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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is Like A “Mob Boss” Who’s Trying To “Play God”

Over the weekend Sarah Palin spoke in Denver, Colorado at the Western Conservative Summit where she once again called for the impeachment of President Obama. During her speech she condemned the administration’s response to the overflowing of illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border and accused the president of ‘dereliction of duty’ and ‘violating his oath of office.’

‘If that’s not impeachable, then nothing is,’ she said to generous applause. ‘And if he’s not impeachable, no one is.’

She continued,

‘No serious person can deny that team Obama has abused and violated the public trust and the Constitution,’


Ulman Loosens Healthy Food And Drink Standards For Events Not On County Property

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman on Monday announced that he plans to loosen some of the restrictions in an executive order that banned sugary sodas and other high-calorie drinks at county-sponsored events.

The rule generated a passionate community debate earlier this month after some vendors complained about the standards, which were implemented for the first time at a Fourth of July event at downtown Columbia's Lake Kittamaqundi.

In a letter to the Howard County Council July 21, Ulman said he plans to remove food and drink restrictions on county-sponsored events that do not take place on county property.


Boy, 7, Was Held Captive, Beaten, and Starved Down to 25 Pounds

A Pennsylvania boy was held captive for over a year by his mother and grandparents before social workers found him, and at the time of his rescue, he’d withered down to 25 pounds–lighter than the average 2-year-old.

The boy was regularly beaten, and apparently so starving that witnesses saw him eat bugs he caught on the porch.

Interviews with the victim and siblings revealed that the victim was fed only small portions of tuna fish and eggs. He was beaten frequently with a belt, especially when he was caught sneaking food, usually peanut butter and bread…The only time he was given a shower was as punishment and the water was ice cold. He also had two abscessed teeth which had to be removed.

The boy’s mother, Mary C. Rader, 28, and grandparents, Dennis C. Beighley, 58, and Deana C. Beighley, 47, all of the same address, were arrested Wednesday and each charged with two counts of aggravated assault, aggravated assault of a victim under 13, unlawful restraint of a minor, false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of children, and criminal conspiracy, the Herald noted.


Delaware Route 1 Toll Increases Effective Aug. 1st

$1 Added to Weekend Fees to Fund Transportation Projects

Dover --
Tolls will increase on Route 1 for weekend traffic effective August 1, 2014, at 7 p.m., DelDOT announced today. The increase will be $1 above the current weekend toll rates for all vehicle classes, except oversize loads. Route 1 ramp tolls in Smyrna and Dover will not change and all E-ZPass frequent user discounts will remain in effect.

DelDOT has the authority under Title 2, Chapter 14, Section 1403 of the Delaware Code to set toll rates. The choice to increase the Route 1 tolls at this time was made in consultation with the Delaware General Assembly. The new revenue will be used to fund paving and other transportation projects statewide. The added revenue will be supplemented with an additional $20 million in borrowing in fiscal year 2015.

Route 1 Toll Rates Monday - Friday Weekend
Class 2 Passenger Vehicle $1 $3
Class 3 Vehicle $3 $5
Class 4 Vehicle $4 $6
Class 5 Vehicle $5 $7
Class 6 Vehicle $6 $8
Wide Load Permit Vehicle $11 $11
* Weekend toll rates on Route 1 are effective from 7 p.m. on Friday nights until 11 p.m. on Sunday nights.

The Route 1 access ramps at Dennys Road and Boyds Corner will remain a $.50 fee for Class 2 passenger vehicles and $.50 per axle for all commercial class vehicles. The Route 1 access ramp at Smyrna will remain a $.25 for Class 2 passenger vehicles and $.25 per axle for all commercial class vehicles.

Delaware E-ZPass customers will also continue to receive current discount rates. The 50 percent discount for frequent passenger vehicle users who meet the standard of 30-trips-in-30-days will remain in effect. Additionally, commercial vehicles using E-ZPass will continue to receive a 25 percent discount.

Veterans show Obama how they turn their backs on him, as he has done to them

Angry veterans protested President Obama’s visit to Delaware to show their disdain for how the administration has treated them.

