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Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Viewer Writes: 3 Socialists Attended the County Council Forum

These 3 Socialists attended the County Council Forum last night hosted by the liberal Chesapeake Bay Foundation, PACE and the Daily Times. The audience was about half full and mostly SU college students that had to sign in to get credit for classes taught by PACE professors. It was strategically held at the liberal university to give the Progressive Socialists the upper hand . Questions included climate change, chicken farms, banning straws and plastic bags and banning an oil pipeline in Maryland. The Progressive Socialists wanted to ban everything. Jamaad Gould went as far as to say he was a trouble maker and that the chicken houses and the pipeline are designed to be built near black neighborhoods and the others agreed. Josh Hastings answered his first question with an attack on President Trump. What was interesting was the fact that these Socialist candidates attended this liberal forum but Jamaad Gould and Michele Gregory were No Shows at the Fraternal Order Of Police Forum the night before. Just Hastings was there but he told multiple lies like he did during his last campaign. That spoke volumes about these 3 County Council Candidates.

Pittsville Speed Camera Installed Yesterday Already Spray Painted

Another Julie Brewington Video When Police First Arrived, (arrest) The Beginning

A Pittsville Viewer Writes: Photo enforced school zone signs

Mr. Joe

I know you had a Blog regarding police officer in Pittsville Maryland. But I was wondering have you seen where they put the new photo enforced school zone signs nowhere near Main Street behind Elementary and Middle School they've been placed on West Road just prior to Parker Road all the way to the stop sign where it intersects with Gumboro Road. I would like for someone in the county or state government to explain to me how West Road is a school zone. I just find it ridiculous that they consider Denver Moore's house in a school zone.

What Was That??

We are getting people reporting they heard a loud noise that sounded like and explosion.  They are coming from different parts of the county.   Did you hear anything?  If so what area are you in

Governor Larry Hogan Calls For A Delay In Kavanaugh Vote

“The governor believes there should be a full investigation prior to the process moving forward in any way,” Hogan’s spokeswoman Amelia Chasse stated.

WHAT EVIDENCE? WHAT'S TO INVESTIGATE? It's a he said, she said situation 30 years later. Hogan, (and everyone else) knows this whole thing is a load of crap. 

When I ran for Mayor, Jim Ireton went around making all kinds of statements and lies. Heck, even Julie Brewington made up multiple lies about me. Former Mayor Tilghman went to around 30 people at the Zoo to file false peace orders against me that were all lies. 

These women can very easily LIE and put men in positions in which they have to defend themselves. 

While Jealous is a complete jerk, Hogan must be pretty damn desperate to get his name involved in this crap. 

Politicians today flat out SUCK! I've been watching/experiencing this crap for years. Yesterdays hearing was just that, a hearing. It was NOT a court of law. They can swear to tell the truth and it means NOTHING. I have experienced in a court room, (under oath) flat out LIES, Liberals don't care. I even watched a Judge flat out tear apart the Mayor and Police Chief where 7 direct witnesses testified the police chief yanked Tilghman off of Polk, yet the police chief stated to the press he didn't see a thing. 

How about a male Mayor urinating into a sink in the ladies room with multiple women right there in that bathroom. Can you say, #Metoo?

There is no evidence from Ford. In fact, multiple people testified that they were there at the party and do not recall ANYTHING happening of the sort. It's a witch hunt, period. They need to vote and get it over with, no more delays. Shame on Governor Hogan.

President Donald Trump SHOCKS the World at his Speech to the United Nations General Assembly

Salisbury University Professor Asks Students to Reflect on Their ‘White Privilege’

An Assistant Professor at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, asked students to discuss how much “white privilege” they have as part of an in-class assignment.

Professor Eun-Jeong Han of Salisbury University began her upper-level Communications course on Wednesday by displaying PowerPoint slides describing what it means to have white privilege. A student in the class took pictures to document portions of the presentation.An Assistant Professor at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, asked students to discuss how much “white privilege” they have as part of an in-class assignment.

Professor Eun-Jeong Han of Salisbury University began her upper-level Communications course on Wednesday by displaying PowerPoint slides describing what it means to have white privilege. A student in the class took pictures to document portions of the presentation.


Town of Ocean City - Special Event Zone Reminder

As a reminder, all Ocean City roads will be designated as a Special Event Zone starting tomorrow, September 25. This means that speed limits will be reduced on Coastal Highway to 30 MPH and fines for speeding violations will be increased on all Ocean City roads. The Special Event Zone designation will end on Sunday, September 30 then begin again for the Endless Summer Cruisin’ event on October 2-7.

What the hell did Shiela Jackson-Lee hand Ford attorney Bromwich?

Breaking News: Senator Jeff Flake, a crucial swing vote on Brett Kavanaugh, demanded an F.B.I. inquiry before a final vote, as a Senate panel advanced him.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines on Friday to advance Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate, but in a dramatic reversal, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona said he would not support final confirmation until the F.B.I. investigates accusations of sexual assault leveled against Judge Kavanaugh.
Read More »

Worcester County Grand Jury Indicts Two In Large Pot Growing Operation

BERLIN — The Worcester County grand jury this week indicted at least two men on marijuana possession, distribution and manufacturing charges after a search warrant served last week revealed a vast, sophisticated pot-growing operation.

Last week, local law enforcement agencies executed a search and seizure warrant on a roughly 89-acre parcel of land on South Point Road that is home to a local hydroponic produce farm. The search revealed a pole barn on the property roughly 60 feet by 30 feet in size that allegedly housed marijuana plants.

