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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mayor Ireton Does It Again


Ladies & Gentlemen, you just have to listen to this interview. It is truly amazing how one person can come off so charismatic, put words in peoples mouths when they aren't there to defend themselves and the local media simply allows it, on purpose, mind you.

The Mayor, (well after a lawsuit has been filed) continues to call me a "Delaware Blogger" three more times and continues to show his paranoia toward three Council Members.

The Mayor admits in this interview "almost all of them will be for sale" talking about the Downtown Parking Lots, especially the waterfront Parking Lots.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that Mayor Ireton never seems to accept "NO". As soon as someone goes against him he throws a fit, they come up with petitions and he creates a huge scene because he isn't getting his way. A petition changes nothing Mr. Ireton. A petition with fictitious names, hijacked names, (like mine, three times) and then running to the Press telling them you have hundreds of them because you really have no support, unless you count hundreds of names from out of state.

If Salisbury News wasn't around to tell the other side of things, you plan may have worked. Ireton admits that "I'm happy to see social media to hear what the citizens are saying". Jim, are you really listening, or is that just another sound bite to favor your agenda. In this form of social media the people are clearly saying, (by the hundreds) your plan is nothing short of corporate welfare.

No one is claiming you are lining your pockets, YOU MADE THAT UP. The Host of this show, Don Rush interviewed me two times over the past three weeks. That interview has yet to air and Lord knows what he'll edit in to the 7 minute segment after we spent hours together discussing topics. Mr. Rush seemed to be extremely pleased with my ideas, including a resolve to the Parking Lots Downtown. He seemed to truly enjoy my ideas for revitalizing the Plaza.

No Mr. Ireton, I highly doubt Joe Albero has converted the three Democrat Council Members to the "far right". You have treated two female Council Members with complete disrespect for the past 3+ years, yet you keep suggesting to the public you would still campaign for them. Do you really believe people are going to buy such a thing? Do you really think those three Council Members would want ANY sort of endorsement from you? YOU needed THEM to get elected, just as Louise Smith did the same.

I personally thank Mayor Ireton for stepping up to the plate by making sacrifices 99.0% of the citizens weren't willing to do. For that you have my respect. The civility you promised to bring to the table to garnish votes has proven to be untrue. Your pointing ALL of your failures on the "council of no's" has been childish and uncalled for.

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me close with this. Recently the Mayor put out a Press Release stating the Council majority has turned down projects that have been in the works for years. Well let me give you just a brief example of why and what Mayor Ireton is really doing. Take the bike trail, for example. The Mayor is supposed to be ADVERTISING for Volunteers to help fill these Boards, he has NOT. Being that these Boards are not full, being that it is summer times, these Boards cannot get enough members to create a quorum to VOTE on these matters and move it forward for the Council's approval. The Mayor KNOWS this but still tries to place these items on the AGENDA. By Law, the Council CANNOT do so and the Mayor knows that. However, he's NOT telling you the game he's playing and the local novice Media Reporters aren't smart enough to investigate it.

The next thing you know the Media falls for the Mayors game and starts knocking on the Council Members doors without notice, shoves a mic in their faces and demands answers. They don't air the reasons why because they don't understand it. Mayor Ireton is doing nothing but playing games. Again, if it wasn't for Salisbury News you wouldn't know the truth and I truly believe come election time the citizens will vote Ireton out of Office. If elected I will turn things around and the citizens will finally have a straight shooter that tells the truth for once without games. The TRUTH may not be easy to accept by any or all of us, we'll see. Nevertheless, the truth will move us forward and morale will certainly increase for City employees and the citizens.

Please listen to this interview. Have a great weekend.

A Letter To The Editor 7-14-12

It has been about 10 years since the HS went through something similar firing Kevin Usilton & then hiring Jen Rose a non-experienced person who was connected to Sally Smith on Board.
David Fitzgerald is husband to Bonnie Gordy's niece. In October 2011, David was interviewed & hired by 2 (TWO) Board Members with a third being called on the telephone to get the vote they needed to hire him. He has NO EXPERIENCE in this field & now he has gotten rid of Linda Lugo & Sandy Hudson the two EXPERIENCED PEOPLE. The animals are not SAFE!!!