The 25 protesters — led by Martin Nicholson, a veteran Marine – lined the street and turned their backs to the president’s passing motorcade.

“We feel he’s turned his back on us veterans, so we’re going to turn our backs on him as he drives by on his motorcade to show our appreciation that he does not care about us veterans,” Nicholson told


TSA Security Fee on Airline Tickets Rises Monday

Transportation Security Administration fees on plane tickets are rising Monday, and travelers used to non-stop flights or long layovers will notice the biggest change.

The current fee is $2.50 for a non-stop flight or $5 for a connecting flight. The new fee will be $5.60 for all flights, with any connection longer than four hours counting as a separate flight.

Although Congress approved the fee hike to help reduce the deficit, TSA is the agency getting pounded by more than 300 comments through Friday largely criticizing the agency and government taxation. Although the fees are going into effect, TSA will collect comments through Aug. 19.


Touch It Again!

The Middle East Problem

She Skipped Her Fraud and Burglary Sentencing, Claiming Illness. Yes, There Was a Doctor’s Note.

Shannon Lee had already pleaded guilty to fraud and burglary charges in connection with renting out foreclosed homes she didn’t own, so you might assume she’d had her fill of trouble with the law.

But after the Maryland woman didn’t show up for sentencing July 11, saying she was sick, it was soon discovered that old habits may be dying hard for Lee.

The doctor’s note she submitted to back up her illness claim?

It was fake, prosecutors said.


Parachute jump from 24 miles above the earth's surface

Acuity Flagpole Project

America’s Crazy, Upside-Down Immigration System

Does America's immigration system make sense to anyone?

The recent influx of thousands of migrant children from Central America has highlighted the failure of reform efforts and gripped the nation’s attention. This is a humanitarian crisis that must be resolved. But forgotten in the emotional debates over immigration are the more than one million legal, skilled immigrants who have been held hostage to political wrangling. Many of these doctors, scientists and engineers are getting fed up with being in immigration limbo and are leaving the country. They are in high demand wherever they go. The loser is the United States, because it is limiting its economic growth and creating its own competition.

When you visit the technology centers of countries such as Brazil, China and India, you see a beehive of startup activity. The entrepreneurs there are building not only social-media and Internet apps like those that Silicon Valley develops, but also wearable medical devices, robots, drone-based delivery systems, microsatellites and agricultural-automation systems. And they are building self-driving cars, solar technologies and 3D-printing systems. A significant proportion of these entrepreneurs returned home from the United States, where American taxpayers likely subsidized their educations.


Execution or exodus, Iraqi Christians face grim choice

For Iraqi Christian Fadi and his young family it is a lonely wait to see whether they will be executed soon.

Their Christian neighbours and friends have already fled the city of Mosul in Iraq's north, which last month fell into the hands of Sunni jihadists led by the Islamic State group, which espouses an extreme form of Islam.

Along with the rest of the city's estimated 25,000 Christians who had not already fled years of kidnappings, bombings and shootings, Sunni militants gave 36-year-old Fadi, his wife and son until Saturday to comply with a brutal ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay an unspecified tax, leave the city or die.

"I'm staying. I already feel dead," Fadi, a teacher, told AFP by telephone moments before the deadline ran out.

"Only my soul remains, and if they want to take that I don't have a problem," he added, giving only his first name.

On Friday, Mosul's mosques called through loudspeakers for Christians to leave, after centuries of being part of the once cosmopolitan city's social fabric.

Fadi said he could not afford to flee and argued that the prospects for those who did were hardly better.


A Viewer Writes...

Hey Joe, This is not verified info but I was told there was a home invasion with someone shot down Nanticoke rd just past Boonies on the left. At 2pm today I left my house in westbury acres and headed to cedar hill marina. 3 police cars blew by me and as we past Boonies, the traffic was being turned around by a man in street clothes who told all of the drivers that there had been a home invasion. I don't know if this is accurate but if it is, it's scary with the pemberton home invasion still unsolved.

Carson Wins Straw Poll As Conservatives Focus On Winning Battle Of Ideas

DENVER — Ben Carson won the Western Conservative Summit’s annual presidential straw poll Sunday, capping a three-day extravaganza billed as the “rally on the right.”