According to State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) records, the property is owned by John H. and Karen Harrison, members of a prominent Ocean City hospitality industry family. The pole barn seized during the execution of the search warrant last week contained a sophisticated growing operation including a state-of-the-art irrigation and artificial lighting system. Nearly 100 marijuana plants were seized during the execution of the search warrant along with the associated equipment and the building itself.


Well, Well...

Well, Do You?

IHOP Mold Is Making Customers Sick

If you believe the county has a health department, here's living proof they're sleeping on the job.

Breaking News: A judge declared Bill Cosby a "sexually violent predator" and sentenced him to 3 to 10 years in prison for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand.

Mr. Cosby was convicted in April of assaulting Ms. Constand, a former Temple University employee whom he had mentored. His conviction was the first major one of the #MeToo era.

Coast Guard Member 'Removed' for Making 'Offensive' Sign on Live TV

The U.S. Coast Guard says it "removed" a member from its Hurricane Florence response team Friday after he made an "OK" hand gesture on live TV that the service branch deemed "offensive."

The unidentified team member was caught looking into the camera and then swiftly making the hand gesture, prompting a backlash on social media.

The hand signal was seen in the background of MSNBC's live interview with Sector Charleston Commanding Officer Capt. John Reed, who was providing an update on actions taken by the Coast Guard in response to Hurricane Florence.

Many social media users called for the firing of the individual, accusing him of making a so-called "white power" hate symbol.

The agency immediately responded to the outcry and distanced from the controversy.

"We are aware of the offensive video on twitter -- the Coast Guard has identified the member and removed him from the response. His actions do not reflect those of the United States Coast Guard," the agency tweeted.


Salisbury Maryland Downtown Barber Shop Says They've Had Enough, Closes Their Doors

Ok, here goes... It is with a very heavy heart that I must say The Downtown Barbershop is closed permanently. It has been a great experience being downtown for nearly a decade, 8 days shy of 9 years. I've definitely had my ups and downs, happy and sad moments. I could go on and on, but I wont. I want to thank everyone down there that make the area down there what is. I will truly miss it.

Fret not though, Jack and I will be cutting hair at our new location, 804 E Main St Salisbury, MD 21804.

I received the certificate of occupancy today, so I'm going to be moving the shop tomorrow, setting up the next couple of days and then me and Jack are gonna take a couple of days to recharge ourselves. I'm really sorry this is going to inconvenience some of you, but I have to do it.

The next big shout outs go to Jack Butler for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated! Ricky Cantwell gets a great BIG SHOUT! Without your hard work and dedication to perfection, this wouldn't be possible so soon. You're the f**king man bro! If anyone needs work done, he's your guy! I'll vouch for him anytime!Gary Peek Jr. a true consummate professional in every aspect of the plumbing world. Your work is always flawless.

And a big shout out to all of my friends and clients, without you, none of this is possible. I love y'all from the bottom of my heart!

Please bear with us, we'll be back open as soon as we can! Thank you!

Publishers Notes: While I'm sure there's a multitude of reasons why Eric chose to close his doors at the Downtown location, the Salisbury Folk Festival was the final nail in the coffin. Being forced to shut down because the City took over all the parking was poorly planned. A local sub shop who had been told by the Mayor that they could expect their business to boom during the same Festival completely bombed and had next to zero sales because it was so poorly attended. This business may have to close their doors because they spent their working capitol on inventory for what was supposed to be a massive success. 

Downtown parking, (meters) is a joke for these kind of businesses. If you pull up to a meter and it has 10 minutes left in it, when you put your 50 cents in the meter to gain another 30 minutes, guess what, it will only go to 30 minutes and NOT add the 10 minutes already on the meter. Everything Downtown any more is a scam. Businesses can't survive there. They're sold a bill of goods but in the end, (like Eric) they come to learn it's just not worth it.

We wish Eric the best for his future. He's the best Barber on the entire Shore. 

Sen. Chris Coons: Burden of proof lies with Kavanaugh to prove innocence

Conservatives condemn 'Democratic kangaroo court'

Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, drew double-takes on the right Monday after insisting that the burden of proof lies with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to prove his innocence.

Mr. Coons said that Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez “have nothing to gain” and have put themselves “at legal risk” by accusing Mr. Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in his teen years.

“It is Judge Kavanaugh who is seeking a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court and who I think now bears the burden of disproving these allegations,” said Mr. Coons in a Monday interview on MSNBC, “rather than Dr. Ford andDeborah Ramirez who should be dismissed with slanderous accusations.”’s Guy Benson called the argument “just wild,” while the Media Research Center blasted it as the “Dem idea of justice.”


Is There A Decent Democrat Left In America?

The attempted character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has brought out the worst in Democrats, every Democrat, everywhere. They’ve convicted a good and decent man of things he wasn’t even falsely accused of, so desperate are progressives to stop someone who believes the Constitution means what it says from sitting on the Supreme Court. From elected officials to unelected Democrats with media credentials, the last two weeks have exposed the Democratic Party as a gaggle of guttersnipes willing to destroy a man for the “crime” of disagreeing with them politically. After watching this unfold, you really have to wonder one thing: Is there a single decent, honest Democrat left in the United States?

The circus Democratic Senators created surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination should serve as a scarlet letter on every single one of them for the rest of their lives and should stain the buildings they’ll fund in their states with our tax dollars with will bare their names. It’s a disgrace.

