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Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Week In Review

The below posts with today's date were the most popular posts last week.

Ohio Parents Start Hormone Therapy On 9-year-old ‘Transgender’ Son

“It just comes down to love. I mean, if you love your child then you should do anything in the world for your child. And it’s as simple and as pure as that.” The words are those of Emily LeVan who, along with her husband, Clint, has arranged for their son, Keating (Keat, for short) to begin hormone therapy — a first step toward becoming the female who Keat believes he is.

According to a Barcroft TV video (which can be viewed here), Keat reportedly began identifying as female at age 4.

The LeVans, who have already begun referring to their son as she, note that they have been attacked for their decision, which they insist is in Keat’s best interests. But it’s not just mean-spirited people who think the LeVans are making a mistake. Medical science militates against injecting a prepubescent child with hormones.

Cigarette Smugglers Caught In Act

SNOW HILL — Four individuals were arrested on cigarette smuggling charges in April during a three-day sting carried out in Worcester County by the state Comptroller’s Office.

During the sting operation, agents seized a total of 24,750 packs of contraband cigarettes and three vehicles. The seized cigarettes were valued at more than $159,000.

Each suspect was charged with willful transportation of unstamped cigarettes, a felony that carries a mandatory fine of $150 for each carton and a possible sentence of up to two years. Each was also charged with willful possession, sale or offer to sell unstamped cigarettes, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.

Prostitution Sting To Be Live-Tweeted By Police

A police force has been criticised after promising to live-tweet a prostitution sting next week.

Officers in Maryland say they will "take you along for the takedowns" as they target people who use sex workers in Prince George County.

The names and photographs of suspects will be tweeted as they are arrested.

Twitter users will be able to follow their progress by following a special hashtag and the county police's Twitter feed, which has more than 10,000 followers.

A blog post on the department's website read: "From the ads to the arrests, we'll show you how (we are) battling the oldest profession."

Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after 'strong demand' from Muslims

Almost 200 branches of Subway have cut ham and bacon from their menus, serving halal meat in response to calls from their Muslim customers.

The sandwich chain said 'following a strong demand from our Muslim customers', 185 outlets in the UK and Ireland have introduced the meat, which is prepared under strict Islamic rules.

In Arabic the word halal means 'permitted' or 'lawful' and defines anything that is allowed or lawful according to the Qur'an.

It is often used to indicate food - particularly meat - has been prepared in accordance with Muslim principles and techniques.


Now here’s the truth on Racism in America

On September 28, 1868, a mob of Democrats massacred nearly 300 African-American Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana. The savagery began when racist Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher for ex-slaves. Several African-Americans rushed to the assistance of their friend, and in response, Democrats went on a “Negro hunt,” killing every African-American (all of whom were Republicans) in the area they could find. (Via Grand Old Partisan)

On April 20, 1871 the Republicans passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act outlawing Democratic terrorist groups.

Republicans led the charge on civil rights and women’s rights.

This list was originally compiled by Michael Zak at Grand Ole Partisan and then posted atFree Republic:

September 22, 1862: Republican President Abraham Lincoln issues preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863: Emancipation Proclamation, implementing the Republicans’ Confiscation Act of 1862, takes effect

The Democratic Party continues to Support Slavery.

February 9, 1864: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton deliver over 100,000 signatures to U.S. Senate supporting Republicans’ plans for constitutional amendment to ban slavery

June 15, 1864: Republican Congress votes equal pay for African-American troops serving in U.S. Army during Civil War

June 28, 1864: Republican majority in Congress repeals Fugitive Slave Acts

Al Sharpton : "Homos", "Chinamen", the "N" word

I published this BECAUSE I wanted to show each and every one of you what a true RACIST is. The MSM is going after Sterling like mad, yet this video PROVES true racism. Once again, the MSM ignores FACTS and EVIDENCE. Sharpton was NOT in a private phone call. He was publicly speaking. OK LIBERALS, let's hear your responses NOW. I'll leave this video up top all day if I have to.

Breaking News: Teachers Win State Loses

We would like to congratulate the teachers in their victory over the State of Maryland in court today.

As of 4:30pm today the judge ruled against the union and the teachers are back in full control.