He is not an accountant & stupidly gotten rid of the long standing accounting firm of Pigg, Krahl, & Stern. Now he wants to run the Humane Society without any experience & take on the accounting too. Who is going to be watching THE DONATIONS???

He was hired for $45,000 (more than Linda was making) & promised a $5,000 raise in 1 year. They didn't hire a qualified EXPERIENCED Shelter Manager from Delaware because he wanted $50,000 & Bonnie said they weren't going to pay that.

Sandy walked in on a Saturday morning two weeks ago & David told her he didn't need her anymore because he was RESTRUCTURING. They are hiring a lot of young kids & you should see the condition already. FOR REAL --- I have never been out there that the outside cat food bowl was empty & the water bowl NASTY. It was awful on Thursday morning at 8:45 a.m.

My friend, Larry Larmore, has a dog named Andy. Two weeks ago at night, Larry fell & his dog got away when the ambulance came to pick him up. I found Andy at the Humane Society & wanted to take him home. I took them Vet papers proving he had a current rabies shot & was up-to-date on vaccines. Larry's name was on the paperwork from Somerset Animal Hospital. Larry talked to them on the phone & explained he was in a neck brace, has Palsey, had just lost his son by suicide & could I bring Andy home. David said he knew me but Larry had to come & get the dog. That was early morning & David left & we had to wait until about 2:00-3:00 p.m. before I could take Larry out to the HS. We went & the Shelter personnel took Andy out to my van to prove it was his dog. Then they wanted me to pay $50 because the dog had been turned in as a stray. A neighbor had taken him to the HS. I reiterated the story about Andy escaped when Larry was taken to the hospital by the ambulance. He wouldn't give in but Sandy snuck it by him & didn't make me pay.

I have an acquaintance that has pit bulls. He had two good & two of the bad would kill another dog. He got lose & the HS picked him up. My acquaintance called me & told me he needed to take a paper to them to prove he had given this dog to his relative so the relative could get him back. Now this was a mean PITBULL. I went out to the HS & talked to David & Sandy & explained this dog should not be returned to the owner. I explained that this dog had hurt the Pitbull I had gotten from this acquaintance & that he would admit this was a DANGEROUS dog, David gave him back & did not charge him ONE CENT!!!. I know because my acquaintance called me to let me know.

Robin Cockey's wife brought me a very undernourished Yorkie that weighed about 3 lbs with every bone sticking out of his body. She had found it in front of her house. Someone must have seen her pick up the dog because the owner went to her house & threw a fit to get his dog back. She wouldn't tell him where the dog was at first. He called her & threatened her saying he was good friends with Jim Ireton & he was a Social Worker His name was Christian something etc. She finally told him I had the dog. He came down my lane & I pretended I wasn't home. He called Robin back & Robin told him he had better stop the harassing...that I was going to take the dog to the Humane Society & let them handle it. I KNEW THEY WOULD NOT GIVE THIS SKINNY & SICK dog back to that man but DAVID gave it back to him. This dog was so abused it was incredible.

This DAVID should get out of there. We need people that know how to run a SHELTER & most of all how to LOVE & PROVIDE for this stressful time in the pet's lives.

Joe find out why David was kicked out of PITTSVILLE!!! Fire Dept, City Council, etc.

Find out why he was fired from his job in Cambridge after Pittsville.

OCPD Visitor Welcome Committee

Electric Cars: The Silent Killer

Electric cars are great. They’re unbeatable with gas mileage, saving the owner time and money, and most people feel they’re better for the environment. But all the benefits pale in comparison to the one major drawback of electric cars — they can kill.