Mr. Carson took 22 percent of the vote, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 13 percent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with 12 percent. All three were speakers at the fifth annual conference, sponsored by the Centennial Institute and Colorado Christian University.

Other prominent conservatives who received votes included Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Rep. Allen West of Florida.


Caption This Photo 7-21-14

Don't Tell Me I'm A Good Father When You Don't Know Anything About Me

The Immorality Of Paper Money

One of today’s most common economic fallacies is that the soaring stock market is evidence of economic recovery. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Stocks have almost tripled since the 2008 collapse, but that stock growth stems from Federal Reserve money printing (inflation) and near zero interest rates. The Fed’s balance sheet has grown more than fourfold since 2008 — to $4.3 trillion — and was used to prop up the “too big to fails.” That money had to go somewhere.

It has found its way into the stock market because U.S. Treasuries are paying less than the rate of inflation, and corporate bonds, certificates of deposit and other fixed-income products pay even less. This and price inflation (currency devaluation) is fueling the rise, not positive economic growth or common sense.

Stocks are being bought by the banksters and large corporations. Average people aren’t buying them. A study by the Pew Research Center found fewer than half of all Americans (45 percent) own stocks. The number is down from 65 percent in 2002. Individual investors are cashing in their retirement funds just to survive.


SFD Calls For Service 7-20-14

  • Sunday July, 20 2014 @ 22:57Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 20 2014 @ 22:19Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 20 2014 @ 20:14Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 20 2014 @ 18:59 Nature: Natural CoverAddress: 919 Spring Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday July, 20 2014 @ 18:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

The Knockout game.

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Back in the day

SPD Press Release 7-21-14 (Shoplifting)

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Rep Andy Harris On Fox News 7/19/14

Andy Harris, M.D.

In case you missed it: Here is my interview with Fox News Channel from this past Saturday. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is not being forthcoming with local officials, including those here in Maryland, about where it is housing illegal immigrant children. We must return these children back to their parents and families in their home countries as soon as possible.

O’Malley Retreats With Supporters, Raises $125,000 For Congressional Democrats

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) gathered with more than 100 of his supporters this weekend for a retreat on the Eastern Shore that included a fundraiser that netted more $125,000 for five Democratic congressional candidates, participants said.

The two-day event in Easton comes as O’Malley prepares for a possible 2016 presidential run. But those attending the closed-press gathering said there was little overt talk about a White House bid. Instead, much of the focus was on the governor’s record in Maryland, the national political scene more broadly and O’Malley’s efforts to help fellow Democrats get elected around the country this year.

To that end, O’Malley’s retreat agenda included a fundraiser Sunday featuring House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that benefited three Democratic incumbents as well as two Democrats running in Republican-held districts, all outside Maryland.

Pelosi, a Baltimore native whose late father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., is a former mayor of the city, also attended a dinner Saturday night that was part of the retreat sponsored by O’Malley’s political action committee, known as O’ Say Can You See.


The Great Pretender

Remember Me

Public can't participate in Pa. "public" pipeline meeting. Corporations can.

About 20 Rapho residents and concerned citizens from other communities aired concerns Thursday about Williams Partners' proposed Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline.

The revised route for the pipeline now runs through the township, and Williams representatives met with township officials during a regularly scheduled workshop session Tuesday.

During that meeting, discussion was between pipeline representatives and township officials. Williams Partners has scheduled another meeting between affected Rapho landowners on Tuesday July 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Acorn Farms Reception & Conference Center, 3141 Mount Joy-Manheim Road, Mount Joy.

Lynne Palazzo, a Rapho resident who attended the July 15 meeting, took the supervisors to task for not allowing public participation at that meeting.

"The fact that there would be no public participation should have been made clear before the start of the meeting,” Palazzo said. “It also appeared that we (the residents) were standing by ourselves.

“We appreciate the research that you have done but are concerned with the apparent disengagement of two (of the three) supervisors,” she added. “Have you considered the impact of this proposed project?”


