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Sunday, December 01, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: At Least 4 Dead In NYC Train Derailment

A Metro-North passenger train derails, killing at least 4 people and leaving dozens injured in New York City, sources tell Fox News.

SFD Calls For Service 11-30-13

  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 21:35:44Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 19:54:30Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 19:49:20Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 18:13:45Nature: Maternity PatientCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 16:59:39Nature: Pi AccidentAddress: Naylor St and n Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 16:30:04Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 16:26:28Nature: Pi AccidentCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 14:01:04Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 12:10:21Nature: Diabetic DifficultyCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 12:03:55Nature: SeizureCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 07:38:29Nature: Subject FallenCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 07:09:25Nature: Pro Qa EmsCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 30 2013 @ 01:05:48Nature: Unconscious SubjectCity: Salisbury

Couple Awarded $1M In Verdict

SALISBURY — Two weeks after a similar accident in southern Worcester County had a comparitively happy ending, a Wicomico County jury last week awarded a couple injured in a motor vehicle collision with a large piece of farm equipment a $1 million-plus verdict.

The Washington, D.C.-based Cochran Firm announced last week it had secured a $1,026,000 million verdict for Michael and Amanda Spence, who collided with a large piece of farm equipment that was being towed behind another vehicle and extended into the roadway near Sharptown in Wicomico County. The jury found the two defendants, John Thomas and Thomas Shockley, were negligent when they towed a farm implement that extended far into their lane of travel.

Because of glare from the light of the vehicle towing the equipment and low visibility during the sunset hours, the plaintiff alleged he was unable to see the equipment infringing into his lane of travel. The defense argued it had the right to be in the other lane due to width exemptions for farm equipment.


A girl named Sharkeisha became a viral sensation on social media networks overnight — and not for a good reason.

It all started when a video of two girls — one named Sharkeisha, the other Shay — was posted on Instagram this week (it has since been banned) and quickly went viral, especially on Twitter.

A Letter To The Editor: Growing Mold Problem At Salisbury Apartment Complex


More mold problems have surfaced again this week at Merrifield Apartments.

Talk among residents suggests there is standing water under many of the buildings causing moisture as one tenant witnessed a Comcast employee during an install emerging from under a building soaking wet complaining about sludge from dripping sewer and water leaks.
Other residents are voicing concerns about an illegal termite control pesticide application last month by a New Jersey tagged black pick up truck without any proper licensing displayed on the vehicle. 

How and why is this apartment complex getting away with all of this neglect and obvious violations of city code?

Today's Thanksgiving Survey

What are YOU thankful for?

A Black Man's Point Of View By Lloyd Marcus

A Black man's point of view By Lloyd Marcus

As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the democrat's unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. Despite our screaming "no" from the rooftops, they forced Obamacare down our throats. Please forgive me for using the following crude saying, but it is very appropriate to describe what has happened. "Don't urinate on me and tell me it's raining."

Democrats say their mission is to give all Americans health care. The democrats are lying. Signing Obamacare into law against our will and the Constitution is tyranny and step one of their hideous goal of having as many Americans as possible dependent on government, thus controlling our lives and fulfilling Obama's promise to fundamentally transform America . I keep asking myself, "How did our government move so far from the normal procedures of getting things done? Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further his agenda? I think not."

Ironically, proving America is completely the opposite of the evil racist country they relentlessly accuse her of being, progressives used America 's goodness, guilt and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered America a modern day Trojan Horse, a beautifully crafted golden shiny new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lauded Obama as the first clean and articulate African American candidate. Democrat Harry Reid said Obama only uses a black dialect when he wants.

White America relished the opportunity to vote for a black man naively believing they would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. Black Americans viewed casting their vote for Obama as the ultimate Affirmative Action for America 's sins of the past. Then there were the entitlement loser voters who said, "I'm votin' for the black dude who promises to take from those rich SOBs and give to me." Just as the deceived Trojans dragged the beautifully crafted Trojan Horse into Troy as a symbol of their victory, deceived Americans embraced the progressive's young, handsome, articulate and so called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusation of being a racist nation. Also like the Trojan Horse, Obama was filled with the enemy hiding inside.

Sunday, March 21, 2010, a secret door opened in Obama, the shiny golden black man. A raging army of democrats charged out. Without mercy, they began their vicious bloody slaughter of every value, freedom and institution we Americans hold dear; launching the end of America as we know it. Wielding swords of votes reeking with the putrid odor of back door deals, the democrats landed a severe death blow to America and individual rights by passing Obamacare.

The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question. "Why are you siding with these white racists against America 's first African American president?" I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, "These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama's skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama's race is not an issue."

Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama's race not being an issue. In reality, Obama's presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator's virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into Obamacare. Obama's race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate and most recently even the Constitution of the United States . Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase health care which is clearly unconstitutional. No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said "No" to both presidents' proposals and it was the end of it.

So how can Obama get away with giving the American people "the finger?" The answer: He is black. The mainstream liberal media continues to portray all who oppose Obama in any way as racist. Despite a list of failed policies, overreaches into the private sector, violations of the Constitution and planned destructive legislation too numerous to mention in this article, many Americans are still fearful of criticizing our first black president. Incredible.

My fellow Americans, you must not continue to allow yourselves to be "played" and intimidated by Obama's race or the historical context of his presidency. If we are to save America , the greatest nation on the planet, Obama's actions must be thwarted.

US Marine Predicts His Own Grisly Murder By US “Ally”

US Military forces are sometimes called to do things we question. What happens when that question turns into legitimate fear? What happens when that fear causes you to predict your own death at the hands of the Afghanistan “allies” mere weeks before it happens?

There is nothing more devastating than loosing a child. So what would you do when your child calls and says, “Daddy, they are going to kill me. He’s a bad man.”? Then he writes you a letter saying good-bye. 15 days later your son is killed by the very man he warned you about. He happens to be the US Ally we are supposed to be training in Afghanistan, with the trigger man being a “tea boy” or bacha boy paid for by the very man your son called evil and said was going to murder him.

That is what happened to Greg Buckley Sr. Fighting through tears and emotion he told his son’s story to the crowd at the latest rally to save our nation. His son was murdered in cold blood. Sadly he predicted this outcome from the onset not a little over two weeks earlier.



A Springdale, Ohio, family was shocked when they returned from a visit to a dying relative to find that a stranger had moved into their house and changed the locks – and even more shocked to learn that the intruder may have the law on his side.

The family, who asked to remain anonymous, is moving to Pittsburgh and a local bank is foreclosing on their home of 21 years in Ohio. However, the bank had nothing to do with emptying the Ohio house and changing the locks – the new “owner” did that.

The situation has escalated into an all out legal battle, with the man saying he has the documents to prove he’s the rightful owner of the family’s home.

So That Story About The Lesbian Waitress Getting Stiffed Was Totally Fake

There's one born every minute, and apparently plenty of people are only too willing to believe that judgmental Christians are out there looking to spew their vile hate. So when lesbian waitress Dayna Morales came forward with the claim that some customers had refused to tip her, and written on the check that it was because they disagreed with her gay lifestyle, lots of people were willing to believe it.

You probably saw links posted on Facebook for days on end by gullible liberals, gleefully showing it off as proof of their narrative that Christians and conservatives are haters. Turns out it was all a hoax, and it only lasted until the customers in question - who actually did tip Morales a perfectly generous 18 percent - recognized their own check (in doctored form, of course) as the one being bandied about. And even though they've come forward anonymously, they're not willing to let this slander continue to be perpetrated at their expense.

Nor should they.


Why would Muslim oil billionaires finance and develop controlling relationships with black college students? Well, like anyone else, they would do it for self-interest. And what would their self-interest be? We all know the top two answers to that question: 1. a Palestinian state and 2. the advancement of Islam in America. The idea then was to advance blacks who would facilitate these two goals to positions of power in the Federal government, preferably, of course, the Presidency. And why would the Arabs target blacks in particular for this job? Well, for the same reason the early communists chose them as their vanguard for revolution (which literally means “change”) in America. Allow me to quote Trotsky, in 1939:“The American Negroes, for centuries the most oppressed section of American society and the most discriminated against, are potentially the most revolutionary element of the population. They are designated by their historical past to be, under adequate leadership, the very vanguard of the proletarian revolution.” Substitute the word “Islam” for the words “the proletarian revolution,” and you most clearly get the picture, as Islam is a revolutionary movement just like communism is. (Trivia: it is from this very quote that communist Van Jones takes his name. Van is short for vanguard. He was born “Anthony”). In addition, long before 1979, blacks had become the vanguard of the spread of Islam in America, especially in prisons.


St. Louis Woman Faces Reconstructive Surgery After Being Slugged During “Knock Out” Game

How weak and pathetic do you have to be in order to try to prove your “manhood” by sucker punching a woman?

Ashley Depew, is the younger sister who I taught at my dance studio. She was a victim of the “one Punch Knockdown,” a game that teenagers are now doing, this was done in STL a couple nights ago. Please Pray for a quick recovery as she is going under reconstruction surgery.

These groups of teenagers will punch out anybody, then scatter to run. please don’t be a victim and always be aware of your surroundings!