Accusations that would get laughed out of any court in the land before they got in the door are treated as if they were carved into stone tablets by a burning bush by these charlatans. And now the entrance of Creepy Porn Lawyer with bogus allegations of serial gang rape at parties in the early 80s where no one ever said a word, yet people still voluntarily attended. It’s so stupid it’s funny.

The worst of the worst, at least among those not employed by major newspapers or CNN and MSNBC, are Senators Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York. Each, on several occasions, have said things about Judge Kananaugh that would get them sued for their net worth and more if they’d said it about anyone not a public figure.


The Return Of The Inquisition: Do You Confess?

In 279 BC, the vast army of King Pyrrhus of Epirus was met by Roman forces at the Battle of Asculum in southern Italy, in what would be one of the costliest military engagements of ancient history.

Pyrrhus fancied himself the second coming of Alexander the Great and believed that he was a descendant of Achilles.

Many of his peers and contemporaries believed Pyrrhus to be the greatest military commander of all time.

His exploits were legendary. And when he set sail for Italy in 280 BC, the Romans did not underestimate him.

The Battle of Asculum was decisive. Pyrrhus actually won the battle; but in defeating the Romans, he lost so many of his men that his army was practically broken.

Pyrrhus purportedly said of his victory, “If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined. . .”

This gave rise to the term “Pyrrhic victory,” which refers to a win that’s incredibly costly.

Pyrrhus also tried his hand at diplomacy with Rome, sending one of his ablest statesmen to the capital to negotiate peace with the Roman Senate.

The emissary was not successful. But he reported back to Pyrrhus that Rome’s Senate was incredibly impressive– “an assembly of kings” comprised of its noblest citizens.

And he was right. In the early days when Rome was still a republic, its Senate was a highly revered institution that stood for wisdom, dignity, and virtue.

They were far from perfect. But the men who served in the Senate during the early republic were heavily responsible for building the most advanced civilization the world had ever seen up to that point.

Needless to say, times changed. Within a few hundred years, the Senate had become a corrupt joke, filled with venal criminals, weak sycophants, and mediocre minds.

I couldn’t help but think of this analogy yesterday watching the Inquisition of Brett Kavanaugh.

If you’re living under a rock (or reading this letter many years from now), Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to serve as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. This requires that he be confirmed by the Senate.

Recently a woman emerged who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were all teenagers, several decades ago.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

House votes to make individual tax breaks permanent

House Republicans on Friday passed legislation to make permanent last year's tax cuts for individuals and small businesses, a vote they hope will insulate them from Democratic attacks that their tax reform favored big companies.

The bill passed 220-191, and three Democrats joined most Republicans in support of the bill.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., one of the three Democrats who voted for today's bill but opposed last year's tax reform law, explained her vote as correcting a fault in the law.


1 In 4 Of A Baltimore Hospital Admissions Are Babies Addicted To Opioids

With a bag of heroine now cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, America's opioid epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

However, even more worrying is this condition is now spreading to the youngest, as Axios reports, every 15 minutes, a baby is born addicted to opioids.

As the following Axios report details, in Baltimore, doctors at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital say babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - a set of conditions caused by withdrawal from exposure to drugs - now account for 25% of the hospital’s admissions.


Washington high school principal secretly recorded mocking a girl 'who was sexually assaulted'

A high school principal has been recorded ridiculing a student who reported a sexual assault.

Aqueelha James can be heard on tape mocking the child in front of colleagues at Roosevelt High School in Washington DC.

James was placed on paid leave Thursday.

The pupil had approached James in June 2017 to report that she'd been sexually assaulted in the school bathroom when a male student forced her into a stall, kissed her and put his hand up her dress. She said he left a hickey on her neck.

The child and her mother met with the headteacher in her office in July 2017, where James was initially sympathetic and supportive.

'I'm here to support and be of assistance. I don't like the idea that your daughter has been assaulted sexually. It is a crime,' James told the pair in audio obtained by The Washington Post.

But after the parent and her daughter left the room, James was recorded mocking the girl's clothes and saying she planned to 'embarrass her a**' by casting doubt on her credibility with police.


Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Classmate Leaves CNN Host Speechless: ‘I Would Remember That’

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s high school classmate Tom Kane said he believes Kavanaugh did not assault Christine Blasey Ford and claimed he would’ve found out about the incident, if anything actually occurred.

“I rode the roller coaster like everybody else. Chrissy Blasey was riveting. Clearly something bad happened to her. I don’t believe that Ms. [Rachel] Mitchell’s cross really gave us any clear answers,” Kane said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday.

Kavanaugh and Ford testified Thursday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“And then enter my friend Brett Kavanaugh and he brought the energy we needed,” Kane said. “To my mind he put down every charge one by one. The who, what, when, where, why was clearly addressed and it reinforced what I already knew — that he’s just not capable of doing this. To the day I die I will believe that he did not do this.”


Backfire: Democrats #WalkAway In Droves Following Kavanaugh Circus

Dems say they’ll vote red in November after Supreme Court nominee show trial

The Brett Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary show trial chaos Thursday forced voters who align with the Democrat political spectrum to reconsider their allegiance to the party.

Michael Savage Asks: Is Dr. Ford Tied to the CIA?