The Obama Dallas Immigration Visit – The Curious Case of Obama’s “Faith Leaders” and Obama’s “Faith-Based Groups”…

On July 9th 2014 President Obama made a visit to Dallas Texas for two reasons. The first reason was fundraising, the second reason was to meet with Governor Rick Perry and “Faith Leaders” to discuss the border crisis.

As an outcome of the visit the following AP picture became the subject of much inquisition, humor and -as typical for the progressive side of the continuum- ridicule. Liberals love to bash Texas Governor Rick Perry.

But the more important part of this picture was never actually spotlighted. So we’ll turn on the Q-BEAM.

A wider angle of the picture would reveal a more integral player seated at the table. A person mistakenly characterized by the media, but perhaps the most significant benefactor of the entire immigration roundtable.
But the more important part of this picture was never actually spotlighted. So we’ll turn on the Q-BEAM.

A wider angle of the picture would reveal a more integral player seated at the table. A person mistakenly characterized by the media, but perhaps the most significant benefactor of the entire immigration roundtable.


Country Music Festival: Bane or Boon?

Someone with a little imagination could have come up with lyrics for a good country song based on testimony at a July 10 planning and zoning commission hearing.

For more than two-and-a-half hours, commissioners listened to people for and against the request filed by Dewey Beach businessman Alex Pires, whose Cool Spring LLC/Highway One Companies has filed an application for a conditional use of agricultural-residential, AR-1, land for an outdoor entertainment venue with temporary camping on 500 acres of a 1,000-acre farm owner by the Baker family near Harbeson.

Pires has signed a lease with the Bakers to use the farm.


Obama at Port of Delaware

Imams Rage as Christ Wins Muslim Converts

Naeem Fazal was born and raised in the deserts of Kuwait. He is the son of Pakistani parents who grounded him and his siblings in Islam.

Naeem moved to the United States after the first Gulf War, following his older brother Mahmoud, who had previously enrolled in Spartanburg Methodist College in South Carolina.

While attending the college, Mahmoud found the Lord. And on a visit to Kuwait to see his family he announced he had converted to Christianity.

Naeem was furious with his brother, cursing him for renouncing the Islamic faith they grew up with. He even went so far as threatening to kill his brother, in accordance with the Koranic punishment for infidels like Ahmed who turn away from the “religion of peace.”

There was tension between the two brothers for a period of time. Nevertheless, Naeem decided he would visit his older brother in the U.S. But, though Mahmoud tried to share the Gospel with his younger brother, Naeem remained unreceptive.

Then an amazing thing happened, Pastor Naeem recounted, in a recent appearance at a Southern California church: He had a supernatural experience with the Lord that changed his life, much as Saul of Tarsus had a life-changing encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.


Lawmaker Sends Letter To Archbishop Over Illegal Immigrant Housing

Baltimore County State Delegate and candidate for county council Wade Kach has sent a letter to Baltimore Archbishop William Lori to say that he is "greatly alarmed" about a proposal by Catholic Charities to house up to 50 children who have entered the U.S. illegally from Central America.

Catholic Charities announced this week of its intention to apply for a federal grant to house the children at St. Vincent Villa in Timonium.

The home is not in Kach's current legislative district, but it is in the Third Councilmatic District, where Kach is the Republican nominee.



No, the Police Don’t Work for You

Law enforcement is a "product" we are forced to buy

“The police are worthless. I don’t know what we’re paying them for.”

That familiar, despairing lament was voiced by a friend here in Payette after his family had lost $20,000 worth of property a burglary. The crime was solved before the police intervened: Some of the pilfered property was still in possession of the suspects, who admitted that it didn’t belong to them. Working on their own initiative, my friend and his adult daughter — the primary victim — tracked down more of the stolen goods at local yard sales and garage sales.

A phone call to the Payette PD led to a visit by an officer who was courteous, professional, and who provided no practical help of any kind. He did arrest one suspect, a mentally deficient man who readily admitted to the officer that he had taken the property because an unspecified “they” had told him it was “all right” to do so.

Neither the responding officer, nor the colleague who took over the case when the first officer went on vacation, expended any effort to identify who “they” were, or to press charges against the accomplices. The case was closed with the arrest of a solitary man — a registered sex offender — who “became somewhat upset [because] he was the only one who was going to be in trouble for the thefts that occurred, because he was honest,” as an investigative report summarized.