There have been several “knock-out game” attacks in St. Louis by black youths since 2011. One retired Vietnamese man was murdered in an attack. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first one on the scene at another bloody attack in South St. Louis City.

One local teen told St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce in 2011 that he participated in over 300 “knockout game” attacks in the city.


This Has To Be A Hoax!

Hazmat Called In For Petroleum Spill From A Barge In Salisbury

Salisbury| Wicomico | Hazmat | Cato Oil 1030 Marine Rd. | Petroleum spill from barge | #07

Heartbroken Mother: Healthy Teenage Son Died After Routine Flu Shot

A heartbroken Utah mother shared her story on Fox and Friends this morning following the death of her 19-year-old son.

Chandler Webb became severely ill the day after receiving his first ever flu shot in October. Lori Webb said her son started vomiting and shaking, so she took him to a hospital in Salt Lake City.

One day later he fell into a coma and was taken off life support after 28 days. 


Md. Woman Accused Of Stealing Millions From D.C. Nonprofit Group

For the past five years, Ephonia Green has publicized her donations of wedding gowns to military brides, describing in interviews how she was moved to repay their service with her own goodwill by giving away 275 ensembles from her Upper Marlboro shop.

Federal court records suggest how she may have been able to afford that: Since 2005, while working as a $56,000-a-year administrative assistant, Green allegedly stole $5.1 million from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The District-based nonprofit organization represents accredited medical schools and major teaching hospitals and administers the admissions test known as the MCAT. 


Toxic Mold At Apartment Complex In Salisbury?

A lot going on over there at Merrifield. This unit was posted by the City on Friday. Something about toxic mold.


Despite President Obama’s announcement on Saturday night that he had achieved a “first step” in preventing the nuclear armament of Iran, both Iran and Israel acknowledged that Obama’s negotiated agreement was, in fact, a huge win for the Iranian regime.

According to the BBC, Iranian diplomat Mohammad Zarif triumphantly announced that the deal does include language that guarantees Iran the right to enrich fissile material. President Obama did not explicitly admit that fact, and reports state that the agreement may actually paper over that vital point. Practically speaking, however, the deal allows Iran to move forward with its program with stealth, while preventing Israel from doing anything about Iran’s facilities.



An Oklahoma woman is facing charges after police say she admitted to arming her minor son with a 9 mm handgun because he “needed protection from rival gangs.”

Authorities say Dena Plunkett, 48, admitted “matter-of-factly” that she provided her underage son with the firearm and said that even though she knew it was illegal, “he is always allowed to carry it,”according to KWTV.


USPS Ad For ‘Holiday Stamps’ Omits Christmas — Includes Kwanzaa, Hanukkah

Where’s Christmas? As one social media commentator rapidly noticed, a recent U.S. Postal Service advertisement to sell “holiday stamps” curiously omitted a Christmas or Christian-themed message, yet included portrayals of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

The ad reported by The Blaze contained the text: “Don’t forget your holiday stamps. You’ll find them at your nearest post office or on eBay.” And below the text were pictures of three stamps: One showed a candle holder with nine lighted candles, emblazoned with the word “Hanukkah.” Another showed an colorful symbol over an open book, above the block-type word “Kwanzaa.”

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Power Outages Again With Delmarva Power

Once again Delmarva Power has another large power outage. I have confirmed all of Pittsville is out of power. Delmarva Power is reporting multiple outages. 

Iran Nuke Deal: U.S. And Western Allies Reach Agreement On Iran’s Nuclear Program

The U.S. and five other world powers reached an agreement with Iranian leaders early Sunday in Geneva to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for a gradual easing of economic sanctions.

The announcement followed an intensive diplomatic push by Secretary of State John F. Kerry and five foreign ministers to close the deal curbing Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons program. But as the parties moved toward an agreement in recent days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed deep skepticism that Iran would abandon its nuclear ambitions.

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"I Work At McDonalds, But I Can't Afford To Eat There"

For Shawndraka Mack, a 100% pay rise from her current $7.60 "would do just fine." While some employees turn to blood plasma donation, and most are on food stamps (and other benefits), the mother of two teenagers (on Medicaid) told Bloomberg Businessweek, “I love what I do, but I don’t want to work for nothing." Between the 40 hours a week she works and the benefits, Mack explains, “I work at McDonald’s and I can’t afford to eat there. It’s crazy.” Of course, McDonalds has 'tips' for surviving on their state-subsidized wages but once again, despite Harry Reid's extrapolated charts, the reality of raising the minimum wage is lost on most who never stop to think of where the 'money' comes from; and besides employees have little to no leverage as we explained here.