Syndicated host asks a series of questions on Twitter


In a series of tweets, radio host Michael Savage asked if Dr. Blasey Ford is tied to the CIA:

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Michael Savage

2:59 PM - Sep 27, 2018
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Michael Savage

11:33 PM - Sep 27, 2018

OPINION: Feinstein Is The True Villain Of The Kavanaugh Hearings

The circus was a name frequently used for the just-completed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. While Senate Republicans generally tried to be adults and turned over the most sensitive part of the hearing to a professional, one senator made a case for bringing the Senate to its lowest low this century.

Sure, Sen. Mazie Hirono announced a standard that criminal accusations should be believed based on the views of the accused. Sen. Kamala Harris left liberals on the edge of her seat with a breathless insinuation of a connection between one of President Trump’s personal law firms and Kavanaugh that turned out to be a nothing-burger.

And, of course, Sen. Cory Booker will forever be known for labeling himself “Spartacus” for his attempt, and apparent failure, to break Senate confidentiality rules.

But one person was the ringmaster and deserves scorn from all sides of the political spectrum and anyone who thinks the Senate should be a distinguished body: Sen. Dianne Feinstein.


Communists Discussing Armed Insurrection on Twitter

Communist agitators took to Twitter this week to brainstorm strategies for a violent armed insurrection against their perceived enemies.

“Dr. Bones," the co-host of the far-left podcast The Guillotine, started the conversation going with his 5,000-plus Twitter followers. Bones (@Ole_Bonsey on Twitter) asked: “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a 'insurgent' focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more 'militia' structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

Bones went on to suggest that fellow travelers organize "hidden cells" and focus on ambushes and assassinations to bleed "right-leaning forces" dry. He said the during the day comrades should pretend to be into "helping everybody" and never talk about their "nighttime activities."

More here

Republican senators doxxed on Wikipedia by someone from House of Representatives

Personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were posted by an unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday during the hearing of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The information, which supposedly included home addresses and phone numbers, was posted - or doxxed - on the senators’ respective Wikipedia pages, where users are allowed to update the information at any time. The information has since been removed.

All three targeted senators were members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who questioned both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations that he sexually assaulted her over 36 years ago. The leaking of information occurred sometime after the three lawmakers questioned Kavanaugh.


Jealous pledges to ensure Maryland has no Republicans in Congress

Ben Jealous, the Democratic candidate for Maryland governor, has pledged to deliver an all-Democratic congressional delegation if he’s elected.

At the Baltimore County Democratic Party Unity Dinner in Timonium on Thursday, Jealous warned his fellow Democrats that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan would work to place more Republicans in Congress.

Jealous, who is trailing Hogan among county voters according to recent polls, said he would make sure there are none.

“Our congressional delegation is on the ballot this November — not just their re-election, but their districts,” Jealous told the audience. “I would send eight Democrats to Congress and he would send four — and four Republicans.”

Whoever is elected governor in November will oversee the state’s redistricting process after the 2020 census, although the governor’s plan would need the approval of the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

Maryland’s congressional delegation is currently made up of seven Democrats and one Republican: Rep. Andy Harris. Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 2-to-1 in Maryland, in terms of registered voters.


Data: No improvement in suspension rates for non-white Frederick County students

Data from Frederick County Public Schools shows a continuing disparity in suspension rates and a lack of reduction in suspensions, except for white students.
Source: Frederick County Public Schools

White students were the only student group in Frederick County Public Schools to see improvements in the percentage of suspensions from school despite the district’s efforts at reducing suspension rates and addressing racial disparities, according to 2018 data released Wednesday.
FCPS has not yet reached its strategic goal that the percentage of students suspended from school not exceed 5 percent for any student group by 2020. Three student groups — black students, students qualifying for free and reduced-price meals, and special education students — had suspension rates above 5 percent this year. Black students and special education students have failed to meet the district’s goal since the first report on the strategic goal in 2016.

Minority populations continue to be suspended at a higher rate than their white counterparts in Frederick County, as seen in The Frederick News-Post’s reporting from 2006, 2009, 2015 and 2017, and often seen in school districts nationwide.

“Those continue to be student groups where we have to focus our work in FCPS when we are looking at suspension,” said Jamie Aliveto, system accountability and school improvement director for the district. “These numbers where we are not meeting are similar to last year. They are the same student groups where we are not meeting that goal,” she said. “The suspension rates are very similar.”


Friday Night Football Scores


Parkside 21
Kent Island 16

Wi-Hi 46
Washington 0 
4th Qtr

Sham Law Enforcement Fundraiser Ordered to Stop Soliciting Donations

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Secretary of State John C. Wobensmith and Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announce a Cease and Desist Order has been issued today against Stephen D. Everhart, Lion Fundraising, Police Journal and Fire Yearbook, and Lion Fraternal Order of Police Assistance Fund LLC. The order follows an investigation that revealed over $1 million in donations were solicited and received by Mr. Everhart since 2012 in violation of the Maryland Solicitations Act. Mr. Everhart posed as fake law enforcement charities to collect donations, and failed to register with the Secretary of State as either a charity or fundraiser before soliciting and collecting donations using a cash on delivery service.

"There is no place in Maryland for someone that scams the public in the name of charity," said Secretary of State Wobensmith. "We will continue to work to stop those that con our citizens into donating their hard-earned money to a scam charity."

"Mr. Everhart posed as a fundraiser for fake charities supposedly representing police, firefighters, and veterans. These sham charities steal from consumers and violate the trust of those who donate," said Attorney General Frosh. "Fake charities also hurt legitimate charitable organizations by siphoning off support from their good work. We are committed to putting these fraudsters out of business."