American Political Discourse Summed Up In 1 Cartoon

Carnegie Gives Maryland $3 Million to Open High Schools for Immigrants Lacking English Skills

This week, the Carnegie Corporation gave a Maryland county $3 million for two public schools that will primarily focus on immigrants for whom English is a second language.

The foundation will reportedly “provide immigrant students, as well as those who are economically disadvantaged and prospective first generation college attendees, with an innovative opportunity to complete their high school diploma.”

According to reports, nearly "12 percent of all Prince George’s County public school students receive 'English Language Learner' services." About "47 percent of Prince George’s County grads enroll in college," but "just 32 percent of ELL graduates do."

Gustavo Torres, the Executive Director of the activist pro-amnesty CASA de Maryland group, reportedly said "the development of these schools is an important step in addressing the serious challenges facing Prince George’s County, especially the Langley Park community."


"Buying The Car Was The Worst Decision I Ever Made" - The Subprime Auto Loan Bubble Bursts

It has been over six months since we first highlighted  he growing deterioration in the quality of auto loans and mentioned the 's' word (subprime) as indicative that we learned nothing from the financial crisis. Since then, auto loans (and especially subprime in the last few months) have surged to record highs; and most concerning, recently has seen delinquencies and late payments spike. The reason we provide this background is that, thanks to The NY Times, this story is now hitting the mainstream media as subprime-quality car buyers (new and used) realize the burden they have placed on themselves thanks to exorbitantly high interest rates (and a rapidly depreciating 'asset'). As one car 'owner' exclaimed, "buying the car was the worst decision I have ever made."

As The NY Times reports, Auto loans to people with tarnished credit have risen more than 130 percent in the five years since the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, with roughly one in four new auto loans last year going to borrowers considered subprime — people with credit scores at or below 640.

"I Was Absolutely Shocked At What I Read," Congressman Calls For Release Of Secret 9/11 Documents

Late last year, I published a post titled: Two Congressmen Push for Release of 28-Page Document Showing Saudi Involvement in 9/11. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Since terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, victims’ loved ones, injured survivors, and members of the media have all tried without much success to discover the true nature of the relationship between the 19 hijackers – 15 of them Saudi nationals – and the Saudi Arabian government. Many news organizations reported that some of the terrorists were linked to the Saudi royals and that they even may have received financial support from them as well as from several mysterious, moneyed Saudi men living in San Diego.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied any connection, and neither President George W. Bush nor President Obama has been forthcoming on this issue.

But earlier this year, Reps. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., and Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., were given access to the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry (JICI) of 9/11 issued in late 2002, which have been thought to hold some answers about the Saudi connection to the attack.

“I was absolutely shocked by what I read,” Jones told International Business Times. “What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me. I cannot go into it any more than that. I had to sign an oath that what I read had to remain confidential. But the information I read disappointed me greatly.”

The public may soon also get to see these secret documents. Last week, Jones and Lynch introduced a resolution that urges President Obama to declassify the 28 pages, which were originally classified by President George W. Bush. It has never been fully explained why the pages were blacked out, but President Bush stated in 2003 that releasing the pages would violate national security [8].

Naturally, the so-called “most transparent Administration in history” hasn’t declassified anything, but that didn’t stop Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY from reading them. What he saw was so incredibly disturbing he called a press conference to talk about it. This is what he had to say:


I'm Fed Up!

While doing our weekly grocery shopping I always notice a line at Western Union.  I began to wonder just how much money is being sent to Mexico each year.  The amount shocked me. $21.59 billion dollars was sent to Mexico in 2013. That amount is down from $22.44 in 2012.   That is $22 billion that is being earned in this country by emigrants and sent to Mexico. This is Mexico's second-largest source of foreign exchange, after oil. The total of remittances for Latin America for 2014 is expected to be  $75 billion and $84 billion in 2015.

I have to wonder. How many of those who are sending money to family in Latin America, are also receiving some type of assistance from the American government. 

Of course Mexico is not going to stop people from crossing from Mexico to the USA. Their own country depends on that money. 