Battery-powered cars are quiet — too quiet some argue. Pedestrians cannot hear the cars approaching, something that the visually impaired rely on. The issue was serious enough for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to issue a report on the matter, which found that hybrid electric vehicles “have a higher incidence rate of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes than do ICE [internal combustion engine] vehicles in certain vehicle maneuvers.” A recent New York Times review of the electric Ford Focus calls it “Deep-space silent, the quietest of the many electric cars I’ve driven.” That’s a problem.

A silent car puts pedestrians, cyclists and the National Federation of the Blind in an uproar, as it should. To help solve this issue, the Pedestrian Safety Act of 2010 was enacted, forcing the NHTSA to initiate a rule-making process for minimal vehicle noise. That’s fine going forward, but what about the fleet of quiet, electric cars already on the road? They could be considered to have a fatal flaw. And what if car companies are reluctant to manufacture cars with such a feature?

The response of the industry was clumsy. Many, including Honda and high-end manufacturer Tesla Motors, doggedly continued to manufacture hybrid and electric cars that ignored the issue. One motive for Tesla becomes apparent when you read their 2011 SEC filings: The safety feature “could negatively impact consumer interest in our vehicles.” Nissan Leafs made a half-hearted effort by installing a grating boop-beep sound—but featured a mute button, something the new law wouldn’t allow. Toyota and Hyundai have been more proactive: This 2010 Japanese video shows Toyota tinkering with the Jetsons-style sound that is now standard on 2012 Priuses.

Car manufactures have no other option than to see this as a critical issue. If they don’t, it represents a serious failure of risk management. And those are never cheap.

Congress Considers Prosecutions Of Reporters Over Leaked Information

Washington - In response to New York Times stories that relied on leaks of sensitive national-security information, a House of Representatives panel on Wednesday discussed legislation that could allow journalists to be prosecuted for disclosing such information.

Army Col. Ken Allard testified to a House Judiciary subcommittee that the extent of national security leaks is "unprecedented" in American history. Recent examples include the Times' investigations of President Barack Obama's terrorist "kill list" and American cyberattacks on Iran.

According to Allard, such investigations threaten national security and serve only to promote the news media's self-interest. He charged that such investigations were carefully planned to help Obama's re-election chances and to advance the media's own agenda. An example, he said, was New York Times reporter David Sanger's new book, "Confront and Conceal," which details American cyberattacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Allard testified that Sanger was "systematically penetrating the Obama White House as effectively as any foreign agent," which he said exposed vital secrets to Iran and put the U.S. in danger of retaliation.


USA Olympic Clothing Made In China

The Olympics are always a time for national pride – as we send 530 of the best American athletes to compete against the rest of the world to prove that America still leads the world. But this Olympics – we'll be reminded that the United States is no longer the best at one very important thing – manufacturing. That's because the Olympic uniforms our athletes will be wearing this year weren't even made in America. As an ABC News report revealed – Ralph Lauren, which designed our national uniforms – manufactured all the clothing guessed it...China. That's right, we can't even get our freakin' national uniform for the Olympics made in America.

Public Transportation System Is Failing Low-Income Workers

According to a new study by the Brookings Institute – only a quarter of Americans can get to work in less than 90 minutes using public transportation. For a lot of Americans who can't afford a car – or the gas to commute the average 13 miles it takes for the typical American to get to work – then public transportation is the only option. But that means long, exhausting commutes. The study goes on to recommend that it's, "critical then for the nation to focus on smart transit investments." That means spending federal money on infrastructure – something that Republicans in Congress have absolutely refused to do, despite the fact that America currently has a $2 trillion infrastructure deficit – meaning we need at least $2 trillion worth of repairs just to get everything up-to-date. Considering there's roughly 15 million Americans unemployed or underemployed – it's good policy to put them back to work rebuilding our roads, bridges, and rails. That is unless Republicans REALLY believe that a deteriorating 19th and 20th century infrastructure will keep America competitive in the 21st century global marketplace.