Posted at 5:55pm

A Letter To The Editor: Clubhouse at Ocean Downs

I have been a frequent patron of the clubhouse for many years. The casino has problems but the clubhouse is a whole different issue. Rude staff especially so-called supervisors talking about other patrons behind their backs. She doesn't realize I can hear her when she complains about us "stupid idiots" spending our social security checks. It's our money and we'll spend it the way we want! The waitresses and kitchen staff at the bar seem to be the only ones truly enjoying their job. I try to be nice and courteous to others but that really irks my nerves being talked to behind my back. I would speak up but am afraid of being ejected and evicted. I've seen this happen on many occasions. The cleaning staff are always friendly even though they have to stand the smell in there. Sometimes it smells like mold and at other times smells of raw sewage or a mixture of both.

Cops Assault, Taser Wrong Man, Laugh About Framing Him “Someone drop the dope in here”

Reginald Johnson, has settled a civil lawsuit charging excessive force against the city of Seaford and a city police officer for $270,000.

The last thought that Johnson had on his birthday was being pulled over, yanked out of his car, tasered, and arrested. But that is exactly what the Seaford Police Department did to him.

According to Delaware Online, the incident that was the focus of Reginald Johnson’s suit was caught on police dashcam and showed two Seaford officers, who mistook Johnson for someone else, pulling over Johnson’s car, demanding he get out and without allowing Johnson much time to respond, shooting him with a Taser and roughly handcuffing him.

Moments later, after Johnson protests that he has done nothing wrong, two officers can be heard laughing and one joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car; ”Someone drop the dope in here.”


March Jobs Numbers Just In - Wicomico Records Another Record Loss of 985 Jobs verses March 2013

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the March job numbers for our nations Counties.  According to their latest revised report, Wicomico lost another 985 jobs when compared to March 2013.   The latest Jobs report makes this the 15th consecutive month that Wicomico has lost ground in the Labor Force.  Although the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7% from the previous month of 8.1% - the number of individuals working in the County's Labor Force has diminished. - (i.e. March 2014 - (51,411 Workers)  minus March 2013 - (52,396 Workers) = - 985 Lost Workers


** NOTE: Some quoted language below may offend readers.**

I had listened to roughly eight hours of commentary on Donald Sterling and the ugly remarks he made in conversations secretly tape-recorded by his girlfriend, before I heard anyone mention a wife.


At first, I thought the topic must have changed when I left the room, but no -- the TV talking heads were still discussing Sterling advising his girlfriend to stay away from blacks.

Not only does Sterling have a wife of 50 years, but earlier this year, she sued his girlfriend, demanding the return of two Bentleys, a Ferrari, a Range Rover and a $1.8 million apartment, claiming it was bought with community property without the wife's consent.

Student Beat On School Bus In Delaware

School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?

A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda.

Tom Lopez, the principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, told Fox News he has received a number of telephone calls and emails from outraged parents – but he stands by his decision.

“These students love this country,” he said. “They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”

The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance once a week and on Monday a member of the Cultural Arms Club led the student body in the Arabic version of the pledge.

Fredericksen Admits Some Of The "Gift Cards" Went To Retirees

The majority of the Council agreed to ask the Board of Education to deliver a breakdown of expenses AND Gift Cards, (averaging around $100.00 EACH) and the Board agreed to do so. Since then, (around 6 weeks ago) they have NOT delivered the information requested. Yesterday the County Council once again asked Superintendent John Fredericksen to deliver the information and he explained how they were trying to do so but it's taking longer than they had thought. 

Talk about a load of CRAP. ANY of you who own a business knows a request like this does NOT take 6 weeks to produce. In fact, if the IRS asked us for such figures we'd have it done in a few days. 

Fredericksen is staling and let me tell you a few reasons why. One, he doesn't want to hurt Rick Pollitt and his chances of getting re elected. However, there's an even more important reason.

The Board of Education admitted yesterday on PAC 14 that they have in FACT been giving "Gift Card" to retirees.

That's right Ladies & Gentlemen. Your hard earned tax dollars have been going to give bonuses to the very people who are already going to receive retirement packages well beyond what the majority of hard working Americans will ever see.

"It's For The Children". B.S.! This is exactly why the Auditor said the gift cards are illegal and a fraud. The Board of Education has also not delivered all of the restaurant expenses after 6 weeks. 