MSP Clothing Drive

Shelby GT500 Mustang Crash At Unoffical H2Oi In Ocean City, MD

Keep watching and the video zooms in on the crash.


Sopranos style payoff @ Kavanaugh hearing?

PFC Ladies Auxiliary Dinner

Feinstein: The Greater of Two Evils

In recent days, the nation has witnessed an unseemly display of political gamesmanship, one that has served as a testimonial to just how low the Democrats have sunk. In a ploy to regain the power she believes to rightfully belong to the Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein trotted out a 36-year-old "he said, she said" story regarding drunken teenagers.

In recent years, the party, once on the ascendency, has declined in power, prestige, and popularity. Now, with the Ford-Kavanaugh accusations, it has lost all semblance of integrity.

Observers of Supreme Court hearings ranging from those of Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas were expecting something like this. What should be surprising is that the accusation against Brett Kavanaugh came from the longtime senator from California, Dianne Feinstein. Her career has endured based, to a large extent, on an undeserved reputation for integrity and principles. Her fabulously wealthy husband's millions have also helped.

Her release of the Christine Ford allegations against Judge Kavanaugh should forever put to rest any idea that this woman has any level of ethics or respect for our constitutional system. The senator's actions are worthy of being censured for withholding information from the committee. Unfortunately, the Republicans lack the requisite spherical objects to do so.

The incident was known to DiFi back in July, but she kept quiet, holding it like an ace up her sleeve. We can only guess her reasons for this. Two possibilities spring to mind.


The Dangerous Consequences of Calling Sovereignty and Patriotism 'Dog Whistles'

“Patriotism” and “sovereignty” are now dirty words.

That’s what one Washington Post editor said in response to President Donald Trump’s United Nations speech on Tuesday.

“America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism,” Trump said during the speech.

Trump also said: “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.”

Karen Attiah, The Washington Post’s global opinions editor, responded angrily.
Chilling to hear Trump use “sovereignty” and “patriotism” as dogwhistles in his speech.

Gives rhetorical ammunition for the nationalistic parties around the world who want to keep immigrants and refugees out.
It’s incredible to see these once unchallenged concepts, embraced by Americans across the political spectrum, now turned into something ugly and worthy of condemnation.

In many ways, the protection of our liberty stems from national sovereignty, a fact boldly stated in the Declaration of Independence. The just powers of government derive from the “consent of the governed,” not a vague global system.


CNN And The Hill Spread Retracted Sexual Assault Claim — Without Mentioning It Was Retracted

CNN and The Hill both spread a bombastic accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday, without mentioning that the man who made the accusation has since retracted the claim and apologized for making it.

A Rhode Island man called Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s office and claimed that Kavanaugh and one of the judge’s high school friends, Mark Judge, had drunkenly sexually assaulted a friend of his while in Rhode Island in 1998, according to the transcript of a Senate Judiciary Committee interview with Kavanaugh.

The man’s name was redacted in the transcripts released to the public but the investigator quoted verbatim several outlandish anti-Trump tweets from the man’s Twitter account, allowing reporters to definitively identify him on Twitter as “Jeffrey Catalan.”

Catalan retracted the claim shortly afterward and said he made a “mistake” in leveling the false charge against Kavanaugh. “I have recanted because I have made a mistake and apologize for such mistake,” the man wrote on Twitter.


Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro proposes to meet 'imperialist' Trump

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed a meeting with President Trump at the United Nations on Wednesday, despite deriding the U.S. leader as an “imperialist” oppressor.

“I am willing to reach out my hand to the president of the United States and discuss these matters bilaterally, these matters involving our region,” Maduro told the General Assembly during an evening address. “Venezuela is a very friendly country and we have not forgotten the United States. Rather, we appreciate the culture, the art of the United States, and the social life of the United States. We are against the imperialists in charge of power in Washington.”

Trump denounced Maduro during his own address, telling the assembled world leaders Wednesday that “Maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering” on Venezuela in recent years, where a food shortage contributed to a political crisis. Trump has imposed an array of sanctions on Venezuela in response and offered an extended attack on the ideology of the Maduro regime.


Why the Kavanaugh Process Became a Mad Political Circus

To say that the Senate confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has turned into a circus is to give circuses a bad name.

Let’s review some of the weird stuff that has happened.

Democratic senators demanded that the Judiciary Committee hearing be postponed so they could study more material about a nominee they had already vowed to oppose.

One senator’s “I am Spartacus” moment about releasing confidential documents fizzled because the committee had already agreed to release them.

Yelling and screaming protesters were hauled away during the confirmation hearing, but many had no idea what they were actually protesting.

Senators said that the previous judicial record of Democratic nominees was more important than the hearing itself, but ignored Kavanaugh’s even larger previous judicial record.


Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell ‘Would Not Charge Kavanaugh or Even Pursue a Search Warrant’

Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell told Republican senators in a conference meeting Thursday evening that she would not charge Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after hearing testimonies of the Judge or his accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Mitchell, who took a leave of absence from Maricopa County’s Deputy County Attorney and division chief the County Attorney’s Office’s Special Victims Division to join the Senate Judiciary Committee’s team of attorneys for the hearing, “broke down her analysis” of both testimonies to GOP lawmakers. In a nearly 30-minute presentation, Mitchell went over the “facts that were established and not established” and concluded that not only would she not charge Kavanaugh based on the record of evidence from both parties, but would not even pursue a search warrant for the judge, which in virtually all cases would require the standard of probable cause to be met, Politico reported.