German Mayor Thinks Women Need Designated “Easy” Parking Spots

In what sounds like a scenario that must surely be a joke but then isn't so you have to try really hard to see how this could be a real thing, the mayor of a town in Germany has designated certain parking spots for women that are easier to park in. We all know the presumption that is in use here, but the mayor swears he's not being sexist. He's just being considerate!

More »

Update On Farm Bill

House Republicans may set aside their version of the farm bill to avoid looking bad. The bill passed the Agriculture committee on Thursday, but Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he hasn't decided whether he would schedule it for a floor vote. The bill includes a $16 billion cut to SNAP benefits or the food stamp program as it is more commonly known. But, according to Reuters, now Republicans privately fear they may look heartless if they pass the bill and right before an election. The Senate version of the farm bill also includes a cut to SNAP benefits, although it is a fourth of the size of the House version. House Democrats have called the cuts during hard economic times "immoral."

Congress Wants National Guard Out Of NASCAR

National Guard members are telling Congress: Don't put the breaks on our sponsorship of race cars. Lawmakers are considering doing just that in efforts to save the Pentagon money. But the National Guard Association said recruiting was not what it used to be. Only one in four young people was eligible to join. Television ads don't have as big an impact as before. The association said that was why the Guard was using motorsports and musicians to spread the word. The National Guard sponsors NASCAR's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The Army and Air Force also tattoo their brands on race cars.

U.S. Customs And Border Protection To Close Nine Locations

U.S. Customs and Border Protection plans to deactivate nine interior stations. The agency said it would put more resources on stations closer to borders. First CBP must formally notify Congress. Then it will shutter stations in California, Montana and Idaho plus six stations in Texas. Forty-eight Border Patrol members will be relocated to nearby stations or sectors. The cuts come after the Office of Field Operations found a payroll shortfall for 2012. CBP estimated the closing of nine border stations would initially cost $2.5 million for relocation

Green Party’s Stein Up Against Romney Again – And Obama Too

Dr. Jill Stein is facing a rematch with Mitt Romney when the Green Party’s national convention nominates her for president at a Baltimore hotel Saturday. The physician ran against Romney for governor of Massachusetts 10 years ago “in desperation” and “with low expectations,” she said in an interview Thursday. “I had no interest in the political system,” Stein said, but she realized the cure to all the social, economic and health ills she saw was political. “I’m now practicing political medicine; it’s the mother of all illnesses.”

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The Farm Aid 2012 Lineup

Farm Aid 2012 on September 22 at Hersheypark Stadium in Pennsylvania will feature:
Willie Nelson
John Mellencamp
Neil Young
Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds
Jack Johnson
Pegi Young & The Survivors
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Click here for information on getting tickets to Farm Aid 2012.

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Videos from ten historic Farm Aid shows are available in our members-only area: the FarmYard. Members can also buy tickets in our exclusive concert pre-sale and get 10% off merchandise in our store. Click here for more information and to join.

New Sign At Wal-Mart

One Local Resident Killed In Boating Accident

It's been reported that David Bromley of Pittsville, (Bromley Auto Sales) was killed in a boating accident off Tangier Island. He was accompanied by Bobby White, (Whitey's BBQ) who broke his arm in the accident.

Details are still coming in and we'll update you when we can. In the mean time our condolences go out the the Bromley Family.

GO HERE to read more.

Man Who Saved Over 600 Kids From Nazis Gets a Touching Surprise

Health Tip

Federal Offshore Drilling Plan Will Not Impact Area

The federal government last week announced it was moving forward with an aggressive five-year plan to expand offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, but a vast, three million acre track of ocean off the mid-Atlantic Coast is not part of the short-term plan.

The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) last week announced it had completed its analysis of a five-year plan from 2012 to 2017 to begin exploring and ultimately tapping into the nation’s vast oil and natural gas reserves in several areas around the country in a continued effort to wean the U.S. off its dependence on foreign oil. Conspicuously absent from the five-year plan, however, is a vast tract totaling nearly three million acres off the mid-Atlantic coast just about 50 miles from Ocean City.