Now let's take just a moment and try to defend Dr. Fredericksen and the BOE. Sorry, I can't think of anything but you are welcome to do so in comments.

Vote for Bob Culver as County Executive and let's stop this FRAUD. 

A Viewer Writes: I found this about Ron Pagano.........

The last paragraph says a lot about him *

It is for my boys, my grandchild, and their future, that I continue to be a Progressive, repulsed by the intolerance, bigotry and terror-tactics, practiced by the extreme right wing, and especially, the Tea Party. That's why I support the campaign of Dr. John LaFerla.

Ronald A. Pagano – Information Please

We have obtained and posted a federal tax lien that was filed in Wicomico County last year against someone identified as "Ronald A. Pagano." And we have offered to post anything that “Ronald A. Pagano" may desire to declare about that tax lien, which lists an "unpaid balance" of more than $1 Million. So far, no response.

The “Ronald A. Pagano” who is a candidate for the Wicomico County Council is a mystery man. He claims to be or have been an attorney, who apparently practiced in another state, and also a "business owner," but he has provided the voters no specific details of either career – and he must have done something really big if those unpaid taxes are his. You have to wonder why he hasn’t discussed his careers in detail since they seem entirely to have occurred elsewhere.

Anyone with knowledge of Mr. Pagano's past is invited to contact us in order to share their information, if authentic and significant, with Wicomico County voters. And, Ronald A. Pagano, that invitation is extended to you, again. 

Oklahoma Inmate Dies Of Heart Attack After Botched Execution

McALESTER, Okla. - The execution of a convicted murderer was halted Tuesday night when the delivery of a new lethal injection combination was botched, but the man died later of a heart attack, the head of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections said.

The execution of Clayton Lockett, 38, began at 6:23 p.m. when official administered the first of three drugs. A doctor declared Lockett to be unconscious at 6:33 p.m.

About three minutes later, however, Lockett began breathing heavily, writhing on the gurney and straining to lift his head from the pillow. The condemned man could be seen speaking, CBS affiliate KOTV in Tulsa reported.

"It was extremely difficult to watch," said Lockett's attorney, David Autry.



The GRANDMOTHER of a local Parkside Baseball Player proudly walked to the stands at a game this week to watch her Grandson play a game. She sat down and within seconds a man walked up to her and said, you'll need to pay the $4.00 admission to watch the game. She looked at this man and said, are you kidding me? No, there's a $4.00 admission please. She immediately said, I'm not paying $4.00 to watch the game. He responded, if you don't pay the $4.00 I'm going to have you removed. She replied, I'M NOT PAYING. 

Mind you, Ladies & Gentlemen, she had just been to another one of her Grandson's games a few days before and there was no admission. She went on to say, IF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION CAN BLOW ALL THAT MONEY ON GIFT CARDS, RESTAURANTS AND BARS, ALL THE MONEY I PAY IN TAXES AND I DO NOT HAVE A CHILD LIVING IN MY HOME GOING TO SCHOOL, I'M NOT PAYING A $4.00 ADMISSION!

Now, if it was YOU and ME we'd say to ourselves, OK, she's a Grandmother, she doesn't want to pay, LET IT GO, RIGHT?

Nope, this guy called the Sheriff's Department and a Deputy confronted this woman, (who I happen to know personally) and told her he was going to physically remove her if she didn't pay the admission. She responded, physically remove me then, I'm not paying the admission. No one else charges to watch a High School baseball game.

A Gentleman a few rows behind kindly offered to pay the admission for her and the Deputy didn't have to force ably remove her.



Liberal school systems forcing taxpayers to not only pay for educations in which this person doesn't even have a child attending any school in the County, paying ALL of the taxes residents do and now you'll have GRANDMOTHERS arrested because ONLY Parkside charges fees to attend a baseball game.


Kentucky community outraged after 19-year-old woman shot by deputy outside field party

Samantha Ramsey, 19, was shot by a Boone County deputy Saturday as she tried to drive away from a field party in Hebron, Ky., at about 2 a.m. Police said she ignored the deputy's order to stop her car and then rammed him, sending the officer sprawling onto the hood of her car.

