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Friday, September 30, 2016

DELMAR: Bank at School Program!

Bank at School Program!

Our Bank at School Program will begin on Wednesday, October 5th. Every Wednesday morning a representative will be in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 for students to open and make deposits into a M&T savings account. Every middle school student will be coming home with an application that would need to be returned with a copy of the student's birth certificate, social security card, and at least $1.00 to open the account. If you have any questions about this program please contact Kristen Jones at
M&T @ School Overview

How to Open an M&T @ School Account
The DELMAR branch of M&T Bank located at 38716 SUSSEX HWY DELMAR, DE will open its M&T @ School on October 5 @ 7:30 AM.

• Every child at DELMAR MIDDLE HIGH SCHOOL will have the opportunity to open a non-custodial savings account. The account will be set up in the child’s name alone and parents will not have access to these funds.

• Accounts are provided to M&T @ School participants at no monthly cost.

• M&T @ School will operate every WEDNESDAY @ 7:30 AM and will set up in the CAFITERIA.

• School branch banks are for deposits only.

• Withdrawals may be made at any regular full-service branch of M&T Bank.

• Attached is the Account Opening Permission Form

o Please return this form along with a copy of the students Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

o Upon receipt of the completed permission slip and a $1.00 minimum deposit, the student will sign a signature card and IRS Form W-9, which is required for tax reporting purposes.


JoeAlbero said...

Once again, this is a LOAD OF CRAP!

Schools pushing ONE particular bank is crap. The mere fact schools don't even teach kids today, (or ever) on how to save, the advantages of saving, investing, interest rates, credit card interest and debt, this liberal crap needs to stop immediately.

Peer pressure at its best. Either TEACH or shut down. Do banks use common core math Delmar?

Anonymous said...

Best thing parents can do, is tear the paper up and throw it away, when child brings it home.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the person who wrote and typed this flyer could spell and use the correct grammar.

They need to go back to school. Cafeteria is spelt Cafeteria not Cafiteria.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you used to be able to buy U.S. Savings Bonds a dime at a time in school? Whatever happened to that?

Anonymous said...

Why is this a national chain bank and not the locally owned Bank of Delmarva?

Anonymous said...

M&T Bank bought out a number of local banks some years back.

Concerned Retiree said...

Is this even legal since it appears that these young people are under the legal age? Who has control of this money if they are seriously injured / die? Why does the bank have full control of this money? Appears that "Big Brother" is at it again. The Parents better wake up quickly, like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I support this program and feel that many of the parents need it. This commercialism driven attitude with no regard for savings is ridiculus. Instead, those who didn't save anything expect a handout. Give me a break- you spent all your money. Let's alkiw students to learn some financial literacy. Lord knows, there parents probably won't teach it to them. I would like to see a local bank handling the program. Regardless, I am glad to see someone is doing it.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you may not agree on the bank, but at least they're TRYING to show students how to start being financially responsible.

JoeAlbero said...

2:14, That's a load of crap. They do NOT teach kids financial responsibility in school. Never have. They also don't teach POLITICS in school. They brainwash kids into the Liberal agendas and ideas and curse anyone who comes anywhere near a conservative agenda or thoughts. You are the odd man/woman out if you buck their beliefs. Liberals on the Shore treat anyone republican like an enemy, so stop feeding more of your BS.

Anonymous said...

MT bank changed the terms of my retirement account. When govt made me take mandatory distribution from my sep account, they changed terms to an ira account. Went from being able to w/d money at any time w/o penalty, & beneficiary able to w/d on demand should something happen to me... to wd only every 3 years when term is up...
I'M FURIOUS! Now I have to wait 3 years to be able to w/d MY OWN MONEY from what used to be a GRANDFATHWERED account with NO PENALTIES for me or my heir/s.

DON'T use MT bank.

Anonymous said...

Had to show my drivers license to deposit $600.00 cash to my own ACCOUNT.. crazy..