While researching these figures I came across another story published last week.  It stated Mexico and Guatemala have come to an agreement to make it easier and safer for Central Americans, including children to enter the United States illegally. 

Meanwhile we have a marine sitting in jail in Mexico for crossing a border.  We have veterans that can not get the care that they need and we have seniors that are not able to afford medication. 

How can we seem to always find money to fund certain things but never enough money for our military and seniors.  Why when they talk about cutting the budget seniors and veterans are the first that have to take the cut. Why don't they ever cut the amount of welfare they give people.  Why not start cutting money to able body people that don't want to work.  I am not talking about the person that is working and needs help making ends meet.  I'm talking about the ones that seem to think it is not their responsibility to feed, clothe and provide for their own children. 

Maybe someone can answer some of these questions.  I'm fed up!

Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place

Man Drives Into Fence At Salisbury University


MCALLEN, Texas—Texas media outlets are reporting Texas Governor Rick Perry is preparing to deploy the Texas National Guard to portions of the Texas/Mexico border.

State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen) confirmed the pending announcement of Perry’s decision to deploy 1,000 soldiers from the Texas National Guard to the border. The goal of the guard deployment is to bolster the work of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) State Troopers, according to Jennifer Saenz, a spokesperson for Sen. Hinojosa.

"The senator understands that Perry wants this troop build-up, but is not sure what kind of federal approval he needs for it. He just knows he wants to deploy 1,000 troops there," Saenz said in an article posted on the Houston Chronicle.


West Salisbury Little League

Hi Joe.

Yesterday, the West Salisbury 12s little league All Stars won the state championship, coming out of the losers bracket to do so. This now qualifies them to compete at the regional level in Bristol, Connecticut while representing the state of Maryland. This is the last stage before qualifying for the world series held in williamsport, PA.
However, this venture is going to be a challenge, both competitively and financially. We are working to begin fundraising for the August 1-10 trip, but will assuredly need community support in sending these boys to the regionals. Would it be possible to post something that would help get the word out there? I know your blog has many faithfully followers and consists of a populous that would whole heartily support our cause. Checks can be made payable to West Salisbury Little League. Thank you in advance for any support you and your subscribers may offer.
Thank you again,

West Salisbury Parents

What Do You Think Is On The Bottom Of Her Shoes?

Now You Listen Here!

Why The Status-Quo Is Unsustainable: Interest and Debt (What Yellen Won't Tell You)

Even if the economy were growing at a faster pace, it wouldn't come close to offsetting the interest payments on our ever-expanding debt.

If you want to know why the Status Quo is unsustainable, just look at interest and debt. These are not difficult to understand: debt is a loan that must be paid back or discharged/written off and the loss absorbed by the lender. Interest is paid on the debt to compensate the owner of the money for the risk of loaning it to a borrower.

It's easy to see what's happening with debt and the real economy (as measured by GDP, gross domestic product): debt is skyrocketing while real growth is stagnant. Put another way--we have to create a ton of debt to get a pound of growth.

There is no other way to interpret this chart.


Monsanto Hides Toxicity Test Results on RoundUp, Calling them ‘Commercial’ Secret

Talking about Monsanto’s latest attempt to obstruct justice, halt transparency, and prevent people from stopping their seed and herbicide businesses from spreading is starting to seem redundant, but the company just keeps acting in increasingly objectionable ways. Now, the company is refusing to release to the public lab tests conducted in St. Louis, Missouri, which gave them authority to use glyphosate in China.

Just months ago, Chinese food safety volunteers tendered a request to China’s Ministry of Agriculture to release the study that justified issuing the safety certificate for the import into China of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide RoundUp. Glyphosate was given a safety certificate in 1988 after studies submitted by Monsanto were conducted at Younger Laboratories in St. Louis Missouri.

The test was meant to be an acute exposure toxicity test in which rats were given RoundUp by mouth for several days, and rabbits were exposed to RoundUp by skin. The company claims that the herbicide had no effect on the eyes or the skin, and that no allergies ensued. However, they are refusing to release the lab report to China’s food safety volunteers, stating that it is an ‘industry secret.’


Dat's My Girl!