A small town in northern Kentucky is grieving and demanding answers from authorities after a deputy fatally shot a 19-year-old woman during an encounter outside a party early Saturday.

Boone County authorities said Samantha Ramsey, 19, rammed Deputy Tyler Brockman with her car as she left a field party off River Rd. outside Hebron, south of Cincinnati, at around 2 a.m.

Brockman, 27, had received a report about possible booze bash in a field near the Ohio River and was out of his cruiser to check drivers' sobriety, a sheriff's spokesman told the Cincinnati Enquirer.


BREAKING NEWS: Sterling Banned For Life From NBA

Fined $2.5 Million as well. More to come. NBA urging him to sell Team as well. Commissioner says he will try to force a sale of the Clippers


Students threaten civil disobedience if school doesn't denounce Robert E. Lee

Black students at Virginia's Washington and Lee University have issued an ultimatum: Denounce Robert E. Lee, one of the school's two namesakes, or face civil disobedience, the National Review Online reported Monday.

Students also want the school to apologize for what they call Lee’s “racist and dishonorable conduct,” remove Confederate battle flags from the chapel and ban Confederate reenactors from the campus on Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday. They also want the university’s undergraduate school to cancel all classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Seven black law students, calling themselves “The Committee,” say that if the school does not cave to their demands, they will engage in acts of civil disobedience until their demands are met. The students gave the school until September 1 to meet their demands.


Obama, Sharpton, Magic Johnson Gang-up on NBA Owner Sterling

You Asked, I'm Delivering

Many have asked what the traffic has been like at the Old Mill recently and considering I travel past that restaurant almost every single day I thought I'd deliver the answer.

As you know, Friday wasn't very busy. Saturday night, (on the other hand) was quite busy. Last night, (above) was clearly another flop. You do have to wonder how many of the vehicles in the parking lot are employee vehicles.

Does anyone know what they're charging so far this year for all you can eat crabs?

Confederate Heroes Have Their Own Medal Of Honor

HANCOCK, Md. -- The Medal of Honor, created by Congress during the Civil War as America's highest military decoration for valor, was never meant for Americans who fought for the South. They were the enemy, after all.

But there's a Confederate Medal of Honor, little known yet highly prized, that the Sons of Confederate Veterans bestows on those whose bravery in battle can be proven to the private group's satisfaction.

The silver-and-bronze medal is a 10-pointed star bearing the Great Seal of the Confederate States and the words, "Honor. Duty. Valor. Devotion."


Mayor and Police Chief Propose Historic Increase in Salisbury Police Officer Ranks

Mayor James Ireton, Jr. and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan announced today the "2014 Salisbury Police Department Investment Funding Proposal." The proposal, highlighted in the FY2015 Mayor's Budget, a May 2014 Budget Transfer for the SPD, and a May 2014 Budget Amendment, seeks to fund and place 15 officers on the streets of the City of Salisbury. The breakdown of the funding proposal is this:

A. Mayor Ireton's proposed FY15 budget will take a Police Recruiter Position, presently held by a sworn officer, and make it a civilian position - moving 1 officer back to patrol duty B. Mayor Ireton's May 1, 2014 budget transfer of $277,000 in the Salisbury Police Department will take 4 Police Dispatch positions that are held by sworn officers, and make them civilian positions - moving 4 officers back to patrol duty C. Mayor Ireton/Chief Barbara Duncan's proposed May 1, 2014 budget amendment proposal of $832,822 to be spent for the hiring of 10 new Salisbury Police officer that, after training, will be on patrol duty

In all, these proposed staffing changes and additions will put 15 seasoned and new police officers on the streets of Salisbury over the next 18 months. With the budget transfer and the approval of the police recruiter by City Council, 5 of those 15 will be on Salisbury streets by July 1, 2014.

"Salisbury has seen a historic drop in violent crime over the past 5 years. Chief Duncan, Colonel Barkley and the entire Salisbury Police Department should be commended for their work. As we come to the midpoint of this decade knowing what we know about our population - how it will increase and how many people visit Salisbury in a single day - it is clear that reaching the goal of under 2000 Part 1 Crimes in a calendar year, will take more resources. I am proud to support the proposal that will do just that, and I am more than confident that the City Council will as well," said Mayor James Ireton, Jr.