Brooke Singman of Fox News quoted one source as saying “Mitchell was very clear with senators that based on evidence presented, she couldn’t bring the case ‘anywhere near a court room.'”

More here

If they can't prove the charges, senators must confirm Kavanaugh

Thursday’s hearing on the sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh promises to be a circus. If the past few weeks are prologue, Democratic senators will demagogue in bad faith, Republican senators will embarrass themselves, and most of the press won’t even try to assess the veracity of what is said, opting instead for score-keeping and judging the “optics.”

We know how Judiciary Committee Democrats will vote. They are all completely faithful to the abortion lobby and have never considered voting for Kavanaugh.

Some Republicans on and off the committee have tipped their hands, suggesting they’ll be voting for Kavanaugh no matter what they hear. That’s a moral error. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh are serious and at least deserve to be weighed.


Lindsey Graham’s Kavanaugh moment earns conservative praise

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s, R-S.C., fiery broadside against Senate Democrats for their handling of sex-assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh has earned widespread praise from conservatives, some of whom once dismissed him as a “RINO” for his views on immigration.

Graham exploded at Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday hours into the hearing that included Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who testified the Supreme Court nominee had assaulted her at a high school party. Kavanaugh denied the claims.

A furious Graham lambasted Democrats for what he cast as their attempts to destroy Kavanaugh for political purposes.

Red-faced, teeth-grinding, and his whole body shaking, Graham accused Democrats of running “the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics.”

“Boy y’all want power, God I hope you never get it, I hope the American people can see through this sham,” he yelled.

“To my Republican colleagues,” Graham said. “If you vote no, you are legitimizing the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in my time in politics.”


Former Google Scientist: Oversight of ‘Unethical’ Company Is ‘Urgently Needed’

Jack Poulson, a former senior research scientist at Google, sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation calling the company “unethical” and stating that oversight of the company is “urgently needed” after resigning from the Silicon Valley titan over its censored China search project.

In his letter, Poulson described Google’s censored China search project as “unethical” and claimed “greater oversight and accountability” of the company was “urgently needed.”

He also claimed Google would now be clamping down on internal investigations to stop future revelations of a similar nature from reaching the public, and called on the Senate to have a hearing over the matter.

“Senator Thune set the tone for the upcoming hearing by stating that ‘Consumers deserve clear answers and standards on data privacy protection.’ Given the scale and social impact of the technical systems being deployed by Google and other corporations, I would add that greater oversight and accountability of not only data, but also the systems that are designed and deployed based on such data, is urgently needed,” declared Poulson. “Until the beginning of this month, I worked in Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence division as a Senior Research Scientist, where one of my primary responsibilities was improving Google’s search accuracy across a wide variety of languages.”

Poulson continued:

Why Another FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh Would Be Pointless

Campaigns of whatever sort often adopt a mantra, a phrase, or even a single word that’s repeated over and over to advance the campaign’s goals. The campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is no different, and its latest mantra is “FBI investigation.” Let’s look at this mantra’s objectives and its validity.

The call for another FBI investigation, which dominated the Sept. 27 hearing about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh, appears to have multiple partisan objectives, based on statements made by those opposed to his confirmation.

First, Kavanaugh’s opponents have expressed hope that the continued controversy will help defeat the nomination. Barring that, they have indicated that they want to drag the process out at least past Election Day. Third, according to Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, Democrats would keep this seat open until President Donald Trump leaves office if they win control of the Senate in the upcoming election.

This demand for another FBI investigation is not valid and based on a complete misunderstanding of the bureau’s role. First, Kavanaugh’s opponents want people to think that the FBI is on standby, ready to run down all the leads and figure out what really happened.

That may be what a law enforcement agency does in the criminal justice system—as seen on TV—but not in the confirmation process.

That distinction between the criminal justice system and the confirmation process is critical. The FBI is in the executive branch, which has authority over the criminal justice system. The confirmation process, however, occurs in the legislative branch. The Constitution gives the Senate sole responsibility for evaluating presidential nominees.

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Schumer: Kavanaugh ‘Should Withdraw From Consideration’

During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination and President Trump should pull Kavanaugh’s nomination if Kavanaugh won’t step aside voluntarily.

Schumer said, “I strongly believe Judge Kavanaugh should withdraw from consideration and the president should withdraw this nomination if Kavanaugh won’t do it voluntarily. If he will not, at the very least, the hearing and vote should be postponed while the FBI investigates all of these very serious and very troubling allegations.”


A Viewer Writes: 4th one I saw on strip today

All 10 Judiciary Committee Democrats DEMAND Trump Withdraw Kavanaugh’s Nomination

All ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee signed a letter Wednesday demanding that President Donald Trump withdraw the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Citing “multiple allegations of sexual assault” — those of Christine Blasey Ford (Kavanaugh groping at high school party), Deborah Ramirez (Kavanaugh exposing himself at college party), and Julie Swetnick (Kavanaugh present at gang rapes in high school) — all of which Kavanaugh denies, and none of which has been corroborated — Democrats asked Trump to “immediately direct an FBI investigation or withdraw this nomination.”


GoFundMe campaigns to support Christine Blasey Ford raise more than $700K

More than $700,000 has been donated to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford through a number of GoFundMe campaigns set up on her behalf.

At least two GoFundMe sites associated with Ford's name were set up earlier this month to help support Ford as she traveled to Washington, D.C. to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her accusations of sexual assault by Supreme Court nomineeBrett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations.