It Isn't The Blue Angels But It Sure Is Pretty

Worcester County Test Scores Continue To Exceed Md. Average

Though some aspects were measured differently than in years past, Worcester County’s Maryland State Assessment (MSA) scores for 2012 remain among the best in the state.

Split into reading and math, the MSA is the state’s traditional benchmark for judging student progress in Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions. For the past several years, Worcester has been among the top finishers in nearly every category. This year was no different.


Obama Campaign Is In Worse Shape Than It Looks

One strains, studying the entire history of presidential elections, to think of a president who was re-elected under such economic conditions as prevail in the U.S. today. Now, with June's campaign finance data trickling out, we can add the grotesque financial mismanagement of the Obama campaign as another factor counting against the president in addition to those historic headwinds.

Last time around, Mr. Obama argued that his successful management of his campaign was proof that he was up to the administrative challenges of the presidency. Now, with months of evidence to back us, his opponents can convincingly argue that, in fact, his campaign shares the defects of his administration: out-of-control spending over the long term followed not by spending reductions, but instead by a frantic search for more money, wherever it might be found.

We don't know the final numbers for June yet. But here is what we do know. The Romney campaign and the RNC, smashing records, finished the month with around $160 million in cash on hand after raising $106 million over the last month. The Obama campaign raised $71 million in June after finishing May with $109 million in cash on hand. Figuring out the Obama campaign's present cash level is a matter of simple algebra -- $109 million plus $71 million minus X, X being the amount spent in June.


In The Extreme Heat Look Out For Each Other

(Salisbury, MD) Once again our area is forecasted to experience a prolonged period of extreme heat as temperatures are predicted to be in the mid to upper 90’s with heat indices over 100 degrees beginning Sunday through midweek. Health officials in Wicomico County are reminding residents to take care of each other, stay cool, and well hydrated. Older adults, young children, and those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or a mental illness are most vulnerable to extreme heat. The heat leads to hundreds of deaths among seniors nationwide, each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In Maryland, most of the heat-related deaths have been those age 65 and older with an underlying health condition such as heart disease. “During extreme heat, the best way to stay cool and safe is be in an air-conditioned environment. Be sure to check on family, older friends, and neighbors. People are often unaware they are in trouble until it's too late”, says Lori Brewster, Health Officer for the health department.

What makes the elderly so vulnerable? For one, their body is unable to adapt quickly to extreme heat. Their blood vessels become stiffer and take longer to dilate, delaying blood to the skin and sweating to cool off. Many older adults also have decreased sensation, and it takes them longer to realize they are thirsty. Some medications, such as diuretics, lower blood pressure by expelling fluids which dehydrates the body. Over-the-counter allergy and sinus medications also can cause dehydration. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids even if you aren’t thirsty and to talk to your doctor about any medications you take.

“I urge family members and neighbors to check on each other, especially those older adults, to make sure their homes are cool enough and they are eating and drinking adequately.” Brewster said. ”One of the most important things for seniors is to ensure their homes are cool. If your home is not air-conditioned, go to any public facility such as the mall or library to seek relief.”

For tips on how to stay cool, go to or


Releases video on progress to eradicate childhood hunger in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 12, 2012) – Governor Martin O’Malley today announced that Maryland is two-thirds of the way (66 percent) toward the Administration’s goal to end childhood hunger in Maryland by 2015. The Governor also released a video to demonstrate Maryland’s continued progress toward this goal.

Governor O’Malley is the first governor in the nation to commit to ending childhood hunger within a state’s borders. In November of 2008, Governor O’Malley established the Partnership to End Childhood Hunger with Share our Strength. The Maryland partnership includes community groups, activists and food programs working together to identify children at risk of hunger, and ensure they have nutritious food where they live, learn and play.

“One hungry child is one too many,” said Governor O’Malley. “In Maryland, we believe that there is no such thing as a spare American. Because of its connection to student achievement, workforce strength, physical health, and behavioral health, we’ve made eradicating childhood hunger a priority in our State. Together, we’ve dedicated the resources and implemented the plan to expand access to food assistance programs, provide all children in Maryland access to a healthy breakfast, and expand access to meal programs for pregnant women, new mothers, and children throughout our State.”