Police Chief Barbara Duncan said, “The residents and business owners throughout the city have consistently reached out to work with SPD, and our partners, the Maryland State Police and Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office to reduce crime. Mayor Ireton has worked to hire police officers and put more officers out in the street at every turn. This announcement today is proof positive our Mayor is committed to funding the Salisbury Police Department to produce long term solutions which address obvious staffing needs so that we can continue to reduce crime in Salisbury. We all know that crime reduction is an important aspect of economic success and SPD will soon be staffed to help the City make that success a lasting reality.”

A Viewer Writes: Elks / Fire Dept Fight

A member of the Fruitland fire dept severely beaten by African American birthday party goers at elks Lodge. A small fight broke out between birthday party goers at the elks Lodge and A member of the fruitland fire dept assisted in trying to separate the two Black males of the birthday party downstairs. The fruitland fire dept were having they’re banquet upstairs at the same time. After trying to help break up the fight, The fire dept member was attacked by a crowd of the birthday party goers and severely beaten. I understand that was a police officer in site and would not exit his vehicle to assist. The fire dept member was taken to the hospital with multiple wounds.

Bundick Granted 62 Separate Trials

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - The woman accused of setting fire to dozens of buildings in Accomack County will have 62 separate trials.

The judge issued the order Friday in Accomack County denying the Commonwealth’s motion to join all 62 counts of arson into one trial

Two Moms Of Preschoolers Push For Spanish Immersion Program In Prince George’s County

Delores Millhouse and Gina Bowler don’t have children in the Prince George’s County school system.

But they would like to.

That was the message they shared with members of the county Board of Education, the new schools chief, the county executive and anyone else who would take a few minutes to listen during the past several months as they lobbied the district to add a Spanish immersion program to its academic offerings.

Useful Idiots

Recall that Hillary did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books. Saul Alinsky died about 43 years ago, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation today.......
Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Education: University of Chicago
Spouse: Irene Alinsky
Books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals

All eight rules are currently in play

How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky:

There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people
2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.
7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools
8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States ?

Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin's original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule. Stalin described his converts as "Useful Idiots." 
The Useful Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."

Missing 12 Year Old Tyree Morris

Missing from 1208 Nakomis Ave., Salisbury,  Wicomico County

Last Seen Saturday April 27th @ 2000 hrs at the South end Wawa


light skin black male
5-7, slender athletic build
short black hair
wearing blue long sleeve shirt with red lettering "Old Navy" across chest
grey "LeBron James" blue jeans
grey athletic shoes
riding dark colored bicycle with yellow rim tires

Mother called today's date to report her son had not come home 

If located contact:
Maryland State Police
Sgt. Jenean Lawson
Duty Officer

Sad News From Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Earlier tonight the Worcester County Sheriff's office sent out this tweet  

Worcester Co Sheriff ‏@WorCOSO
Sheriff's Office K9 was struck by a vehicle at Rt. 50 and Rt 589. Use caution in the area.

They have now made the announcement that the K-9 officer has answered his last call.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

It is with a heavy heart that Sheriff Mason announces the line of duty death of K-9 Ike. K-9 Ike was tragically killed while on a traffic stop in Berlin this evening. K-9 Ike was a tremendous asset to the Sheriff's Office and was responsible for numerous apprehensions and drug seizures. Our thoughts and prayers are with his handler and family. K-9 Ike was escorted with full honors to Holloway Funeral Home in Salisbury. The Sheriff's Office would like to thank Holloway Funeral Home, Maryland State Police Berlin and Salisbury, Berlin Police Department, Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, and the Salisbury Police Department. Pictured is K-9 Ike second from left. The loss of this partner can not be explained and the hole it leaves in our agency is large. Again our thoughts and prayers are with K-9 Ike's family and partner.

Food Poisoning Suspected After More Than 100 People Fall Ill During Food Safety Summit

While some of our nation’s brightest food minds were gathered at a Food Safety Summit in Maryland earlier this month, the very thing they came together to discuss seems to have wreaked havoc on more than 100 people attending. In what can only be a prank from the food gods, it appears food poisoning is one of the suspected culprits, officials say.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said that most of those who fell ill have complained of diarrhea, reports the Associated Press, after hearing back from about 400 of the 1,300 attendees. No one has been hospitalized.