The two campaigns -- "Help Christine Blasey Ford" and "Cover Dr. Blasey's security costs" -- had reached more than $700,000 at the time of publication. A number of other campaigns related to her also appear on GoFundMe based on a search of Ford's name.


Mexican federal forces disarmed local police in Acapulco. Will it work?

Seeking to curb rampant gang violence and police corruption in the seaside city of Acapulco, Mexican authorities are taking a gamble: replacing local cops with state police and the military.

Federal officials say it is a last-ditch effort to bring peace to Acapulco, once a glamorous resort favored by Hollywood celebrities that has become one of the most murderous cities on Earth.

The local police force appears to have been infiltrated by organized crime, authorities said.

The strategy of sending in soldiers and state and federal police to do the work of neighborhood cops has been employed in other parts of the country, with mixed results. Critics say the plan is treating a symptom instead of the underlying disease — ineffective and corrupt policing — and that it is unlikely to reduce crime and could lead to human rights abuses.

Mexico’s local police forces are famously under-trained and badly compensated, with some officers paid as little as $300 a month and required to buy their own uniforms and even bullets. That makes them susceptible to gangs, who offer money in return for loyalty — and threaten violence if they disobey.

Police collusion with criminals has ranged from officers looking the other way when a crime has been committed to detaining people and turning them over to gangs.


Dr Ford cozying up to the the political worlds number one sexual predator

In Little Saigon, strong support for Trump's war on illegal immigration collides with other realities

Sipping iced coffee with his wife at Tip Top Sandwiches in Little Saigon, Anh Quy reminisced about his early days in the United States.

After American troops pulled out of South Vietnam in 1975, the U.S. government let refugees into the country and helped them establish lives in places such as Orange County.

Quy felt welcome in his new home, but it’s a charity the 81-year-old wouldn’t extend to immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally.

“There’s crisis now because in California, we are so close to the border that when there’s so much travel … without control, it becomes chaos,” the former singer and marketing director said. “Illegal is not acceptable. It affects our safety.”

President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration has sparked strong criticism and protests across California. But among older residents of Little Saigon, he has found a corner of support for his hard-line tactics and rhetoric.

They too believe that those who want to come the United States should go through legal channels, just as they did.

“There are Vietnamese who perceive that people from Mexico didn’t sacrifice as much coming here. They think Mexico and the U.S. are so connected. You can’t go to Vietnam for the weekend. But from here, you can go to Mexico,” said Fred Smoller, an associate professor of political science at Chapman University.

Those attitudes could help Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), a hard-liner on illegal immigration, in his bid for reelection in the 48th Congressional District, which includes Little Saigon. His seat is one of several in California traditionally held by the GOP that are tightly contested and could help determine control of the House.


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Swanton Sector Border Patrol Apprehend 10 Romanian Citizens

SWANTON, Vt. – U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Swanton Sector apprehended 10 Romanian citizens as they attempted to illegally enter the United States on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday afternoon, the Tactical Communications Center of the Swanton Border Patrol Sector notified U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Champlain Station that there were two women and two children illegally crossing the international boundary into the United States near Meridian Road in Champlain, NY. Border Patrol agents responded to the area and encountered two adult women and their two minor children. During questioning, the women stated they were Romanian citizens and admitted that they and their children do not possess any immigration documentation allowing them to enter or remain in the United States. Agents took the group into custody and transported them to the Champlain Border Patrol Station for processing.


Health care data hacks are on the rise

More than 175 million health care records have been breached since 2010, and they’re getting more vulnerable every year, according to a new analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

By the numbers: The total number of breaches is increasing — from 99 in 2010 to 344 in 2017. Doctors and hospitals are breached most frequently, but insurers’ breaches expose the most individual records.

Data breaches that affect more than 500 people have to be reported to the federal government. There have been more than 2,100 of them since 2010.


This is why you DO NOT "Always believe the woman, No matter what"

Welfare for Refugees Cost Americans $123 Billion in 10 Years

Americans spent almost $100 billion to support 606,000 poor refugees in the 10 years up to 2014, according to a State Department report.

The $96.6 billion cost rises to $126 billion when officials count the extra cost of paying for the refugees’ spouses and children, including U.S.-born children.

The $126 billion bill is just for programs managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. It excludes additional taxpayers’ spending via state programs, as well as federal spending on Social Security, education, and housing programs, plus tax credits, says the State Department’s annual report to Congress on the refugee program.

The one-agency, $126-billion firehose of cash, however, was a huge taxpayer subsidy to the refugee groups which delivered the refugee to cities and towns. It is also a huge subsidy to the low-wage employers who hired the refugees in place of higher-wage Americans, and to the grocery stores and apartments who sold food and rented apartments to the new arrivals.

The huge cost adds up to $670 per working American, not counting the hard-to-assess costs of crowded schoolrooms, flooded labor markets, civic diversity, and shifts in political power away from Americans.

The massive spending will continue...


Records Show Dr. Ford Is Not A Licensed Psychologist, May Have Committed Perjury

According to records, Ford is not licensed in the state of California

Testifying under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford identified herself as a ‘psychologist,’ but records indict this is a false statement under California law. Someone at Stanford University also appears to have caught the blunder and edited Ford’s faculty page.

Just one sentence into her sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may have told a lie.

