signs to Daily Festival (Day trippers) parking and Camper/RV check-in.

Traffic from the south use DE Route 1 to Exit 95 to Bay Road onto U.S. Route 13 to right turn on Leipsic Road (DE Road 88) and follow signs to Daily Festival parking and Camper/RV check-in.

Check-in for campers and RVs only with reservations begins 12:00 p.m. on Thursday. 

Political Campaign Stores Raking In Not Only Cash, But A Treasure Trove Of Data For Candidates

In an age when data is just as powerful as money, it may come as no surprise to learn that sales of political stickers, T-shirts, buttons, mugs and other merchandise emblazoned with a candidate’s brand not only go toward filling campaign coffers with money, but also provide presidential hopefuls with valuable personal data that sheds light on what kind of people/voters are out there shopping. 

NAACP Monthly Meeting

June 25th at 7:00PM
Chipman Cultural Center 
325 Broad Street, Salisbury 
Guest: Eastern Shore General 
Assembly members 
Topic: Legislative Wrap-Up
Everyone welcomed! 
Contact Mary Ashanti 
410-543-4187 for more details

Last Ride


Grandma and Grandpa were visiting their kids overnight.
When Grandpa found a bottle of Viagra in his son's medicine cabinet, he asked about using one of the pills.

The son said, "I don't think you should take one Dad; they're very strong and very expensive."

"How much?" asked Grandpa. "$10. a pill," answered the son....

"I don't care," said Grandpa, "I'd still like to try one, and before we leave in the morning, I'll put the money under the pillow."

Later the next morning, the son found $110 under the pillow.

He called Grandpa and said, "I told you each pill was $10, not $110.
"I know," said Grandpa. "The hundred is from Grandma!"