Governor O’Malley’s five-part plan to end childhood hunger includes:

· Providing all children in Maryland with access to a healthy breakfast;

· Expanding the reach of summer meals programs for youth by serving 1 million addition meals;

· Expanding access to nutritious food for pregnant women, new mothers, children and youth;

· Enhancing working families’ economic security through expanded utilization of the Earned Income Tax Credit; and

· Ensuring that all eligible families with children have access to supplemental food assistance.

In the FY13 budget, Maryland doubled the annual grant to the Maryland Food Bank to $2 million and more than doubled state funding for Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Since 2007, 36 percent more Maryland students are eating breakfast at school and 25 percent more are eating lunch at school. Participation in the At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program has increased by 80 percent since 2007. Maryland’s summer meals program has hundreds of sites across the state to reach kids when school is closed during the summer months. Since 2007, participation in the summer meals program has increased 29 percent.

Mobile Blood Drives Next Week

BERLIN -- With the summer vacation plans of regular donors playing havoc with donation schedules, the Blood Bank of Delmarva is looking for a little extra help to fill next week’s mobile blood drives in Ocean Pines and Snow Hill.

“We anticipate that more than 20,000 people on Delmarva will need blood this year – and it takes an average of 350 donors per day to meet the need,” said Michael Waite, Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Blood Bank of Delmarva.


Steak Night TONIGHT

O’Malley Admits to Falsifying Data on State Website

Following Governor Martin O’Malley’s misstatement of key statistics
measuring Maryland’s tax burden, Change Maryland acknowledged the
Washington D.C.-based Tax Foundation’s critical role in clarifying the

“In this economy, with people struggling to make ends meet, the last
thing we need right now is false information from our elected
officials about Maryland’s tax burden,” said Change Maryland
Chairman Larry Hogan. “Fortunately, someone was paying attention, and
I applaud their diligence in helping Governor O’Malley arrive at the



(PERRYVILLE, MD) – A traffic stop yesterday on I-95 in Cecil County resulted in the arrest of a North Carolina man and the recovery of thousands of packages of suspected heroin ready for street sale, as well as more than $70,000 in suspected drug money.

The suspect is identified as Alterick W. Boyd, 37, of Grimesland, North Carolina. He is charged with importation of heroin into the state, possession of 28 grams or more of heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin, possession of heroin, production of heroin, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held in the Cecil County Detention Center on $200,000 bond.

At about 2:30 p.m. yesterday, a Maryland state trooper assigned to the JFK Highway Barrack stopped a 2006 Cadillac sport utility vehicle for following another vehicle too closely on southbound I-95, north of Perryville. During his contact with the driver and only occupant of the vehicle, later identified as Boyd, the trooper made numerous observations that prompted him to call a K-9 unit for a drug scan. The State Police drug dog made a positive alert on the vehicle and a probable cause search was conducted.

In the cargo area of the vehicle, the trooper found a box in which were 5,000 wax bindles, each containing what is suspected to be brown heroin. The wax bindles are often used to package heroin for street sales. Also in the box, the trooper found an additional package of suspected brown heroin, a quantity of powder used to cut heroin, several hundred empty wax bindles, and a grinder used to mix heroin with the cutting agent. The estimated street value of the heroin recovered is more than $100,000. The trooper also found two shoe boxes containing cash which totaled $78,655 and is believed to be drug-related money.

Boyd was placed under arrest and taken to the JFK Highway Barrack for processing. The vehicle he was driving was registered to him and was impounded by State Police. The investigation indicated Boyd was traveling from New Jersey back to North Carolina.

Berlin Eyes Summer Program Growth

BERLIN -- The Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) Berlin summer camp, while not pulling in the number of participants yet that organizers would like to see, is on the right track to growing into the kind of program Berlin needs, according to town officials.