After thanking members of the committee on Thursday, and while under oath, Ford opened her testimony saying, “My name is Christine Blasey Ford, I am a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine.”


The Democrat Assault on Kavanaugh ... and Our Constitution's Rule of Law

My wife, Ann, is traveling with friends in the Northeast this week. One stop was to walk in the footprints of Patriots at Lexington and Concord. She sent me a text message photo of a plaque engraved with the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The Shot Heard Round the World.” Her accompanying message was simple: “God Bless America.”

In a follow-up conversation, she described the contrast of being at that place where Patriots were willing to fight and die for Liberty — their own and generations to follow — while she simultaneously felt besieged by the current progressive assault on our Constitution and its principles.

“What struck me most was the very sad and stark contrast between those Patriots who took to the field in Concord, charging against an enemy and an empire to defend Liberty, versus the current crop of politicians who are engaging in an appalling game to destroy a good man, and by extension, our Constitution. I am very discouraged by their disgraceful antics. [Our son] is serving our nation as a Marine, abiding by his oath to our Constitution, and I expect our nation’s leaders to honor his service and that of all those like him – risking their lives to defend Liberty. These politicians can do so by honoring their own constitutional oaths.”

I asked that she not be discouraged, noting that while the battle for Liberty began at that old bridge in Concord, it did not end in 1783 with cessation of hostilities. Defending Liberty requires constant vigilance every day, and always will.

It’s no small irony that the hallowed ground at Lexington and Concord is now surrounded by a Democrat corridor where the majority of residents (though certainly not all) support the same statist tyranny that, in principle, those early Patriots were fighting. This is a shameful betrayal of the Liberty that first generation of American Patriots, and generations since, have defended with their lives.

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Maryland Gun Laws Get Stricter With ‘Red Flag’ Law and More


While some folks call Maryland the Free State, Maryland gun laws are some of the strictest in the nation. Most long guns are fairly easy to buy, but purchasers must obtain a permit before buying a handgun.

Maryland also bans certain rifles that the state deems “assault weapons” and limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds. The state even requires private handgun sales to be process through a licensed FFL dealer.

However, Maryland gun laws are going to become even stricter when three new laws go into effect on Oct. 1, 2018.
New Maryland Gun Laws

The first law bans “bump stocks.” These devices, which speed up the rate of fire in semi-auto rifles, have been been a major target for the anti-gun crowd since the shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Another law taking affect in October requires those convicted of domestic abuse to surrender guns to law enforcement or a firearms dealer. It is already illegal for anyone convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor to purchase a firearm. Now; however, those same people will have to give up previously purchased firearms.

Finally, Maryland has become one of the states instituting a “Red Flag” law. While Red Flag laws have been around a while, they are fairly new to most people. Only a few states have passed one of these laws designed to prevent violence by allowing courts to take firearms from individuals deemed “dangerous” to themselves and others.
Red Flag Laws

Proponents of Red Flag laws claim they are a tool to prevent violence. Through the law, depending on the state, courts can temporarily restrict firearm access to potentially dangerous people if asked. In Maryland, those asking for the court order must be police, medical personnel, close relatives or those in a relationship with the person. Those in favor of the laws say they can prevent violence, such as the shooting at a Rite Aid distribution center.


WATCH: CNN's Tapper Argues There's 'No Contemporaneous Corroborating Evidence For Any Of The Charges' Against Kavanaugh

On Thursday morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper, speaking with colleague Wolf Blitzer, frankly stated that despite all the furious allegations hurled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there are “no contemporaneous corroborating evidence for any of the charges” against Kavanaugh.

Tapper began by reminiscing about the confirmation of Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. He stated:

We all remember where we were during Clarence Thomas. I mean I have vivid memories, I think I was 22 years old, of "high tech lynching of an uppity black man," of Professor Hill’s charges, of Arlen Specter, the late senator from Pennsylvania, attacking Ted Kennedy, the late senator from Massachusetts, saying, "The women from America don’t need to hear Ted Kennedy when it comes to women.”


Welcome To Ocean City Maryland

A Viewer Writes: Last nights meeting at Wic Civic Ctr ref OPOID CRISIS

I SAW MIKE LEWIS ON WBOC TV REFERENCE THE MEETING FOR THE PUBLIC ON THE OPIOD CRISIS IN THIS AREA. to say he was upset was the least, I can understand how the Sheriff's Office, SPD, and State Police must have felt about this. The problem is this we have heard so much about this covered on WBOC and the local news, we have seen little change not their fault of course. Until parents and families of these individuals become part of the solution it will not change, we have seen this with Cocaine, crack, drinking and everything else and now we have made marijuana more accessible until the laws change and they are seen as criminals instead of pitiful misunderstood teenagers and children, and responsibility comes back to the laws, courts, and officers it is a no win.

This country is falling apart we have allowed every criminal and young thug to make the police officers and courts the problem. We have riots and have ruined Chicago for turning the other cheek so much we have whiplash. We are a society of enablers and now we hate the President of the United States because he is trying to make change and he is a republican. We no longer respect the president if he is not a black democrat. You can Blame Obama and Hillary for this nation now and until you put on your thinking caps and pull together all of us we are doomed. Salisbury will be like Chicago shortly if things don't change. So if you want real change start making arrests stick, clean up the city physically and materially. Quit letting a boy wonder Mayor make our decisions and ruin our city, and his butt kissing snow flake followers. And it goes without saying Julie Brewington should not have a voice anywhere. Take this city back and we will support a different mayor and different city council.