“The bones are there,” said Councilwoman Lisa Hall. “We just need to tweak them.”

Hall brought up the status of the WYFCS summer program at Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting. Having a granddaughter in the camp, Hall praised the efforts of organizers but pointed out that she would like to see attendance get a boost.



(ELDERSBURG, MD) – Maryland State Police have filed charges against the suspect in an early morning shooting in Carroll County that left one man dead and another wounded.

The accused is identified as Jacob B. Bircher, 24, of the unit-block of Wimert Ave., Westminster, Md. After consultation with the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office, Maryland State Police have charged him with first degree murder, second degree murder, attempted first degree murder, and attempted second degree murder. Additonal charges are possible. Bircher has been taken to the Carroll County Central Booking Center where he is awaiting an initial appearance before a court commissioner.

Bircher is charged in connection with the death of David J. Garrett, 36, of the 2100-block of Carmae Rd., Sykesville, Md, and the wounding of Gary Hale, 25, of the 3500-block of Granite Rd., Woodstock, Md. Garrett was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting at a restaurant and bar which occurred shortly after 12:00 a.m. today, in the 2000-block of Liberty Road, Eldersburg. Hale continues to recover from a gunshot wound to the arm at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

After arresting Bircher just after 7:00 a.m. today when he turned himself in on a church parking lot in Westminster, Maryland State Police homicide investigators continued the investigation by obtaining search warrants, processing evidence, and conducting additional interviews. Troopers recovered a .40 caliber pistol from Bircher’s car, which was parked at his girlfriend’s mother’s home in the 1600-block of Gemini Drive, Eldersburg, not far from where the shooting occurred. The gun was legally registered to Bircher.

A motive for the shootings remains unclear at this time. Preliminary information provided to investigators by witnesses indicates they were not familiar with Bircher, but that he had been talking with the group of about a dozen people standing on the parking lot before he withdrew a handgun and started shooting.

The investigation is continuing.

Week 2 Results For Checkpoint Strikeforce

Thirteen (13) people were arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol and/or drugs during the second weekend of the 2012 Checkpoint Strikeforce DUI prevention campaign. This brings the total DUI arrests made in the last 2 weeks as part of the campaign to 21. Statewide, there have been over 2,400 DUI arrests made in Delaware this year.


What's Happening In Ocean City In July

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A Comment Worthy Of A Post 7-14-12

Alright, I have to speak out to this. I got laid off Sept 08, and knowing no one was going to be hiring for at least a year, signed up for college and also got myself my MHIC license so I could get whatever came down the line.

With the college expenses for a Home Inspection license, and no health insurance for my kids, and the expenses of everyday life plus a business start up, I was forced to apply for food stamps. It was embarrassing to go to the store as a contractor and paying with an EBT card, but that's the reality.

However, as a thrifty grocery shopper for 40 years, I have developed certain habits that I am very proud of. I go early Sunday to get last day sale meat for my freezer, which I fill with whatever is on sale. Sometimes it's pork chops, sometimes chicken, sometimes beef, but I always stock up on what's on sale and store accordingly.

Then came food stamps. I did the same habits for me and my son, and after 3 or 4 months, not knowing how much was left on the account, I called the phone number and holy crap, I had over 1,000 dollars still on the card! I'm sorry, but we just plain couldn't eat that much! So, since I was coming up for renewal/ review, I went out and bought lobster, scallops, shrimp, T-bones, Fillet Mignon and such just because my freezer is so small and can only hold so much volume.

My thoughts were that if I didn't spend it, they would think I didn't need it, so I went to friends for help spending the money, I mean, i didn't want to lose my benefit and have to spend the time to re-apply, so I had to do what I had to do. We had limited freezer space, so we had to buy T-bones, lobster, crab, fillet Mignon just to get it spent and still have A way to store it!

So if you see a 300 lb person buying high end food with an EBT card, yo will be able to understand the reality of the situation!

Thank the good Lord I'm off them now!

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